A night with papa – Sex Stories

A night with papa – Sex Stories

It was a normal Friday evening, Mom was out with her Kittie group and expected late and my sis was out for some movie with her friends.
I had stopped over to relax after work and have a dinner and movie night with my Papa.

I came over right after work and very tired and was still in my dull professional clothes. I yelled hello to my father as I dashed upstairs and grabbed one of old button down long shirt change into. I so hated my regular work clothes and was looking forward to a quiet comfortable evening. The shirt was nice and so long enough like a long kurta so with just my panties and shirt I stared to head back down stairs.Without bra as I wanted to feel relaxed and the the shirt was thick enough.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and stopped to fix my hair up a bit. Looking at myself in the mirror I got a little bit of pride, I had recently started swimming during my weeknends and the work was really paying off. At 21 I’m only 5 ft 3 and have full C breasts. My legs were looking nice and slender.

“Hi Papa” I said as I came into the kitchen. He was sitting at the table going through the days mail n his clients contracts, he looked up when I came in.

“Hi Asha, what movie did you pick for tonight, nothing too sad kind of I hope, I get enough of that with your mother” he joked.

“Don’t worry, I got a nice blood soaked one, something about a summer camp slaying or some such non-sense” I said “the sort of movie you would love” I winked

He got up, gave me a peck on the cheek and went to the fridge.. He pulled out a Coke for each of us and suggested to order Pizza for dinner.

We discussed the week n stockmarket and fall down as we both were in same sector tiil the Pizza man came and we had.

Daddy got up and started to put the dishes away. I watched him. For a man his age he was in great shape, even in dull Payjama and a TShirt you could see he had a great body. He was graying and his hair line wasn’t what it used to be but he had this look of maturity and compassion about him. Really what I wanted in a boyfriend was someone like him, which was probably why I was single I laughed at myself,no one can compare to my Papa. Same time Incest on net came to my mind that at these type of situations most of incest starts in stories I read on net.

I too wanted to try this out but I cant dare that as my Dad was of veryyy conservative nature.But he was very good in sex, I heard moans of my parents many times while having sex.

“ok Asha, ready for the movie?” he said grabbing two cups of coffee and heading toward the living room.

“Sure thing” I said as I grabbed the movie disk and came in after him.

He sat on the sofa and popped his feet up on the coffee table (something he only did when Mom wasn’t around to nag him about it). I flicked the lights off and came to sit next to him.

My legs started to feel a little chilly so I grabbed a blanket.

It was your typical slasher flick, lots of blood and lots of swinsuits babess. But there was this one girl who, before she was spiked right through the middle with a broken boat oar had the most beautiful breasts in bikini I’d ever seen. Even Papa had made some sort of movements at the sight of them in bikini.

“Damn ” I said taking the blanket off and sitting up “Those were some seriously nice tits”

He nodded, then remembered who he was talking with and said “That’s not a very appropriate comment given the present company is it?”

“Papa” I said more softly “It’s just that I was thinking of having mine worked on, maybe making them a little bigger,, sort of like hers so I guess I was just looking for the opinion from a man’s point of view if those were really nice”

“Sweetie” he sighed “This is not the topic we should talk on but All breasts are nice as far as men are concerned, you are just fine the way you are, don’t worry about such silly things”

“I don’t know” I said and I undid the top few buttons on my shirt. Without even thinking I pulled my shirt aside and held my breasts. “Don’t you think they could be rounder or something?”

He looked over, eyes bulging, with his mouth open. He tried to maintain his Papa calmness but as I saw him looking longingly at my breasts I realized then just how much I wanted him to keep looking at me and how badly I wanted his strong rough hands touching me. Immediately turned on I had to have him. I had to get my Papa off.

“Asha, um, your breasts,, are just fine” he stammered and tried to look away “don’t go thinking about surgery or anything , now let’s watch the rest of movie”

But it was too late, I knew what I wanted and I wasn’t leaving until he gave it to me.

“But Papa” I said in my most innocent voice as I took his hand and placed it on my breast “Feel how they isn’t as full as they could be, I’d like mine to be fuller, rounder.” I moved his hand across my nipple “Don’t you think they could be better, you know just from a man’s point of view” I said, acting as innocent as possible. The nipple he had just touched got hard almost instantly.The look on his face told me that he was scared but that he didn’t want to take his hand off of me.

“Well,,, personally I prefer the natural type of breasts over those fake one’s, my reaction to that girl on the movie was more of one of surprise than attraction.” He kept his hand on me even tough I had let go of his hand, he was slowly starting to move his hand over his little girl’s tit.Now sitting back with my breasts almost at his eye level I placed his other hand on my other waiting breast. I undid the rest of the buttons on the shirt so that he could really see the whole breast and my tiny waist and little panties to boot.

“But the don’t seem very even, here feel” I said grabbing both his ands and thrusting them hard onto myself. He gasped. “No seriously Papa hold each one in a hand and tell me if the are even”

“How You’ll compare with mom’s boobs dad?” I told smiling.

He had now forgotten how to speak.

I titled my head to the side, took his hands and started to slowly move them over my nipples. Watching him just stare at me, watching my Papa long to suck my titties, watching my Papa squirm at being moral. I decided to let him off the hook, I took his hands off of my breast and ran them down my waist and onto my hips before I said “Well what do you think? Are they ok,, do you think men would like them better if I got them bigger?”

He came out of his trance when I moved to sit back next to him on the sofa.

“Um sweetie those are just fine, they are very nice actually and any man who got to be with you would appreciate them much more I think just as they are” He tried to sound very parental but his voice was shaking , and in his sweats I could see with out a doubt that I had made a good impression.

I lay my head back down on his lap “Thanks Papa, I was always so shy about them, but if you say they are nice then I’ll leave it at that”

He stroked my hair, then my shoulders then my arms as we continued to pretend to watch the flick. I felt he wanted more.I’m pretty sure he was holding his breath.

I lifted my head slightly and put my hand over his cock, he gasped but didn’t say anything. I slipped two of my fingers over the top of his sweats and started to pull them down.

“Asha, what are you doing?” he finally asked.

“I feel bad Papa, I think this movie I picked has put you in this state, I just want to help”

As I pulled the pants down exposing the tip of his cock he said “It wasn’t the movie that Papa liked Asha, but this isn’t right you need to stop”

He was saying stop but his hand was still running up and down my waist and over my belly dancing closer and closer to the top of my now wet panties.

I slipped my tongue over the tip of his cock, he gasped

“Still sweetie, I’m your Papa, this is wrong”

“It’s not wrong for a girl to want to help her Papa, now just relax and let me take care of you, I’ve been told I’m very good at this”

His cock sprang free as I pulled his pants the rest of the way down.

I took his full cock in my hand and started to stroke it gently.

I took his cock into my mouth.He put one hand on my head and the other moved over my flat belly.

” I have a boy friend Dad but I want a real man Papa, a man who knows how to treat me, a man who knows how to make my pussy cum”

He moaned again. His hands felt so good on my body and he moved the one up to my breasts where he began to play with my nipples. This time I moaned.

“Do Papa’s hands feel good on his little girl?” he asked

“MMMM” I moaned with his cock deep in my mouth. I started moving up and down faster

I moved off the sofa, mouth still firmly sucking his cock and sat between his legs on the floor. I pulled his pants the rest of the way off and tossed them aside.

Taking his balls in my hand I massaged them gently as I continued to take his cock the whole way in and out of my mouth, sucking and rolling my tongue around his thick head.

Pre cum was starting to form so I took my mouth off and licked it up while looking up at him. He was watching his cum stick from his cock to my tongue.

“Does this feel good Papa?”

“Oh Fuck yea!” He moaned as I took his whole length back down. “that’s right Asha, suck Papa’s cock. Fill that pretty little mouth of yours with all of me.”

He moaned again, I could feel his balls getting tight

“aah Ashaaa drink Papa’s juice” I squeezed his balls gently and felt his cum erupt into my mouth, shot after shot after shot. He grabbed the back of my head and shoved me all the way down.

As I looked up at him sucking the last drops of cum from his now softening cock I smiled.

“Was that good Papa?”

“Oh Asha, I’m so sorry I never should have done that, you are my little girl and Papa’s aren’t supposed to do that”

“but it’s what I wanted, I wanted to taste the seed from my Papa,, the same seed he filled my mother with,, Papa I wanted to take care of you, don’t be mad”

“Look” I said, standing up, pulling down my panties and taking one of his hands and rubbing it along my shaved wet pussy. “See. I wanted this, I liked this, I loved feeling your hands on me, knowing you were watching your little girl suck your cock, feeling your seed hit the back of my neck. I loved it Papa”

“I’m not mad at you sweetie” He said while starting to rub my pussy “Right now though I think we need to decide how to take care of that wet little pussy of yours.”

I smiled as he took my hips and guided my pussy towards his waiting mouth.

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A night with papa – Sex Stories