A man is abducted and held against his will by a group of women who use him to satisfy their dominant sexual desires

A man is abducted and held against his will by a group of women who use him to satisfy their dominant sexual desires

Aching head. I’m trying to cradle my head but my arms
won’t move. My eyes bolt open and I can’t make out
anything in the dark room. Struggling with my arms I
looked behind me and could see my arms cuffed around a
marble pole about a foot behind my head. I could feel
my torso supported on a hard leather surface that runs
to the small of my back my ass has no support from
below. I can feel my legs suspended spread eagle in the
air by what looked like metal chains.

I struggle, but can’t move, all I achieve is a faint
clanging of metal.

Let’s take it back to last night. A week’s vacation
from work I went with friends to a bar. I remember a
stage and doing a strip to show off my newly bronzed
and toned 6’2″ frame. I have a well developed body I
think; at least the ladies seemed to enjoy it. There
was the usual drinking and an introduction to a girl. I
think I had drinks with her and now I remember nothing

While contemplating my dilemma a light appeared
creating shadows across the chamber. I can now see a
beautifully decorated room with a marble floor, a high
ceiling, arched pillars, and walls decorated with
statues of naked men and women in various combinations
and positions. I also see a curvy silhouette swaying
towards me. I feel a hand gently stroke my leg it
wanders up and across my cock then along my chest.

The figure leans forward speaking, “Oh good you’re
awake.” Her voice is soft like the purrs of a kitten.
She has deep red lips. “Lights!”

All the lights come on at once illuminating the entire
chamber. I can see four naked women in the room all
tall and slender. They are wearing black stilettos,
some jewelry, and nothing else. They all are Amazon in
stature. Obviously they have been practicing the art of
body building or weight lifting. I really can’t be

Red lips, I will call her, sashayed from me to one of
the other four ladies and passionately kissed her. She
kissed her so hard and deep that they ground their hips
together. When they broke the kiss they fondled each
others breasts and butts. Red lips took a whip from the
guard’s hand and they both came toward me. “Foxy,” said
red lips, “Get the toy box.”

“Yes Maam,” came the eager reply.

A bit too eager a reply I was thinking. Red Lips began
to stroke a whip along my body causing me to flinch. “A
little tense are we?” she began. “And a bit excited
too, I see. I assure you by then end of this you will
be grateful, afraid, wanting, and hurting.”

She grabbed my balls and gently cupped them. “Trixie,
Bambi, and Sukie come here. We have a guest to

At that moment, the fourth girl, Foxy returned with a
small stainless steel cart on wheels, like the ones
hospitals use. “Trixie! Shave him you know I like my
men hairless.”

Trixie took out a rather menacing looking straight
razor and stropped it too make sure it was sharp.
Meanwhile, Bambi and Sukie lathered me up. “Don’t
move!” admonished Red Lips. The blade was doing its
work but meantime I was scared to death that Trixie was
going to miss and cut me.

However, the girls did a good job with the shaving
brush and cream. In the end I was completely hairless.
Then came the after shave. I screamed when it was
applied. After shave is partly alcohol and it really
burns when applied to certain areas. Not only did this
burn but I got an instant hard on. I could feel my
crotch burning but my cock and balls became almost one
with the tightness of desire.

“That’s better ‘ smooth and you smell so sweet,” purred
Red Lips. I could feel the burning of my balls. I was
scared she had done more than just shave me. “My
favorite scent channel no. 5.”

“What do you want with me? Why have you taken me? Let
me go! If the authorities get involved it will be a
kidnapping charge against you all,” I bellowed.

“You’re OUR guest; we chose you last night for a number
of reasons and brought you here. WE will treat you and
teach you,” Red lips replied sternly. “Let us proceed,”
Red lips said, as spun round to face her amazons.
“Bambi wash his cock with your mouth.”

I watched as a pretty face descended between my legs.
She was so delicate flicking her tongue over my balls,
her soft pert lips kissing my shaft. She sucked and
teased my cock so gently while her hands pulled on my
balls and played with them equally gently.

“Sukie show our guest how tender you are… with this,”
said Red Lips, while she passed Sukie a very long whip.

Sukie giggled and let rip, cracking the whip hard
across my stomach, thwack “aahhhhhhhh,” A fine red line
appeared on my stomach. Thwack “ahhhhhhhhh.”

Suck, slurp, I felt my cock twitching in Bambi’s mouth.
She was really turning me on! Thwack “aaahhhhhh.” I
screamed in pain.

Red lips crouched next to my ear and as she spoke let
her lips and tongue brush against it.

“The man is strong, his rippling muscles, (thwack) his
deep powerful voice, (sucking) his strong hands that
grip tight. The woman is weaker but tender, large soft
lips (tongue flicking across cock) that kiss and suck

Soft and tender breasts to knead and suck. Long tender
legs that open wide (lips swallow cock) to show a wet
moist (thwack) snatch ready to fuck. His cock is stiff
long and hard (thwack) and makes us moan with desire.
(I tried to Twist and turn, move my arms anything to
protect myself all I could do was rattle my chains)
When he pushes himself inside us (long firm lick)
making tender pussies stretch and our soft bodies
quiver (thwack).

The man stands proud and dominates (powerful suck) over
the gentle women pushing himself in (thwack) and out of
our wet tender (lick) hole. He feels his excitement
rising (thwack) and ejaculates his seed filling our
pussies with his cum (thwack). He pulls himself (suck)
from the cum filled flower and lets are juice and spunk
drip down our thighs. (thwack thwack thwack)

Stilled tied and unable to move I lie whimpering in
pain, fear and delicate pleasure, not knowing to make
of anything. Pain rippling across my stomach and my
cock aching for pussy. Red lips walked gently up to
Bambi wrapped herself around the blonde and kissed
passionately, while caressing her butt. “Ah a faint
salty taste our guest is excited,” Red lips caressed
the inside of my thigh and gave me a longing look.

“Sukie come here! What a good girl you are,” she said
as she gently stroked Sukie’s pussy. “You’re all wet.
Are you enjoying me?”

“Yes Ma’am I do. Please don’t stop!”

“Good because we have more fun for our guest,” Red Lips
said eagerly while fingering Bambi.

Sukie smiled. She squeezed and pinched her breasts. She
too was getting hot, I thought.

“Sukie give our guest an enema. Make sure he’s ready to
be fucked like a woman, and while Sukie cleans him out.
Bambi, Trixie, Foxy. Come here! I need some attention,”
she commanded.

Foxy walked up to Red Lips dropped to her knees, lifted
up her leather skirt, revealing an excited shaved labia
with glistening moist lips. Foxy flicked her tongue
over Red Lip’s pussy then slipped it delicately between
the smooth lips of the vagina swathing her tongue over,
in, under, and then to the clit, while working her
fingers into Red Lip’s hot, wet hole.

Bambi caressed Red Lip’s tits sucking and licking them
getting the nipples taught and hard. Trixie moved
around behind Red Lips knelt down spread the cheeks of
her ass and began to lick her puckered butt hole. While
I was watching all this someone, I could not see who
rammed a nozzle up my ass and filled me with an enema.

I was told to hold it until Red Lips gave permission to
release. After 10 minutes of moaning and cumming Red
Lips was back “Release!” she commanded. “And not on the
floor either. I let it all flow out of me with a great
rush. I guess I was cleaned out because she announced I
was ready. “Sukie, he’s ready!”

“Yes Ma’am!” came a quick reply. “Bambi lick his ass,
finger him, begin the foreplay!”

I never had my ass licked before. The sensation was
fantastic! My cock ached for a hot wet pussy to be
wrapped around it. I feared, at the same time, was I
going to feel pain as well?

“Sukie undress me,” I could see Red Lips nude body now.
Her figure was amazing, so curvy and pert! “Foxy get my

My balls grew tight and my cock was harder than I could
ever remember. I was responding to unusual pleasurable
feelings caused by the attention my ass was receiving.

Red Lips walked behind me, leaned against the pole
around which my arms were secured. Her large pert tits
above my face. I saw the Basque go around her body
pushing her tits higher and further out. Red Lips
leaned forward to allow the strings to be tightened
while her tits brushing my face. Her nipples stroked
against my lips. “Tighter!” I could see Red Lips wince
as the Basque was tightened. Squashing her breasts
against my fore head. “Tighter!” She shouted. Now she
had a small smile of pleasure on her face.

My body quivered from Bambi’s licking and fingering my
ass. I could feel a slight stretch but no pain. She was
so good.

“Suck my tits!” whispered Red Lips in a very demanding
tone. I complied through fear and bewilderment “Ohhhhhh
Yessssssssss!” she murmured. Her face directly above
mine, her mouth inches from my eye “Tighter!” she

The pleasure coursed through her face. Then evidence of
pain. Her eyes widened. She stared into me. I could see
her tears even as she leaned forward and kissed me
hard. Her lips were soft and sweet, full of passion.
“Tie it right there!” Red lips rose up and walked
around me. “Is he ready Bambi?”

“He’s wet and ready,” was the reply.

Unbeknown to me while Red lips had been above me Sukie
had strapped on a large dildo. She walked up to my face
and ran the dildo along my lips. “Lick it!”

I turned my head refusing. Red Lips slapped my face so
hard I saw double.

“Lick it!”

I complied and licked along the long hard plastic

“Good,” said Red lips. “Is that your perfect man

“Yes 12 inch long and 3 inches in diameter.”

Red Lips face reappeared above mine, “Now you will be
fucked like a woman!”

Sukie placed her hands on my hips. She rammed that
dildo into my ass! I screamed in pain and fear. I
tensed. The pain was awful. I could not control myself.
“Come girls. Watch Sukie fuck him!”

The girls stared in awe as they watched Sukie fuck me.
Bambi started fingering herself. Trixie and Foxy began
stroking their own wet slits. “Look how he stretches
around Sukie’s cock! Sukie looks so strong fucking him!
Sukie began to go in and out a bit faster.” Bambi,
Trixie, and Foxy began to stroke each other, French
kiss and tongues began to find tongues.

“Ohh this makes me wet!” murmured Sukie. She takes one
hand off my hips and pinches her nipples.

“Man is strong and solid, large and helpless being
fucked like a girl. Do you like it? DO YOU LIKE IT?”
Red Lips demanded.

“No!” I was screaming in pain as I replied.

“Well, it mustn’t be hard or fast enough, harder Sukie
harder!” ordered Red Lips. “We will do anything you
wish to make it pleasurable. Just tell me you like it.”

Sukie, with both hands gripping my hips, pushed and
pulled her dildo in and out of my ass faster deeper and
harder. Tears streamed down my cheeks. Suddenly Slap!
“Say you like it!” Red Lips screamed. She was vexed.

She raised her arm ready to hit me again. “Say you like
your ass being fucked! Say it!” SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!
SLAP! SLAP! “Say you like to be fucked! You like it!
Like the whore you are! Say it!”

I did not respond. More slaps.

“I LIKE IT!” I screamed. The pain was too much. I gave
in. Red Lips stared at me. I tried to express my
contempt of her through the stinging and burning of my
face. The venom I felt I wanted to convey to her. “Say
you like to be fucked like a whore!” SLAP! “Say it!”

Finally out of anger, frustration, and through the pain
I screamed, “I like being fucked like a whore!”

Sukie purred, “Oohhhh I’m cumming!” And she pulled her
nipples hard while banging as fast as she could.

Red Lips got a smile on her face. “Apply lube Sukie.
Sweeten it up. Fuck him passionately and tenderly. I
know you can.” The pain eased. Now there was some
pleasure as she continued to go in and out of me. I
felt my body begin to relax. “Good boy!’ purred Red
Lips, ‘Good boy!”

Red lips climbed up and sat on my chest. She ground her
pussy into my stomach. I winced as her wet shaved pussy
rubbed against the welts from the whipping earlier.
“Foxy suck him!” Red Lips got up enough so I could see
her wet pussy.

While I watched she reached an arm around her back and
fingered herself. She pushed her hand in as far as she
could driving her fingers deep into her dripping hole.
Her shaved slit glistened with her juices. With her
other hand she rubbed her tits and pinched her nipples.
As she turned herself on, her one hand moved from her
tits to her clit and back.

The wetter she got the more she rubbed her joy juice
all over her body. Finally she covered in her own
wetness, she began to moan signaling her climax. Still
I was not able to find any release for my very hard

As if on cue Foxy stopped sucking my cock. Red Lips
moved back grabbed it and lowered herself slowly onto
my throbbing dick. Her tight wet pussy enveloped me and
I could feel the heat inside her.

“Ohhhhhh!” I couldn’t help moaning in pleasure she felt
so wet and warm. The sensations were over powering. My
ass stretched and filled, tight wet flesh wrapped
around my cock. Now I was throbbing.

“Sukie stop him!” Sukie pushed her finger into the
space between my balls and my stretched ass. All
throbbing stopped.

“keep him there! Sukie.” Red Lips moaned as she rode
me. She clawed at my chest, bit my nipples, and licked
my chest. I wanted to reach out and grab her. Grab
those tits that hung tantalizingly close. My arms tied
around that pole ached. There was no way to do what I

Foxy appeared above me. She lowered her wet pussy onto
my face. She tasted tangy and sweet. She smeared her
juices on my lips and face.

The three women pleasured me and I pleasured them for
what seemed like ages. Every time my cock began to
throb Sukie stopped me.

Every now and again one of the girls scratched me or
Sukie would slap my ass. The stinging sensations were
mind bending. When Foxy changed position on my face, I
could get a mouthful of her pussy and gently bite her
clit. Red Lips’ slit was stretched to the limit as it
slid up and down on my ever hard member. Foxy’s hands
teased Red Lips’ tits played with her nipples. The
girls kissed so hard I could hear the sucking noises
they made. I swallowed Foxy’s juices as she gushed into
my mouth and on my face.

My cock began to throb again “Sukie let him cum!”
bleated Red Lips. My aches and pains all added to the
sensations as my climax began to build. “Ooohh!
Oooohh!” I screamed as my breathing became rapid and
irregular. “Come in me! Give me your jizz. Give it to
me! Spill your seed! Now! Now! Give it to me!”

Red Lips pushed me over the brink. I came so hard
inside Red lips tight pussy it felt like an explosion.
Red lips stayed on me I could feel her juice and my cum
flowing down her canal. I must have released a load so
big that she could not hold it all. Foxy climbed off.
Red Lips rose up and turned around so I could see her
ass and wet creamy pussy with juices running down her

“Suck the cum out of me. Eat me!” she ordered. “Taste
it! Taste your cum.” She smeared her pussy juices on my
face and pushed her cunt into my mouth.

I had to lick and suck for self preservation. She moved
back and forth moaning and purring. “Eat me. Eat me.
Taste yourself suck me dry! Yeah that’s it. Do it! Lick
me suck me! Sooo Good!”

At first I tried to resist. Red Lips slapped my stomach
painfully. When I gulped air, she pushed her cum leaden
pussy into my mouth. The juice poured out. I swallowed
and tasted our mixed liquid and it was not too bad. The
sexiness of the affair overcame any repulsion I may
have had. I winced as Sukie pulled her dildo out and
moaned as she licked my tender ass.

When Red Lips got off me, Trixie began to suck and lick
my coated member. Foxy massaged soothing lotion onto
the welts along my stomach. I was exhausted the strong
smells of pussy filled my nostrils. Red Lips gently
stroked my chest and licked my nipples. She gave me a
deep long kiss. She inserted her tongue as deep as she
could go into my mouth. She bit my lips as we parted.

“Well done you have made me and my girls very happy.
But this is just the start. We know you have a week’s
holiday and we know that you won’t be missed. Each day
we will push the boundaries a little more. Pain and
pleasure will be your lot for the time you are with us.
Rest now there is a lot more in store for you.”

I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue this. But I felt so
good right at the moment, who was I to refuse these
wonderfully playful women?

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A man is abducted and held against his will by a group of women who use him to satisfy their dominant sexual desires