A group of board women decide to pull a train with all their boyfriends at one time

A group of board women decide to pull a train with all their boyfriends at one time

I was sitting in my living room one day in late April
with three of my girlfriends; Janet, Diane, and Karen.
It was late in the afternoon and while it might not
seem all that unusual for four girls to be spending an
evening talking together, it might seem so if I were to
tell you that we were all completely nude.

Our little group gets together like this at one of our
homes about once a month, and it might tell you a bit
more about us if I were to tell you that we were all
Bisexual as well. Our monthly party always starts with
all of us meeting for drinks at the house of the month.
We are all dressed to kill, but that is not where it

After a drink or two it is time for the entertainment
to begin. The hostess is supposed to get things going,
so it was my turn to take off my dress first, and then
the others follow suit. We all try to outdo each other
with the sexy lingerie that we wear. A few minutes of
looking each other over follows this, and then the
hostess has to do a striptease for the others.

By the time she, or me in this case, is nude, the
others have started getting quite close to each other.
The stripper then has to go around, and use her oral
talents on the other three pussies in the room. Soon,
we are all quite nude, and a real Lesbian orgy follows.
We had just finished that when our talking started this

“Men are really shit!” Karen said. She is about five
feet five inches tall, with a 36C-25-36 body, and long,
strawberry-blonde hair that has never failed to turn me
on. She was the newest member of our group, having
joined soon after her divorce a few months before.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Oh, Peg,” she said, “I was just thinking of my ex-
husband. I was a faithful wife to him for five years,
and he kept telling me that he never even looked at
another woman. You know that I caught him with the cunt
I divorced him over, but now I find out that she wasn’t
the only one. He had a whole stable of little chippies
that he was doing, starting with a month after we got
married. I got the house after we split, but I’d sure
like to pay him back even more.”

“How?” asked Janet, her blue eyes flashing as she got
involved in the conversation. Janet was a little taller
than Karen with blonde hair on her head and pussy, and
a body as good as any in the room.

“Why don’t you show him that you can fuck around too?”
said Diane, who is only five foot two, but with the
fire of her red hair in her personality, and a pair of
tits topped by huge nipples that I just loved to suck

“Yeah!” said Karen. “I’d like to do that. I’d like to
take on a big bunch of men, and videotape it to send to
him. He was always jealous of other men even looking at
me. It’d drive him crazy.”

“We could do that,” Janet said. “We could give a party
with just the four of us girls, and as many men as we
could get. You could Gang Bang the lot of them, and
I’ve even got a video camera to tape it with. We could
even use my house.” Janet laughed, thinking that she
would treat the suggestion as a joke.

Karen became thoughtful for a moment, and then said,
“Could we? I mean I’ve always wanted to try that. I’d
do it if the rest of you would be there too. I wouldn’t
want to do it all alone, but… YES! I’d do it. What do
you think?”

The rest of us were a little surprised at her
willingness to do it, but after some talk, we all
started to warm up to the idea. We started to lay plans
for the Gang Bang, and it seemed like we just might be
able to pull it off.

We all had boyfriends who would definitely go for the
idea, and I had one, Bob, who had just been dying to
get into Karen’s pants ever since he first met her. The
plan was for all of us to get as many men as we could
and hold a Gang Bang Party at Janet’s house.

“When should we have it?” Janet asked as the plans
started to come together.

“Well,” said Karen, “there’s going to be fireworks, so
what better day to have it? Let’s do it on the Fourth
of July!”

Janet lives in northern New Jersey, not far from New
York City, and the house is rather large with trees all
around it, and an in-ground pool out back. We all met
there at about ten in the morning on the appointed day
to get things ready.

The guys would arrive at noon for lunch, so we had some
food to prepare, and a scene to set. Diane and Karen
set to work in the kitchen while Janet and I went up to
the master bedroom to get things ready upstairs where
most of the action would take place.

We stripped Janet’s king-sized bed down to the
mattress, and put on a set of purple sheets that we had
chosen for the occasion. We would not need the
blankets, but we did fold a top-sheet at the bottom of
the bed just in case it might be needed at the end.

We must have put all the pillows in the house on the
bed to make sure that our guest of honor would be
comfortable during all the fun she was going to have.
The last touches were some candles, and the video
camera on its tripod that we set pointing toward the
bed from one side. We drew the shades, and dimmed the
lights to just enough to make it romantic, but still
leaving some light to tape by. Then we went to join the

The sandwiches were placed on a cocktail table along
with a tray of glasses for drinks if anyone wanted
them, and Janet, Diane, and I took off our dresses. We
were wearing some of our sexiest lingerie with each of
us in a different color. Janet was in blue, Diane in
aqua, and I was all in RED!

Karen, however, wore a long, black, evening gown over
her lingerie, and that was part of the entertainment.
She sat in a big chair to one side of the room while we
took our places on the sofa. We were ready for the rest
of the guests to arrive.

A total of nine men finally showed up for the occasion,
and some of them were REAL hunks! All were friends ours
on some level. Janet had invited Bill, Ted, Frank, and
Tom. Diane had gotten a friend from her job named Jim.
I had brought Bob and Jon. Karen had even asked two of
her friends named Phil and Brian. All were, shall we
say, UP for the task ahead.

After lunch in the living room, we poured some drinks,
and the festivities began! With some brassy music on
the stereo, Karen stood, and did a full striptease for
all of us, ending up completely NUDE. Janet then
escorted Karen upstairs to the bedroom to get her ready
while Diane and I got things started in the living
room. We passed around a fishbowl containing slips of
paper with numbers on them. Each man drew a number to
determine what order they would go in.

Up in the bedroom, Karen lay in the center of the big
bed. Janet bent over her for a kiss. “Enjoy your self
pet,” Janet said. “You’re going to have quite a time of
it today. Just let me get you ready.” Janet moved her
head between Karen’s outspread legs, and placed a
gentle kiss on the outer lips of her pussy.

Her tongue flicked out, and made its way through the
tangle of hair, probing deeper into her. She had agreed
that each man would enter her with little or no
preliminaries, so it was Janet’s pleasant task to open
her vagina, and get it lubricated for them.

Janet knew exactly what to do, as I know from some
personal experience with her tongue curling in my own
pussy. She licked Karen’s hole gently, bringing her
just to the brink of orgasm several times before she
had her the way she needed to be.

Finally, Janet said, “Are you ready, pet?”

Karen nodded, and Janet flashed the lights on the
stairs to signal us that the rest of the Gang Bang
Party could begin. It was three o’clock in the

Diane and I were then tasked with getting them ready
for Karen. “Ok,” I said. “Each of you has a number
indicating the order you will go upstairs to spend some
time with our guest of honor. When your number is
called, you will remove ALL of your clothing here, and
we will take you to her. You need not spend any time
with foreplay up there. That’s what Diane and I are
here for if you need it.

“Just take her the way you want to. She will be ready
for you, and expecting you to do just that. When you
have cum in her, just walk back down here to rest, and
don’t linger up there. We’ll take care of you down
here. If she still wants more after all of you get a
chance, you will go back up in the same order to be
fair. Ready? Here we go! Number ONE!”

“Why don’t we all just strip now, and save some time?”
said Phil, and the others seemed to agree that it was a
good idea. Diane and I did not object either. It was a
turn-on to be in a room with NINE naked men with us
just in our lingerie.

Each man stripped off all his clothing, and we were
there to give them a little oral assistance in getting
UP for the occasion. The first one to go, Bob, did not
really need any help, but I gave his cock a pass with
my tongue just to make sure before I led him upstairs
to the bedroom where Karen was ready and EAGER for him.

Bob’s eyes got very big the first time he laid them on
Karen, lying there on the bed with her legs spread, and
waiting for him. She looked up at him with her big
eyes, and said, “I’m here for you.”

Bob climbed onto the bed, and wrapped his hands around
her tits, and Janet started the video camera. Her lips
parted as his pressed against his, and she brazenly
thrust her tongue into his mouth. They kissed like that
for a moment, and breaking the kiss, she said, “Mount
me now, lover! I want all that you have to give me!”

He needed no more encouragement. He pushed his hips
forward, and buried his cock to the hilt in the wet and
pulsing pussy that Janet had gotten ready for him.
“Pump it to me!” Karen cried out, and he complied.

He lasted for about five minutes of that before he
filled Karen’s pussy with its first load of cum for
that day. It was still dripping when he took it out,
but Janet was right there with a washcloth to catch it.
He held the towel to his cock as he returned to the
living room, downstairs.

Frank was immediately on his feet when he heard Bob on
the stairs. He was anxious for his first time with
Karen. Diane led him up, and he lost no time at all
getting his cock into the now very wet pussy that
awaited him. Frank fucked hard and fast, and in only a
minute or two, was adding his load of cum to the batch
Bob had squirted into Karen’s vagina only a few moments
earlier. He too got a washcloth, and returned to the
living room, holding it as a badge of honor.

Bill got up slowly when Frank entered the room, and
walked over to me. He placed his hands on my shoulders,
and pressed me down gently into kneeling in front of
him. I eagerly complied with his wishes, and took his
cock in my mouth to give it a few licks in preparation
for this, his first chance at Karen.

I knew this would give Janet a few moments to get Karen
cleaned up from her first two fuckings, so I took my
time about it. Bill’s cock tasted nice and fresh. Janet
had told me about him, and had even suggested that she
and I do a Threesome with him at some point. I was glad
for the chance at an advance sample, and made up my
mind to take her up on her offer sometime in the

I led Bill upstairs, and he gazed for a moment at Karen
on the bed. Janet had cleaned her up, but there was
still some glistening beads of liquid on her cunt
hairs. He said nothing, and went straight to his work,
plunging his cock into her pussy before he touched her
in any other way. He worked his prick in and out of her
for a long ten minutes before he filled her with his
own load of sticky semen. A moment later I was leading
him back downstairs.

Phil already had Diane on her knees in front of him on
the sofa when we got there, getting him ready for his
first chance to fuck Karen. She had him almost to the
brink of cumming, and made sure she hurried him to the
bed after she knew Karen was free for her next
customer. His hands felt Karen’s nipples for only a
second before he buried his hard-on in her crotch. With
all the attention Diane had given him, it only took a
few strokes before Karen was filled with her forth load
of cum.

Ted stroked his cock himself while he waited for his
first time, and just wanted to look at me while he did
it. He was on his feet as soon as he knew the way was
clear, and I did not have to so much lead him to Karen,
as just follow along as he went up. There was no
foreplay at all from him. He thrust his cock into her,
and pumped it without any touching in any other way at
all. Karen had her fifth load of cum.

Brian seemed a little bashful about all that was going
on, and was waiting at the bottom of the stairs for his
first time when Ted and I came down. He went to the
bedroom, and just stood looking at Karen for a minute
or two before he went to the side of the bed, and
kissed her. She wrapped one hand around his hard cock,
and said, gently, “Come on, lover. I won’t bite you
this time. We’ll save that for when we’re all alone.”

He mounted her gently, and spent ten or fifteen minutes
in fucking her before filling her for the sixth time.

Jon wanted to play with my tits before he went upstairs
for the first time that day, and I was of a mind to let
him. He even managed to get one free of my bra, and
suck on the nipple while we waited for Brian to finish.
“Later, honey,” I had to tell him. “You have someone
else to do first.” I led him upstairs, and he continued
his sucking on Karen’s nipples while he fucked her.

Tom was feeling up Diane all over when Jon and I came
down, working himself into the right mood for his first
chance at Karen’s pussy. He almost ran up the stairs
when he knew it was his turn, and did not waste any
time at all with what he wanted to do. He lay with his
whole weight upon her as he fucked, but she did not
seem to mind at all. She was only anxious for her pussy
to be filled with the eighth load of hot cum of the
day. He obliged her.

Jim was the last of the group to have a first time, and
I made sure that I gave his cock a good workout with my
lips and tongue while we waited for Tom to come back.
He was more than ready by the time I led him into the
bedroom, and he got a look at Karen. Her cunt was
spread wide by this time, but that did not deter him
from giving her the hardest fucking that he could. He
managed to last for a full five minutes before he too
added his seed to all the rest that had gone before

We had agreed that we would let Karen have a little
rest after each of the men had at least once chance to
fuck her, and Janet set about the task of cleaning her
up. She was tired at this point, but not at all put off
at the prospect of more. She really seemed to be
getting into it all. “Do you want them again?” Janet
asked as she finished with the cleaning.

“Yes!” Karen said. “I’m not done with this yet. I’ll
tell you when I want to stop. I’m ready for the next

Janet gave her another gentle kiss on the lips, and
flashed the lights in the stairwell. The Gang Bang
Party was not over yet.

The next round followed much the same as the first,
with Bob, Frank, Bill, Phil, Ted, Brian, Jon, Tom, and
Jim all having a chance to fuck Karen a second time.
She showed no sign of asking for it to stop all the way
through it, and got even sluttier about things as they
went on. She held her pussy lips open for them to see
as they came into the room, and kept muttering words of
encouragement like, “That’s it, big boy! Fuck me HARD!”
and, “Give me all the cock you can!” and, “I want it
until my pussy EXPLODES!” all the way through it.

She was not the dear, sweet, Karen I knew for a while,
but a female animal filled with raw lust for as much
cock as she could get stuffed into her that day. She
was panting heavily when we stopped so Janet could
clean her up for the third round, if there was to be

“Had enough yet?” Janet asked sweetly as she helped
Karen clean up after being fucked for the EIGHTEENTH
time. “Not yet,” Karen said with half-closed eyes. “I
think I could go a few more. I wonder what the record
for this is? Maybe we should find out, and try for it.
Maybe I’d like to do that. Maybe…” Her voice trailed
off, and Janet leaned to kiss her again.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“I’m sure,” Karen said dreamily. “Let’s go again, but I
don’t know if I can take them all. Let’s do it one at a

Janet went to the top of the stairs, and saw me
standing at the bottom. She motioned for me to meet her
halfway. “She’s almost ready to quit,” she told me.
“Check with me before you bring each one up.”

I passed the message on to Diane, and got ready to
bring Bob up for the third time.

Karen was not quite ready to quit yet, and she took on
Bob, Frank, Bill, and Phil for the third time, although
she was seeming less and less into it each time. She
was getting tired, but her lust was not flagging one
bit. She tried to give each one of them the best time
in her cunt that she could, but finally Karen had

Diane had just led Phil out of the bedroom when Karen
said in a voice filled with fatigue, “Janet? No more…
I want them, but… I can’t do it anymore. Can we stop
now?” Janet went to the side of the bed, and placed a
gentle kiss on Karen’s cheek.

“Of course, pet,” she said. “All you have to do is say
so. We’ll take care of things from here. You just rest
for now. We’ll call you in the morning.”

Janet got the top-sheet from the bottom of the bed, and
covered Karen with it. She watched as Karen curled up
in a fetal position under it, and drifted off to sleep.
Then she turned off the lights, blew out the candles,
and taking the video camera with her, came downstairs
with the rest of us.

“She’s had enough,” Janet announced when she got to the
living room. “You’ve all done very well, and she thanks
you all for it. We’re on our own for the rest of the

Ted, Tom, Brian, Jon, and Jim all looked a little
disappointed that they would not get a third time, but
by the time Karen had finally said “enough” at about
eight o’clock, she had been fucked a total of TWENTY-
TWO TIMES! They all seemed to understand why she would
be tired now.

The rest of the night, until about one o’clock in the
morning, we spent watching parts of the videotape, and
Diane and I putting on a little “girl-to-girl”
demonstration for all.

We got the last of the men to leave around eleven, and
then the three of us got into a serious session of
taking care of the sexual energy we had built up all
day while we had watched Karen Pull A Train. It was a
very good day!

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A group of board women decide to pull a train with all their boyfriends at one time