A father tosses out his gay son and gets a tough lesson

A father tosses out his gay son and gets a tough lesson

Katisu stepped from the shower and immediately dried
himself with a towel. He saw Mahito lying naked on the
bed, his hand slowly stroking his hard cock. Katisu was
nineteen and Mahito was twenty. They both worked for
the same company, loading trucks at the dock yards.
Katisu was still living at home with his father but he
was making plans to move out in an apartment with
Mahito as soon as they enough money.

That afternoon Katisu’s father returned home early to
find his son naked in bed with another man who was
sucking his cock. In a rage of anger, his father
ordered Katisu out of his house and to never return
again! He told Katisu he no longer had a son. He said
if his mother were still alive she would be disgraced.

Katisu and Mahito managed to get a small place and
turned it into a home for the two of them. Katisu,
however never forgot how his father had tossed him out.
He thought his father knew he was gay when he was back
in high school. One evening in a local bar Katisu heard
a man talking about having his co worker roughed up
because he kept parking in his space.

There was a man they said, that would do it for a
certain amount of money. They would not really hurt the
co worker but rather put fear into him. This gave
Katisu an idea as he bought the man a drink.

“Thanks for the drink. Do I know you?”

“No. I heard you talking about roughing someone up.”

The man stared at him. “I don’t know what you mean. I
never said anything like that.” He got up and left the

The next evening he was there again and Katisu bought
him another drink.

“I am not a cop. I have someone I need roughed up a

“Who is it?”

“My father,” Katisu answered.

“You hate your father?”

“No. Not really. I am angry with him and his stupid ass
ways.” Katisu paused for a moment. “Maybe this
something you don’t want to do.”

The man finished his drink. “What do you want done?”

“I want him kidnapped. I don’t want him hurt. Just
taken somewhere bound, gagged and blindfolded.
Stripped, raped, forced to suck cock and humiliated. I
want to be there so I can watch and give his naked ass
a beating!”

The man smiled and held his glass up for another drink.
“It can be arranged but it will cost you.”

“How much?”


“It will take me some time but I will get the money.”

“You must really hate your father.”

“I don’t hate him. That’s why I don’t want him hurt. I
just want to humiliate him like he has done to me.”

The man slipped Katisu a card. “When you get the money
call me.”

It would be almost four weeks before Katisu had the
money. It was all set for that Friday night when
Hachiro returned home from work. Several men would
enter the house using the key Katisu still had. They
would take him to an old warehouse that they used
frequently. Once there, Hachiro was stripped naked,
tied to a wooden table and sexually assaulted by two of
the men.

One of the men threatened to castrate Hachiro unless he
sucked his cock. Hachiro quickly took the mans cock
into his mouth and did as he was told. Katisu was
completely turned on watching his father being sexually
abused and humiliated. Katisu and Mahito were enjoying
every minute as they could tell by their rock hard
cocks. Katisu stepped up to the table and slid his cock
into his fathers mouth. One of the men other men
ordered him to suck the cock.

A tremendous rush of satisfaction came over Katisu as
he felt his father’s tongue licking and sucking his
hard cock. Suddenly he ejaculated, shoving his cock
deeper into his father’s mouth. That was the revenge he
wanted it was just too bad his father was blindfolded
so he could not see it was his sons cock he was
sucking. Mahito couldn’t resist the spread open ass of
Katisu’s father. He quickly shoved his hard cock deep
into the inviting ass and fucked him hard.

Katisu grabbed a wooden paddle. The first hard smack
echoed through the empty warehouse. Katisu’s father
gave out with a yelp but the gag would not let it all
out. His father’s cock and balls shook with every
strike of the paddle as it landed across his bare ass
cheeks. Katisu realized what he must do next.

He tossed the paddle away and grabbed his fathers hard
cock. With a strong fist, Katisu began jerking his
father’s cock until he ejaculated right there on the
floor. Katisu smiled at the man and waved goodbye, he
was satisfied. Mahito told Katisu it was the greatest
thing he even experienced. Katisu agreed but he said he
was not finished yet.

Saturday morning came quick for Hachiro he still had
vivid memories of the night before. He soaked in the
bath for a long time, hoping to wash away the
humiliation he suffered the night before. Suddenly
there was a loud knock. He quickly jumped out of the
tub, covered himself with a towel and went to answer
the door. He was surprised to see Katisu standing

“What do you want?” His father asked.

Katisu pushed his way inside and slammed the door. “I
heard a story about you from some me at the bar. I came
by to see if it was true.”

“What do you mean? What kind of story?”

“How you spent a nigh of sex with four men. Being
fucked! Sucking cocks and eating semen!”

Hachiro went completely silent for a moment. “It was
not me! They forced me. I had no choice!”

“They said you sucked their cocks and enjoyed it!”
Katisu reached over and yanked the towel away from his
father. Hachiro quickly moved his hands to hide his
crotch. “You allow another man to ejaculate you in
front of everyone. Yet, you are ashame to be naked in
front of me?”

His father slowly hung his head because he could not
bare to make eye contact with his son. Katisu slowly
walked in a circle around his father. “You think I am a
disgrace? You are the disgrace! Put your hands on top
your head. Right now!”

Hachiro quickly placed his hands on top his head.
Katisu could now see his father’s erection which was in
plain view.

Katisu reached over and slapped his fathers cock. “Why
is your cock so hard? Are you waiting for someone to
jerk you off again?”

His father spoke softly. “No. I don’t know. I have no
control. It just is.”

“Put your hands behind your back.” As soon as he did,
Katisu tied them firmly together then shoved his father
into the center of the room.

“Spread your legs open! Wide OPEN!”

Katisu sat down in a chair and stared at his naked
father, noticing that his father’s cock was erect as

“Do you see now how humiliating you look. All naked and
your hard cock standing out. Powerless to do anything
about it!”

Katisu walked over to his father and roughly grabbed
him by his cock.

“You’re gonna get down on your knees and suck my cock
dry!” He slapped his fathers cock hard again. “Get down
and do it!”

As he knelt down on the floor, Hachiro already knew he
had no choice. He watched his son open his pants and
pull out his hard cock. Katisu rubbed the head of cock
all over his fathers face before putting it in his

Once again that feeling of satisfaction came over him.
It was even better extracting revenge on his father the
second time. However, this time when Katisu was ready
to ejaculate he pulled his cock out and let it squirt
all in his father’s face. Suddenly the was another
knock at the door. Hachiro’s heart almost stopped.
“Please!” He said to his son. “You can’t let anyone see
me like this. Please!”

Katisu walked over to the door and opened it. Hachiro
was breathing very heavy now. In walked Katisu’s friend
Mahito, the same friend his father had caught him with
the day he threw him out.

“Hachiro! You look so inviting down there on your
knees.” Mahito smiled. “How would you like to suck my
cock dry?”

“Open big and wide.”

Again Hachiro knew he had no choice as Mahito shoved
his hard cock deep into his mouth. Katisu reached down
and pinched his father’s hard little nipples.

“You look so good with a big cock in your mouth,” he
said pinching harder.

“Just like you look so good with a hard cock.”

Suddenly, Katisu saw sperm start to trickle from his
father’s mouth. He knew Mahito was ejaculating now.
Katisu watched the semen dribble from his lips as
Mahito pumped his cock in and out of the slippery

“I bet you like the taste of man chowder don’t you?”

His father was too humiliated to even speak, instead he
just held his head down.

Katisu and Mahito retied Hachiro to one of the open
beams in the ceiling. With a rope around the beam, his
arms were hoisted above his head. His legs were held
open with a broom handle that was tied to his ankles
and duct tape was used to cover his mouth.

Katisu reached over and pinched his father’s nipples
again. “How do you feel in this position. You are
unprotected and wide open.” Katisu smiled and crabbed
his father’s hard cock. “I think you look good like

Katisu took out a cock vibrator and slipped the ring
over the head of his father’s hard cock, placing the
round vibrator end under his glans. “This is something
a son should never be allowed to do. Extract the sperm
from his father!”

Katisu turned on the switch and the vibrations
immediately began throbbing the head of his father’s

Katisu and Mahito got a couple of beers and some chips
from the kitchen then turned on the television.
Occasionally they would glance over to see how Hachiro
was doing. Hachiro’s hips were rocking, his cock was
twitching and bobbing. His chest was now beginning to
heave in and out. Katisu and Mahito turned to watch

The vibrator had done its work, Hachiro’s body quivered
for a moment then his cock erupted spewing his semen
all down his shaft. Katisu left the vibrator still
running he went back to watching television with
Mahito. About thirty minutes later Hachiro’s cock was
hard again and the vibrator ejaculated him again.
Several minutes later, Mahito slid his cock into
Hachiro’s ass and fucked him one last time before

Katisu untied his father and made him lay naked on the
floor. “Now, you can see I am not the one to disgrace
the family but you are!”

As Katisu opened the front door to leave he said to his
father. “You do not deserve a son like me.”

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A father tosses out his gay son and gets a tough lesson