A black maid discovers her female employer magizines and toys in her bedroom

A black maid discovers her female employer magizines and toys in her bedroom

Mary had thought she had put her magazines and plugs
back up after she had masturbated but after her shower,
she walked back to the bedroom to see her maid Sharon
sitting in the chair looking at them. Sharon was her
black maid for the last three years and didn’t know
anything about her desire to serve and worship a black

At 45, Mary had a fair shape body that a lot of men
would have really desired with a slightly oversized
ass. But one man was enough. Her daughter Jane had
moved back in with her after her divorce when she lost
her job. Mary had a good pension from her ex for both
of them to live on.

Sharon was a larger black lady who served twice a week
as the house maid. Cleaning up and doing laundry and
such for the white family. She had large breast and a
butt slightly bigger than Mary’s own. Mary had thought
about bringing up her desires on several occasions but
just couldn’t do it. Sharon was one of her fantasy
women she dreamed of as she laid in bed at night

She had been reading the magazines and playing around
getting in a fever pitch and worked up, so she decided
to take a quick shower and return to her toys. When she
entered the bedroom Sharon was sitting in a chair with
several in her hand.

“Bout time you got your big white butt back in here,”
Sharon looked up at her.

“Seem like I was serving a white bitch all this time
who wanted to worship my ass the whole time.”

“What these bitch,” she continued, pointing to Mary
large dildo and butt plug still on the bed table.

“I’m sorry Sharon,” Mary got out, trying to get over to
the table and grab the objects quickly to put them
away. How could she have been so dumb with Sharon in
the house? Her face was crimson as she covered her
breast and cunt with her hands passing by Sharon to the
table to retrieve and put the objects back in their


“Oww!” Mary screamed as she felt a sharp pain on her
ass cheek. What the hell?



“I didn’t tell you to get your toys,” Sharon yelled up
at her as Sharon reached back grabbing her sore ass
cheek. “From now on, your ass belongs to me white ho.
Now get on your stomach on the bed now!”

Mary was more surprise at the tone of voice Sharon
used. She was always used to Sharon saying “yes mam”
and “no mam”. She hesitated confused as what to do.


“Ow! God that hurt,” Mary yelled out.

“It’s going to hurt a lot more if you don’t get your
white ass on that bed now. Move it bitch,” Sharon
yelled slapping Mary large thigh making her jump with
the slap.

Mary quickly jumped on the bed on her stomach. She was
totally aware of her nakedness’ to this woman who was
once nothing more than her servant.

“Spread your legs white bitch and reach behind you and
spread your big white ass too.” Sharon commanded. “I’m
going to finish this magazine and you better not move
and not look over. Keep that nose of yours in buried in
the sheet.”

Mary ass was still sore from the slaps but her cunt was
getting wet at the tone Sharon was using and the
humiliation of what she was expected to do. She spread
her legs wide apart and reached back grabbing her
bountiful ass mounds spreading them apart exposing her
twinkling brown asshole between them. She maintained
the position getting wetter and wetter with dark
desires as she waited for a good ten minutes as Sharon
read her magazine.

Finally Sharon got up and picked up the butt plug on
the stand.

“Now I’m going to ask you again white ho.” Sharon asked
holding the black butt plug inches from Mary face.
“What is this and what is it for?”

Mary face turned red.

“It’s my ass plug and I shove it up my naught ass at
night before I masturbate,” she said.

“You used to masturbate,” Sharon laughed. “From now on
you will be wearing it more frequent unless I tell you
to take it out. Is that understood?”

“Yes,” Mary said.



“That’s yes mistress,” Sharon yelled.

“Yes mistress,” Mary yelled out.

“Now ask mistress to shove your plug up your naughty
white whore ass,” Sharon demanded.

“Please mistress,” Mary whispered.

“Shove my ass plug in my naughty white ass,” Mary
repeated. Her asshole clinched at the thought of Sharon
shoving it in. She was still holding her ass cheeks
apart in back as she glanced to see Sharon walk behind
her and then the cold end of the plug at the entrance
of her butt hole.

“Ohhhhh. Owlllllll. Oh please not that fast.
Owwllllll.” Mary screamed as the plug was quickly
rammed deep in her asshole. She felt her ass was being
split apart from the intrusion. Oh, oh, she cried out
in desperation. She had always inserted it slowly in
her asshole. Never had she felt this much pain as it
entered. She tried to reach back only to have her hands
roughly slapped and told to keep her butt spread. She
grasped for air trying to adjust her asshole to the
intruder now buried deep within.

“I guess you never had a real woman shoved it up your
asshole,” Sharon laughed behind her, as Mary squirmed
on the bed trying to keep her ass cheeks wide. Her cunt
was starting to wet the bed in lust despite the pain.
Sharon continued laughing. “From now on your white ass
is mine to do what I want and is to serve me. Is that
understood ho, she laughed, pushing the plug as deep as
she could up Mary’s asshole.”

“Yes, yes,” Mary screamed out, “anything you want
mistress. Not so hard mistress please.”

“Don’t worry sugar, your big white ass will get used to
it,” Sharon laughed and then stepping back she quickly
removed her dress and panties. She took a seat back in
the chair and grabbed the dildo from the table looking
over at Mary pitiful face.

“And now I am going to enjoy my new cock,” Sharon
smiled at her, “while you watch.”

Mary watched as Sharon moved her dildo down to her
pussy. Even though Sharon was slightly overweight, Mary
stared at her large breasts and hairy cunt with awe.
She was more beautiful than she had imagined in her
dreams. Her cunt was getting wetter and wetter as she
groveled in envy as Sharon was massaging her cunt with
her own dildo she had used plenty of times in the past.
She needed it right now bad.

“Poor little bitch wants to play with her mistress big
cock,” Sharon said, noticing Mary squirming on the bed.
“Too bad, this is now mine. Reach back and fuck
yourself with your new ass cock bitch.”

Mary reached back and grabbed the knob of the back plug
in her ass and started pushing deeper in her ass
enjoying the feel of it. She needed some kind of

“From now on bitch,” Sharon smiled at her, “I am going
to be full time night and day here and you are going to
be my new maid. You are going to take care of all my
needs. Lick my ass, cunt on command. Crawl around like
the bitch you are and grovel at my feet to be allowed
to play with yourself. I’m going to spank your ass
regularly and sit on that pretty white face of yours
whenever I want. That’s it fuck your whore ass faster.
After I come, I’m going to turn you over and sat on
your face while you worship my beautiful black ass. Beg
me to sit on you bitch.”

“Please mistress,” Mary yelled out, “sit on my face,
whip my ass, and make me your whore.” She was now
pushing the plug in and out her ass as fast as she
could. She glanced up to see Sharon rise from the chair
walking over to her while stroking her clit.

“Turn over bitch. Time for your meal of black ass.” She
told her.

Mary turned over on her back and watched as Sharon
crawled up on the bed and slowly lowered her bountiful
ass downward towards her face. She moaned in desire as
she the puckered asshole made it’s way downward towards
her mouth as she pushed up to reach it. She swirl her
tongue around the hole and then started working it
slowly in and out.

“That’s it bitch, clean my ass.” Sharon demanded. “Keep
you legs spread or I’ll slap those big tits of yours.”

Mary spread her legs as far as the butt plug in her ass
would allow her and started working her tongue deeper
and deeper in her new mistress asshole. It was a dream
come true as she royally worshiped the puckered ring.
The degrading remarks Sharon was making about only made
her more excited and determined to please her. Her
tongue had loosened the opening as loose as it would go
as she was now easing her tongue in and out with ease.
As Sharon started to rise off, she tried desperately to
keep it inside.

Sharon rose from the bed and walked to the center of
the room and placed her hand on a chair to balance
herself. She was glowing in her new found glory.

“Get your ass off my new bed and get on your belly on
the floor. Worship my feet bitch,” she yelled.

Mary quickly rose off the bed as the plug drove deep in
her ass making it very awkward and lay down on her
stomach on the floor at Sharon feet. She immediately
started kissing and lapping her foot.

“That’s it cunt. Pay your respect.” Sharon demanded.
“Keep those legs wide.”

Mary quickly obeyed spreading her legs wide wishing she
could touch her cunt which was dripping on the floor in
a pool. Her ass cheeks were clenching trying to get
off. She felt Sharon hand grabbed her hair from above
and moving her head around her feet pushing her mouth
flush against them.

“That it bitch. Lap my feet like the dog you are.
Wiggle that big cottontail of yours and show me you
like to be treated like a bitch by your black mistress.
You white cunt. Lap.” Sharon was telling her.

Mary started swinging her ass in back as her face was
pressed down hard on Sharon foot as she lapped it as
best she could. She was in a climax fever and the
carpet was providing some fiction on her cunt lips to
make it feel good.

“You cunt!” Sharon yelled noticing the woman was trying
to get off. “Get on all fours. I’m going to kick your
ass all the way down the stairs for that and beat it
with that big frying pan of yours. Hurry up bitch.”

Mary immediately got on all fours as Sharon walked
behind and planted her foot hard on her ass in back
sending the plug deep in her asshole making her yelp in

“Crawl bitch. Hurry up.” Sharon yelled.

Mary quickly crawled out the room with several more
quick kicks to her butt and started to make her way
down the stairs with much difficulty. She was glad
Sharon didn’t kick her going down or she might have
slid down them instead. When she got to the bottom;
however, the kicks started coming as she hurried as
fast as she could making her way to the kitchen.

“Take that plug out of your ass and put it in your
mouth.” Sharon walked over to the stove and opening the
bottom drawer and taking out the large black frying
pan. “Now bend over that chair over there she pointed.”

Mary shoved the dirty plug in her mouth and walked over
to the chair and bent over the seat of it with her ass
sticking up.

“Now I’m going to own your butt bitch and you better
not move off that chair till I tell you.” Sharon
remarked walking up behind Mary’s white ass.

“This is for ordering me around,” Sharon shouted,
bringing the pan hard on Mary big butt in back. Mary
feet leaped up in the air as her whole backside felt
like it was on fire. As the next blow landed her feet
shook wildly to the side of the chair. She dared not
drop the plug and yell in pain for fear of what would
come next as tears started rolling down her cheeks as
the blows fell one by one on her pitiful white ass. She
wanted to scream as loud as she could.

“Bitch, whore, white cunt;” Sharon was yelling about.
“Take that and this. When I get though with your ass
you want be about to sit for a week.

Just when she thought she would faint, Sharon quit, as
she squirmed in pain on the chair seat. Sharon let her
wiggle on it for awhile trying to get from feeling back
in her ass before kicking her foot down below.

“Get up bitch and make me a cup of coffee before I
decide to beat your butt again. And shove that cock of
yours back up that hole you got back there.” She

Mary slowly got up in pain as Sharon slapped her ass
before sitting down. She removed the plug from her
mouth moaning in agony and returned it to its new home
in her asshole with difficulty. She tried to rub her
ass cheeks only to have Sharon yelled at her to quit
rubbing her butt. She made her way over to the coffee
pot filling it up with grinds and water as she wiggled
her butt in pain.

She had lost all her excitement during the spanking but
was now starting to get wet again with the thought of
Sharon looking at her humiliation behind her. She tried
to turn around but Sharon demanded she pay attention to
her coffee brewing and her ass exposed to her view.
Mary knew she was playing with her cunt enjoying the
sight of a white woman humiliation; especially her
previous boss.

She poured the cup and walked back over placing it on
the table beside Sharon.

“Get on the floor and massage my feet with those white
tits of yours while I enjoy my coffee,” Sharon

Mary was totally humiliated as she got down and placed
her tits on each side of Sharon foot and started
rubbing her foot with them. She massaged the first for
a good five minutes before Sharon demanded she get to
the other foot and repeat.

“Be still bitch,” Sharon yelled after a moment and then
placing her feet beneath Mary tits grabbed each of her
nipples between her large and index toe and pinched
them hard. Mary yelled in pain.

“Next time I expect you to massage them with more
interest,” Sharon remarked. She squeezed them several
more times as Mary yelped in pain like a dog at her

“Crawl around the room and bark bitch,” Sharon
demanded. “Wiggle that tail of yours. I starting to get
excited just thinking of what I’m going to do with it
next. Move bitch.”

Mary started crawling giving her best dog barks and
swaying her ass in back around the kitchen floor. Her
cunt was dripping again in excitement as to what her
new mistress might do next. Maybe she let her lick her
ass again.

Sharon watched as the grown white woman crawl around
the kitchen floor barking like a door. She still wasn’t
satisfied with humiliating the bitch. The woman had
been a bitch of a boss ordering her around the last two
years and now it was payback time. Maybe, even set
herself up for life. She sipped more of her coffee
enjoying the show on the floor.

As Mary passed by her chair, she kicked her ass as good
measure. She reached down rubbing her clit imagining
the uses for the bitch and that brat of hers. She would
have to figure out how to get control of the brat
later. She spread her legs wide in delight.

“Come here bitch. Lap my cunt.” She demanded.

Mary quickly crawled over burying her face in Mistress
Sharon twat and started licking her clit. Sharon could
tell the woman was fully in her control now as she laid
back in her thoughts and enjoyed the tonguing of her
clit. She wanted to humiliate the woman more than ever
now as she quickly climax grabbing Mary hair and
roughly shoving it deep within her cunt. Damn bitch did
have a good tongue, she thought. Better than any man
she had been with. She roughly pushed Mary head back.

“Mistress, I need to cum,” Mary glanced up pleading at

“Tough shit bitch,” Sharon smiled. “Your cunt is mine
and you can only cum with my permission. Get your ass
of the floor and go clean the living room. It better be
clean by the time I finish this coffee.”

Sharon watched as Mary full disappointed finally was
able to get up on her feet and struggled to the cabinet
to get the dust rag and polish. She was walloping badly
as she made her way out the room as Sharon enjoyed the
redness of her face. She read the paper on the table
and finished her cup before noticing 20 minutes had
passed and decided to get up and go abuse her cunt

She walked in to find Mary sitting on the floor
relaxing with her hand down in her cunt.

“Bitch. Did I say you could play with your cunt?” She

“Mistress, I completed the job.” Mary replied quickly
seeing the fire in Sharon eyes.

Sharon roughly walked over and grabbed Mary ear pulling
her up to her feet and bent over in pain. She reached
down and rubbed her hand along the side of the dining
room table and then pushed it in front of Mary face.

“You call this clean bitch. Get your ass on the floor
and lick this table clean.” Sharon demanded. She pushed
Mary down by the ear and started slapping her ass hard
in back.

Ow! Ow!

Mary started licking the side of the dining room table
as Sharon kept swatting her ass in back.

“Next time I tell you to do something, it better be
done right. Swat.

Understand bitch.” Sharon yelled down. Swat.

“Yes mistress. Ow!” Mary yelped in pain continuing her
humiliating tonguing of the table legs. “Yes mistress.

Sharon had gotten her ass a nice shade of pink again
before finally stopping to rest. Mary was crying and
tonguing the table.

The phone ranged.

Sharon walked over picking up the receiver.

“Yes, who is this? This is Sharon.”

“I’ll tell your mother you will be coming over tonight.
Yes, she knows you don’t have enough money for the trip
you are planning for the weekend.. If you get you lily
white butt out and work maybe you would.” Sharon was

“Listen honey, I don’t care if you like my attitude or
not. You can tell her all you want when you get here.”
Sharon continued.

“So you are going to get my ass fired, uh? Go ahead and
try bitch.” She yelled.

Sharon slammed the phone back down on the cradle
pissed. She’ll take care of that bitch when she gets
here. She needed something to take out her frustration
on as she glanced at Mary still cleaning the bottom
legs of the table. She walked over and grabbed her hair
roughly turning her over on her back and then grabbing
her legs roughly pulled them over her head and holding
them with one hand.

“This is for not teaching your bitch daughter proper
manners,” she yelled.

Swat, swat, swat, swat!

“Ow! OW! OW!” Mary was yelling in pain as the blows
were coming down repeating on her poor sore white ass.

“When she gets over here tonight, I’m going to show
that bitch proper manners when addressing a black
lady,” Sharon yelled.

Swat, swat.

“Yes mistress,” Mary yelled. “Please no more. Beat her
ass. It’s her fault.

Mary was yelping in pain. “Anything you want mistress.”

Sharon released Mary legs as they dropped to the floor
and she cried I pain as her poor ass hit the carpet.

“Get your ass up to your daughter room and bring me all
her clothes. Put them in the garbage can outside. I
think I’m going to burn them so the little bitch

will have to walk naked if she goes anywhere. Did you
hear me bitch.” Sharon was yelling in a fit.

Mary leaped up and started running up the stairs
holding her big white ass cheek as she ran. Her ass
couldn’t take anymore of a beating and Sharon was
really pissed. Let the bitch take her own punishment,
Mary thought, as she hastened up. She’s been spoiled
all her life. Maybe it will teach her a lesson or two.
Her own cunt was getting wet; despite, knowing it was
totally wrong with her.

She quickly grabbed the bed cover and started opening
drawers and throwing all her daughter cloths on the
cover and wrapping them up. Hauling the bundle cover
up, she quickly made her way downstairs and out the
back door, pushing the bundle in the large trash can
outside. Her cunt was still dripping with the thought
of her daughter being made to lick Sharon beautiful
butt. She was getting more and more excited as she ran
back in the house to find her mistress.

Sharon was in the living area going through her purse.

“I’ll take these credit cards and checks in case you
change your mind bitch,” Sharon demanded. “Some now on
no one buys anything except what I tell them they can

“Yes mistress,” Mary replied. “Everything is yours.”

“Even that brat of yours cunt?” Sharon asked.

“Yes Mistress, make her your slave. Make her lick your
ass. Flush her face in the toilet.” Mary was saying to
her surprise.

Sharon laughed at the woman humiliation and
surrendering of her property and daughter. “Come on
bitch, I think you want your face need to be flushed

Later that evening.

Jane entered the house slamming the door as hard as she
could. Damn bitch, she thought. Wait till I get her big
ass fired. Tell me off will she.

She entered the living area and froze at the sight.

Sharon was sitting on the couch nude with her mother
Mary on her hands and knees on the floor licking her
thighs and legs.

“Bout time you got home cunt,” Sharon said as she saw
her standing there stunned and frozen.

“Mom how could you,” Jane yelled out.

“Hush cunt,” Sharon yelled at her. “Bitch tell this
cunt of a daughter the new rules of this house.”

Mary turned to face her daughter staring at her with a
stunned and worried expression.

“Jane dear,” she said, “Mistress Sharon now owns my ass
and everything in this house including the car, my
belongings, and all yours. I worship her ass for the
honor of serving her from now on so if you do not want
to join me you may leave and go your own way.”

“Fine,” Jane finally replied, “I’ll just get my things
and leave. You can be a whore if you want but I’m not.”

“By the way dear,” Mary continued, “your car now
belongs to her also along with all your stuff. So you
may leave but you can’t take anything. I even gave her
your band account.”

Jane was totally stunned and panic. She noticed Sharon
smiling at her as she stood there trying to decide her
next course of action. That bitch of a mother.

Finally Sharon spoke.

“Cunt you may stay here and still use your car to go to
work but you will serve me as my personal slave like
your bitch mother here. You will lick my ass upon
command, be spanked regularly, and beg to be used as
the whore you are. If not, get your white butt out of
my house. Bitch get your fuck face back down to my feet
and lick,” she yelled at Mary who quickly obeyed.

“This is insane,” Jane replied. “You can’t be real.”

“Oh yes dear,” Sharon smiled at her. “We even burned
all your clothes earlier for that voice you used on the
phone. All you have to wear is what you have on and no
money to buy anything. So make up your mind and I’ll
let you enjoy your car and provide you some security
with a weekly allowance or you can get your ass out on
the street.

“You can go to the police but your mother has agreed to
deny everything. She thinks your white ass should
belong to me. I don’t have all day, so decide now. My
cunt is getting wet at the thought of sitting on that
lily white face of yours.”

Jane was fried and knew it. If she stayed, maybe she
could somehow get out of this. With no money or vehicle
she couldn’t do much else. She had no friends anymore
because of the way she treated them. She wasn’t even a
virgin having been fucked by several guys and even had
by one girl. Sharon did have a beautiful body as she
looked on at her. She was even starting to get wet with
the thought. Later on, she could try to get the upper

“I would like to stay,” Jane finally said.

“I can’t hear you cunt.” Sharon yelled. Did you say
this whore wants to be a black mistress whore?”

“Yes mistress,” Jane replied, “I want to be a black
mistress whore.”

“Strip cunt and let me see your lily white body of
yours.” Sharon continued. I’m going to spank that white
ass of yours good in a minute to adjust your attitude

Jane slowly started removing her clothes. Her cunt was
getting wetter and wetter. Maybe she was a whore like
her mother after all. Her mother lapping on Sharon feet
was making her more and more excited as she finally
lowered her panties which were the last item.

“Turn around cunt and bend over.” Sharon commanded.

Jane turned around and bent with her white ass pointed
towards Sharon.

“Spread your ass and show me what an asshole you really
are,” Sharon continued.

Jane reached back and spread her white mounds. She
couldn’t help buy wonder why she was getting so
excited. Sharon made her maintain the position for a
good 10 minutes.

“Bring your lily white ass over here cunt. I’m going to
teach you some manners this cunt down here didn’t have
balls to do. Come here whore.” Sharon remarked loudly.

Jane knew she was in for a good ass whipping but was
getting more and more wet at the thought. She hurried
over as Sharon grabbed her arm and swung her roughly
over her lap.

“Now we are going to play beat the whore ass while she
oinks like the little white piggie she is. Doesn’t that
sound exciting cunt.” Sharon said.

“Yes mistress,” Mary cried out. “Beat the little piggie

“You hear your mother,” Sharon laughed. “If you don’t
oink to my pleasure, I guess this big white ass of
yours so much that you want be able to sit on the

Slap, slap.

Oink, Oink, Oink.

Damn that hurt. Jane wanted to yell out as she squirmed
but knew she must oink for Sharon to stop.

Slap, Oink, slap, slap, Oink, Oink.

Jane was squirming madly now on Sharon lap as her ass
was beginning to get totally red in pain. She was now
oinking well before the slaps and starting to panic as
she felt like she had reached her limit. She was now
trying to get off Sharon lap but was unable due to the
hold Sharon had on her waist. She was now oinking in

“Has my little white piggie learned her lesson on whose
boss?” Sharon stopped to ask her.

“Yes, yes mistress,” Jane yelled frantically.

“Show me what a piggie you are. Wiggle your white ass
for me.” Sharon laughed.

Jane immediately started wiggling her butt on Mistress
Sharon lap. She knew she couldn’t go through another
ordeal like that.

“Cunt,” Sharon yelled at Mary. “Go to the kitchen and
bring me a carrot. I think its time to feed this little
piggie. See how her little puckered asshole is winking
at me to shove something in it. Hurry up.”

Time to give porky her pig tail.

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A black maid discovers her female employer magizines and toys in her bedroom