Your Brother has to Cum

Your Brother has to Cum

“Your brother has to come!”

Whenever Hailey asked permission to do something fun, her mother had one solution: your brother has to come. It made Hailey nuts.

Hailey wanted to hangs out with friends at the mall? “Your brother has to come.”

Hailey wanted to go to the movies with a super cute boy? “Your brother has to come.”

And tonight, when Hailey had finally been invited to one of Madison Hawser’s famously fantastic parties? Well, then, Mom had the perfect solution. “Your brother has to come.”

It was beyond annoying. Hailey was a sophomore in college, for God’s sake. Just because she was stuck living at home, that didn’t make her a child. She should be able to go wherever she wanted without having to drag along her awkward, high schooler brother, Tommy. He was like an anchor with long legs and curly hair.

But that’s what made it so perfect, you see? Tommy, had only just turned 18, so Hailey couldn’t take him out to a bar. Tommy was gangly, shy, only ever comfortable in front of computer screens (or TV screens, or movie screens). He was a total drag at parties. And dates? Who brought their baby brother with them on a date?

Hailey loved her brother, she really did. They’d been close when they were younger and she had no doubt they would be again. At some point in the far future. Far far far. But right now she was in college and she had college friends and wanted to go to college parties.

“But Moooom, there are gonna be bo… I mean, people there. Tommy’s just gonna get in the way.”

“You don’t have to bring him with you,” Hailey’s Mom replied, “You can both stay home. I’m sure Tommy would love some bonding time with his big sister. What do you think? Do you want to stay home with your little brother?”

“Nuh uh.”

And thus it was decided.


Hailey dug her brother out from behind the Xbox and told him he was going to a party. After no small amount of arguing, she was able to force Tommy into something that at least approximated an appropriate outfit – dark slacks and a darker dress shirt. Then she combed her younger brother’s tangled mop of hair to make it look like he didn’t comb it, spritzed him with some cologne, and called it done. The situation was still a mess, but Hailey had to admit her brother cleaned up pretty well.

For herself, Hailey picked out a little red dress that accentuated her curves in all the right ways. It had been a gift to herself for all her hard work. Hailey had spent the entire summer doing two things – busting her butt for tips at the restaurant, then working it into shape at the gym. For maybe the first time since puberty had arrived so rudely at her door, Hailey was proud of how she looked. She tucked her long, reddish-blonde hair behind her ears and skipped happily down the stairs.

Since Hailey had been so cooperative, her mother let her borrow the SUV. The suburban streets were already quiet at this hour. There was nothing to do but listen to the hiss of the road, feel the thumping beat of the stereo, and stare out into the world.

Hailey thought she caught her brother eyeing her chest. She flushed a little, embarrassed, and tried to take it as a compliment. The dress was a little revealing, she had to admit. Besides, most of the girls her brother looked at were probably named .gif or .jpeg. Seeing a real one was probably breaking his brain.

Poor Tommy. You had to be pretty hard up to be ogling a blood relative. Although, Hailey had to concede, her brother did look pretty cute in the outfit she’d chosen for him.

“Watcha thinking about, Tommy?” Hailey asked, taking her hand off the wheel to tousle his curls.

“Tom. I’ve asked you like a hundred times, please call me Tom. What is this party anyway? Five desperate college kids playing spin the bottle?”

“Nuh uh! It’s hosted by this girl I know from work, Madison. Her parties are, like, famous. She’s got an awesome, huge house with a pool and her parents are away for the whole weekend. Madison’s, like, the coolest girl I’ve ever met. I mean, she knows everybody. So, probably a whole ton of awesome, cool people will be there.”

“So that’s why we’re going? To hang out with this super popular girl and her empty-headed friends?”

“And, well… maybe cause this cute boy’s gonna be there and I really want to hook up with him?”

“Hailey! Ugh, I knew it.”

“What’s the problem? Tyler’s gorgeous. And amazing.”

“He’s probably an asshole,” Tommy said, crossing his arms.

“How dare you speak that way about your future brother-in-law!”

“Whatever. So I guess I’ll just like, sit in the corner while you make out with your mimbo.” Tommy stared out the window, studiously avoiding his sister’s glare.

“There’s going to be a ton of hot college girls there, too,” Hailey said.

Tommy paused. Processed. “How do you know they’re hot?”

“I bet I’m the ugliest girl there,” Hailey said.

“I doubt that,” Tommy said, running his eyes over Hailey like a sibling shouldn’t, “I don’t think there’s anyone better looking than you. In an – ahem – a brotherly way, of course.”

He tried to pass it off as a joke, but Hailey couldn’t help but feel, deep in her heart, that her little brother really meant it. It should have freaked her out, but instead it just made her feel all warm inside.


After two years of college, Hailey had been to a lot of parties, but she’d never seen anything like this. The house was massive. The music, thunderous. And yet the one thing Hailey couldn’t get over was how many people were there. A horde of humanity was drinking on the lawn, dancing in the driveway, laughing and shouting and running around like maniacs. Like ants on a watermelon, they seemed to swallow everything around them.

At the front door, a boy Hailey didn’t recognize gave her and Tommy each a red Solo cup and then sent them on their way. As crowded as it had been outside, the inside of the house was worse. Hailey imagined that this was a fine home, but at the moment, it felt more like a NYC subway car. And smelled similarly, as well.

Hailey had to fight her way down the hallways, dragging Tommy along. Finally, they found the kitchen and, most importantly, the alcohol. A girl with long curly hair was mixing drinks at a makeshift table. She smiled and waved, but Hailey barely noticed. She was focused on the keg behind the table and the uber-cute boy standing next to it.

He smiled as soon as he saw her.

“Tyler.” Just speaking his name seemed to shift the winds and, well, it was appropriate. Tyler was like a Greek god. Tall with close-cropped brown hair. Athletic, though not over-muscled by any means. He was breathtaking. The fact that he’d even smiled at her was… Well Hailey must have sacrificed the right animal to gain his favor.

“Hi Hales,” Tyler said, then took her cup and filled it with beer. Without pausing, he grabbed Tommy’s cup and filled that one as well. Hailey turned to give her brother a disapproving look, but he was already drinking. Hailey told herself she didn’t care – she was here to be Tyler’s girlfriend, not Tommy’s Mom.

“Who’s the guy?” Tyler asked, eyebrow raised.

“Nobody,” Hailey said. If she noticed her brother’s face fall, as she spoke, it didn’t register. She was far too focused on the college senior standing in front of her. They both went to Rutgers, but Tyler was two years older and way more mature than any of the boys Hailey’d ever dated. They’d only met because both Hailey and Madison worked at the same Chili’s on Route 22 and Madison had introduced them.

They’d gone on a couple of group dates – Hailey and Tyler with Madison and whoever the boy of the week was – but it was never something serious. He’d given her a peck on the lips once, though Hailey would have been happy to do much more. Tyler was so super hot and mature and… Perfect, practically.

“You should probably go say ‘hi’ to Madison,” Tyler said, still spritzing beers into people’s cups, “She’s out back by the pool. I’ll join you guys in, like, five.”

“Cool, just let me ditch my little brother and then I’ll…”

Hailey glanced back, but Tommy was already gone. She spared a fleeting thought, hoping he’d actually talk to people for once and not just stand in the corner staring like some creepy perv. Maybe he’d actually get some tonight, Hailey thought, hopefully. Then, strangely, she felt a little jealous at the idea. She quickly buried the feeling before it could grow any further.


The back deck was as busy as everywhere else, though there was way more breathing room than inside. The air smelled like fresh cut grass and chlorine, mixed with alcohol and pot. Night had fallen hours before, but the entire area was lit to practically daylight and it gave everything a very ethereal, unreal quality.

Hailey had no trouble finding her host. Madison was sitting by herself on a lounge chair, wearing a lacy pink tank top and a pair of little yellow shorts that probably covered less than some of Hailey’s panties.

With a martini glass in one hand, brown hair tied back, and oversized yellow sunglasses over her head, Madison looked absolutely glamorous. Hailey felt shoddy in comparison

– her red dress showing off all her curves in the worst way.

“You look good,” Madison told her. Hailey smiled and said thank you, feeling the compliment genuinely. “Has anyone offered you a martini?”

“Nuh uh,” Hailey said.

“Well that simply won’t do,” Madison said. She immediately gestured to another girl who ran off and brought both Madison and Hailey the cutest little flamingo-pink drinks. Hailey took a sip and it was super sweet. Way better than any stupid old beer. She quickly lost count of how many she finished.

Tyler joined them soon after, and while he didn’t make any moves, Hailey could see he only had eyes for her. He was so hot it made her whole body melt. And Madison was so cool, too. Hailey had only known the girl from work where she could be a bit cold at times. Distant. Even rude.

But here at her home, Madison had opened up. She told them funny stories about things she’d done with her sorority. Talked about a recent trip to Paris with her family. Her adventures on their yacht. For Hailey, it was like seeing the previews for this amazing, almost fantastical, new TV show and then, it being hinted, that she might be getting the whole box set for Christmas.

Sitting under the electric lights by the pool, Hailey felt like everyone out back was watching her, jealous of her vaunted position – sharing a lounge chair with the hottest boy there and the elegant hostess, herself.

But then, Hailey felt something else. That little tingle in the back of her brain that said someone was staring at her. She turned and, sure enough, saw her brother looming by the far gate. God fuck it. Why couldn’t that boy just… Ugh! Well, he was allowed to go wherever he wanted, she supposed, so long as he didn’t bother her.

“Ooooo, who’s that?” Madison asked. Hailey felt her heart sink. Sure enough, Madison was looking over at Tommy.

“Didn’t you come with him, Hales?” Tyler asked.

“Yeah.” She looked down at the ground.

“He’s super cute,” Madison said, “Is he your date?”

Hailey mumbled her response.

“What’s that?”

“Tommy. He’s my little brother. My Mom made me bring him.”

“And praise the good Lord that she did. He looks good enough to eat,” Madison said, and smiled like the predator she was.

Before Hailey could stop her, Madison waved Tommy over. That puppy dog look on his face… Oh Tommy. He sat on the chair next to Madison, facing Hailey. He smiled at her and even squeezed her arm a little.

Jeez bro, body language! Didn’t anyone tell you to sit so you’re looking at the girl you want to be with?

“So,” Madison began, “Tommy…”

“Tom, actually,” Tommy said, “I prefer Tom.”

“Well, Tom. Hailey here says you’re her little brother, but that hardly seems true,” Madison said. She ran her eyes from the top of Tom’s curly hair down his long, lean body to the tips of his scuffed, black shoes.

Was her brother really so attractive?

Hailey tried to look beyond her past experience and see Tommy, her brother, as Tom, the stranger sitting next to her. Sure, Tommy was a dork with few friends and fewer social skills. But Tom was tall and – she could see it in a way – handsome. He had deep green eyes and the beginnings of a beard on a wide, square jaw. Tommy was a klutz, but Tom’s body seemed lean and almost toned. When had he had time to do that? Or was this just the natural transition of teenager-to-adult kicking in, burning away the baby fat?

Then Hailey noticed something. Tom was answering Madison’s questions but he was looking mostly at her, his sister. And Hailey recognized that look. It was the same one she’d been giving Tyler all night – that combination of wonder and desire. Hope and hunger.

Was Hailey’s brother actually…? Ew. No. Tommy wouldn’t. Couldn’t. Even though he looked kinda cute. More than kind of cute…

Nuh uh. Hailey tucked that thought back into her brain, before the whole place became cluttered with thoroughly inappropriate, totally unacceptable, not exactly actionable feelings.

Instead, Hailey forced herself to root for this Tom fellow to seal the deal with Madison. After all, if Hailey could have the oh so sexy Tyler, then why couldn’t her little brother get a bit of (even Hailey had to admit this to herself) the ever-attractive Madison?

Fortunately, the more they talked – and the harder Madison flirted – the more Tom seemed to appreciate her attention. Soon, he was completely focused on Madison and Hailey was pretty sure she could see a bulge building in his pants. Not that she was paying that much attention or anything.

“Gah, it’s hot as balls out here!” Madison said, then slapped Tom’s leg, “Come on, stud. Let’s take a quick dip.”

She stood up and sauntered over to the water’s edge. Up to this point, despite the heat, no one had so much as dipped a toe in the large, kidney shaped pool. The almost sapphire water lay undisturbed, smooth as a fresh cut jewel.

Madison didn’t even bother to take off her clothes, she just slid into the azure like a mermaid. Her head popped back up, brown hair slick and dark. Hailey could see Madison’s nipples poking through her sheer shirt and felt a little embarrassed for her. It would be awful to be so exposed in front of this many strangers.

Then Tyler jumped up, shucked his shorts, tossed off his shirt, and ran for the water. Seeing him in just a pair of white boxer briefs, Hailey’s eyes tried to pop out and roll right after him. Greek god? Even the immortals would appreciate that boy’s body.

Tyler whooped out a war cry, then leapt, hitting the water with a loud splash and soaking the partygoers foolish enough to be standing nearby.

When the water settled, Madison called out, “Come on, what’s keeping you two?”

Tom looked over at Hailey, like he was hoping for some help. Hailey shrugged. The siblings slinked to where the pavement met the pool water. Meanwhile, Tyler and Madison pranced about. Playfighting and giggling. Then they both stopped in mid-wrestle.

“Fuck, Maddy, nice!” Tyler said. Madison was sort of pressing herself against him and neither seemed too unhappy about the experience.

At that moment, both Tom and Hailey came to the same conclusion. Get in the water, or risk losing their individual conquest to the other’s.

Tom unbuttoned his shirt and stepped out of his pants. He was wearing boxers, blue ones. Hailey couldn’t help but stare. Her brother was no Tyler, but then, he wasn’t so bad either. Tom had some real definition in his arms and chest. And what was pointing from his boxers was…

Hailey quickly focused on her own clothing. With one swift move, she lifted the red dress right over her head, leaving her standing there in just her underwear – a somewhat modest set of lacy pink panties and a matching bra.

Hailey turned to look back at her brother and saw… He was frozen. Gaping. Hailey looked down and saw Tyler doing the same from the water. It felt like the whole pool was looking at her and she… didn’t mind it as much as she thought she would. In fact, she felt kind of sexy.

“Nice bod!” Madison called from the pool.

“Thanks,” Hailey said, then realized Madison was probably talking to her brother. Whoops! Before she could embarrass herself further, Hailey jumped into the pool. She felt another splash next to her as Tom jumped in, too.

Hailey shivered, immediately regretting her decision – the pool was remarkably cold and she was alone, in her underwear, in front of who knew how many people as well as her own brother. Then a pair of warm hands rested affectionately on her shoulders and chased all those worries away.

Without saying a word, Tyler scooped Hailey up off her feet. Then that beautiful hunk of manhood carried her – like a husband with his bride – down to the far end of the pool where he could stand but she really couldn’t.

For a moment, Hailey looked over Tyler’s shoulder and saw Madison and Tom, way on the other side. She couldn’t tell what they were doing, exactly, but it looked like they were just talking. Well that was OK. More than OK, really.

It freed her to focus on Tyler. The water dripping off his bronze skin. His pecs so muscular and perfect.

He put his hands on her bare sides, then without a word he leaned in and pressed his lips to hers. Warm and rough. Hailey felt surrounded by his strength. Let the world just tip forward.

At first they were both taut – wrapped around each other. Locked in arms and hands and legs. Then Tyler slowly traced his way down to Hailey’s chest, using his thumbs to rub her aching nipples through her bra. Hailey felt her body go slack.

Liquid. Like her sex.

Even in the water Hailey could feel her pussy dripping as Tyler ever more confidently explored her body. Hailey used her free hands to trace his chest. Tyler was such a man. There was just no other way to put it. He was masculine in an almost animal sense and Hailey felt herself almost domesticated by his wildness.

She let her mouth open for his tongue. He scooped her closer. Pressing her into his chest. She felt his hardness poke at her legs. Insistent. Her own mound ground against it, almost instinctive.

Then Hailey felt Tyler’s hand run down her back and start to slide into her panties. Hailey’s first thought was a strange sense of shame. Like he would feel her wetness and know how excited she was and be shocked. Scandalized. As if his own arousal wasn’t very clearly rubbing up against her.

But then Tyler’s hand was sliding lower and Hailey felt her body respond and…

“Hey!” Madison called from across the pool, “Let’s go inside.”

It was not a suggestion. Before Haley could even breathe, Madison had climbed out of the pool and hurried back to the house. Tyler quickly followed. Hailey and Tom found themselves abandoned by the edge of the pool, staring at each other. Both a bit bewildered.

Then Hailey looked down and froze. Her little brother was still in his boxers but his cock was poking right out of the open fly. And it was not so little at all.

Wow. Hailey wasn’t all that experienced – she wasn’t a slut or anything – but she’d seen enough dick in her life to know that her brother’s cock was fucking…

Penis, she corrected herself. She had thought the word ‘cock’ but of course little brothers didn’t have those. They had penises. Her brother had a very nice penis which was lovely for him but wholly academic as it applied to her. Yes. As long as everything was kept clinical, she’d be fine.

Tom looked down and saw where his sister was staring. He blushed and covered his crotch with his hands.

“Sorry,” he said, then scampered off to the house.


Hailey gathered her dress off the ground. She wanted to cover up (especially before anyone noticed that the wet spot on her panties wasn’t from the pool), but she didn’t want to wear the dress over her soaking underwear, either. Instead she went inside and found a bathroom on the second floor.

If others stared as she went by, well, by this point Hailey was hardly the only one in the house walking around in her undies. The party hadn’t gone full orgy or anything, but plenty of couples had paired up and dressed down. Kissing and licking and some even sucking. It didn’t help with Hailey’s own arousal at all.

Hailey found herself thinking about her brother again. Poor boy had gotten so worked up just talking to Madison. She could only imagine what would have happened if her little brother had gotten as much action as she had.

That moment in the pool had been fun. It had been amazing. All Hailey could think about was jumping Tom’s… Tyler. She’d meant Tyler. Good lord. At least it had only happened in her head.

Boy, I see one giant cock and I’m completely tongue tied. Penis, Hailey reminded herself, I saw Tommy’s giant penis.

Oh yes. That was much better.

Hailey did her best to dry off her underwear but it was no use. As she sat on the toilet and tried to wait it out, she realized how drunk she was. The room was spinning more than nicely. Her tongue was heavy in her mouth. Maybe it was time to just go home. Call it before things got really out of hand.

Then she heard something that sounded like people cheering. And it made her think about Tyler and where he was. And what she could be doing with him.

Hailey made a rash, last minute decision. Without even realizing it, she took another step toward something she’d never have consciously chosen. Yet it was her choices that lead her to that result. Bringing her brother to the party. Giving him alcohol. Introducing him to Madison. Fooling around in the pool. Each decision lead her to an unintended yet inevitable climax. She just didn’t realize that until after it was too late.

Hailey took off her bra and panties.

She pulled on her dress, smoothing it. There was a full length mirror in the bathroom and Hailey used it to check herself. The dress was dark so whatever wetness was left didn’t show. The hem was high, but Hailey posed and made sure that no one could see she was currently commando.

All in all, it was a solid solution and Hailey couldn’t help but praise herself for it. Besides, Hailey didn’t think she’d be wearing the dress for too much longer. She was going to go downstairs, find Tyler, and pick up where they left off. Lacking panties would only make her goal easier to accomplish.

Hailey left her underwear in the behind and made her way downstairs. She saw that a crowd had formed a circle in the front living room. The sound of cheering had gotten louder and Hailey could only imagine what was going on. Whatever it all was for, Hailey knew that Madison had to be at the center of it. And that meant Tyler would be there, too.

Hailey pushed her way through the mass of people and, as expected, she found Tyler and Madison standing in the middle of the circle. Both were off to the far side, seemingly transfixed by what was going on in front of them. Hailey noticed Madison was wearing a new, but very similar, outfit. It was her house, after all. Tyler was also dressed in fresh clothes. Hailey wondered where he’d gotten them from.

Rather predictably, Tom was also standing next to Madison. He was fully dressed in the same dark slacks and darker shirt from before. Hailey couldn’t help but wonder if he’d done the same disposal of his wet underwear.

Tom was shouting along with everyone else and Hailey quickly saw why. In the middle of the circle was a guy sitting naked on a high-backed, dining room chair. He was lanky and blonde with a long beard split by a wide, satisfied grin.

And no wonder he was smiling. A chubby girl with brown hair down to her bottom was kneeling between his legs, working her mouth back and forth on his cock like she was afraid it would melt before she finished. Hailey didn’t recognize either of them, but she found it shocking just the same.

Hailey didn’t see herself as a prude. But this was something straight out of a porn movie, or an HBO show, and it never occurred to her that people might do these things in real life. Hailey had always seen sex as something private that two people shared together. Sure she’d been fooling around in the pool, but it wasn’t like anyone could have really seen anything.

This, however, was a performance – that girl was sucking that guy off in front of everyone on purpose. It made Hailey feel immediately aroused and instantly uncomfortable because of that arousal. Pussy juice leaked down Hailey’s leg. Well, she supposed, that was why women wore panties. She prayed that no one would see. As if anyone was going to be looking at anything besides the couple in the middle of the room.

Then out of nowhere, the blonde guy threw his head back and shouted.

“I’m cumming you bitch, I’m cumming!”

The brown haired girl scooted back and pointed the man’s cock right at her chest. She was completely naked; Hailey hadn’t noticed before. The blonde man seemed to shiver, and then his stuff blasted out of the end of his cock, covering the poor girl in his pearlescence.

She had aimed him at her breasts and that’s where most of it got, but some of it also caught her stomach and her neck. As the man shot, the crowd cheered wildly. A few guys even shared high fives.

Hailey felt bad for the girl. Being painted in some guy’s sperm would be degrading enough. Let alone in front of so many strangers.

The girl didn’t seem upset though. Instead she smiled broadly and raised her hands up, as if triumphant, then went to the side of the ring. If she cared to clean herself off, Hailey didn’t notice.

Hailey glanced over at her younger brother. He didn’t seem squicked out by any of this at all. Instead he was celebrating with everyone else. How had Hailey become the self conscious weirdo while her brother changed into the popular one?

Madison stepped into the center – the ringmaster. Of course. She caught Hailey’s eye, winked, and then announced,

“We’ve got a new record! Five minutes and twenty-three seconds!”

The crowd gave another cheer. Hailey noticed for the first time that there was some sort of sleeping bag on the ground, lying next to the dining room chair. She guessed it was for the girl to rest her knees on while she sucked off the boy. That was very considerate, Hailey thought.

“OK, who are my next challengers?” Madison asked. Hailey thought it would be hard to find volunteers, but another couple stepped forward almost immediately. They were both completely naked and holding hands. It was kind of romantic. Sort of. The boy was short and his body was covered in dark hair. The girl had razor-straight black hair, cropped at her neck. Her breasts were enormous, much bigger than Hailey’s, and she had a bottom to match.

The girl sat down in the chair and the boy knelt down in front of her.

“Oooo!” Madison cried, “The switcheroo! Well, OK, but remember the rules are the same. She has to hold out for a full five minutes and twenty-four seconds. If she blows before the clock does, you’ll face… the dreaded snake!”

The crowd whooped again. Hailey couldn’t even imagine what ‘the snake’ was and she wasn’t itching to find out, either. The hairy boy was already on his knees. His girlfriend’s legs were spread in a way that seemed particularly lewd.

The way they were turned, Hailey had a perfect view of the action. She could see the man’s head bobbing up and down. Could see the woman shaking, shuddering. Her immense breasts bouncing.

Hailey didn’t want to be excited by it, but her body didn’t care a bit. Instead she felt her nipples tighten while her pussy flexed, depositing another load of lubrication down her leg. She’d had oral before and it seemed… ok. It wasn’t her favorite way to get off. Mostly, guys just gave her a few licks and then moved on to the main course.

Watching this, though, was way different. The boy seemed really into it and Hailey couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if she were that girl, trembling on his tongue.

The girl started bouncing up and down on the chair. Panting and sighing as her boyfriend worked her over. Her legs snapped closed.

“S… so good. Please baby hold back a little or I’m gonna… Uhn… uhnnnn… noooooOH! Oh FUCK!” she cried. The crowd roared. Hailey noticed a guy behind her hand his friend a crisp twenty from his pocket. Were people actually betting on this?

Before the girl could even get out of the chair – her body was shaking with the aftershocks of what appeared to have been an epic orgasm – Madison stepped back into the center of the circle.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said, clearly not sorry at all, “That was only three minutes and forty-seven seconds. Good job there, Serge.” She gave the hairy guy a high five. “That means you now must face the snake!”

The crowd started to chant, “Face the snake! Face the snake!”

Madison knelt down and grabbed the sleeping bag from the floor. Slowly, like revealing a great mystery, she started to unzip the bag. Once it was open, she tossed it back on the floor and gestured at it.

The boy, Serge, grinned and lay down on his back. His cock stuck up proud and practically neon purple. It made Hailey think about what she’d seen sticking out of her brother before. And that had been somewhat covered by his boxers! She could only imagine what it would look like naked. Wait. No she couldn’t. She was not imagining her brother’s naked c… penis. Not at all.

Reflexively, she looked up and found Tom’s face in the crowd. He was almost directly across from her and was jabbering excitedly with a dude next to him. He caught Hailey looking at him and smiled, shyly. Like she had caught him in something inappropriate.

She waved and he waved back, then came over.

“This is awesome, huh?” Tom said. She could barely hear him over the crowd.

“I guess,” Hailey said.

“Is this what all college parties are like?”

“Nuh uh.”

“I guess I’m just lucky then. Thanks for bringing me Hales. Best party ever!”

The woman with the large breasts and short black hair walked over to where Serge was lying on top of the sleeping bag. Hailey noticed she was holding a small foil square in her hand. She opened the package and slid the condom onto the man’s penis. He moaned a little as she did it.

Condom in place, the woman stood back up. She seemed to be aiming herself and, sure enough, she fell down right on Serge’s cock in one fell swoop. They both groaned as he filled her pussy.

Then Madison pranced over to the side of the sleeping bag and knelt down beside the couple. Saying nothing, not even really looking, Madison reached over and zipped them up completely. End to end.

Well, Hailey thought, at least that gave them a little privacy. Still, she couldn’t help but be mortified by what she was watching. And somehow, that feeling made her own arousal all the more intense.

“That’s two minutes in the snake for every one you were short of the record,” Madison said, “Soooo we’ll call it four minutes total.”

The crowd roared. ZIpped in as they were, the couple couldn’t do much – the cloth kept them both constrained. Serge’s face went as purple as his penis as he strained against his girlfriend. Her head was down, hair covering her face. Little grunts of frustration and pleasure.

The crowd kept the noise level up the whole time. Hailey looked over at Tom apprehensively but he seemed to be avoiding her gaze. This wasn’t exactly the most normal brother-sister bonding, Hailey thought to herself. She could appreciate him maybe feeling a bit strange seeing this with his big sister.

Of course, that didn’t stop Hailey’s body from feeling like it was burning up from the inside out. If Tom had even the slightest idea about his sister’s reaction to what they were seeing, she doubted he’d ever be able to look her in the eye again. Maybe I am a slut, Hailey thought to herself.

A timer beeped loudly. The woman let out a long, disappointed groan. Madison walked out, like some messed up game show host, and unzipped the sleeping bag. Each of the participants then slowly stood up. The woman kept pacing back and forth. Her partner was still obviously erect. Clearly neither had reached the end they were searching for. As soon as both were free, they ran right out of the circle and up the stairs.

Everyone laughed, knowingly. A few people shouted things.

“Give it to her good!”

“Pump that pussy full!”

Oh God. Hailey imagined someone saying that to her, knowing that a boy was about to fill her up and… Oh God.

Madison came out and hushed the crowd.

“OK, the record is still five and a half minutes, people! Who’s brave enough to give it a go?”

Hailey looked around. Did it take bravery or stupidity to step out into that circle? Either way, Hailey knew she didn’t have enough of either. Thank God she could just stand off safely to the side and…

Tyler walked into the center.

He raised his arms above his head, like he’d just won the big boxing match. Hailey felt her heart hit the floor. The entire sequence flashed before her eyes. Her friend and her future boyfriend wrapped around each other’s… other. Flushed in ecstasy as Hailey looked on. And once the ball was rolling it wouldn’t stop. No. Tyler and Madison dating. Madison showing her the engagement ring over cocktails. She’d probably ask Hailey to be the maid of honor at their wedding.

Hailey felt the tears well up. Tyler was incredible. She couldn’t imagine ever wanting someone as badly as she wanted him. This steamy, dreamy guy was slipping away right before her eyes and there was nothing she could do about it.

No. There was something she could do. Hailey wouldn’t give Tyler up so easily. She willed her legs to move forward. Why wasn’t she moving?

Then suddenly Hailey found herself in the center of the ring. She couldn’t hear anything. A thousand eyes stared back at her. She’d done high school drama once and this was much worse. Much much much. She felt a hand holding hers. She looked down and saw it was Tyler. He smiled at her and that made everything feel OK.

Madison walked over and smiled at Hailey. Gave her shoulders a squeeze.

“Wow. Well this is different. Didn’t think you had it in you.”

In her. Oh God… Something was going to be in her soon enough, Hailey thought. She felt far too drunk. Not nearly drunk enough.

Then Madison signaled to the crowd. Someone brought another dining room chair over. Why did they need another seat? They set it up across from the first one, so both chairs were facing each other from across the circle.

Tyler took Hailey’s hand and walked her over to closest chair. She felt herself sitting down.

“I’ll give and you receive,” he said, then smiled at her warmly. Hailey couldn’t hide her relief. She’d sucked a few guys off before, but this seemed much easier. And enjoyable. She could even close her eyes and imagine herself anywhere. Tyler must have seen how nervous she was. He was taking care of her. If it was possible, she felt herself fall for him even more.

The crowd around them seemed to tilt and flow like they were on a ship in a storm. Everything was so odd. Dreamlike.

“We’ve got a special one for you folks,” Madison said, “A twin bill! Well, they’re not exactly twins but a sibling bill doesn’t make any sense.”

Then it all became far too real again. The room gasped in unison. Hailey looked up and, sure enough, saw her brother standing next to Madison. Oh Tom. Tommy. When Hailey had stepped out for Tyler he must have done the same for Madison. She was so in shock from her own decision, she hadn’t even noticed his.

“So who’s up for a little family throwdown?” Madison asked. She led Tom over to the other chair and sat him down. “Hailey MacIntyre vs Tom MacIntyre! But since it’s a two-for-one, we’ve got twice the challenge! Both siblings must hang on to break the record. Or we’ll all be facing… the snake!”

Hailey’s brain froze.

She looked across the way and saw Madison slowly lowering herself in front of Tom. Then Tyler did the same in front of her. He put his head under her dress, like he was about to give her an exam. She heard another voice, some girl that Hailey couldn’t see, announce the time. Madison’s mouth was busy, after all.

Hailey sort of giggled despite herself. She looked down and saw Tyler lift his head up and smile. He’d seen she wasn’t wearing panties. She did her best to smile back at him sexily. All for you!

Then Tyler went back under. Hailey tried not to look forward but she couldn’t help it. Madison’s head was hovering over Tom’s erect penis. His boxers were lying spent on the floor nearby. Tom seemed almost dazed – his head hung back.

Good for him, Hailey thought dumbly. Glad he’s finally getting some. Then she remembered her own predicament. She closed her eyes and tried to picture herself with Tyler somewhere else. Somewhere more private. But the crowd was chanting.

“Lick that slut! Lick that slut!”

Hah. That was funny. Like she, the experienced college girl, was really going to be the one to blow. That was her brother over there. No one had ever seen his cock, let alone touched it. As soon as Madison put her lips on him, Tom was going to blast his stuff right down the brunette’s throat. No, that boy was snake bound and Hailey would only be able to sit back and watch.

Then she felt something warm and wet run straight up her center. The world shrank down to a pinpoint. Hailey could only think one thing: Tyler’s tongue was fucking amazing! All it took was one little touch and her whole body was already electrified by what he was doing to her.

Hailey felt her legs open, welcoming, but she hardly cared now. The whole world seemed to center only on the flesh between her legs and what the amazing Tyler was doing to it. Hailey knew that only a moment had passed. Maybe less than a moment. She’d already lost.

Hailey was going to cum.


Maybe harder than she’d ever cum in her whole life.

In front of all these people.

And she couldn’t care less.

Hailey and Tyler were going to be sent to the snake, but that wasn’t a punishment at all. Just a reward on top of her reward.

Hailey felt her body rising. The unmistakable, yet also sadly unfamiliar, feeling of a huge explosion building in her pussy. Hailey had orgasms before of course. From others and from herself. She knew there were all kinds – little ones and big ones. The best though, and she’d only found it once or twice, were these big sweeping cums that seemed to take hold of her and just fucking SHAKE. And never just one that way but a massive explosion followed by multiple aftershocks that would leave her blown out often for hours after.

She called these orgasms “uppers.” As in the uppermost orgasm it was possible to experience.

Hailey could tell she was about to upper. The first time ever with another person. She was sure she was moaning now. Maybe even screaming. She didn’t care. She wanted the world to share the pleasure she was about to feel.

The crowd was still shouting, but it was different now.

“Cum, sis, cum! Cum, sis, cum!”

And she was… Oh God she really was… Tyler didn’t even need a finger. She was a slave to his tongue. Oh, for this she would do anything. Anything at all. Why had she been so embarrassed and afraid of this?

Then Hailey looked up and found she was staring right at her brother. His eyes looked distant – probably no different than her own. They were across the room. Being pleasured by two different people. Yet somehow it felt to Hailey like it was her and her brother only. Locked together in this world of exquisite ecstasy. An intimacy far beyond anything Tyler was doing to her with his tongue.

The siblings’ eyes met.

Hailey’s orgasm rose up like the tide and overwhelmed her. From toes to legs to breasts right over the top of her head and she was gone. Swallowed.

“CuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuMMMMMMMMMING!” she shouted. And she knew that she was telling him. Tom. Not the crowd or the man between her legs, but her brother. She wanted him to know she was climaxing so that he could share that moment with her, too.

Hailey tried to hold Tom’s eyes as she went over but they snapped shut as her whole body cinched in pleasure. The next one rolled over her. Then the next and the next and the next.

The crowd roared.

Finally, the storm subsided and Hailey saw Tyler standing, his arms upraised once again. Then Madison stood as well. She gave Tyler an emphatic high five. Someone from the crowd handed Madison her phone and she looked down at the screen

“Wow! That was… not even close!” Madison said, “One minute fifteen seconds! Wow, way to go Tyler!”

Hailey could see her juices on Tyler’s face. He’d gotten her off in almost a minute. Then she looked over and saw Tom still sitting across from her. Head lolling. Arms hanging down. He’d clearly gone off as well. Then Hailey looked down and saw that, no, his maginificent cock was still at full attention. The only stiff thing on his entire body.

And, yes – at this point Hailey had to concede – that thing jutting out of her baby brother could only be called a cock. Anything that thick and long and… powerful. That was no penis. God, how had Madison fit that whole thing in her mouth? And why was Hailey thinking about how she would fit it? Then Hailey thought about the snake and wondered, wow, how was Madison going to fit that whole thing in her pussy? And why was…

Dammit Hales. Stop. Just stop

Hailey sat back in the chair, unable to move. Tyler hadn’t just brought her to orgasm, he’d broken her. Destroyed her. After an upper, Hailey was usually satisfied for weeks. Not now. Somehow her climax had only increased her need. Now all she could think about was cock and how she wanted more. Well, she’d be getting some Greek god cock soon enough, Hailey thought, and smiled.

Madison once again walked into Hailey’s field of vision. She knelt down and unrolled the sleeping bag. The snake. Any shame Hailey felt was quickly overcome by her desire to have Tyler together with her. If his tongue was that talented, she could only imagine what having him inside her would be like. Who cared if it was public. He was hers and he was amazing.

Madison dropped the sleeping back on the ground with a flourish. Like a bullfighter with her cape. Then the brown haired girl lay down on her back.

I guess Madison and my brother are going first, Hailey thought to herself. She didn’t really want to watch her brother fuck a girl. For a number of reasons. But, well, it wasn’t the worst thing to have to endure. Just another thing to talk about with the psychiatrist in twenty years, Hailey supposed.

Then Tyler walked over and stood over Madison. And time dropped dead.

“Wait,” Hailey said. She didn’t formulate the word in her mind. She didn’t think about it – prepare it for the outside world, like any other thought she’d ever expressed. She didn’t even realize she’d said it out loud. But there it was.



“Don’t worry,” Madison said, looking up at Hailey from the sleeping bag, “You’ll get your turn.”

Hailey was so horrified by what was about to happen, she didn’t even think about the larger consequences. What it meant for her if Tyler was paired with Madison. The only thing that Hailey could focus on was that Tyler, her Tyler, was about to be zipped up with someone not…

“But he’s my…” Hailey stuttered. And then the logic of her brain kicked in. Was she really about to call Tyler her boyfriend? Cause she was pretty sure that he wasn’t.

Madison spoke to Hailey like she was telling her there was no Santa Claus. “Everyone’s wearing clothes,” she said, “It’s no big deal.”

Hailey looked down and saw that was true. Madison still had on her tank top and short shorts. Tyler was still wearing his t-shirt and cargos. Even Hailey herself was covered by the dress. Only her brother was naked in any way and that was only from the waist down.

Before Hailey could protest further, Tyler carefully lay himself down over Madison, almost aiming his crotch to land on top of hers. Another girl came out of the crowd and zipped them in.

“Four minutes!” she announced, then pushed a button on her phone.

Whatever thoughts Hailey might have had about this remaining some kind of chaste encounter vanished as soon as the clock started. Though covered by the sleeping bag, it would have been obvious from the moon what those two were doing.

Tyler had his head down, buried in Madison’s little breasts. His ass kept on pumping up and down, grinding against the stuck up girl. For her part, Madison seemed to be pushing up as well as she could, making little grunts with each go.

Hailey felt her heart shatter, piece by little piece, as she watched her dream boy hump her friend into the floor. Watched the little twitches in his face as he loped toward release. Madison’s not so elegant grunts and sighs.

“Uhn. Uhn. Uhn.”

The crowd didn’t chant. No one cheered. They all just watched in dead silence, letting Hailey hear everything. See everything. Tyler and Madison going at each other as if there was nothing left in the world. As if this act was the only thing left in the entire universe. Crucial and eternal.

The alarm went off, but Madison just groaned and said

“Nnnnnot… yyyyyeeeeeet.”

Who was going to interrupt the host after all?

Her little squeaks turned into little cries, chorused with Tyler’s own moans. Then Madison squeezed Tyler’s shoulders, hard. Her face contorted into a literal “O” shape and she shook like she’d been plugged into the wall. Tyler raised his head. Bayed out his pleasure to the world.

After what felt like hours, Madison slumped back into a self-satisfied smile. The helper girl came back and unzipped the sleeping bag. Now the crowd cheered. Madison and Tyler held hands and took little bows, like the end of a high school play.

Hailey noticed Madison was a bit stumbly. Then she looked over at Tyler. He gave her that same knowing, self satisfied wink and it broke her. Hailey couldn’t imagine feeling any worse.

“And now… Round two!”


Hailey sat, dumbfounded, as Madison walked over to Tom and helped him out of his seat. He seemed to be looking at everything and everyone except for her. Had that moment of passion… When both of them had shared her climax. Was he really so ashamed?

Madison, still leading Tom around, walked over to Hailey and took her hand. Hailey let Madison pick her up. Limply, she felt her hand joined with her brother’s, then lifted over their heads in triumph. The crowd seemed to respond in a frenzy, but Hailey couldn’t tell exactly because all she could hear was a persistent, dull roar.

“But he’s my brother,” she said. Mumbled it really. Speech was not her strong point at the moment.

“You’re both wearing clothes,” Madison said, “What’s the big deal?” That seemed to be her answer to everything. Go down Niagara Falls in a barrel? You’re both wearing clothes. What’s the big deal?

Only they weren’t, exactly. Tom was clearly still naked from the waist down. If anything, his cock seemed to be sticking out even more than before. Hailey could even see his balls, dark and engorged beneath her brother’s dick. It looked painful, Hailey thought, being so aroused, and she imagined that it probably was.

To his credit, Tom seemed to notice and started to look around for his boxers, but they were gone. Hailey’s sibling shrugged, a sort of careless resignation. He went back to staring at his shoes and it occurred to Hailey that her brother wasn’t embarrassed at all. Not scared or disgusted.

He was eager.

He was a kid at the toy store, afraid to point out his deepest desire lest his parents turn him down. A starving man, staring at steak through a glass window on a cold night.

And she was the meal he ached for. Oh no.

“You made the bet,” Madison said, “You have to pay the price. Tyler and I already did. Besides, you’re wearing your dress. It’ll just be like you’re cuddling or whatever. A little sibling spoon.”

Hailey looked around from face to face. Madison, Tyler, Tom, the crowd. No one said anything. Then very carefully, as if her body had decided for her, Hailey felt herself start to kneel down on the open sleeping bag.

“Let little brother go first,” Tyler said. Hailey stood up again. Brother and sister, one of whom was naked from the bottom down, were about to get into a sleeping bag together. The room got very quiet. Charged with anticipation.

Tom lay down on his back. Again Hailey found herself focusing on his cock. The monster seemed to throb with it’s own building appetite.

“Nuh uh,” Hailey said, “Roll over.”

Tom smiled at her sheepishly and then rolled onto his stomach. He rested his head on the wood floor. His penis, no doubt, pressed against his belly. Then Madison sat down on her haunches next to him and zipped up the sleeping bag.

“You forgot someone,” Tyler said.

“Oh, silly me,” Madison said, “I guess you’ll just have to slide in there with him already inside, Hailey.”

Hailey walked over to the sleeping bag and got down on her knees. She smiled at Tom, affectionately rubbed the curls on his head. She’d seen the look in his eyes. Madison had no doubt worked the poor boy up to a frenzy and now… Well, of course he was needy. Beyond needy. Hailey would be lying to herself if she didn’t admit that she felt pretty damn fidgety, herself. And she at least had some release.

Poor Tom would probably have fucked a rotten fruit if they’d let him. That’s why he’d seemed so… wanting before. There was no way he actually wanted to be with his sister. That was just insane.

Still surrounded by silence, as if all of reality were holding its breath in anticipation, Hailey carefully began to slide her leg above Tom’s shoulder blade.

“Oh no,” Madison said, tut-tut-tutting, “Under.”

Hailey sighed. It wouldn’t be so bad, she reasoned. Her brother’s massive member would probably be pressed against her butt, but there would be a good bit of dress between them. Hailey even thought, generously, that if he got off from pressing his penis into her bottom that, well, she couldn’t blame him for that, really. This was fine. Really fine.

“Just get this over with,” she mumbled

Tom, himself, gave a large sigh. Then he picked himself up, like doing a pushup. Hailey lay down on her stomach, mimicking how Tom had been before. She slowly started to slide herself back into the sleeping bag, under her brother.

It was slow going. The bag was clearly meant to hold one person snug and they were stuffing in two. Her brother was not a small man, either, so it was probably even a tighter fit than it had been for the others.

Worse, Tom was already zipped in and the bag was clearly quite hot. So Hailey’s brother was literally dripping sweat. Everything was close and sticky and oh so tight and Hailey had to inch herself back like a weird worm. As she went, she realized how perverted this really was. Her feet, the backs of her legs, her rounded, full bottom – they were all sliding right under her little brother’s nose.

Then it got worse. Hailey was in about halfway. She slid back, basically getting breast deep into the bag, and she noticed that her dress slid up slightly. Was it caught on something? Or had the natural closeness of sweaty bodies caused it to ride up? The cause was hardly Hailey’s concern.

The result was that with every little push, Hailey’s dress was slowly moving up her body. She tried to slide in a way that would make it stop, but nothing did it. First just the backs of her thighs were bare. Then the bottom of her bottom. She was in all the way to the shoulders now. One last step. Hailey pushed herself up, moved back, and gasped as her dress went all the way up to her waist.

Her butt was bare.

Not realizing what had happened, only aware that his sister was now fully in the sleeping bag, Tom lowered himself down. Hailey felt it immediately. First his head was right on her shoulder. His breath in her ear. Then his arms were around hers. Then, finally, the last bit. His hardness came to rest right in the crack of her ass. Nestled there, like a hot dog in a bun.

“Sis, are you wearing panties?” Tom asked, as quietly as he could.

“Nuh uh,” Hailey said, “I took them off after the pool.”

“Oh fuck,” Tom said.

Their bare skin was pressed against each other. Hailey felt her brother press against her, surely involuntarily, and then he groaned.

“Sorry Sis. Sorry.”

She felt him try to lift himself up a little, then fall back.

“Ohhhhh Hailey.”

Hailey could feel his steel bar wedged between her soft cheeks. He was really holding her now, arms around hers, like trying to keep her safe. Her mind screamed at her to move. Shift positions. Anything… But there was nothing that could change their situation now. They were stuck in that position for as long as Madison made them stay there.

“J… just don’t move,” Hailey said, “Don’t move and it’ll be over soon. Just four minutes.”

“Set the timer for fifteen minutes!” Madison announced. The world came back all at once. Madison was holding up her phone like the round card in a boxing match. Tyler was pacing back and forth. Looking down at them both and smirking. The crowd chanted.

“Fuck that sis! Fuck that sis!”

Madison bent over and smiled at Hailey and Tom slightly sidewise.

“I told you,” Madison said, “Double the risk, double the punishment. You missed by four which means you both owe me eight.”

“But you didn’t…”

Hailey didn’t even get to finish her sentence before Madison stepped out of view.

“Starting… NOW!”

Tom squeezed Hailey even tighter and made another low moan. He was clearly upset, beyond upset really, but he was still trying to comfort her. Make her feel safe. Such a good brother, Hailey thought to herself.

Then she felt something else, hard, poking at her bottom. Tom’s cock was getting insistent. Again, Hailey wondered, how had he, a virgin, held on with Madison when she had barely survived Tyler’s cunning linguistics? Was Madison really that bad at giving head?

“No no, she was good,” Tom whispered into his big sister’s ear, “Better than good. Awesome,” His cock flexed against Hailey’s ass in agreement. Their heads were so close, their hair tangled with the other’s. Hailey could have a whole conversation with her brother and no one would know the better.

“I was getting close to… y’know. About the same time you were getting ummmmm…”

“Tom, I think it’s a little silly to be embarrassed about saying stuff like that when we’re like, y’know… this.”

“Right, well, I was gonna cum when you were gonna cum. Maybe even before. But Maddy… Madison. She felt it coming and, like, grabbed my balls. Hard. Hurt like hell. I could barely stay hard. Let alone, y’know, like, shoot my stuff.”

Hailey pressed herself back into her brother.

“Couldn’t stay hard, huh?”

“Well, it didn’t last long,” Tom said, “And then it came back like really really strong and I… I’m sorry Hales.”

“It’s OK,” Hailey said, feeling nothing but affection for her baby brother, “I’m still pretty… ummm… Worked up? From before. So it’s not like… I understand is what I’m saying. My mind knows it’s wrong but my body…”

“Now who’s being silly?”

“Fine. My pussy is fucking dripping and I can feel your cock against my ass and all my body wants to do is push back and… But I know it’s wrong and so I won’t. I’m just saying I understand what you’re feeling. Kinda.”

“Right now I’m feeling your whole body, Hales and it’s fucking amazing.”

“Thanks? I think? You feel pretty good, too, I guess.” Hailey wasn’t just saying it. She felt surrounded by her brother’s strength. Like the way Tyler had held her in the pool. Only more… warm? Loving? It was weird, but the same touches that had felt so affectionate before, just seemed like cold, distant taps compared to being enveloped by her brother. And Tom’s cock, so close to being surrounded by her own warm wetness…

No, she wouldn’t think about it. Mustn’t. She’d be strong for her little brother. That was her job. To protect him. And she would do that. She wouldn’t let him down.

“Fuck that sis! Fuck that sis!”

The crowd of college students around them seemed to be screaming their mantra in Hailey’s ears. She wasn’t naive. She knew something was going to happen with her brother. To her brother. They were already rubbing despite themselves and soon he was bound to spend. No human male could be expected to do better.

But Hailey resolved that whatever happened, she would show the crowd nothing. Face blank. Body still. No matter what.

Then she felt a new sensation. She and Tom had sort of being moving against each other unconsciously. Her brother had been pressed into the cleft of her ass, yes, but closer to her lower back. But now, her brother’s cock had slipped a little lower. The head was almost pressing against her anus.

“Tom nnnnoooooo,” Hailey moaned.

“C… can’t help it,” Tom said.

The same sweat that had forced her dress up around her stomach had now made their bodies so slippery it was almost impossible for her brother’s cock not to bore straight into her backside.

OK, Hailey thought to herself in a way that was remarkably calm considering the moment, I’m a slut.

I came like a slut in front of everyone. I’m here in this sleeping bag, practically dry humping my own brother. But I’m a good girl, dammit. I’m not letting someone fuck me in the ass. Certainly not my little brother. And certainly not in front of a crowd like this.

And just like that, Hailey decided that she wouldn’t allow it to happen. That this was the worst possible result and so it was worth doing anything, anything, to escape this situation.

Focusing all her anger over everything that had happened – the resentment, the shame, the fear – Hailey popped her butt up, shoving Tom’s cock away from her puckered posterior. With a sense of profound relief, Hailey felt her brother’s cock slip right off her sweaty, slippery ass and drop free.

And then it landed lower. And Hailey realized that, no, THIS was the worst situation.

Tom’s cock settled back down. It was still resting against something all right. Her warm, wet, welcoming pussy.

“D… Don’t. Don’t move,” Hailey said through gritted teeth.

But it was beyond too late. Without him doing more than taking a deep breath, her little brother’s cock slipped right into Hailey’s yearning pussy. The longest, thickest cock she had ever seen in her life jammed up to the hilt inside her without even a pause. It was the fullest Hailey had ever felt. The quickest her quim had ever been filled.

“Ohhhhhh ffffffffuuuuuuuuuUUCK!” Hailey cried, her precious silence broken. The crowd whooped in elation.

“Give it to her good!” someone shouted. A woman.

Hailey turned her head and met Tom’s eyes. She expected him to look shocked or sad or maybe a bit grossed out? He looked profoundly happy. A little tear ran down his cheek.

“Hailey I… I’m inside you,” he said.

Yeah, I know, you big doofus.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ll bet.”

“I didn’t… I mean, I wasn’t trying to…”

“No. I know it wasn’t your fault it’s just…”

“I know. But… That was my virginity, sis,” Tom said. He didn’t sound upset at all. Almost proud. “My big sister took my virginity.”

“That’s great, hon,” Hailey said, trying to keep the tension out of her voice, “Now be a good little brother and take it out.”

She felt Tom sort of struggle behind her, then nothing.

“I can’t I… oh god… There’s not enough room. I’m stuck, Hales. I mean, I can’t move at all. I don’t think it’s… fuckthat’sfuckinggood… coming out until we come out.”

Well, Haley thought, this wasn’t so bad. Her brother’s cock was inside her. And, she had to admit, it felt fucking fully fantastic.

But it wasn’t like they were actually fucking. Like Tom said, he couldn’t even really move. So they would just sit there, in that position and well, it would be a funny story. That was all. It’s not like she would, like, cum or anything this way. Right? And as long as that didn’t happen then it was OK, really. Nothing to be worried about at all.

As if in response, without Hailey’s conscious approval, her pussy squeezed at the massive cock inside of her. Both siblings groaned simultaneously.

“You two OK in there?” Madison asked.

“fff… Fine,” Hailey said. He just… kneed me really hard before. Hurt like hell.”

“Yuh-huh,” Madison said. Her smug smirk made Hailey remember her promise. The one she’d made to herself, that one unfortunate exclamation aside, Hailey was going to keep if it killed her.

Hailey knew she was stuck and she couldn’t change that. Her brother’s immense fuck stick was jammed deeper than anything she’d ever felt. His cockhead felt wedged against her cervix in a way that she hadn’t realized was possible. And they had time… all the time… too much time… before they’d be allowed to disengage.

And everyone was watching, waiting, to see the two siblings at their weakest moment. But Hailey remembered her promise to herself. Her one last bit of dignity. She would show them nothing.

Face blank. Body still. No matter what. She wouldn’t give these perverts the satisfaction of knowing that her brother had fucked her – was fucking her – and, worse, that she’d enjoyed it. And besides, Tom was just inside her. It wasn’t like she’d cum or anything. So really there was nothing to be ashamed of.

“Don’t move,” she told her brother, “It’s… it’s OK. Just don’t move.”

But Hailey’s body had no intention of keeping her promise for her. Her pussy – her mischevious, hungry, little puss – seemed driven towards milking her little brother’s cock. And he was more than happy to oblige, of course. Tom had clearly been on the edge to start. She doubted he – a virgin no less – would last 16 seconds like this. Let alone 16 minutes.

“OK,” Tom said, “I’ll be still.” He sort of kept his promise. Her brother didn’t move his crotch at all, but ran his hands over Hailey’s arms, reached under her and squeezed her breasts through her dress.

Hailey couldn’t exactly blame her brother by that point. If the roles had been reversed she was sure she’d have done the same. Why settle for bronze when you can grab for the gold?

Then Tom moved a little more and slid his hands inside, holding each of her bare boobs. Hailey had never loved her breasts – they never seemed big enough for boys to notice them – but they felt absolutely perfect in her brother’s hands.

Tom started rubbing her tits as best he could. Her nipples brushed against his rough palms and the sensation shot straight down to Hailey’s poor overstuffed pussy. She arched her back and once again her pussy squeezed his cock like wringing out a rag.

Tom groaned and in response, Hailey felt… No! Oh no. How was this even… Tom wasn’t even moving and her stupid, slutty body was about to…

“I c… oh god. Oh GOD…”

A little burst built up in Hailey’s sex. This wasn’t an upper. Just a little cum. But Hailey was left in shock as her body truly betrayed her. She tensed as the pleasure raced through her. Bit her lip. Bent her head. Ground her teeth to keep the low groan deep in her throat. Then the pleasure burst, forcing her head up like howling at the moon. Slamming her eyes shut.

Then it was gone. Hailey’s whole body trembled from the exertion. Holy fuck.

That was just with her brother buried inside her. Held still by self control and constricted by the skinny sleeping bag. Hailey could only imagine if Tom could find some way to thrust. To pump. Pound her poor wanting pussy into the ground. Oh god…

“Fuck… Hales,” Tom whispered into her ear, “I’m… I’m trying sis.” His cock flexed on the word ‘sis.’ “I really am. Trying to stay still for you. But I’m getting really close and I…”

“Oh. Ummmmm. Fuck… Tom I’m… Uhn.”

“Fill her up! Fill her up!” The crowd was chanting. Oh fuck. Her brother seemed to reach the same conclusion.

“Fuck… sis. Are you… I mean, is it safe?”

Immediately, in that moment, everything made sense to Hailey. Why she’d been so horny all day. Why everything Tyler did had felt so good. The orgasms. The… the upper. Why her pussy was so fucking wet like a fucking faucet of girl butter. She didn’t even have to count the days.

“Hales… you’re on the pill, right?”

“Nuh uh.”

“F… Oh fuck.” Tom’s body started to shake, as if those two little words – not even fully formed, just little grunts – had triggered his explosion by themselves. And, as if moving in sympathy, Hailey felt her own body begin to tighten. Building. Shaking in time with her brother.

Hailey stared forward and saw almost an army of shoes and legs. She repeated it, her promise, again and again and again. Gripped it like it would ground her.

“Just don’t move. Just don’t move.”

Her brother practically seizing above her. The crowd noise seeming to rise to crescendo as Hailey and her brother did the same. Did they notice? Did they know? Was an entire crowd about to watch a brother impregnate his older sister?

Again, though she’d ordered it not to, Hailey felt her whole body bear down on her brother’s cock. Tom almost howled in pleasure.

“Don’t move. Don’t move,” Hailey was chanting it now. They were both shaking. Rumbling against each other. Hailey felt the pressure inside her, like a dam about to burst. Her face burned. Sweat dripped off her like she’d been caught in the rain.

Together they fluttered. Shivered. Pleasure rolling up and down their bodies.

“Huurrrrr… hurrrrrrr… hurrrrrrr…” Tom’s breath in her ear. Getting faster now. Hands clutching at her breasts. He was trying to hold out, poor boy, he was doing so good. Trying to keep his big sister safe. Just like always.

And Hailey thought about it. All those times she’d picked on him growing up. Especially now that they were older. She’d teased him. Called him names. Things she’d never imagined she could say to someone she loved.

And in return, all Tom had ever done was love her. He’d been strong for her when she was weak. Brave when she was afraid. Protected her. Stood by her side no matter what. Always.

So Hailey lowered her head. Bit her lip. Shut her eyes.

“T… Tom? Tommy? It’s OK.”

“Wh… what?”

Hailey felt her brother’s hands still pumping greedily at her tits. His breath on her ear. His cock – her little brother’s amazing enormous cock – already making her fuller than she’d ever been and straining to fill her further.

“It’s OK to cum.”

“But Hailey you’re not… I mean, I might…”

“You will baby brother,” Hailey said, knowing in her heart that it was true and laughing at her unintentional choice of words, “You’re gonna put your baby in my body. I know it in my heart I know it.”


“Cum” Hailey said.

Tom’s grip tightened on his sister’s breasts, like holding on for dear life. He buried his head in her hair. And then, again, his whole body began to shake. Not a trembling like before, but great violent fits.

Hailey started shaking with him. Tried to hold her body in control. The more he built, she built. The more she tried to hold still, the more her body began to overwhelm her.

Then they both froze. The world seemed to go silent. Two siblings about to share the most forbidden moment.

“Hailey?” Tom’s voice weak and shaky, “Your brother has to cum.”

“Hrrrrrrrrrr…ahhhHHHHH!” Her brother roared and the crowd erupted in cheers in the same moment.

Tom spasmed and Hailey felt like a cannon had been fired deep inside of her. Her brother’s cock exploded. His warmth painted her walls. Drove past her cervix. Like an army of sperm were breaking down the door to her womb

At first it was nothing. Like her insides had been dipped in warm water. A strange sensation and not altogether unpleasant.

Then suddenly, Hailey felt it.

Not a little cum like before or even just an upper but an upperest of uppers that didn’t just rise up her body but engulfed her whole in one swift crash and then another. And another. Pleasure that was more than a wave. A typhoon as her womb didn’t just ask for her brother’s essence but demanded it. Greedily sucking his sperm into her eager, fertile gullet.

Hailey tried so hard to hold it. So hard. Eyes sealed shut. Her body thrashed back and forth. Whole head vibrating. She bit her lip so hard she tasted blood. A long low sigh still somehow escaped her lips, like steam from a teapot.

A long low, “aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

Her brother’s cock kept blasting her. And somehow just barely still holding still Hailey came harder than she’d ever experienced or even known she could. Each explosion greater, not less, forced her body up and forward like supplicant to the ceiling. Tensing upward, held in place. Radiating pleasure.

As if their shared orgasm was only made more intense by how they’d held it back.

Then, as if finally cracking under the pressure, Hailey felt like something inside her snap. She fell to the floor quivering. Her brother somehow still filling her with his ecstatic ejaculation. Emptying himself into his sister. More than gallons – an ocean of cum being poured into her drinking glass-sized snatch.

Overflowing. Drowning. And with each burst, orgasms washed over Hailey like a corpse in the sea. Mumbling softly for her brother.

“Tommy… Oh my little Tommy…”

Tom finally collapsed onto her back. Tension draining onto the floor. She felt the weight of him and wanted nothing more. They just lay there – brother’s hands on his sister’s breasts, cock buried in her pussy – until the timer finally went off.


After they were unzipped, Hailey stood up carefully, letting her dress fall back down over her butt. Her brother was still lying on the ground, like he was shell shocked. She thought she saw a little drool drip out of his mouth. Hailey’s little brother had just lost his virginity to his sister in front of hundreds of people. He looked more than comfortable with the outcome.

With the big show now concluded, everyone started to wander off. Hailey found herself standing in the middle of the living room more or less alone. Forgotten. She started to walk back up the stairs to use the bathroom. Maybe her panties would be dry by now. If no one had taken them as a souvenir.

“See, that wasn’t so bad,” Madison said.

Hailey hadn’t even seen the girl standing on the stairs behind her.

“Tyler said it was really cool, what you did. I think he sees you in a totally new light. If you asked him out right now? I guaran-fucking-tee he’d say yes. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the party. It’s pretty much over – people need to get the fuck out of my house. But you can stay as long as you want. It’s different with friends, y’know?”

Madison gave Hailey a little hug, then pushed past her up the stairs and disappeared down a corridor. Hailey stood there, almost in shock.

She felt a long stream of her brother’s warm cum drip down the inside of her leg. She wondered if anyone noticed. Her brother. Oh God. There was so much of it. She’d never seen so much cum. And he’d pumped it all right into her waiting, fertile womb.

In that moment, there were only two things Hailey knew for sure: She was carrying her brother’s baby.

And she was going to fuck him again.

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