A Game show where 4 male contestants Compete against each other and a straight couple

A Game show where 4 male contestants Compete against each other and a straight couple

Freddy was nervous as hell. His girlfriend Sue had
signed them up for this stupid game show without even
telling him. He still wasn’t sure why he’d agreed.
Sure they could win a lot of money, and they’d each
get a grand just for participating. And sure they
needed the money pretty bad. Desperately actually. But
they would be on national TV having sex with

He didn’t know what was worse, the fact that his
girlfriend would be having sex with strange men right
in front of him, not to mention the live studio
audience, or that he would be having sex with the same
men, in a female bodysuit.

Freddy shuddered at the thought. Ok, his part would
definitely be worse. Freddy wasn’t gay. He wasn’t by
either. That was a requirement for the show. They even
had him do a couple of interviews with shrinks to make
sure he was straight. The kink factor of straight guys
being made up as girls and having to have sex with
other men was what gave this show such good ratings.
There were other, more vanilla show Sue could have
signed them up for, but the kinkier shows had much
bigger prizes. There was a version of this show on
another network, but used a lot of bondage, and a lot
more guys. Freddy figured he should just be grateful
Sue hadn’t signed them up for that one. Freddy was
just too nice of a guy. He had trouble saying no,
especially to Sue.

Jill, one of the girls who worked backstage approached
him. “Hi!” she said, all cheerful enthusiasm. “Just 15
minutes till we start rolling, so could you follow me
to make up real quick? Oh, and in case you didn’t
know, I’ll be your fluffer before we start.” Freddy
blinked at that, as he followed her make-up. She was
cute. Kinda short, with red hair freckles and glasses,
but very voluptuous under her Porn-tv t-shirt and

“Uhh, why exactly do I need a fluffer? Won’t an
erection kinda give me away?” he asked, taking a quick
glance at her butt as she led the way. “Don’t worry
about that, the suit will hide any trace of physical
masculinity. It will just make it a lot easier on you
if you’re aroused.”

Jill showed him to a chair in front of a makeup mirror
and he sat down. Immediately Jill got on her knees in
front of him and unzipped his pants, reaching in and
pulling out his dick. She started kissing it gently,
causing it to stir. Freddy rolled his head back as she
engulfed his hardening cock. Under her ministrations,
it took him a full minute to realize that someone was
talking to him.

“…shaved your entire body already, it’s always a
hassle when they forget to.” Freddy try to focus as
the makeup girl explained a few things, while applying
a light powder to his face, so he’d show up better on
camera. Apparently the application of the bodysuit
would be done on camera, though not in front of the
audience, so they couldn’t give away his identity to
the other contestants. Not that the whole world
wouldn’t know soon enough. His face and name would be
all over their TV screens before he was put in the

Everything was kind of a blur until he was standing
there nude in front of a camera. They would do the
voice over stuff later, they just needed a before
shot. Then they led him to this phony futuristic
looking chair, and a group of professionals started
applying the specialized high sensitivity constriction
material of the body suit. After each piece was in
place make up people would come out and make
everything look seamless and attractive. In no time
Freddy got up and looked down at himself, but he
couldn’t see much over his 36D sized breasts.

He flexed his fingers, which seemed a couple sizes
smaller, topped with nail polish. Reaching down he
felt a waist inches smaller than his, leading into
wide curving hips and a smooth rounded. Bending a bit
to see over his tits, he looked and, sure enough, his
cock was gone, replaced by a smooth shaved pussy. He
could feel where his cock was, inside, with a portion
of the sensitive tip poking out where he clit would
be. He reached up and felt his tits. He really could
feel them, brushing his nipples sending a shudder
through him. These things were more sensitive than his
own skin.

Turning around, he saw a beautiful, completely nude,
woman starring back at hm. Ruby red lips, and blue
green stylized eye shadow. Full perky breasts, with
little rosebud nipples. Pale, creamy skin and wavy
dark hair to his shoulders. Damn. The sight alone was
enough to keep him raging hard in the confines of his
suit. Though he could feel a strange pressure at the
base of his penis.

Jill snapped him out of his astonished daze, asking
him to follow her. They were ready to begin shooting
in front of the audience. Yikes.

Freddy started shivering as he walked up to the
plywood set, to a door that would open as he and Sue
were announced. The room was warm enough, he was just
scared shitless. Sue walked up, led by a man in
another Porn-tv t-shirt, and stepped up right next to
Freddy. “Ready?” she asked, putting on a tremulous
smile. She was nude too. Or she was the only one nude,
since not a speck of Freddy’s skin actually showed.
But i damned sure felt like he was nude. And about to
go out in front of a couple hundred people. And play
sex games with four GUYS. With MILLIONS watching at

“And please give a warm round of applause to our
lovely couple, Winnifred and Sue, from Henceforth
Washington.” The host called out over the microphone,
and Jill gave Freddy a little shove through the
opening doors, sending him stumbling onstage into the
blinding lights. Applause, whistles, and catcalls
greeted Freddy and Sue as their eyes adjusted to the

Freddy and Sue hurried over to the partial cover of
the podiums they would stand behind for part of the
show. The set was made up like the corniest 70’s game
show set, with garish colors, flashing lights, and
pastel hues. The whole show was done with a retro
style, trying to distinguish itself from the “Reality”
TV shows of the early 21st century.

Freddy tried to stop his trembling as the guys were
introduced one by one. Nude. ‘Please Welcome Ricky!” a
lean dark haired guy with a swimmers body. ‘Darren!” a
large dark skinned guy with a shaved head. ‘Vince!” a
blonde, Scandinavian bodybuilder. ‘And Miguel” the
shortest one, only 5ft 9 inches, though still 6 inches
taller than Freddy was in the bodysuit. And not a one
of them was packing anything shorter than 7 inches.
Flaccid. ‘What the hell would those things look like
hard’ Freddy wonder, his apprehension reaching new

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we welcome you to another
exciting game of” and on the last three words the
whole audience joined in. “Find! That! Guy!”. The host
gave a quick explanation of the rules. That the couple
would compete as a team against the individual guys,
competing in challenges which would earn them points
that would translate into money at the end of the
game. Some challenges would disqualify the guy who did
the poorest, leaving only one standing at the end of
the game.

The last man standing would have the option of
guessing which of the couple was the man, or
challenging them both to a sudden elimination round.
If he guessed right, he gets all the money he earned
during the challenges, wrong, and Sue and Whinnifred
would get their winnings. But if it went to sudden
death, the winner gets it all. The guys took their
places behind the podiums opposite Sue and Freddy, and
the games were ready to begin.

The host made with his gimmicky game show shtick,
tossing out the occasional joke, and getting the
requisite laughter, before outlining the first
contest. The podiums, which were just for appearance,
were abandoned and the contestants made their way over
to a little half dome offset where the first game
would take place. Rick and Darren stood shoulder to
shoulder on one side, Vince and Miguel on the other,
and all their not so little soldiers stood at
attention. Freddy stood before Rick and Darren, Sue
before Vince and Miguel.

The first game was called BLOWOUT. Freddy and Sue
would get on their knees and each service two men with
hands and mouth. If they could get each man to
ejaculate in five minutes they’d get 20 points. If all
four lasted past five minutes, the first to cum is
disqualified, and each of the remaining three get
points based on their time, the longer they last, the
more points After the five minute mark, Freddy and Sue
can still get five points each by s
wallowing every drop of cum. They lose points the
more cum makes it out of their lips.

The Buzzer sounded, and Freddy dropped down on the
pads provided right in front of each guy. He was
Staring down the barrel of two, literally throbbing,
cocks, having never been anywhere close to one other
than his own in his life. Up this close they were
HUGE. The one on Rick was a little shorter, but
thicker, and on Darren it was longer and veinier.
Freddy took a big gulp thinking about what he was
supposed to do, and stole a quick glance over to Sue.
His eyes tried to bug out.

Sue was on her knees in front of the other two guys,
her right hand rapidly jacking Miguel while her left
clenched Vince’s butt cheek for leverage while she
brutally fucked her own throat onto his cock, burying
her nose in his blonde pubes about twice a second. She
was moving so fast her breasts were slapping around
windmill style it horrified Freddy to see the woman he
loved like that, until it registered that he was
wasting precious time. He turned back to his own task.
He reached out to tug on Darren’s cock and started
jacking it.

This was an activity that was more than familiar to
him, even if he did have some trouble getting his now
girlishly slim hand around the huge member. Trying to
keep the motion up he turned to Rick and leaned
forward taking the head only into his mouth. He held
the tip awkwardly in his mouth, and gave a little
shudder. Wrenching up his nerve, he slowly forced his
head onto the shaft. A third of the way through, he
gagged and drew back. That was when he realized he’d
stopped jerking Darren all together.

He just couldn’t concentrate on both tasks at once, so
he decided to focus on the more difficult task of the
blowjob. He reached up with both hands, taking up two
thirds of Ricks cock, and started jacking it. Then he
lowered his mouth to the last third and started
sucking it like a lollipop. It made him sick, but he
choked off his gag reflex, among other things, and
started working the underside with his tongue.

Just when he was starting to get a good rhythm going,
a bell went off totaling breaking his concentration.
He looked over to Sue, where Vince was being escorted
out, having cum too soon, and Sue was busily slurping
down Miguel’s cock. Freddy turned back to his task but
was interrupted again by the buzzer announcing the
five minute mark. Time was no longer a factor for Sue
and him now, but it meant they’d missed out on a lot
of points. Now all Freddy had to worry about

Freddy got back to work on Rick, halving lost more
than a bit of his squeamishness in the last few
minutes. He got nearly half the cock in his mouth now,
bobbing up and down and working the base with one
hand, while fondling the balls with his other. A bell
rang, signaling Miguel’s release, and Sue hurried over
to take on Darren. Up this close Freddy was really
amazed at her technique. And her enthusiasm.

Freddy tried to copy some of her moves, putting both
hands on Rick ass, and slowly impale ling his own
throat. It was all he could do not to gag at first.
But when he heard a moan and looked up into Ricks
face, and saw the pure lust in his eyes it… well it
actually started turning Freddy on a little. Power is
a heady thing, and this was a kind of power he had
never had over another man before. It was kind of
intoxicating. He actually started getting into it,
staring into this guy’s eyes, and working his cock in
and out of his throat.

After several minutes he tried to get fancy. Keeping
his eyes locked onto Ricks he drew back, jerking the
rod with both hands while he slowly engulfed Rick’s
balls in his mouth, one at a time. He only realized
his mistake when it was too late. With a shudder Rick
Came, the first spurt landing in Freddy’s hair and
down his smooth back to the crack off his pear shaped

As Freddy pulled back in surprise, the second spurt
hit his face with enough force that it knocked Freddy
back a bit, thrusting out his jiggling tits to be hit
by the third blast. Freddy continued falling back
until he lay flat, with his legs spread wide, where
his artificial pussy received the fourth and final
blast, coating his slit milky white, and actually
getting more than a little semen inside.

All told, Vince was disqualified. Miguel won 5 points,
Darren 10, and Rick 18, including a bonus for cumming
inside someone’s pussy in the BLOWOUT game, a feat
never before seen on the show. Freddy and Sue,
combined, earned 7 points, all thanks to Sue. The
taping was given a short break so the contestants

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A Game show where 4 male contestants Compete against each other and a straight couple