A guy, his wife and her sister get into their new sex toys

A guy, his wife and her sister get into their new sex toys

My first wife’s maiden name was Greathead and
considering her name’s appropriateness we decided not
to change it when we got married. She was an anomaly
in her family.

Her sisters were both small, fine-boned brunettes and
very flat-chested, while she was a tall, long-legged
blonde with a bodacious set of bumpers.

Once we visited her older sister who was living in
their parent’s house while the old folk were in
Florida. This sister had just been divorced and her
dainty legs and wonderful ass inspired me to lust.
Even her little nipples when I could see them under
her tee-shirt, gave me severe fly-strain.

One day I brought home a couple of vibrating sex aids
for the wife and me. One looked just like a 10-inch
black cock, and it actually moved in and out on its
own. The other was a two-pronged affair. In the middle
was a little head, then two 9-inch dicks stuck out
where the little man’s arms would be. I guess the idea
was one woman would stick one shaft in her snatch and
nestle up against the vibrating head, then another
woman would do likewise on the other shaft so that
they would be pushing the little head into each
other’s clits. The shafts on this critter were
bendable too, and that evening, after my wife
disappeared upstairs with the black dildo, I bent one
shaft up and the other down and entertained Pat, her
sister, by making the beast walk across the table to

As we sat in the kitchen laughing, me trying all the
while to figure out how to jump on her bones – Liz, my
wife, called me from upstairs. She sounded breathless
and halfway up I could hear the vibrator buzzing.

At the top of the stairs I could look right into her
parents’ room and there she was, lights all ablaze,
draped across the arms of a large easy chair, buck
naked, one long leg draped over the back, the other
resting on a small chair, her ass held up by a mass of
cushions and pillows, rubbing the vibrator all around
her clitoris.

She had her eyes closed and was literally dripping
wet. My clothes were gone in a flash, and it was clear
from her position she had called me in order to make
use of a certain organ of mine that was now waggling
in front of me like a rod of steel.

As I slowly ran my cock all around the inside of her
she continued her vibrating and began groaning and
moaning big time. I was getting extremely turned on
watching this dildo going slowly up and down on her
clit, which was swollen to the size, and color, of a

Shortly, I heard a stair creak and looking around and
caught Pat staring at us. Her jaw nearly on the floor,
and her right hand down around her crotch. She was
flustered because I’d not only caught her peeking, but
rubbing her mound. She zipped her hand away and turned
to leave, but I was having none of that.

“Come here,” I said firmly, but she disappeared into
the hallway.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” I shouted,
and ran after her.

When I caught up with her at the head of the stairs I
grabbed her by the arm and spun her around. Her eyes
went right to my cock, glistening with her sister’s

She seemed dazed.

Back in the room the vibrator kept right on going, and
we could both hear the erotic sounds of Liz gasping
and groaning. I put my hands on Pat’s shoulders and
pushed her to her knees in front of me.

“Clean me off,” I said, but she just stared at it like
a mouse staring at a snake.

“Goddammit,” I said. “Grab it, or I’ll jerk off in
your face!”

Still she didn’t move, so I grabbed her hair with one
hand and my cock with the other and started smearing
it all over her face. When I reached her lips she
opened her mouth and in I went. It was great. She was
really getting into licking up the lubrication and
soon she had hold of me with one hand and was tickling
my balls with the other. I figured we’d better get on
back to Liz though, so I made her stand up and take
off her jeans. Then I took her arm and dragged her
into her parents’ room.

“Hi Liz,” I said as I slid back into her. “I’m back.”

She made a few rewarding gyrations and groans, her
eyes still shut. I knew she knew Pat was there but was
pretending otherwise.

“Give me that,” I said, taking the vibrator. “You play
with your tits.” Then, giving Pat the vibrator I
signed that she should do Liz’s clit with it. I gave
Liz a few minutes of lying there wide open getting
fucked, squeezing and pinching her own nipples, and
having her clit buzzed by her sister, pretending all
the while it was me, then I said, “Look who’s here.”

Liz opened her eyes and looked right at her sister.
Immediately she started cumming like crazy. As she was
flopping around I leaned over and started frenching
Pat’s ear. I have this thing where I stick my tongue
in the hole just enough to get a little suction when I
pull it out, and soon Pat’s knees were wobbling.

She kept up her vibrating though, a real trooper. Next
I slipped my hand down the back of her panties and
started kneading her buns as I licked and bit her ear.
Liz had calmed down a bit, or at least had stopped
cumming, and out the corner of my eye I could see her
watching. Her eyes were bulging she was so keen on
what I was doing. Of course, Pat’s buzzing didn’t hurt

“You like fucking your sister with a dildo don’t you?”
I said, but got no response so I repeated myself, only
louder and more threateningly.

“Yes,” she said very softly.

“What?” I said. “Speak up! Tell us what you like.”

“I like fucking my sister… uh… with a… d-dildo,”
she stammered.

“I’ll bet you wish you had a nice big cock you could
use instead, don’t you?” I could see they both got hot
over that one. “Tell her,” I said. “Tell her how much
you wish you had a cock you could fuck her with.”

“Ohhh!” she moaned. Then, pausing between words
because she was cumming the whole time and having
trouble talking she looked at Liz and said, “I…
wish… I… had… a big… cock… so… I…
could… fuck… you… with it.” Liz, all the while,
was cumming like mad as she stared into her sister
Pat’s eyes.

“Yes!” she yelled. “Fuck me! Fuck me Pat! Pleeeeze
fuck me!”

“Come around here,” I said to Pat. “Get between her
legs.” I made her kneel between her sister’s legs and
said, “Start licking.” When she didn’t dive right in I
pushed her nose smack into Liz’s gooey cunt and
mooshed it around some.

Liz reached down and spread her lips so her clit
fairly popped out into Pat’s eye. “Oh yes Pat,” she
said raising her head to look between her mounds, down
past her belly to her sister. “Yes, lick me, lick my
pussy! Suck my cunt.”

Well, that did the trick. Pat licked like a cat with a
bowl of cream. I ran downstairs to fetch Senor Double-
dick. When I returned I just stood and watched a
minute as Pat sucked Liz up. Liz had hold of Pat’s
head and smiled my way.

I slid my hand down the back of Pat’s panties, under
her ass and into her cunt. Talk about wet!

“Whoa,” I said. “Look how wet your sister is from
sucking your clit!”

And I smeared some Pat-juice on Liz’s tits. My next
handful went in her ears, and the next her forehead.
Pat was an inexhaustible supply. The stuff was running
onto the floor, I could have gotten a bucketful. As I
smeared it on Liz’s nose and lips, Pat started
twitching. She just plastered her face up against
Liz’s cunt and started moaning, as her gut popped in
and out.

Liz was snorting pretty good too and opened her mouth
so I could stick my sticky fingers in. When I did she
sucked them like she was trying to pry them loose.
While Pat was still cumming I got a finger-full of her
cunt-juice and slid my finger up her asshole. I
thought she was going to jump right through the roof.
She was cumming so hard she lifted off the ground.

“Now Pat!” I said. “About your wish to fuck Liz. The
time has come.”

I made her turn around and suck me off while I had Liz
get on the bed with her cunt where I could reach it. I
shoved in one of the double dildo’s arms, then told
Pat to join Liz on the bed and stick the other arm up
her cunt. She came just at the notion, and Liz
meantime had on her face just about the sexiest look
I’ve ever seen. The two sisters were *into* this idea,
and lost no time getting connected.

It took some arranging, however, to get both their
clits on the little head but I managed. Then I plugged
them in. Jesus. They went absolutely wild. They were
hopping all over that damn bed, yelling and crying and
grinding into each other. I couldn’t hold myself any
longer. I stood over them on the bed and jerked off as
I babbled encouragement to them. Pat really went
bonkers watching me pound my pud, and then came so
hard when I started spewing come every which way that
she fell off the bed.

Liz was on her in a flash. She had Pat flat on her
back with her butt raised and her legs in the air. She
then straddled her sister’s crotch and lowered
herself, the dildo still engaged, onto Pat’s cunt,
whereupon the pair commenced writhing and grinding in
the most lascivious dance I’ve ever seen.

I squirted a stream of cum a good six feet and hit Liz
in the back of the head with it. Sub-sequent streams
trailed down her back. I had the Hard-on From Hell
though. Even though I’d just lost a gallon of jizm
that sucker was like a rock. I gathered up the come
from Liz’s hair and back and started smearing it on
her asshole.

“Oooh!” she groaned. “Stick your finger up my ass!”

So I did. Then I reached around near their dildo and
greased up the fingers of my other hand and stuck one
of them in Pat’s ass. We were all jumbled up like we
were playing Twister. I decided they needed more than
just fingers though, and got the other dildo.

I greased it up with some hand cream, turned it on,
and started tickling Pat’s asshole with it. They had
been settling into a rhythm meanwhile, of slow,
sensual writhing accompanied by lip-biting and soft
moans, building gradually to frantic, screaming,
bronco-busting orgasms, then subsiding back into the
slow stuff.

By the time I got the dildo vibrating in Pat’s ass,
however, they were out of sync, Pat cumming more often
now. What was I to do but grease up my cock and slip
it up my wife’s ass? What’s a gentleman for anyway?
God, I love to watch my dick slip in and out of a
woman’s asshole.

I was building up to shooting another wad when Pat
said she had to take a break. Liz agreed and I figured
it would be a good idea to save myself for later, so
we all scrambled up onto the bed and fell in a heap of

“Jesus,” said Pat presently. “It’s been over two

Liz and I laughed.

“Oh god,” said Liz. “That was the most amazing two
hours of my entire life! I mean, we’ve had great sex
before, but this!”

“Yeah,” Pat replied. “But I never even had great sex

“That ex-husband of yours always seemed like a dud to
me,” said Liz.

“Oh brother! Don’t get me started on him.”

She looked fondly at me.

“Now yours…” she said, and I felt like she wanted to
touch me but didn’t feel entitled. I was, after all,
her brother-in-law. Liz must have noticed too.

“Yes,” she said. “Isn’t he a dear? Wouldn’t you like
to kiss him?”

“You wouldn’t mind?”

“After what we just did, I should quibble over a

They laughed and pretty soon we were all hugging and
kissing and caressing and my cock was trying to poke
through the ceiling. Liz grabbed it.

“Look at this thing,” she said. “It’s always like
this. As soon as I start feeling the teensiest bit
randy, boing! He’s got a boner. Go ahead and fondle

So Pat fondled my dick while Liz grazed her fingertips
over my scrotum. Heaven can’t be any better than that.
Presently, Liz leaned across me and, touching Pat on
the chin, kissed her lovingly. Before long, though,
they were frenching like mad and panting and Liz’s
nips were like rubies. It suddenly struck me that Pat
still had her tee-shirt on.

“Here now,” I said. “You still have your shirt on.”

They left off kissing and broke apart. They both had
this panicked look.

“Damn,” I said to Pat. “I’ve wanted to suck your tits
for years!”

“*My* tits?” she asked incredulously.

“Sure! Let’s see ’em.”

She hesitated. “They’re not much to look at you know,
they’re not like Liz’s.”

“Liz’s are marvelous, aren’t they?” I said. “Fondle
your breasts for us Liz.”

But Liz was suddenly shy too, so I did it myself. The
room grew quiet except for our heavy breathing as I
palmed Liz’s melons and shook them and rolled her nips
between my fingers.

“C’mon,” I said to Pat. “You take one.”

When she hesitated I pinned her on her back and told
Liz to lean over her and play with her own tits. When
she leans over like that it’s mind-boggling, and when
she finally gets into doing her own tits it’d make a
dead man horny. It didn’t take long before Pat wanted
her mouth on her sister’s tits, but I wouldn’t let

“What do you want?” I said. “Huh? what’s that? I can’t
hear you.”

“I want to suck her tits,” she finally blurted out, so
I let her. I’m an easy-going sort of guy.

While she occupied herself with Liz’s chest, much to
Liz’s enjoyment, I ran my hands gently and lightly
over her legs up to her belly. Then I moved to her
neck and arms, then back to her hips and waist. I
spent a good long time on her navel because I love a
good navel, then started sliding my arms up her sides
and over her ribs.

When she stiffened I said, “Now cut the shit Pat. I’ve
waited years to see your cute little tits and now’s
the time.”

Slowly I worked her shirt up until I found them, then
I started licking her little nips. She responded very
well to gentle bites and when I sucked them and air at
the same time. Before long they were both randy as
hell. Right, thought I, the time has come to fuck my

“Now you two,” I said. “Let’s see some 69.”

No sooner said than done. They were eager enough now.
I had Liz on the bottom with her head at the edge
propped up by some pillows so I could get Pat’s cunt
up in the air. They were going at it hot and heavy. I
stood behind Pat and after fingering her some I
slipped in the hammer. God, it was great to finally be
fucking this little broad I’d been lusting over for

“Look, Liz,” I said. “I’m fucking your sister.”

But Liz was out of it, and I had a helluva time not
cumming myself, especially when Pat would, which
seemed like every few minutes.

Soon I decided to spice up the action a bit and got
the one-armed dildo.

“Keep licking,” I told Pat as I started buzzing Liz’s
snatch. Liz responded very nicely I thought. I spread
her buns and started buzzing her asshole. She about
flipped Pat onto the floor with her orgasm. I pushed
the dildo into Liz’s cunt and got it sopping wet, then
began easing it into her asshole.

By the time I got it into her she was in another
dimension. She was in a state of perpetual orgasm and
completely oblivious to the world. Then I moved around
behind Pat again and fucked her some more, just to get
juiced up.

“Look at Liz,” I said. “She loves having that thing up
her ass.”

Pat lifted her face and watched the dildo move in and

“Rub both your clits,” I said, and she immediately

There’s something about seeing a woman’s fingers on
her snatch from the rear that has always revved me up.
After watching a while I said, “I bet you wish you had
something up your ass, don’t you?”

She moaned again.

“Sure you do,” I said. “Something like my cock maybe,

She moaned louder.

“Ask for it,” I said, but she only moaned.

I slapped her buns. “Goddamit!” I said. “Ask for it!
Tell me what you want and where you want it!” And I
whacked her buns a few more times until they were

“Uuunnh,” she said. “Please… fuck… me… unhunh…
in… my… ass!”

Damn, I loved the way Pat could cum between words.
Well, I’m not the guy to deny a lady’s wishes now, am
I? So I slowly slipped her the meat. Her little
bunghole grabbed my dick and did a real number on it.
I was having one helluva time holding back. Not even
thinking about baseball was working, so the next time
they both started their pre-cum moaning I started
grunting and growling too.

That turned them on even more and pretty soon they
were having gut-wrenchers. I whipped my cock out of
Pat’s asshole, ’cause, hey, I like to watch it squirt,
and shot streams of cum all the way up her back and
clean over her head. I al-most made the floor on the
other side of the bed.

After that, we just collapsed, and after lying around
in a heap for half an hour or so we discovered we were
ravenous. We went down to the kitchen and cooled off
for a while.

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A guy, his wife and her sister get into their new sex toys