A winter morning heats up as Kiran fantasises over Cillian

A winter morning heats up as Kiran fantasises over Cillian

The summer couldn’t come quickly enough for Kiran. Looking out the icy window pane of her ancient college room to the quiet street below, she watched the sun rise over another chilly Oxford Saturday. Although the sky was sapphire blue and the sun clearly visible over the tall square spire of Magdalen College, the frozen puddles and untouched white frost under the window confirmed that winter’s grip had not yet loosened although February had long since giving way to March. Kiran pulled her thick, baggy jumper more tightly around her, checking that the heating had come on. It hadn’t – again. She must remember to report it to the porter.

Returning to her crumpled bed she paused, looking warily in the full-length mirror as she passed. “God, I look tired,” she thought as she closely studied her face in the glass. “Today of all days!”

Although weary after a late night at the bar with friends, Kiran retained all the natural advantages of a young British Asian woman. Her flawless tawny skin, long black hair and dark sensual eyes – framed with lavish black lashes – were enough to draw the attention of many male (and some female) admirers. But it was her smile that made them want her. A friend had once told her that Kiran smiled with her heart; a compliment that had touched her deeply. But even now, tired and frowning with cold, Kiran was an exceptional beauty in all but her own critical eyes.

Climbing into bed, Kiran remained in her jumper and cotton pyjamas for warmth. Pulling the thick duvet up to her chin, she let out a deep sigh, relieved she had nothing in her diary until one o’ clock. This morning, she could stay in bed as long as she liked. She hadn’t spent a morning in bed since she had returned to Oxford in October and she intended to make the most of this short respite. After all, she needed to rest, collect her thoughts and prepare for what was to happen this afternoon.

How she longed for this late winter chill to give way to the fragrant, temperate, dreamy days of summer! Her thoughts turned to summers past; sitting with girlfriends in the sun-drenched quad; reading poetry, discreetly drinking wine and sometimes – often – flirting with guys who would try to join them, declaring their undying love of Keats with barely concealed insincerity. Almost invariably, their knowledge of poetry extended little beyond the dull odes they had learned for their school exams but for Kiran, poetry was her life. Save for innocent flirtations, she had no time for men who didn’t understand her love of words and no love for those without poetry in their soul.

She smiled at the thought of the one man who was different. To her, Cillian Byrne was unique amongst his peers in almost every regard. He was a deeply intelligent, thoughtful man who, though still a young graduate student like herself, was already a published poet with his own anthology of urban verse available through a minor publisher. In lectures his questions were challenging and thought provoking, and his textual analysis creative and impeccably informed. Even the professors were impressed at the quality of his verse; angry, passionate and resonant.

But despite his considerable intellect and remarkable talent, Kiran’s physical attraction towards him was even more intense. He had the luxurious dark hair and olive complexion of a Southern European despite being Irish by birth. Fit and toned, but not overtly athletic, he had a strong masculine jawline which gave his face a chiselled, classical look. His handsome, natural features were further enhanced by the traditional tailoring he was rarely seen without. The classic tweed jackets, Cillian’s signature apparel, gave him a distinguished and stylish look further exaggerated by his round, thick-framed glasses. To Kiran, he was the archetypal dreamboat intellectual.

Kiran had wanted him since the first time they had met in their first year as undergraduates at Oxford. He had been invited to read some of his poems in a recital in the Michaelmas term and, upon watching his performance, she had been left in awe at the emotional force with which he delivered his work. But in addition to that, she had been consumed with desire for the enigmatic poet himself. Introducing herself afterwards, they had spoken briefly about modern urban verse but she felt he had retained a distance throughout their conversation and Kiran had been disappointed that there hadn’t seemed to be an immediate spark between them. However, from that moment her feelings for him had crystallised and had only grown stronger with the passage of time.

Throughout their undergraduate years she had tried to get close to him but, while a friendship of sorts had developed, for a long time he had remained difficult to reach. Once, she had asked him to appraise her own poetry – verse profoundly meaningful and significant to her – but his cutting critique, however honest, well-intentioned and fair, had left her deeply hurt. Even so, as the terms and years had passed, Kiran had fallen more and more deeply in love with Cillian and she yearned for him now more than ever. She wanted to be accepted by him completely; as a poet, as a fellow-student and as a friend. But this morning, in her cold college room, she wanted him as a lover – her first lover – to take her in a way no man had ever done before.

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Although now 22, Kiran remained a virgin; a situation she viewed variously with a mixture of pride and frustration. Pride that she had high expectations of men and relationships, but frustration that she was missing out on the illicit experiences her less-particular friends frequently flaunted with such relish. The private girls’ boarding school in Winchester which Kiran had attended had not given her many opportunities to mix with boys; her only sexual experiences as a teenager had been kissing and awkward fumbles with girlfriends in the dorm and, while experimenting with other girls had turned her on, Kiran knew that only a man could fully satisfy her needs. Her unforced abstinence had been tough at times, but it had also enabled her to discover her own body and give her the ability to satisfy herself in her own particular way. And that was what she intended to do now. She drew the duvet closer around her slim, petite body and shut out the harsh winters morning, focussing instead on Cillian and her need to have him.

Removing her jumper, she pushed the thick garment to one side and moved her hand under the band of her loose pyjama trousers. Finding the soft dark hairs of her mound, she spread her fingers wide, gently touching her thighs, her stomach and her pussy; imagining the hand touching her was not her own. Her cold fingers made the sensations exciting and intense – almost painful – as she traced the soft contours of her sex. Kiran felt her opening begin to lubricate and slowly spread her wetness; first around her labia and clitoris, before – as her secretions grew thicker – reaching further, towards her anus. She drew her her middle finger softly back along the length of her pussy, feeling her clitoris become aroused with the pressure of her touches. Then Kiran allowed her fantasies to consume her completely:


She was alone with Cillian, slowly walking on the banks of the Isis by Christ Church Meadow as the sun set over the city. The path was completely quiet and deserted; the only sound coming from birds assembling for the night in the trees overhead. Her thin, linen dress rippled in the evening breeze, its virginal white contrasting with her nut-brown skin and rolling black hair. Neither spoke; the time for words had passed and now they were going to write the silent, stirring poetry of the heart. He stopped abruptly and turned, stretching his arms out towards her. She took his hands in hers and he pulled her gently towards him. Moving his hands to her waist, he pulled her even closer, pressing her body to his as he stooped to kiss her. Trembling and breathless at his first light kisses, at first she couldn’t respond. But feeling his tongue on her lips and his firm body against hers, she submitted to his embrace and gave herself up to him…


Kiran’s careful ministrations of her wanting pussy became more insistent. Her touch now moved readily from her clitoris to her wet opening and back, the sensations growing more intense with each stroke. She reached forward, pushing two fingers deep inside as she stimulated her clit from the inside. Her pussy, her breasts, her inner-thighs all needed her attention, and she felt her pulse quicken as the fantasy continued:


Finding a quiet spot under a tree, he removed his jacket and laid it on the sun-baked ground. Taking his hand, she sat down on the soft, brown tweed. He eased himself down beside her and lay on the grass, eyes closed, enjoying the gentle warmth of the June sun. His hand moved in small circles up and down her back – light, gentle touches but deeply sensual. Leaning over his supine body, she knew it was now her turn to kiss him but just as she was about to do so she stopped; Kiran wanted her kisses to be special. She started with butterfly kisses on his forehead, nose and chin with her long, dark lashes. Kiran flashed her beautiful smile and giggled at her teasing before satisfying him with light, lingering kisses on his forehead and cheeks. Removing his glasses, she gently kissed his closed eyelids, enjoying his relaxed smile as she did so. He didn’t speak or move, save for the continuing tingling touches to her back. She kissed his mouth, sucking his bottom lip into her mouth when he resisted the urge to kiss her back. She could tell he liked it, that he wanted nothing more than to respond, but the moment demanded his stillness. Unbuttoning his shirt, she moved her kisses downwards over his stubble and onto his neck and shoulders…


Lost in her fantasy, Kiran’s hand began to move more freely in a way it had done many times before. Two fingers became three as she circled her now fully erect clitoris with varying degrees of pressure. When she brushed the head of her clit it was almost too much to bear and her body entered an involuntary spasm of pleasure and pain. Sliding her other hand under her vest top, she urgently reached for her left breast. The touch of her hand, cold from the freezing air, immediately made her nipple stiffen, aching to be teased. The sharp contrast of fire on ice heightened the pleasure as she squeezed the hard brown skin of her nipple between two fingers while roughly massaging the smooth flesh of her breast with her palm.

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Unfastening the final button, Kiran pulled Cillian’s shirt aside to reveal his firm, toned chest and sculpted abdomen. Even then, he remained motionless; save for the gentle circles he continued to apply to her back. She could tell from the developing bulge in his jeans that he was becoming aroused. Emboldened, Kiran resumed her soft kisses; working her way from his shoulders to his chest, her hand resting just below his navel. It was only once her full, pink lips reached his nipples that she felt him flinch slightly and heard a small moan of pleasure escape his lips. ‘Ah, I’ve found one of his pleasure spots’, she thought to herself as she continued to work her lips and tongue from one side to the other, eliciting further sighs of arousal from Cillian. Spreading her fingers, she ran her hands across the ridges of his firm abs, allowing her little finger to stray under the waistband of his jeans.


Kiran knew she could make herself cum now if she chose, but this morning she was going to take her time. She was in no rush to bring herself back to the reality of her cold, lonely room when, for a few minutes more, she could escape to a world of fantasy; a world of Cillian. Reaching into the drawer by her bed, she pulled out her favourite toy; a pink, double-headed rabbit vibrator.

She knew her friends had been gently mocking her virginity when they presented her with a sex toy on her twenty-first birthday but, without knowing it, they had opened her mind to means of self-pleasure she had not previously known. Other toys had been added to her bedside drawer since, but the silky smooth rabbit remained her favourite. Pressing the button three times, she set the toy to vibrate with a pulse she knew would easily bring on her climax.


Kiran unfastened Cillian’s belt and the buttons of his jeans, carefully gauging his reaction. But Cillian didn’t move; his eyes remained closed and his only response was to part his lips slightly as his breathing intensified. Slipping her hand under the front of his shorts, Kiran moved slowly down the length of his thick, hard cock until her fingers wrapped themselves around his huge, aching balls. She heard him gasp as she tightened her grip slightly before releasing him and moving her fingers back up his shaft. His cock twitched noticeably when her fingers brushed his glans and, as she withdrew her hand from his jeans she smiled, seeing a silver string of pre-cum on her finger.

Suddenly Cillian opened his eyes, turned to face her and looked her in the eye with an intensity that startled her. For a moment Kiran feared she had gone too far, but Cillian quickly put her mind at rest as he smiled, rolled onto his side to face her and kissed her fervidly on the mouth; his tongue darting in and out of her open lips as she gasped helplessly for breath. The passion of his kiss forced her onto her back, her head resting on his strong forearm as he stroked her hair with his fingertips. Leaning over her, he continued to kiss her lips and her neck, his other hand lightly resting on her leg, massaging the smooth skin of her inner thigh. Tingles of pleasure travelled up and down Kiran’s spine as she felt her wetness soaking her white lace panties; she knew now just how much he wanted her and every part of her requited his desire. The time had come for Kiran to take control and make Cillian her first lover.

Seizing the moment, Kiran raised her knees and parted her legs slightly. She knew she was the one Cillian desperately needed and now she would give herself to him. Taking his hand, she moved it onto the wet, lace triangle of her panties, drawing breath sharply as his hand pressed against her mound. She felt his fingers explore the dampness of her panties before he could resist no longer and, moving the expensive silk to one side, touched her eager pussy.


As her fantasy become increasingly vivid and erotic, so Kiran’s self-stimulation reached new levels of intensity. Arching her back and throwing back her head, she pleasured herself urgently, bringing on sensations and cravings she had never felt before. The rabbit throbbed incessantly between her swollen labia, around her clitoris and at the tight, sensitive opening of her anus. Her free hand traced a frantic path from her neck to her stomach to her breasts. Sometimes her body demanded light, teasing strokes; often it needed much firmer touches. She pinched and pulled each firm nipple in turn, delighting in the pain as she increased the pressure, testing how much she could take and wishing it was Cillian’s mouth nipping her hard flesh.


Kiran closed her eyes, lay back and allowed the sensations to engulf her as Cillian skilfully used his fingers to bring her almost to the point of orgasm time and again. He clearly understood what a woman needed and read her responses carefully as her moved his fingers over, around and inside her soft opening and firm clitoris. He knew where and how to touch her, applying just the right amount of pressure but, just as she felt she would reach the point of no return, he would always ease off to keep her waiting for the release he knew would eventually come.

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Moving between her open legs, Cillian knelt in front of her and slowly, silently, removed her panties. Suddenly she felt uncomfortable – vulnerable – lying on the ground with her dress pulled up around her waist while Cillian remained largely dressed and momentarily in control. Perhaps he sensed her anxiety or maybe he just couldn’t wait to be inside her any longer, but slowly he began to remove his shirt before pushing his jeans down to his knees. His tight-fitting shorts could do little to disguise the contours of his long, thick cock straining at the fabric and the small, wet patch by the tip of his cock told her how desperate he was to cum. Once more looking her directly in the eye, he put his thumbs down the sides of his shorts and slowly pushed them down as far as his kneeling posture would allow.

Kiran couldn’t believe the size of Cillian’s huge cock as, taking it in one hand, he gently pumped his length. The base of his cock was thick but it became even thicker half way along its length before tapering towards the tip, and Kiran could see he was uncut. His balls were tight and firm but even so, they seemed heavy and full. Reaching forwards, Kiran cupped his smooth sack in her left hand, feeling his balls move in her palm. Using her middle finger, she pressed hard against the root of his cock, massaging it and his balls at the same time. With her right hand, she took over the soft pumping of his shaft without applying too much pressure – she knew he was ready to cum and she couldn’t risk that happening until he was deep inside her. Cillian leaned back on his knees leaving Kiran to discover him in the same way he had explored her minutes before. Another drop of pre-cum dropped from the end of his cock and both knew the time had come to be together.

Kiran released his balls and moved his cock towards her wet opening as she lay back and parted her knees as far as they would go. Cillian took his cue, allowing Kiran to guide his cock towards her pussy. Moving into the missionary position while she rested the tip of his cock against his opening, Cillian took her maidenhood in the same, silent way he had taken her heart.

As Cillian pushed the tip of his cock inside her she let out a stifled moan of pain; His cock was much longer and thicker than her rabbit and she felt herself being stretched as never before. Cillian withdrew momentarily, seeming to understand and respond to her needs, before gently reinserting his cock; inching deeper inside her with each slow stroke until she was taking over half his length. Kiran closed her eyes and concentrated on the intense sensations as he withdrew almost completely before pushing inside her again and again. Her virgin pussy was becoming wetter than ever to accommodate the increasing speed, strength and depth of his strokes. The overwhelming physical and emotional satisfaction made Kiran moan uncontrollably, which only seemed to urge Cillian to thrust harder and more deeply inside her. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and allowed him to push his entire length inside her.


Kiran pushed the rabbit slowly in and out of her pussy, replicating her fantasy as closely as she could. Her left hand wantonly rubbed her aching clitoris from the top as the rabbit’s pounding rhythm stimulated her from the inside. Pushing the rabbit deeper, she felt the tip of its smaller shaft brush against her anus. This most intimate of touches was enough to push her over the edge and, letting go of all restraint, Kiran gave in to her first orgasm of the morning. Her body instinctively dissolved into spasms of ecstasy; her legs closing tightly, clamping the rabbit firmly inside her as her climax gripped her. She writhed uncontrollably on the bed as the rabbit, and her continuing fantasy, made her cum time after time.

Kiran allowed Cillian to take her completely. With every thrust his cock was penetrating her more deeply and with greater force. She could tell he was close to his release and she wanted to make the moment perfect. Reaching between his legs, she stroked his huge balls as they slapped against her, readying themselves to release their load. Cillian twitched and grunted at her touch as she licked her lips coquettishly, letting him know how much she wanted to be filled with his cum. Cillian thrust faster and more desperately, throwing his head back as he reached the point of no return. Kiran felt the rhythm of his pounding slow before, with a long sigh, Cillian came inside her, pumping her full of his rich, white seed in a series of deep, rough thrusts.

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A winter morning heats up as Kiran fantasises over Cillian

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