A female vampire seduces a young stripper

A female vampire seduces a young stripper

Jezebel watched intently as the young girls on the stage
swung themselves about brass poles. Their bodies
undulated to the rhythm of the music beneath the bluish-
purple wash of the lights. It was a Wednesday night and
there were relatively few patrons in the club.

“Hey, Jezzie!” Eddie yelled from behind the bar. His
voice could barely be heard over the pounding of techno
bass-riffs. “Hey, Jezzie! You want another Noose?”

“No, thanks,” she yelled back. She hadn’t quite finished
the one she had and didn’t think she would be around
long enough to drink another.

Besides, her attention was elsewhere. The young bodies
on the stage. Three of them and all as beautiful as the
other. They looked eighteen or nineteen, with the
exception of the taller brunette in the center. She
looked as young as the other’s, but something in her
eyes set her apart. Her soul was an ancient one, but she
had a young heart. Jezebel thought she looked like she
had spent her life searching for something. She didn’t
know what. Neither did the young girl, she would bet.

As the brunette wrapped her long legs around the pole,
Jezebel got up from her stool and walked across the
floor. There were two tables directly in front of the
stage. She sat in the one nearer the object of her

The girl wore a leather g-string with a matching top.
Her hands slid down her own body, caressing her hips and
thighs. She pressed her hand against her crotch and
spiraled to the ground around the pole. She wound up
nearly flat on her back with one hand grasping the pole
as her hips rose and her hands grasped her crotch
repeatedly. She flung her head back imitating an orgasm.

Jezebel caught the girl’s eye and gave her a wink. As
the girl’s white-gloved hand slid beneath her g-string,
she kept her eyes fixed on her captivating admirer.
Jezebel plucked the cherry from her drink and sensually
drew it into her mouth. The girl on stage was watching
intently and pulled her glove off with her teeth. She
returned her hand to her crotch. When she brought it
back to her face, the blue and purple lights reflected
off her wet finger. She slid it into her mouth and
issued a pleased smile. She danced back to her feet and
swiveled her hips as she spun around the pole again. She
rubbed herself against the pole as if it were going to
come alive.

Jezebel felt herself getting wet beneath the black mini-
skirt that she wore. She waited until she was sure that
the young woman was watching again and slid her left
hand discreetly between her black-nylon clad thighs. She
pushed her panties to the side and entered herself. It
felt nice but did nothing to relieve herself of the
desire this night was bringing.

Jezebel removed her hand and put her legs together. Her
hand slid into her mouth and came out clean. The
brunette nearly fell off the stage. The wheels set in
motion, Jezebel stood up and walked away, making a point
not to look back.

“Eddie!” she yelled, returning to the bar.

“Yeah, Jezzie?”

“That new girl — What is her name?”

“Jesus Christ, Jezzie! Again? Why can’t you leave my
gal’s alone, huh? You always fall for them and they
never dance here again!”

“Just tell me her name, stud,” she said sarcastically.

“Andi. Her name’s Andi. Listen, why can’t you just go
after guys?

You’re a great lookin’ dame. Hell, go after women for
all I care!

Just go after women who _don’t_ dance for _me_!”

“Eddie?” She cooed. He stopped wiping the counter and
looked up at her.

“Yeah?” He said. He was a little pissed off, but he knew
what to expect of her. Just venting his anger wouldn’t
kill her.

Jezebel gave him a warm kiss. It was friendlier than
most, but it wasn’t a kiss she would give to a lover.
“You know you love me,” she snickered, “so why can’t you
just let me have a little fun occasionally with your

She was right. The truth was, he did love her. At least,
as much as he could love any woman since Sylvia left him
— the bitch. If nothing else, he certainly wouldn’t
deny a nice fuck if she asked him for it. Unfortunately,
she never had. And she probably never would. She only
went after the most attractive women and never gave a
guy so much as the time of day unless he was a Greek
God. “Yeah, ok. I’ll hook you up. I’ll hook you up.
Although it looks like you’ve already done everything
except give her your phone number. Jesus H. Christ

“Just tell her that I want to talk to her. I’ll be in
the booth in the back.” She didn’t need to tell him
which one. She routinely sat in the back corner of the
club, drinking Noose’s, watching the crowd, watching the
dancers and touching herself.


Andi had just finished taking a shower when Eddie had
walked in on her. The pig didn’t even have the decency
to knock first. She forgave him however, when he told
her that the woman she had been flirting with wanted to
see her.

She had only been intimate with a woman once in her life
and that was with a fellow dancer at the Gold Finger.
She occasionally thought about other women, though. If
only she knew how to be bold enough with the same sex.
She could never ask a woman out. She couldn’t even flirt
without becoming self-conscious. But that woman out
there tonight. She had opened the gates first. She had
made the first move and that made everything seem so
much easier. And now she might have an opportunity that
couldn’t be passed up.

After she gathered her things and found a sexy knee
length skirt and a frilly blouse to wear, she went to
the back of the bar and introduced herself to her
admirer. The woman was gorgeous. Even more so than she
had appeared from the stage. Her short black hair and
red fingernails and lipstick looked so elegant against
her pale white skin. Her lips shined as she licked them
and her breasts fought to free themselves from the
confines of her turtleneck.

Andi sat across from the woman and felt the piercing
gaze of her blue eyes.

“Andi,” she said. Her voice fueled Andi’s fire. It was
low and sensuous with a crystalline quality. “My name’s
Jezebel. You put on quite a show up there. You’re good.
Very good.”

“Thanks,” Andi smiled nervously, “it’s easy when you
have a lot of inspiration from the audience. You put on
quite a show yourself. I envied that cherry.”

“I envied that hand.” Jezebel took another drink.

Andi found herself at a loss for words. She wanted to
reply. She knew what she wanted to say, but she couldn’t
bring herself to utter more than nonsense. Great first
impression, she thought, trip over your own tongue.

“Why don’t you sit next to me?” Jezebel said. She
motioned for Andi to move.

Andi immediately felt a warm glow wash over her body as
the excitement of being so close to something so
beautiful enveloped her. But she wasn’t warm. As a
matter of fact, she felt her skin grow noticeably cold
the instant she brushed her thigh against the woman. It
was odd, but not so much so that she couldn’t gain the
sense to take advantage of her circumstances.

Andi put her hand on the woman’s knee. Her skin there
was cold as well. Not freezing, but certainly below
normal. Something about it gave her goose bumps and made
her thighs wet. The woman had soft skin. The woman
watched Andi’s hand closely as it made its way between
her legs. She sat very still and finally closed her
eyes. Jezebel bit her lip as Andi’s fingers bumped
lightly against the mound beneath her panties.

Suddenly, the woman came alive. She put her hand behind
Andi’s neck and kissed her lips. It was a light kiss at
first but became hard and forceful, reminding her of one
of the boyfriends she once dated. But as the woman’s
tongue entered her mouth, the feminine qualities made
themselves evident. She caressed places inside her mouth
that made her heart skip multiple beats. Andi had slid
her fingers beneath the panties and pressed her middle
finger against Jezebel’s warm lips. They parted slowly
and beckoned for her finger to enter. It did and it sent
a wave of human electricity to her spine.

She grabbed Andi’s hand by the wrist and stopped her.
“Let’s go somewhere private.”

“Ok,” Andi breathed. She really didn’t care about
privacy right now. She would have been content to strip
and lay her body on the table for this woman.

“My place,” Jezebel said, taking her new friend by the
hand and leading her to the car.


Jezebel punched a code into the electronic lock on her
apartment door. It beeped and she escorted Andi inside.
She watched Andi’s eyes light up in awe. The apartment
was dark with a lot of shades of black and deep reds,
but it was the most comfortable looking place on earth.
The sofa was oversized. Several beanbags lay in a pile
on the floor. And she could peer into the bedroom from
here to see an extremely large bed with huge pillows and
a beautiful down comforter. The carpet was plush and
felt good after they took their shoes off. It ran
through her toes like warm grass.

“It’s beautiful,” she said.

“Thank you,” said Jezebel, “Would you like something to

“Yes, please,” Andi glanced nervously at Jezebel and
then at the floor. She was a little anxious about the
situation. She was attracted to this strange woman. She
would happily lie down for this girl in the middle of
the floor right now, but she was too nervous to initiate
anything herself. Perhaps if she was older, but this
woman was probably a decade older than she was. Maybe
thirty-two, although by looks alone one would think she
was in her early twenties.

Jezebel went into the kitchen and opened a bottle of red
wine. Andi watched as the impossibly beautiful brunette
stood beneath the track lighting, pouring two long-stem
glasses. Her hair was thick and the darkest black you
could imagine. The gentle light above her covered her
with a fuzzy halo. Somehow this woman seemed out of
place beneath such a symbol. She gave the appearance of
a rebel. A woman, who didn’t accept the rules of
society, but didn’t overtly challenge them. A woman, who
did what she wanted, but did it discreetly.

Andi sat on the sofa, curling one foot beneath her.
Jezebel came up behind her and stroked her hair lightly
before handing over one of the glasses of wine. Jezebel
sat next to her and sipped from the glass. Andi’s hand
was shaking and she spilled several drops of wine onto
her blouse.

“Oh, God, I’m so clumsy!” She said, putting the drink
down and swiping at her blouse with a tissue. “I guess
I’m a little nervous.”

“You don’t need to be,” Jezebel comforted her, “Here,
why don’t you let me help you with that?”

She scooted closer and unclasped the top button of her
blouse. The second and third soon followed as their eyes
met. Andi put her hands on Jezebel’s wrists. Such smooth
skin. It made her shake even more. She felt like an
insecure fifteen-year-old again.

“Yes, help me,” Andi said, kissing her soft lips.

Jezebel paused for a moment. She felt like she was on
fire. She was always so cold. She always hungered for
someone to keep her warm, but it was never more than a
selfish need. Something about this young girl excited
her. It wasn’t just the heat of her luscious body, but
the spark in her eye. She was captured electricity
waiting for someone to ground herself to. For the first
time in ages, she felt the urge to shred this sweet
girls clothing off of her and give herself completely to
her. She had rarely been unable to keep absolute
control. She was always the one to manipulate the
situation and remain calm as she worked her lover into
frenzy. That frenzy would feed her for hours or even
days. But she felt herself losing control in that one
moment of hesitation.

The buttons of Andi’s blouse flew several feet as
Jezebel ripped it open, revealing the soft flesh
beneath. Andi reclined against the arm of the sofa,
pulling Jezebel to her breasts. Jezebel drew one
protruding nipple into her mouth and worked at it

Jezebel felt Andi’s knee rubbing carefully, back and
forth, between her legs. Her kneecap pressed against her
mons without too much pressure. The lips of her pussy
rubbed against each other, making her wetness drip
through her panties. A wet spot developed on Andi’s
panty hose.

Jezebel pursed her lips around the start of the nipple,
against Andi’s breast. Her tongue drew long vertical
lines across the tip. Andi’s chest rose and dropped with
a heavy sigh. Jezebel released the beauty’s nipple and
kissed her way toward her shoulders. The sighs
increased. The breathing intensified. Jezebel heard the
fierce beating of the woman’s heart in her own ears. It
pounded a primal rhythm much like the song that she had
danced to earlier in the evening. The beat encouraged
Jezebel to kiss Andi’s throat and her neck. Every kiss
landing with the force of a feather but the effect of a
jackhammer. Jezebel opened her mouth, her incisors grew
longer. Her lips moistened. Andi’s knee still moved from
side to side and brushed Jezebel’s pussy. She stopped
moving her knee and pressed it a little harder into
Jezebel’s crotch.

Jezebel sighed. Her breath shuddered. Her body trembled
and she felt as if her soul were being sucked from every
pore of her skin. The endings of nerves she never
realized lay within her body burned and her loins shook
with electricity. Her body contracted and her vagina
tightened on itself.

Jezebel tried to force her incisors back into her jaw.
She fought for them to recede. The excitement was so
great, but she wanted so much to control herself. In her
mind, she focussed on the control. The molecules in her
body slowing and relaxing. Her body and mind pushing for

But her instincts overpowered her and the sharp sting of
Jezebel’s teeth soon shocked Andi and caused her to
gasp. She tried to scream, but the hand between her
thighs mixed her feelings and her body was confused.
Andi sighed and let an extremely loud moan rattle
Jezebel’s head. Andi first attempted to fight her off,
but was overcome with a sense of complete satisfaction
and tranquility. She pulled Jezebel’s head close and let
the blood in her veins flow over the lapping tongue and
pursed lips of her lover.

Jezebel snaked her hand inside Andi’s panties and
pressed a finger into her vagina. It was like an
entranced snake maneuvering inside of the silky lining
of the young pussy. Jezebel continued to feed. Andi sank
further into a hypnotic meshing of heartbeats. Andi’s
body swam in a river of endorphins and she was coming.

Andi lost consciousness, or at least all ability to
recollect what was transpiring. Her body followed waves
of sensual winds and her mind drifted away from reality.

Jezebel knew when Andi had fallen into rapture when her
breathing calmed and her movement nearly ceased. She
continued to feast on the young flowing angel beneath
her and the world passed away from her eyes. Life’s
fluid swam into her empty heart and she became drunk.
When her body had taken its fill, she passed out and lay
upon Andi’s chest.


Jezebel awoke with a searing flame enveloping her skull.
She attempted to gain her faculties and turned to the
cool body beside her. The girl looked familiar. Her
beautiful skin and gentle, ancient eyes. Two close
wounds were circled by stains of blood on the young
things neck.

Jezebel strained for a moment to recall her situation.

Her heart sank. She had lost control. She had given into
her need for the girls letting. It had been almost
painless for her, but when she regained consciousness,
Jezebel knew that she would suffer an agonizing
recovery. She felt guilty for losing herself and her
ability to refrain from abusing the girl.

Jezebel stood up, slowly. She found her equilibrium and
stumbled into the shower. The turned pulled the plastic
curtain closed and turned on the flow of water. The hot
water showered her body and the bathroom filled thick
with steam. It penetrated her nostrils and encouraged
her skin to clear.

She soaped her body and caressed herself with a
washcloth. She felt clean and her mind lost some of it’s
tangled cobwebs. After the shower, she dried off and
wrapped herself in a soft bathrobe.

After situating herself, Jezebel picked Andi’s body up
and moved the sleeping girl to the bedroom, allowing her
to take over the bed. She removed her clothes, taking
liberty to let her hands and fingers explore the
smoothness of her soft skin. Andi’s body felt so cold.
Much like Jezebel often felt.

She pulled the blankets and comforters over the sleeping
girl, up to her shoulders. What she needed was heat, to
relieve some of the pain and quicken the process of her
body’s regeneration. Jezebel turned up the thermostat in
the apartment.

Satisfied that her young friend was as comfortable as
she could be in the present situation, Jezebel prepared
to leave for the morning, before the sun rose. She left
a note on the nightstand for Andi, incase she happened
to regain consciousness:

I’m sorry for this. You will be all right. I will see to
it. I must leave to speak with an old friend. I will
return soon. She locked the apartment behind her.

Her destination was an ancient looking bookstore. But
inside, there were more than just books. There were maps
and stones and items of unimaginable age and use. These
oddities were the possessions of Lodairos, a neutral
friend to all who roamed in the night. Not one of them,
he knew more of their nature and history than any other
human. Perhaps even more than many of the elders.

He always had a strong desire to be consumed by them and
live his life as an undead creature, but he also feared
such transition. Still, of German descent and American
citizenry he was a resource for many of those who found
themselves in a time of tribulation. Jezebel knew that
he would be awake when she came to his shop, because he
had adapted the hours and many traits of their

A small light glowed in the back of the shop and a
small, elderly figure came to the door. He peered
through the glass and smiled.

“Jezebel! Good to see you, dear!” His voice was like
bratwurst– warm and inviting with just enough spice to
catch your attention.

“I need help, Lodairos,” she said, fumbling with her

“Come in, then… Come in! Come in!” He said, waving his
arm and ushering her into the store. The smell of old
paper and rich leather bindings calmed her nerves a

“I was with something last night. I got– I got carried
away. I need to help them. It’s my fault and I want them
to recover.”

“But, child… Once taken by nasferatu, one never
recovers. Merely regains consciousness. They are,
clinically, dead. You know that.”

“Yes. I know– I know. I should have controlled myself
and avoided this whole situation, but I couldn’t and I
didn’t. But I can try to keep things from getting worse.
Will you help?”

“Jezzy, this person… I’ve never seen you bother with
someone like this. It isn’t like you.”

“She’s different. This person isn’t like anyone else
that I’ve taken before.”

“You like this person, no?”

“I– I think so. Lodairos, will you help me or not?”

“Yes. I have what you need, but I can promise nothing.”

Jezebel hugged the old man and thanked him. He left the
room, disappearing into a dark recessed closet that
looked more like a medieval medicine cabinet. He
returned with a vial of powder.

“What is this?” She asked.

“Crushed leaves of certain medicinal trees from Eastern

Shavings of Catar bone…”

“It will help her?”

“Not alone. You must keep her warm. You must mix your
own blood with this and place it on her tongue. She will
absorb it. If she is going to be well, this will speed
up the process. But if it is not meant for her to
survive… Then this will do nothing.”

“I appreciate your help, Lodairos. Thank you.”

Jezebel carefully wrapped the vial in cloth and secured
it inside of her purse.


Dawn crept over the horizon as she tapped the numbers
into the electronic lock and entered her apartment. The
clich� of the lonely vampire racing against the sun to
stay alive was just that– a clich�. But the sunlight
did lessen one’s strength and senses. A recently fed
vampire suffered little effect from the sun, but one who
had fed as much as a day before would be as week as a
human with the flu. Truly uncomfortable. Jezebel had fed
only hours before, but she was too intoxicated and too
worn from worry to imagine leaving again soon. She
wanted to administer the medicine to Andi and sleep…

Jezebel willed her incisors to protrude and carefully
snagged the flesh of her forearm on one tooth. A large
drop of blood swelled to the surface immediately. She
coaxed it into the vial, with her fingernail. She shook
the vial and tilted it until several drops dripped onto
her finger. She knelt next to Andi.

“I have to give you this, sweet heart. It should help
you.” She was not sure if Andi could hear her or not.
She was likely still in a deep sleep. She prodded her
mouth open and placed the powder and blood mixture
beneath her tongue. “You are an angel… I hope you will
forgive me for what I’ve done to you if you ever awake.”

Jezebel sighed and placed her purse and the vial next to
the nightstand, on the floor. Jezebel slipped her shoes
from her feet and let them dangle over the edge as she

It was so warm. It felt as if it were a sauna or a hot
day in the middle of the Arizona desert. Jezebel was
sweating. She removed her clothes and stood naked. It
helped very little to relieve her from the temperature.
She touched the back of her hand to Andi’s arm, beneath
the blanket. She was still very cold. She hoped the heat
was helping her.

She crawled beneath the covers of the bed and slid
herself next to Andi’s body. Her arms wrapped around the
lithe beauty and her body scooted close, to press as
much of her own flesh against Andi’s as she could.
Andi’s cool skin felt nice to Jezebel and cooled her
off. And the heat from Jezebel’s body might help Andi.

Cradling Andi in her arms, Jezebel fell asleep. She
dreamed. For the first time in years she dreamt. A man
with black eyes and a large frame stopped her in the
hallway, as she entered her apartment. He shoved her
inside and threw her to the floor. She tried to fight
him off. She had the strength of several mortal men, but
this one held her securely as he raped her and then slit
her throat. Her vision dissipated with the last image
seen being that of her own heart torn from her chest and
held in the hands of her attacker.

It was rare for her to dream. She would awake knowing
that she had dreamt. She would remember a man with dark
eyes. A large man. She would recall him stopping her in
the hall. But the rest would be an uncomfortable blur
and soon be forgotten.

Jezebel heard screaming. That is what woke her up. A
loud, thrashing sound and shuddering screams. They were
coming from this very room. She forced her weary eyes
open. Beneath her lay Jezebel, still deeply asleep.
Beneath her? She saw where she was. Jezebel was between
Andi’s legs and her body undulated against her. Her
clitoris was throbbing and her legs were burning. Her
breasts bounced as she thrust her hips against Andi.
Andi’s breasts shook softly back and forth with the
incessant motion between her legs. And the scream.
Jezebel realized it was of her own voice, as an orgasm
came upon her in a surprising wave of ecstasy.

Jezebel had awakened in the morning a few times before
to the happiness of reeling from a wet dream. But this
was incredible. The physical stimulation of her body
hard and clawing for satisfaction. Experiencing an
unexpected sexual climax. It tripped her mind over its
own thoughts and she forgot, momentarily, who the girl
beneath her was and what she was doing atop her.

She gathered herself and slid to the side of Andi. She
stared at her face and closed eyes. Her great breasts
and flat stomach. She tried not to think of what had
just happened. How she had come to be on top of Andi and
how she had achieved such wonderful orgasm. In a way, it
frightened her too much to think about. Losing control
again, she thought. She was losing control again.

“What are you doing to me?” She whispered to Andi. Why
did she suddenly care so much for someone? And why was
she unable to control her desires for this girl? Why?
She wasn’t a human any longer. She was nasferatu. She
was unto herself all she desired and needed. The
necessity of another soul was only for her feeding. But
Andi… Andi, she needed.

Jezebel shivered and a tiny aftershock flew down her
spine while another warmed her belly. She prayed that
Andi would be well, to a god that she knew was not
there. Then she fell asleep again. Her body was so
tired. Her mind was loose. Even having fed half a day
before, she was not strong. She was not energized and

That disparate feeling continued over the next few days.
Jezebel slept. When she would awake, she could hardly
make it into the kitchen to eat, or to get a glass of
water. Every movement was laborious. She would always
return to Andi’s side and hold her arms around her. Only
then could she sleep. And only in sleep could she
tolerate the reeling jumbled senses of her mind.

She knew that she was losing weight. She was dehydrated
from her inability and unwillingness to continue her
trips into the kitchen for water. Even the bathroom next
to the bedroom, to cup her hands beneath the water of
the faucet and sip from them became too painful and
draining. So she slept on. Nightmares filled her sleep.
Years without dreams seemed to suddenly compensate her
with the most vivid and frightening, illogical images
and surreal scenes.

More than a week passed. Jezebel awoke once again. Her
body was no longer cold the way it always had been and
it was not boiling as the temperature in the room had
caused her to feel for these many days. She felt
flushed. She felt a stirring inside of her body that she

She opened her eyes and the feeling grew more intense.
Between her legs Andi lay flat on her stomach, fingers
parting Jezebel’s lips and her tongue caressing her
clit. Jezebel opened her mouth to speak, but Andi’s
talented tongue only permitted a weak gasp and a sigh to
come from Jezebel. She squeezed her legs around Andi’s
face, gently and enjoyed the soft feminine expertise.
The tongue danced and skated over the soft flesh of her
labia and pressed itself against her clitoris, stroking
the hood that covered it. The tongue came down and was
thrust into her vagina. Only now did Jezebel contemplate
the surprising length and dexterity of Andi’s tongue.
Her body convulsed and she involuntarily shook, writhing
beneath Andi and bucking her hips.

Andi pulled her body from between Jezebel’s legs and
came up to kiss her lips once. Jezebel moaned and tried
to speak. Her mind was still in a fog that cradled her
thought. She knew what she wanted to say, but her body
insisted on extracting as much pleasure from its recent
violent as it could.

Andi spoke, “I’ve heard that most comatose men wake up
in the hospital with an erection. I always wondered if
women awoke sexually aroused, too.”

Jezebel moved her lips, but she still could not make
sense enough to push the words out.

Andi continued, “I can say without a doubt that they do.
At first, I couldn’t move. I could only see. I couldn’t
even feel anything for awhile. I was scared, too, but I
did not want to wake you. I knew that you had been
caring for me. When my body gained its senses, I could
feel my nipples. They were so hard. I felt like a soft
breeze of freezing winter air had just cascaded over my
skin. And when I looked at you… Saw you sleeping
beside me… God, I didn’t want to wake you but I was…
In need of you.”

Jezebel smiled, “You’re turning me on… Unless you
suddenly have a huge reserve of energy, you should stop
talking like that.” She winked.

“I’m sorry,” she feigned an apologetic little girl pout,
“Like I said, I couldn’t control myself. I had to have
you. Asleep or awake.” She grinned.

“Desire and control are difficult and dangerous to
manage,” Jezebel said. Only after the words came out did
she realize how true they were.

“Fuck me,” Andi whispered, kissing Jezebel again. She
traced her index finger from Jezebel’s cheek, along her
chin, down her neck, slowly between her breasts, and
down her stomach. Jezebel’s eyes closed and she bit her

Jezebel whispered, “Say that word again.”


Jezebel shivered. Fuck sounded like the chorus of a
heavenly hymn from Andi’s lips. “I’m glad that you’re
well, Andi. You don’t have any idea how badly I felt the
entire time that you were out. I lo–”

“I know you feel bad about it. I know…” Andi leaned
over to kiss her again. Jezebel moved away for a moment,
to an obviously agitated Andi.

“Wait a minute,” Jezebel said. “I need to tell you
something. And I know you’re going to hate me or want to
kill me. I… I wish I could do something about it,
because I– really like you. But I owe you the truth.”
“Alright,” Andi said, retreating from her sexual

“Do you know why you were out for so long? It was my
fault. I…”

Jezebel took a breath and swallowed before attempting to

She touched her hand to the still visible bite mark on
Andi’s neck. Andi caught Jezebel’s hand and pressed her
own over it, letting Jezebel’s palm lie flat over the

“It’s alright, Jezebel. I know what you are.”

Jezebel’s eyes gave away her surprise. “What?”

“I know what you did to me… What I am. I understand.
It’s really weird and I don’t know the consequences, but
I’m okay with it. You aren’t as sublime and happy as you
let on, Jezebel. I know your troubles and I know you…”

“But… How?”

“I don’t know. I do. Just trust me: I know what has
happened and I don’t hate you for it. My life isn’t
worth– wasn’t worth living the way I was before. I
wasn’t who I wanted to be. You could have done nothing
to make things worse, even if you killed me.”

“I’m so sorry,” Jezebel whispered again. Andi fell to
embrace her.

“Stop. I told you not to be sorry. I’ve been awake for
awhile. I had a chance to think while you slept. I need
to figure some things out. I need to get my mind
straight. But I do know what I want right now…”

Jezebel looked at her, curious.

“Fuck…” Andi whispered, kissing the full lips of her
Sire. She felt the soft rhythm of Jezebel’s gyrating
body below. Her clit rubbed against hers. Her skin
melted against Jezebel’s.

Jezebel’s hands reached for Andi’s and clasped them. She
turned her arms upward, resting on their elbows;
offering support for Andi as she gave herself to Jezebel
again. Soft folds of skin titillated the soft lower lips
of the other. Their moisture mixed. The insides of
Jezebel’s thighs lit fires against the friction of
rubbing against the outsides of Andi’s thighs. They
thrust their hips toward one another, reaching for
orgasm. Reaching for the satisfaction that one could
provide the other. Their eyes met and locked. Bodies
shook and breasts bounced. Breaths came short. Sighs
came readily.

Andi took her right hand from Jezebel’s left hand,
resting much of her weight on her other. Andi drew her
hand quickly across her own breast and Jezebel’s face
showed a brief confusion when Andi removed her hand to
reveal a thin, deep slice beneath her right aureole.
Blood spilled from it. Andi leaned forward and offered
the breast to Jezebel’s willing lips.

Andi felt Jezebel’s warm tongue lapping at the blood and
drinking it from the vein in her breast. It felt
beautiful and right. Her entire upper body wanted to
float and felt weightless. She felt her pussy contract
and her stomach convulse. She was coming and she
released her inhibitions, screaming loudly and pulling
Jezebel’s hair tightly to one side. Her toes curled and
her eyes clenched tightly.

Against the blackness of her eyelids, Andi saw a man of
large build. He removed his glasses to reveal the
blackest eyes she had ever seen…

–Through My Eyes–

A month had passed since Jezebel and Andi met. A month
since Andi had been bitten and brought into the life of
the undead. Andi had come to view Jezebel as a mentor,
mother, and lover. In turn, Jezebel regarded Andi as her
savior. An angel sent to rejuvinate her heart and soul
and lust for living.

The night became theirs. It was the cloak that shrouded
them as they made love, talked, danced and entangled
themselves in each other’s web.

But when morning came, and sleep drew them in, Andi was
tortured by nightmares. Jezebel slept well, but worried
greatly for her lover. She would cradle her in her arms
and assure Andi that all was right. But the fear and
sickness in her eyes frightened Jezebel. She would speak
to Andi almost daily about the nightmares. Asking
questions. Digging for a way to resolve the pain she saw
her in. But her questions were dodged. She knew when
Andi was lying, but did not press her on that aspect.
Still wondered why Andi would hide anything from her.

Jezebel looked up as Andi entered the room and drew the
drapes closed, forcing the rising sun from the

“Hello, angel,” Jezebel said.

Andi came to the bed. She kissed Jezebel. “Hello,

Andi started to pull away, but Jezebel’s arms wrapped
around her back and stopped her. Jezebel pulled her down
until Andi came to a straddling position above her.

“Stop fidgeting with the curtains and doors and come to
bed,” Jezebel said. She didn’t have to repeat herself.
Andi turned out the lights and it was nearly dark
inside. Jezebel reached between Andi’s legs and slid her
middle finger into her pussy, up to the knuckle. Andi
squirmed and fell to her side, willing Jezebel to do
with her as she wished. She withdrew the finger and put
it to her mouth. Licking it first, then drawing it into
her mouth, pursing her lips around the finger. “You
taste like peaches…”

Andi slipped her index finger into her own pussy and
pulled it out, glistening and shining in the faint
light. She pressed it to Jezebel’s lips and watched as
it was happily taken in to her mouth.

“I know that you know what this feels like, Andi… When
you want to crawl inside of the other’s body and fuck
them from the inside. Wishing you could experience the
sensations they feel as you are causing them…”

Andi nodded, breathlessly whispering agreement.

Jezebel pushed Andi onto her back and put her palm
against her pelvic bone, letting her fingers cascade
down to her vagina. She lightly brushed her middle
finger against Andi’s clitoris and watched a wave come
over her, causing her to shiver. She put more pressure
on her clit and began a consistent circular motion,
rubbing her clitoris around and around, letting the
friction of Andi’s own body rubbing against her clit
induce an orgasm. The motions sped up and her hand was
beginning to be visible only as a blur of pale white.

Andi shuddered and her hands quickly grabbed Jezebel’s,
holding it against her pussy, and guiding her fingers
into Andi. She held Jezebel’s hand still and humped her
hips upward, onto the long, artistic digits.

Andi closed her eyes and came. Against the blackness of
her eyelids, she saw a tall man with ivory skin and
dark, brooding eyes. She was vaguely aware of the image.
Her interest and body were occupied by the fire in her

“Don’t stop, Jezzy– God don’t you dare stop!” She

And Jezebel didn’t. She continued her ministrations. She
eased a second and a third finger in. A fourth was soon
to join them when Andi’s hand coaxed them eagerly to
enter her body. She was panting and her body undulated
like a raft in the torrid sea. Sweat began to cover her
forehead and her chest. Her thighs were an excited pink
and her labia were full and voluptuous.

Another image painted itself on the backs of Andi’s
eyelids. She was slightly more aware of this one, but
her brain, consumed in the moment of ecstasy discarded
it. A woman lay on the floor by the man’s feet, a line
of blood about her neck.

“More,” Andi whispered, “More Jezzy, I want you inside
of me.”

“No, child– I’ll hurt you. I don’t want it to hurt,
sweet,” Jezebel argued.

“I don’t care. Let it hurt. Please, Jezebel. God, I want
you inside of my body. Yourself, you said you wanted

“But,” she protested.

“Just put that fucking hand in me. Don’t worry about
me… Please… Just do it quickly and it won’t hurt…”

Jezebel gathered herself and knelt on her hands. She
took hold of her wrist with her other hand and forced
her entire right hand into Andi’s pussy. Her body
resisted at first and it took much strength to enter.
But she was in, to her wrist now and it caused only one
long guttural scream from Andi.

Jezebel was shocked at what she was doing. There was
something sensual about having her fist inside of this
warm body. It made her feel connected and she was, for
awhile, a part of Andi. It was spectacular.

“Does this feel well, Andi?” She asked, hoping that she
had indeed found enjoyment in this, as it was she that
had insisted.

Andi said nothing. She clenched her teeth and breathed
heavily like a woman in labor. She was sweating and
shaking. Her eyes were tightly shut. Her cunt was
begging to be relieved of the mass inside of her. Her
skin quaked. Jezebel’s hand began to twist in semi-
circular motions. This sent Andi over the edge and her
body entered the most intense orgasm she could recall.
She screamed, loud enough to hurt Jezebel’s ears. She
wanted the hand out of her, but she desired to have it
within her, too. It was beginning to overwhelm her and
she could no longer accept the stimulation and the
intriguing, odd sense of pain inside of her, swelling
throughout her lower body, belly, breasts…

The image reappeared against her eyelids. It was Jezebel
at the floor. Punctured neck with a streak of blood.
Another streak of the blood was faintly visible on the
dark shoes of the black-eyed man above her.

Andi passed out.


Jezebel awoke hours later to Andi’s prodding.

“What is it?” She asked, attentively.

“I need to talk to you, Jezzy…”

Jezebel sat up and brushed the hair away from her eyes.
“About the dreams.”

Andi nodded. “Yes. And something else.”

“Alright… I’ve been waiting for you to explain. It’s
an odd time, but I suppose this is as well as any, isn’t
it dear?”

Andi smiled. “Yeah. I guess.” She thought for a moment.
She began to speak and then hesitated before continuing.
“It’s more than dreams. I’ve also had these… visions.
But they’ve only come a few times. Perhaps a half
dozen… And they come only when… well… when… when
I’m cumming.”

Jezebel smiled devilishly and immediately tried to cover
it up.

“Smart ass,” Andi retorted. “It’s always been a dark-
eyed man in the dreams and visions. A tall, pale figure.
Almost ghostly. It never made sense before, but his eyes
frightened me. They always have since the first dream
weeks ago.”

“Dreams,” Jezebel whispered, “Andi, dreams are just the
result of your brain processing information at night.
It’s noth–”

“No. Listen,” Andi insisted. “This dream… The
vision… Earlier, when you put your hand in me… When
I came– I saw him again… And you.”

Jezebel’s eyes perked up and she ruffled her brow.

“Jezzy… You were by him on the floor… You were dead
or something… I think you were dead…”

Jezebel sat quietly. She was unsure how to respond. She
wanted to disregard what she had just heard, but…

It was familiar. She had experienced similar dreams
during the time that Andi was sick. That is why she
found it difficult to ignore. The image. The situation
of her body on the floor. The man. It was familiar. It
had happened to her. It was real.

But when? Would she not recall it? It had been so long.
She was certain of that.

“I think,” Andi said, “that I experience these images
when I am most connected with you. That is why they
occur when we make love. And when we’re asleep… I
don’t know. Perhaps we are symbiotic then, too.”

“I don’t know,” Jezebel thought aloud. “I dreamt about
this man, too. When you were asleep I dreamt for the
first time in many years. I can’t recall them
completely… but the man with dark eyes. I knew someone
like him before. With eyes like pits.”

“Who is he?” Andi asked, scooting closer to Jezebel and
taking her share of the blanket to keep warm. Their legs
brushed against each other beneath the covers.

“I wish I could say…”

“And why has he hurt you in my dreams?”

“Again… I wish I could answer you.”

They were both scared, and neither needed to say so.
Whatever these things meant, they were enough to stand
the hair upon your neck on-end. But Jezebel knew that
there was nothing that could be done about things beyond
your control. Perhaps, after sleep, she would have the
faculties to recollect the face in their dreams.

And there was always Lodairos.

Into each other’s arms, they fell, appearing to sleep
like babes on the outside, but sharing the same
simultaneous dream of the dark man attacking Jezebel.


Andi had recently decided to continue stripping. She
found a comfortable excitement in dancing before men.
Seeing their lust for her body and sucking in the beat
of the music without her inhibitions. As night came, she
showered and dressed for work. After she had gone,
Jezebel went to the small store wherein she knew
Lodairos would be busily archiving his texts and

Jezebel arrived to an unlocked door. That was unusual.
Lodairos was an aging man and he knew that this
neighborhood was no longer the safe fortress of his
childhood. Worry growing in her, she pushed it open. She
cautiously stepped inside and saw the gentle glow of a
low-watt bulb in the far end of the store.

A figure moved there. It turned.

“Jezebel!” The voice cried. It was Lodairos.

“Jesus,” Jezebel said, “Are you trying to get yourself
killed? Your door was unfastened!”

Lodairos nodded. His eyes darted from her face to the
corner of the room, gesturing for her to look behind
him. Look for something. “I’ve been too busy at work. I
must have forgotten about security, child…”

Jezebel tried to follow his eyes, but she did not quite
catch on what the old man was trying to convey. He
cocked his head and she knew that they were not alone.
He had tried to convey that to her from the moment she
entered. That is why he moved nervously and his voice
was higher than normal. Shaky. Unsure of its footing.

“Lodairos… what is it?” Jezebel whispered.

“Run!” He whispered, pleading to her with his eyes. His
gray hair falling over his eyes and his hands gesturing
for her to go.

She wanted to ask why. She wanted to take his hand and
calm him down. But the light behind him quickly
disappeared. Jezebel looked up and before her, behind
Lodairos, stood a man of more than six and one-half
feet. Dark, trimmed hair and sunglasses. His skin was
pale, like a sheet or a ghost.

“What the hell?” She gasped. She stood, frozen as the
man towered over her. His hand reached to his face and
removed his eyeglasses. The black pits of his dark eyes
stared into her soul.

Jezebel tried to scream. The tip of a large knife
suddenly appeared, silently through Lodairos’ stomach.
Blood spilled from the blade and wound to the floor. He
mouthed words that Jezebel could not make out and the
blade disappeared. The man withdrew the knife and
returned it to his side.

Like ice, crushing beneath the heavy boots of a storm
trooper, he spoke: “My time has come to repent and make
right what I have done.”

“What are you talking about?” Jezebel yelled, “What the
fuck are you talking about?!”

He lunged for her, but her quickness allowed her to
evade him and avoid the point of the knife he wielded.

“I made the mistake of embracing you, child. Many I have
embraced. And the time has come for me to cleanse the
soul I have left and sacrifice my children. I must
remove the stains I have put on this earth.”

“You… You’re my sire…” She said quietly, backing
away from him and easing her way to the doorway.

“Yes, I raped you and fucked you like the whore you have

“Why would you say such a thing? Why did you… Why did
you make me this way?”

“I was a venomous man. Frightened of my newfound
strength and immortality. I thought I was a god. But I
was wrong. I’m erasing the mistakes of my youth.”

“But I’m not a mistake! I was… I was human until

“Yes, yes… I know… But I made you what you are. I am
your sire. Give yourself to me and we will make things
right. I will be quick in taking your heart.”

He swiped at her, lunging forward. He missed her as she
dodged to the side and he fell against the wall, blade
slicing into the dark wood.

“Fuck you!” Jezebel said. She swung her arm around,
elbowing her attacker in the jaw and drawing blood. With
a quick jump, she found the door and opened it. As he
came again for her, she caught him in the balls with a
heavy foot and he squealed. He dropped to the floor and
cursed her as the bitch he claimed she was.

She wanted to look back as she fled, but the sheer anger
and relentlessness in his eyes had convinced her that
one more glance would not be worth her life. She ran.
Andi should have been to work by now and she would be
able to speak with her there. In her presence, she would
feel safe.


The bar was alive tonight. Not crowded, by any means,
but there were enough people to mingle and dance with.
Jezebel made her way through the people to the counter.

“Jezzy! You’re here!” Eddie said loudly, handing her a

She shunned the drink and asked him when Andi would be
on the stage.

“She’s got another ten minutes, babe. You want I should
go get her for you?– I gotta say, I’m damn pleased one
of my girls returned after a night with you. Guess
there’s a first time for nearly fuckin’ everything ain’t

“Thanks,” she replied, “but I’ll just go talk to her
myself. I’m in a hurry.”

Eddie saw something unusual in Jezebel’s face. It was…
anxiety. He hadn’t seen her worried about anything
before. “Jez– you okay? Is everything alright?”

She looked up at him. She would like to have told him,
but could not risk involving him in this. He was a bit
of a prick, but he didn’t deserve to have anything like
this thrust upon him. He wouldn’t stand a chance.
“I’m… There’s someone I don’t want to see. And I want
Andi to know who he is.”

“Well, I see anybody in here looks a bit suspicious,
I’ll take care of them. Now get on back and see Andi
before she goes on!”

Jezebel moved around people, zigzagging her way to the
back of the club. The pattern of lights changed, and the
blue intensified; pulsed. The music changed. A harsh,
industrial riff of KMFDM shook the building.

Andi danced powerfully onto the stage; demanding
attention and getting it.

Damn! Jezebel thought. She couldn’t get to Andi from the
dance-floor. There was no way up and the stage was much
too high. Steps. There were steps behind stage from the
dressing room that she could use. If she could get her
attention from behind there.

But that would cause a commotion. Ten minutes. She could
wait ten minutes. Andi would have another thirty minutes
before her next set afterward. She could wait. She
stepped up to the front part of the stage and watched
Andi dance. Her nearly naked body spun and her breasts
bounced. Her long arms wrapped around the brass poles
and then around herself. She caressed her body and lay
on the floor, slithering toward the crowd.

Her eyes caught Jezebel’s. Eagerly, Jezebel tried to
communicate to her, gesturing and yelling, but it was
too loud for her voice to carry.

Jezebel waited and watched. Just a few minutes. It was
all going to be fine. Her Sire was behind her, crawling
on his knees in pain. He would be awhile before finding
her– and this would be the last place he would look for


Eddie took a clean cloth and dried the inside of the
glasses before him. It was a pleasantly busy night. More
people meant more money. And more money meant… Well,
it meant he could get the hell out of this town and away
from his ex-wife. Some place warm would be nice.

But he wasn’t excited at the thought of leaving the
gorgeous women who danced for him. Especially Andi. She
had worked out very well at his bar. Such a beautiful
young thing when she walked in off the streets looking
for a gig. And here she was, his main draw for

His thoughts turned to Andi’s new fling, Jezebel. The
thought of them together made him snicker. Somehow, they
seemed appropriate for one another. He’d sure like to
get a piece of each of them, though. But, he wondered,
what was up with Jezzy tonight? She seemed so worried.
Her mind was definitely elsewhere and she was scared.

Who could she mean by ‘him’? It certainly couldn’t have
been an ex-boyfriend. When had he ever seen her
interested in a male? To that point, when had he seen
her around any men?

A dark image reflected in the glass he held. Eddie
looked up from it and saw the bearer. It was a tall,
dark-haired man. He wore damaged sunglasses and walked
with a subtle limp. His pale skin– it looked as if he’d
ripped it from Jezebel and worn it himself; so pale.

He certainly didn’t belong in a place like this. He
didn’t seem to even want to be walking into this place.
Eddie’s instincts raised his interest and he stopped the

“Can I help you? Are you looking for someone?”

The man kept silent, scanning the room. He was looking
for someone. Jezebel. Eddie would have wagered his
scrotum on it. The man turned to Eddie and said, “Yes,
thank you– I’ve found what I’m looking for.”

The man removed his hat and glasses. His eyes were pits
and their blackness froze Eddie as he opened the drawer
by the register and took the butt of the revolver

The man walked further. Those who were standing moved
from his path as he approached. He certainly was not
going to move around them. Several people at their
tables glanced nervously upward as he passed them. He
wore a grimace.

Jezebel felt a cold stare. It darted across the room and
froze the hair on her neck. She turned, sure of the eyes
that stare came from. Her Sire. His angry, mechanical
hate bearing on her. Forbidding her to flee. And to flee
would only prolong the chase.

She knew that he was weakened. The limp he had acquired
from their earlier encounter gave his pain away. And the
grimace on his face, which was more than just hate–

Her mind raced and she wanted to alert Andi. Seek Andi’s
help so that she would be all right. So that she would
not have to face this end alone. But only she and her
Sire existed. Outside their bodies the world moved in
slow colored blotches, blurring their peripheral vision.

Andi suddenly ceased dancing. At their tables, customers
grumbled and wondered why she had stopped. She nervously
clutched at her face, naked body standing free. She
stared exactly into the eyes of the dark-eyed man who
had torn her attention from her routine. He was
oblivious to her, though. He moved in a set manner,
determined, as he came upon Jezebel.

“Jezebel!” Andi screamed. She could not get her
attention. “Eddie!”

She screamed, realizing that Jezebel was unable to
gather her senses. She seemed… hypnotized and drawn
into the void where the strange man stood. The man from
her very own dreams, whom she had seen above Jezebel
many days before.

Eddie saw the commotion as the patrons of his bar
mumbled worriedly and unknowingly in response to the
sight before them. The dark man who had entered minutes
before reached a cold hand to Jezebel, brushing her
cheek. Without words, Eddie drew the pistol from below
the counter. With a clear line, he fired. Twice. The
first tore through the man’s right arm, shattering his
elbow. The second bullet pierced his shoulder, throwing
him forward against the stage.

The man screamed and stood to look at Eddie. In a
magnificent bound, the wounded man leaped to the stage.
He shoved Andi off and she fell clumsily to the floor
below. She winced as the room echoed with the snapping
of her forearm. The dark-eyed man, with his healthy arm,
ripped a brass pole from the ceiling, it’s now jagged
edges reflecting light against the walls of the now
empty nightclub.

Eddie fumbled with the pistol. It clicked twice.

The man turned toward the bar, twenty yards from the
stage. He hoisted the brass pole like a massive shining

“Christ!” Eddie swore, hoping furiously for the trigger
to give.


The man hurled the pole into the air and it sailed
across the room.


The magazine could not be empty. It was always kept
fully loaded. God damned miss-fires! “Christ!” Eddie
swore again as his eyes caught the end of the pole
bearing down on him from the center of the room. He
forced the trigger once more and the gun fired. Eddie
didn’t see the bullet hit its target squarely in the
jaw, throwing bone and teeth spattering across the stage
and lights. The pole carved through Eddie’s large
forehead with its uneven rude edge. It speared him
against the back of the bar, between black and white
photos on the wall.

Andi screamed as she saw her boss– her friend,
slaughtered in her defense.

The dark-eyed man, seeming only momentarily effected by
his wounds, dove from the stage, landing on Jezebel’s
back, wrapping his arms around her head. She would die
and he would see to it. His mistake would be erased.

Jezebel knew she was in danger. She wanted to fight off
her Sire, but he leapt on her and controlled her. How
could she fight her creator? How could she destroy he,
who gave her life?– But these were not her own
thoughts. God, these were not hers! They were his! She
knew this and fought desperately to banish them from her
head. But his connection with his progeny, even years
later was such that she could afford only a weak and
swift fight before submitting to his obvious power.

He drained it from her; the power. He reclaimed what he
had given her. To removed her heart from her chest would
be the only remaining step. Then, she would cease to be
nasferatu. She would cease to live.

It was then that Andi felt the surge of power. It was
pure adrenaline coursing through her veins like a wild
drug in the arm of an addict. She was nasferatu as well,
and her Sire was soon to expire. She was strong. She had
not yet needed to rely on the instincts that had
embedded themselves in her system these last weeks. Now,
it was impossible to deny that she was more than she
ever imagined she could be.

Instinctively, she willed herself to move across the
floor. Despite the awful pain in her leg, she stood and
found herself whisked to where the dark-eyed man and
Jezebel stood. She had not leaped, nor walked– yet she
had moved from where she sat, to where she now stood.
Her power, in this moment of duress, had grown

“Turn to me, coward,” she demanded of the dark figure.

He turned, releasing Jezebel from his arms. His
mutilated jaw and mouth could not speak, but she heard
words in her mind, “Do not interfere child. She is

“No,” she telepathed to him. She had learned recently of
her ability to communicate without words or gestures
with Jezebel. She had not realized it was an ability
beyond herself and her lover.

The dark-eyed man’s eyes suddenly gained emotion.
Before, so sure and direct, now curious and growing
frightened. He knew instantly that this one was
powerful. She was young and she had something within her
that he had never had… Passion. Yes, he sensed passion
in her and he feared it.

“No,” she said aloud this time. “She is mine!”

Shouting gutturally, from her throat, Andi threw her
hand into the man’s chest. Her finger’s dug instantly
into his skin and shock glazed his eyes. Her hand
twisted inside of his body and he slumped forward,
gasping a final breath before she withdrew. He fell to
the floor. Andi loosened her grip and his now still
heart rolled from her hand, dropping next to his belly.

She looked for Jezebel. She was slumped against a
barstool. She was delirious and incoherent, but she
would be fine.

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A female vampire seduces a young stripper