A husband writes about his wife’s penchant for biting other men’s balls

My wife Fran and her sister Brenda have a good
relationship. I can take both of them to bed and fuck
them whenever I want.

My wife Fran is 53 and she likes to have other men fuck
her between her size 48 tits. And as soon as they are
ready to come they shove it down her throat and just pop
their nuts.

We go out to bars on the weekends and she wears a button
down shirt so she can open it to show how big her tits
really are. The other night we helped to close the
place. The bar tender had been trying to see my wife’s
tits all night long, so I told him all he had to do was
tell her to unbutton.

I called Fran over and told her to turn towards me and
open your shirt. She got to the third button and her
tits just came falling out. She left them hang out so
the young bar tender could suck on them.

I had to go to the bathroom really bad about that time,
and when I came back Fran was on the other side of the
bar on her knees sucking the guy’s cock>

I asked her what she was doing. My wife said that she
had a large cock in her mouth and soon as he popped
she’d be right with me. The next thing I knew the guy
went crazy, and popped his balls and he was holding my
wife’s head tight. And I watched as she swallowed what
he had to offer.

So after she swallowed all his cum she came out with me,
and I took her shirt off altogether, She asked the young
man if he could still give her another load of cock
juice, but on her face this time. He obliged by taking
her into the back room he made my wife lie down. She put
her tits together and he put his cock between them and
began to pump her tits. It was quite a sight.

The next thing I know she came out and her whole face
was full of his cock juice. Without warning she spun me
around and pulled my zipper down and knelt down in front
of me then started sucking on my cock as the young bar
tender watched, and in no time I was filling her mouth
with my cum.

Well for a 53-year-old woman she still likes to show her
tits and fuck and suck other men’s cocks. And I enjoy
watching it!

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A husband writes about his wife’s penchant for biting other men’s balls

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