A sexy wife shares her exciting tale of infidelity with her loving cuckold

A sexy wife shares her exciting tale of infidelity with her loving cuckold

The last few weeks of the busy season had Dan working
sixteen hour days, six days of the week. Even a few
hours on Sunday. Just before eleven he had finally
called it quits and made his way home. The house was
quiet and empty. The text from Sylvia, his wife, at six-
thirty said that she and some girl friends from work
were going to check out ladies night at the recently
refurbished club near the store where she worked. The
lure of discounted cocktails and DJ orchestrated dance
music always excited her.

Dan shed the office attire for a comfortable pair of
shorts, made a light snack, and settled in for a few
minutes of the eleven o’clock news. The snack consumed,
a couple of beers gone, the news over, the stress of the
day and exhaustion made the bed seem the next logical

While concerned, but not worried that Sylvia had not
come home he still took his cell phone to the bed side
in case she called. He slipped between the cool,
slippery sheets to get some sleep. Friday was stacking
up to be another stressful, hectic day and a good night
sleep was on the agenda.

Not fully awake, Dan was aware that Sylvia had made her
way into their bedroom. His slumber had befallen him
quickly after settling into bed so he was unaware of the
time. He was aware that his dreams must have been erotic
because his cock was heavy with blood and throbbing with
each beat of his heart.

Sylvia quietly slipped into bed and snuggled to her man.
Whispering into his ear she asked, “hi honey, are you
awake?” She kissed him, passionately and with a sense of
urgency. She slipped her tongue between his lips.
Unmistakably, her kiss tasted of alcohol. Sleepily, Dan
stirred upon her intrusion into his dreamland.

He slipped his arm under her and pulled her into him for
their kiss. He was thrilled by her warm flesh pressed
onto him, the soft orbs of her breasts and stiff nipples
on his chest. After an extended moment they broke the
kiss, and under sleepy eyes, he said, “hi honey, did you
have fun with the girls?”

He was delighted when he felt her soft, delicate hand
grasp his throbbing, dream inspired erection. As she
gently stroked his swollen manhood she said, “Ohhh this
feels nice. You dream’n bout me?” She firmly stroked his
hard dick a few times and in a soft voice just above a
whisper she began to describe her evening.

“We had fun. The DJ was playing some really cool dance
music and the three of us were out there dance’n
together on a bunch a hits. Ladies got two for one
drinks till nine.” While continuing to whisper the
details of her evening, a soft supple thigh crossed over
Dan’s legs and with well-practiced choreography of
maneuvers Sylvia had mounted him and was using her hand
to rub his throbbing member between the soft folds of
her pussy.

Dan could feel the sensitive underside of his prick
being lubricated by the hot moist folds of his wife’s
cunt and he knew from experience that her pussy was
aroused and craving cock. Easily she impaled herself on
his thick hard-on. “Well, something has that pussy
revved up,” Dan moaned as he felt his erection swallowed
up by his beautiful wife’s pussy.

“Ohhum,” she cooed. Enjoying the satisfying sensation of
a thick hard penis filling her horny pussy. “There was
this sort of cute guy that asked me to dance. He came up
just after the girls and I finished dance’n to a fast
sexy bumping number. I said sure! And the girls burst
into a giggling ruckus when he hauled me off to the
dance floor.” As she softly relayed the evening’s events
she began to ride Dan’s erection in a smooth up and down

A sense of urgency was building in her strokes as her
arousal escalated toward that orgasm she had been
craving since the handsome stranger began flirting. “The
first number ended and a slow one started. He put his
arm around my back and pulled me to him. We got into the
groove of the music and then I felt his boner grinding
back and forth across my pussy bone. He moved his hand
down to my ass and was pulling me onto his crotch.”

“I bet you liked that. I know you, you were grinding
your horny cunt right back on the poor guy’s boner,” Dan
interrupted her tale.

The pace and intensity of Sylvia’s thrusts increased as
her arousal peeked. She loved that her husband was
thrilled by her tale of flirtation. She was so aroused
and his thrusting dick was coaxing her toward her
orgasm. “Oohh God yes, his dick felt like it was nice
and thick,” she hissed through her clinched teeth, the
sound of flesh slapping together as her orgasm quest
continued. “My panties were soaked after that dance. Red
faced and flushed I sat back down with the girls and my
new boy-toy went to get us a drink. The girls giggled
and teased me about my new suitor.”

Sylvia’s thrusts slowed and she ground her throbbing
clit onto Dan’s pubic bone. “The girls said they were
check’n out and headed for the door just as my beau
returned with a couple tequila shots and beer chasers.
He asked where my friends went and I told him they had
to get home to their men. He asked if I had to go… I
assured him that you were burning the mid-night oil and
I could hang for a while.

He was crestfallen and said… oh you’re married? I
flashed my wedding band and told him that I was very
married. He was so cute you would have thought I just
broke his favorite toy. I leaned over to give him a
sloppy wet tongue kiss, squeezed that boner down his
thigh, and told him not to worry… we could still have
lots of fun together. The confused look on his face when
I downed the tequila shot and chased it with the beer
was priceless.”

“Oh, shit you fucked him! That’s why your pussy is sooo
wet,” Dan asked? His erection throbbed to a new
thickness and he started thrusting into her with renewed

A deep groan escaped Sylvia’s throat when Dan’s cock
began thrusting into her pussy. Trying to savor the
build up to her orgasm was lost and she matched Dan’s
thrusts with her own. Her orgasm began with her toes
curling tightly, her fists clenching handfuls of the
sheets, her nipples tingling, and culminated with
torrential squirting from her spasming pussy. Her entire
body convulsed and shuddered through her orgasm. After a
few religious obscenities and whimpers she sighed,
“God… I wanted him to fuck me.”

Their breathing began to slow and a more relaxed
thrusting pace followed. She continued, “We flirted and
danced, we kissed and necked, and he teased my pussy
while I rubbed his boner. Finally, I told him I had to
go. Looking into his sad puppydog eyes, I explained that
you would have to give me permission to take it any
further, I got his number, told him I’d call him, and
with drenched panties I left.”

“Arrgh, you know you could have fucked him!” Dan
exclaimed through clenched teeth, as his load boiled
from his balls deep into Sylvia’s cunt! His dick
throbbed again and again as he filled his wife’s pussy
with his semen. Descending from his orgasm he continued,
“God… that was so hot. I loved your story, but you
know that you could’a fucked him. The only rule is you
have to tell me all the details. You’ve had other guys
and you know I’m not jealous about the sex. Besides I
know this time of the year has me so busy, I’m not
take’n as good’a care of your pussy as it needs.”

“Oh baby, you take care of all my needs, don’t you worry
about that,” she whispered and passionately kissed him.
Their bodies still connected by the combined juices of
their sex. “I got his number and he wants to fuck me so
bad. I bet he is walking around with his dick just’a
drooling jizz in his shorts think’n bout me. Besides a
good girl doesn’t give over the goods on the first date.
You got to make that cock crazy for the pussy… then
you own it… just like I own your cock, lover.”

In another easy maneuver Sylvia dismounted Dan’s semi-
flaccid penis and sat her cum drooling pussy over his
lips. Dan loved the view of his sexy wife’s recently
fucked pussy. Her labia hung in a relaxed used way, cunt
juice and semen smeared like honey over them, and her
distended, enflamed clit still throbbing and twitching.
Without hesitation Dan buried his face in the erotic
mess of his wife’s used, cum filled pussy.

He was still thrilled by her sultry tale of wife
misbehavior. The smell of their combined juices was
intoxicating to him. He licked and slurped cleaning her
pussy until she shuddered through another orgasm. All
the while, she lovingly sucked and cleaned his cock and
balls of the cunt juices and sperm they had each

Their lust temporarily satiated, the lovers cuddled and
drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Dan reached the confluence of frustration, fatigue, and
stress calling it a night. Around nine thirty he parked
in the garage and noticed that Sylvia’s car was there,
but the house seemed dark and quiet. Entering the house
he heard smooth jazz playing on the patio stereo. He
stepped on the patio expecting to find her relaxing in
the hot tub. Instead he found the music playing to a
lighted, but empty hot tub. Two partially consumed wine
glasses and Sylvia’s bikini and wrap were casually
tossed on a nearby lounge chair.

Dan’s head got a little light and his heart pounded a
flash of blood to his dick. His imagination flooded his
thoughts with a scene of Sylvia entertaining herself on
a stud’s hard-on and he was instantly aroused. Quietly,
he stepped through the door leading to their master
suite. A couple of candles slightly illuminated the
quite room. Sylvia lay partially covered by a sheer
sheet, alone. His hopes dashed when he realized no one
else was in the room.

He admired his beautiful wife as she peacefully
slumbered. Her thick red mane of hair was tussled and
splayed over the pillow. He silently stripped his work
cloths watching his sleeping wife and he looked around
their bedroom. Her ample breasts rose and fell with each
breath. In the flickering candlelight they seemed to
have a sheen or glow. Usually she kept the bed neatly
made. However, the duvet and extra pillows were
carelessly push away and two damp towels were carelessly
left on the floor. Dan’s excitement crept back into his
thoughts, it dawned on him that Sylvia had entertained a

Naked, and his cock leading the way he softly eased onto
the side of the bed. Carefully he studied the scene more
closely. There were wet stains on the rumpled sheets and
they were pulled loose from the effort of lovers rutting
around. An obvious dollop of a man’s semen, like paste,
had a clump of her hair stuck to the side of her face.
The sheen on her breasts was from sperm and saliva
smeared on her chest.

His nose alerted him to the scent of recent sex. That
heady bouquet of male musk, sweat, the perfume of female
arousal, and the acrid tang of male sperm. He sniffed it
again, deeply savoring the overwhelming arousal the
stench incited.

Dan’s cock throbbed with each beat of his heart and his
nut sack tingled. He carefully bent over and kissed his
sexy wife, rousing her from her slumber. The taste of
man and sperm was recognizable on her lips. She quietly
moaned and her legs began to rhythmically mover under
the sheet. “Hi lover. You’re home. I dozed off waiting
for you,” she sexily whispered.

“It looks like you’ve been a naughty little wife while
daddy was working,” Dan said, as he nuzzled her neck and
began lightly kissing her tits.

She pouted seductively and said, “You’re not mad, are
you? You told me I could fuck him. You must have just
missed him. Why don’t you slip your big cock between my
thighs and I’ll tell you all about my day while you fuck
me, too.”

“If my dick touched your pussy right now my balls would
spew their load. I’ll give your pussy some kisses while
you tell me what happened,” he said.

She snickered and said, “Got you a little horny, huh?
Jeff just let after pump’n two loads of his jizz in my
pussy. I’m a mess down there.”

“It’s a mess up here too, you have semen on your cheek,
in your hair, and smeared all over your tits. He came
loaded for bear. I’ll be the dutiful cuckold and make
sure my wife’s pussy is clean of her lover’s sperm,” Dan
chuckled as he eased himself all the way onto the bed
and began kissing his way toward her pussy. “Let me take
a look at his handy work.”

Sylvia splayed her thighs apart and somehow his dick
throbbed to another level of arousal. Her neatly trimmed
pussy was red from her recent cock pounding. Her labia
spread like satin rose petals and was coated with a
prodigious amount of juices and her lover’s cum. A thick
drip of white, oily sperm lead from her leaking hole,
over her puckered little asshole, to a large wet stain
on the sheet under her ass checks.

The sex stench was awe-inspiring. All he could say was,
“Wow! Tell me the story and don’t leave out a single
detail.” Tentatively, he dipped his tongue in the
lovers’ concoction and the pungent tang that had been
swirling around his nostrils coated his taste buds, too.

“Ohh… that feels nice, I’ll give you about a week to
stop that,” she cooed. “Okay, this morning I slept in
after you left for the office. I must have been having a
sexy dream because when I woke up my pussy was telling
me it wanted attention. I got Buggs out, teased, stroked
and worked him around my clit and back and forth in my
cunt. That brought me a nice orgasm. But a while later,
I was horny again. So, I got the idea to call Jeff and
see what he was up to. He and some friends were headed
to the beach… so, I invited myself.

“He was obviously thrilled. But, he asked what you were
doing and what you might think about me spending the
afternoon at the beach with him. I told him not to worry
about you because you were very busy and I had a pass to
spend the day however and with whomever I wished. Are
you enjoying yourself down there? Because if you keep it
up I’m going squirt all over your face.”

Dan paused from his pussy licking and looked up at his
wife’s lovely face. Sperm, pussy juice, and salvia were
smeared on his chin and cheeks. “Just in case there
might be some confusion, squirting all over my face is
the goal,” he quipped.

She sexily groaned, “Got it… no confusion, here.” She
moaned as he sucked her excited clitoris between his
lips and flicked the bulbed little head with his tongue.
“So, anyway, Jeff picked me up, we hit the beach, and
met up with his friends. You should have seen the lust
in their faces when I pulled my cover up off. Underneath
I was wearing my flowered t-back with the tiny patches
that just cover my pussy and nipples. We settled in for
some sun. Jeff brought a pitcher of mojitos and they
were delicious. I drank one of those quickly. I could
feel the strong rum heat up my body and my clit started
to throb.

“I had Jeff pour another and then apply some sunscreen
on my back. He took extra time covering my ass checks
and inner thighs. God my pussy was excited and leaking
its juices. Ohhh… yes suck it there…yesss Jesus
its… it… yesss! Ohhhh God Aruggg!” she hissed
through clinched teeth as her pussy exploded on Dan’s

A momentary lapse in her story while she recovered from
her orgasm. Dan eased up her shuddering torso and took
one of her stiff nipples into his mouth and sucked it
greedily. Squeezing her tits together in his hands he
raked his teeth across her engorged nipples and
carefully nibbled and sucked first one, then the other.
As he ministered to her erect nipples his raging hardon
easily slipped between her wet, slippery, and well used
pussy lips. Once she was completely impaled on his cock,
he laid on her motionless and they kissed passionately.

The lovers laid together joined at their sex. Dan said,
“We can’t move or I’ll cum. My balls are tingling and
sooo ready to explode.”

“Your thick cock feels wonderful in my pussy,” she said.
“Just do whatever you want and I’ll finish my story.
Anyway, let’s see, I was hot from the sun, booze, and my
excited cunt. We jumped in the cool water and played
around for a while. Jeff was all hands in the water
feel’n up my tits, playing with my pussy, squeezing my
ass cheeks, and rubbing his boner on me. I dove under
the water, pulled his suit down and sucked his cock a
few times.

“That was my first real opportunity to check out his
package. It was good, your length and a little less
girth. We got our cloths back together, headed back to
the group, and finished another cool cocktail. The sun
was casting long shadows so we packed up and left the
beach. I was famished and we stopped at the Dune to
gobble down a snack. On the drive home, I freed his cock
from his suit and stroked it hard. He was thrilled when
I leaned over and deep throated his dick all the way to
his balls.

“In the house, I sent him to the hot tub while I got us
a couple glasses of wine, lit some candles, and added a
little mood music. When I stepped out to the patio he
was in the hot tub waiting. At the edge, I dropped my
cover up, untied my top, and pushed my bottoms off my
ass. Standing there nude, I scolded him…sorry there
are no cloths allowed in the hot tub. He stood and
slipped his suit off, his cute hard dick bobbing around
in the jets.”

Dan began to slowly saw his still sensitive, throbbing
cock back and forth in Sylvia’s pussy. Sylvia kissed him
and hummed her appreciation of the feeling of the thick
cock stirring in her pussy. Telling her husband the
details of her infidelity was keeping her state of
arousal high, too. She picked up the story, “I moved on
him in the hot tub like a lion in heat. We were tongue
spit swap’n, I was stroke’n his hard dick, and squeezing
his nuts. He had nice balls, big and heavy. He was
squeezing my tits and trying to get his dick inside me.
So, I told him to move the party to the bedroom. We
rolled together in the bed kiss’n and suck’n tongues.

“I pushed him to his back and went down on his cock. You
know, swirling my tongue around the head, suck’n the
little gland on the underside, lick’n it top to bottom
and back again. I cupped his hefty ball sack, suck’n
each of his giant testicles into my mouth, and coating
them with saliva. When I swallowed the whole shaft and
tongued his nut sack he went crazy. He held the back of
my head and ground his cock into my throat. He began
fucking my face, thrusting his shaft into my mouth. That
thick throat spit was flow’n, covering his dick and
balls. I pulled him out to catch my breath, squeezed his
dick between my tits, and with all that slimy throat
spit, I let him tit fuck me.

“Well that was it buddy, the first blasts from his cock
was like a fire hose. Thick streams of his hot seed shot
under my chin and ricocheted in my hair. I’m telling you
I was amazed at the power and the volume of his load. I
put my mouth over the head to try and control where his
sperm was flying. You would not believe, another jet
fired hard into my throat, caught me off guard, and I
had to spit his still shooting cock out along with a
mouthful of jizz. I’ve sucked a lot a cocks and never
had one with so much juice flow out. I felt like one of
those bukakke porn chics. I’m telling you honey, it
seemed like I took a bath in his stuff.”

“Oh God, that is so fucking hot,” Dan interrupted.
“Right now my balls feel like they could blast a load of
spunk like that. I’m right on the edge of blowing my
nut, honey.”

“Well, take it easy tiger there is more to the story,”
Sylvia warned. Dan stopped pushing his cock into her wet
cunt and just held still as she went on spinning her
yarn. “I rolled off of him to gather my wits about me. I
was smearing ball jizz on my chin and neck. Rubbing it
into my tits, both hands were covered. Jeff never lost
his erection. He pulled me back on top of him and guided
the cummy and slipper head of his cock between my cunt
lips and entered me. Without any ceremony or fanfare he
just started jack rabbit fuck’n me.

“He had endurance. He just held my ass and pistoned his
dick in me for a while. My first orgasm was a real
soaker. Honey, I don’t think he has ever been with a
woman who squirts. When my orgasm started, I sat up and
leaned backward. A stream of my juice arched a couple of
feet and soaked his tummy and chest. That was followed
by a few weaker streams and I was twitching and shaking
coming down.

“I looked into his big bulging eyes staring at my still
dripping pussy. He groaned, Wow! And I felt his cock
thicken and twitch in my cunt. Then it felt like
somebody piss’n in my pussy. His fire hose erupted again
and his boiling sperm flooded me. I leaned up to
dismount his still mostly hard dick and a real gully
washer of sperm poured out’a my pussy. It covered his
dick and balls. I went to put my pussy on his face so he
could clean me up while I did the same for him. He
wasn’t very keen on eating my pussy after he’d used it.”

“So, he’s not an overly skilled lover. And eating a
creampie is a highlight for me,” Dan observed.

“I agree. But, what he lacked in skill was offset with
his viral enthusiasm. My lick’n, suck’n, and clean’n up
all that sperm on his dick and balls had him completely
hard again. I rolled over on my back and spread my legs.
I asked him if he had another orgasm for me in that hard
cock? He got between my legs and while sliding the head
of his dick over my clit, he asked would I squirt again?
I told him that depended upon how well he fucked me. He
pushed his dick into me got right down to that fast jack
hammer fucking. The hard, fast pace was really helping
on the orgasm front.

“His pubic bone slammed into my excited clit and I felt
the spank on my ass every time that big heavy ball sack
hit me. I had my heals dug in under his butt pull’n him
into me. It didn’t take long, but I started pleading
with him and Jesus to fuck me, I was going to cum. He
sat up on his haunches and looked down where his cock
joined my pussy, I just let loose with a gush, it pushed
his dick out and showered his tummy and junk with pussy
juice. He exclaimed, wow that is amazing. You know me, I
was convulsing trying to catch my breath… he got me

“After the spasms subsided he reinserted his dick and a
few strokes later pumped another load of jizz into me.
We kissed and cuddled for a few minutes. I could sense
that he was uneasy. We chatted and he said that he felt
he didn’t want to be here when you got home.”

“That’s still a wonderful story baby. That horny fucker
screwed you well, left you satisfied and sleepy,” Dan
assured her. “My fucking balls are ready to burst. Just
a few strokes and my cum will be joining Jeff’s in your

Sylvia excitedly said, “Wait, roll over, I want to suck
your balls dry. I have another surprise for my horny
cuckold.” Dan slipped his dick from his wife’s hot
pussy, the sensation causing a shiver through his body.
Rolling onto his back, Sylvia quickly encircled his
thick cock in her velvety lips. The dick slimy with her
and Jeff’s nectar.

A primal groan emanated from deep within Dan as she
sucked his entire length down her throat. At the bottom
of the stroke, her nose in his pubic bone, she stuck out
her tongue and tickled his ball sack. Dan loved that she
could do that trick. She came up to the tip, swirled her
tongue around, and swallowed the entire shaft again.

Within a few more strokes, Dan cried out and his balls
exploded into his wife’s mouth. The sensation was so
intense he nearly lost consciousness. She continued to
hold the head of his pulsing dick in her mouth as her
hand pumped the shaft to get every precious drop of her
lover’s seed. Dan involuntarily twitched and convulsed
with each stroke. After he settled down from the
overwhelming sensations of his orgasm, Sylvia released
her hold on his spent rod and scooched up for a good
night kiss.

She passionately pressed her lips to his and he willing
accepted her tongue. His mouth was flooded with the
salty, acrid tang of his copious load of sperm. Sylvia
had caught and held his load in her mouth. Together they
shared and tongue swapping his sperm. Finally, they
swallowed their prize and snuggled together.

“Thanks, that was a tasty cuckold surprise. I love you
honey,” Dan whispered.

“You shared me, it’s only fair that I share with you. I
love you, too. Baby.”

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A sexy wife shares her exciting tale of infidelity with her loving cuckold