A Lesson For The Bitch Wife

It all happened a few years ago my wife had been
spending my hard earned money left right and centre and
got us in a bit of debt, no ill put it another way she
got me in a lot of debt buying expensive designer
clothes. Not only that she was very rood to the woman
next door. She would always look down her nose at her
and make some out of order comments.

The neighbour was a friend of mine named Megan. I had
known Megan for years as we had grown up together even
attending the same school; she was bisexual to the
point of being a lesbian but looked every bit a woman
with a husky sexy, voice that my wife Sue made fun of.

The main reason for my wife’s animosity towards the
woman was the fAct that she had such a good friendship
with me, Megan was like a sister to me and it made my
wife Sue very jealous.

Megan was a well-built woman with powerful shapely legs
and thighs; she kept her body in good shape. She was 40
years old and looked much younger stood 5 feet 8 inches
with firm 36-D breasts unlike my wife Sue 38 years, who
had 38 D round firm breasts. Sue stood all of 5 feet 6
inches dressed like a tart in all her fine garments
brought for out of my money or should I say still
paying for them.

My wife was always saying how much she would like to
kick Megan’s ass she loathed her and nothing I could
say would change that. I knew my wife had, had a bit of
a reputation from her schooldays at the posh private
school she used to attend, I had heard about it from
some of her forma school friends they had told me that
she had whipped many a girls arse. I also knew that
Megan was no push over either as she had worked a few
years back in executive protection for low profile

I remember how Megan was at school always a bit of a
tom boy I had seen her whip a couple of the boys in my
forma class come to think about it yes I know that was
25 years ago but Megan still looked very fit.

After one big argument about her spending and her
attitude towards me I walked out the door knowing that
I needed to calm down because any more and I would have
hit her. I never have but Iv wanted too, I don’t
believe in men hitting women.

As I closed the garden gate I met Megan coming up the
path with loads of shopping, she could tell that id
been arguing, she heard it as she was walking up the
Megan invited me in for a nice cup of tea and a chat so
that I could calm down.

“You know Andy you do need to take that wife of yours
over your knee and show her who is the boss in the

“I know, but I just don’t know were to start,” I said

“How’s you sex life if you don’t mind me asking?”

“None existent at the moment sometimes I would love to
sit back and see someone fuck the shit out of her and
humiliate the bitch, she makes me so mad she’s so
undisciplined” I said

“And rude,” said Megan.

“Yes she is and often to you at that I don’t know how
you have kept your cool with her insult all this time

“It has been hard but it is because she is the wife of
my best male friend that’s why,” replied Megan.

“Don’t hold back on my account.”

“Do you mean that?” asked Megan

“I do and the next time she insults you, you have my
permission to sort it out once and for all Iv had
enough of her ways,” I said.

“I think what your wife needs is to be taken down a peg
or two taught to respect you.”

At that we hatched a plan, I would invite Megan around
in the evening for a chat and some drinks, I knew this
would piss Sue off.

That evening Megan arrived around 7:30 wearing a rather
nice tie-dyed, wrap around skirt and blouse. She had a
bag with her with something in it but she never said
what it was, I took her coat off her and hung it up
putting the bag near her coat.

Sue as you can imagine was dressed in a tight fitting
short black skirt with a split in the sides revealing
her shapely thigh. She was not pleased that I had
invited Megan over and it did not take long before she
was making snared remarks.

“Don’t speak to my guest like that Sue,” I said.

“Ill speak how I want in my house,” said Sue raising
her voice.

“Well don’t expect me to intervene if Megan sits you on
your ass,” I replied.

“That cow can go fuck herself!” Sue said.

“I can, can I?” said Megan.

“Yes go fuck yourself or ill kick your fat arse!!”
screamed Sue .

“Now, now girls that’s enough of that,” I said, but my
wife cut in and told me to stay out of the argument it
was between her and Megan and I was not to interfere no
matter what.

“I’m going to fuck you up bitch and you will be begging
and pleading with me to stop,” said Sue. A second later
Sue was grabbing the front of Megan’s blouse tearing it
open to reveal her fantastic breasts.

Megan just laughed at my wife. “No I don’t think so. I
think its you who’s going to get fucked tonight, you
need to learn a few lesson on how to treat people,
especially your devoted husband its about time you were
taught a lesson on what is expected of a wife. You
treat him with no respect because he’s kind and gentle
towards you. You have no respect for his friends you
take every opportunity to humiliate him by being down
right rood to them.” She grabbed hold of Sue’s arm.

Sue made a lunge at her but Megan easily blocked the
punch and slapped Sue’s face driving her backward onto
the couch, jumping on top of her. Megan straddled her
before she could do anything. Sue was kicking her legs
shouting at her as she tried to free herself, bringing
her knees up into Megan’s back.

Megan grabbed a handful of my wife’s hair as she
violently pulled her head from side to side still
straddling her. Sue was screaming at her calling her
names so Megan started to slap my wife’s face.

“You are going to learn how to behave bitch,” said
Megan dragging my wife to her feet by her hair.

Sue grabbed Megan’s hair as they both stood in the
middle of the living room floor tearing into each
other’s long hair snapping each other’s heads back and

Megan started to get the upper hand dominating my wife
as she pushed Sue around like a rag doll.

I watched her grab the upper right side of my wife’s
blouse with; her left hand and ripped it open popping
the buttons. Sue gasped as her right breast popped out,
still held together snugly by her white push up bra,
she screamed as Megan’s strong fingers penetrated her
bra, burying her claws deep into my wife’s ample
breast. Sue pulled both hands up to try and pull
Megan’s hand off her breast.

But suddenly with her other hand Megan grabbed the left
side of my wife’s open blouse, and roughly tore it off
her. Sue cried out in pain as Megan squeezed her right
breast hard, before my wife could react, she reached up
with both hands and grabbed the two cups of her bra.
Sue gasped as Megan ripped open her bra, spilling her
large breasts, exposing her thick nipples.

Megan was prepared to do whatever it took to teach my
wife a lesson. She quickly wrapped Sue in a bear hug
lifting her off her feet and pushed her back onto the
large sofa.

“I think I’ll take this sluts expensive skirt off for
her next lesson,” said Megan looking over at me for
some sort of approval.

“I’m staying out of this,” I said.

“IM going to beat and smack the shit out off your ass
and strip you naked in front of your husband then I’m
going to humiliate you for all those times you
humiliated me and him with your bitch attitude,” Megan

Before my stunned wife could do anything she grabbed
her tight fitting expensive skirt and ripped it from
her, revealing her tanned shapely legs and thin white
silky panties.

As my wife’s skirt hit the floor Sue saw an opportunity
to get to her feet but Megan was to quick for her
slapping her face and grabbing her hair, yanking her
forward then she dragged her back pulling her over the
arm of the sofa.

Sue’s body was arched over her tits sticking out almost
demanding attention. She did not have to wait long as
Megan started slapping her tits. My wife was screaming
and shouting at her, calling her all the names under
the sun as she tried desperately to get her off.

Megan was completely over powering Sue; hands grabbed
her soft breasts and pinched and squeezed them pulling
Sue’s nipples and slapping them hard. Sue tried to hit
her back.

Megan didn’t seem to notice her attempts. My wife
screamed out as Megan reared backwards as she tugged on
both breasts pulling them upwards, causing Sue to
scream in utter anguish.

One of her hands slid down between my wife’s legs and
pushed her of the arm of the sofa to the floor, landing
flat on her face.

“I’m going to punish your fat ass and you’ll be begging
me to stop!” Megan yelled at her.

She pounced on her back facing my wife’s feet as Sue
pressed her hands to the floor in a push-up motion
trying to thrust her off. She suddenly screamed and
flopped back down when Megan slapped her bottom hard.

My wife struggled desperately, reached back with one
hand to try and stop her, but Megan swatted it away and
proceeded to tear Sue’s white silky knickers open at
the back, exposing every inch of my wife’s firm ass.

I found this quite a turn on seeing my wife’s gorgeous
round arse getting a spanking by another woman a very
attractive woman at that.

Sue screamed again as Megan whacked her naked buttocks,
spanking her arse hard as she continued to ride my
wife’s back. One slap followed another across her bare

It was a magnificent sight watching Megan punishing my
wife’s behind, Sue would kick her legs in the air every
time she was struck revealing a glimpse of her hairy
muff to me every time she kicked her legs up in
response to the hand wailing her bottom.

As she desperately reached back to try and claw Megan’s
sides, Megan raised both hands up and slapped them hard
across Sue’s buttocks. She cried out in pain and jerked
up, but Megan kept her pinned to the floor, pressing
all of her weight on her back. Sue was screaming and
cursing at her kicking her legs out wildly as Megan
slapped my wife’s arse hard again, covering it with,
glowing, handprints.

“Get the fuck off me you fucking bitch,” cried Sue
feeling the sharp stings of pain as Megan wailed her

Megan leaned down between my wife’s legs and started,
pinching and twisting the soft flesh at the back of her
thighs. This started Sue sobbing, helplessly on the
floor, “Stop get the fuck off me bitch,” she cried.

Megan looked at me and smiled with a glint in her eyes.
“That’s not the way to talk to me slut I told you I
would rip your as apart”.

Megan grabbed both of my wife’s firm cheeks hard and
pulled them apart.

A large part of my wife’s pussy was on display each
time Megan separated her buttocks, giving us both a
good look at her dark hairy bush. You could see her
pubes trail right up to her asshole as Megan stretched
them apart with her hands; digging her fingers into her
buttock’s, pulling them apart to reveal her anus. With
one quick movement of her hand Megan thrust a dry
finger into my wife’s rectum hard.

Sue screamed with pain as she felt anus almost rip.
Some how Sue managed to catch Megan squire on the chin
with one of her feet as she kicked her legs out wildly.
It was the moment my wife was looking for with Megan
momentarily stunned Sue humped her body up throwing the
woman off her. As Megan fell on her side trapping one
of her arms behind her back still stunned from the kick
to her chin. My wife got to her feet naked as her torn
knickers fell to the floor.

“I’ll fucking well kill you for this bitch!!” Sue
screamed at Megan as she lunged on top of her slapping
her wildly pulling Megan by the hair. Slowly in a lob
sided test of strength my wife managed to pin Megan’s
free arm under her knee as she sat on top of the bigger

My cock was as stiff as fuck as I watched these two
beauties’ grapple each other. I must admit id never
seen my wife so angry as she sat on top of Megan’s
stomach naked. Megan’s long legs and pink panties could
be seen as her skirt had rolled up to her hips.

“I’m going to rip your tits off!!” screamed Sue with a
sadistic smile on her face, she digs, her nails into
the soft flesh of Megan’s mounds. Twisting and pulling
her nipples hard, then slapping her breasts.

Megan yelped in pain as my wife tore into her tits. Sue
was pushing Megan’s right breast up really far, clawing
in with her nails as my wife went to town on her tits.

I could see right up Megan’s skirt, dark pubic hairs
could be seen escaping from the side’s of her pink
panties as her legs trembled from the pain in her
ravaged breasts. My wife was now slapping Megan’s
breasts in the same manner as Megan had slapped her

My wife grabbed hold off Megan’s long nipples pulling
and stretching them out of all proportion.

Megan laughed at my wife having cleared her head from
the kick to her chin. “I don’t think so bitch,” she
cried, digging her heels into the carpet arching her
body as much as she could.

My wife lost her balance and fell to one side,
astonished at the unexpected resistance from Megan.
Shock can be seen on her face as Megan gets up and
grabs her by the hair pulling her quickly to her feet.

“So you like to play rough do you?!” said Megan with a
wide grin on her face.

“Yes bitch I do!!” said Sue as she grabbed the sides of
Megan’s skirt, tearing it from her.

Megan looked good standing in front of me now clad only
in her skimpy pink knickers

“So you still have some fight in you bitch,” Megan
laughed snapping Sue’s head back by her hair twisting
her around throwing my wife back hard on to the sofa.

Megan reached out with both hands and latched onto her
breasts. Sue screamed as she dug her claws into her big
tits. My wife was in obvious agony as Megan readjusted
her grasp helping herself to more of Sue’s meaty tits.

My wife placed both her hands on Megan’s wrists, and
desperately tried to pull the hands off her breasts. A
high-pitched wail ensued from my wife as Megan rolled
her breasts up into a hideous shape. The grip on
Megan’s wrists weakened, as the woman repeated to
torture Sue’s breasts.

Finally Sue gave up tugging on her wrists, unable to
dislodge them, as she shook her screaming head back and
forth. A scream of utter agony ripping from my wife’s
lungs! Megan smiled twisting both tit’s back and forth
as Sue moaned and cried in utter agony unable to do
anything but buck, weakly beneath her.

“Do you give up now bitch,” said Megan, lying on top of
her, still mauling Sue’s Breasts.

“Fuck you!!” my wife screamed in obvious pain.

To my surprise, I watched my wife reach up with both
hands, and latch onto Megan’s, dangling nipples. She
now screamed as Sue started to pull her forward by both
nipples, stretching them to a ridiculous length.

Before my wife could do any real damage Megan caught
her off guard by releasing her right tit, and slapping
sue across the face, forcing her to release the grip on
Megan’s stretched nipples as she tried to block the

Megan slid round on the sofa to her side trapping Sue’s
right arm beneath her as she placed her own left arm
behind my wife’s neck holding her by her right wrist.
Megan snaked her right leg around Sue’s right leg
forcing her legs to part. My wife was now completely at
her mercy unable to move.

“When I get done with humiliating those fat tits of
yours, your husband will know what to do to your tits
if ever you step out of line with him.” Said Megan.

“Fuck you!” replied my stubborn wife not knowing when
she was beaten.

“Very well then Sue that was your last chance it seems
you’re too thick to learn so you will have to learn the
hard way.” With her free hand Megan started to twist on
my wife’s nipples pulling each one out hard one after
another as pay back for what she had just done to hers.

I knew my wife liked her nipples pulled and pinched,
but I am sure she never imagined what would come next.
Megan’s hand grabbed around her large right breast and
squeezed hard. Sue screamed and lifted her head,
glancing down at her chest, watching Megan’s hand as
she contorted her shapely breast too an unnatural form.

Megan tortured each breast viciously, digging her
fingers deeply into her proud assets. The pain was
unbearable, as she crushed each breast with a powerful
grip, and shook them back and forth like she was trying
to rip them from her body.

Sue desperately tried to pry herself free but Megan was
too strong; all she could do was cry out in pain as she
mauled her tits. Megan could see the concern on my face
as my wife screamed and screamed as she pulled and
twisted her nipples hard between her fingers and thumb.

“Now bitch seeing as I am a kind, hearted person are
you now going to behave yourself and submit to what
ever your husband and I say?”

I really thought my whimpering wife would submit to
Megan she astonished us both when her only reply was
fuck the both off us.

As soon as she said this Megan looked at me with a grin
and a wink. “Why don’t you sit down on that chair Andy?
We seem to have a little wild one here, who’s not quite
ready to be broken I can a sure you that by the end of
the night we will have a very sweet and compliant
little wife.”

At that Megan returned her attention back to my wife’s
thick swollen rock hard nipples. She mercilessly
tortured them between her thumb and forefinger, and
pinched and pulled Sue’s nipples so hard that I thought
they would be ripped from her body.

Screaming at the top of her lungs arching her body in a
vain attempt to brake free her one free leg that hung
over the edge of the sofa trembled. My wife’s face was
contorted, her eyes closed. Megan pinched and released
her inflamed nipples several times. “Now will you be a
good obedient wife?” asked Megan.

“No!” said Sue crying.

This was unbelievable my wife had endured more
punishment than I could ever have imagined her left
breast was glowing like a red hot poker, as for her
nipple it was bigger and more swollen than I had ever
seen it before.

“Well my dear, I promised your husband that by the end
of the night as long as he didn’t inter-fear he would
have a sweet compliant wife and I always keep my
promises.” Said Megan giving me a wink as she dipped
her head down onto Sue’s left breast.

My wife cringed in fear of imminent pain as she felt
her thick nipple fold under teeth. Megan bit down hard
on her tortured nipple Searing pain surged throughout
her breast. Megan cruelly bit and chewed Sue’s nipple
while her hand pulled and twisted her other breast

With one final effort my wife pushed the heal of here
one free foot down to the carpet as she arched her body
upwards from the sofa, the lips of her pussy almost
winked at me as she struggled to break free from her
tormentor. Megan had to stop what she was doing for a
moment using her free hand she pushed it down between
Sue’s arched legs.

“What do we have here?” she said as her fingers tangled
in my wife’s thick dark pubic bush.

“Ooohhhhhhhh!!” Sue screamed as Megan pulled at her
long black pubes some being torn away in her fingers.
Megan held up the loose hair and said that she was
going to pull out every bit until my wife’s cunt was
bald if she had too.

Megan was chewing and biting her nipple again at the
same time as pulling at her delicate pubes. “P-please
don’t. Please!” Sue begged when she felt Megan’s hand
drift down to the lips of her pussy.

“Are you ready slut to give your poor husband the show
of his life?” said Megan now spreading the lips of my
wife’s cunt wide with the splayed fingers of her hand.

“No! No get the fuck off me, you bitch!!” screamed my

“No did I hear you say no did you call me a bitch,”
said Megan digging her claws into Sue’s pussy grabbing
the lips of her cunt pinching and pulling on them,
making her scream again.

“No! Please stop! Don’t… you can’t…” Sue begged.

“I can and I will,” said Megan with a grin on her face.
Secretly she loved the little thrill of power she got
from being able to make my wife scream and squirm.
Again she ran her fingers into my wife’s mound pulling
more hair, and then she was tugging, pulling, twisting
and nipping Sue’s lips again.

“Please! Please! Stop! ARRRRRRR!!” cried Sue

It was obvious now that my wife could not take much
more as Megan continues to assault her cunt savagely,
ripping clumps of pubic hair out, violating the lips of
her vagina as her fingers twisted and stretched them
like gum. Sue was whimpering tears streamed down her
cheeks unable to endure any more pain on her breast’s
and cunt.

“Please, please stop I give, I’ll do anything please,

At that Megan stood up, “Stand up bitch.”

Sue still crying she stayed seated on the sofa she
looked a mess her makeup was smudged with her tears her
nipples visibly swollen.

“You fucking cow!!” she screamed at Megan.

My wife sadly had still not learned her lesson.
Suddenly, she screamed as Megan yanked her weak body up
from the sofa by her hair, slapped my wife across the
face, sending her sprawling towards the banister at the
bottom of the stairs that led up to the bedrooms. Sue
managed to catch hold of the banister for support as
she felt her legs begin to buckle.

As my wife slowly turned herself around to face Megan
she was suddenly stung by another slap to her face. All
Sue could do was lean back against the banister to stop
her from falling to the floor. She was too weak to move
a muscle, as her arms dangled limply by her side. The
pain in her breasts and pussy was overwhelming her
cheeks stung and burned from the slapping.

Megan was doing to her what she had for so long wanted
to do to Megan. Sue had been truly shocked by Megan’s
strength she was as strong as a man was, and as brutal
as a woman. Sue had, had many fights at the private
girl’s school in her younger days; she had been top
cat. She had been the one who dished out pain yes she
had, had a couple of close, won victories but with
Megan she wasn’t even close.

My wife was a helpless mess as she leaned against the
banister her knees half-bent sweat and tears dripping
from her body. I was extremely concerned for her she
had a will and determination far greater than Megan or
I could have anticipated I was proud of my wife. I
prayed that reason would follow and she would submit.

As Megan made her way towards my wife I grabbed her by
the arm and whispered into her that she had just three
minutes to break her will or I would stop it and suffer
the consequences what ever they may be. Without
answering me Megan headed towards my trembling wife.

Sue weakly tried to pull her arms up but Megan just
brushed them aside grabbed Sue’s hair from behind;
jerking her head up sharply, then with her hand, Megan
reached toward my wife’s right nipple.

“I think these big fat tits of yours require some more
punishment don’t you slut?”

She said, and then viciously twisted Sue’s nipple,
making her screamed as her body jerked violently
against the banister. Megan let go of her hair with her
right hand, and then used it to cruelly twist my wife’s
left nipple.

Sue cried in pain her weakened arms barley slapping the
hands punishing her breasts. Megan knowing that she now
only had a short time in which to defeat my wife’s will
increased the pressure in a most cruel way twisting and
pulling Sue’s nipples slapping her face then tearing
into her tits again.

Megan twisted my wife’s inflamed nipples so far, her
that her fists were buried in her tits, with Sue’s
ample flesh pouring over them. Then Megan grabbed her
hair again forcing my wife’s head back and her tortured
tits forward as she sunk her teeth into her glands. Sue
was screaming with pain but still she would not submit
frantically she started slapping Megan around the head
with her weakened strength it was totally ineffective.

My wife was being tortured and terrorised against the
banister she was screaming and wreathing in pain as
Megan pulled on Sue’s hair with her right hand, savaged
my wife’s left breast with her teeth and battered and
stretched her left.

Megan released Sue’s elongated nipples from her left
hand pushing her hand behind my wife and started
pinching her buttocks hard twisting the skin.

“Please, please I beg you please stop,” she cried

“We have heard it all before bitch you can suffer some
more before I will even consider listening to a word
you say,” said Megan looking at her with such a hard
piercing stare.

Taking hold of my wife’s hair she dragged her across
the room towards the sofa as my wife ran on her knees
trying to keep up with her.

My wife was on her knees at the foot of the sofa, as
Megan stood above her naked except for her pink
panties. Megan looked like an Amazon warrior warming up
for battle, the sweat of her exertions glistened on her

“Now get the fuck up on the sofa,” Megan commanded

Sue struggled to her feet helped by the hand still in
her hair.

“Now bitch open your legs wide and be quick about it.”

“Please no I can’t,” begged Sue.

jumping on top of the wife straddling her belly Megan
started slapping Sue’s face before grabbing her tits in
both hands mashing them together making my wife scream
and cry again to weak to defend herself as Megan
pummelled her breasts.

Back and forth she slapped the large breasts making Sue
scream continuously pleading for it to stop as she
suffered a hail of blows knocking her tits left and
right up and down.

Megan started to give the nipples a ravaging my wife
would never forget, the huge, swollen nipples bent
between each of her fingers Sue was forced to cry out
in pain as Megan ripped her tits around in both hands.

Sue’s body stiffened beneath Megan’s buttocks as she
crushed and squeezed her tits and nipples. She slammed
her well-shaped bottom down onto the wife’s belly
twice, knocking the wind out of her. Then with a look
of determination on her face Megan began to really
force my wife’s submission. She tugged each tit
outwards as far as she could pull them and then smashed
them into each other over and over again as all that
could be heard was my wife’s screams and the sound of
her breasts slapping together.

Each assault was slightly different, and each was
horrible enough that all thoughts of resistance by my
wife were shattered.


MISTRESS!” Megan reached down between my wife’s legs
tearing at her pubes.

screamed, now begging and pleading with her.

ME. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD BITCH?” said Megan as she
savaged Sue’s tits.








“I’ll be staying here for the next couple of days to
finish off your training just to make sure that you do
understand what an honor it is to be our slave.”


“Very well then, look at your poor husband. He has had
to endure seeing his bitch of a wife getting the
beating of her life. As you can imagine it must have
been very heart wrenching for him. I WANT YOU TO TELL
Over this weekend and the months to come you will make
it up to him, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”

“YES, YES MISTRESS!” Sue screams out in pain as Megan
slaps her face. “TELL HIM CUNT NOT ME!” she yells.


I nodded my head it had taken Megan two minutes and
forty-nine seconds of her three minutes to get my wife
to finely surrender to her.

“GOOD GIRL!” Megan replied kissing my wife on the cheek

Megan stopped what she was doing and slid her body down
pushing both knees between my wife’s legs, kissing
Sue’s tits pushing them up together softly.

“Spread those legs wide for me dear,” said Megan
kneeling on the floor between my wife’s trembling legs.

Sue opened her legs, “Wide bitch wide, don’t let me
have to tell you again,” said Megan in a very,
domineering tone.

My wife opened her trembling legs wider exposing the
soft flesh of her vulva to Megan now only inches away
from her.

She gasped as she felt Megan’s hands glide softly up
the insides of her thighs, the very same hands that had
ripped into her body with such ferocity, were now so
gently and sensual. It was hard to believe that they
where the same hands the same fingers that had nipped
and pinched her soft and delicate skin.

My wife’s hands were crossed over her aching breasts I
could see the look of fear and apprehension on her face
her eyes were closed a waiting the inevitable.

Megan took her time she wanted only to tease my wife to
show her that defeat and surrender had other rewards.
She lingered gently stroking my wife’s delicate thighs
moving her fingers lightly up towards her awaiting

Just as Megan’s fingers neared my wife’s vagina she
pushed her hands past to the sides of her hips
caressing her pelvis softly.

“I think we will take this to the floor dear stand up
now,” commanded Megan in a voice of authority. “Andy
will you please fetch my bag for me?”

As she was helping my trembling wife to her feet by
taking hold of both hands I made my way to fetch the
bag that I had put near her coat earlier that evening.

By the time I came back with the bag my wife was laying
on the floor with the cushions from the sofa beneath
her in the form of a make shift bed. Her bottom was
raised up by the mere fact of having two cushions
beneath her.

“Are thank you Andy now why don’t you sit back down on
the chair and just relax while I see to a few important
thing,” said Megan as I handed her the bag.

Sitting down in the chair facing my wife with her legs
towards me was a wonderful sight.

Megan removed a bottle of massage lotion from her bag
“Now dear this will help relieve some of the pain your
body must be feeling” Said Megan to Sue as she knelt
down behind my wife placing her head between her knees.
At the same time, trapping a large amount of Sue’s hair
under her knees, which made it impossible for my wife
to either lift her head or turn her head.

Opening the bottle Megan poured the lotion into the
palm of her left hand rubbed her hands together too
warm the lotion then applied the lotion to her own
heaving breasts looking directly at me as she squeezed
her tits as if milking them pulling and twisting her
own nipples. Megan was putting on a wonderful show for
me as she played with her tits in front of me with my
wife’s head between her knees.

Then she looked down at my wife’s heaving chest, “I am
sorry dear I almost forgot about you, I was imagining
your husband running his hands over my breasts,” said
Megan with a laugh as she taunted her.

That said Megan picked up the bottle of lotion not
bothering to warm it up.

Sue gasped as the cold lotion dripped on her stomach
and her breasts I noticed her body tremor a little.
Suddenly Megan ran her hands over my wife’s aching,
tortured swollen, breasts as Sue gasped as she
instinctively grabbed hold of Megan’s hands.

“Did I tell you to move your hands bitch,” Megan said
squeezing my wife’s breast hard making her yelp drawing
her knees up in response to the pain.

“No mistress, no mistress, sorry mistress,” she cried
as Megan dug her fingers into her breasts.


My wife immediately complied with Megan’s demand. With
a whimper her arms returned to her side.

Megan loosened her grip and proceeded to stoke Sue’s
breasts in a soft gentle way taking great care as she
slowly started to soothe away the pain in my wife’s

As I watch my wife’s face I notice that she is
breathing heavier now and a blush has started in her
cheeks. I can tell she’s trying to fight it, as Megan
continues to rub her breasts together, nipples hard and
swollen, flicking and rolling the nipples slowly.

Megan’s hands would drift down my wife’s stomach a
finger would circle her belly button, then both hands
would shoot back up and cup her breasts. Every now and
again Megan would squeeze or pull Sue’s nipples hard
making her gasp and yelp as if to remind my wife of the
dominance she had over her.

After playing with my wife’s breasts for a few more
minutes Megan stood up and removed her pink knickers.
“I don’t want to get these all covered in lotion now do

Megan swung her legs over my wife and sat down on her
stomach. Sue moaned involuntarily as she felt Megan’s
wetness come in contact with her bare skin, and then
she took hold of Sue’s nipples again, and began playing
with them, tugging them and letting them go, then
grabbing them again.

It was rough, but not like before when she was dishing
out punishment as she subdued my wife. Megan was
rubbing her pussy against Sue’s stomach as she played
with her tits every now and again a little gasp and
moan would escape my wife’s mouth as Megan worked her
tits nipping them hard from time to time. Sue’s nipples
were rock hard as Megan flicked her thumbs over them
teasing and tormenting them.

She leaned over and kissed my wife fiercely on the
mouth, pushing her tongue deep inside. Her tongue was
everywhere rubbing gums, the roof of her mouth,
overpowering my wife’s tongue. Megan licked the roof of
Sue ‘s mouth, then under her tongue, then to the
insides of each cheek. She tasted every inch of her
inner mouth. It was almost like she was raping her with
her tongue. I guess in away she was at that as my wife
was too afraid to stop her, Megan could do whatever she

Megan sucked on my wife’s tongue so hard that it made
her yelp.

She was grinding and humping her crotch down hard, as
if she was fucking her with an invisible Dick.

Taking hold of Sue’s limp arms Megan held them above
her head as she started to slide down my wife’s neck
kissing and licking her softly until she arrived at her
breasts. Opening her mouth wide she sucked my wife’s
right nipple deeply between her full, pliant lips, she
placed the flat of her tongue on the hard teat and
massaged it slowly as Sue let out a gentle gasp. Megan
pressed both globes together and began sucking on them,
from one to the other.

My wife was whimpering softly, tears dripping down the
sides of her cheeks as Megan molested her tits. Sue had
always hated Lesbians, she thought that they together
with gay men where nothing but sick degenerate people
who should have been put down at birth.

She had many misconceptions about people and hated
anyone who did not follow the so-called media
impression of morality, that being from a catholic
background the whole idea of homosexuality disgusted

Megan moved down my wife’s body kissing and licking her
stomach as she slid further down her tits pushed into
Sue’s pubic mound making her body shiver from fear. Sue
was completely under Megan’s control.

“Let’s get a good look at this pussy,” Megan said,
pushing my wife’s thighs apart.

Megan’s index and middle fingers rested for just an
instant on the petals of her sex; and then she was
spreading her fingers, spreading my wife’s labia,
opening her, exposing the pink of her sex.

It disgusted and frustrated my wife; she didn’t WANT to
be like that, but couldn’t stop the woman. Megan
brought her other hand up to rest on her first, her
index finger stretching down between the widespread
lips of my wife’s cunt. After a moment she started
flicking the tip of her finger back and forth, its tip
working back the hood at the juncture of her labia,
exposing Sue’s clit as Megan’s finger continued to
flick back and forth teasing the sensitive organ.

“You think you can resist me, that you can’t be as I
want you to be. You think that you will still have your
dignity, even here, even now, I will strip that from
you. I’m going to make you admit that you want
everything I do to you. I’ll make you beg for more. You
will voluntarily give up even the illusion of
resistance.” With that, Megan slipped a finger between
my wife’s labia, pushing it in up to her knuckle. Sue
stifled a moan.

My wife tried to still her cries as Megan worked on her
with her finger adding another finger to plunge deep
into her; she tried to keep from moving, to keep from
squirming, but every once in a while, her hips would

As she suffered the waves of pleasure radiating from
her crotch, the waves of embarrassment flowing through
her, Sue shook her head and vowed to herself, that the
woman would not make her beg for it. She was tougher
than this.

Megan watched my wife closely, a wry smile forming on
her face as she fucked and twisted her fingers harshly
against the front walls of her cunt. Sue gasped,
teetering on the very brink of a climax. She moaned
plaintively and then bit her lip to silence herself.
Megan just grinned, watching her face she chuckled,

“I’m not going to let you climax until you beg for it
bitch,” said Megan slowing the pace of her fingers. My
wife groaned as the woman slowly pulled the fingers
from her pussy; she’d been so close to cumin. Megan
watched her face carefully, felt the tension in her
muscles. She knew well the signs of an impending
climax, knew well just how to handle my wife, how to
break her spirit, destroy her resistance.

She would by the end of the night have my wife begging
and pleading with her for release.

Megan’s mouth descended on her pussy, fingers peeling
back the lips so her tongue could roam freely in the
intimate caverns of Sue’s cunt. She used her fingers to
spread Sue ‘s pussy lips wide apart, making my wife
gasp as she did so.

“Let me have some of that sweet pussy,” said Megan
driving her tongue deep inside.

“Oh, God,” Sue gasped.

Megan licked my wife softly taking her outer and inner
lips into her mouth sucking and biting on them, then
flicking her tongue up to catch her clit.

Sue had her eyes shut, I noticed her bottom lip quiver
as Megan sucked and licked at her sex the muscles of
her stomach would contract. Every now and again, my
wife would let out a soft moan under her breath as
Megan sent shivers of pleasure careering through her
body. Megan’s mouth and tongue moved slowly yet firmly,
licking and sucking on my wife’s hard clit. Sure
enough, her labia were puffy, and she could feel
herself becoming wet.

Sue started to respond to the oral stimulation, lifting
and gyrating, her hips a little towards Megan’s darting

As my wife lifted her hips from the cushions a third
time Megan grabbed the cheeks of her buttocks lifting
Sue up as her tongue slid into her vagina in an effort
to lick the walls of her cunt.

Megan’s head was shaking from side to side as she
sucked and lapped at my wife now panting and groaning
from the incredible stimulation of her mouth.

Sue was suddenly overcome with it all as she felt guilt
and embarrassment that her body was responding to the
touch of another woman, and started to pull away.
Megan slapped her hard across the face.

“Did I say you could move bitch?” she said, as she
slapped her again, then grabbed her legs roughly
pushing them up so that my wife’s knees dug into her

Megan dove back into her driving her tongue deep into
my wife’s wet cunt as my wife moaned and trembled as
Megan sucked and licked at her. All you could hear, was
my wife moaning and gasping, as her pussy was sucked
and licked. Her body trembled as she neared her climax;
you could her Megan slurping on the stream of juices
gushing from my wife. Just as Sue was about to explode
Megan stopped holding my wife right on the edge of a

“Tell me what you want?” said Megan teasing her.

No reply came from my wife accept a soft moan as the
wave of pleasure began to subside. Megan trailed her
tongue teasingly around the tops of my wife’s thighs
then slid back between her legs hovering just inches
away from her wetness letting her tongue flick and
stroke her sex again building my wife up once more.

“Please oh please I cant take any more please let me
cum mistress,” Sue begged.

“Very well” said Megan as she enclosed her lips around
my wife’s throbbing clit.

Suddenly, Sue climaxed screaming and moaning under the
torrent of oral violation. Megan licked the length of
her pussy over and over, tasting her delicious sweet
juices holding onto my wife. Two knowing fingers probed
gently and slid deep inside her making my wife gasp.

Megan moved her fingers in and out expertly, rotating
them, giving her pussy, wonderful stimulation. Sue
moaned in joy, as she felt the fingers move to explore
her hot cavern, and then she sobbed as Megan found her
g spot and began to stroke and knead it. Again and
again, my wife’s cries and sobs echoed around the
living room, this time not from pain but from pleasure.

“Please, Please, I can’t take any more please!!”
screamed my wife as Megan toyed with her over sensitive

My wife was shouting, screaming and moaning her body
trembling as if she was having a seizure as Megan held
on to her forcing yet another orgasm from her.

Sue managed to break away turning on her side drawing
her body into the featal position as her over
stimulated clit tingled between her legs.

“Rest a moment dear while you can for I am far from
finished with you,” said Megan her face shiny with my
wife’s silky cum.

Megan got up and went over to the bag and pulled out a
black leather collar walked over to Sue and placed it
around her neck, together with a tiny gold padlock.

“You will have this on at all times, only me and your
husband will have a key is that understood?”

“Yes mistress,” replied Sue under her breath.

After Megan attached the collar she reached in her bag
again and pulled out two wrist cuffs, attached them to
each of Sue’s wrist. Again Megan reached into her bag
this time she had two black leather ankle cuffs, which
she quickly secured around my wife’s ankles.

“Good now one more thing,” said Megan retrieving a long
black leather lead from the bag.

After securing the lead to the silver ring attached to
Sue’s collar Megan pulled my wife, up to her feet and
walked her to the centre of the room.

“Now my dear just stand there and don’t say a word,”
said Megan reaching in the bag again pulling out a
black silk scarf. Megan placed the scarf over my wife’s
eyes making sure the blindfold was secure then she
removed some black rope like cords from the bag and
threw them over the thick wooden beam that ran across
the width of the living room.

“Andy would you be so kind as to give me, a hand moving
your coffee table please,” said Megan.

“Certainly,” I said, getting out of my chair to lend
Megan a hand.

Once the table was placed under the wooden beam I sat
back down in the chair again wondering what Megan was
going to do next.

As Megan reached in the bag she pulled out two metal
pulleys and started to thread the black cord rope
through the little wheels, the rope ends where then
attached to a metal cross bar that had rings on.

Megan led Sue towards the table took hold of her right
wrist and attached one of the cords to the leather
wrist band, then she did the same with her other wrist.

“Now bitch I want you to step up here,” said Megan
helping my wife up onto the coffee table.

Once my wife was standing on the table, Megan pulled on
the cords, forcing Sue’s arms up above her head. One
more pull on the cord and Sue was pulled up so that
with her arms secured above her head she was standing
on tip toes, her body at full stretch.

Megan ran her hands up the outside of Sue’s legs, then
moved behind her and stroked her round buttocks giving
them a playful slap, before moving back round to face
her once again. Megan admired Sue’s large firm breasts
only inches from her face.

My wife gasped when she felt Megan’s hands cup her
breasts, Sue’s nipples hardened as her fingers pulled
and twisted on them softly.

Suddenly Megan stopped playing with my wife’s tits,
reached in the bag again and pulled out a thick black
leather belt. The belt was about three inches wide with
a brass ring fitted to the front.

Megan secured the belt around Sue’s waist and then
attached one of the black rope cords to the brass ring.
After that Megan attached the two remaining cords to
each of my wife’s ankle cuffs.

Sue screamed from shock when Megan started pulling on
the pulley rope lifting my wife’s feet up from the
table top a few more pulls on the rope and Sue was
dangling in mid air suspended from the wooden beam her
legs out stretched. Megan pulled my wife up higher so
that her pussy was level with her face.

Sue cried out softly as she felt Megan’s fingers
between her legs, parting her, exploring. My wife was
gasping for air, breathing hard and irregularly.

“Ummmph,” she moaned as she felt Megan’s fingers push
into her wetness. My wife’s womb began to pulsate
vigorously as Megan pumped her fingers in and out of

Megan now had four fingers sliding in and out of her,
Sue felt her lips stretch open to accommodate them,
felt her pussy tighten around Megan ‘s fingers as she
fucked her harder and harder, so deep she was touching
her cervix with each thrust.

With her left hand plunging back and forth into my
wife; Megan’s right hand was diddling with her clit as
Sue bucked against her restraints teetering on the
brink of orgasm. She let out a mighty scream
“Ooooooooh.” squirting her cum over the thrusting

As quick as a flash Megan thrust her face between my
wife’s secured out stretched legs, parting the lips of
her cunt with her thumbs. Her lips engulfed my wife’s
pussy she sucked on her gently at first, and then she
just sucked a little harder and she started to make Sue
moan and gasp.

My wife’s pussy was oozing leaking huge amounts of
pussy juice into the woman’s mouth. Her pussy started
to gush and gush and she couldn’t stop. She was
helpless Megan had total control of her, driving her
hot thick tongue deep into her womb. Megan ran her
tongue up and down Sue’s pussy slit teasing and
tormenting her clit sucking it into her mouth biting on
it softly before lashing at it again with her tongue.

My wife was moaning and gasping her body shuddered and
her hips rose and gyrated as Megan continued to eat

Moment’s later Sue screamed hitting a thunderous climax
gushing and splattering her cum all over Megan’s face.
As my wife tried to regain her composure, Megan
attacked her slit again with renewed vigour. She slid
her marvellous tongue deep into her circling and
licking, pushing her tongue in as far as she could

“Aghhhh, please, please stop aghhh, I can’t take any
more please mistress,” cried Sue her legs trembling
secured by the black cords.

Megan stopped just for a moment liked the cum from her
own lips laughed then plunged two of her fingers deep
into her making my wife scream and pant.

I was pulling on my hard cock as I took in the sight of
my wife being violated by Megan. Never had I seen my
wife so wet she was screaming through orgasm after
orgasm her juices splattering around the living room as
Megan thrust her fingers deep into her. Sue screamed as
another climax rocketed through her body be for she
hung from the wooden beam her body now lip and silent.

Megan removed her fingers from my wife’s cum soaked
cunt peeled back her puffy pink lips and looked at her
gapping wet slimy vulva.

“Why don’t you come and play with this little slut
bitch wife of yours Andy, so I can watch how obedient
she has become if you don’t mind?” Said Megan

“I was wondering when you were going to say that,” I
replied getting up from the chair.

Sue started to speak, but Megan placed a slimy finger
on her lips. “Silence,” she commanded. “Did I say you
could speak?”

“No,” replied my wife.

“NO WHAT?!” Screamed Megan, twisting Sue’s nipples

“No! Sorry! AGRAAHHHHH!!” screamed Sue as Megan slapped
at her tits.

“Sorry mistress,” said Sue with a whimper.

“If the bitch steps out of line again Andy, just give
her a slap on her tits and she will be such an obedient
little wife,” said Megan.

How beautiful she is how lovely, how helpless I thought
as I brought my hand, up to her chin and kissed her. My
hands began to move slowly down toward her breasts. My
wife trembled, when I cupped her breast in my hands and
rubbed my thumbs, across her thick nipples.

Megan sat on the chair playing with her pussy with one
hand while her other hand tweaked at her breasts. I
bent forward taking one of my wife’s nipples in my
mouth nipping and rolling her hard nip with my tongue
as my left hand stole down over her stomach. Sue gasped
as my hand tangled with her pubic mound my fingers
drifted to her soaking wet cunt, never had I felt her
so wet as my fingers trailed the soft flesh of her
puffy damp vulva.

I slipped to fingers into her with ease, she was
incredibly wet and warm her breathing was heavy as I
twirled my fingers around inside her. Positioning
myself between her legs, I flicked out my tongue
tasting her cum, she was so sweet and wet I thrust a
third finger into her making her gasp as I did so,
slowly I started to fuck her with my fingers.

My wife was gaping and panting with almost every thrust
of my fingers I felt her body shiver as I twirled my
tongue around her swollen clit. It was the first time
that I had ever pushed three fingers into her, yes I
had fingered her with two before but three well it was
new to me. Sue would never have allowed me to do this
to her in the past but now Megan had subdued her
anything was possible.

Suddenly I felt the walls of her cunt grab my fingers
hard as she let out a big gasp followed by a rush of
watery cum spurting out of her.

“That’s the way Andy, make the bitch cum!!” Yelled
Megan franticly rubbing her own clit.

“My turn again if you don’t mind,” said Megan getting
up from the chair walking over to the bag on the floor.
“Now that the bitch is warmed up, her treatment can
really begin.” Megan pulled out a huge strap-on cock.

I looked over at her as she buckled up the straps, I
was a gasped at its size it was a monster of a cock. No
way could my wife take such a thing, surely Megan
wasn’t really going to use that on my dear wife she
would split her in two I thought.

Megan looked absolutely wicked with the huge phallus
protruding in front of her body. She pulled out a
bottle of baby oil from her bag and sprinkled some on
the dildo using her hand to spread it evenly, much in
the way I would stroke my own cock.

Megan moved between my wife’s legs and started to stoke
and tickle Sue’s moist sex her in preparation for what
was to come. Megan took hold of my wife’s hips and
thrust into her hard making Sue scream with pain as she
was impaled by the monster cock. Megan moved her hands
to my wife’s breasts, and gently pulled at them as she
thrust her hips back and forth.

Sue was screaming and moaning as the huge dildo plunged
into her, I could see that her cunt was stretched
beyond belief, as Megan fucked her hard with a look of
wild passion on her face, as she plunged into my wife
again with gritted teeth.

Every once in awhile, Megan’s hands would move to Sue’s
nipples and roll them firmly between her fingers. I was
getting very excited, wanking my cock, as I watched her
violate my beautiful wife. Sue had become noticeably
wetter and looser, as Megan continued to pierce her
cunt with the rubber strap-on, my wife’s breathing
picked up pace. Megan was fully pounding her dripping
cunt with reckless abandon, Sue screamed her body
convulsed, as she was hit by another thunderous climax.

Megan flicked at my wife’s throbbing clit with her
thumb as she fucked her on and on. Sue’s legs started
to tremble as she let out a high-pitched squeal that
echoed around the living room.

“Take it, bitch take every inch of it,” yelled Megan
over the screams and moans of my wife. Megan slammed
hard into her as waves of pleasure crashed over my
wife’s body. Her juices poured from her as Megan thrust
into her after every wail as my wife tried to catch a

Sue shook her head back and forth, gasping trying to
signal to Megan that she couldn’t take anymore. Megan
just ignored her thrusting the cock in and out of her
another climax rocketed through my wife.

Megan mercifully withdrew the cock from her making her
groaned again as the tip exited my body, covered in her
pussy juice. Her open pussy throbbed in pleasure and
pain, as Sue struggled to regain her senses. My wife’s
entire body tingled and her breasts heaved her body
glistened in the dull light of the room with the drops
of sweat and love juice over her tits and thighs. Megan
smiled at me giving me a knowing wink as she started to
remove the cum soaked strap-on cock from her waist.

My wife hung from the wooden beam completely exhausted
from the violation and rape.

“I’m not finished with you yet bitch,” said Megan
placing the strap-on on the floor.

Suddenly, Sue let out a weak shriek, as, a finger
entered her, Megan slid her finger in further,
exploring my wife’s violated sex. Megan was caressing
the upper wall of her vagina, she slowly insert a
second finger into her pussy. She continued to slide
two fingers in and out of her over worked pussy, I
watched Megan spread the wet lips apart with both
fingers, before releasing them and slipping her fingers
back in.

My wife moaned softly as Megan began to work her up
once more towards another climax. I was amazed that my
wife could take so much she was a true slut it was very
apparent that she was loving every minuet of her
treatment as her body suddenly trembled and shook as
she hit another climax.

Megan released Sue from her bonds and helped my
exhausted wife towards the stairs.

“Come on Andy I think this wife of yours needs to go to
bed,” said Megan as I got up from the chair to help her
drag my wife up stairs towards the bedroom.

Sue’s legs were like jelly as she was led towards the
bed, Megan pushed her gently down on the bed face up,
climbed on top and trapped her arms under her legs
resting her round buttocks on Sue’s chest forcing the
air from her lungs.

I had watched in silence as Megan beat my wife into a
blubbering wreck forcing her to submit, and then she
violated her beyond belief with her fingers, tongue and
a monster strap-on cock.

“Now its my turn bitch,” said Megan, her knees resting
on the bed on each side of my wife’s face. Sue was too
weak to off any kind of resistance against the dominant

“EAT ME BITCH!” Cried Megan as she roughly grabbed the
back of my wife’s head, and pulled it up towards her
cunt. Hesitating at first, Sue flicked out her tongue
and took a long, slow stroke up and down Megan’s puffy
pussy lips tasting the sweet taste of a woman’s cunt
for the very first time. Megan let out a soft moan as
my wife’s tongue fluttered over her soft outer lips of
her vagina.

“Get your fucking tongue in me bitch!” said Megan
grinding her cunt down hard on Sue’s face. My wife
thrust her tongue into her making Megan moan softly
before reaching behind to grab at my wife’s breasts
twisting and pulling her nipples.

Megan was grinding herself further into Sue’s face as
my wife’s long tongue stole deep inside her sex.

Megan let out several faint moans, as my wife pushed
her tongue in deeper and deeper before pulling it out
trailing along her slit to come to rest on Megan’s
throbbing clit.

Sue moved her tongue up and down her clit sucking it
into her mouth then rolling Megan’s clit in circles,
making her grind her crotch down over her face. Megan
screamed gyrating violently over my wife’s mouth. I
watched as the cheeks of Megan’s arse clenched and her
body shook with her climax as she gushed her cum all
over my wife’s face.

“Don’t stop bitch, don’t fucking stop! Aaghhhh!” gasped
Megan jerking and trembling above my wife.

Not wanting to be left out of the action I leapt on the
bed threw Sue’s legs apart and started to fuck her for
all I was worth.

#Lesson #Bitch #Wife

A Lesson For The Bitch Wife

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