A husband brings his drinking buddy home one evening to help spice up his sex life

A husband brings his drinking buddy home one evening to help spice up his sex life

Paula arrived home from shopping to find the house
empty. It was a nice break from her normal days with two
kids and her husband John waiting for her. Married for
15 years, Paula enjoyed a pretty routine life with
husband, kids, and school. She frequently thought about
talking with John about doing something spontaneous,
something exciting. But, Paula never found the courage.
She and John were married fifteen years ago.

Paula was a virgin, and although John was patient with
her sexually, their sex was as routine as the rest of
their lives. John attempted to spice things up and
sometimes asked Paula to dress sexy or to go braless,
but Paula was self-conscious about her body. At five
feet five inches tall and 120 pounds, at 35 years of
age, Paula felt that the two children took a toll on her
young body.

Although John disagreed, Paula felt her 34C breasts
sagged and her tummy show the results of being stretched
to bear two children and her ass was not as firm as when
they married. Being self-conscious about this appearance
prevented Paula from being adventurous outside the

Even though Paula was a virgin when she and John met,
she had progressed to making love doggy-style, which
John seemed to enjoy. Paula also sucked John off
occasionally, but even after 15 years, she still refused
to swallow his semen.

It was a collection of all these thoughts that prompted
Paula to go shopping that afternoon. Now in their
bedroom, Paula took the red matching bra and bikini
panties she purchased and sundress out and stripped out
of her jeans and sweater. Paula looked in the mirror and
her naked body.

She pushed her breasts upwards and rubbed her hand
across her stomach and sighed, but was determined to try
and be a bit sexier for John this weekend. Paula thought
about shaving her privates bald, John also hinted he
would like that, but she decided against it and walked
over and slipped into the panties and bra.

Paula looked again in the mirror. The bra pushed her 34C
breasts upward making them look larger. Paula liked that
and raised the sundress over her head and pulled it
down. The dress fell just above her knees and two thin
straps held up the scoop neck. Paula frowned as she
looked in the mirror and saw the tops of her breasts

“This will never do,” Paula thought and turned to find
some shoes.

Les knocked twice and heard no one so he entered the
house to find John. Les was about 50 years old and he
and John were good friends, “drinking buddies” from the
pub. John was to meet him at the house so the two could
go out together. Les was a large man, over 6 feet and
200 pounds. Even though they had known each other for
five years, Les never met John at the house before.

He hoped John’s wife, Paula was home. When John would
bring Paula to the pub, Les always drooled at the
prospect of having his way with her. He even mentioned
to John once that he though Paula was a real looker. Les
walked quietly through the house searching for John when
he heard footprints upstairs.

Les walked quietly up the stairs and saw the bedroom
door partially opened. He pushed it aside and saw Paula
in the bright red sundress, bent at the waist, looking
into the closet.

“Man, what an ass,” Les thought and he decided he would
have her right now.

Paula was looking for the right shoes in the closet when
she felt as if someone was watching her. Paula quickly
turned around to see the man standing in her bedroom

“What the hell are you doing in here and who are you,”
Paula screamed.

Les thought carefully and decided he had to have this

“I am a friend of John’s but he won’t be here for a
while so why do you and I have some fun?” Les replied.

“What are you saying, get out of here!,” Paula yelled at
the man. She was frightened now. The man was huge and
could easily over-power her. Paula tried to put on her
best stern face as she ordered Les to leave.

“I don’t think so, you look fine in that red dress,” Les
commented and pushed the bedroom door closed and started
walking toward Paula.

Paula continued to yell at the man to get out of her
house. She threatened that John would be home soon but
the large man continued to come toward her. When Paula
realized he was not going to stop, she tried to run past

Les reached out with his meaty hands and grabbed at
handful of Paula’s long, shoulder length, blonde hair
and jerked her into his arms. Paula started to scream
with Les clamped his large hand over her nose and mouth.
Paula struggled and tried to break free but Les was too
strong for her. In addition, the way his hand was over
her nose and mouth, Paula could not breathe. Finally she
stopped struggling.

“I’m not going to hurt you if you do as I say,” Les
instructed, “I just want to sample that pretty ass of

With those words, Paula tensed as she felt fingers
creeping up the inside of her thighs pushing the hem of
her sundress upward.

“Do you understand? Nod your head and I will take my
hand away,” Les ordered.

Paula looked down and her sundress was pushed up to the
top of her thigh and Les’ hand was between her legs just
inches from her privates. Paula was terrified and nodded
she would cooperate. Les released his hand and spun
Paula around onto the bed in a sitting position.

“What are you going to do?” Paula asked hesitantly.

“I’m not going to do anything, you’re going to do it,
strip out of that dress and do it slowly or else.” Les

Inside Les was trying not to laugh at the frightened
woman. He was not going to harm her at all. After all,
Paula was John’s wife. He just wanted to scare her into
allowing him to fuck her. Les pulled the chair from
Paula’s dressing table over in front of Paula and sat
down, waiting for the show.

Paula could not believe what was happening. She begged
Les and reminded him that John would be home any minute.
Les was growing inpatient at the stalling and stood up
and started toward Paula.

“Okay, okay,” Paula muttered afraid that Les would hurt
her or worse she reached for the hem of her dress. “Why
do you want to see a 35 year old mother naked?” Paula
asked as she pulled the dress over her head and threw it
onto the floor.

“I don’t just want to see you naked,” Les told her, “now
take off the rest.”

Paula turned around and bit her lower lip trying to
fight back the tears. No one except John ever saw her
naked and now this stranger was going to force her to
strip herself. Paula tried to decide which she would be
less embarrassed to expose first and decided on her
panties. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband with
her back still to Les. Slowly, Paula pulled her panties
down bending at the waist as she pushed them to her

“What an ass, not bad for a Mother of two,” Les
commented, “leave the panties around your ankles and get
out of that bra.”

Paula reached behind herself and unclasped the new bra
and let it fall to the floor. Instinctively Paula
covered her breasts with her hands even though she still
was turned with her back to Les.

“Turn around, I can’t see anything,” Les ordered.

Paula started to step out of her panties and Les shouted
for her to leave them around her ankles. Slowly, Paula
started to turn around, hands still hiding her 34C
breasts flat against her chest.

Finally, Paula was facing Les. She could see the bulge
behind his zipper where he was sitting in the chair.
Thoughts of being raped raced through Paula’s mind. No
one but John ever had sex with her. As she stared at
Les’ crotch Paula realized that he was not only a big
man, but also his cock was much larger that John’s six
inches. Les took note of where Paula was staring and
inside knew she was curious.

“Your cunt is too hairy, we’ll have to shave it later,”
Les said, “now lower your fuckin’ hands and let me see
your tits.”

Paula was appalled. No one talked to her like she was
common. The vulgar words stung her ears and she shook
her head “no.”

“No, this is as far as I go,” Paula yelled trying to act

Les got up from the chair and walked directly up to
Paula, grabbed her arms at the wrist and jerked them
down to her side exposing her breasts. Paula tried to
free herself, but Les was too strong.

“If you disobey me again, I’ll have to punish you,” Les
told her and stepped away releasing Paula.

Paula immediately put her hands back over her breasts
and started to run toward the door. She forgot about the
panties bunched around her ankles. Paula never got more
than two steps before she fell flat onto her front side.
Before she could get to her feet, Les grabbed a handful
of her hair and pulled Paula to her feet. Paula took
hold of his hand and screamed as he threw her across the
bed. Before Paula could recover, Les yanked his belt off
and brought it down hard across Paula’s ass.

“Owwww,” Paula yelled and put her hands over her ass.

Les rained down five consecutive blows across Paula’s
lower back, the backs of her thighs, and her ass. Paula
was soon begged Les to stop.

“Now, get up on your knees and spread your legs if you
don’t want more,” Les yelled short of breathe from the
whipping he delivered.

Paula was sobbing as she got on her hands and knees on
the bed. She tried to spread her legs, but the damn
panties prevented her from getting them to far apart.
She started to remove them again, but Les ordered Paula
to leave them. Paula looked over at the mirror on the
wall she used earlier to see how she looked in the new
sundress and couldn’t pull her eyes from the sight.

Paula saw herself on her hands and knees, red panties
wadded around her ankles, her breasts hanging down from
her body and red welts across her ass. In the mirror
Paula could see Les removing his pants and underwear.
Paula saw his tool spring straight out. She knew now he
intended to rape her. As she saw his erect cock Paula
realized it was twice as big as John’s and her
humiliation turned to fear and she felt Les’ hand on her

“What are you doing? Paula pleaded as Les pushed her
head down into the bed along with her shoulders.

“You’re going to help me,” Les informed Paula. “Reach
back and pull your ass cheeks apart for me to fuck you.”

Paula pleaded and begged for Les to stop, not to go
through with it. She felt the weight on the bed and
increased her pleading. Paula let out a scream with she
felt the tongue between her cunt lips.

“Please don’t, stop, please,” Paula pleaded as she tried
to reach back and push his head away.

Les stuck his tongue between Paula’s cunt lips and
started to taste her sweetness. He ran his tongue up and
down her dry hole trying to bring the moisture. Paula’s
pleads were softening as Les found her clit and started
swirling his tongue around it. Les felt a sense of
satisfaction as he felt the nub growing larger in
response to the stimulation.

Paula buried her face into the pillow. As she felt the
moisture grow in her cunt, Paula could not believe her
body was betraying her. Paula felt the bed moving again
and then fingers grabbing her cunt lips and pulling them
wide apart. Then Les stuck his tongue deep inside her

Les was tongue fucking her while alternating licking her
clit. Her respirations increased along with her heart
rate. She felt her body responding and was sickened by
the thought of someone else fucking her besides John.
She started to beg Les to stop again is she felt her
juices flowing freely now down the inside of her thighs.

“I think you’re ready now,” Les observed.

The tongue fucking stopped and Paula breathed a sign of
relief. She could not believe she almost experienced an
orgasm. Paula reminded herself that Les was raping her.
Suddenly she heard a loud “whack” and felt the pain in
her ass.

“Now, reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart like I
said,” Les ordered, “or I’ll use the belt again.”

Paula started sobbing again and as if a robot reached
behind herself and took her buttocks in each hand and
pulled them in opposite directions. Paula sucked in
quickly as she felt the cool air hit her exposed cunt
and ass. She braced herself when she felt the head of
Les’ cock at her vaginal opening.

Without warning or concerned for her, Les drove his cock
into Paula’s cunt until his balls slapped against her.
Paula yelped and released her ass closing her cunt
around the huge rod. She grabbed the pillow with her
hands and squeezed with all her might trying not to
scream out. Paula’s cunt felt like it was splitting open
as she tried to accommodate the oversized dick.

Les waited. The warm, wet walls of Paula’s cunt felt so
good wrapped around his dick.

“This is better than I thought,” Les mused to himself
and slowly pulled almost his entire dick out of Paula’s
cunt before slamming it back in.

Les started to quicken his pace. Ramming his cock in and
out of Paula’s cunt with a fury. The tongue fucking he
had given her left Paula’s cunt slick with her own
juices. Paula grunted with the weight of Les’ body
slamming into her. Her knuckles were white where she
grasped the pillow so tightly.

Paula tried to shut out the sound of Les grunting and
the slurping, wet sounds of his cock now easily sliding
in and out of her widened cunt. Les slowed the pace a
little, pulling his cock almost all the way out and then
slowly sliding it all the back in. He reached around
underneath Paula with his free hand and found Paula now
rock-hard clit. Les took Paula’s clit between his thumb
and forefinger and slowly rolled it around and around.

Paula felt the sparks course through her body when Les
started massaging her clit. The discomfort in her cunt
was giving away to pleasure and the constant attention
to her clit was more than Paula could bear. As she
approached orgasm Paula kept telling herself that she
was being raped and she could have an orgasm.

“This is RAPE!” Paula screamed as the orgasm shot
through her body causing her to rock her hips back to
meet Les’ thrust.

Les felt Paula’s cunt walls tighten against his rod and
purposely quickened his pace while he pinched hard on
her clit. Paula threw her head up and moaned, eyes
closed as the orgasm crescendo over and over again. She
thought she was going to explode or go insane if Les did
not stop.

“Please, please, I can’t stand it, please stop,” Paula

Les was waiting for that request. He quickly removed his
cock from Paula’s cunt and she collapsed onto the bed.

John arrived home late and wondered where Les was at. He
thought he would be waiting for him. As John entered the
living room he heard Paula moaning upstairs. John knew
Paula did not masturbate, but it sure sounded as if she
was having sex. John slowly walked upstairs and could
hear the obvious sound of two people fucking coming from
their bedroom.

John stood outside the door and slowly pushed it open,
just a crack. He looked in fascination at his wife lying
on the bed, body twitching, and Les kneeling between her
legs. John saw the red panties around Paula’s ankles and
the sundress and bra on the floor. He started to enter
the room and demand an explanation when Les took Paula’s
hips and pulled her upward so that Paula’s ass stuck
high in the air.

John waited and watched fascinated as Les inserted three
fingers into Paula’s cunt. Paula moaned but offered no
resistance. John felt his cock jump to life at the site
of his wife splayed lewdly across the bed with Les’ cock
pointing straight at her ass. Finally John heard Paula

“No more, please, no more,” Paula said weakly.

Les smeared her juices into her ass. Paula was spent
from her orgasm and she never even considered what Les
was preparing her for. Les lined his cock up at the
entrance to Paula’s tight asshole. He placed his hands
on her hips to hold her in place and started pushing.

Paula jumped and twisted trying to escape the sudden
pain she felt in her ass. When she realized what Les was
doing, Paula started to protest loudly. Watching from
the door, John now knew that Paula was not a willing
participant. He would have stopped Les, but his cock was
hard and he wanted to fuck her himself so he waited.

Les pushed his hips forward trying to force his cock
passed the tight ring of Paula’s asshole. He held Paula
tightly and thrust forward and about one inch slipped
into her ass. Now Paula started to twist and fight more
than she ever had before.

“No, you’re hurting me, you’re to big, not there,
please,” Paula pleaded and tried to twist away.

Les and Paula jerked their heads toward the door
simultaneously as John came into the room.

“Please help me, please,” Paula pleaded with John.

“Hey, John, she wanted it,” Les tried to explain, not
removing the one inch of cock from her ass.

“Save it,” John said to Les, “I’ll help you.”

“What?” Paula screamed as John removed his pants and
underwear and got at the head of their bed.

John took a handful of Paula’s hair and yanked her head
back. Paula’s scream was cut short as John shoved his
cock into her mouth and down her throat. Paula had never
deep-throated John and tried to push him away from her
head. Just then, Les, with a wide grin, shoved two more
inches into Paula’s ass. Paula stopped fighting John and
turned her attention back to Les.

Paula tried to get her hands around her ass and push Les
away. The pain was incredible, worse than in her cunt.
Paula was trying to concentrate on breathing with John’s
dick in her mouth and deal with the searing pain in her
ass. Just when Paula thought she could not take anymore,
John reached under her chest and seized her tits in his
hands and started squeezing. Les waited, felt Paula
relax her ass in response to John’s attention, and he
shoved hard driving the reminder of his dick into her

Paula’s asshole looked like a thin rubber band
encircling Les’ cock. Les looked at John who was
smiling. Les nodded and he and John started a rhythm.
John pulled his cock slightly out of Paula’s mouth and
when he pushed it back in Les pulled partially out of
her ass. While John fucked Paula’s mouth, his hands
milked at her tits, pulling them downward and then
pinching her nipples. Les ran his hand back under Paula
and resumed his attention to her clit.

Paula was being assaulted in so many ways she could keep
track. She was confused at John’s behavior and yet, she
was strangely excited at the thought of being fucked by
two men. As Les fucked her ass, Paula tried to relax.

Paula decided that if she could get both men to cum, her
ordeal would be over. She knew John would not cum in her
mouth so she started to use her tongue to tease and
tantalize his cock as he face-fucked her. Between those
actions, Paula squeezed her asshole together tightening
her colon around Les’ cock. John and Les quickened their
pace in response to Paula seemingly willing

While Paula concentrated on the two men, the attention
to her breasts and clit was having the desired affect.
Never in her life had Paula experienced two orgasms, so
she was shocked that she felt the tinges beginning.

Paula started rocking her hips backwards as the pain in
her ass turned to a weird, dirty pleasure. Paula
continued to lap at John’s cock and felt it growing. She
knew he was going to pull it out any minute. But
instead, John pulled her head into his groin and Paula
felt the first squirt of cum hit the back of her throat.
She tried to pull her head away while spitting out the
salty fluid, but without success as another blob hit her
throat again.

“Swallow it!” John yelled and held her tightly against

Paula held the cum in her mouth refusing the swallow.
Suddenly, she felt Les’ dick growing in her ass. Les
quickened his pace, tensed, and Paula felt the warmth of
his seed bathing the walls of her colon. As Les pumped
his cock dry in her ass he continued to massage her

John held her head tightly against her groin and with
one hand started to pinch her nipples again. Paula
gulped and swallowed John’s cum just as she burst with a
second orgasm. Paula was now lost in pleasure and forgot
about Les and John was she sucked hard on John’s limp
dick still in her mouth and fucked backwards onto Les’
shrinking dick.

Both men pulled free from Paula and her orgasm
continued. Paula laid on the bed moaning as the sparks
of her orgasm traveled through every cell of her body.
Les pulled on his pants and apologized to John. John
told him he always wanted Paula to do something like
that but never thought she would. John was glad Les
forced Paula to submit. The two men shook hands and
started out of the room.

Paula’s orgasm was just subsiding as the two men walked
out of the bedroom. They left her with a nice afterglow
from two massive orgasms. She was covered in sweat,
lying on her stomach, on the bed with a pair of red
panties around her ankles. John glanced back and could
see the cum leaking out of his wife’s ass and down onto
the bed. He smiled at Paula knowing that things for them
would never be the same. Paula watched the two men leave
and she knew she was glad Les found her alone at home.

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A husband brings his drinking buddy home one evening to help spice up his sex life