A College girl trades sex for money to buy the necessary books for her next semester at school

A College girl trades sex for money to buy the necessary books for her next semester at school

I believe in variety, lost of variety. That’s why I
frequent whores, and places where whores hang out. I
guess you could call me a coinsure of prostitutes. I’ve
probably been with more than 100 different women who
sell their bodies to both men and women.

Anyway, I ran across a real sweet amateur last Saturday
night. On my way home about 10:00 PM I stopped at the
corner of El Cajon Blvd. and College Drive. I was the
first car in the left turn lane and had my driver’s side
window down and saw a real cute girl crossing the
street. She was dressed in a short skirt and was rather
sexy, but not the provocative manner that most
streetwalkers have. I made eye contact with her and as
she got close to me she asked me if I wanted a ‘date.’

Now, I wasn’t out looking for any action; but when
something as nice as this makes an offer I feel that I
should at least explore the possibilities. It isn’t all
that often that this thirty-eight year old gets a crack
at a nice young thing. I told her to get in and we would
talk about it. She got in, I made a ‘U’ turn went down
the street a couple of blocks and parked. She said that
she was real nervous as this was her first time and she
was not a normal streetwalker.

All she was trying to do was make enough money to pay
for her books for the Spring Quarter at San Diego State
University. I told her that I didn’t particularly care
for ‘car dates’ but if we could arrive at a reasonable
fee we could go back to my condo. She said that she had
heard that $40 for a BJ and $60 for a fuck in a car was
normal but didn’t know what to charge for a ‘house’
date. I told her that I’d give her $250 if she’s stay
until 8:00 in the morning. She enthusiastically accepted
and off we went.

It wasn’t till we went into my condo that I really got a
good look at her. She said that her name was Kristen and
that she was nineteen and was working on a degree in
business management. Kristen is a cute blonde with blue
eyes. Now, I didn’t get out the tape measure and scales
so I’m not going to try to give you statistics. Just say
that she was probably about 5’8″ tall, had a nice figure
with maybe ‘C’ cup breasts and her weight was
proportional. She didn’t appear to be one of the skinny
types (I actually prefer a little roundness on my women)
and had what appeared to be a real nice ass.

I asked her if she’d like a glass of wine and she
accepted. After getting us both a glass I went into the
bedroom to get the money. When I came out I put the $250
on the end table next to where she was setting. I’d
fanned the two $100 bills and the one $50 so that she
could see that it was all there without having to pick
it up. I reached for her hand and pulled her to her feet
and kissed her on the lips. She responded by relaxing
and kissed me back.

I led her into the bedroom and kissed her again (this
time with some tongue) and started to unbutton her
blouse. She told me that she was still a little nervous
and asked if I would mind if she could undress in the
bathroom. I told her that would be fine and I gave her a
short robe that I keep for female visitors.

It took her close to fifteen minutes to come out. During
that time I heard the water run a couple of times. When
she finally made her appearance she looked a lot less
nervous and was a beautiful vision.

In the meantime I had gotten down to my boxers, had
turned the covers down and adjusted the lights to a low
level. Again I kissed her and let my hands roam to her
rear, under the robe. We were such that I had her back
to the mirror and watched myself cup her cheeks. I moved
her over to the bed and we sat down.

After some more kissing I untied the robe and slipped it
from her shoulders, exposing her breasts. They were nice
sized with rather small aureole and rigid nipples. We
kissed and talked for a few minutes and then I moved her
fully onto the bed and laid her down. By then it was
only around 11:00 PM. That meant that I still had this
lovely girl for another nine hours.

I started kissing down her body and she took the hint
and did the same to me. I took her thong panties off and
noticed that she was a natural blonde and was well
trimmed. She helped me take my boxers off and asked me
if I would like a blow job. When I had told her yes, she
said that she wasn’t really all that experienced giving
them but that she would really enjoy trying. I told her
that we had plenty of time and that I didn’t want to cum
yet and that I would guide her.

After about half an hour of tutelage she was doing a
quite respectable job, being able to get about half of
my dick into her mouth, and I told her to take a rest. I
started kissing her body and worked my way to her pussy.
When she noticed what I was starting to do she told me
that she had never had a man do oral sex with her
before. The only experiences that she had ever had were
in a car with a boyfriend and this was actually the
first time she had been in a bed with a man.

I proceeded to tease her pussy with my tongue. One thing
that I like to do is suck the lips into my mouth and
tongue them. This really got her going. It was hard for
me to keep her still enough to keep from losing contact.
I went on to do a little deep fucking with my tongue and
then I started playing with her clit.

By this time I had held her at the peak for about
fifteen minutes and I pressed on and she came. This girl
turned out to be a moaner. Kristen told me that she had
never had an orgasm before with another person and
thanked me so many times, I almost blushed.

We cuddled a little while until I asked her if she was
ready for intercourse. She said that she was, so I got
the condoms out of the night stand. We rolled it on and
decided to start in the missionary position and work
from there. I got into her with no trouble and found
that although she was quite tight she was well

It took a little bit of direction before she was moving
with me the way I like it; but once she got into the
rhythm it was great. I got her legs up over my shoulders
and did some deep fucking for awhile before I asked her
if she was ready to get on top and do some of the work.

After we had rolled over and she was on top it took some
more direction from me before she was really comfortable
with what she was doing. I’ll say this for Kristen, ‘She
sure is a fast and willing learner.’ In about five
minutes she found out that she could move in ways that
created a lot of sensation to her clitoris. She asked if
I would mind if she were to do some exploration and

When I told her to go ahead she bent down, kissed me and
told me that I wouldn’t regret it. Well, it took another
ten minutes or so and she had another orgasm. After the
main one she kept rubbing her clit on my dick and had a
number of smaller ones. After this she collapsed on my
chest and told me that she was drained. I told her that
we had all night and that I was getting a little sore
and tired anyway, so we just lay there and rested. I
went soft and came out of her. She said that it was a
‘weird’ feeling.

She was starting to get heavy so I rolled her off so
that we lay on our sides facing each other. We kissed
and talked a bit and dozed off to a light sleep. When I
awoke about two 2:30 I had a raging hard-on and she was
positioned with her back to me. I contemplated whether
to go take a piss or use the hard-on for more enjoyable
pursuits. The more enjoyable pursuit won out.

After slipping on another condom and putting some lube
on it I moved around so that I had a real good position
to slip into her pussy from the rear and put myself just
at the entrance. It took just a slight push to gain
entrance. From there I pushed the rest of the way in, in
one slow movement.

By this time Kristen was starting to wake up and move
with me. She said that this was another position that
was new to her. I reached around with my right hand and
commenced playing with her clit and with the left, which
was under her, I played with her tits. By this time
Kristen was feeling comfortable with me and started
telling me what felt best and encouraging me when she
wanted something in particular.

I told her that I wanted to cum this time and that I
wanted to move her onto her hands and knees and get
behind her so that I could do some real deep and
powerful fucking. It took a bit of maneuvering but we
were able to get into position without me coming out of
her pussy. I started some real powerful fucking and it
wasn’t too long before I came.

I got out of bed and went to heed the call of nature and
splash some cold water on my face. When I came back
Kristen said that she would go ‘freshen up’ also. When
she came back she grabbed a condom and said that one of
her girlfriends had talked about putting a condom on her
boyfriend with her mouth. She asked me if she could
practice doing that with me. I told her to go ahead and
to take it slow so that she could learn what needed to
be done.

Well, she got it on after a couple of false starts and
having to come up for air a couple times. When it was on
I told her that since I was ready we would have to use
it. She asked if she could get on top again this time. I
consented (I just love to watch those beautiful tits
sway as she fucks away) and she lowered herself onto me.
I slid in real easy and gave her a rather quizzical
look. She said that she had grabbed the lube before
going to the bathroom and had gotten herself ready in
there. She was real great, having learned the first time
how to manage being on top.

It took her about fifteen minutes before she stated to
build to an orgasm. This one was a powerful one also and
Kristen kept riding me through the main one and a couple
of smaller ones. When she was through she asked if I was
going to cum. I told her that I had just cum shortly
before and that I wouldn’t be ready for awhile yet. She
got off of me, went and got a wash cloth and cleaned
both of us and laid down and cuddled up next to me.

The next thing I recall was waking up to light in the
bedroom. When I checked the clock it was 9:30. Kristen
was still sleeping and I decided to let her be, for the
time being. I got up and went and fixed some coffee and
toast and sat in the living room to read the paper.

It was about a half hour later that Kristen came out of
the bedroom in only her thong panties. I told her that
it was 10:00 AM and that I would take her back to where
she lived if she wanted. She said that if it was OK with
me she’d just ‘hang out’ here for awhile and have some
toast and coffee. I went out to the kitchen with her and
she noticed that I was ‘tenting’ my boxers and said that
she would take care of that when she was finished with

Kristen made herself some toast and got a glass of
orange juice and came into the living room. After
finishing her breakfast she told me that she was ready
to take care of me. She came over to me and opened my
boxers and took my dick out. She took me in her mouth
and when she came back up I noticed that my dick had a
rubber on it. Seeing that it was standing straight up
she decided to get in my lap, facing me.

I pulled her panties aside as she lowered herself onto
me. I slid into her nice juicy pussy, put my hands
behind her and drew her body forward so that I could get
at her tits with my mouth. She kept slamming that cunt
at me and I kept rising to meet it. We kept at it for
some time and I noticed that she was starting to breath
heavily and speed up. I took this to mean that she was
about to orgasm and decided to cum then also. It only
took another minute or so and she was moaning and I was
grunting as we both came.

Again, Kristen went and got a wash rag and cleaned me up
and then went and cleaned herself. She came back and
curled up beside me and started to doze off. I finished
reading the paper and then she decided that she should
be going and asked me if I would take her to her dorm.
She asked if she could take a shower before she left.
While she was in the shower I got another $50 bill and
put it on top of her clothes, which she had laid out on
the bed.

When she came out and saw the extra money I told her
that she was worth every cent of it. This was enough
money to pay for her books and to give her a little
extra. Kristen asked if it would be all right if she
would call me and come over some weekends to ‘hang out’
with me. She said that I wouldn’t have to give her any
money, she just felt comfortable and she liked me. I
told her that it would be my pleasure if she would come

After she got dressed I took her to the dorm. As she got
out of the car she gave me a nice long kiss, with lots
of tongue, then walked up to her dorm.

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A College girl trades sex for money to buy the necessary books for her next semester at school