A pretty young bride is seduced on her wedding day by an old boyfriend

A pretty young bride is seduced on her wedding day by an old boyfriend

Pete was a gorgeous guy who had his pick of
women. In fact, he usually picked more than one of
them. This may not seem like a problem to some, but I’m
sure his wife wouldn’t have been to happy to find out.
As for me, I was more limited in opportunities. But I
knew I would never have to worry about ‘picking’ again
as I was soon to have my own wife.

Her name was Michelle, and even with an un-
limited pick of women, I would have chosen her. She was
beautiful, soft, and sexy. I wondered how I had landed
a girl whose medium-length blonde hair glowed in the
sun, whose face captivated the eyes of every man who
beheld it, whose breasts turned heads with their side-
to-side bobbing as she walked. She was incredible, and
soon to be my wife.

Michelle had told me something of Pete, and the
only time they had ever met. It was at a party, and
Michelle told me she knew the instant she saw him she
was going to fuck him. (This was when we first met, be-
fore we started dating. I don’t think I could have
handled this after I fell in love with her.)

“I wasn’t the prettiest girl there.” she had
explained to me. “So I knew I would have to be the most
aggressive.” (I don’t think any man could resist her

Michelle continued. “I went into the bathroom,
and was going to tell Carry (her best friend) about
him. Her first words were ‘Oh my God! Did you see that
babe!’ My answer was ‘Hell Yes! Oh how I want to fuck
him!” Carry smiled at me and told me she saw him look-
ing at me, or more specifically, my breasts.”

At this point, I too looked at her tits. She
caught me. “It’s OK. I know I have large breasts. Any-
way, in the bathroom I undid the top buttons on my
blouse, to show some cleavage. I had to redo the last
one because my bra was showing. Carry stopped me. ‘Take
off the bra, Michelle.’ I paused, then agreed. I was
sooo excited I might have gone out there topless. I
took off my shirt and bra, noticed Carry staring at my
chest jealously, then put my shirt back on. I only but-
toned just more than half of the buttons. I practiced
my leans, knowing what move would hide my assets, what
moves would create cleavage down past my breasts, and
what lean-overs would grant Pete a perfect view of my
breasts, nipples and all. I then went to conquer.”

She went on. “I don’t think Pete looked at a-
nother girl the rest of the night. Then again, he
didn’t look at MY face much, either. We played cards
with some other people, and slowly the crowd dis-
sipated. Soon we were playing Blackjack, just the two
of us. We were playing for fun, but I knew every time I
leaned over the table to pick up the cards, he was hav-
ing some EXTRA fun. I started losing, badly. He joked
about needing someone good to play with. I offered to
raise the stakes. He asked how. I said, name his
stakes. He smiled, looked directly at my rather un-
covered breasts, and said, ‘They’ve been staring at me
all night long.’ Then he looked at me. ‘If you lose…
I get to feel your breasts. If you don’t accept my
stakes, I’ll find someone else to play with.’ I

I listened to her tell me the story, my swel-
ling cock telling me how I could arrange such a game!
Michelle continued. “He dealt me a 10. I said ‘Hit.” He
dealt me a 4. I said ‘Hit.” He dealt me a 6. I said
‘Hit.’ He dealt me a queen. I said ‘Feel.’ I ran my
fingers down my breasts, ready to open my blouse for
him. Then someone popped in the room and said, ‘Pete,
your wife is on the phone.’ He looked very disap-
pointed! So did I.

That’s where the story ended. I had forgotten
about it quickly as I fell deeply in love with
Michelle. Her breasts were well worth Pete’s attention,
and I saw to it they didn’t go neglected. But she was
so much more than her tits. She was funny, intelligent,
and god, I loved her. I never thought about Pete again,
until two days before our wedding night. He had called
Michelle, and asked her for sex. He said He was sorry,
and that he was now divorced. He wanted to fuck her so
bad that night and he couldn’t bear the thought of her
getting married without sucking her awesome titties and
feeling his cock in her warm wet cunt (his exact
words.) Naturally, I was pissed! But Michelle calmed me
by saying she told him NO! flat out. Since we were mov-
ing after the wedding, I figured we wouldn’t hear from
him again.

The wedding day came, and I was in heaven.
Michelle was absolutely radiant. Her gown was stunning,
right down o the little peek of cleavage. The day whiz-
zed by in a blur, the only things I remembered were
saying “I do.”, kissing her deeply, and whispering into
her ear, “You are my life.” I didn’t notice the faces
around us, or the trip in the limo, or the reception
dinner. I just thought about Michelle, how much I loved
her, and how I was going to make love to her as my WIFE
for the first time. I didn’t notice the DJ, didn’t no-
tice the dancing, didn’t notice Michelle leaving our
table with an extremely attractive man…

Michelle stood in the hallway.

“I can’t. I CAN’T! I’m married now!”

“God, oh god I want to fuck you!”

“Pete, it’s not going to happen!”

“I want to rip that dress off of you. All I can
see is your naked body in my mind…”

“Shh! Quiet! I’m married, damn it! Don’t let
people hear you say things like that!”

“Fine!” Pete took her by the arm and led her
into one of the church’s rooms that was currently un-
used. He took her by the hands inside, where she leaned
against a desk.

“I want you Michelle. I know you want me, too.
You were flashing me your tits that entire god damned
night! You were going to fuck me that night, and you
know it!”

“That was then Pete! That’s ancient history!”

“Say it, say you were going to fuck me!”


Pete leaned closer, and moved his hand to her
right breast. Michelle flinched, but didn’t move. “Say

She hesitated. He eyes looked down. “I was go-
ing to fuck you.”

He pressed against her, twirling his finger
over the smooth curve of her dress. “Then fuck me now,
let me touch you, taste you, fill you.”

“No. It can’t happen. I don’t want it to hap-

“Then why did you send me an invitation?”

Michelle turned her head away. She bit her lip.
Pete began stroking her hair with his right hand, and
caressing her breast with his left. He pressed his
right leg in between hers.

“You want me, don’t you?” Pete said smiling.
“It’s OK. It’s OK..” he cooed. “You want me…”

Michelle turned her head back to face him.
Tears were streaming down her eyes. She nodded.

“You never forgot me, did you?”

She shook her head.

“Fuck me.”

She nodded.

Pete leaned her against the desk, then went to
his knees. His hands found their way under the wedding
dress, and worked up her legs. Michelle tilted her head
back, her eyes till streaming. Pete lifted the dress
over his head, and began kissing the garter. He slid
his tongue underneath and around it. He clenched it
with his teeth, pulling it upward. He moved it up her
thigh, pausing to kiss the soft flesh. Michele began to
moan softly, she wiped away her tears, and placed her
arms on Pete’s shoulders. Pete used his hand to slid
the garter the rest of the way. As it reached its apex,
he pulled out from her dress. His hand moved over, and
began rubbing her cunt.

His other free hand pulled the dress up. Michele
leaned back onto the desk, her dress now above her
waist. Her panties were now visible, as was Pete’s hand
pressing into the indentation of her cunt. The panties
were simply a piece of white, shimmering silk connected
by thin silky strands that tied at her hips.

“Uhhhh.” Michele moaned as his fingers pressed
her clit through the silk. “UHHH!” he pressed harder.
He then reached behind her, seeking the zipper of her
dress. Michelle leaned forward, pressing her breasts
into him. She sought a kiss, but his head went past
her. She sucked on his ear instead. Pete found the zip-
per, and pulled it down. Michelle pulled back, and wig-
gled her arms from the sleeves as Pete pulled the
fabric down. Here breasts bared themselves in one
glorious movement. Her dress was now completely around
her waist, her tits still jiggling from the motion, her
cunt-soaked panties and length of her legs still vis-
ible. Pete took what he could of her breasts into his
hands. They seemed even larger in the nude. He watched
the shape change as he kneaded them. He massaged them,
caressed them, and sucked them as Michele’s eyes still
streamed. Her cries were mixed with moans. Pete pinched
and nibbled her erect nipples as he humped her.

“Do it. Do it!” She breathed.

“You want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, just do it!”

Pete stepped back, and dropped his pants. As
preparation, he wore no underwear. “Oh God!” Michelle
noticed his roughly 9 inch cock. Pete pressed his cock
against her panties, against the indentation of her

“Do it!” She cried again. Her tears were stream-
ing down her cheeks now.

Pete smiled. “No. Undo your panties.”

“What? No. Just do it!” she wailed. Somehow, if
HE fucked her, it wouldn’t be so bad.

“Undo your panties.”

She hesitated, and again bit her lip. Pete pres-
sed his cock harder. Michele flat out started balling.
The tears poured down her face as she debated the
situation. One last chance to stop. One last chance to
honor her husband and their marriage. One last chance
to fuck Pete.

She wept as her hands went to her waist, and
untied the straps. She lifted the silk from her cunt,
and let it drop to the floor. Pete pressed his cock
against her bare opening.

“Do it!” She cried.

Pete took her hand, and placed it on his penis.
“You do it.”

“Oh God!” She closed her eyes. The tears still
crept out as Pete grinned broadly. She couldn’t fight.
No more resistance could enter her mind. She moved her
hand to the base of his cock, and at once tugged it
down and moved her hips upward.

“Ohh yeah!” Pete breathed. “Again”

Michelle repeated the procedure. “Ohhh!” re-
placed her cry.

Pete took over, and forced his prick to the
hilt, then began pounding her cunt ferociously. They
moaned loudly together as he, still dressed in his tux
minus the pants, rammed his cock into her still wedding
clothed body. Her breasts bounced with each thrust. He
held her at the waist, and drove his cock into her with
force and speed.

The door opened.

Both of them looked towards the opening. A lit-
tle boy stood in the doorway.

“Oh No! Oh no! Stop! Stop Pete!”

“No way!” Pete’s body continued to pulse into
her. “I’m fucking you. I’m FUCKING you!” His swollen
cock continued to slide in and out of her, glistening
with her juice.

Michelle continued to moan, and couldn’t bring
herself to stop either. She should have wondered who
the boy was. Would he tell? But all she could think of
was Pete’s cock in her cunt, filling and satisfying
her. She knew she was going to fuck him. She had always
wished she had stayed that night. He was SO hot!
Whether he had a wife or not, she had to fuck him.
Whether she was a wife or not, she had to fuck him.

As his body flinched and his cock released its
semen, she knew she had. They humped a little more. The
boy was still watching. She pulled Pete close, trying
to kiss him. But he moved his mouth to her left nipple.
She wanted an orgasm. She fucked him, and now had his
cum dripping from her cunt. She deserved an orgasm!

Pete stepped back. “I think I hear them paging

“Oh shit!” Michelle sat up, hurriedly pulling
her dress down. “Zip me up!”

Pete zipped her up, and she quickly ran out of
the room.


I watched my bride come from the hallway. She
seemed hurried, but I wondered little of where she had
been. It was time for the garter toss. I smiled as I
planned to sneak that thing up to her crotch. She let
me pick out the wedding night panties. I wanted a pre-

Michelle seemed dazed as the DJ pulled out a
chair and sat her in it. The music started, and she
seemed really nervous! She must have thought I would
really embarrass her!

“Let’s not do this now!” She whispered to me as
I kissed her.

“It will be OK.” I said, and went to the floor.

lifted up her dress, enough to show on camera,
but not to reveal too much. Wait… where’s the garter?

I had hiked the dress up quite away. No garter.
I looked towards Michelle, but the dress blocked my
view of her face. I lowered it some, realizing she must
have it ‘too high’ for the world to see. The light was
dim, but I could clearly see her thigh under the fab-
ric. I moved my head up. No garter…

No panties.

Confusion set in. Then horror. There, dripping
from her precious, beautiful, tight, wonderful cunt…
was cum.

Cum. It could only be cum… it could only be
sperm. I pulled my head instantly out from under her
dress and looked at her. She was crying.

“Where’s the garter?’ someone yelled.

I looked around in a panic. I saw a little boy
hold up the garter.

“Here it is! There was a man on her and they
were naked.”

A hush fell over the guests. The boy held out
his other hand. “Do you need these, too?”

Her panties.

I could see how wet they were from here. Gasps
and whispers rose from the crowd.

Michelle buried her face in her hands, sobbing.

I stood up, looked at no one, and walked to the
guest book. No one said a word as I flipped through the
pages. No one said a word as I left the church.

If there is one image burnt in my memory be-
sides my wife’s cum-dripping pussy, it is the last page
I saw that night. The page that bore the name Pete.

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A pretty young bride is seduced on her wedding day by an old boyfriend