A story about a young indian girl after marriage and the humiliation and submission she experiences everyday at home

A story about a young indian girl after marriage and the humiliation and submission she experiences everyday at home

Mahita was a young south indian girl from a poor family. She was about 5’6″ dark and had long beautiful jet-black hair that reached upto her waist. When she was 18 and when she finished her school, her parents decided to get her married to a man who was from a relatively richer background. They thought she’d have been better of with a richer man, and they’d manage better at home with lesser members due to financial constraints. So, one day the man’s family came to their home and asked for the girl (as per the traditional indian custom). Naturally Mahita was reluctant and she cried her heart out to escape this marriage. But, she was forced into it by her family. Due to the extreme poverty her family suffered, she agreed for the sake of their family!

The wedding happened a month later.

Mahita’s husband Shankar was taking her away to another town in Andhrapradesh, after their wedding because his his work was set in that town. Their first night (first night they sleep together after the wedding) happened the night after the Marriage. Mahita found Shanker to be extremely hard on her and he even spanked her a few times .few days after their wedding, they moved into their new home in the new town, and all seemed really new to mahita. One night, her husband was back home after work, and he found Mahita at the door talking to another man but Shankar walked in calmly.

When Mahita came inside and closed the door, he asked her who that man was. She said it was their new neighbor and they were just getting to know each other. Shankar stayed quiet, but pondered a lot over it through the night. Again, Shankar caught Mahita and the man talking to one another several instances after. Shankar decided to do something about this….

One night, a few days later Shankar came home after work and found Mahita in the bed lying down. Shankar calmly asked her to stand up and remove her clothes. She was reluctant. Then Shankar shouted and asked her to do what he said. He pulled her by her hand and made her stand. Remove all your clothes NOW!! And come into the bathroom. He demanded. She started weeping, and she reluctantly followed his instructions. She felt the need to comply what he said because she was just so afraid of him.

She stepped in naked into the bathroom. The dim lights were on and a small stool was set in the ground and there was bag next to it. She had no idea what he was up to but all of this just made her shiver. Shankar sat on the stools and asked her to sit.

On the ground. She sat with both her knees bent up so as to cover her public area. Shankar demanded that she sits cross legged with her vagina exposed completely. Then he extended both her legs outward with outer sides of her legs and calf resting on the ground-knees bent.( like how a baby sits on the ground). This was her clit was completely exposed, and the fat on her waist and tummy was folded a little to form tyres. He removed the plait in her hair. He took a mug of water and poured it over her head. She was completely humiliated and embarrassed to sit like this in front of him, but she reluctantly did all that he asked of her out of fear. He took out a pair of scissors out of the bag. Slowly tears were pouring from her eyes and she started to cry and shiver.

He was impatient. He placed the scissors right above her neck and SNIP SNIP SNIP!! Her waist length hair was now a bob! He kept the scissors aside and brought his hands to her breasts. He caressed them and squeezed hard. He played with her breasts and his hands slowly moved down to her stomach. Again he squeezed the fleshiness of it. She felt too embarrassed to look up. Then his hands traveled to her clit. He played with it and then inserted a finger. He held her close, holding her hair with one hand and with the other he fingered her hard. Then he put his fist into her clit and fisted her. She whimpered and cried.

After a few moments, he again took the scissors and held it way above her ears. And SNIP SNIP SNIP. She hardly had any hair. This made her cry uncontrollably. She had never wanted to ever cut her beautiful long hair, but now she hardly had any! Again he played around with the scissors over her Head and now her hair were just about 2 cms long. He wet her hair again and looked through the bag. She was now shivering badly. He took out a razor and shaving blade that was sharpened. It was all too much for Mahita and she shut her eyes tight! He asked her to now sit cross legged with her head bowed down low. He had loosened up his lungi ( an indian male garment worn at the hip) .

He took out the razor and placed it at the center of her head. He made some scratches and in around 10 minutes he was done. She was completely bald. He wasn’t done yet. he took some shaving cream and applied it all over her bald head. Then again he took the razor and slowly reverse-shaved it once more. . Then he did the whole process again. At the end of it her head shined bright in the dim light. He took some water and washed her head.

While washing her head he simultaneously rubbed her shaven head around with his hand. He rubbed it around for hours. Through all this he simultaneously fingered her as well. Mahita moaned and sobbed and reached her climax repeatedly. She was extremely tired at the end of it. But he wasn’t. Not close. She felt an absurdly humiliating feeling, sadness, fear and a strange helpless pleasure out of the situation she was in.

Shanker spanked her bald head and rotated it round running his hand through the baldness of it and his other had squeezed her breasts and exposed clit. After a while, he brought out the shaving cream and razor again. He now applied the shaving cream over her eyebrows, upper lip and cheeks. She was scared. He worked his way to shave her eyebrows. Then he placed his hand on the upper lip. Her upper lip did have a lot of hair growth which through her adolescence she was extremely conscious of. the growth of her upper lip hair had been more than many other girls she’d known. Her mother had then begun to wax it saying razor would accelerate the hair growth.

She immediately hesitated, because she would never use a razor on her face! Shanker however held her head firmly and began shaving.

Finally there was not a spot of hair in her entire face and head. Shanker then applied a lotion over her bald face. He asked her to bow down and he held her baldness in his hands a few minutes, and admired his work. Then he pulled out his extremely hard dick and pulled her head down to it making her suck it. When he reached his climax he took his cock out of her mouth and cummed all over her bald head. Then he held her hands and He made her rub it all over her head. His dick was hard again, so he made her bend low and slapped about his cock for minutes over her head. When he was done, he made her wash herself and clean up the whole place. If anybody asked, she was to say that she loved shaving her head and that shed always wanted to go bald.

The next day was a Sunday and shanker and mahita were home. Shanker told Mahita that from now on she was only to wear collared clothes-either one if his collared shirts or a collared kurtha (Indian top). That day Mahita wore one of shankar’s collared striped shirt and a long skirt. It was because collared shirts made a shaven head more prominent and balder. Shankar rubbed her bald head or spanked it every chance he got.

That sunday The neighbor mahita had been speaking to knocked on the door. Mahita was immediately scared and shy and she went to hide in the kitchen. However, shanker called mahita out telling her that someone’ had come to see her and to get him some tea. She hesitated but refusing to go now would seem bad. She slowly stepped out. The neighbor Ravi saw her and was extremely shocked.

“What?! Why??” He couldn’t help asking! Shanker answered saying it was her religious vow, and that she had decided upon this for a successful and happy married life. He also added a story saying Mahita has always loved shaving her head and face because she think it gives her a fresh look. Ravi was almost about to throw up. He was extremely silent after that.

He nodded to what shanked said and had an extremely disappointed and embarrassed look on his face. he looked at her attire and pretended to be okay. eventually he left saying it was nice to meet them. Mahita felt a burning hatred toward shanker and extreme humiliation. She busted out crying and ran to her bed and covered herself with the blanket. Shanker just smiled a satisfied smile and went after her. He lay down next to her and rubbing her bald head , slowly fell asleep.

A month later, mahita’s hair had grown a little bit on her head (along with excessive hair growth on her upper lip due to razor shaving) giving it a short cropped boy cut style. With her attire, one could easily mistake her for a man) The short hair felt better for her than being clean shaven. But obviously She terribly missed her long hair. Shanker came home one night, and pulled her to the bathroom. He wet her shorthair and took out a razor. “Please not again!” Mahita cried in frustration. “Shut up! And sit cross legged! From now on every two months you will get your head shaved!” Shanker demanded and shaved her again.

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A story about a young indian girl after marriage and the humiliation and submission she experiences everyday at home