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A Night in Paris with Paris Hilton

A Night in Paris with Paris Hilton

Oh my god,” exclaimed Ted, his bright blue eyes riveted to some amazing scene across the room.

“What?” asked his good friend Greg, craning his head and brushing the locks of brown hair out of his green eyes, being only 5’9″ he was four inches shorter than his friend and couldn’t see around the mass of milling people in the crowded bar.

“Paris Hilton is over there!” Ted’s turned his blonde head down to look at his good friend and constant partner in sexual adventures, an excited and anticipatory smile coming to his handsome face.

Greg grinned back just as hard, “You don’t say…”

“I know we were going to separate tonight, but…” Ted arched a questioning eyebrow.

Laughing, Greg replied, “Fuck that! We’re sharing again man!! If we can talk her into it anyway” They grinned at each other, seducing ladies into bed with them was not a problem they’d ever had.

Thirty minutes later the extremely charming and handsome duo were flirting with the irrepressible hotel heiress; neither of them actually thought her face was all that attractive (in fact, they often made fun of her), but she had a hot body and the bragging rights to banging her would be well worth the effort involved. And considering her reputation – not to mention the porno that she’d been in – they didn’t think that she’d be too hard to convince.

Ted drank a tequila shot with her, as she stuck the lemon in her mouth, he leaned down and kissed her, sucking the lemon from her mouth into his own and turning it around. While she was preoccupied with his admittedly very skilled tongue, Greg gropped her hot ass and she wiggled it in his grip. The three of them continued talking as she smiled and laughed, she really was just as dumb an obnoxious as she was on TV, but the guys didn’t care. She was a celebrity.

They were just standing taking up bar space and she was talking almost non-stop when the bartender interrupted them and asked if they wanted more drinks after they’d told him no she asked, “What was I saying again?”

Greg smiled charmingly at her, “You were saying you’d like to find somewhere a little more private to talk with us.” Actually, she’d been saying no such thing, but she just laughed at his audacity.

Winking at him, she purred, “Ohh… well in that case, I believe there’s a hotel just down the street.”

The men slipped their arms around her, and Ted surreptitiously rubbed her ass through the short black skirt she was wearing.

“Mmmm…” she snuggled against Greg’s shoulder, “That feels good.”

The guys looked at each other, slapping a mental high five, this was awesome. Once at the hotel she and Ted started making out in the lobby as Greg booked a room for the night. She kept rubbing her body against his, and he could feel her heart beating rapidly against his chest as she pressed close.

Once up in the room, they wasted no time in getting her clothes off; she had an allover body tan which argued for much time spent in a tanning booth. Her tits were round and perky with pert pink nipples topping them off, her pussy was completely shaved except a little landing strip of hair leading into her slit. The guys grinned at each other as they shucked off their clothes while she sat back on the bed, smiling as she watched them disrobe.

Greg tossed Ted the disposable camera he’d purchased in the hotel gift shop, “Make sure you get her face in a few of the pictures, otherwise the guys’ll never believe it!”

Paris just laughed at the exchange and lifted her arms to Greg.

As Greg kissed the naked infamous heiress, Todd snapped several shots of their lip lock, Greg biting on her neck, and a clear one of her euphoric face as he sucked her nipple. Popping the nipple out of his mouth, Greg took charge of the camera as Todd picked the her up and arranged her body on the bed. With her head hanging off the side of the bed she pouted at the camera, he laid her face up and spread her legs, kissing the insides of her thighs and working his mouth up to her already wet pussy lips. Greg snapped a few shots of Todd’s tongue inside the heiress’ pink folds, and then took a picture of his dick sliding into her open and moaning mouth while her head hung at the perfect angle off the bed. She was in the perfect position for him to slide his 7″ dick all the way between her pink lips, while her moans created vibrations through her throat that massaged the hard shaft. Tossing the camera to the side, he began squeezing the round globes of her flesh as he pushed his dick in and out of her mouth, massaging them in circles on her chest. The intensity of her moans increased as he pinched the hard nipples between his finger tips.

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Todd looked up from his position between her legs, “Damn man, she’s leaking like a faucet down here! Horny bitch!” Greg didn’t answer, but kept thrusting into her gaping mouth, as Todd lifted the long tanned legs over his own shoulders in order to position her pussy better in front of his face. Sliding a finger into her eager wet hole, he found it disappointingly slack; pulling it out he replaced it with two fingers, and then three before it was at a tightness that he liked.

Pulling his face back up from the slippery folds of her cunt, he whispered to Greg, “Dude, she’s pretty slack, definitely had a decent amount of bone in her.”

Frowning, Greg pulled on her nipples, milking the round teats while continuing the skull fuck, softly he replied, “What about her ass?”

Todd pulled his dripping fingers out of her pussy and slowly pushed one into her asshole; her body squirmed as it slid into her and her moans increased, as did her sucking on Greg’s cock. He grinned and mouthed, “Virgin tight man.” Paris didn’t appear to have heard their crude appraisal of her holes as she was busy swallowing most of Greg’s dick down her throat, using her hands wrapped around his ass to push him even further into her hot mouth.

Pulling out of her mouth, Greg released her nipples as well but kept his hand on her chest as he leaned towards his friend and murmured in his ear, “Tell you what, why don’t we reposition her, we can both take turns in her pussy and then we’ll get down to really having fun with her after that. I mean, if her ass is tight,” he winked at her and she blew a kiss at him back, “that’s all that really matters right?”

Ted nodded, “I’ll go first and then we can sandwich her, maybe with one of us in her ass that’ll tighten it up a bit.”

Agreeably, Greg helped his friend position her body up on the bed, then stepped back and began stroking his dick as Ted pushed his 8″ dick into the extremely wet hole.

“Fuck, you’re wet,” he told the blonde as he started pumping away. Even though her pussy was slack, she kept clenching it around his thrusting dick, which definitely helped. The wetness and the clenching, as well as his eagerness in fucking someone famous, helped him as his dick pushed home. He began fucking her hard, jolting her body so that her tits jiggled every time their groins met, moving quickly, he found that she was breathing faster and actually trying to meet his thrusts. Hunching over, he started grinding his dick in her eager puss as his mouth sought out her jutting nipple, as his teeth closed over the little bud, she started moaning even louder and shuddering as a climax ran through her body. Shockingly, her cunt closed down hard on his dick, gripping him in exquisite tightness as ripples ran through her inner flesh. He groaned and the nipple fell from his mouth as he spilled his load into that unexpected vise of a pussy.

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When he pulled out, Greg was watching him with a surprised and amused look, “What the hell happened man?”


Paris and Ted grinned at him, “I think I’ll let you find out on your own. Here,” Looking at Paris, “turn over and suck me hard again while Greg takes his turn, then we’ll sandwich you.” Eagerly, the infamous blonde got on her hands and knees, her mouth going straight for Ted’s slack dick.

Soon Greg was pounding away at her pussy doggy-style, enjoying the occasion clenching as her body responded to him; Ted was starting to get hard again as her moaning mouth slobbered over his sloppy dick. Then Greg brought back his hand back and smacked it against the firm flesh of her ass, looking surprised, he told Ted, “Hey, she liked that, her whole cunt spasmed!” Pulling back his other hand, he hit the other side of her ass. Now Paris was moaning loudly around his quickly hardening dick as Greg continued to slap her ass, alternating hands and watching the flesh jiggle while he pumped her body.

“I’m ready now,” Ted told him and Greg pulled out of her pussy and slid his body under hers as Todd held her up with his hands on her breasts. Getting her into position, they slide her cunt down Greg’s pole, and he started moving underneath her, hands gripping and squeezing her breasts while her limp head nestled in his shoulder. After a moment he slowed his strokes so that Ted could get into position.

Looking over her shoulder, the blonde heiress smiled lazily at him, “Put it in baby, make me a meat sandwich!”

He gasped as he entered the incredible tightness of her ass… that was the great thing about assholes, even if hers had been used before, it would always shrink back to being very close to its original proportions. Greg benefitted too, he could feel his friend’s hard dick sliding into the hole through the thin lining of her pussy, and it helped to tighten her wet hole a bit. Moving together, the two guys began to double fuck her, pushing her thin body down hard on both of their dicks as her blonde hair fell over Greg’s chest.

With all the attention being given to her body, the blonde began cumming again, screaming loudly, and both men gasped as her holes clenched down tight and pulsed around them.

“HOLY SHIT!” Greg cried out as his balls immediately released their load while her pussy made the most sensational movements around his dick; Ted didn’t even have the breath to say anything when her asshole closed down on his dick. It was so tight that it felt like he might not even be able to cum, each spurt forced its way past her quivering and clamped sphincter, making the actual release even more incredible.

After the men pulled out of her holes, she lay limply on the bed, smiling happily and stroking her cum-filled pussy.

“That’s one crazy pussy trick,” Greg observed.

“Thanks.” she replied, spreading her legs a little so that they could clearly see the cum leaking from her folds, “You should try my ass.”

Greg grinned at her, “I plan to.”

Ted, who had been quiet up till now said, “You know, I bet we could fist her.” Greg looked at his friend out of the corner of his eye, both of them looked speculatively at Paris who just smiled and spread her legs a little wide again.

Ted grinned, “I’ll do it, you concentrate on getting hard again and then I can fist her while you’re in her ass.”

It didn’t take much at all for Ted to work four fingers into that slack pussy, then he closed his thumb over his hand and began forcing his straight hand into her gaping hole. Paris moaned, her eyes half closed, and her hands playing with her round breasts as he made a fist inside her.

“Now that’s tight,” he said approvingly, moving his fist back and forth in her cunt, trying to push as much of his forearm as he could get in.

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Greg was hard again from watching the slim blonde heiress take his friend’s forearm into her body, he lay down on the bed next to her as Ted pulled his pussy coated arm out of her hole and helped Greg lower her ass onto his dick. As Greg began groaning and thrusting his dick in her much tighter back door, Ted made his hand into a fist and began pushing it into her pussy.

Reaching his hands around her flopping body, Greg gripped her breasts hard, pinching her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, using it to leverage his thrusts into the tightness of her ass. Ted worked her pussy hard, showing no mercy as he started banging his fist against her cervix, she was so skinny he could actually see her skin ripple as his arm moved back and forth inside her body. Using his other hand, he started rubbing her clit with the palm of his hand, stimulating the little nub. Paris was gripping Greg’s thighs beneath her with her hands to keep her balance as she whimpered and moaned while they pummeled her body.

Greg was almost ready to cum again when her ass caught him in it’s incredible grip, and as her hole bore down on his dick he let loose a huge load into the darkness of her hole. Ted had to leave his arm in her pussy as her body jerked and came, it had him too tightly gripped for him to pull out until she’d finally stopped cumming.

The men stood by the bed, looking at her abused body. Greg snapped a picture at the cum leaking out of her ass while her pussy gaped wide above it, her nipples were reddish and sore looking from all the pinching and pulling they’d done.

“You want another turn at her?” he asked Ted.

“Nah, I’m done.”

Greg nodded, but Paris pouted at them and he had another thought, “Hey Paris, you wanna do something really nasty?”

She looked surprised, “What?”

“It’s a surprise, come on let’s go in the bathroom.”

Ted looked surprised when he figured out what his friend was probably up to, but then nodded, why not if she was up for it.

Placing her body over the tub so that her ass was in the air and her face in the tub, Greg opened her ass with two fingers and then placed his pee-hard dick in the hole. Making sure her hole was completely plugged, he started pissing, filling her hershey-highway with one last load. She moaned as her ass filled up with his hot piss, and started rubbing her clit with one hand while her belly bloated outward. When he was completely done, he pulled out and she got all the way into the tub, so that she was laying with her head up on a ledge and her legs spread obscenely. Piss and cum was already starting to leak out of her ass.

Pinching her already hard nipples she looked up at Todd, “Give it to me baby”

Taking careful aim between her spread legs, Ted let loose a hot hard jet of pee, hitting her squarely on her clit. As the pressure of the stream hit the little nub and the hot liquid spread over her pussy, Paris came again while Greg took another picture.

The men left her in the shower as she washed away their piss and cum.

As they got in the elevator Greg commented to Ted, “Damn man, she was a nasty slut.”

“Yeah,” Ted hit the Lobby button, “Didn’t think she’d actually cum when I pissed on her.”

“Yeah that was kinda hot.”



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A Night in Paris with Paris Hilton

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