A mature, experienced beauty is treated to a night of torrid interracial sex, while her husband watches in stunned appreciation

A mature, experienced beauty is treated to a night of torrid interracial sex, while her husband watches in stunned appreciation

It had been an eventful and wild year for the Hamlins.
First there was Dolly’s prolonged rape that had
awakened long suppressed sexual feelings and then the
wild and uninhibited voluntary reunion with her rapist.

Dolly and her husband, Rob, had returned to their
Missouri home and had settled down to a much more
satisfying and sexual existence than they had ever
known. But the winter had become dull and dreary to the
point that it began to make the couple depressed. Dolly
suggested that they take a vacation to help get through
the doldrums of the grey winter.

After much discussion, they decided that a trip to New
Orleans would be just the ticket to revive their
lagging spirits. After a little research on the web,
they decided that Mardi Gras would be perfect for a
well deserved vacation. The decision being made, they
began planning for their trip in earnest.

The Hamlins were a couple, both in their second
marriage. They made a handsome pair. Rob Hamlin was a
trim, but somewhat short Air Force veteran, standing
about 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighing about 165

His wife Dolly however was a show stopping beauty with
short platinum blonde hair, standing about 5 feet 2
inches and weighing about 125 pounds. Aside from her
gorgeous good looks, Dolly sported a spectacular rack
of 37 DD tits. The Hamlin’s were both of mature years
in age, somewhere “north” of 50, but not much.

Rob and Dolly’s lives had undergone a monumental change
in the past year. First. Their home had been invaded by
a large escaped convicted sex offender who proceeded to
rape Dolly multiple times with the unlikely and amazing
outcome of awakening a raging sex desire in his victim.

Dolly had come alive under her attackers pummeling
oversized cock and had craved satisfaction ever since.
The couple had traveled deep into Arkansas on one
occasion to have a sex filled reunion with the man who
set the long repressed sex juices flowing again in
Dolly’s fantastic body and mind. Now, they were
embarked on a journey to work on fanning their own
desires in a glamorous setting: New Orleans.

As the couple drove south through Arkansas, they passed
through Mena, where the assignation with Lyle Buhr,
Dolly’s horse-cock stud had recently took her again and
again to sexual paradise, Rob reached over and
playfully squeezed Dolly’s left breast.

Dolly was dressed in a rather tight fitting sleeveless
blouse and shorts that hugged her womanly hips and
showed her exhibited most of her muscular legs. It was
all Rob could do from slipping his hand in the open
neckline and fondling Dolly’s lace bra covered love
mounds. Her tits were just plain gorgeous! His wife
responded with a cupping of his cock and balls.

“God… that was a fantastic weekend we had with Lyle,
wasn’t it?” Dolly exclaimed. “I don’t think I ever came
as often or as hard as I did on our wild weekend!” She
seemed to lock into a faraway gaze remembering the
wonders of that
weekend not that far removed from this day.

Rob, too remembering his chance to enjoy sloppy
seconds, said, “Ahh, me too… you were great,
sweetheart!” and cupped his wife’s crotch.

A the sun began to fade, Dolly said, “I think we better
stop and get some food and gas up soon… maybe find a
place to spend the night. What do you think, Rob?”

Rob though that it was a good idea and planned a stop
at the next possible opportunity. They were now into
Louisiana and the next town was a place named Hosston.
The early evening lights of the town were showing in
the distance as they got closer to town. As they
approached, they saw roadside signs advertising food,
gas and lodging. Dolly said, “Probably as good as any
place, we’ll stop here.”

They soon saw an intriguing establishment advertising
food, fuel and lodging, named “Traveler’s Lodge.” While
it did not look like the Holiday Inn, it did look
reasonably clean and respectable for the hinterlands of
Louisiana. Rob therefore pulled in and filled up with
gas and told Dolly that he’d check out the
restaurant/bar when he paid for the fuel. Returning to
the car, he reported that it looked relatively empty
and that he had registered a room for the night.

After parking and washing up a bit, the two made their
way to the restaurant/bar for something to eat before
retiring for the night. The found an empty table and
began to study the menu. Shortly, a black girl
approached and asked if they were ready to order. It
was only then that both Rob and Dolly noted that they
were the only white persons in the place. Furthermore,
they realized that there was a pool room of sorts
attached to the bar and it was populated with a number
of what appeared to be working class black men.

Looking about the room, Rob noted that there was a
brightly lighted juke box and a small 12X12 dance floor
in one corner. Standing at the juke box was a tall,
muscular, rather well dressed black man popping
quarters in the machine. Soon the room was filled with
the bedroom saxophone jazz music. The music was
undoubtedly sensuous and suggestive in its rhythm and
tone. Dolly remarked that it seemed somewhat out of
place in a restaurant. Rob agreed but mentioned that
the place also housed a bar and it wasn’t out of place
in a bar.

A petite black waitress approached and inquired if they
were ready to order. Rob ordered a gin and tonic along
with the evenings rib special. Dolly decided on a glass
of Chablis and a grilled chicken salad. Having ordered,
they were engaged in light conversation when the well
dressed large black man approached their table. “Would
you care to dance, fine lady?” he politely inquired of

“No thank you, Dolly replied, I’m just waiting for
dinner to be served.”

“If I know anything about this place and its’ kitchen,
it’ll be a while in coming. Surely, you can honor me
with a dance and think about how the boy’s in back will
take it if you refuse me?” His smile radiated
confidence and a quiet arrogance as he spoke.

Dolly glanced hesitantly at Rob who shrugged and
slightly nodded. “Well alright” Dolly sighed and rose
to be led to the micro dance floor by her towering
black escort. Once there, the man introduced himself as
“Dax” and Dolly responded telling him her name. With
that, he swept here into his arms and pressed her body
to his and began a slow fully clothed fucking of his
prey right there on the dance floor.

As Dax held Dolly’s voluptuous body tight against his
he felt her soft DD cup tits flatten out against his
muscular lower chest. Little by little he began to take
small, almost insignificant, liberties with his
fleeting touches and feels along Dolly’s bodacious

Dolly’s whispered protests obviously are falling upon
deaf ears as Dax’s attentions become more audacious.
Being almost a full foot taller than Dolly, he knew
that she could feel his growing erection pressing
insistently up against the gentle curve of her belly.
He dropped his left hand down her back and pulled her
even closer to his growing manhood. As the strong
sexual feelings began to build up in her body, Dolly
leaned into her black escort and relaxed and went with
the flow. The music, the movement, the large hard cock
felt sooo sensuous.

As they swayed to the sensuous rhythm, Dax released
Dolly’s left hand and placed it on his broad shoulder,
With his now free right hand he slid it between their
bodies and began a light but insistent massage of
Dolly’s luscious left breast. Then her silky melon
shaped right breast was treated to his ministrations.
He softly whispered, “I really would like to fuck
you… you are a gorgeous woman and I doubt that your
husband can satisfy like I could.”

Dolly felt the warm familiar wetness begin to well up
in her dampening crotch. She felt flushed and warm all
over, but she replied, “Please stop… I’m an old
married woman.” Dax persisted, “My God, can’t you feel
my heat through my cock? I’m about to burst. I have to
have you and I will!”

Dolly thrust her aching body tighter into his throbbing
maleness and resignedly said, “Maybe… we’ll see.”

As Rob started to get up to retrieve his dreamy semi-
hypnotized wife, the music ended. As Dax and Dolly
returned to their table, Dolly looked up at her dance
partner with wide eyed wonder and appreciation. Dax
released her hand and thanked her for the dance and
remarked, “I hope to see you again… very soon.”

He had acted every bit the gentleman. As he walked away
with a bit of a swagger, Dolly whispered to Rob,
“Honey, he just about fucked me right there on the
dance floor. And, I wouldn’t have stopped him if he
had. I could feel his gigantic cock through his pants
every time he ground into me.”

“Do you think he’s bigger than Lyle, Honey?” Rob asked.

“I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. Sure felt good,

Their little racy repartee was interrupted by the
waitress bringing them their food. As she placed the
plates in front of them, she turned to Dolly and said,
“Dax is a helluva smooth dancin’ man, ain’t he honey?”
She smiled a knowing smile and moved away.

The couple ate their food in relative silence and it
being as the hour was getting late, prepared to leave
and return to their room for the night. As they paid
the bill for the meal and drinks, Rob began to feel
dizzy and light-headed. Dolly was experiencing
difficulty in getting him out of his chair and on his
feet when her dance partner, Dax appearing on the

“It looks like your man is having a problem. May I
offer to help you get him to your room?” he asked

“Oh, I hope he’ll be alright.” Dolly responded. “I
really would appreciate you help, if you don’t mind.”

Dax smoothly lifted Rob to his feet and placing his arm
around the sagging man, slowly walked him out the door
of the restaurant and to the motel portion of the
“Travelers Inn.”

Their room was a comfortable and clean standard motel
room. It had a queen sized bed a small desk and chair
and a single more formal sitting chair. All in all,
quite adequate for the Hamlins’ needs for the night.
Dax helped Rob into the overstuffed chair that was in
the room. Rob slumped and his head fell forward onto
his chest.

The beautiful black man turned to Dolly and said, “I
had Sari, the waitress, put a little something in your
husband’s drink. He won’t hurt by it… but he will be
out for about 6 hours. That will give us enough time to
explore the wonders of the “black experience.”

Dolly stood in wide-eyed disbelief. Dax had been deadly
serious in his desire to fuck her when he had
propositioned her on the dance floor. Now, it was going
to happen. She could fight and scream but that would
likely bring more problems for Rob and herself. Or…
she could accede to the black man’s carnal suggestions.

Given those options… to deny the likely pleasure that
could be in store, it would be a no-brainer to refuse
his offer of black paradise. With that, Dolly sighed
again and melted into the arms of her soon-to-be lover.

Dax flicked the room light quickly on and off. Almost
instantly, three other black men entered the room. Dax
addressed the largest and blackest of the men. “Jess,
you help me getting this gorgeous creature ready for
the fuckin’ of her life… will you?”

“I can’t wait… I think she’s the best looking honkey
I ever seen!” the man replied. Dax held Dolly close to
help reassure her that no real bodily harm would befall
her and began a slow undressing of his intended lover.
With Dolly’s arms around his neck, he undid each button
on her sleeveless blouse until it hung open revealing
her lace bra encased glorious, heavenly tits.

He slowly slid the blouse off her arms and tossed it on
a nearby chair. Next he undid the belt and fly buttons
of her shorts and dropped them to the floor. Dolly
quickly stepped out of them and they joined her blouse
on the chair.

Dolly stood hanging on to Dax’s rugged body revealed in
her full rounded sheer lacy bra and sleek nylon spandex
panties. Dax pulled her closer and tilted her head and
kissed her deeply while reaching around her back and
unhooked her bra. As it fell open, her tits burst from
their prison and dropped into his waiting hands.

Her tits while large and heavy did not exhibit much of
a gravity induced sag. Her nipples were erect, pink and
nestled in a silver dollar sized aureola. The men
watching this display gasped at the sheer loveliness of
the platinum tressed woman before them.

Next, Dax maneuvered his thumbs under the waistband of
Dolly’s panties and began to ease them off her full
rounded hips. Her belly was showing a slight bulge on
her otherwise amazingly buff and athletic figure. Her
pussy was covered with a trimmed light brown bush that
allowed her plump cushiony outlines to be in full view.
Dolly was now completely naked and on display and she
couldn’t have cared less. She was ablaze with
expectation of the fiery sexual passion that was ready
to consume her.

Dax slowly disengaged from Dolly’s embrace and began to
disrobe himself. Nodding to the others, they moved in
and laid her on the bed… Quickly, two of the large
men held Dolly’s arms up over her head which caused her
swelling pink tipped tits to rise to their maximum
loveliness. The third man held her relaxed legs and Dax
felt her moistening cunt slit. Realizing that Dolly had
put up no resistance, the men holding her arms released
one hand each and began kneading and squeezing her
mammoth mammaries. Dolly moaned as the sex juices began

She heard Dax tell the men, “Suck those titties, suck
’em ’til they burst!!” The two completely released her
hands and arms and set about worrying Doll’s swelling
pink nipples with their mouth and tongues. Dolly’s
nipples had always been super sensitive and under the
twin assault they popped up like little three quarter
inch sentinels and her aureolas puffed up to raise her
titty treats to the hungry mouths that were driving her
to the edge of her first of many orgasms.

As she became aware of Dax’s fingers pumping and finger
fucking her cunt into a soon to be welcoming love
tunnel. The tit stimulation and his cunt fingering
threw he into a shuddering climax! “OOOO! OOOO! OOOH!
AAAAAHHHH!” Dolly mewed and catapulted herself into her
rippling whole body climax.

Parting her legs, Dax dove his face into her weeping
cunt. Her labial lips had swollen and flared open to
provide a satiny pink flesh flower topped with a
hardening stub of her clit. He locked his lips on the
rising bud and rapidly flicked his tongue while sucking
it to greater length and sensitivity. Adding to he
growing thrill, he inserted three fingers into her now
soaking pussy and massaged her G-Spot while his pinkie
wiggled inside her ass hole.

Dolly responded by moving her pelvis in rapid coital
thrusts to meet his maddening tongue and mouth. All the
while keening in a high voice, “OOOO, OOOO,
OOOO, OOOO!” Dax felt Dolly’s vaginal vault balloon and
contract against his fingers in spasmodic waves. Her
asshole relaxed and as her body stiffened and fell in
orgasmic convulsion. Her cunt spasmed and she came with
a moan and high pitched grunt and a pelvic slam into
Dax’s face.

Meanwhile, on the bed the man who had held her legs
open for Dax to eat out the lovely woman had released
her and gone around to the head of the bed and was
holding the biggest, blackest cock Dolly had ever seen
over her face and slapping it against her gasping
mouth. Getting the massage, Dolly opened wide and tried
to take the monster cock into her warm welcoming mouth.

Try as she might, she could only get the purple black
head of his cock in her mouth. She knew what drove men
crazy so she moved her tongue up and down the giant
cock’s piss slit and around his frenum. It seemed only
minutes that she felt the head begin to swell and then
erupt with a torrent of semen that blasted down her
throat with such force that she didn’t have time to try
to swallow it all. The owner of the cock pulled it from
her mouth and about two tablespoons of cum leaked out
behind it.

All through the growing spectacle, a woozy Rob watched
with jaw-dropping awe. His cock had grown to its’
maximum 6 inch size and was as hard as steel as he
watched his wife being worked over by four of the
blackest and biggest men he could remember. His own
cock glistened with pre-cum oozing from its’ tip and
his breath came in staccato bursts. He knew if these
men did not kill them, he would reap the side-effects
and benefits of this rape just like he did with Lyle
Buhr’s rape of his beautiful sensual wife.

The moving tableau contrasting four black men and his
gleaming white, platinum haired, Scandinavian wife in
such intimate activities proved to be too erotic for
Rob. His cock exploded in a blast of cum that shot a
spurting flood into his shorts. And, Dolly had not even
been fucked yet. That, however, was about to change.

By now, Dax and the other men had all removed their
clothes And stood before Dolly brandishing the quartet
of the largest, thickest cocks that she had ever seen.
There was no doubt that she was going to be fucked to
distraction tonight, so she prepared to enjoy what was
sure to follow.

While the two who had been working her tits kept up
their maddening tongue lashings, sucking, squeezing,
kneading and rolling her delicious globes, Dax prepared
to impale Dolly on his monstrous 11 inch ebony shaft.
He erection was steely hard and oozing slippery pre-cum
as he positioned himself for the slide to paradise.

He rubbed and slid his bulbous cockhead up and down
Dolly’s lubricated honeyed labia and began to wedge it
into her heaving body. Millimeter by millimeter, Daxs’
jumbo plum shaped cockhead spread Dolly’s small
cunthole wider and wider to permit passage of his
opening salvo. As his cock passed the cunt muscles
guarding her velvet tunnel, Dolly felt the bat like
cudgel begin its’ slow luxurious exquisite slide to the
bottom of her cunt into fuck heaven. She felt the cunt
wall stretch and lengthen and embrace her invader. She
her tongue and rolled her head in ecstasy.

“OOO! OOO! OOOH! OOOHH!” she moaned.

Dax lifted her legs and held them high in the air with
his arms behind her raised knees. In this position, he
could force the maximum length of his coal-black cock
into the blonde goddess underneath him. Dolly was
transported by his lovemaking, his style, his wonderful
cock and the way he was using it in her, all combined
to give rapturous pleasure! She was in almost
continuous orgasm now! One orgasm right after another,
shudders of pleasure rolled like waves through her
curvaceous body.

Her cunt walls alternatively grasped and released his
pleasuring girth with each thrust to the bottom of her
vault. “Deeper! Deeper! Oh God! Harder! OHH! OOOOH!”
Dolly moaned as she orgasmed once more under this
masterful fucking that she was receiving. “OOOO, OOOO,
OOOO, OOOO!” Pushing her cunt to meet his powerful
impaling lunges, she trembled and shuddered with each
piston-like silky stroke.

Dax had shown remarkable stamina and staying power. He
had fucked his platinum haired beauty for 30 or 40
minutes and still had not cum. But, now his time was
fast approaching. He felt his balls tighten up and rise
closer to his plunging prick. He felt his cock begin
it’s final swelling. “AARRGHH! AARRGHH! AARRGHH!” He
growled and blasted a monumental load of jizm into the
depths of Dolly’s seething cunt!

Dolly, too felt the swelling of his cockhead and then
the steaming heat fill her inner most recesses! The
increased lubrication and heat from blast of semen
simply added to the streaming sensations that coursed
through her body. “Oh God!, Oh God!, OOOO! OOOO! OOOO!”
she screamed.

Dax had collapsed in exhaustion and lay with his full
weight on top of Dolly’s still heaving body. Breathing
heavily, he rolled off her prone frame with a loud wet
plop. His withering cock was still a prodigious weapon
to Rod’s gaze. He was continually amazed at the
capacity of his wife to accommodate such large cocks.
First, Lyle and now this horse-hung black man.

Dolly, for her part, lay there on the bed with her cunt
yawning open, not having returned to anything like it’s
normal size. Gobs of pearly cum dribbled out and ran
down her ass and puddled on the bed as she awaited for
the other men in the room to have their way with her.

Dax looked at the man who had been sucked off by Dolly
and said, “Jess, it’s your turn… I might have got her
stretched out a bit but I’ll bet you can still get her
attention with that rod of yours.”

Needing no more direction, the big black giant, named
Jesse, approached the sprawled woman on the bed and
commanded her to turn over. Dolly instantly obeyed and
flipped to lay on her belly. Jesse reach and grabbed
her hips and raised them and dragged her to the edge of
the bed with her toes hanging over the edge. Dolly was
now positioned with her ass in the air and her face and
tits on the bed. He nudged her knees apart so that her
dripping pussy was right at cock height and begging to
be filled with his prodigious pillar.

Dolly braced herself for the onslaught of Jesse’s
massive cock. His erection was even bigger and thicker
than was that of Dax. Jesse reached under Dolly’s
sopping cunt and ran his bratwurst-like finger through
her slit. He rubbed and flicked her extended clit as
she moaned. Up inside her cunt his one finger slid,
followed by a second. Dolly’s cunt muscles
involuntarily grasped the intruding digits to the utter
delight of their owner.

“Oh, Dax, this one is so hot! You really got her really
ready! She’s leaking all over my hand!”


Jesse worked the beauty’s cunt until he coaxed a
screaming cum from her cock tortured throat. When he
felt she was good and ready, he leaned forward and
nestled his tennis ball cockhead against her slimy
slit. Slowly working her labia majora wider and wider,
he began a slow inward pressure to penetrate her
gorgeous cunthole.

Dolly felt her cunt lips begin their inexorable stretch
to accommodate the her black lover’s magic monster
cock. She felt the internal pop when the bulbous
cockhead penetrated the cunt opening’s muscle ring.
Then began the slow distention and lengthening travel
of his shaft to the bottom of her being.

When he had bottomed out to the place where her cervix
used to lie, he slid back out right until the cockhead
was re-stretching to exit and “WHAM!” slammed into her
to the hilt. Again! Again! Again! He was pumping his
rampaging rod deeper and deeper each time! Dolly made
“Uummph! Uummph! Uummph!” sounds with each stroke of
his awesome cock. Dolly’s cunt was in continuous spasm
as she orgasmed over and over and over again! “OOOHH!

Jesse grabbed the silver tress of Dolly’s and pulled
her head back as his balls surged and blasted a tide of
cum into her deepest secret recesses. Sensations roared
inside her, rocketing through muscle, blood and nerves
until she was quivering and cumming in a howling rush.
“OOOHHH!, OOOHHH!, OOOHHH! OOOHHH!” Dolly collapsed
onto the now soaked bed with an exhausted sigh. Jesse’s
monster cock pulled out of her battered cunt with a wet
“ploosh” and flopped dripping between his muscular

Rob’s cock exploded in his hand for the second time! He
could hardly believe his eyes as his gorgeous wife was
being gangbanged by the biggest cocks he had ever seen
and she was enjoying every minute of it! He gazed as
thick, pearly cum dribbled from Dolly’s stretched out
and gaping cunthole and puddled on the bed sheet. He
knew, as did Dolly, now trying to get her “second
wind”, that there was more to come before this night
was over.

As she lay on the bed breathing hard and fingering her
slippery cunthole and clitty, Momo the third Nubian
stud took his place on the bed beside her. His cock
stood proud and huge as he waved it in the air. It
seemed to look like a ebony rocket to Dolly. It was at
least ten inches long and as thick as a man’s wrist.

Momo grunted, “Okay, babe mount that black spear and
make yo’self at home!” Dolly gasped and rolled her left
leg over his muscular body and took his turgid
instrument in her tiny hand and placed it into her
dripping slit. Momo’s dark derrick was blessed with a
large mushroom shaped cockhead and as she slowly sank
her body onto it, she felt a delicious stretching of
her pleasure portal to conform to his cock.

She rolled her eyes and pushed her tongue up onto her
upper lip as she felt her silky ridged love channel
make the internal adjustment to this latest delectable
intrusion into her voluptuous body. Her dazzling tits
quaked and swung as she bottomed out on Momo’s cock.

Momo reached up with his catcher’s mitt sized hands and
roughly latched on the pink tipped orbs hovering over
his head. Digging his fat fingers into the soft
yielding tit flesh, Dolly moaned with unbridled sexual
release as she tried to absorb all the wonderful
feelings that washed over her.

She was bouncing furiously on Momo’s prick and the rate
of her fucking and the depth of the penetration of the
now shiny, steely hard ebony erection drove Rob to
unbelieving distraction. Who in this world would have
EVER believe that his sedate, mature wife of 20 years
could fuck with such reckless abandon. Rob felt his
bursting mini-cock blew another load as he watched
spellbound at his wife Dolly was getting her eyeballs
fucked out.

Rob had cum at least three times already this night and
his balls had been drained dry. But still he could not
contain his vicarious excitement in being a voluntary
observer to his wife’s ongoing hedonism.

Sweating profusely, Dolly’s head rolled loosely on her
shoulders, her eyes shut, and breathing hard and mewing
with every downward rush, she was delirious in her
sexual heat! Tits bobbing, her cunt continuously oozing
cum from her two previous fuckings, she leaned forward
to maximize the feel of the monstrous cock plumbing her
depths as it slid along her back cuntwall in its
journey to the end of her warm, wet cavern.

Momo pinched her three quarter inch nipples and pulled
her tits in circles, then he fastened his thick lips
over her right nipple and sucked mightily until Dolly

By now, Dolly’s body was racked with orgasmic shudders
as her cunt pulled, clung to and distended around
Momo’s rampaging cock! She repeatedly pounded down to
force the deepest penetration of Momo’s obsidian shaft
into her weeping cunt. She screamed, “OOOHHH! OOOHHH!

Momo’s stamina had finally given out. His balls
tightened and rose. The large mushroom head swelled
inside Dolly. With a shudder and a loud grunt, his cock
erupted with a tremendous torrent of scalding semen
bathing the entire heated interior of Dolly’s cunt!
screamed with her rocketing release.

Akim, the fourth man, was violently stroking his
monster 11 inch cock awaiting his turn on the blond
beauty when he involuntarily shot his enormous load of
jizm. Watching the fuck fest had simply proven too much
for him. Despite the titanic torrent of semen released
from his swelling balls… his monumental 11 inch
erection did not show any signs of weakening.

In fact, the steel hard uncircumcised fuck pole showed
a slight trembling of it’s own in it’s zeal to bury
itself into Dolly’s sopping cunt. The glistening
cockhead pushed free of it’s restraining foreskin
dripped pre-cum on the bed as he slid in behind Dolly
to complete his conquest of the white blonde before

Dolly was covered in sweat and was near exhaustion from
the marathon fucking that she had endured. Her platinum
locks were plastered to her head with sweat and she was
breathing in hard deep respirations. She was lying on
her side on the bed while her cunt drooled a mixture of
her fuck juices and semen down her leg and on to the
bed clothes.

Akim began a slow tactile exploration of Dolly’s hot
and sweat covered body. His coal black hands made a
stark contrast with Dolly’s gleaming wet white skin. He
rubbed and caressed her full rounded tits and tweaked
her hard erect nipples. He ran his hand down her
rounded semi-plump belly and to her short pussy hair.
He explored her raised mound of venus and her swollen
pussy sides. He rubbed and flicked her swollen clit.

When he reached her flared labial lips, Dolly moaned in
sensory delight. His fingers, three of them, found her
cunt hole to be ready and open. He dipped them into the
flowing juices from the three previous couplings and
raised them to his nostrils and inhaled the scent of
sex emanating from this gorgeous woman. He felt her
shoulders, her back and her round muscular buttocks. He
inserted his index finger into her anus and THAT
brought a gasp of delight to Dolly’s lips.

Akim slid his right arm under her head and cradled it
in his muscular biceps. With his right hand, he cupped
her right breast and pulled at it’s stiffened nipple.
With his left hand he raised her left leg, exposing her
gaping cunthole. He then took his ebony penis pipe and
rubbed it in the slippery lubricating juices coating
Dolly’s flaring labial flesh flower. Sliding his rocket
shaped pulsing cockhead at the entrance to her steaming
womanhood and without any preamble… slammed the
entire 12 inches to the bottom of her being!

Dolly’s eyes popped open, she let out a half-scream;
half-welcoming gasp as she felt her vaginal walls
stretch to quickly accommodate this latest carnal
visitor to her inner depths. “OOOO! OOOOW! OOOWWW!
OOOO! OOHHHH! OOOHHH!” She wailed.

Akim was squeezing her tit in rhythm to his cunt
pumping. In this position, his cockhead pressed and
rubbed against Dolly’s G-Spot with every stroke. Dolly
felt like she had to void her bladder but the sensation
of his cock in her cunt was beautiful to her. The
violence of his thrusts indicated that he had some
unresolved racial issues that he was using Dolly to
remedy. With every stroke Dolly felt like she could
feel his cock in her throat. Twelve inches of hard cock
is a lot to accommodate with any pussy, even one that
has been prepared as had Dolly’s.

Because his balls had been emptied just before he
entered her cunt, Akim could fuck for as long as he
wanted to. And he wanted to fuck this beautiful white
honkey’s eyes out!! Whoomph! Whoomph! Whoomph! Whoomph!
He slammed his gleaming black poker into his prey!

“OOOOWW!! OOOWWW! OOOWWW!” Dolly cried out.

Akim’s compatriots sat sprawled on the floor offering
ribald commentary to the scene before their eyes! “Fuck
her, Brother! Fuck her!” they urged him on and on!
“Give her the rod, Bro! Make her feel it all!” they

The last comment was unnecessary. Dolly was feeling it
ALL! With every thrust she thought her cunt would
burst. She prayed that he would soon blast his second
cumming into her so she would have some relief from the
battering her cunt was taking.

Whoomph! Whoomph! Whoomph! Whoomph! He hammered into

Then suddenly, without warning, he pulled his machine
out of her cunt and laden with fuck juices slid it back
an inch and shoved it up her asshole! Dolly screamed as
her semi-virgin puckered anus was violated. She had
been ass fucked when she was kidnapped by a biker gang
some years ago but that was the one and only time she’d
been fucked in this manner.

Akim yelled, “God, this bitch has a tight asshole!” As
he pulled his joint out to re-lube it for further
fucking. Having reloaded, he slid it back into her now
slack anus! At least, Dolly thought, my ass has no
bottom he can tear out.

With a new hole to fuck, Akim redoubled his efforts to
fuck Dolly to oblivion. Every thrust was to the hilt
and more! After what to Dolly like an eternity, she
felt him stiffen and growl as he unloaded his still
prodigious burden into her dark rectal cavern.

After he had unburdened himself he remained ensheathed
in her ass until his cock began to shrink. Pllooph! Out
it came and with it a flood of brown tinted cum. Akim
wiped his cock off on the bedclothes and joined his

Dax ordered them to get dressed that the fun was over
for the evening. As they all dressed, Dolly lay in a
semi-conscious stupor on the sex soaked bed. Still
drenched in sweat and with cunt and ass leaking, her
tits reddened and her nipples bruised and sore, she
looked a mess. Still a beautiful mess, but a mess

Dax bent down and talked softly to her. “Thank you for
a great fuck, Dolly. You were everything I’d hoped for,
the brothers and I won’t soon forget you.”

With that, the four black “brothers” left the room to
Dolly and Rob.

Rob had partially recovered from the “Mickey Finn” that
had put him out of the action. He went to his stupefied
wife and helped to her feet. Dolly could hardly walk,
her bottom had been so fucked and belabored in the six
hours or so that the encounter had taken. Rob usher
Dolly to the bathroom and turned on the shower to very
warm. He undressed and helped his groggy wife into the
shower with him. Dolly had always been extremely
fastidious about her personal cleanliness and now Rob
was going to help her back to her accustomed state.

He worked up a frothy lather with the washcloth and
began cleaning the evidence of the evening from his
wife’s voluptuous body. Dolly just stood still while he
massaged the soapy washcloth over her face, her chest,
her tits and stomach. He washed her shoulders, her back
and her buttocks. He knew that her ass and cunt were
still full of fuck fluids and he was careful not to
introduce the stinging soapy washcloth into her gaping

Dolly moaned softly as Rob washed the sweat and cum out
of her silken silver hair. She gasped and moaned louder
when he tenderly washed her pussy and asshole. Her
labia were flaming red and raw from the friction they
had absorbed. He tried the introduce enough clean water
into her gaping cunt hole to help wash out the immense
amounts of semen that had been blasted into her vaginal

When he had done all he could, he helped her out of the
shower, dried her off and led her to the sex-stained
bed. Stripping the soiled bedclothes, he softly laid
his exhausted beautiful wife on the bed. She was asleep
before he could cover her with the unsoiled spread.

The next day they took a late check-out and resumed
their journey to New Orleans.

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