A trip to Vegas changed his life.

A trip to Vegas changed his life.

Every year I go to Las Vegas for a convention and it is always a good time. I eat like a king, drink like a fish and spend like Rockefeller. I usually meet up with friend while I am there and play a few rounds of golf and go to a few strip clubs too but this year none of my buddies could make it. I was kind of bummed about flying solo but it ended up being the craziest and most memorable trip ever.

The craziness started the first night after dinner at Paris with one of my sales reps. He had to leave soon after dinner to meet up with another client so I was on my own. I spent an hour at the craps table at New York, NY. The table was consistently cold so I bet against it and cleaned up. When it started to turn I cashed out up $5000 and headed up to Coyote Ugly for more drinks and to watch the hot girls dance on the bar.

I had been there an hour or so when I noticed a few girls in their late 20s looking my way. I made eye contact with the cute short blonde with wire rimmed glasses. We held it for a while and then smiled. I was inspired by her reaction and walked over to them. The blonde was the cuter of the two with really pretty blue eyes, an infectious smile and a full curvy 5’3” body and great tits. Her friend was taller, about 5’9” with a more angular but thin body and smaller tits. They were both wearing skirts and they both had nice legs.

I bought them both a drink and we started to chat and flirt. The blonde, whose name was Jessica, was very forward and she made several very suggestive comments as her friend Terri quietly looked on.

Jessica rubbed my chest and touched my face. She grazed her fingernails across my neck and finally pressed her body against mine as we dirty danced to the music filling the room. I kept hoping her friend would take the hint and leave us alone but she didn’t. Finally the blonde put her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. She ground her sexy body against me and her pelvis rubbed against my hard cock. When the kiss ended her brunette friend, who was suddenly emboldened grabbed me and pulled me to her. She pressed her soft lips to mine and kissed me aggressively. She plunged her tongue into my mouth as her surprisingly strong arms held me tightly.

Terri continued to kiss me as Jessica whispered in my ear. “Let’s get out of here and go up to your room.” She put her arm around my waist, Terri did the same and I walked out the door and up to my room with my hands on the firm tight asses of two women ten years my junior.

We stumbled through the door to my room as we all kissed in a sea of tongues and lips. Terri pulled my shirt over my head and kissed her way down my body as Jessica stripped naked revealing a tightly packaged curvaceous body. Her hips were wide and full, her tits were big and firm with big hard nipples and her pussy was shaved bare. Terri pulled my pants down and freed my cock from my boxer briefs. She took my throbbing rod into her mouth as Jessica pressed her full lips to my mouth and kissed me deeply.

Jessica took my hand and led me to the bed where she lay down and pulled me on top of her. She guided my cock to her wet pussy as Terri, who was still dressed, kissed her and pinched her hard nipples. I started fucking the curvy blonde with long slow strokes as she and her angular brunette friend kissed passionately.

Jessica rolled over on top of me and rode my cock as her friend pressed her lips to the blonde’s smooth shaved pussy. Jessica rode slowly so her friend could lick her hard swollen clit. Jessica’s body started to quiver and Terri stopped licking and lay down on the bed beside her friend. Jessica climbed off my hard cock and straddled her friend’s cute face. She moaned loudly as Terri began licking her clit again. Jessica looked back at me and begged me to fuck her from behind. I didn’t have to be asked twice and I settled behind her delicious ass and eased my cock into her soaking wet pussy. Terri’s tongue was everywhere as she licked my shaft and balls between slurping her friend’s swollen clit. Jessica’s body responded as I fucked her hard and her friend licked her clit until she exploded in a powerful climax. She rolled weakly off her friend and turned around to take my dripping wet cock into her mouth. Jessica licked her delicious juices from my cock as Terri began taking her clothes off. She knelt beside her pretty blonde friend in just a bra and panties and I looked on as they both licked and sucked my cock. The sight of two sexy and contrasting women sucking my dick excited me unlike ever before and I felt my cum begin to boil. Jessica took my dick down her throat as her friend stood up and pulled her panties down to reveal her 6” cock. Jessica stopped sucking my hard rod and looked up at me with her sexy blue eyes.

”I want to see you suck that cock,” she said in a sultry lust filled voice. “Do it and you will cum like never before.” Her lips touched the purple head of my cock as Terri put her hard throbbing dick to my lips.

I had never entertained a homosexual thought in my life but at that moment I was so lust crazed that didn’t matter. I looked at the stiff rod inches from my mouth and I wondered what it would feel like in my mouth. I reached my hand out and touched her hard prick as Jessica moaned around mine. Her head began to bob faster as her hand squeezed and stroked the shaft.

My lips parted of their own accord and my tongue flicked out and licked a drop of pre-cum from the thick bulbous head of Terri’s dick. Terri and Jessica moaned in unison as I tentatively traced the outline of the head with my tongue before I flattened my tongue out and licked her warm throbbing cock like a Popsicle. Jessica took my dick from her mouth and blew cool air on it as she groaned ”so fucking hot.” She took my aching cock into her mouth as I did the same with her friend’s pulsating member. Terri’s dick felt oddly comfortable in my mouth as I held my head still and enjoyed the spongy feeling of the thick head throbbing between my lips. I held the hard shaft in my hand and sucked on the head as my mouth began to slide over the turgid rod. It felt strangely empowering as my hand pumped her cock while it slid in and out of my lips. I opened my throat and took the big cock down my throat until my nose pressed against the neatly trimmed patch of fur. I looked up at her as tears rolled down my cheeks. I fought my gag reflex and her eyes rolled back as she moaned loudly.

Jessica continued to slowly work my cock with her mouth providing just enough stimulation to keep me hard and excited without letting me cum.

I began to lose myself in the experience. The smooth pulsating flesh in my mouth and the primal musky scent each time I buried my face against her pelvis coupled with the intense emotional thrill of the experience only served to intensify my efforts. I found myself wondering what her cum would feel and taste like. My hand was a blur as I sucked and slobbered on her hard throbbing rod. Terri’s breathing came in short gasps as her climax approached. I cupped her smooth hairless balls and felt them tighten as her cock spasmed in my mouth and spit ribbons of warm thick cum into my mouth. I swallowed the gobs of creamy cum as they shot into my mouth and I was surprised that I enjoyed both the taste and the texture. Terri’s cock stopped shooting and I held it in my mouth like a pacifier as Jessica worked hard to make me cum.

Jessica pumped and slurped my hard dick until she sensed I was ready to cum then she rammed two fingers up my ass and expertly massaged my prostate. The sensation was amazing and I came so hard I thought my dick was exploding. I fell back on the bed exhausted and watched as Jessica held my cum in her mouth and brought her lips to Terri’s so they could share my seed in a deep passionate kiss.

They kissed wet an passionately as Jessica unfastened Terri’s bra. I expected them to be stuffed but I was shocked when a perfect pair of surgically enhanced 36b breasts spilled from the cups.

”Jake, thank you so much,” she said, ”Terri and I have never shared a man before. ” She went on to explain how they were actually husband and wife but a year earlier Terri had confessed that he wanted to be a woman. They both quit their jobs and moved from their home in rural Missouri to California. Terri began living full time as a woman but they remained monogamous. Terry wanted to experience being with a man, but he was not attracted to gay men. They decided to go to Vegas, Sin City, to try and help him live out his, and surprisingly Jessica’s fantasy as well.

Terry, being young, had already recovered from his climax and his cock was nearing full mast. I watched with excitement as Terri mounted her wife missionary position and fucked her with slow leisurely strokes. The sight was intensely erotic as two sets of perfect tits mashed together and they kissed passionately while Terri’s cock pistoned in and out of Jessica’s wet pussy. My cock stiffened at the sight and Jessica motioned me over. ”I want your cock in my ass,” Jessica said breathlessly. ”There is lube in my purse.”

I grabbed the lube and slathered it over my hard cock as Terri continued to fuck her wife missionary style. Jessica rolled on top of her shemale husband with Terri’s cock still deep inside her. She reached back and slid a finger up her ass then pulled it out and pushed it into my mouth.

”You like that don’t you.” she said as I sucked on her finger like a miniature cock.

”Yes ma’am,” I replied, betraying my submissive nature.

”Terri baby, I think we have a submissive toy to play with. I bet we can get him to do anything if we play our cards right,” Jessica said and she was right. I had always been submissive and turned on by aggressive women. The D/s lifestyle and humiliation were frequent players in my fantasy life and it seemed I had stumbled on the right couple to fulfill my fantasies; even the ones I didn’t know existed.

Jessica started to take charge of the situation. She parted her ass cheeks and ordered me to lick her asshole as she slowly fucked her shemale husband. I knelt behind her delectable ass and allowed my tongue to slither along the crack of her ass as her hips rose and fell on her husbands cock. I tentatively licked her puckered asshole as my lust continued to rise. My tongue plunged into her tight hole as her husbands cock rubbed wetly against my chin.

”Lick her cock while you are back there you submissive pig,” she ordered.

I licked Terri’s cock and Jessica’s pussy and asshole. My tongue was everywhere as raw lust and passion consumed my body.

”Now fuck my asshole slave,” Jessica ordered.

I didn’t have to be told twice so I straightened up and sank my throbbing well lubricated dick into her asshole. Jessica grunted as two cocks filled her sexy body.

I began slowly thrusting my cock up her ass as her husband fucked her dripping wet cunt. I could feel each stroke as her cock rubbed against mine through the thin membrane that separated Jessica’s two holes. Jessica moaned and groaned as we fucked her harder and harder until her body shook with another powerful climax.

”Enough,” she said as she pushed me off her and climbed off her husband’s wet cock. ”You two can finish each other off while I watch.”

Terri took charge. She pushed me onto the bed and lay on top of me. Her lips found mine and he kissed me deeply, thrusting her long tongue into my mouth. The sensations were incredibly erotic as her hard cock rubbed against mine and her firm tits pressed against my chest. She quickly turned around into a tight 69 position and took my cock into her warm mouth as her dick hovered over my mouth.

I opened my mouth wide and accepted her warm throbbing meat into my mouth. The combination of Jessica’s sweet juices and Terri’s tangy precum was delicious and I moaned my approval around the hard shaft as Terri began to fuck my mouth.

Her big cock thrust in and out of my mouth and she went deeper and deeper with each powerful stroke until her pelvis slapped my nose with each stroke.

Terri’s expert mouth worked my cock with a sloppy wet fervor until I felt my climax begin in my toes and explode from my cock in a powerful series of spasms that filled her mouth with my seed. She gulped down my juice as she continued to violently fuck my mouth. I could feel her orgasm approaching and I was anxiously awaiting another filling of her creamy delicious cum when she suddenly stopped. She pulled her big cock from my mouth leaving me disappointed and empty. I was enjoying being used and fucked by the pretty pre-op transsexual so much that I was about to beg her to let me finish her off. Before I could voice my disappointment she flipped me over onto my stomach and raised my ass in the air. She quickly greased her cock and my asshole and then sank her hard meat into my virgin hole. Jessica had recovered and was no longer content to be a spectator. She settled in front of my mouth and grabbed my hair. She guided my mouth to her succulent pussy as her she-male husband held my hips and fucked my asshole hard and fast. She rammed her iron rod into me ferociously and the sound of slapping flesh echoed through the room. Jessica held my face tightly against her soaking wet pussy and ground her clit on my face.

I was in my glory as they used me like a fuck toy, each demanding pleasure as they raped my willing body. Terri’s cock exploded in my ass sending ribbons of cum inside me as her wife worked herself to a powerful climax on my wet face.

Terri collapsed next to her exhausted yet satisfied wife and kissed her deeply. Terri whispered something to Jessica and she nodded her agreement. Terri stood up, grabbed me by the hair and led me to the bathroom. She pushed me into the tub and ordered my to kneel before her and suck her flaccid cock. Jessica stood behind him and watched as he released a stream of salty yellow pee into my mouth.

”Drink it all slave,” Jessica ordered.

I kept my mouth glued to Terri’s dick and gulped down as much of the salty liquid as I could. I loved the humiliation and degradation of it. Terri finished and Jessica took his place.

”Lick my cunt slave!” She demanded as she grabbed my head roughly and forced it into her shaved pussy.

I started to lick her delicious quim and she too started pee. I stopped licking and tried to drink her yellow treat.

”Did I tell you to stop licking pig!” she yelled. ”Make me cum while I piss on you slave.”

I sank my face back into her hole and strummed her clit as piss cascaded over me. The flow subsided just as her body shook from another climax.

Jessica pushed me back in the tub and turned the cold water on. ”Get cleaned up pig, we are all going out.”

I quickly washed up and got dressed as Jessica and Terri did the same.

Jessica traded her sexy black dress for a short black leather skirt, a black leather corset that laced up the back and accentuated her full hips, tiny waist and big breasts. She also wore thigh high black leather boots and her wire rimmed glassed. She held a riding crop in one hand and a leather studded dog collar and leash in the other.

Terri wore a black leather dress that hugged her tight body and accentuated her perfect tits and spike heals that made her legs look fantastic. She also held a matching leash in her hand.

Jessica fastened her collar and leash around my neck and Terri attached her leash to the collar as well. Jessica unbuttoned my shirt and together the walked me like a dog out of the hotel and into a cab. People around us stared and the humiliation was incredibly exciting. Jessica told the cab driver to take us to The Green Door.

Ten minutes later we pulled into the parking lot of the swingers club and the girls led me inside. We grabbed drinks from the bar and sat at a table where we could see the people on the dance floor. Jessica went to check on the availability of the dungeon and when she left Terri told me she was looking forward to making me suck her cock in front of an audience. I had to admit the idea excited me too, as did her next statement. She told me that as soon as my cock was ready she wanted it up her ass.

”Do you think you can handle being a top,” he chided.

”Yes Mistress Terri,” I replied obediently.

Terri led me by my leash to a stage in the corner of the room. She ordered me to strip as she dropped to her knees and took my rapidly hardening cock into her warm wet mouth. Her head bobbed over my stiff cock as Jessica joined us on the stage. A crowd started to form around us as Jessica pealed her skirt off and squirted a generous dollop of lube into her hand. Terry turned around, raised her muscular ass in the air and flipped her skirt up over her hips. Jessica greased up my cock and then pulled Terri’s panties down and did the same to her asshole as I stepped behind her and positioned the head of my cock at the puckered hole.

”Fuck her good slave,” Jessica ordered as she positioned her sexy naked body in front of Terri.

I pushed my slick cock into Terri’s tight ass as she lowered her mouth to her wife’s pussy.

I fucked her ass with long slow strokes as she got used to my dick inside her. Terri’s mouth devoured Jessica’s pussy as a crowd of 20 people stood beside the stage. My pace quickened and Terri’s body responded to the rhythmic stroking of her prostate. Jessica turned around into a tight 69 and took Terri’s cock into her mouth. Most of our audience was blocked from the view of Terri’s cock and they likely had no idea that the pretty brunette being fucked up the ass on stage was sporting 7” of hard throbbing man meat.

Harder and faster I fucked Terri as people around us watched our show. I could feel my climax building and at Jessica’s command I buried my cock deep inside Terri’s ass and shot my load.

Jessica ordered me onto my knees in front of Terry. She pulled Terri’s dress off revealing the hard throbbing manhood to all of the audience. The sexy couple kissed deeply as I took the flesh rod into my mouth and lost myself in the task of pleasing Terri.

The throbbing hunk of meat slid down my throat and I realized that this was the culmination of a life time of fantasies. Many that I never knew existed. I wrapped my arms around Terri’s strong thighs and slipped two fingers up her gapping cum filled asshole as I deep throated her cock. Terri began fucking my mouth as I fingered her slick asshole until she rewarded me with another delicious mouthful of thick creamy cum. I swallowed her load as several couples joined us on stage.

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A trip to Vegas changed his life.