A Cuckold by Birth Part 2

A Cuckold by Birth Part 2

Nishma didn’t mention my uncle in the next two weeks. However, it was constantly weighing on my mind. May be a little bit more introduction of him is in order. As I had mentioned earlier, he was husband of my father’s cousin sister who was pretty close to our family at some point in time. She married a lower-caste man and hence my parent’s were not keen on keeping them in their inner circle. My aunt was pretty at one point and had was quite close to my parents. They visited us few times a year but after my Aunt’s sort of debilitating disease, which I never could understand, the frequency waned away. In the past few years, we drifted apart although my mother tried to keep in touch with them.

My uncle was not well educated and didn’t fit well in our family order. While he was brusque and insensitive at times, more often than not he spoke his mind. He had a more traditional thinking and thought of the society as well structured unit divided into various compartments. He found it difficult to resist criticizing something that was jarring to his eye. While growing up, he disciplined me more than my parents. My aunt was affectionate but didn’t disapprove of his methods. My parents were too busy managing their social status, so I didn’t mind it. While he had the right intention his ways were rather coercive and that became a problem once I grew up.

His persistent lechering nature flared up an ugly head in our relationship. Everyone in my family was fair and all the ladies were good looking, if not beautiful. My uncle on the other hand was quite dark and while he didn’t look bad there was nothing worth mentioning about his looks. Due to his low educational status and poor background, the men from our families didn’t like him much and were reluctant to form a bond with him. He would spend most of his time running errands and making things happen during festive occasions, which brought him in close connection with the women of our family. It took several years for the men to feel threatened but eventually everyone did.

The men didn’t mind their middle aged wives occasionally flirting back with him but they strongly objected when he carried his behavior with their daughter-in-law’s who were young and in their prime. Most girls of that age don’t really entertain such a man but one of my cousin brother’s wife didn’t mind. It is unclear what happened but my Uncle’s relationship with our family went sour soon after that. My cousin’s brother’s family relocated to distant place so there wasn’t much of real fear anymore but my uncle was made an outcast, in a subtle manner.

He still worked in a local bank but had been considering retiring after his two daughters got married and moved to different locations in India.

After that temple episode and our discussions far away from home, it was clear that my deepest fantasies could be realized with Nishma sooner or later. Even my lame description of my uncle didn’t deter her from entertaining thoughts of having an affair with him. There was no revulsion of having to make out with a complete stranger in her mind. Although, I tried convincing myself that it wasn’t this uncle in my fantasies, I knew that I was only trying to fool myself.

My uncle was about an inch or so taller than me and his pairing with Nishma may not have looked all that comical. He was much dark and over the years his complexion only worsened. Physically he was overweight and showed a nice belly but nothing that seemed out of the ordinary for his age. He still had lot of hair but it was all graying. My hairline had started to recede already.

At home, my parents were puzzled when I mentioned about visiting this uncle on some pretext.

I called up my uncle and had an awkward conversation with him. He congratulated me and joked that he should not hide his bride from me and definitely invite him to the wedding. The engagement ceremony was a private affair so he wasn’t invited and neither had he seen her picture. I mentioned to him that I may visit him over the weekend if time permits. He jokingly retorted who wants to meet you, send your fiancé instead. Such was his nature.

I resisted the whole week and finally called Nishma on Thursday to let her know about the plans for the weekend. She was thrilled and probed me further to learn about his situation, his likes, dislikes. She met me that afternoon to understand everything in detail in order to prepare for her meeting with him. My heart was beating wildly as she learned practically everything I knew about him. She even asked me to bring some of his earlier photographs. And to my surprise she wasn’t disappointed by what she saw. As we parted for that evening, Nishma brought back the topic of the main reason of our visit. All along she played little heed to it and perhaps behaved as if it was a forgone conclusion.

On our way back, she started the discussion, ensuring that we were in relatively private setting.

“Adwait you are sure about introducing me to him, right?”

“No – we are just swinging by,” I clarified.

“Yes but no one introduces their fiancée to a philandering uncle in such a private setting.”

“Would you rather not go?” I asked.

“It’s not about me – you do understand how your uncle may interpret it, right?”

“Why do you think he may misread it?”

“Come on Adwait,” she retorted frustrated with my clueless behavior.

“You introduce him as a domineering, persistent lecher and tell me that he won’t get your subtle message?”

“Even if he didn’t get it – you still hope that you set our relationship with him in right frame of context, don’t you?”

“Can you please speak clearly?”

“Relax,” she said, noticing my agitated state.

“Take a few deep breaths,” she urged and, “listen to me carefully.”

“Don’t masturbate the next two days,” she said abruptly. We did discuss about this aspect and she knew that I masturbated, which is tacitly understood in most cases anyway. The frequency was every other day and sometimes daily. Usually, it happened in the night before I went to bed.

“Listen to me; don’t do it tonight and tomorrow,” she urged.

“Let’s talk on the way to his place on Saturday,” she said and walked to her bus stop.

Nishma was keen on pushing the envelope as well but she wanted it to be our decision instead of hers or mine. It was apparent that she wanted to make up my mind and felt that it would be easier for me to do if I kept myself on the edge. No doubt it worked. My uncle showed up as the ruthless conqueror in my dream who subjugated all the neighboring kingdoms and not only did he do so in my case but also visited my queen’s bedchamber and mated with her as part of a reconciliation ritual. I resisted the urge to masturbate even though I thought I was on the edge already. It was a repeat the next night as well albeit this time I replayed it in my mind consciously again and again.

Nishma and I were to leave early the next morning. Uncle’s house was about 100km and in those days it meant roughly couple of hours or so. We had our own car – as we said we came from fairly affluent background and could afford one even in the license raj. I reached Nishma’s home about 6:00 am or so. The young maid was expecting me and she silently lead me to Nishma’s room on the second floor. She lived in a fairly big house that had had more than five bedrooms. Her bedroom was on the opposite corner from their parents; all other rooms very empty and used sparingly.

I froze instantly when I noticed a giant dog (English mastiff) blocking my way into her bedroom. The maid quietly lead him inside Nishma’s bedroom and urged me to join her.

“He is a nice boy,” she consoled.

NIshma was up. She was packing her bag with clothes, even though we planned for a day trip.

“Come Adwait,” she invited.

“Move him to the inside room,” she ordered the maid. He barked as I entered the room; his loud bark resonated through the house.

“Close the door,” she commanded the maid as the maid guided the dog into inside room.

“You didn’t tell me that you had a dog.”

“Why is he barking?” the servant girl remarked.

“He is quite gentle,” said the servant girl, “doesn’t bark much but don’t know why he is behaving this way now.”

Nishma asked her to leave and get our food ready.

“It is a friends – I went to visit yesterday but he didn’t want to let go of me.”


She smiled and said, “for the same reason he is barking right now.”

“I don’t understand.”

“He is being protective.”

With my puzzled look she felt obliged to explain. She looked inside the other room through the window. He had quieted and was sitting on the floor, his heavy tongue hanging down by the side of his mouth. He soon sniffed his penis and licked his genitals.

“He is a strapping boy – just two years old or so,” she whispered. I noticed that his penis was showing through the sheath.

“Do you see it?” she asked eagerly.

“He senses a lady in heat – and so has been guarding her since last evening.”

“He thinks you are a competitor so wants to drive you away.”

“You know,” she said excitedly, “invariantly during my critical phase he ends up in my room.”

“This is the third time now,” she added.

“You want to see how hard he tries?” she asked teasingly.

Nishma stepped into the room without giving me a chance. She quietly walked in and closed the door behind her. He didn’t get up and waited for her to approach. She knelt down and hugged him. He licked her face playfully, which she tried to evade unsuccessfully. She held his snout and kissed on his nose. Soon after he got hyper and tried to mount her. He practically knocked her down with his sudden movement and his weight. To my utter disbelief, instead of laying down completely, Nishma steadied herself by spreading her knees. The dog didn’t need much invitation as he frantically started humping her. The giant dog pinned her down and held tightly by her waist as he desperately tried to find the right spot.

Nishma giggled uncontrollably as the hapless dog tried to mate with her. Only when he couldn’t make any progress did he dismount but immediately pushed his nose into her pelvis. Fortunately she was wearing a tight fitting jeans that hopefully made smelling her pussy difficult. Nishma finally pushed him away and stepped out of the room.

“He is such an ardent one,” she added, admiring his massive build.

“Now hurry,” she said, grabbing her bag.

“Your uncle deserves my attention much more than him.”

Our plan was to do some sight seeing and then visit them late in the afternoon and head back in the evening to reach home before dinner time. We talked about sundry things and by the time with hit the main highway things were quiet and smooth. My amusement with dog was not quite done though, so I asked, “you really think he could mate with a woman.”

She laughed uncontrollably and said, “yes of course.”

“The pheromones that a female in heat emits are very similar so yes it possible for a male species of any kind to mate with a woman as long it is physically possible.”

“You haven’t?” I asked hesitantly.

“No, no,” she blurted trying to contain her laughter again. I just play with him and allow him some liberties but nothing that serious.

As I weighed her words, I realized that Nishma was in her fertile week, which meant she would be receptive to my uncle’s advances. Nishma seemed to have read my mind.

“Do you think your uncle would be as perceptive?” she asked.

“Don’t think so,” I replied casually.

“I bet that he would sense it,” she retorted.

“Did you think about how we should approach our relationship with him?” she asked.

“Wait you did not, right?” she asked hinting towards my bulge. I shook my head. She asked, “you did what I said, right?”


“Now when I say that – our relationship with him,” she clarified, “I am referring to not the public sphere but private sphere of our relationship.”

“Can you elaborate?”

“There are certain boundaries our societal norms have laid down for us,” she elaborated, “and most of us obey those at least in our public life.”

“We may choose to do whatever pleases us in our private life as long as it doesn’t impinge on our public life.”

“So, when you think about the three of us – what boundaries you have in mind.”

“I still don’t get it,” I replied, getting increasingly uncomfortable due to stiff penis that was refusing to stay within the confines of my pants and her verbal foreplay. She sensed my discomfort as I shifted my weight and try to align my penis correctly.

“Good,” she said realizing the source of my discomfort.

“You need to think both with your head and that for such things,” she said pointing to my stiff erection.

“Let me ask you something before we discuss the boundaries of our relationship,” she said collecting her thoughts.

“Did you have any strange dreams in the past few days?”

“Uh…” I shuddered the moment she asked it. Instinctively she understood that she got immediately to the crux of the matter.

“Go on,” she urged, “don’t make me plead.”

“I had the dream of a king who had to surrender to his conqueror and as part of the reconciliation agreement the conqueror gets to visit the royal queen’s bedchamber.”

“Plausible,” she quipped.

“It wasn’t just any night – meticulously planned and orchestrated ceremony when the queen would be most receptive.”

“Not bad at all,” she said, slapping my thigh.

“All of such things must have definitely happened in the past,” she conjectured.

“If I could hazard a guess, you were the vanquished king, and Uncle was the conqueror that leaves me to don the duties of the queen.”

She laughed but contained it realizing my resentment.

“You know,” she continued, “in olden times the king had right to take the virginity of a newly married woman.”

“It was called ‘right of the first night’,” she added.

“It ‘s all fine in our fantasies,” she said looking at me, “in those I can be whoever you want me to be.”

“In real life, there are consequences and hence we need boundaries,” she said returning us back to our original discussion.

“If I may put words in your mouth,” she continued, “you don’t really intend to embrace public boundaries in our private dealing with him.”

“Am I correct,” she asked. I nodded.

“Now, that may mean many things but would it be fair to say that you wouldn’t object if I developed a strong bond with him. Something akin to what he had with some of the women from your social circle.”

“More or less,” I said agreeing.

“Now these women were perhaps never alone with him, so one wouldn’t know for sure.”

“But I would presume you would imagine us – Uncle and me – reducing the physical distance in private after having bridged the emotional distance.”

Nishma knew how to play with words and toy with my emotions.

She rephrased it again to make it clearer, “If he were to eventually sleep with your wife on rare occasions – it would be acceptable to you, right?”

I didn’t know how to respond. She felt for my heart beat and took my excitement as an answer.

“You don’t want it to end – do you?” she asked. Once again my silence answered her question.

“And you certainly wish him to enjoy your wife’s youthful body sooner rather than later.”

She waited for my answer but didn’t really expect me to. It was rhetorical question.

“Now that we know our eventual goal – let’s talk about how you want to see this evolve.”

“If you really want this to evolve then we need to drop the hints right away.”

“Very first thing,” she started, “when we three are together you would allow or rather encourage him to pursue me in a subtle manner.”

“How am I supposed to do that?”

“Figure it out,” she retorted.

“How are we going to do all that – we will be out in an hour from their home.”

Our discussion moved away from this topic and we focused more on our day’s itinerary. Unlike myself Nishma could turn on and off her urges with relative ease. Although Nishma didn’t really say it in explicit terms, perhaps preserving the decorum of our relationship, I knew that if my disgusting uncle made a move on her and decided to mount her even in this trip, I would have allowed it. Perhaps deep down even Nishma knew this; her concern was more about secrecy.

We discussed more details about Uncle and Aunt. There were a few other aspects that I had left untouched. My Uncle was couple of years younger to my Aunt; in those days the wives would be at least five years younger to the husband and the normal usually was around 6-8 years age difference. It was a second marriage for my Aunt as the first one ended in a divorce, which had affected her relationship with our family. Although she was married for 5 years before she got divorced, she didn’t have a child and was perhaps the reason why her marriage ended in a divorce. However, my over zealous Uncle impregnated my Aunt soon after marriage and dispelled the myth of my Aunt’s infertility. In fact, he was so virile that within a matter of 2 ½ years, my Aunt gave birth to two daughters. If that weren’t enough, he impregnated her three more times but unfortunately, all the times my Aunt miscarried. The last one happened perhaps a decade ago and maybe the complications from this was the reason behind my Aunt’s illness. I noticed Nishma’s nervousness or anxiety as she shifted her weight in the seat incessantly as we talked about these aspects. Certainly, in my mind it was clear that his virility, his lecherous tendencies and his ability to seduce younger and gorgeous women allowed me to grant the ultimate status of the conqueror in my fantasies.

When it was time to head to my uncle’s home, she made me stop at a desolated spot so she could change into more comfortable but traditional attire. She was wearing jeans with a button down shirt on top. She changed to a tight fitting nice sleeveless Salwar Khameez. It was the modern styled Khameez that didn’t run all the way down and split on the side at the waist level or slightly above it. She avoided wearing perfume perhaps in an attempt to let him smell her willingness, I imagined. I noticed once again how big her breasts looked in that tight fitting garment.

“Do you think he would be pleased?” she asked teasingly. She took hold of my bulge as she pushed me against the car. As I tried to kiss her, she firmly said, “Don’t.”

“I don’t want your scent on me, right now,” she added. There was few moments of silence as she intently watched me while caressing my bulge. We were only 15-20 minutes away from his place. She didn’t say anything but continued massaging my penis. She stroked my penis with a clear intention of making me cum but my thick trousers didn’t give her enough leverage. After a long pause she sat back in the car.

“What was it about?” I asked, heading back to his place. She didn’t respond and chose to ignore my question.

Even though I was in a state of confusion, I knew that this was perhaps the moment where I could have called it off completely. Nishma’s categorical rejection to my kiss should have made it apparent that she was heading to his place with a mission. And my agreement to her behavior conveyed in no uncertain terms that I was willing to live with the consequences.

We finally arrived at their house. My uncle’s house was surrounded by a very big yard that was filled with lot of mango trees. The house was amidst these trees that not only provided with ample income but also complete seclusion.

“Here is the deal,” she said as we approached the house.

“If I like him then we look for an excuse to stay over,” she said breathlessly.

My uncle was enjoying the evening sitting on the veranda.

“Look who is here,” he yelled, looking at me. We were about 30-50 feet away. Nishma ignored me the moment Uncle laid his eyes on her. He looked at me only for a moment before taking in her sweltering beauty. She got out and gave him her charming smile and blushed as it struck her how mesmerized he was with her beauty.

“And who is the gorgeous lady,” he remarked having approached her. I wondered how he managed to descend those stairs without turning his gaze from her. Nishma stood tall proudly and quickly arranged her clothes to make herself presentable.

“How tall and gorgeous she is?” he remarked inspecting her overall body in rather obscene manner. Nishma, I thought, was used to such glances but for a change I noticed her face redden. She blushed and evaded his eyes for few moments as the lady in her recognized his lustful gaze.

“What made you fall for him?” he asked. It only embarrassed her even further but she mustered courage and responded, “You Uncle.”

Uncle was taken aback; perhaps he didn’t really expect a woman to answer such a question, at least not the way she answered. Nishma confidently admired their ancestral home after having unsettled him. He stood by side ignoring me standing on the other side of the car behind them.

“Come,” he said, trying to lead her and that bastard lay his hand on her instantly. Nishma looked at him and although she was a little nervous, she tried to conceal it with her pretty smile. To understand the gravity of this act – it is important to understand that men were generally not allowed to touch a woman and especially not the way he was leading her. Even though it was common in the movies, in real life it was still uncommon for even husband and wife to walk that way. A complete strange leading a woman that way meant that they were rather well acquainted.

“Why don’t you pick your stuff?” he suggested to me, while I lead her to your Aunt’s room. Almost instantly my uncle showed to Nishma that he was a jerk – not only was he leading my fiancée away but he was commanding me to take care of errands. Nishma ignored me completely and paid attention to him while ascending the stairs.

“How so,” I heard him ask.

“Oh no nothing,” she demurely replied.

“Come on,” he urged, stopping at the top of stairs. Nishma hesitated for a brief moment and my ever sharp uncle knew that my presence would make it difficult for her to speak up. Tactfully, he took a side step to take cover of the huge pillar that supported the roof. Pulling her even closer he encouraged her to whisper it to him.

While I couldn’t see them, Nishma filled in the details and what went through her mind right then. At first, she was enamored by his direct approach. For a man to disregard the presence of a woman’s husband whilst conveying his strong desire to mate with her unequivocally is no ordinary feat. And then physically encroaching her private space that apparently even I wasn’t supposed to until after I got married to her – right in front of her husband’s eyes – only reinforced her initial impression. If that weren’t enough, he pulled her into his arms as he tried to pry out the reason behind her witty retort. Nishma explained how his body’s pungent odor filled her nostrils and his stale breath smelled of tea. As disgusting as it sounded to her, she admitted that the effect on her was quite the opposite.

“It’s nothing Uncle,” she said evading him and trying to distance herself from him in vain. Uncle’s hand now had a firm grip on her waist and he had even pulled her towards him, so that she was facing him but not quite. As his hands dug in, they made contact with her naked skin, the short Kurta riding up offered a small patch of skin for grabs.

“Hurry now,” he urged her as I was about to grab our backpacks from the trunk and walk in.

“It’s just that,” she hesitantly spoke and then leaning forward whispered into his ear, “he said something about your ability to take care of women.”

His chest swelled with pride as her sensuous lips delivered sweet notes to his ears. Uncle laughed wholeheartedly. His bouncing belly against her waist reminded how perilously close she was to him. She looked at his face intently. He was dark skinned. The hard-work over the years and exposure to sunlight only made it much darker. His round face sported a thick, graying mustache and stubble that liberally covered the coarse skin of his face.. His thick graying eyebrows highlighted his complexion and smallish eyes. His hairline receded only a little but the grayish color of his hair gave away his age. His nose was ordinary and he had thick lips that very completely black.

Nishma was in a trance. She anticipated a rather covert approach and even then she felt not much may happen unless she subtly conveyed her desire to him. Nishma was tall and even though I thought my Uncle was taller than me that wasn’t the case; he was perhaps an inch or so shorter than me. This gave Nishma a vantage point as she looked at him from higher angle and could easily inspect him without his knowing. She found herself rounding her shoulders and stooping closer to him to hear what he was about to say. Only this time, instead of offering her ear, she just bridged the distance between their faces.

Uncle, looked up and blurted, “which I very much do.” His stale breath hit her once again but it wasn’t bad.

“But let’s talk about it in private,” he added, looking into her eyes. Here eyes that were locked with his lowered in acceptance.

“He won’t be able to take it,” he said.

“Sure he won’t,” she responded, locking her eyes with him and then sensuously suggesting that they separate themselves as she hinted towards my approach.

They stepped into the house not giving me a chance to catch up with them. Nishma later on shared that even though she had hinted, he didn’t let go of her until he lead her to Aunt’s bedroom. By the time, I reached, Nishma was sitting by Aunt’s bedside. We exchanged our pleasantries. Aunt was pretty impressed with my choice and showered praise on both of us. Even Uncle was beaming with pride for a change in a more fatherly manner.

Very soon the topic of length of our stay came up and as I tried to convince my Aunt, Nishma politely acceded to her request. It was a subtle hint to me that she approved of my Uncle and considered him worthy of her attention. My loins stirred as she stole a glance while talking to my Aunt. Uncle was missing for a little while and even I moved our bags to the bedroom where guests usually stayed.

The house was designed as an “U” shape. The entrance of the house was at the base of the “U.” The kitchen was on the far end of right side and Aunt’s bedroom was right next to it. Uncle slept in the bedroom next to hers bordering the living room. The other side of “U” was mostly used for guests. In the belly of the “U” was the big yard that most houses had for socializing with members of a joint family. The entire house rested on elevated base perhaps about 5-6 feet above the ground level. The steps behind lead to the backyard that was meant for private use. It was quite big; one could easily play hide and seek if they wished to. The bathroom was in the far left corner of this yard.

Aunt and Nishma spoke for what seem like 15-20 minutes when both Uncle and myself showed ourselves back. Nishma seemed a little unnerved as her flushed face and her irregular breathing confirmed. Aunt justified that it was just she was sad hearing about her illness.

“Let me make some tea,” quipped Uncle and stepped out of the room. Ever since Aunt had taken ill, Uncle took care of daily errands for both of them. The two daughters would occasionally visit and provide temporary relief but Uncle and Aunt believed in being self-sufficient. It was not easy to maintain such a big house; a maid visited twice a day to make food for them but the house largely was maintained by him.

“Why don’t you two freshen up?” suggested Aunt.

“Aunty let me make the tea instead,” she responded. Aunt smiled. I made way back to the bedroom to grab a towel so that I could freshen up. The bedroom was at the far left end of the “U” right opposite to the kitchen, across the yard. As I stepped out into the yard and peered into the kitchen, I could make out two figures standing near the kitchen platform. The voyeur in me descended the stairs into the back yard but instead of heading to the toilet, I moved towards the kitchen and climbed the steep platform to peep in through the kitchen window. It was quite dark and it was quite private so there was little fear of getting caught; besides I didn’t want to miss the best moments. Unfortunately, the kitchen itself was dimly illuminated with very little light coming from the two windows and the door that seemed to have been pulled together. It was open when I last saw, so my Uncle must have taken the initiative, I thought.

While I witnessed some of the scene, I couldn’t tell what they were talking about due to the noise of the burning stove. What I am about to narrate is what Nishma shared with me. She didn’t reveal all the details immediately but over a period of several years she elaborated on all the finer aspects of what transpired between the two and how they build their chemistry.

“Uncle let me make it,” she interrupted him as soon as she stepped in the kitchen.

“Thank you,” he uttered with a beaming smile. Uncle grabbed the utensil, the tea and sugar bins from the small cupboard. Nishma tied the scarf behind by her waist, essentially pulling it up a little until it was just around her neck. She did this to avoid having her scarf fall onto the stove that she was trying to light. The olden burning stoves that ran on kerosene needed quite some physical effort to light. She vigorously pumped the stove as Uncle stood by her side and watched her heaving breasts that were so obscenely visible. Nishma exclaimed how her pussy was inundated with her juices perhaps anticipating some kind of vigorous pumping from Uncle.

As she kept the utensil on the stove, she realized that her breasts were not covered by her scarf and although she wasn’t really wearing a deep necked Kameez, it was tight fitting and exposed the top portion of her breasts. Uncle ogled at her beauty and suddenly realizing that he was making her uncomfortable said, “let me check on Aunty and see if Adwait needs anything.”

“It’s okay Uncle,” she replied as she poured water in the utensil, “Aunty should be fine and Adwait must be freshening up.”

“You don’t have to worry about me being alone with you,” she added, as he moved to the door that opened into the yard. He must have seen me descend the stairs into the backyard when he pulled together the door. Uncle tiptoed behind her and stood right by her, laying his hand on her waist once again. She nervously smiled looking at him as she added the ingredients to the water.

“Keep your voice low,” he said leaning forward into her, “Aunty’s hearing is very good.”

Nishma smiled as he made it clear to her that he didn’t want Aunt to find out that he was overstepping his boundaries.

“It’s fine Uncle,” she retorted, “I won’t tell on you.”

“You have to watch out,” she said, “getting too close to other women would get you in trouble – that’s what happened in the past,” she added, clearly hinting that she knew about his past. Uncle was surprised and slowly withdrew his hand from her waist. There was a little bit of disappointment on his face.

“Sorry Uncle, I was joking,” she said turning towards him. His hand now rested on her back and her heaving breasts were right in front of him. She once again realized how naked she felt in front of him.

“Forget about that,” he asked lowering his voice and taking a tiny step towards her.

“You are so tall – what made you choose him?”

“What’s in height uncle besides there is no point crying over spilled milk,” she replied jokingly.

They both giggled trying to contain their laughters. I had perhaps entered the scene at this time. Even from the behind view I could see Nishma’s right breast jutting out obscenely; I could only imagine how irresistible she must have looked from front.

“And you are so beautiful – wish I had such a luck,” he uttered without any emotion.

“You are so kind uncle. You are lucky yourself with such a pretty wife.”

“I wish she was healthy too,” he added with a little resentment in his voice.

“I hope she recovers fast too,” responded Nishma.

“I still envy his fate,” he quickly said turning into more jovial discussion.

“Uncle he is just a husband – although a woman dreams of a charming and dynamic husband like you – not everyone is fortunate,” she quickly retorted with a mischievous smile. I thought she meant it as a sly remark and perhaps that was her intention too but Nishma is not quite certain about this anymore. Uncle should have backed off but he instead he took one step closer and pulled her into his arms. She was caught off guard with his sudden move. She moved her one hand to his shoulder and with the other hand she grabbed the the platform. She was in his arms; her right breast met his shoulder and she could feel his manhood against her thigh.

The situation had escalated much faster than we imagined. I evaluated my options and thought of intervening, yet at the same time I knew that this was the moment I had been longing for. Uncle confidently responded, “and what she can’t find in her husband she looks for in other men of her family!”

Nishma was silent. Except for the burning sound of the stove there was practical emptiness in the room. Uncle inspected her breasts in a direct manner. She desperately tried to avoid his eyes and turned to adding the milk to the tea. As soon as she put back the cup on the platform, he swiftly pulled her into his embrace. Nishma supported herself with her hands on his shoulders. His hands moved southwards from waist and caressed her large butt. I could clearly see how small his hands looked while trying to knead her butt.

Uncle then moved his hand up and untied her hair. She had tied her hair behind with a simple band. He let her hand loose and played with it feeling the soft, silkiness of her hair between his fingers. The aroma of the tea was permeating through the room. Uncle pulled her head down and I saw my beautiful wife leaning forward to offer her lips to him. Nishma played coy but submissive. Uncle confidently parted his lips and pushed his tongue into her mouth. She reluctantly kissed him back but more in amateurish way. Uncle held her head in place with his hand on her neck and continued kissing her. Uncle squeezed her left breast. She winced with his rough move and engaged in her kiss more actively. His one hand kneaded her shapely butt. Nishma must have entertained him for a minute or so but it seemed like an eternity to me.

Aunt called for Nishma. It broke the trance they both were in. He quickly stepped out in the yard and Nishma tidied herself after wiping her mouth. The tea was almost done and it was time for me to run back lest getting caught by Uncle. Fortunately, Uncle didn’t head to the toilet instead he headed back to the living room.

When I returned, Nishma had already served tea to both Aunt and Uncle. Nishma’s face seemed unusually flushed and when Aunt asked her she remarked that it was quite hot here.

It was hot and humid. The errant electricity didn’t alleviate the pain but only ridiculed the local population. They had gotten used to it and opted for their hand fans and lanterns in the night time. Nishma was hesitant to stay over but she had concealed her apprehensions. Besides, it just seemed as if the sparks were about to fly. Nishma avoided looking at Uncle directly but every now and then I saw her inspecting him inconspicuously. I was amazed

Finding an opportune moment, we sneaked to our bedroom, which was at the far corner of the house, opposite Kitchen.

“Why are you so nervous?” I asked.

“Don’t you know – your Uncle already fancies me,” she retorted.

“Well you wanted to encourage him, didn’t you?” I retorted.

“He didn’t need any,” she fumed.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked a little frustrated.

“Figure out how to head back,” she shot at me.

“I thought you agreed with Aunty,” I objected.

“Well you could have objected,” she quickly retorted.

“But it is not safe to drive so late in the night.”

“I don’t feel safe here either,” she replied and stepped out into the yard, heading towards kitchen.

Nishma’s sudden change in mood surprised me. It seemed as if she wanted to stay for the night but perhaps she wanted an excuse if things didn’t go out as planned, I thought. At the very least I thought she was uncomfortable with the notion. Regardless, Nishma looked simply irresistible; especially after her brief episode with my uncle. All the while we were talking I was only inspecting her well shaped body. Her tall and slender figure looked so appealing. The dress she opted for outlined her bust and figure perfectly. It was apparent that she knew what attracted men about her and she knew how to put on a good show.

Even though Nishma was uncomfortable and should have not encouraged him any further, she decided to make his favorite dish to please him. Nishma got busy in the kitchen, along with the maid. Uncle asked me to buy a few things from the nearest shop, so I left immediately. Not much happened while I was gone but around the time I returned, Nishma was with Uncle in his study room. It was on the other side of the living room, two doors down from the bedroom where we stayed that night.

Uncle was not really a learned man but he had developed this reading habit over the years and was an avid collector of books. At some point, this became his private library where not many entered. The room was the same size as his bedroom, which was exactly opposite on the other end of the living room. The room had a small bed by the window right opposite to a small entrance that had split door opening inwards. The doors were not perfect and were only meant for providing some security but not really any privacy. A metal chain hanging at the top of the door usually locked in the buckle at the top of the door frame. This was standard for houses built around those times.

When I returned, I was surprised to not find Nishma in the kitchen. Instinctively, I veered to Uncle’s study room. It was quite and not much could be discerned, so I didn’t understand but waited for her to come out. Nishma filled in the details about what transpired inside over the years.

Aunt had suggested that she offer Uncle the special dish. Reluctantly, she walked to Uncle’s room with the dish in her hand.

“Uncle that was a big mistake earlier,” she mumbled, handing over the dish to him. Uncle was too excited to see her alone again and especially with his favorite dish in her hand. Surprisingly he didn’t pounce on her; instead his behavior was much more cordial. He sat on his chair savoring the dish before he responded to her. Nishma stood a few feet away and exercised unusual caution with him.

“It was a good one,” he mumbled with his mouth full of food.

“I am glad you weren’t offended,” he added.

“Uncle I am very sorry about what happened; I shouldn’t have let down my guard.”

“You only did what was natural,” retorted Uncle.

“Uncle please,” she pleaded.

“Come on Nishma”, he interrupted, still comfortably seating and eating, “you know that this would have happened sooner or later.”

Nishma was dumbfounded with the calmness he was talking to her about such scandalous behavior.

“Look,” he said, looking up, “I know his type,” he said referring to me, “they cannot do justice to your beauty.”

“But more importantly he is docile enough to tolerate your indiscretions.”

“Uncle what are you talking about?” Nishma blurted. She was certainly annoyed by his demeanor; he was taking her for granted. Yet she understood that the reason for his behavior was her own weakness.

“Keep calm Nishma,” he said hushing her.

“Even though Aunty is ill, she can hear very well.”

Nishma was getting increasingly nervous as she felt that it was getting out of hand. While she bravely ventured to seduce my uncle, she wasn’t quite ready for the immediate consequences. She felt that she could tease him for several months or perhaps years. Even though we did talk about a possibility where things may move too quickly for our comfort, we never anticipated this.

“No one has to know anything,” he said getting up from his seat.

“And nothing has to happen without your consent,” he assured.

“You are subject to “right of the first”, right?” he quickly asked.

Uncle was referring to the same custom that Nishma alluded to me in the morning. It was “right of the first night.” Nishma shuddered as she heard those words. She wondered how Uncle would know about it. It was to be kept a closely guarded secret. She felt a little wobbly and Uncle expertly once again took her in his arms.

“Although the custom is waning,” he quipped supporting her, “there are several merits for pretty women like you.”

“I can assure you,” he added, “that it would be a much better experience with your dhani than your husband.”

“Dhani” was a local word used to refer to your master in master-slave relationship. Usually, it referred to the feudal lord and often house-wives addressed their husbands as “Dhani” especially if they came from affluent families. The later didn’t imply a master-slave relationship between husband and wife but rather implied the elevated status of the husband as the primary bread winner for the house.

Nishma was quite ashamed to confess of her quandary to a stranger, whom she hardly knew. Yet Uncle didn’t behave indecently and neither was he bullying her. It was his way of assuring that even though it seemed like a stigma, there were benefits to be had. Nishma knew some of the benefits already and hence had embarked on such a relationship with me but perhaps it is best left for a later time.

Nishma didn’t share this tidbit with me at that time. All of this was a closely guarded secret and I learned it after quite a while.

“If you can have a relationship with your Dhani and your husband, there is no reason why you can’t have it with me as well.”

“Dhani’s move on to greener pastures and husband’s are simply no good – I can assure you about your one,” he added confidently.

Nishma was practically shivering with fear and sexual anxiety. It was one thing to act slutty in a remote, private place and quite another to do so at my own Uncle’s place with him. Was he for real? Did he really wanted to have an affair with me or was he simply testing my resolve, she thought.

“Uncle you are embarrassing me,” she pleaded.

“I am making it easier,” he answered assuredly.

“There is nothing for you to fear from me,” he added, “irrespective of whether you agree to my proposal or not.”

It relieved Nishma a little bit but her sexual anxiety wasn’t gone.

“Uncle how do you know about this?” she asked.

“The other girl with whom I got in trouble,” he whispered into her ear practically, “I had foiled “right of first” for her.”

Nishma was getting comfortable with him yet again. He was already supporting her by holding her by her waist. Although Nishma was still standing sideways to him, her body now made a V with his and she was increasingly leaning forward to bridge the gap between them; quite essential since she was quite taller than him.

“It was closely guarded secret but eventually things got out and it wasn’t pretty,” he continued.

“Uncle you slept with her even before she got married?” she whispered with a sense of amusement.


“How is that possible?”

“Adwait thought it was something else,” she mumbled.

“Nishma if you are consenting then it may happen yet again,” he replied confidently, “but I would rather have an affair with you than a one night stand.”

“Uncle you are embarrassing me,” she quipped. Nishma realized how close she was standing to him and instinctively tried to retreat but Uncle was in no mood to let go of her.

“There is no shame in it,” he said lowering his voice again.

“This tradition has been going on for generations and even if the families are not as enslaved as they once were, the women have simply opted to continue it in the name of family tradition.”

“That doesn’t make any sense,” retorted Nishma.

“It does,” he quipped. Uncle was inspecting her body in the faint light of the candle. She became aware of his intentions and froze for a moment. Uncle was so lost inspecting her body that he simply pulled down her scarf to expose her sizable bust.

“These are quite sizable,” he said, looking up at her; his hand gently caressing her breasts. Her face had reddened with nervousness but she didn’t stop him. She lowered eyes in shame as Uncle’s actions only became bolder. He squeezed her right breast.

“Your dhani would not wait to impregnate you,” he whispered. Nishma shuddered hearing him explicitly describing what was perhaps intended of consummation.

“You are quite ready for it,” he added winking at her. Nishma gave him a nervous smile.

“Although I am tempted,” he added, “I wouldn’t foil it for him this time.”

“It would allow us a chance to have an affair that you surely would want it.”

Nishma hesitantly leaned forward and offered him her lips. Uncle latched onto her lips and kissed her voraciously. Unlike the last time where she only parted her lips and used her tongue sparingly, she indulged him wholeheartedly. Uncle squeezed her breasts several times, which only intensified her kissing. Nishma took him in his arms as Uncle’s hands moved to her butt and pulled her into him. She passionately explored his mouth and tongue conveying her strong desire to become his mate in the illicit relationship he had proposed. Uncle squeezed both her breasts vigorously, which only intensified her kiss. She was practically drooling into his mouth. Making a bold move Uncle led her hand to his crotch. She willingly fondled the sizable bulge and learned that he was quite well endowed.

“Uncle you are getting me into a lot of trouble,” whispered Nishma breaking the kiss.

“I may get a divorce even before getting married,” she added.

“Far from it – the worst that can happen is that you get pregnant even before marrying,” he added jokingly.

Uncle was holding her in a tight grip now. She could feel his penis trying to climb up to her snatch but she was clearly was a much larger woman for him. His boldness and confidence had certainly struck a chord with her. She offered him her lips once again and this time their kiss was rather languid as they explored each other’s tongues and bodies.

“We should meet again after Adwait is asleep,” he said breaking kiss. Nishma continued kissing him.

“It is not a good idea,” she whispered. Uncle pulled her further into his groin until she lost balance. His hands gave a good squeeze to her butt.

“You are too short Uncle,” she said chuckling. It didn’t dent his ego. He simply pushed her against the wall and in a swift move he lifted her up and held with her thighs. Her legs splayed open hinged onto his butt bringing his pelvis in contact with her pussy. Nishma confessed how vulnerable and how connected she felt to him that very moment. His thick, taut penis was lined up against her pussy, all the way from the bottom and reached just below her navel. The thin cloth of the Salwar allowed for that close connection. As she adjusted her weight to allow for my diminutive Uncle to hoist her carefully, she felt her pussy lips itch to experience the girth of his equipment. She mused to herself – this man lacks everything when it comes to courting pretty woman except for his character and sizeable equipment.

“Allow me a chance,” he replied confidently and aggressively kissed her. Nishma was lost in her lust filled passion for him. Even though she approached him with circumspection, he had definitely rocked her world.

“I am not the first one I suppose,” she quipped between her kisses, “to fall for your charms.”

“You certainly are the prettiest,” he responded.

“We should stop this now – Adwait may be back,” she whispered catching her breath.

“Would he mind?” he asked. Nishma was speechless. The only response she had was to offer her very best to him. Her instinct told her that Uncle was not an ordinary man; he definitely deserved her physical attention. Nishma lowered herself and standing tall she took Uncle in her arms and offered him her sloppiest and perhaps the deepest of kisses. It was as if she wanted his breath to permeate her nostrils; her body to carry his odor. After what seemed like an eternity – perhaps well over five minutes – at Uncle’s insistence, she knelt before him and nuzzled into his crotch. Nishma had a fascination for the natural odor of loins and especially when they were unwashed for a day but not much longer than that. She also liked the slight pungent odor of an unwashed anus but she never strayed southwards if she suspected it was unclean. She was okay with the odor but never rimmed them in such a state. Uncle then untied the knot of his pajamas and let his short pajamas fall down. Nishma’s hormones had taken over her completely by now. She nuzzled into his crotch and inhaled his musky aroma that had a mild stench of urine. She moved upwards and kissed the top of his penis that was peeping from the top of his underwear as the tight elastic held it tightly hugged against his abdomen. The bitter taste of his precum hit her as soon as she flicked her tongue across exposed peehole. Nishma exclaimed how long his penis was that could peep out of his underwear despite a very thick elastic band at the top. As she eagerly licked on his knob, Uncle freed up his monstrous equipment. She suckled on his knob as a baby would on mother’s nipple. Occassionally she tongued his peehole. Uncle moaned in pleasure and instinctively pushed forward. Nishma made no attempt to stop him and opened her mouth wide to facilitate the penetration. She has been instructed well in the art of pleasuring men. Nishma let him continue his futile attempts but soon he gave up. Nishma was young and a novice at performing fellatio, although she did receive good training on it. She quickly moved to his large testicles and bathed them with her saliva. It was a subservient gesture of hers to show the man that she treasured his seed and would be privileged to receive it in her womb.

In that pitch darkness, all she could sense was his humongous size – both the length and girth. Compared to his skinny legs, his appendage felt huge. She imagined how a stallion’s penis look when it dropped on sighting a female in heat. Her hormones had already amplified the effect of the aroma she was experiencing and his oversized equipment further instigated her subservient tendencies. She continued pleasuring him with her tongue and encouraged his futile attempts to drive more of his penis into her mouth. He didn’t seem to have much of staying power and released his semen in a hurry. She tried to catching it in her mouth, instead of letting him spray her clothes with his semen. Nishma quickly tidied her clothes and stepped out quietly and directly headed to our bedroom where I was waiting for her.

It was dark in the room with only a lantern kept in the corner. She stepped inside and promptly closed the door. I was standing in the corner trying to hide as I didn’t have time to step out. She caught her breath for a few moments. I noticed her breasts heave as she inhaled and exhaled through her mouth. She whispered to me as she realized me standing in the corner. She didn’t move but waited for me to step towards her. She had a mischievous smile on her face as I took her in my arms. Without any thought I planted my lips on her. She parted her lips and let my tongue slide in to taste my uncle’s fresh semen that she had just gulped. Her lips were smeared with her bitter tasting, sticky liquid that she offered me to relish on.

Nishma continued to kiss me passionately even as my hands squeezed her breasts roughly. Her breath was so intoxicating that it only fuelled my hunger for her. We must have been wrestling with each other for over five minutes, when she whispered, “do you want to lick me?”

It wasn’t a question but an order. I hastily knelt in front of her and helped her pull down her Salwar. She was soaking wet and for a moment I wondered if Nishma had sex with Uncle. On the other end, I had convinced myself that she had fucked him already but was only entertaining the thought as it would been adventurous for Nishma to do so. Nishma’s wet juices devoid of his semen confirmed that she had note mated with yet. Nishma stumbled to the bed and laid back, spreading her legs and let me eat her to my heart’s content. Nishma squirmed and moaned as I tried to pleasure her. It took a little over five minutes for her to orgasm.

She lazily got up and tidied up her dress as I looked at her earnestly. My to be married wife had made out with my dominating Uncle. The sheer thought itself made me shudder in excitement as my penis would drip semen without any physical manipulation.

“Are you happy?” she asked, breaking my reverie.

“Your Uncle knows how to recognize a bitch in heat,” she quipped, trying the knot on her Salwar.

“He is a terrific kisser,” she added sensually.

“Not to mention the long dong he possess – every woman’s dream.”

“So you approve of him?” I quipped.

“Very much,” she responded, arranging her clothes and checking her hair in the mirror.

While I was resigned to the life of a cuckold the moment I allowed her to make out with a ordinary local back in the temple, I didn’t expect to have such casual conversations about such a sensitive topic. Nishma showed no qualms of such illicit things and very soon I too was desensitized. More importantly, however, was how scandalous this was considered during our times. This was in the early eighties, when the black and white TV sets started appearing in houses. Color TVs were rare and to be found in affluent houses. There was practically no programming on TV’s most of the week but for Saturday’s and Sundays. A closed society such as in Indian didn’t even allow for live-in relationships and generally frowned up on any kind of premarital sex. Sex itself was a hurried affair in the dark with not too much of physical intimacy as men and women were not comfortable with their bodies to flaunt them openly in front of their partners. This was true for a majority of the population leading a normal life. French kissing as it was called then wasn’t practiced between couples. It was quite uncommon. So for woman of Nishma’s caliber to make out with my Uncle was no ordinary feat!

“He is quite a charmer,” she added as my mind was weighing the gravity of her approval.

“Has he bedded other women from your family?” she asked.

“What about your cousin’s wife?”

“I don’t know,” I replied shaking my head.

The dinner was uneventful but I noticed the chemistry between them work like magic.

Immediately after the dinner, Uncle made out with her in the kitchen as she tidied up the kitchen. They kissed passionately as I watched them secretly from our bedroom opposite kitchen. Not much was visible but it was evident that Nishma was an active participant. Their activities had several interruptions due to Aunt’s requests but they continued where they left off. It was actually working much better for them and even though Nishma would reconsider it every time they had an interruption, she would soon indulge him upon his return. Uncle showed special interest in her breasts and she gave him plenty of opportunities to play with them. This went for a long while – perhaps half-an-hour or so and eventually I saw Nishma kneel down and fellate him. Most of it was not visible but I could imagine that Uncle immensely enjoyed her act. Uncle had much better control and although Nishma tried her best, he could control his ejaculation much better.

Eventually Nishma stepped out after bidding Uncle a good bye. She spent some quiet time with Aunt while I fiddled with sexual anxiety inside our bedroom. Uncle had stepped out of the house to run a few errands. Perhaps it was his regular trip to spend some time with his local friends. It was only around eight or so in the evening, yet everything was quiet. I visited Aunt a few times but didn’t feel welcome so left leaving both of them alone. As I fretted inside our bedroom, little did I realize about the impending doom.

Nishma did emerge from the bedroom after almost an hour or so. There was no sign of Uncle, so I was by myself eagerly waiting for her to return.

I pounced on her as soon as she stepped in the room. Bolting the door, I shoved her towards the bed and kissed her frantically. Nishma was a little surprised but she kissed me back leisurely.

“You have to slow down Adwait,” she said after allowing me to kiss her for couple of minutes or so.

“What is with you men?” She blurted irritated by efforts to squeeze her breasts. It was as if I was besotted by them. Words could not describe my fascination for her breasts and her butt itself. She was like a sex goddess to me and I felt that she always deserved the best.

“Look how bruised they are already,” she exclaimed as she removed her Salwar quickly and then untying her brassiere in a snap.

Even in that darkly lit room by lantern, I could see how reddened her skin looked. She had a few dark marks right around her areolas; almost as if Uncle sunk his teeth into her flesh. Instinctively, my lips pursed and enveloped her bruised areolas. As my teeth tried to nibble on them, Nishma urged, “just suckle them.”

“Your Uncle has ravaged them already.”

Nishma moaned as I swirled my tongue around her nipple and occasionally gently tugged on her tit with my teeth. Her nipples were quite perky for an unmarried woman or even a woman without children. She moaned in pleasure as I pandered to her needs. My hand reached into her Salwar, the knot of which she had untied subconsciously. My fingers traced the opening of her pussy. I had caressed her pussy a few times earlier with my fingers but never attempted to insert my finger into them. Funny thing was that even though Nishma was sexually very excited at times, she never encouraged me to do so. She herself did it a few times, if I recollect it correctly. Nishma’s one hand strayed to my penis, which she held in her hands lightly and gently stroked it. Nishma’s other hand moved to her pussy and after gently caressing my fingers, she proceeded to finger herself. Within moments, Nishma shuddered. It wasn’t as if she was frigging herself aggressively. Later I realized that it was just her imagination that allowed her to orgasm with very little physical manipulation.

“Oh Adwait,” she exclaimed, “I can’t wait to feel his big dong.”

“Did you know,” she said excitedly, “that your Uncle indeed enjoys a special status in your family.”

“I mean in the families that are very closely related to yours,” she clarified.

“What special status?” I asked as my ears perked up.

“You have to promise me,” she immediately responded. Her tone quite serious and businessmanly as she looked at me intently.


“These things are closely guarded secrets of the family,” she said, “usually it is the mother-in-laws who share it but strangely she didn’t.”

“Instead it was your aunt who spoke to me.”

“Did you tell at home that we two are traveling to Uncle’s place?”


“And did they know that we may stay over the night?”

“Not quite but they suspected we would due to the distance we had to travel.”

“You know,” she said after a lot of deliberation, “your mother may have talked to Aunt and requested her to explain it to me.”

“What are you trying to say?” I asked.

“Look – this may be very hard for some men,” she continued, “and hence it is kept secret from the men.”

“Do you think you can take it?”

“You are quite liberal in perhaps encouraging your wife to have such illicit relationships.”

“I never encouraged you,” I objected.

“But you did,” she quickly replied, “by not objecting to it.”

“Nevermind it is better left a secret between the women,” she exhaled.

“No – tell me,” I pleaded. Nishma was onto something that perhaps had suspected but never entertained as a real possibility. Maybe there was something that all the undercurrents that I had noticed in the presence of him. It was evident to me that I wasn’t going to like what I was about to hear. Maybe it was better left as a secret but Nishma felt comfortable sharing with me because of the unusual relationship we had embarked on before even getting married.

“Are you sure?”

There was a pause. Nishma only looked at me as her hand gently stroked my penis.

“I have a feeling,” she whispered, “that although it may hurt in the beginning, you may actually like it.”

“Adwait was your cousin’s wife pretty?” she asked after some thought.


“Well you were right,” she responded, “your Uncle did court her and was successful.”

“Who told you that?”

“That’s just rubbish – people just misunderstand her.”

Nishma stayed quiet but continued to stroke my penis and after a few precious moments, she whispered, “do you want to hear it or not?”

“Go on,” I grudgingly encouraged her and leaned forward to suck on her tits again. Nishma moaned as soon as my tongue flicked against her taut nipple. She was incredibly aroused as her grip on my penis tightened.

“Your Uncle was able to court her,” she went on, “it took much longer but within a year he broke her resolve.”

“What more,” she continued.

“He has possibly slept with most women you saw him interacting with.”

“That is quite outlandish.”

“Precisely,” she said.

“And that’s the reason why it has to be true,” she added.

“I don’t understand.”

“Look,” she explained, “it is easy to make small lies and pass them as truth – if telling lies were the intention then one would stay away from such exaggerations.”

“Your Aunt was only telling the truth and hence she never bothered about how it could be interpreted.”

“But why did she tell you this?”

“She never told me – I don’t think even my parents know about it.”

“Adwait,” she responded with a little bit of frustration, “you are not getting it.”

“Only the women are trusted with this secret. Men have been left out mostly. Exceptions like you are rare you know.”

“Why would all the women entertain an old hog like him?” I retorted.

“Firstly, when he started courting your aunts, he must have been quite young and secondly, he is very gifted you know,” she said as she jerked my penis. It took me a moment to realize that she was referring to his size.

“Still why would my cousin’s wife entertain him?”

“It is the tradition.”

“You know there are some tribes still in India where the newly married bride appeases elderly men before consummating marriage with her husband.”

“So you are suggesting that aunt was introducing you to our family tradition and that Uncle is your paramour for this?”

“Isn’t that strange?”

“I mean you imagining him to be the main guy allowed illicit relationship with your wife and then this strange tradition.”

“Are you serious?”

“What did she exactly say – you are meeting her for the first time after all – no one can directly jump to such conversations.”

“When we were alone – soon after meeting her – she asked me if Uncle had misbehaved.”

“Nervously I shook my head and decided to ignore his overzealous nature with her.”

“But Aunt said if he did misbehave then don’t mind it – it is to be expected.”

“I felt she was complaining of Uncle’s lecherous behavior,” continued Nishma.

“But she wasn’t – she was actually validating his behavior as normal and expected.”

“What did you say?”

“Nothing – I hinted that he was trying his charm on me.”

“She wasn’t amused but only asked if I was perturbed by his direct approach.”

“She also told me that my mother-in-law already approved of him as my potential bedmate.”


“Did your mother know that we would be visiting Uncle?”

“Yes but she didn’t know that we may spend the night. In fact I told them that I would return by night time.”

“Didn’t you ask her – why would my mother say such a thing?”

“Yes I did.”

“She said it was the family tradition and it was the duty of every daughter-in-law to mate with a well endowed stallion on a more or less regular basis.”

“The stallion was carefully chosen by the family – essentially the mother-in-law – who is closer to the family and can be trusted with a scandalous family secret.”

“More often than not it is a married man who is not particularly good looking to ensure that no other kind of bond develops between the daughter-in-law and this man.”

“You can’t be serious?”

“That means even my mother was subject to such a tradition?”

“Aunt said that your mother was more of an exception but over these years she has realized that the tradition has deep roots and must continue.”

“She didn’t have the courage to say this to me directly and hence asked Aunt to do it for her.”

“So to be honest I don’t know if your mother did live such a life or not but it is clear that she knew about it and was encouraging me to not commit the mistakes she committed by abandoning the family tradition.”

“You didn’t have a chance then – neither to refuse nor to choose another man if you wished?”

“In the olden times – the choice was made and that was it.”

“It was very common, she said, for these stallions to introduce the newly wedded daughter-in-laws to the pleasure of sex.”

“But now things have changed and the decision was left to daughter-in-law’s.”

“Aunt told me that Uncle will be pushing his luck as was expected of him.”

“I have the option to either yield or resist him.”

“Of course resisting wasn’t much of an option especially when we came here with a clear intention of yielding.”

“You agree don’t you?” she whispered seductively and pulled me into a kiss. My taut pecker of course left nothing to her imagination. Just realizing that my own mother had rolled the dice in favor of my Uncle struck a chord in me. Perhaps my feelings to be cuckolded weren’t as perverse as I used to think. It just seemed that my fate was sealed the day I was born. Nishma too was equally worked up and kissed me voraciously while vigorously stroking me. I had to contain her excitement by holding her hand. There was a subtle push from her hands soon after and I found myself gravitating to her pussy. Nishma writhed in the pain and pleasure as I devoured her pussy eagerly; perhaps she desired for Uncle’s thick penis but instead had to be content with my tongue. I must have pleasured her for twenty minutes or so when she finally started showing signs of climaxing. We dozed off soon after that. Neither Nishma nor Uncle tried anything fancy that night, although I was fully expecting them to.

We slept blissfully for a little while perhaps a few hours but soon my erect penis and pervert dreams broke my sleep. After fighting my urge for half-hour, I moved to Nishma’s bed. I fondled her bare stomach that was exposed due to her short Kurta ridng up. I imagined how her milky waist must have tempted Uncle last evening. How he may be already envisioning her belly swelling with his child. After all, it took almost no time for him to pounce on her and for her to convey her willingness to entertain him. Why wouldn’t she? If such a union was blessed by her in-laws and the stallion was overly endowed then surely any woman would entertain such a thought. But then what she described was so outrageously far fetched that I was still not able to grasp it. Even as she explained it that it was a closely kept secret between the women folks of the family made it impossible for me to find out without creating yet another scandal. Why would such young, pretty women mate with such elderly men, who weren’t even good looking? Nishma did make a reference to the size of his penis – was I really small compared to him? I gently tugged at my bulge. It looked okay to me. I soon pulled it out and wondered how Nishma gazed the size of his equipment. Perhaps she just felt it with her hands. I positioned my penis on the top of her hand, lining it up from the tip of her fingers touching my scrotum to the base of her hand. I imagined mine would reach the base of her palm quite easily. But I reached only half way with a little difficulty. Nishma was a large woman and it had started dawning on me rather gradually or perhaps I reluctantly accepted it. Most pornographic pictures that I had seen showed women inspecting very large penises in this manner. The tip would easily stretch beyond the base of her palm and onto her wrist. Maybe that’s what meant to be well endowed I thought to myself. In inspected the girth of my penis in the dim light and could clearly see wide patches of pale white palm skin of hers visible on either side; perhaps Uncle’s penis might have exposed slivers of her palms on either side.

It was evident to me that I would acceded to her illicit matings even after our marriage. Hence, there was no point making a fuss over it. If Uncle was well endowed as she made me believe it then he certainly deserved to mate with her at least a few times in reality and perhaps several times in my fantasies. And if all of this was pre-ordained then it certainly made a lot more sense for Nishma to mate with one of my family members instead of an outsider. I had heard rumours about Uncle having impregnated my cousin’s wife, although I didn’t share this tidbit with Nishma; perhaps the result would be the same in Nishma’s case.

My hands caressed her whole body and eventually rested on her breasts. She was fast asleep. It was the first time I had almost free access to her breasts. She was always sensitive about them and the reason was that it was easy for her to get sexually excited to the point of practically orgasming by simply playing with her breasts. As elaborated earlier, Nishma was a woman with big frame and even on her largish frame, her breasts looked sizeable. As my hands liberally felt her breasts, it was apparent that my hands were small enough to cover only half of her breasts. Her breasts were so soft and ripe that they almost deserved to be feasted on as Uncle had no doubt done it. I gently kneaded her breasts in a state of stupor. I could only imagine how ripe her breasts would be once she becomes pregnant. Nishma showed signs of waking up. She smacked on my hands after regaining consciousness. It was as if she was enjoying the pleasant sensations as well.

“Haven’t you tried to be naughty?” she whispered. Her hand reached to my pecker that was already close to her hand and she stroked it gently. My hands became more adventurous as they started generously kneading and squeezing her breasts. Nishma moaned and squirmed as the pleasant sensations started taking a hold of her. As my hands got rough with her, she eventually, pushed my hands away and pulled me into her arms. With one hand she grabbed my hair and pulled me in for a loud smooch. Our breaths were stale but neither of us complained as our sexual desire for each other had been simmering the whole night. She slapped on my butt with her other hand.

“Rascal – do you think you can abuse without impunity?”

Her hand pushed my trousers away, exposing my butt and slapping it once more, she soon pushed her middle finger into my butt crack. Her kissing became languid and she played with my tongue as her finger probed my anal opening. Within moments I started enjoyed that feeling. Nishma sensed it and whispered, “don’t you like that Adwait?”

She wet her finger soon by pushing into my mouth and then used the saliva to make the massaging and eventual penetrated even more enjoyable. As her finger made inroads and was logged into my tight anus up until her second knuckle, she started working it playfully inside and continued kissing me aggressively. Nishma soon settled into a steady rhythm and alternated between kissing and massaging the sensitive part inside of my anus, which I later learned was the prostate. As the crescendo built up, Nishma started talking dirty.

“Can you imagine how Uncle’s fat penis would have felt?”

“Would you like that?”

“No,” I quickly replied in disgust. Such a thought had never crossed my mind. Yet, it was very true that I had a lot of fascination for large penises but it primarily stemmed from their ability to pleasure the women of my dreams effortlessly. My pleasure was through her pleasure and never directly.

“Perhaps you would like to taste in your mouth,” she continued.

“You are talking so vulgar Nishma,” I grunted as her finger continued massaging the erogenous part.

“Would you let him cum in your mouth?”

“No,” I revolted as I tried to push her hand away but Nishma muscled her way to keep my other hand in check. It was the first time I learned how strong Nishma was. Nishma could have easily carried me if she wished.

“Come on Adwait,” she seductively whispered, “after having pleasured your wife don’t you think he deserves at least that?”

“How bad it can be?”

My penis twitched involuntarily as it spurted semen into my own underwear. Nishma had arranged for it – anticipating my impending climax.

“That was fabulous,” she whispered and kissed me. Nishma then slid forward and took my well spent and shrunken penis in her mouth and sucked the remaining juices into her mouth. She wiped her soiled finger using a kerchief and whispered, “I think it is disgusting – let me go and clean it up.”

She stepped out fearlessly in the dark and walked to the small open cleaning place that was built right next to the kitchen. She quickly cleaned herself and hurried back in. She clung to me and slept right next to me on my bed.

“Do you really want me to perform such perverse activities with Uncle?” I asked with a hint of resignation in my voice.

“No – it was just for fun.”

“I do understand you want to give him full freedom in terms of whenever, however, and how many ever times he takes me,” she added.

After a long pause, she whispered, “just know that he is a virile man and I am fertile young woman!”

Nishma was up very early next morning. Due to my nocturnal activities I didn’t get up but Nishma had other important activities to take care of. After taking a nice bath she made hot tea for both Aunt and Uncle and of course Uncle visited her in the kitchen one more time. Nishma kissed him even more eagerly and willingly kneeled down to give him an arduous blowjob. Having cum last night he was in no hurry. She paid homage to his testicles by lathering them with her saliva and sucking on them. She practically tried everything for well over twenty minutes when even she got worried about getting caught with him in an awkward position. Eventually he did yield and after furiously pumping her mouth, deposited his semen into her mouth, spurt after spurt, practically overflowing her mouth if she hadn’t been eagerly gulping it. As expected, soon after that she promptly made way to our bedroom, where I was still fast asleep and planted her lips on mine after waking me up. She had practically gulped all the semen but I did taste the remnants.

Our fascination for semen had developed at the time when there was very little outside stimuli. Nishma was very much attracted to men’s semen – particularly other men’s but she was even more interested in giving me a taste of what she had tasted recently. There was no precedent for such a rancid behavior at that time and today we do understand that we weren’t as uncommon as we thought we were. The important part was that we both felt it was a completely normal to act the way we did even though our entire story may seem out of the ordinary.

Uncle had a smirk on his face on that day as he locked his eyes with mine a few times. Aunt was quite ecstatic having learned the progress Uncle made with Nishma in a such a short timeframe. Apparently with my cousin’s wife it took almost six months before she even let Uncle hug her. On the drive back things were quiet for a little while, so mustering courage, I broached up the subject finally, “So, Nishma are you thinking of continuing the tradition?”

She was caught off guard but she was ever ready to converse on such illicit topics.

“What do you propose Adwait?” she asked me instead, in her rather innocuous voice. There were times when she could annoy me by acting rather innocently but perhaps it was a rhetorical question. My intention was of course to understand her feelings and share mine with her.

“It is your family tradition first,” she argued.

“I am not even sure of it yet,” I replied. I was hinting about the validity of such a tradition but Nishma interpreted as my unsureness about whether to continue such a tradition or not.

“A tradition that has survived the test of time surely must have some merits to it.”

“I too had similar concerns and was glad that Aunt was there to explain me about it.”

“If it helps, we can talk about it – my only request is that you be non judgemental and keep it strictly with yourself.”

“Don’t let anyone else know about it – ever, do you understand?” she again suggested.

“Of course,” I assured her.

“Aunt explained how – like all customs that favor the men – it started as a specific favor to bestow on the male members of the family.”

“The elderly and perhaps the powerful men were very specifically offered such opportunities – to mate with the newly wedded daughter in law of the house.”

“It is not clear how the tradition evolved but the one night stand bonanza gradually morphed into opportunistic benefits.”

“You know – in those days,” she added, “even that only meant a handful of opportunities in a year!”

“Did the women really tolerate this stuff?”

“Yes they did – although the initial men they entertained were well past their prime, however, the later ones more than compensated for it.”

“What do you mean?”

“The first mates were old enough to be their grandfathers – late fifties or early sixties but once the tradition blossomed they were subjected to middle aged men, who could better capitalize on such opportunities.”

“The women in late twenties and early thirties – who were considered to be middle aged – were more than eager to mate with men in their late forties and early fifties.”

“Any kind of sex was welcome – after twenty years of marriage and several children, men usually lost appetite for their own wives.”

“You see – it was parasitic at times but largely a symbiotic relationship.”

“So the only criteria for the men was that they were elderly people from the husband’s family?”

“Yes, at the beginning, but soon it became difficult – the guilt, the constant attraction to their son’s wife, and the complexity of managing such a difficult relationship.”

“Hence – there was an introduction of slightly distant relationships to this equation.”

“But what is the point?”

“The original purpose behind the tradition is not served.”

“Precisely my question,” agreed Nishma.

“This is where nature took its own course.”

“Women realized that such a splendid tradition that afforded some solace in their married life that otherwise was mundane apart from the rigors of managing a large family and bearing children was about to slip away.”

“Interestingly, by then women had developed a taste for men and no longer aspired for the solitude of monogamy.”

“So you are saying they had multiple partners apart from their husband?”

“Yes – usually the father-in-law and his cousins; sometimes the eldest brother of husband – the frequency increased significantly after 15-20 years of marriage, which usually meant an otherwise sexually dissatisfied wife in her early thirties.”

“The chemistry often worked as well and the abundance of time on her hand made it more fruitful.”

“Isn’t it interesting?” she remarked.

“Today when we think of a characterless woman, we imagine her to opportunistically mate with other men in rather infrequent manner.”

“Yet a woman who mates with multiple men on a more or regular basis even if infrequently doesn’t project same kind of image – it’s as if she is married to multiple men.”

“Anyway, the tradition took a new meaning – the satisfaction of women that in turn keeps the men happy.”

“And this is when the role of the men in such relationship defined more clearly in sexual terms.”

“Men who knew how to take charge but more importantly in such intimate manners and who were particularly gifted in the art of love making.”

“It seems natural – doesn’t it?”

“I mean the men should be much better than the partner she already has otherwise what is the point.”

“Not just better – much, much better given the risk she runs.”

“And if the men were so much better, then they deserved even better – much younger and prettier women,” I added involuntarily.

“Absolutely – and hence the process for looking up for an appropriate daughter-in-law became even more intricate.”

“In the past – they only needed loyalty to the family, a strong sex drive, and intellect to manage such affairs privately and amicably.”

“Now – they had to be incredibly beautiful and a strong ability to procreate multiple times!”

My thoughts ran through the checklist to see if Nishma qualified as a good candidate. She of course had a strong sex drive as was evident with our rather adventurous beginning to our relationship. She was very beautiful with a body that men lusted for. Physically she was well developed and did seem to have the ability to live through multiple pregnancies. And lastly – but not the least – she had a strong desire to please the men who mattered in bedroom.

Nishma kept silent for a little while allowing me to digest everything that she shared. If any of it were true then it was quite scandalous and if all of it were true it wasn’t short of the biggest conspiracies that the families were able to pull it off for such a long duration.

We pulled over to a small joint to have dinner as we both were getting hungry. It was a small restaurant but quite deserted and remote. Nishma was getting frisky as we walked towards the dingy restaurant. She dragged me to the toilets on the pretext of having to go but then pulled me inside the ladies toilet and kissed me passionately. Her raspy breath left nothing to my imagination. The discussion had a similar effect on her as well. She mumbled to me between her kisses, “my pussy is on fire, please soothe it with your tongue.”

I knelt down in that dingy toilet and proceeded to pleasure her. She was wearing her traditional Salwar Khameez and had little difficulty in presenting her pussy for my pleasure. It was a rather quick and aggressive session for both of us as she grinded her pussy on my mouth and I in turn I tried to probe the remotest corners insider her pussy with my tongue. Very soon I latched onto her clit and sucked on it for what it was worth. She came down with a shuddering climax within five minutes. Her knees buckled and she straddled my mouth looking for support. From the top of the pussy, my tongue moved to the bottom and it was now on the perineum. She held onto me as she caught her breath. I sensed the musky odor emanating from her anus and involuntarily darted my tongue towards it. Nishma chuckled as I made a few futile attempts to reach her anal opening.

“You just can’t get enough of me, isn’t it?” she whispered, catching her breath. She delicately scooted forward allowing my tongue to reach the source of musky odor. She was clean so I had no hesitation and licked her immediately. Nishma let out a low moan in a few moments.

“Adwait,” she whispered, as I continued my task, “Uncle is very interested in my butt.”

“He would love to learn that you are prepping it for him!”

I continued to pleasure for another five minutes. Nishma gave me a loud smooch after we wrapped up. Nishma’s sexual overtones didn’t subside even though I had relieved her. She constantly played with me by massaging my bulge under the table in an inconspicuous manner. We spent well over an hour at the restaurant sampling various dishes but more importantly talking about the exciting half-a-day we spent at our uncle’s place. She divulged more during that brief interlude – much more than she wanted to.

Firstly, she reinforced the notion that everything that Aunt must have shared was completely true. She did so in classic Sherlock Holmes style by constructing a coherent picture from the tidbits shared by both Aunt and Uncle. Aunt shared that Uncle had established a similar relationship with my cousin’s wife. But Uncle shared that he managed to get her pregnant in almost no time. It took more than a year and half to score with her and Aunt was hoping that with Nishma it would be much faster. We even speculated that Uncle may have sampled my mother as well. As mentioned earlier, we had special bond with them for a long time and even after things turned sour, my mother would occasionally visit them on some pretext or another. In terms of impregnating women, Uncle wasn’t as prolific as we thought him to be. He had only one child with my cousin’s wife. Secondly, she revealed about how my mother had conducted a private interview with Nishma before we officially met. She asked her seemingly private questions about her health, her sexual health but even more intimate questions to assess her sexual drive and her knowledge about sexual activities. Nishma concluded that my mother had planned it all along and the trip to my Uncle’s place was part of a well orchestrated strategy. Surprisingly, I never felt that she ever urged me to visit Aunt and Uncle but Nishma’s confessions seem to all fit together well. Nishma was of course happy to oblige and deepen the roots of our family tradition. She told me in clear terms that she very much expected Uncle to sow his seeds with her just as nature would have intended. She even reasoned how that would keep her adventurous behavior in check as she was destined to err sooner or later – this provided a vent for her sexual hunger and longing for sexually promiscuous lifestyle.

Nishma alluded to elaborate plans on how to arrange our affairs after getting married. Uncle’s house was perhaps the best to have uninhibited sex as Aunt was practically bed ridden and access to the large house with total seclusion allowed complete freedom to them. Although they lived only a few hours away but traveling every weekend was not an option. Nishma also hinted if he could visit us regularly on the pretext of helping us with our business. Nishma was attracted to the notion as a Bee was attracted to honey.

It just seemed my fate as a cuckold was preordained.

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A Cuckold by Birth Part 2