A retelling of the Sleeping Beauty

A retelling of the Sleeping Beauty

Clifford picked up the quill pen and carefully dipped it
into the bottle of ink. He made one last notation on the
parchment that lay before him and then he set the paper
aside to dry. He glanced at the sunlight as it shone
through the window of his tower room and reckoned that it
was mid-afternoon. Clifford put away the quill, and
smiled to himself. It was time for a break. He went to
the only door to his chambers and carefully threw the
bolt that would lock out any visitors. What he was about
to do was for his eyes only.

Clifford was a wizard. In fact, he was a very good one.
He just didn’t look the part. Instead of being a tall,
imposing figure with strong features like the classic
idea of how a wizard should appear. He was short and
scrawny with a nose that was too large for his face. His
thin hair defied any brush or comb to tame it, and the
wispy strands stuck out from his scalp at all angles. His
unfortunate looks drove away any desirable females, but
children just loved him. Clifford always had an endless
supply of tricks and magic to astound and amaze their
young minds.

But tricks for children were far from his mind this
afternoon. It was definitely time for adult play. As he
did a little dance step back across the room, Clifford
sang tunelessly to himself, “What does a wizard wear
beneath his robes?” He grabbed the opening of his
voluminous robe and whipped it away from his body. “Why
nothing,” he announced to the air as his naked and very
pale body came into view. He came to a heavy cabinet, the
door of which would open only to his magical touch, and
from there he removed a candle and a leather wallet.
Moving to the wide cot that served as his bed, Clifford
lit the candle and placed it on a nearby table. He opened
the wallet and removed one long, dark human hair. He
grasped the hair by one end and swung it into the candle
flame. There was a puff of smoke that grew all out of
proportion to the material burned. The smoke thickened
and expanded and began to take on a human form, a very
feminine human form. In seconds a simulacrum to
Clifford’s Queen stood before him. The candle was
powerful magic and the hair he had used was from the real

“Hello, Clifford,” she said in a sultry voice.

“Hello, Anna,” answered Clifford, using the Queen’s given

Clifford was in his late forties and the real Queen was
almost twenty years younger. The double that stood before
him now was slightly taller than Clifford and just as
nude. Her thick, dark hair fell to her waist. She had
flawless skin and a generous figure that had Clifford
hard and throbbing in seconds. They came together in a
deep kiss that became wetter and more frenzied with each
second. Anna reached between their bodies and gabbed his
rigid cock. “Make it bigger, darling,” she whispered in
his ear. Clifford responded by muttering an incantation
that made his cock grower longer and thicker with each
stroke of her hand.

It was a conceit on Clifford’s part, of course. Anna’s
double would have loved Clifford’s cock no matter its
size, but the growth added to the excitement of his
fantasy. His cock enlarged until it was longer and
thicker than his arm and its fist-sized head was trying
to burrow its way between Anna’s breasts. She stepped
back and used both her hands to stroke the giant member.
A gush of precum erupted from its tip and Anna swirled
the clear liquid around and over his engorged cock-head.

“Oh, Anna” moaned Clifford, the sensations from his
oversized cock were almost more than he could stand.

Anna wrapped her arms around his cock and clasped it to
her breasts. When another pulse of precum washed over her
breasts, Anna smiled and said, “I think you better fuck
me before you waste anymore of this.” She teased his huge
cock head as she used it to rub the hot cum into her
creamy skin.

“I think you’re right,” said Clifford as he led her to
his cot.

Anna lay down and spread her legs wide for her lover.
Thanks to his magic, Clifford’s enormous cock slipped
effortlessly into Anna’s steaming hot pussy. He lowered
his weight onto her pillowing breasts and stuffed his
tongue into her mouth. Their bodies hunched and flopped
around on the cot in a graceless rhythm. Clifford knew
that he couldn’t hurt Anna and he banged and thrust at
her as hard as he could. All he wanted now was to drive
his body to an orgasm that would have him streaming cum
like a fountain. He was oh so close to his release when
the door to his chambers rattled.

Clifford’s eyes flew open and his body went rigid. Damn,
damn and double damn, he thought. He took a deep breath
and tried to make his voice sound normal and polite. “I’m
very busy,” he called out. “Please come back later.”

The door rattled impatiently and a commanding voice said,
“It’s me Clifford.”

“Oh shit,” Clifford gasped, and his stiff body quivered
in surprise. It was the King at his door. He starred down
at Anna. The King’s voice hadn’t bothered her of course.
She wasn’t the real Queen. In fact, her face was
contorted with sexual pleasure and her pussy was in
constant spasm trying to urge the cum from his body. But
it wasn’t going to happen. Clifford couldn’t have
produced an orgasm at this moment if his life depended on
it. He sighed and stretched out his hand to snuff out the
magical candle. Unfortunately, when the flame
disappeared, so did Anna’s body. Clifford fell onto the
edge of the cot and then toppled onto the floor.

He scrambled to his feet, and called out, “Just a second,
Sire.” Clifford threw on his wizard’s robe and ran to the
door. In his haste, Clifford had forgotten about his
freakishly huge cock and before his hand could reach the
bolt, his cock fell from his robe and thudded painfully
onto the door.

“Damn it all to hell,” muttered Clifford as he rubbed the
hurt. He waved his hands meaningfully over the huge
organ, and it quickly shrank back to its normal size and
disappeared into his robe. Clifford threw the bolt and
opened the door. He bowed as the King strode into the

“Clifford, is everything all right?” asked the King as he
glanced around the room.

“Everything’s fine, Sire,” said Clifford. “I was just
working on a particularly sensitive spell.”

“You’re not going to make half the castle disappear
again, are you?” chided the King, referring to an
unfortunate episode from his and Clifford’s younger days.

“It was hardly half the castle, Sire. And as I remember,
you were right there, urging me on.”

“But I’m not the one who substituted ingredients in that

“But you were the one who was so hot to see Lady Farvish
in the nude.”

Both men laughed. It was an old argument between friends.
They reminisced and spoke of this and that until the King
remembered why he had come. “Clarence,” he said, “as you
know, my daughter will be one year old a month from now.
There will be a festival and of course we’ll have her
naming ceremony at the same time. I would like for you to
send an invitation to the Fairies of the forest, and ask
their blessing.”

It was a tradition among royalty and commoner alike to
ask the Fairies to watch over newborns, however the
Fairies seemed to help or hinder humanity at their whim.
Clifford could contact the Fairies of course, but he had
no illusions that he could induce them to do anything;
their magic was superior to anything he could conjure.
“Sending the invitations is no problem, Sire. But I can
hardly guarantee that they’ll attend, and you may not
know it even if they do.”

The King nodded. “The Fairies do as they wish, of course.
However, the Queen insists that we try.”

Clifford cringed inwardly at the mention of the Queen. He
felt guilty at using a simulacrum of his friend’s wife as
a sex toy, but he could hardly wait to resume his play.
Outwardly though, he smiled and said, “I will attend to
it immediately.” After a few more pleasantries the King
took his leave.

Clifford remained extremely horny, but he put duty before
pleasure and went straight to work on the invitations.
First he went to his window, and using a minor spell as
well as a sprinkle of seeds, he lured several pigeons
into a cage. He wrote out the invitations for the Fairies
on a special parchment, and then he ground the parchment
into powder, and mixed the powder with various potions.
He fed the concoction to the pigeons and then one by one
he removed the birds from their cage. He murmured a spell
of protection over each bird, and then released it into
the open. Each bird would fly to an area of the kingdom
where a Fairy dwelt to deliver its message.
Unfortunately, the closer Clifford got to the end of his
labors, the hornier he became and the faster he worked.
As a result, his spell of protection over the last pigeon
wasn’t worded perfectly.

But Clifford didn’t notice. He had already flung off his
robe; regrown his cock back to its former stature, and
relit the candle that brought the Queen’s hot and eager
double back to his cot. Clifford ravaged Anna’s pussy
with his rock hard penis until a magically enhanced
orgasm overtook him. For a full minute he squirted
copious amounts of cum into a pussy that sucked on his
cock better than any ordinary mouth or pussy could have
managed. After that, an exhausted Clifford fell asleep.
He had no way of knowing that several miles south of the
castle, his last pigeon had become a falcon’s dinner.


It’s not easy to ascribe human emotions to a Fairy, but
the one named Elise seemed to be both pissed off and
jealous. She was jealous because the other Fairies had
received invitations to the King’s festival and she had
not. Elise was pissed off because she hated feeling
jealous concerning anything to do with humans. Oh they
could be amusing, but like any inferior and self-aware
species, they thought that their antics actually had
meaning in the grand scheme of things.

The lack of an invitation certainly couldn’t stop her
from attending though, so Elise showed up at the festival
after the other Fairies had departed. Once there she
entered the mind of an elderly woman who had stood in
line for hours to catch a glimpse of the new Princess and
the babe’s proud parents. A Fairy could enter the mind
and body of a mortal at will. She could simply observe or
she could control the mortal to whatever extent she
wanted. When it became her turn Elise, as the old woman,
peered into the child’s crib where the Princess was
quietly content to suck at a toy and watch the parade of
adults pass by. “She is really such a beauty, Sire,” said
the old woman.

The King nodded, “Thank you madam, many people have said
that very thing today. In fact, I’m beginning to think
that we should call her Beauty.”

The Queen shook her head vehemently, “It would be cruel
to saddle a girl with a name like that.”

The King laughed, “I suppose you’re right, my dear.” Much
to the Queen’s chagrin however, their conversation was
overheard, and despite the fact that the Princess was
given a dozen other names that day, she was known as
‘Beauty’ from then on.

As the King and the elderly woman chatted, Elise studied
the baby. It had been her plan to curse the child so as
to make her father pay for his slight. However, she could
tell that the other Fairies had blessed the child with
beauty, intelligence and good health so there was nothing
that she could do immediately. But Fairies lived long
lives and Elise was willing to be patient.


It was Beauty’s sixth birthday. There was no grand
festival this time. The affair was a birthday party
geared for children instead of their parents. The
children played in the castle courtyard, while the adults
stood around the edges and talked amongst themselves.
Currently, both groups were watching Clarence as he
performed a series of magic tricks for the children. They
giggled and laughed as he made flowers grow out of ears
and buckets of sweet, brightly colored goop suddenly
appear and pour their contents over unsuspecting heads.
For his last trick, Clarence placed a box that was no
larger than his fist on top of a small table that he had
been using. After warning the children that magic could
be dangerous and that things didn’t always go as planned,
he flipped open the box then jumped back in terror as a
huge tiger flowed from the small container and perched
right on top of the table The big cat casually licked one
paw, and then the children gasped as it roared and sliced
through the air with its bared claws. Suddenly the tiger
roared again and leapt from its spindly perch to soar
over the head’s of the children. They shrieked in
delighted fear as the tiger looked as if it were about to
eat them all. At the apex of its leap however, the tiger
exploded into hundreds of candies and treats – the
children scrambled from their seats to grab up the

The King watched the children with quiet amusement. He
motioned Clarence over and pointed to one of the
children. “I know that boy in the blue shirt, who is he?”

Clarence followed the King’s gaze. The boy in question
had garnered more than his fair portion of the candy, but
he was sharing his gain with the smaller children who
hadn’t been able to get as much. “That’s Hal, the son of
stable-master Harold.”

“Oh yes, now I remember. A well behaved and intelligent
lad, I hear.”

“Yes Sire,” agreed the wizard.

The King looked thoughtful. “I want you to cast a spell
on Hal. Beauty needs a companion from among the
commoners. Bind him to her, lightly and subtly of

“Without his father’s consent?” Clarence was surprised.
The King was usually very conscious of his subject’s
freedom of choice in such matters.

“I’ll take care of the boy,” said the King. “He may
attend school with Beauty and the other children of the

“Yes Sire,” said Clarence. There wasn’t much else he
could say. Anna, the King’s beloved queen, had passed
away while attempting to give birth to a male heir for
the throne. The child had died as well and in his grief
the King had become fixated on his daughter. She was
going to be his heir and the queen of his kingdom when he
was gone and that was that. Whatever the King thought had
to be done toward that end was to be done.


Hal stood and stretched his lanky frame. Two horses,
which were tied behind him, whinnied and stepped about
nervously. Hal turned and patted one of the horses on the
nose. He said, “Don’t worry, she’ll show up eventually.”
For the last decade Hal and Beauty had seen one another
almost every day. They had school together in the
mornings. And then in the afternoon, Beauty was tutored
in the art and science of ruling a country, while Hal
spent his time either in mock combat with the young
knights in training, or he helped his father in the
stables. Twice a week it was his job to saddle a riding
horse for the princess and accompany her on a ride
through the royal forest that surrounded the castle.

Hal looked at the lengthening shadows in the courtyard
and decided that they best cut this afternoon’s outing
short. He heard a door open and turned in time to see
Beauty stomping down the steps from the castle. She was
dressed in her usual riding attire, which tended to be
more practical than fashionable. She was wearing a man’s
plain cloth shirt with long sleeves. The shirt was tucked
into what looked like a mid-calf length skirt, but was
really a pair of pants with large, pleated legs. Her
boots were scruffy, but well used and comfortable, and
she wore a large cloth hat like ones that the peasants
used to keep the sun off their heads. Her only
concessions to fashion were an embroidered vest that
fastened beneath, and accented, her ample bosom and a
colored ribbon that tied back her dark hair.

Hal could tell by the way her boot heels smacked on the
stones, and the way that she jabbed her hands into her
riding gloves that she was definitely not in a good mood.
She threw up her hand to forestall any comments from him.
“Yes, I’m late,” she said. She grabbed her horse’s reins
from his hand and threw herself into the saddle. “I don’t
know why I have to know the history of every square foot
of land in this kingdom. Even father has advisors. And
then the politics of …” She went on and on as they
trotted away from the castle. One of her many instructors
had put her in a really petulant mood. Hal knew from long
experience not to say anything beyond making agreeable
sounds. They had been on the trail for an hour when he
realized that she had stopped ranting and was actually
talking to him. “How was your day?” she asked.

“Oh just the usual, tactics and strategy after lunch, and
then swordplay. We were on the practice ground when…”
He launched into a story that ended with a particularly
unlikable mutual acquaintance lying face down in a puddle
of mud. Beauty giggled and then laughed out loud. Hal
congratulated himself on lightening her mood.

They arrived at a fork in the trail and reined in their
horses. One trail wound its way deeper into the forest,
and the other was a shorter route that paralleled a
stream that ran back to the castle. Hal said, “We better
go down to the creek. We got a late start and I think
it’s going to rain.” He frowned at the darkening sky.

Beauty shook her head. “I’ve been looking forward to this
ride all day. We can hurry,” she argued to his
disapproving countenance. “If you can keep up, that is,”
she laughed as she kicked her horse into a gallop down
the longer trail.

Hal shook his head. She was a good rider, but not in his
class. He caught her soon enough and they slowed to a
more reasonable pace. They had reached the halfway point
in their outing when Hal’s prediction of rain came true.
They found shelter and waited out a thunderstorm.
Unfortunately, the storm turned into a drizzle and as the
day grew later and darker they had to take to the trail
without any sort of rainwear. Slowly but surely their
clothing became soaked. The brim on Beauty’s hat grew
heavy with rain and flopped around her face. Her shirt
became plastered to her breasts and the cool temperatures
made her nipples stand out. Hal took advantage of the
erotic view to keep his mind off his own discomfort. In
fact, the sight of Beauty’s breasts bouncing and swaying
with the motion of her horse gave him an aching erection.

I was nearly dark when they slogged back to the castle
stables. When they were finally inside and out of the
rain, the riders dismounted. They looked around but there
was no one to be seen. Apparently the inclement weather
had driven any other riders in early, and the grooms on
duty had left for dinner or a warm fire somewhere.

Beauty took off her hat and wrung the water out of it.
She ran her fingers through her hair and said casually,
“Hal, put up my horse, I’m liable to miss dinner.”

Hal snorted. He had always treated Beauty with the
respect due a princess but he was miserable and in no
mood to let her get away with this stuff. “Put up your
own damn horse. You have a hundred servants to bring you
a hot meal whenever you like. I’m the one who’s liable to
miss dinner.”

Beauty’s eyes flashed. She took a couple of quick steps
to stand directly in front of Hal. She planted her hands
on her hips and said, “I know that’s not true. I hear the
young maids talking about you. ‘Did you hear what Hal
did? He’s so nice. He’s so clever and handsome,’” she
mocked in a high girlish voice. “You’re the one who’s
more likely to get his supper and his other appetites
satisfied by the castle staff.”

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A retelling of the Sleeping Beauty