A husband hires an escort for his wife in Bangkok

A husband hires an escort for his wife in Bangkok

Kim and I had been married for five years now. Kim is a
very beautiful brunette (Bust 34C Waist 24 Hips 34
5ft5″). She had received a strong catholic upbringing.
Sex had never been her strong point for her or a
central part of our marriage and as time went by she
seemed to lose interest in it.

At first I did nothing, then I started to buy her
naughty underwear and hire porno films to watch
together to spice up our relationship. This seemed to
work better than I expected. Seeing other women getting
shafted by studs and men swapping wives aroused her and
we would end up screwing like rabbits. When I broached
the subject of actually going further and really doing
a wife swap she declared firmly that she would never
consider it. I did not give up though. I just decided
to make it happen.

We had gone to Bangkok for our holidays and we were
staying at the Marriott. It was a plush room with two
king size double beds. Looking through the Yellow Pages
under ‘Escorts’ I found an advert for couples and shows
and phoned them up. I told the man on the end of the
line that I was looking for a couple to come and put on
a sex show in my hotel room. I wanted the man to be
handsome and virile. If they were able to seduce my
wife into having sex with them I would double their
fee. The agent agreed and that evening I received a
knock on the door of my hotel room.

That afternoon, I told Kim that I had organized a
private sex show. At first my wife had been angry. I
argued that it would be like watching an adult film but
better as the participants would be in the bed right
there beside us and nothing would happen. In the end
she reluctantly agreed.

When the fated moment arrived, I showed the couple in
and they introduced themselves as Lee and Mira. They
were both beautiful, like many Thai’s and although Mira
was an attractive girl, I was more focused on Lee who I
hoped would soon be fucking my wife. I was keen to see
his long hard cock thrusting into my wife’s soft pussy.

I saw Kim was impressed by Lee’s handsome and virile
appearance. After the introductions we got down to
business. My wife and I got into one of the beds while
the couple stripped off beside us and started touching
each other erotically. As Lee began to caress Mira, I
fondled Kim. She was very wet and immediately clung to
me with arousal. Lee soon mounted his partner, his long
cock plunging quickly into her shaved pussy.

Kim didn’t even notice me as she watched the other girl
being fucked. She was completely immobilized, her eyes
glued to the scene in front of her, watching as that
great, dark rod buried itself inside the escort only to
reappear again seconds later to repeat the assault. My
fingers dug into my wife as we watched. I felt her buck
against my hand. Her eyes were fixed on the couple, her
pupils fully dilated with arousal. I could feel my
wife’s breathing becoming more irregular as she watched
Lee fuck his partner on the bed bedside us. I kissed
and fondled my wife.

Suddenly Kim shivered, startled. I noticed that Lee had
reached out and was touching my wife’s breasts. She
licked her upper lip and I began to finger fuck her
pussy faster. She was so wet I could not believe it.
Aroused, she took Lee’s hand and pulled it down towards
her sex where I was touching her. I could feel his
fingers now begin to explore her intimately along mine.

He was still humping Mira slowly and as he pressed into
her deep, I saw a brief grimace cross her face. Mira’s
eyes opened and she reached out her hand to Kim. Kim
took her hand and allowed Mira to pull her toward their
bed. She looked down at Mira, a look of pleasure on her
face. I watched her lean into him, her knee found the
edge of the bed, his dark hand appeared on her back and
drew her towards him. Another knee on the bed, their
bodies were close, their faces were closer, and
suddenly their lips were touching.

I was rock hard as I watched that Asian man and his two
women. His shaft buried inside one lying motionless
beneath him, his tongue buried inside the second,
straining up towards him, giving herself to him. Kim
was kneeling on the bed, her knees were just by Mira’s
naked chest, and Mira’s hand gently caressed her thigh.
Oblivious to all but Lee, I watched as her arm snaked
around his neck holding his face to pussy, encouraging
him to drive his tongue deeper into her.

Mira allowed her hand to follow the line of Kim’s ass
and thigh where it was joined by Lee’s big black hand.
The site of Kim’s ass, covered by that dark hand, that
stamp of ownership, nearly made me cum right there. Kim
let out a little groan of pleasure as she felt his hand
there and ground her pelvis toward him.

Lee seemed to have forgotten that his dick was still
buried inside Mira. He tried to twist toward Kim, but
finding himself anchored to Mira he rocked back on his
haunches, pulling himself out of her before swiveling
toward Kim. As he turned, I had my first opportunity to
see just how big his cock really was. It must have been
9 or 10 inches, jutting out there below him.

Abandoning his partner, Lee began to kiss and fondle
Kim fully. Mira had crawled to the side of the bed and
was kneeling on the floor watching her lover. I reached
down and felt my throbbing member as I looked down at
her. Her black hair lay across her cream coloured skin
and she looked so innocent and beautiful. Knowing that
Lee had been inside her only increased my desire to
fuck her.

I knelt beside her and reached around for her breast.
She looked at me in surprise, her mouth slightly open
and I kissed her. She squealed a little but did not
resist as I gripped her breast more tightly and pushed
my tongue down her throat. I reached for her hand and
guided it to my erection. She smiled at me and took my
cock in her hand. I felt her hand tighten around it as
she began to masturbate me while we both watched Kim in
Lee’s arms.

Certainly Kim must have reasoned that Lee would want to
fuck her after seeing and touching her naked body.
Nevertheless, she was looking to me for approval. I
smiled, stretched over and gently raised her knee. Kim
wrapped her hand around its shaft, her fingers barely
touching, and looked back up at him smiling. Lee moved
his cock slightly forward until I could see the head of
his cock touching the wide-open and wet cunt. I watched
as he moved between her legs and rubbed the length of
his cock back and forth across her slit.

She cried out softly: “Oh Jack, his cock is so big
baby, so much bigger than yours! I think he’ll go
deeper than anyone has ever been!”

I was mesmerized by the sheer size of the black weapon
sticking out toward its prey. The head of that black
monster rested on her labia and suddenly it seemed so
easy. There was no rush, no reason for urgency, no
resistance. Lee leaned forward and they kissed again.
Kim looked over at me one last time, then closed her
eyes, put her arms around Lee’s neck, and pulled him
towards her. I could see his huge appendage dangling
between her spread legs. There was no way she would be
able to take that thing in her pussy. I was wrong.

Kim’s hand went to his butt as the head of his penis
crept forwards between her thighs. She inhaled sharply
and gasped, as he began to work it into her. As their
kiss became stronger I saw his body tense a little as
he pushed inside her. I watched the black shaft slowly
disappear inside her. I saw her hands on his butt,
gripping him, coaxing him in deeper. Slowly, slowly he
drove inside her. I could not believe it was inside
her, it seemed almost impossible.

It was not long however before it was buried to the
hilt in Kim’s pussy and he began pumping deep into her
into her body. She lay beneath him, her hands still on
his ass, moaning each time his body came to rest on
hers. My wife’s mouth opened in a silent cry as his
hard cock pushed even further into her pussy. She
relaxed her legs and raised her knees giving him
complete access to her pussy. She was now enjoying his

Her eyes were jammed shut and she seemed to tremble and
wince in a series of many orgasms. I looked down at his
cock pumping her pussy. Her cunt lips had spread wide
to accommodate the big dick. The bed moved wildly with
their movement as with each thrust my wife’s legs
spread obscenely wider and her breast bounced with the
firm impact. Her legs spread wider and allowing the
deepest penetration possible. Each withdrawal found her
stretched cunt lips trying to hold onto it.

I was treated to almost twenty fantastic minutes of
seeing my wife being screwed by this good looking and
experienced Asian escort. I was finally seeing what I
had dreamed of for so long. I was watching my wife give
herself to another man in the most intimate way
possible. My own erection was throbbing madly as I
watched my wife’s pussy pounded in a way it hadn’t been
before. She had been a virgin when we married and now
she had let another man take her deeper than anyone
else had ever been. Mira was licking and sucking my
cock now: Her partner took my wife while his bitch
sucked me off. I was so aroused that I moved behind
Mira quickly. She parted her legs and I moved in closer
and let my cock slip between her legs.

I held her pelvis tightly with one hand and used the
other to guide my penis inside her. I almost came as it
touched the warm skin of her opening and I quickly
thrust inside her. There was very little resistance, I
guessed the result of Lee’s earlier work and so I
started fucking her. I drove myself against her hard,
feeling myself ready to explode each time I slammed
into her butt.

Kim was on her back and while I fucked Mira I was
holding her head up so she could watch Lee fuck her.
Lee’s orgasm was approaching and he pounded Kim harder
and then grunted loudly as he shot his seed deep into
my wife’s welcoming loins. Kim reached out grabbing my
arm tightly. She started to buck and climax on his
cock. I looked down her body to see Lee’s huge dark
pole disappear and then remerge again from inside Kim,
shining with her juices, its head still inside her. It
was all that I needed, I felt myself coming inside
Mira. I leaned forward on her back as I watched Lee and
I felt my own cock convulse inside Mira.

Kim had at least two more climaxes before Lee withdrew,
leaving her still very much aroused. Slowly he stood
back up and turned her onto her stomach and made her
kneel on all fours. Kneeling behind her, he grabbed her
by the hips, pulling her bottom towards him again.

Oh God! He was going to fuck her in the arse! I thought
with sudden insight. She had never let me do that! I
could see her eyes open wide, unsure. Then Kim reached
back and guided his cock into her rectum. He slid in
completely with no resistance when Kim leaned back
forcing him in her. She let out a loud bestial moan as
he drove his dick deep into her arse.

After she had taken it all in she smiled, looking
directly over to me. Kim’s asshole looked like a thin
rubber band encircling Lee’ cock. I watched as she
started to rock to and fro, forcing his cock in and out
of her. I nearly came in again as I clung onto Mira,
still embedded inside her, my cock hard again as I
watched my wife lost in raw unadulterated passion now.
Mira twisted her hips and I felt her vaginal muscles
knead my cock inside her.

Lee groaned and came inside her as Kim rubbed her clit
wildly. I shot off quickly into Mira’s pussy again and
she continued to gyrate her hips slowly. I was eager to
fuck my wife but suddenly found that I had spent my
load. I looked between Kim’s legs and I saw that her
pussy looked open, like a tunnel. I am sure my cock
would have gone in without any effort and hit her
pelvic bone. Though after the fucking she had just had
I am not sure that I would have been able to feel her

While Lee moved away, Mira moved over my wife’s bed.
The horny Asian knelt between Kim’s legs and began
running her hands up my wife’s legs. The smooth soft
skin of my young wife felt like silk and sent tingles
into Mira. She enjoyed women and the younger the

Kim felt the light touch move up her legs first moving
up her outer calf then sliding into her inner thigh.
The touch delicate and loving, moving lightly over the
top of her skin, the other woman’s nails teasing her as
they moved up her body. She felt the fingers making an
outline around her tender flowered snatch. They moved
around teasingly moving from one thigh to the other
above her delicate sex and then to one side before
sliding over to the other.

“I have your husband’s seed in my belly. It made him
come twice in me as he watched you being pleasured.”
She whispered to my wife.

Mira watched as my wife moved under her touch and
moaned. Her hands freely roamed her body moving from
one end to the other, exploring every crevice every
inch of her exposed skin. Mira began kissing Kim first
just above he slit then to the left then the right.
Next she lowered her lips, bringing them to Kim’s lower
spunk filled lips. To begin with she ran her tongue
over the pink pouting petals exposed between the girl’s
legs. Her licking then turned into a mixing of licking
and sucking.

Kim felt the touch of another woman, the feel of the
touch, the scent from another woman. She felt the women
lower her mouth to her womanhood then after several
minutes of this sensation she felt the mouth envelope
her. The feeling unlike when I had used my mouth and
tongue on her – this was delicate and thoughtful. If it
was not for her sense of disgust she would have been
able to enjoy herself.

As the other woman worked her magic on Kim she fought
hard to push back the feelings she felt. She felt sick,
perverted, that she could get pleasure from this. Mira
smiled hearing Kim moan in pleasure as she worked the
girl over passion running freely through both women
now. She moved her crotch deliberately over Kim’s open,
moaning mouth.

Kim felt the other body hovering over her own as she
found her pleasure rising again uncontrollably. As the
warm moist of Mira’s legs dropped onto Kim’s face she
began licking the sticky cunt hovering over her mouth
trying to pleasure her partner as she was receiving it.
She tasted the girl’s distinctive juices mingled with
her husband’s cum. After all, se thought, she was only
taking back what was hers. Again she climbed the
mountain feeling herself near the verge of bliss. The
two worked there tongues into each other for and
eternity it had seemed.

The women drove one another to the peaks of ecstasy
their bodies tangled together in an erotic sight as
they worked feverishly to pleasure one another. Mira
soon felt her release, an orgasm flowing through her
body, howls of pleasure came billowing into the air.
Even as Kim felt her partner’s orgasm she experienced
her own.

Mira climbed off my wife. By then I was hard again and
I asked Kim to have sex with me. She mounted me
quickly, leaning forward so that her tits swayed
directly in front of my face. I could see my cock going
in and out of her well-fucked pussy; it was shining
with saliva and cum as well as her juices. Knowing that
she had been having sex just a few minutes before with
Lee and then Mira had me on the edge and coming very

Lee and Mira earned their bonus and my wife’s outlook
about sex and experimentation changed from that day on.

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A husband hires an escort for his wife in Bangkok