A man is brought into a select fetish club of cumlovers and discovers his own limits and desires

A man is brought into a select fetish club of cumlovers and discovers his own limits and desires

I have always been bisexual and have involved my wife
in my quest for cum, but the more I am with men, the
more I want to be exclusively with men. I’ve been
married for 15 years to a great girl who loves cum as
much as I do. When she discovered my taste for the
sweet cream, she allowed me to indulge in every wild or
weird quest.

I have sucked off many men in front of her with her
full approval and had men shoot their cream all over my
body and in every hole, again, with her full knowledge.
Most women would never put up with my desires, but my
wife loves to see me so totally turned on and

Over the past few years I have gone from occasional
male/male sex to almost weekly oral adventures. Susie
never seems to mind, even when I seek my pleasures away
from home and only tell her about them. She has
sometimes finds men for me to suck. I guess you could
say I’m obsessed with cocks and only mildly enjoy pure
male/female sex. We all know that men give the best
blowjobs. Try as she might, it just isn’t the same as
when a hot man sucks me off.

I recently met a guy on the net who was interested in
making some cum eating videos to sell or just to trade
or have on hand to jerk off to. I have always wanted to
have some good films of myself eating cum, getting
face-fucked and in the throws of orgasm. We traded a
few pics and he was attractive and in good shape. I’ve
never been able to suck off a guy who was not
physically appealing to me. I still have no emotional
interest in men, but I love the male figure and shape
and the power of an erect penis.

I told Susie that I had to go away on business for a
week. Since I travel often, this was no big surprise.
She also knew I would have some fun on these trips.
What she didn’t know was that I would spend a week with
just one guy sucking and being sucked and totally being
absorbed by his body. I would drink more cum this week
than in the previous three months. I’ve always imagined
there were guys like me who truly loved the taste,
smell and feel of cum, but until I got on the net and
explored, I couldn’t believe how many of us there are.

When I finally met Jim in the flesh, he was about my
weight and size, but was in much better shape than his
pic showed. He had a great body. His house was out in
the woods away from anyone else. This would be great
for some private fun. We toured his house and then went
into the basement.

He opened a door and I was amazed. There was a full
studio of light and camera equipment, a bed, a table
with straps, a wall full of cuffs and leather
restraints and something I didn’t recognize. My cock
got hard just seeing this. I brought a blood test to
prove to him that I was HIV negative. He gave me a copy
of his last test. With that over with, we went upstairs
and relaxed until evening.

At about 6PM, there was a knock on the door. Jim let
three guys in who were equally as handsome as he was.
They were all off for the week and we were going to
have some fun. Each guy had read my stories on the net
and was facinated to see if I could pass the cumlover
test. There are so many fakes on the net. I just
despise those fake cumshots. Real sperm has a look that
can’t be faked. The varying textures and how parts are
runny and some are thick.

I was told to stand in the middle of the room and
strip. I love to be seen naked so I quickly got
undressed and stood at attention for all to see my
excitement. They said I should jerk off into my palm
and let each guy inspect it before the next step. I
began to pump my cock and it wasn’t long before that
sweet wonderful feeling came over me.

I almost forgot I was standing in front of four guys as
I pumped my way to heaven. I carefully held out my left
palm to catch my sperm as it shot out of my cock. There
were four nice streams pooled in my palm. As I
recovered, I walked up to Jim and showed him my load
and then showed the others. They each nodded with
approval. They told me to just stand there for a while
and I reluctantly watched as my elixir turned clear as
sperm does after a while.

“Now, eat it for us,” Jim commanded.

I slowly brought my palm to my mouth and in one lick,
got every drop into my mouth. I got down on my knees in
front of them to show my full mouth. I love to open my
mouth and show off how much I love cum. I looked
straight into one mans eyes as I swallowed the load. As
always, it was so sweet and pure.

Jim looked at the other guys and said, “he’ll do.”

I got dressed and we began planning the next day�s
scenes. We were going to make a really hot cum eating
movie. A man can only produce a nice cum load once or
twice a day so we had to plan scenes over the week. It
turned out all of these guys were in my Yahoo cumlovers
group. I had talked to all of them under their net
names. We had shared many creamy adventures while
chatting over the past few months. They were all hot
for the chance to see me in action.

I had boasted a repertoire similar to the famous
cumpuppy. His films are incredible and I have often
dreamed of being him for a day. To literally drown in
cum and have it cover my body and fill every hole was
more than I could imagine.

I was to be the new member of a Spermo-Gnostic Cult
dedicated to the deification of cum ingestion and
phallic worship. Anyone at any time must accept being
sucked off or sucking off another member. Check the net
if you don’t believe it! This was a secret society that
severely screened new members with a brutal round of
initiation and tests.

Jim�s basement was decorated like a gothic castle with
torch-lights and cold concrete flooring. Even the bed
was old with high posts at each corner. Our first scene
on Monday involved me being introduced to the other
members. Over the next five days, I lived, breathed,
ate and swallowed sperm through various story lines.

It was a real demanding, even for me, cum-eating
adventure like no other. I was not an actor, but a new
cum slave entering into this secret world I had longed
to join my whole life. I forgot that there were cameras
filming around us. We all got totally caught up in the
action. Each scene took hours to film and by the time
each of us were finally allowed to shoot our loads for
the camera, we were so worked up that the loads were
huge and powerful making for great classic cum shots.

Scene One “First Test”

I knocked on a door and was invited into a dark room
with only a light in the center. There was a table
against the wall where I was told to put my clothes. I
heard groans coming from the darkness around me. I was
led to the center of the room and left alone. The moans
and breathing quickened. There was a strange pungent
smell in the air that I immediately recognized. My cock
was at full mast as I tried to see where I was and who
was making those sweet sounds. A figure dressed in a
black robe approached holding a gold goblet and handed
it to me.

“Drink,” was all he said.

I looked inside to see at least three or four loads of
fresh sperm swirling around and combining to form a
quartet of life giving delight. I held the goblet to my
lips and tilted it up. As I opened my lips, a huge
dollop of cum slithered over my tongue and into my
mouth. It was thick, warm and sweet with the tastes of
multiple men. This was the most cum I had ever eaten at
one time and I have to say it was a challenge.

Never one to fail at anything, I filled my mouth and
swallowed every slimy drop and licked the rim. The same
figure came back and took the goblet. I was then
brought a small crystal glass and told in a monotone
voice to fill it with my essence and rejuvenate my
body. In the Gnostic world this means to recycle your
sperm. It should never be spilled upon the floor or
wasted. I wasted no time in licking my right hand and
stroking my throbbing cock.

I was already so damn turned on from eating those loads
that it wasn’t long before my balls tightened and my
own seed pulsed out and into the glass. It was a nice
thick load and almost filled this little jigger of
solid crystal. I held it up for my unseen brothers to
see and drank it down, licking the glass to the last
microscopic sperm cell. There is no sperm like your own
sperm. No mans juice can match its sweetness.

Scene Two “All Cummers”

The next day a black robe was laid out on the bed for
me to wear. I was naked underneath. I was led to a red
pillow on the floor where I was told to kneel and be
quiet. After an eternity, a procession of men entered
the room totally naked except that each wore a mask
with horns and a devilish look about them. They stood
in line in front of me while one man stood off to the
side reading from a Gnostic prayer. He went on to talk
about the essence and how semen was revered and
precious and that I would be tested.

In a monotone voice he said, “You must work for your
semen and make each man shake and reveal himself to

As I well know, a man at the point of climax is fully
released and open to the world. His body shakes with
delight and his sperm is revealed to the world.

Again he said, “The sperm must not be wasted. It would
be a sin.”

The first man in line stood closer with his shaved cock
at my face and began to chant in a strange language. I
leaned forward and felt the heat from his shaft against
my face. I reached out to touch it and feel his full
sac. I looked up into his eyes through the mask, which
were now glazed over and red. My mouth opened wide as
my lips moved over his purple cock helmet. My lips
burned and my body was on fire. I also felt in a trance
as I began to bob my head over his length.

His cock was glistening and pulsing with every beat of
his heart. I grabbed his ass and forced my mouth to the
root with as much power as I could muster. I tried to
keep my gag reflex in check with each thrust. I love to
lose myself in a mans pleasure and feel that high that
can only cum from a warm cock filling my mouth. It is
so comforting and safe. I too was now moaning and as I
looked up at his face, he was drooling and in a
trancelike state. His hips began to thrust and his
balls were now so tight. I wanted his sperm. I needed
his sperm to coat my mouth and rejuvenate my body.

He grabbed my head and pushed deep as his cock pulsed
and the first thick stream of cum shot into my mouth.
There was so much that it began to squirt out of the
corner of my mouth. To even let one drop hit the floor
would have been failure on my part so I tried to push
him out just a little to regain control. I love being
face-fucked. His cum was sweet and hot as it slithered
down my throat. I used my hand to squeeze the last
drops out and into my mouth. He was shaking as he was
led away and the next man took his place. One down and
three to go.

By the end of this phase of my initiation, my stomach
would feel full and strange. The human body does not
know what to do with sperm in huge quantities. It must
be shock. I would shock my body many times over the
next few days, ingesting more cum than in the last few

Scene Three “Public Humiliation”

We all got dressed and drove to a small diner near
town. I was told that as part of my initiation, I must
be publicly humiliated by being seen with my face
covered in sperm and be totally comfortable and wear it
with pride as a badge of honor. I was told to lay down
on the floor of the van and open my mouth. All four
guys began to jerk off pointing their cocks at my face.
Now this was the most wild thing I had ever done. I
thought I’d have to walk around outside and then we’d
drive off. Not a chance. Each cock shot on my face and
into my mouth one after another. After a few minutes,
my face and hair were covered in hot gooey sperm.

The leader said, “Now go into the diner and order a cup
of coffee.”

I was a little nervous, but I didn’t know anyone there
so….. One of the guys went in with me and as the
waitress seated us, she looked at me with disbelief.
She knew what it was dripping from my face. I sat down
and she took my order. When the coffee arrived, she
asked if I wanted any cream and she almost lost it. I
used my finger to scoop some cum off my face and
dripped it into the cup. Her mouth was wide open as she
watched me drink my sperm laden coffee.

I was truly humiliated, but it was my first public
facial and I was loving it. We paid the cashier who was
also speechless as she took my money. I’m pretty kinky,
but this was the wildest thing I’d ever done. As we
drove back, I cleaned my face and licked my fingers
clean to the delight of my cum brothers. They told me
so many guys never get this far. They either aren’t
real cum lovers or they just can’t go all the way. I
was ready to go anywhere and do anything that involved
eating cum. I couldn’t imagine going too far.

Scene Four “Final Test”

As my final initiation, I had to make a take the
Gnostic oath which involved ingesting the essence of
the membership. Well, I thought that would be easy
enough. I had done that before, but I was wrong. Since
I had passed my three tests with flying colors, the
other members of the cumlovers community were called in
to administer the right of ascension so that I could
become a full member.

I awoke the next morning and was given a mask with
horns just as the others had worn. I was naked
otherwise. Jim led me to the same room where I had
first started my trials. There were many noises now
with much whispering and footsteps. I stood in the
center again and a chair was rolled out. I was strapped
down by my ankles, thighs, waist, chest, arms, wrists
and neck as well as my head. I could not move a muscle.

The chair was laid back so that my head was waist high.
Jim pushed a plug into my mouth. It was just like the
head of a penis was cut off. There was a hole at the
top like a funnel. It tasted of old dried sperm. I
couldn’t have moved if I’d wanted to, but I didn’t want
to. I knew what was going to happen and I couldn’t
wait. My only fear was that I might get nauseated by
the amount of sperm I was about to swallow. I didn’t
want that to happen. I love it so damn much. I’ve been
eating it for years. I love to play with it, feel its
texture, smell it and let it come alive in my mouth. A
million cells invading my every tastebud.

The first man came up to my head and began to jerk off.
They all began to jerk in unison and I could hear moans
of pleasure from all around me. I could smell semen and
with splat, a long stream shot into the funnel. It took
ages to leak down into the tip and run into my mouth.
All I could do was suck like I had a real cock in my
mouth. One after another, they came into the funnel and
after about 10 men, I was working hard to keep it from
overflowing. A little leaked over the top and ran down
on my face. I sucked and swallowed, but it was thick. I
wasn’t really able to taste it very much, but my nose
was ablaze in that unmistakable smell.

By now, I’d swallowed about 16 men when I saw the last
man waiting to feed me. There was this constant stream
of sperm on tap for my mouth to handle. The last man
shot his load and then began to jerk me off. I was so
hot by then that I thought I’d shoot without being
touched. He scooped some cum from the funnel and lubed
my shaft and really worked me hard. I tried to force my
hips up to his fist, but I couldn’t move.

As I swallowed the last drop of his cum, my own seed
spilled out into his hand. He lapped it up and brought
his mouth to within an inch of mine and pulled the
funnel away. I, of course, kept my mouth open and he
opened his allowing my cum to spill out and slither
into my mouth. All of my senses were on fire as well as
my stomach. One more load might have been the end of my
test. They unstrapped me and handed me a crystal glass
so that I might always return my seed to where it

I was so proud and satisfied after five days of eating
cum and making the hottest video around. We watched the
raw footage and would have to wait some months for the
final editing to be completed.

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A man is brought into a select fetish club of cumlovers and discovers his own limits and desires