A Series of Co-incidences (final) by newpublisher2010

A Series of Co-incidences (final)
by newpublisher2010

Part 5 (Final)

We relax in the sun catching our breath and drying off before slowly making our way back along the beach to where our shelter and lunch are waiting.

Sitting on the picnic blanket face to face with our legs interlocked we feed each other from the bowls and baskets the resort has packed for us. The wine is on ice and lunch is delicious.

The final treat is strawberries and cream, the strawberries are huge I take one that is about 4 inches long and run it up the inside of Jenny’s thigh and lightly across her pussy lips. Jenny giggles at the tickling sensation of the cold hard strawberry on her skin. Slowly I rub it up and down her inner lips spreading them with the pointed tip. Moving down I slide it into her like a fresh fruit dildo. Her juices quickly coat it. When it is well covered in her juices I raise it to my lips and bite the top inch off “mmmm Strawberry and pussy juice” I press it to her mouth and she takes a small bite. With the top now eaten I run the strawberry around her nipples making them harden even more. Her nipples are standing proud and her areola are wrinkled Leaning in I lick and suck each nipple in turn. My cock is getting hard again.

Jenny grabs the container of cream and coats the head of my cock with the cool thick liquid then moving onto her hands and knees she takes me in her hand and starts to lick me like a child would lick an ice cream.

“Oh Fuck Sis, you have no idea how good that feels”

She takes another two fingers full of cream and spreads it onto her clit and pussy lips

“Then show me how good it feels Bro”

I waste no time in wriggling into a position beneath her where I can pull her strawberry and cream pussy down onto my face.

I lick in long slow strokes. She takes the head of my cock into her mouth twirling her tongue and swallowing the cream. I concentrate on her clit with my mouth and tongue stopping occasionally to lick all the way to her tight little ass. Jenny is soon grinding down onto my face and making little moaning sounds around my cock. My hips start to pump up to her mouth, each thrust a little deeper until I am at the back of her mouth. With her next downward movement Jenny takes my cock into her throat. I moan against her clit. Jen’s pace suddenly quickens and I feel that now familiar trembling in her petite body. My multi orgasmic girl bobs up and down on my cock with no sign of the gagging reflex of a few days ago. I suck her swollen clit like a small cock. Jen stiffens and shudders pressing her clit hard to my mouth. I suck slowly while waves of bliss wash over her. Her pussy floods my face. I feel my own climax build. She pulls back so that the head of my cock is in her mouth. She twirls her tongue quickly around the tip. I can’t hold back any longer and empty my balls into her sucking mouth. Jen clamps her lips hard around my shaft and swallows every drop. She cums again on my face.

Finally Jenny lets my softening cock slip from her mouth. She turns around and lies on top of me. I feel her heart beating fast against my chest and her panting breath against my neck. We kiss deeply tongues dancing. Our bodies perspire from exertion, the tropical heat and humidity. It is the hottest part of the day so we cuddle in the shade of our shelter. Jenny is soon sleeping. Her small firm breasts rise and fall with her slow rhythmic breathing.

I wake to the feel of her long fingernail tracing slow circles around my left nipple. My eyes focus on her angelic face, her eyes sparkle and her smile lights up my world. She leans down and kisses my lips and then my nipple which has hardened under her touch. Jenny giggles at the effect she has had on me and asks

“Why do men have nipples anyways?”

I tell her there is a short and a long answer to her question. She asks for the short one first.

“Men have nipples so that naughty girls like you can amuse yourselves by playing with them while we try to sleep”.

Giggling and pinching my nipple she says

“I think I like that explanation, now tell me the long one”.

“Well little sis, it is like this. Long, long ago when the earth was small and flat there were only beautiful naked women roaming the place. Then over millions and millions of years, half of them started to evolve. First their clits began to grow bigger and bigger. Then their vaginas closed over. Next their pretty inner pussy lips turned onto an ugly sack before their ovaries descended and turned into balls. All this growth had to come from somewhere. Their lovely, perky, round, breasts shrunk, leaving these little nipples behind. The new creatures dropped the Wo from the front of their name and half of the Women became Men. It wasn’t long before they discovered that it felt good to put their new parts inside the Women and humans have been fucking like farm animals ever since”.

Jenny kisses me softly and whispers

“I don’t believe a word of that Professor Johnson. I think you just made it all up”.

“Well Misses Johnson, you either believe the Johnstonian theory of evolution or the idea that a brother and sister fucked like farm animals in paradise and the entire world population problem is their fault.”

Jenny snuggles into me.

“We are in Paradise right now Mister Johnson. I think I like the second theory better”

We spend the rest of the afternoon swimming in the lagoon and walking around our own version of paradise until the sound of an approaching helicopter has us scurrying back to our shelter to find our clothes.

The pilot asks how our day has been and we reply together “wonderful” Jenny whispers in my ear “Fucked like farm animals”. He gives us a knowing look.

Back at the resort we fill the spa and slide into the swirling bubbles, slowly letting the jets of water rinse away the remains of the salt and specks sand that we have brought home on our bodies. Jen hands me a bottle of shampoo and wriggles back between my legs so that I can wash her hair. After a long soak and a quick shower to rinse off we decide to order a light room service meal and have a quite night in. After eating we tune into a movie but before we have even worked out the plot we are asleep.

I wake a little disorientated and glance around the room. Jenny is already up and flitting around the room. I look at the clock and groan.

“Shit”. “Baby girl, it is only six what are you doing up so early”

She reminds me that Paul and Melissa have hired a four wheel drive for the day and we are going with them to explore the rain-forest.

I roll onto my side and watch her getting organized. The only thing she is wearing is a pair of tiny panties from the front they are no more than a triangle of white lace about 2 inches at the top and tapering down as they go between her legs. The material barely covers her perfect pussy, accentuating the curves of her outer lips rather than hiding them. From the back there is almost nothing. A quarter inch strip of satin runs between her beautiful round ass cheeks to the waistband. I find myself rock hard as I watch her moving about the room.

“Hey sexy, are you sure you don’t want to come back to bed and fuck my brains out before breakfast?”

She throws me a towel and says.

“Go take a cold shower or we will be late”

Reluctantly I get out of bed. On the way to the bathroom I pull her into my arms and kiss her deeply. My cock presses against her stomach. I grind against her. She whispers “I love you” in my ear. We break our embrace and I head to the shower.

We meet Paul and Melissa on the way to the restaurant. They ask how our day on the island went. Jenny giggles and says “Wonderful. We fucked like farm animals!” I slap her playfully on the ass and she says

“Careful hon I’m a little sore there. You should have put more sun screen on me.”

Paul and Melissa are laughing “that sounds like fun, any particular kind of farm animals?”

Jenny Giggles “every one we could think of”

Paul adds “I’d sure love to see that sun burn Jen”.

Jenny looks around. Seeing we are alone she turns her back to Paul leans forward and lifts her short skirt up over her waist. Her tiny panties hide almost nothing. She wriggles her sexy, bright pink, ass at Paul before lowering her skirt and standing up. Poor Paul doesn’t seem to know where to look or what to say. I’m sure there is a bigger bulge in his pants than there was a moment ago. Melissa takes his hand and says

“Oh for god sake, shut your mouth before you swallow a fly”

We all chuckle and head in for breakfast.

Over breakfast Paul and I look at the maps and advice they have supplied with the 4X4. Reading the warnings about saltwater crocodiles, stinging plants, spiders, snakes and some weird bird that attacks people. I suggest we don’t let the girls read that part Paul laughs and agrees.

Listening in on Jenny and Melissa I realize they are talking about how Paul and Melissa spent their day yesterday. Jenny say

“wow I can’t believe you do that”

Melissa blushes and whispers

“being tied up like that is such a turn on for me that I cum over and over. I like the feeling that he can do anything he wants to do to me. With the gag on I can’t even protest properly”

They realize that Paul and I are now listening. Melissa blushes again and quickly changes the subject.

We spend the morning exploring the many side roads and tracks into the rainforest. Luckily we don’t encounter any of the unfriendly wildlife described in the booklet.

Studying the map we find our way to a walking trail that we discovered over breakfast. A small sign and arrow point to a waterfall and swimming hole 1.5Km away. Grabbing our towels we head into the thicker forest. The walk is level and cool under the thick canopy In about 15 minutes we break out into a cleared area where the sun shines down through the treetops.

There is a small waterfall dropping about 5 meters into a crystal clear pool. We have the place to ourselves and spread out towels on the soft groundcover plants at the waters edge where a huge overhanging tree spreads dappled shade.

Melisa grabs the bottom of her T shirt and lifts it over her head. Jenny quickly follows suite. Melissa is both taller and curvier than Jen. Her breasts are larger and her nipples darker. Jen slips her skirt down and steps out of it. Shrugging her shoulders and giggling she repeats the move with her tiny panties. Melissa says “Oh well. Why not and removes the rest of her clothes”. Her hips are wider and her ass a little bigger than Jenny’s petite frame. They are both gorgeous, just different. They look fantastic together as they stand side by side at the waters edge.

I notice that Melissa has a rather pink bottom as well, not as evenly colored as Jen’s I guess that yesterdays games involved a little spanking as well as bondage. My cock stirs and I realize I had better get into the water before I’m caught with a hard-on from looking at my new friend’s wife.

Paul looks at me and I say “can’t be outdone by our wives I guess” . I slip out of my clothes and wade into the water. I turn to look back at Paul and realize that the site of two beautiful naked women has had even more effect on him. His cock is erect. I keep my pubic hair trimmed but Paul is clean shaven. Realizing I am checking out a naked man and making comparisons I am embarrassed. I turn and dive into the cool water.

Skinny dipping in the middle of a tropical rain-forest with a waterfall cascading down on our private pool is a fantastic feeling of freedom. The four of us are quickly over the awkwardness of being naked together for the first time.

Lying out on our towels our conversations drift on and off topics. We are slowly finding out more about our new friends. Melissa asks if we are going to the fancy dress dinner tonight and we admit that we hadn’t seen anything about it. “Well we better get you back to the resort in time to visit the fancy dress store” she laughs. Jenny tries to find out what Paul and Melissa are going to be wearing but they insist that we wait and see.

Reluctantly we get dressed and make our way back to the 4X4 and head out of the beautiful Daintree rain forest. Back at the resort we make our way the store. The assistant points us to a section at the rear with fancy dress outfits for hire. After looking through the selection Jenny is satisfied with what she has found. She makes me try on a few things and I can hardly believe what she has selected for us.

Back in our room we take a quick shower. Jenny looks down at me and asks “did you noticed that Paul shaves”. I admit that I did. “Do you like it” I ask. She gives me her impish grin and grabs the razor. By the time we are finished showering she has me smooth shaven and as hard as a rock.

Jen squeezes my cock and says “later Big Boy”. She giggles and says “I supposed you also noticed that you are somewhat bigger than Paul” I just blush and comment on the cute red strip of hair that Melissa has running down to her pussy. That earns me a slap on the ass.

“oh that reminds me, did you notice that Melissa had spank marks on her ass”

Jenny nods and says

“yes kinda sexy don’t you think”

“Would you like a spanking Sis”

“No Bro we know who the submissive one in our family is and it isn’t me”

“Oh I see. You think you might try some B&D on me little sister?”

“Paul….I have been getting wet thinking about it since that conversation over breakfast”
She lets go of my cock and says

“Come on babe, we have to get ready”.

Jenny gets her things out and quickly dresses. Her’s is a school girl outfit complete with white blouse, school tie, and plaid skirt, her blouse is tied in a knot below her breasts exposing most of them and leaving her stomach bare. The jewel in her navel twinkles in the light. She has black stockings that end just below the skirt and black suspenders with red bows. She pulls her hair into two pony tails above her ears and ties them with red ribbons. She suddenly looks like a slutty 15 year old.

I get into my outfit and in no time I am looking the part of her Pimp. We admire ourselves in the mirror. Jenny is laughing so hard I’m afraid she will wet herself. I remember our game on the beach and think that I’d kinda like it if she did.

Entering the Restaurant / Bar I’m soon relieved to see almost everyone is dressed up. I hear a shout of “how much per hour for the schoolgirl?”. Jenny giggles. At least half the couples seem to have reversed rolls for the night. I whisper

“It might be nice to be wearing a pair of your panties Sis”.

“Pervert. Maybe later”


We find a small table with 4 chairs and wait for Melissa and Paul. A round of applause and whistles draws our attention. Paul is leading Melissa across to us on a leash. She has a black leather collar with matching wrist and ankle cuffs. What she is wearing appears to be a strip of red silk that has a hole in the center for her head and is held in place with a rope like cord at the waist. The whole thing is finished with simple leather strap sandals.

Paul is equally impressive in his black leather pants and black T shirt. What tops his outfit off is his studded belt and the collection of things hanging from it. I can see cufflinks, short chains, paddle, a series of clips, ball gag and blindfold.

With Melissa walking two paces behind him they come over to us.
Melissa giggles when she sees Jenny and me and Paul gives her leash a quick tug. With lowered eyes she murmurs, “this girl is sorry she laughed Master “ Paul sits next to Jenny and Melissa squats on her heels in front of him, knees spread and palms upright on her thighs.

From this distance I can clearly see that the silk is not joined at the sides and it parts revealing her legs and hips to the waist. She has a stylized K on her thigh. She is naked beneath the flimsy strip of silk. My cock jumps in my pants.

The evening turns into a round of finger food and cocktails. The band plays loudly and the oddly dressed couples dance and laugh. Melissa never once forgets her role and plays the dutiful slave to her master. She feeds him his food and passes him his drinks, always waiting for permission before taking anything herself. It is obviously not the first time she has been Paul’s Kijara.

It is almost 1am when the MC calls for quite. Holding a bottle of champagne above his head he announces he is going to call the winners to collect their prizes.

“In 3rd place we have Jenny and Paul. The Pimp and the Schoolgirl”.

Jen is on her feet and dragging me up before I have even realized that it is us he is calling. We claim our prize.

He takes a basket containing wine, glasses and a number of packages of cheese and crackers from the table and announces second place

“Pam and John. The slut and her stud”

I recognize the couple from earlier the slut is struggling to walk in his high heels. He is wearing stockings, suspenders, and extreme mini skirt with micro top. The stud has tight jeans and a checkered work shirt. The mascara beard adds to the overall look. What makes this cross dressed couple stand out from the rest is what she has stuffed down the right leg of the tight jeans. About 3 inches thick and ending just above her knee is the clear outline of a huge cock. They take their prize and bow to the audience.

“And tonight, winning by a clear margin. Paul and Melissa. The Master and his Slave”

Paul stands, Melissa follows. They walk to the small stage. When they reach the MC Melissa immediately resumes her squatting position beside Paul. He collects the envelop containing a pass for complimentary meals at any restraint in the resort. To a huge round of clapping and whistling Paul leads his girl back to our table.

After another couple of drinks we all decide we have all had more than enough and head to bed.

Outside the bar Paul instructs Melissa to say good night to Miss Jenny and Master Paul. He unties the rope at her waist and the silk falls freely from her shoulders.

Melissa steps up to me and wraps her arms around my neck. Pressing her soft breasts into my chest and her lips to mine. I slip my arms around her and find my hands under her silk. I let them run down across her smooth round ass before stepping away.

Melissa then steps to Jen and repeats the goodnight kiss. My cock throbs as I watch these two beautiful women embrace and kiss.

Jenny and I turn to go and Paul and Melissa make their way in the opposite direction. Jen giggles a little drunkenly and says “I think she wants to fuck us babe” I nod “mmm I hope so”.

Back in our room I slip out of my outfit and dash to the bathroom. I realize I’m a little wobbly on my feet so I sit to pee. Jen is right behind me desperate to use the bathroom too. She slips out of her skirt and panties. Facing me with her legs each side of mine she sits on my lap. She slides her tongue between my lips. I feel a jet of hot liquid against my stomach. It gushes out and down my newly shaven pubic area, Running down my cock, balls and ass and trickling into the bowl. I am amazed at how much liquid a tiny girl can hold. She doesn’t break our kiss until she is drained then stands up and wipes herself with a wash cloth.

By the time I clean myself up and get to the bedroom Jenny is stretched out across the bed asleep. She has taken off her blouse but is still in her stocking and suspenders. With her hair in pony tails, her small breasts and her bald pussy she looks so much like the schoolgirl she has been playing all night. Her legs are slightly parted. My cock is still hard and I have an urge to slip between those beautiful slim legs and take her in her sleep. I fight it off and cover her with the sheet before slipping in beside her. I hold her to my chest.

I wake late the next morning. My head is a little fuzzy. The hand squeezing my cock is not mine. I moan softly. Jen leans down and presses her lips to mine. We rock our hips against each other. Jen whispers

“Guess what today is”

I answer that I have no idea and suggest


“Yes it’s our anniversary. A whole week”.

But that isn’t what I meant.

“I give up Sis, what day is it?”

She nibbles my ear and whispers

“Day 14”

I stare at her blankly so she goes on

“The best chance of a girl getting pregnant is to have sex on day 12 and 14”

I realize what she means and turn to the bedside draw where I put our condoms. They aren’t there.

“Shit. Sis there not here”

She giggles

“I know. I threw them away.” “Oh and if you haven’t worked it out yet, day 12 was on our island”

“Jen, what are you saying”

“Are you that slow? I’m saying I want to have a honeymoon baby”

With a million questions and protests running through my mind I try to speak. She pushes me down onto the pillows and covers my mouth with hers. Then she asks

“Did you notice I gave you a day off to recover?”

“I just thought you were to tied for sex Princess”

Rather than answer, she straddles me. Her knees are by my shoulders and her pussy is over my cock. She takes me in her hand and slowly lowers herself onto me. I moan as I watch her tight little pussy stretch over me. I rock up into her and she squeezes my cock with her vagina.

Since I lost my virginity, every time I have had sex the aim has been to avoid a pregnancy. Now I find myself in the opposite position. I know it is wrong but the thought of impregnating Jenny makes my cock jump.

I reach up and take Jenny’s nipples between my fingertips and thumbs rolling and pulling them. In a couple of minutes Jenny stiffens and orgasms. I hold back wanting to last longer. I wait for her to calm down before I start to thrust gently back into her hot wet pussy.

Looking down between us, we are both clean shaven. The sight of our bald pubic mounds grinding together is amazingly erotic.

Jen rolls over pulling me on top of her. Hardly missing a stroke we are fucking missionary style. She wraps her ankles behind me and thrusts up to my downward strokes. Jen cums again. I hold back.

As I start to move in her again she whispers

“next time you have to cum with me”

I moan softly

“it won’t be long baby”.

I feel her grip me harder her pussy still pulsing. My body tenses and my balls tingle.

“fuck babe I’m so close. Are you sure you want to do this”

“mmmmm cum in me my love”

I thrust forward. With the slit at the tip of my cock presses against her slightly dilated cervix I deliver millions of healthy sperm directly into the clear, slippery mucus of her fertile womb.

Jen pants and orgasms as I erupt inside her. Her vagina walls milk my cock for every last drop.

The contractions of her pelvic floor muscles further assist the passage of my sperm towards her fallopian tubes.

Within 30 minutes the fastest swimmers will join those from day 12 to wait for the arrival of the egg they seek to fertilize.

I must look panic stricken with what we have just done. I go to speak. Jen puts her finger to my lips and says “ssshhhhh relax……Daddy”. She pulls my face down to hers pressing her tongue between my lips.


Some time that day the egg arrived and was fertilized by the waiting sperm. What happened next was the final co-incidence. Within minutes of being fertilized the ova divided and not one but two growing embryos made their way to the protection of Jen’s womb.

Our identical twin girls came into the world a little early, eight and a half months later. When they were 5 they went of to school and soon became known as Johnson and Johnson or the Band-Aid twins. That later became B1 and B2. Last year they finished primary school, one topping the school academically the other with a collection of sporting trophies that litter their bedroom. B2 is also captain of her netball team.

After our honeymoon we flew back to Sydney, only staying long enough to pack our things and terminate our leases. While we did that Melissa, who works in real estate in Brisbane found us an apartment not far from them.

3 years later Jenny graduated with a double degree in Business and Contract Law. Just 4 weeks later she delivered our twin boys. They are not identical twins.

We have remained very close to Paul and Melissa and we now take family holidays together. They manage to have their children in singles so only have two.

We joined their club and found out why Melissa is such a good slave. But that’s another story.

The friendship has worked well for us. If we need to travel to Sydney to see family or our old friends we just swap partners. There is no suspicion everyone accepts Melissa as my wife and Jen has Paul. It is kinda fun. Maybe one day I will write more about how the two Pauls became interchangeable.

Paul and Melissa are the only people who know our secret. Melissa sometimes teases Jenny, telling her that when she gives birth there are always two heads, because she married her brother. Jen just giggles and points out that two is about the right number of heads for twins.

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