A Night To Remember

A Night To Remember

Hello, readers, this is my story here and hope you like it. Interested ladies are free to contact in [email protected]. Let me describe myself. I am a medium built boy, brownish in color. And the story that I’m going to tell you a real one which happened between a girl who loved me in my office.

Her name was MR (keeping it short) and she was from Ranchi. I dunno how and why she had a crush on me. I got to know about it from other friends in the office. So I texted her one day and asked her out for dinner. After that, she became more comfortable with me.

She confessed her love towards me and I was waiting for that. But I didn’t accept her proposal and said we can be good friends. I will be always with you whatever happens. Even though I was not into MR I used to dream of fucking her.  I got the chance also.

It all started one night when we casually texting each other in the night. It was raining outside and I was getting horny. So I started sexting with her and it went on for a few days. She used to have sex talks with me. One day she insisted that she wants to spend a night with me.

I decided to fuck her brains out. We decided to book a hotel room in Bangalore. I told her to check-in as she was on leave from office. I booked a room for myself later in the night since I had to finish my office work. She was eagerly waiting for me in her room.

I checked into my room and called her. She was 2 floors below me. I went to her immediately. I knocked on the door and MR opened it. She was wearing pink shorts and a white t-shirt through which I could see her pink bra. She was looking damn sexy and in my mind, I was already fucking her.

So we sat on the bed and started talking to her. I was complimenting how sexy she was looking and how good she was smelling. So I decided to make a move. I slept on the bed and told to sleep beside me and talk whatever she wanted. She did the same. I was hugging her from the back.

I was rubbing penis on her ass crack. She started to breathe heavily and asked me what was I doing. I told MR to stop talking and enjoy the moment. As I was rubbing my penis on her ass, I moved my hands from the stomach to her totally awesome huge breasts.

I put my hands inside the t-shirt and start to pump her melons. By then she was all in the mood for some action. She turned towards to me and started to kiss me wildly and locked her legs on hips. We kissed for a few minutes. After we broke the kiss I got up and turned off the lights of the room.

I just kept the table light on and jumped on to her again. I started to lift her t-shirt and she was bit resisting while removing it. But I gave a kiss to her navel. She gave out a loud moan which got her wilder. I lifted her arms up so that I could remove her t-shirt and also unhooked her bra.

As soon as I removed the bra the big melons jumped right out like it was being kept captive. I was stunned looking at those huge melons. MR was like these are your babies, do whatever you want. I started to massage both the babies with my hand and was enjoying it.

So I took her hand and kept it on my erection. She was shocked after touching it. I smiled and told her that you had made it so huge and it’s all yours. She was blushing. After some minutes of foreplay, I went down and pulled down her shorts, with her panty.

I was surprised to see that I was shaved. I looked at her and she gave a naughty smile. That was a signal to me. I spread her legs and started kissed her already wet pussy. I started to put my tongue inside her and she enjoyed it. She was moaning like hell.

So I turned on the TV and increased the volume so that people living beside our room don’t hear our enjoyment. She was holding my head against her vagina. I was enjoying licking it. She gave a loud moan which marked her first orgasm. I looked at her and she had this satisfying look on her face.

I got up and undressed my self and slept beside her. Took her and kept it on my huge cock. She held it like a gear knob. I looked at her and told time to shine my knob now and pinched her tits. She went down and put my huge cock inside her mouth. I felt like heaven. She was giving the most beautiful blowjob.

She gulped my entire cock in her throat. I was about to cum and I told her. She took it out and started to lick only the tip. I released my first batch of cum in her mouth. She enjoyed the taste of it. I was out and she too was tired a bit. So we slept beside each other.

After a few minutes, she got up and she went to take a bath. I was still lying on the bed. I was like, “What the hell MR? Even I will join you in there. She was like, “Abhi nahi, bachu.” She dried her self, threw the towel and came on the bed.

I showed her my penis and it was at rest. She was like, “Let me wake up the monster,” and started to play with it. I was enjoying the view of it. Her melons were just jumping here and there. Once my penis was full in command she looked at me and said, “Chalo ready kar diya, abhi tumhari bari.”

So I tackled her and made her lie down on the bed. I went in between her legs and started to rub my penis on her pussy. She was getting mad and was out of control. My dick was inside her but I wasn’t ready. I wanted to tease her more and make her wild. She was literally abusing me to fuck her.

Then even I was ready to enter her so started to enter her. She was in pain. So I pushed my dick slowly little by little inside her. Once I was inside her completely I didn’t start fucking her. I kept my penis inside her and lay on her. She as getting wilder.

She was like drill me. I kissed her and held her melons in a grip started to squeeze them and started doing her slowly. She was moaning. I increased the speed and the room was filled with her moan. I was fucking her like hell. Her legs were up in the air and breasts were moving up and down.

The room was filled with her moans. She was yelling, “Chodo mujhe aur jor se, Shankar.” I was at the peak and about to cum. I asked where do you want me to release them. She wanted my cum inside her. In a loud moan, I started fucking her and came inside her.

I was exhausted. I fell on her. She kissed me and told that it was the best thing she had in her life. She got up and went inside to clean her self. She came out clean and took tablets. After the session, she was so happy that she had the smile and glow on her face all night.

In the morning we checked out of the hotel. After that, we had a fight and she got married. Now she is happy with her husband.

A Night To Remember