A friend fixes a couple up with a black man to fulfill the couple’s fantasy about sharing a stranger

A friend fixes a couple up with a black man to fulfill the couple’s fantasy about sharing a stranger

Diane said, “I didn’t forget about fixing you up.”

Pam laughed. “Fix me up?”

“You know, with a black man,” Diane said smiling. Pam’s
heart beat a little quicker. Diane handed Pam a piece
of paper. “Here’s his number. He lives in Round Rock
and he’s bi-sexual like your husband, too.” “How do you
know?” asked Pam.

“I used to date him,” replied Diane. “We always did 3-
somes. It’s how I met my husband.”

Pam laughed. “You, your husband, and him?” Diane
nodded. “Do you still see him?” Diane smiled.

Pam looked at her husband. “Should we call him?”

Norman nodded. “I want to. But it’s up to you.”

His name was Thomas. Pam liked his voice over the
phone. It was almost musical. Thomas wanted to know if
it was okay for him to invite another man to join them.
Pam had to clear her throat, before she said it was his
house. But he had to know if it was okay with Pam. Pam
looked at her husband watching her. “Yes,” she said.
Pam had been unfaithful to her husband once. They had
had the best sex ever, when she had told him. But she
was never sure. She still wasn’t.

Thomas answered the door. He was as tall as Norman. He
was also a deep, deep black, almost blue. He smiled a
lovely smile. “Welcome,” he said. “I’m Thomas.”

Norman shook his hand. “I’m Norman. This is Pam. Thanks
for having us.” Thomas laughed. “My pleasure. Or, at
least, I hope it will be.” He led them into his home.
It was a very masculine home. Obviously, he was single.
Pam admired his the width of his shoulders. His hair
was cut short. He was clean-shaven. He wore a red silk
shirt and black slacks. He was barefoot. He had big
feet. A blonde young man rose when they entered the
living room. His eyes were blue. He was short only
about 5’6″. He was lean and well muscled. He was also

Pam looked at the long penis hanging between his legs.
He was circumcised and the head was about the same dark
pink as Norman’s. Pam realized she was staring, when
Thomas said,” This is Joey.” Everyone was looking at

“A pleasure to see you,” said Pam. Everyone laughed.

Pam stood in the guest bedroom with Norman. “Are you
sure about this?”

Norman slipped off his shoes and removed his shirt. He
dropped his pants.

He wore no underwear. He tapped his 7″ hard-on. Pam
looked at her husband, 6’3″ tall, large chest, wide
shoulders, and unfortunately, a large belly. She
thought about Joey’s abs, Norman’s genitals were
shaven, (he said, to make his dick look bigger), but
Norman’s best feature was his large, strong hands.

“Take it all off,” he begged Pam. Norman’s heartbeat
increased as he watched Pam begin to undress. Her
short, dark blonde hair, her baby blue eyes, her
delicious lips. He watched Pam remove her blouse,
revealing a black bra barely containing her large
breasts. She also wore black panties. The black
underwear emphasized the pale ivory smoothness of her
very soft skin. Pam stood in her under garments.

“Everything, please,” he breathed. She turned and he
fumble fingered the release of her bra. He gazed in
worship at her large honeydew shaped tits tipped with
large pale pink aureoles and nipples. He dropped to his
knees and rolled down her panties, revealing her heart
shaped ass and hairless pubes. He opened the door and
Pam stepped out NAKED.

Pam was only 4’10”, so Norman could see their faces.
Their eyes greedily devoured every inch of her
nakedness. Pam and Norman feasted their eyes on Thomas’
cock. It was longer than Joey’s and heavily veined. It
was very dark like the rest of his body and the huge
bulbous head was a deep purple.

Thomas enveloped her in his powerful arms. “You are
beautiful.” Pam enjoyed the warmth of his hard body and
the silky smoothness of his skin. He kissed her. She
felt his huge penis against her belly. He kissed her
again and she parted her lips to allow his thick tongue
to invade her mouth. His tongue danced with hers. He
explored her teeth and palate. She felt his cock rise.
She grasped it, but she could not close her hand
completely around the shaft. She feared she could not
take him when the head of his cock pressed against her

She looked at her husband. He was holding Joey in his
arms. His dick rubbed against Joey’s cock. When he saw
Pam looking, he french-kissed Joey. “Go and kiss my
wife, Joey.” Joey french-kissed Pam. She thought about
her husband kissing him. She kissed him again.

Then Norman and Thomas joined them and she found
herself in a circle of three naked men all touching her
with their erect cocks. Her pussy juices began oozing
down her legs. Norman broke the circle and lifted Pam
easily in his arms. “Where?”

Thomas led them to a bedroom dominated by a giant four-
poster bed covered only in a black silk sheet. Norman
laid Pam on the bed. Pam stretched out her arms and
legs wide allowing the men to see everything. They
looked at her blue veined breasts. They gazed at her
perfect pussy all bare, even her asshole, lovingly
shaved by her husband. She looked at them looking and
had her first orgasm. They rubbed their hands all over
her body. Six hands. “Let’s rub our dicks on her tits,”
Norman said.

Pam watched as three cocks rubbing on her pink nipples,
trailing pre-cum juices. She watched them bump dick
heads on her tits. This homoeroticism excited her.
“Suck their dicks, Norman,” she commanded.

Norman bent over and sucked the pre-cum juices off her
pink nipples. Then, he took a cock in each hand. He
rubbed the heads of their dicks together. He kissed the
heads of each cock and licked their pee holes dripping
clear juices. He took Joey into his mouth first. He
lowered his head until he took the whole cock into his
mouth. Then, he raised his head slowly, sucking hard.
He licked the shaft and then, the balls. Norman took
the cock back into his mouth. He sucked hard and
squeezed Joey’s balls. He licked and sucked until Joey
shot off into Norman’s mouth. White jism ran down the
shaft and over Norman’s hand onto Pam’s breast. Finally
Joey collapsed beside Pam, she touched his spent member
tenderly. Norman sucked some of the jism off her nipple
— Pam had another orgasm.

Norman still held Thomas’ cock in his left hand. He
kissed and licked the huge purple head. He licked the
frenum, the little rim under the head. His tongue
followed the trail made by the large veins in the long
shaft. He suckled each ball and rolled them in his
mouth. Then, he retraced his path and Pam noticed
Norman’s hand closed easily around Thomas’ cock. She
had a small orgasm. Norman suckled the purple head. He
opened his mouth wider and slowly swallowed all of the
massive cock. Then he slowly raised his head. He looked
at Pam. “Let’s eat my wife’s pussy.”

Norman spread his wife’s pussy with his fingers.
“Look,” her husband said and both men looked at her
naked pussy. “See her nice pink clit. Not too small,
not too big. And,” he continued. “Here’s her pee hole
and pussy. See how nice and pink. And her nice little
asshole, look at the curve of her pussy lips, so
kissable. Taste her, she’s sweet.”

First, Thomas did. She felt his thick tongue follow the
curves of her labia. He gently flicked her clit with
his tongue sucked it between his thick lips. She felt
his nose against her pee hole as he pushed his tongue
into her pussy. Pam came in his mouth and he greedily
swallowed. Joey took his turn. She looked at his golden
locks as he explored her recesses.

“Fuck my wife.”

Joey did. He was a bit thicker than her husband. Norman
lay beside her, as a strange man fucked her. Pam felt
wild as he stretched her pussy to new limits.
“Fuckmefuckmefuckme,” Pam keened as Joey fucked her in
and out, in and out.

Norman said,” I love you.” And sucked her tits as Joey
fucked her harder and harder. Pam came first and Joey
came She felt his huge penis spasm inside her as he
filled her with hot jism. Then, she remembered she
forgot to ask for condoms. And she came again.

Joey rolled off her and Pam lay there spent. She
worried she couldn’t fuck Thomas. Norman revived her.
“So beautiful,” he crooned. Norman kissed her pussy
oozing Joey’s thick white jism. Pam was energized by
the sheer nastiness of her husband cleaning her pussy
with his tongue of another man’s sperm. Norman took
Thomas’ cock in his left hand and stroked it. “Pam,
darling, it’s time to fuck a black man. Time to offend
all our relatives. They will stare in horror. And I
will love you more.”

Norman looked at Thomas, “Fuck my wife.”

Pam was awed at the hugeness of the cock as he rubbed
his penis against her pussy. She stroked his beautiful
black, black skin lost in the taboo of it, the true
nastiness it invoked in her. She felt the huge push
against her pussy. Ever so slowly, her pussy opened.
First the head, then the shaft inside her! Sliding
slowly, ever so slowly inside her. Filling her, filling
her until she was filled, and her pussy stretched oh!
oh! Just a little more until she held all of him.
“Wait,” she breathed. “Don’t move. Please.” She felt
the total satisfaction of the fullness sweep over her
and the ecstasy of multiple orgasms wash over her like
waves. An ocean of sensation. She was lost in pleasure
and he began to move.

Pam’s back arched and she pulled her with both hands.
She screamed with pure primitive pleasure. He shook her
like an earthquake with each mighty thrust. She
scratched his back leaving bloody furrows. She grabbed
his hard ass trying to bring him deeper. Some sane part
of her mind knew this wasn’t possible. She felt his
orgasm spewing inside her like a great fire hose. More

The three men looked at her. She had passed out. She
lay with her legs wide. Thick white jism oozed from her
gaping pussy. “May I photograph her? I keep an album,”
said Thomas.

Norman would allow it only if he sought her approval
later. They let Pam rest and looked at the album.
Norman recognized Diane, laying there naked, sperm
dripping from her pussy. They jacked each other off.

Norman looked at Diane and imagined other men looking
at Pam, “Maybe the next time, you could invite more
men.” He looked at Diane again, “Maybe Diane and her

Norman shot off all over Thomas’ hand.

“Next time?” Thomas asked.

Norman just smiled.

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A friend fixes a couple up with a black man to fulfill the couple’s fantasy about sharing a stranger