A woman reaches the last day of her vacation without hooking up and decides to throw caution to the wind

A woman reaches the last day of her vacation without hooking up and decides to throw caution to the wind

It was Wednesday and I was going to be leaving this
Friday. Back to the old grind.

Dan, my boss, had been pressuring me to fuck him, but I
just couldn’t, not that he looked like a pig or
anything. Just the opposite! He was tall, tanned and
had the build of an Olympic swimmer. But I have always
tried to keep my professional life separate from my
love life, which, by the way, sucked right now.

I had come to this resort, not hoping to find romance,
but just some hot, wet, slippery, mindless sex. The
closest that I’d come (no pun intended) was when that
pimple-faced 14 year old eyed my as he walked by me on
the beach the first day I was here.

Yesterday, I finally gave in. A hot bath with plenty of
bath oil to make my newly bronzed skin smooth and
slippery. I stepped into the tub. The steamy water
stung my toes as they slipped past the surface of the
water. Slowly I lowered myself into the hot bath.
Immediately the tiny patches of white skin that my
bikini had covered the last few days turned bright red
from the heat. Tiny bubbles formed on my legs and ass
and as they grew, they collected and slid up towards
the surface of the water. Some of them getting caught
in my pussy hair. They tickled as they slid up my legs.
I shivered.

I was tense when I first slipped into the hot water,
but as my golden skin began to adapt to the
temperature, I felt my entire body relax. This tub was
made for relaxing (among other things!) It had a padded
head rest on the back of the tub and I could work the
faucets easily with my feet.

The steamy water nearly covered my taut stomach. My
tan, that I had worked so hard on, showed the
definition of my abs. I work out hard in my off time –
when I have some. God, I needed this vacation.

My tits were buoyed in the hot water in my resting
place. The hot water caused a sheen of sweat to cover
my shoulders, making it glisten in the sunlight coming
through the window. Beads of sweat pooled in the valley
between my tits, which looked like a pair of volcanic
islands floating in the water.

Hot baths have more than a soothing effect on me. I
feel protected in the hot water. Almost as if I’m in
the womb again. It’s easy for me to forget my troubles
and let my fantasies kick in. I can stay in the tub for

As my mind began to wander, I closed my eyes and my
hands began to caress the silky, oily surface of my
skin. Finger tips grazed the skin, up and down my
sides, feeling the swell of my hips as they flared out
of the hollow of my narrow waist.

In my fantasy, these were the hands of a super-lover. A
man who possessed every physical attribute that I loved
in a man, but a man who was able to tap into my mind so
that he knew what I wanted the same moment that I did.

My hands moved slowly up to my firm breasts and lightly
skimmed the red, hot skin. My nipples were hard a red
rubies now. They ached for attention. My fantasy lover,
through my hands, began to tease them to even greater
heights. My sharp fingernails gently raked the buds
while I massaged the fleshiness with my palms.

My nipples were pounding now with each beat of my
heart. I pinched and pulled at them until they turned
purple. I gasped with pain/pleasure when I dripped hot
water on them!

As I teased and tortured my nipples, it seemed as
though the warmed water was cooling as my pussy began
to leak its sweet fluid. I reached up with my left foot
and added more hot water. My legs were raised with my
feet propped on the wall by the faucet.

As the scalding water filled the tub, my now sensitive
ass and pussy were the first to feel the heat! I kept
the water running just a little longer than what I
could comfortably stand. Skin that had turned back to
normal color was now flaming with heat.

My pussy was a mix of feelings! It was super-sensitive
from the workout I had been giving my tits, but it was
tingling with the biting sharpness of the super-hot
water! I held out touching it as long as I could,
knowing that the sensations would increase with each
minute I waited.

My entire head was now drenched with sweat as a new
cloud of hot steam rose from the water. Through the
mist, I could see my hands snake their way down my flat
tummy and into the silky light brown hairs of my pussy.

I keep my pussy well trimmed because my bikinis are so
tiny and revealing. I tried shaving it once for my
boyfriend. It was super slick after he teased me. He
had just shaved his face, and when he went down on me,
it was unbelievable. Skin sliding on skin! However, I
couldn’t stand the days after when it began to grow
back. I now kept it neatly trimmed so that you could
just make out my pink pussy lips through the curls.

My left hand continued playing with my tits, while my
right hand began a gentle massage of my pussy mound.
Finally I eased my finger between the lips and felt the
thick, slipperiness of my ‘very’ hot pussy!

My head was thrown back on the padded back of the tub.
Looking up at the ceiling, but rolled back in my head.
My mouth was dropped open as I began gasping for each
breath. My short sun-bleached hair was slicked to my
head with sweat. The corners of my soft pouty lips were
turned up in a little smile!

A second finger soon joined the one working in my
pussy. It stretched the walls out more, and caused me
to pant harder! In and out they worked!

My nipples were now just too sensitive to touch so with
my left hand I began to strum my clit. MMmmmmmmm! Each
breath was harsh and jagged. I added a third finger
into my quivering pussy, just as I began using my sharp
fingernail on my hard little clit!

Ohhhh! My body spasmed. Not the orgasm! Not yet! But
rather one of the tremors that I have before really
going off! The hot water washed over my tits and up my
neck as my fingers plunged in and out. I was now
rolling my clit between my thumb and forefinger.
Squeezing! Water sloshed over the edge of the tub as my
body began to spasm. More and more! I tried to get a
fourth finger in and I squeezed my clit harder as I
felt the end coming!

Faster and faster! Harder and harder! My whole body
stiffened! I grit my teeth! My legs closed as if trying
to pull my whole hand inside, and increasing the
pressure I put on my clit! Ohhhh! ArrrrrgGGGHHHH! God!
I bucked in the hot water as it splashed out on the
tile floor. I came! Hard! Nearly my whole hand was
stuffed inside my soaking, hot, slippery pussy. I was
stretched more than I had ever been.

I tightly squeezed my legs together. Boom! Another
spasm! Not as intense as the first, but just as
enjoyable! I eased all but two fingers out of my happy
pussy. I let go of my super-sensitive clit now, and I
gently massaged the walls and bright red lips of my
pussy as I floated back to earth!

Slowly my body relaxed again. My whole body smiled.

My God! Just thinking about that while the bright sun
beat down on me had caused my pussy juice to soak my
bikini bottoms. I looked and the wet cotton bottoms had
become translucent! Plus, the now sopping material
clung to my pussy lips and juice sparkled in the sun!

“Can I help you?”

Startled I looked up and saw a lifeguard towering above
me. The sun was directly behind his head and it made it
look like he had a halo. I squinted up at him, and then
realized the sight he must be seeing! Immediately I
flushed. Not only a little with embarrassment, but with
excitement. He looked like a god standing above me!

I mumbled something incoherent and raised my hand to
shade my eyes. He was smiling and his eyes were
scanning my nearly naked body. When they paused on my
tits, and the growing wet spot of my bikini bottoms, I
could feel a gush that made the spot even bigger. That
made the nearly transparent material cling even more
closely to my pussy!

He wore a baggy red suit with yellow trim that hung
half way down his muscular tanned thighs. His calves
looked as if he had baseballs implanted in the backs of
his legs. He stood with his arms crossed over a
muscular tanned chest, and his skin glistened, as did
mine, with suntan oil.

“I’ve been on this beach for the last four days,” I
said. “Why haven’t I seen you before?”

“I’m substituting for my friend Greg today. He partied
a little too hard last night and didn’t want to
jeopardize your safety.” The way he said, “your safety”
made me know he was talking about me in particular! “He
told me about you though. He said that you were the
hottest thing on this beach the whole summer.”

“If that’s true,” I asked, “then how come I’m here
alone? Like I said, I’ve been here for four days and
I’m bored out of my mind.”

“I can fix that,” he said as he brushed the sand off
the edge of my blanket.

“Won’t someone drown if you’re not watching?” I was
afraid to ask. He was the man of my fantasies and I
didn’t want him to go, so I rolled over on my right
side and propped up my left leg, innocently opening his
view to my sopping pussy.

He laughed. “I just got off duty. I’ve been watching
you since about 11am when you got here. You’re getting
more of a tan on your front than you have on your

He was right. I had only been able to put the oil on my
legs and front. I had been lying on my back most of the
week since I couldn’t reach my back to put oil on it.
“Could you help me out?” I asked in my sexiest voice.

“Sure. Hand me the oil and roll over.”

I rolled over on the hot blanket. The heat and the hot
hard sand added to my excitement.

“I’m going to untie this if you don’t mind.” He was
gently tugging at the string of my bikini top causing a
little added pressure to my stimulated breasts.

“Better do it right,” I teased as I turned to look him
in the eyes. “I don’t want anything to get in your
way.” You could take that a couple of ways, but I only
meant it one way, and with the look that I gave him,
there was no mistaking!

I lay back down and snuggled into the sand. As I moved,
my tits, knees, shoulders and pussy dug little
indentations in the hot sand beneath the blanket. I
resisted humping my hot pussy into the blanket!

He kneeled near my legs and began to apply the warm oil
to them. His hands were strong and they moved slowly up
and down my calves. It was like the man in my fantasy.
He knew exactly how and when to touch me. He massaged
the oil into each calf before moving up to my thighs.
Almost subconsciously, I moved my legs apart a couple
inches. I heard him groan as the smell of my hot, wet
sex drifted up to his nose.

He massaged the oil into my now trembling thighs.
Slowly (teasingly so) his fingers moved up the insides
of my thighs. I thought I felt his fingers brush the
thin cloth covering my soaking wet pussy! But it was so
light that I wasn’t sure!

“Time for your back now.” I glanced back as he said
that and noticed a small dark spot of pre-cum on the
front of his swimsuit. He swung his leg over and pinned
my thighs together with his legs. He was as hot as I

The warm oil felt good on my back. His strong hands
felt even better! He pushed the oil right into my skin
and as he pushed, my tits dug deeper into the sand. His
hands went down my spine and paused at the top of my
bikini bottoms where just a hint of the cleft of my ass
exposed. From there they pushed up the outside of my
back, his finger tips just brushing the sides of my
bare breasts. God I was getting hot, and it wasn’t only
the sun either!

He continued to massage my back. Each time he pushed my
bikini bottoms down a fraction, exposing more and more
of my creamy white ass. And each time he pushed up, he
grew bolder in his massaging of the sides of my tits.

After a couple minutes he slowly settled into sitting
on the tops of thighs. I could feel his hard cock
situate itself between my ass cheeks! Now as he pushed
his hands up, I could feel it sliding up between my
cheeks and then back down. Once when it was nestled
between my buns I clenched them together and smiled
back at him as his eyes rolled back in his head and he
let out a low groan!

We were both hot! Even though the sun had started to go
down, we were getting hotter! I had situated myself at
the far end of the beach to get away from the moms and
kids. Now we were nearly alone except for another
couple a few yards away. I glanced over at them. They
were smiling as they watched my lifeguard “save” me. We
had an audience!

That made me even more excited! My lifeguard didn’t
seem to need any encouragement from me, but I wiggled
my ass and pushed it hard back into his cock clenching
again. I heard him gasp and then he returned the favor.
There was no doubt what we each wanted – just like with
my fantasy man!

I mewled when I felt his weight on my ass lift, but I
quickly caught on to what he had in mind! Under the
premise of rubbing more oil on my legs, which made them
even more slippery, he hooked his thumb under the leg
of my bikini bottoms. Each stroke of his hands slightly
tugged the leg to the side until he could see my
creaming pussy. I’m sure the couple watching us had an
idea of what was going on, but all they could really
see was a very hot back rub.

Suddenly, I felt his weight on my ass again. As he
rubbed my back, he was scooting so the leg of his suit
was riding up! Soon I felt the tip of his cock just
inside the lips of my pussy! He leaned forward, placing
his hands on my shoulders and as he did, his cock
pushed in through the hot wetness! Uuuhhhhhhnnn! I was
so turned on that I came HARD before he was all the way
in!! I bit down on the blanket to keep from crying out!

God he was big! He stretched me to new limits, even
more so than when I had my fingers stuffed inside me.
But because of all the lubrication (pussy juice and
Coppertone) he slid right up to the hilt where I could
feel him bottom out!

As he leaned forward and rubbed my back, his cock
plunged deeper and deeper. I alternately would raise my
ass for easier access, and then when he would pull out,
I’d grind my cunt against the warm, hard sand. I
noticed the other couple had finally locked in an
embrace themselves.

He had worked my tits out from under my body so that
they were pulled out to the sides. This exposed my
button hard nipples to his talented fingers! He would
grab my tits hard and pull them like handles when he
pushed! They glistened with oil and sweat in the
remaining sunshine.

The Coppertone he had used on both of us made our
bodies slide against each other. Since the only other
people who could see us now were busy (they looked as
if they had caught on to exactly what we were doing) he
didn’t try to hide what was going on. He pounded into
me like a jack hammer! I had one hand tucked under me
strumming my little clit! I was in heaven!

All the pounding had pushed the fabric of my bikini
bottoms up the crack of my ass, but now he was pulling
it out. I soon felt his thumb pushing at my asshole.
With all the oil and in my excited state, it didn’t
take much pressure before he was able to push through
my pinky.

Hhhhhhunnggg! I CAME NON-STOP!

Each thrust sent me to new heights! I was panting!
Groaning! I could feel his cock growing even larger! He
pushed his thumb all the way in my ass and I could feel
his cock and his thumb sliding next to each other with
only a thin slick membrane in between.

I summoned all the strength I could and clenched his
cock with my pussy! He pushed in once more and then let
out a growl that let me know he was coming! Ohhhh
Gawwwwd!!! I screamed! Uuuhnnn! Uuuhnnnn! I gasped in
stacatto breaths as I came. I felt his hot come washing
the inside of my pussy. He came so much that gobs of it
poured out onto the blanket. When I screamed, I noticed
that the other couple had broken their embrace and were
ogling, knowingly, at us.

y fantasy had come true, and he lay with raspy breaths
over me. I felt like a toasted marshmallow between his
hot hard, sweaty, oily body, and the blanket covering
the sand. Hot. Gooey.

I sat up on the blanket, dazed, after what just
happened. I stared blankly at Brad’s tight buns as he
walked back up the beach. I was drained. The fucking he
had just given me on my blanket left me totally limp
and wasted, but I felt as satisfied as a comfy, warm
bed on a Sunday morning! I only had a couple days left
on my vacation, but now things were going to start
getting interesting!

I had come to the resort in search on a good time.
Before this afternoon, all I had to show for it was a
good tan and a couple of orgasms that I brought on
myself. Now, I had plans for the evening with my
fantasy man! If this afternoon on the beach was any
indicator, I was in for a evening.

The last of the sun had just disappeared below the
horizon. I was soaking wet. A combination of
Coppertone, sweat, and come. A cool breeze had picked
up, and for the first time, I noticed that I was
chilled. My bikini top was crumpled in the sand next to
the blanket where Brad had just finished. I reached
over and shook it out the best I could, then tied it
on. I stood up slowly and collected my things and
headed back toward the hotel.

I was a sight when I walked into the hotel through the
crowded lobby. My short light brown hair was plastered
to my head with sweat. My nipples were still hard and
throbbing from Brad’s fingers, but the little bit of
sand in the material of my bikini top was rubbing them
like sandpaper as they bounced with each step I took.
Their dark color showed through the now nearly see-
through material. Coppertone that Brad had applied to
my skin was making my newly bronze colored skin shine
and shimmer in the lights.

A rivulet of his juice was soaking my bikini bottoms,
exposing my bush. Some of it ran down my leg. It felt
sooo sexy when my thighs would brush each other and I
could feel his juice squishing out and lubricating them
as I walked! I didn’t find out until I got to my room
that the left side of my bikini bottom was wedged in
the crack of my ass, exposing my entire left cheek.
Talk about tan lines!

Still dazed, I walked through the lobby, dragging the
blanket behind me. People stopped talking when I walked
by. They didn’t even need to me to know I was
there. I reeked of Coppertone and sex! I could feel
heads turn as I walked slowly toward the elevator. One
middle-aged man was standing by the restroom door
waiting for his wife, his mouth gaping open.

Some of the men tried to sneak peaks at me as I walked
by. Others simply stared unabashedly. Few women were in
the lobby, but they too stared. One in disgust, the
others in envy! You could tell by looking at me that I
had just been well fucked!

By the time I got to the elevator, I was turned on
again and my senses were keenly aware of the stir I was
causing. For the first time in my life, I felt wickedly
sexy! And I loved it! I pressed the button for the
elevator. The doors of an empty car opened toward the
lobby. In Chicago I would have never considered it, but
here… in this state of mind… in this state of
excitement… just as the doors were closing, I smiled
at all the eyes that were glued on me and pulled down
my bikini top exposing my right tit. As the door closed
I heard a collective gasp!

I pushed the button for the 23rd floor, and then I
directed my attention to another button! All the
attention in the lobby had me again! My suit had
held most of Brad’s juice inside, and my fingers made
little squishy sounds as I leaned back against the
walls of the elevator and played with myself! I was
barely aware that when the elevator stopped it was at
the 20th floor! I jerked my hand out of my bikini
bottoms just as the door opened!

A man and his wife looked tentatively at me and then
stepped inside. The entire elevator smelled like
Coppertone, but there was no mistaking the pungent odor
of sex either. Behind me, the wall of the elevator was
shiny with oil from when I leaned back. I glanced over
and clearly visible was a heart shaped ass mark on the
wall. I noticed that they both looked at it, and then
at my hand. It was slimy and nearly dripping with
juice! In my highly excited state, I simply smiled at

The couple was older than I, but were still both in
fairly good shape. Both seemed turned on by my
appearance. The man’s khaki pants were pushed out at
the crotch, and I could swear I saw it twitch as he
caught me looking at it! The woman flushed and I could
hear her breathing become rapid and shallow. No one
said anything. What could be said?! Besides, they say a
picture is worth a thousand words and the sight of me
was speaking volumes. The sexual tension was

I had been carrying my sandals, but just before the
door opened for my floor, I dropped them and went to
slip them on. I feigned losing my balance and as I did,
I grabbed his arm with my sticky hand, smearing the
juice on his arm! His body became rigid. Her mouth fell
open. The doors opened and I stepped out. As the doors
closed I glanced back and saw them both lock in a
torrid embrace, but not before I noticed that his khaki
slacks had a moist dark spot in the front!

I ran to my room! I was as hot as I’d ever been! I
unlocked the door and slammed it shut. I couldn’t wait!
I dropped everything and slumped to the floor. My hands
quickly brought me to a crashing orgasm as visions of
Brad, the people in the lobby, and the couple in the
elevator flashed through my mind.

I needed a bath. A one!

I had about three hours before I was to meet Brad at
Zinko’s Bar. The combination of sun and sex had
exhausted me. I showered first. It felt good to have
the warm water rinse my glowing, golden skin of the
Coppertone, sweat, come and sand. I felt so gritty
going into the shower, but in no time, the grit had
washed off and the rough surface of the loofa was
scrubbing my skin soft again. I shampooed my hair with
some great shampoo I picked up. It gave my hair the
light scent of flowers. Not too heavy, but just

I turned the hot water up to rinse the soap off my
body. I love water that is just a little too hot. I
like the feeling, and I like the way it lights up my
skin. I have a small birthmark just off to the side of
my right pelvic bone. Other than that, my skin is

My skin is normally light and creamy with just a little
hint of olive color to it, but, thanks to four days in
the tropical sun, I have this golden-colored tan. It
contrasts nicely with the small, yet strategically
placed, patches of light skin that are covered by my
skimpy bikini.

My tan is not too dark. In fact, as I get out and towel
off, I examine my newly scrubbed body in the full-
length mirror. I am glad to see that my skin doesn’t
look tough and leathery like some of the women around
here. Mine is soft, smooth and has a transparent
quality to it.

After toweling off, I lay, naked, across the bed to
rest. My mind raced with what the evening might have in
store for me. Just as I figured that I’d never get to

The next thing I remember was waking up and groggily
noticing that it was completely dark out. I was
supposed to meet Brad at 8pm and it was 8 now! The
adrenaline kicked in and I tore around the room getting
ready. I put on a pair of tight, short cutoffs. The
seam of the crotch rode right up between my ass cheeks,
separating them. In front, if you looked closely, you
could make out the outline of my pussy lips in the

I grabbed a T-shirt and pulled in over my head. It was
an extra large T-shirt and I had cut it off so that it
came down an inch or two below my tits. The neck was
loose and the arm holes were open so that no matter
which way I moved, I would be flashing skin in some
direction. I wet my short hair to get rid of the
cowlick from my nap, and dragged a comb through it
leaving it wet.

For the final touch, I slipped on a pair of white
sandals that had a 2 inch heel. Not high enough to be
uncomfortable, but enough to shape my legs and make
them seem even longer than they are. I checked the
mirror and smiled. I looked good, and I knew it would
be appreciated!

I was about 15 minutes late meeting Brad. When I walked
into Zinko’s I spotted him right away. He was drinking
with Greg and someone who looked to be Greg’s date.

Greg introduced me to Kay. She was a local. Kay was
about 5′ 3″ with shoulder length brown hair that could
only be described as luxurious. Soft. Long. Full. It
was curled so that, when she turned her head or nodded,
it would bounce and flow around her bared shoulders.

She had light blue eyes that sparkled like ice. Her
lips were full and she flaunted them with bright red
lipstick. Dark eyebrows were plucked to an arch and
tapered at the ends. She was slim, except for her
breasts which filled out her white tube top to

Kay’s legs were slim and sheathed in the tightest,
shiny, black leather pants I have ever seen! She had
three small pierced earrings in her right ear, a small
gold ankle bracelet, and I could just make out a small
nipple ring through the light fabric of her top!

I noted that Kay could easily have looked hard and
cheap, but she was just the opposite. Her warm smile
and friendly greeting made me feel comfortable

“Your tan looks great,” Kay complemented. “I hear that
the key to getting a good one is in the oil!” She
teased as she glanced at Brad.

I smiled, but I felt the heat of a full blush turn my
whole body crimson! Brad had told them about this
afternoon on the beach! I felt my pussy moisten at the
memory. “That’s right,” I said (the best defense is a
good offense), “but only when it’s applied right and
has a secret ingredient added to it!” The others
laughed as I made an exaggerated stare at Brad’s
growing crotch.

We talked and laughed for a good while. We were sitting
boy/girl, boy/girl, so I had Brad on my left and Greg
on my right. After a couple of drinks, I began to
twist, turn, and lean, in ways that I knew were giving
the guys a good view of my naked tits underneath my
baggy T-shirt.

I caught them sneaking peeks several times, but I never
let on. As we talked, I leaned over with my back
against Brad’s chest. At first he had his hands snug
around my waist, but soon his left hand sneaked into my
shirt through the baggy arm hole, and he began tweaking
my nipple!

I loved it, but was a little embarrassed, so I
suggested that we dance. Robert Palmer was playing and
we all got into the rhythm quickly. Kay was a great
dancer, but this was not a contest, we were just
burning up a little energy, and taking the edge off our
excitement. Or so I thought!

The air was hot and humid, still, and it wasn’t long
before I was dripping with sweat (I sweat easily and
profusely). I was jamming to the music with my eyes
closed, but when I opened them, Brad, Greg, Kay and a
couple other people had stopped dancing and were
staring at me.

I looked down and saw that my top was drenched and was
clinging to my tits. My nipples were hard, red, and
clearly visible! Small streams of sparkling
perspiration ran down my flat, tanned belly and soaked
into my shorts!

“Uh, you look hot!” Brad said. His voice was
dumbfounded and excited at the same time. “Maybe we
should go someplace to cool off.” “Oh yeah, baby. You
look hot!” Kay echoed. Greg just stood there

When I get warmed up, I’m like another person. I like
the heat, and I like to sweat. “Maybe we should go
somewhere… but, not to cool off!” I said, as I rubbed
my sweaty tits on Brad’s chest.

In no time we were all piled into Brad’s Sidekick and
were speeding towards his and Greg’s place. The top was
down and the air cooled my damp skin, but not my
passion. We ran into the house, giggling like kids
after the last day of school!

Their place was nice, but it was definitely a guy’s
place. The living room floor was hardwood, but it had a
huge thick Flokati rug in the middle. We were so hot
that as soon as we were in the door, we fell in a
tangle on the rug.

Brad and I were in a hot embrace when I looked at Kay
and Greg. They were going at it hot and heavy without
even bothering to take off their clothes! Kay’s leather
skinned legs were wrapped around Greg’s butt in a tight
leg lock. The smell of sweat soaking the leather pants
filled the room!

Brad was a great kisser. He didn’t just try to stick
his tongue down my throat like some guys. He made love
to my mouth with it. He teased and prodded. I love to
explore a guy’s mouth with my tongue. Back and forth we
duelled. Parry! Thrust! I sucked his tongue into my
mouth and began to suck it like a cock!

The only things that separated our sexes were two
pieces of material that were now so soaked with our
juices that they slid as we pushed hard together!

Kay and Greg were already stripped down, they were in
an enthusiastic 69 with Kay on top. She was kissing up
and down Greg’s thick shaft as she ground her pussy
into his face. Greg didn’t seem to mind. Each of his
hands was latched onto a tight bun and was pulling
Kay’s soft juicy pussy tighter to his face. There was a
red ring of lipstick at the base of Greg’s cock. Kay
had taken his entire length and placed her mark on him.

Brad and I quickly pulled apart and tore our clothes
off, except for my sandals. I was now dripping with
sweat and our bodies slid together. Neither of us could
wait! He pulled me over on top of him, and as I slid
down his body in a slippery hug, Brad’s huge cock slid
smoothly into my ready pussy.

“I’ve been waiting for this ever since this afternoon,”
I cooed. Brad only grunted.

His whole body was like a marble sculpture — hard and
beautiful. He nibbled at my neck as I pounded my pussy
on his cock! I pushed myself up with my arms, arching
my back to increase the pressure on my clit. His hips
rose to meet my driving pelvis! My wet cunt made juicy
little sucking noises as his cock drove in and out.

I was hot now! Beads of perspiration collected on my
forehead. Small streams trickled down my back filling
the dimples just above my hips. It wasn’t long before
Brad discovered my little “pool.” His hands began to
rub the sweat down into my ass, massaging my ass-cheeks
until they tingled!

Then he took the middle finger of his right hand and
scooped up some of the juice flowing out of my cunt and
used it to lubricate my asshole! My body shivered as he
rimmed my ass with his finger — teasing me! I was on
the very edge now, and he knew it! I was slamming hard
down on his cock and then pushing up against his
teasing finger!

His cock began to grow, stretching me! I felt it
twitch! Again! I knew he was about to come! Then in one
swift move, he plunged his finger all the way into my
ass! Aaahhhhhhhh! I began to come as I felt his come
washing the inside walls of my cunt! Our breathing was
synchronized to our movements — Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!!!! His
finger began to massage the inside of my ass! I kept

The flokati beneath us was soaked with our come and
sweat! Brad prodded my asshole with another finger,
stretching me to the limit!! I could feel his fingers
rubbing his cock from inside me! Hhhuuuuuugggnnnnn!!!!

I came hard again, and collapsed on top of him!

We lay there on the Flokati, sucking in large breaths
as waves of pleasure washed over us. Near our feet,
Greg and Kay were still going at it. Kay was on her
knees and elbows. Her tight little ass was curled up so
that Greg had a good angle to her dripping pussy! Greg
was gripping her hips and pulling her back and forth on
his juice-covered muscle. Kay’s full tits were swinging
back and forth to the rhythm of their fucking.

Greg pulled out and lay flat on his back as Kay climbed
on top. She spun so her back was to him and she was
facing his feet. With one loud plop, she sucked his
pole deep inside her. “Oh yeah baby! Fuck me deep! Push
that giant cock of yours way up my pussy!” Greg didn’t
seem to need any encouragement, but her words lit a
fire in him. He growled, grabbed her hips and actually
began to bounce her on his prick. He would lift her
with such force, and was thrusting so fast, that they
were banging together with loud slaps!

“Greg, Honey. Put it in my ass! I want you to come in
my ass!” Kay cried as she rolled off him and moved back
into being on all fours again. “Shove it in me all the
way and fuck my ass with that pole of yours!”

When Greg got up behind Kay, his cock was so stiff it
was hardly bouncing. It was slick and shiny with her
juice. It curved upward slightly. Veins stood out,
pulsing on the sides. The head looked like a small
apple. It was already twitching and dripping clear pre-
cum as he pointed it at Kay’s tiny pink asshole which
was visibly spasming involuntarily.

“AAAaaaarrrrggggghhhhh!” Greg literally roared as he
sank his hot slick rod to the hilt in one lunge. Kay
screamed in pleasure as the force of his entry knocked
her off her elbows and onto the floor! “Ahh! Ahhh!

There was no more thrusting. Both Kay and Greg lay
tightly locked, coming so beautifully! Greg’s head was
thrown back, his eyes closed, and all the muscles on
his hard body straining! A little splat, splat, splat
of sweat dripped off his chin onto Kay’s ass.

Her body was convulsing in orgasm! It was only Greg’s
strength that held her in one place! Her head lay on
the Flokati, eyes shut, and her hands were clutching
handfuls of the white rug. Although they were deep into
the aftermath of their orgasms, Kay rocked her ass up
and back, milking Greg’s cock.

A thick glob, a mixture of their lovemaking, oozed out
of Kay’s ass and hung from her pussy lips. Expressions
of intense ecstasy and passion slowly changed to
contented smiles as their bodies came down from their
high and relaxed. In unison, they rolled to the side a
lay facing us — Greg’s cock still firmly planted in
Kay’s ass.

My ass is so sensitive. It loves attention when I’m
turned on, but it’s tight and still virgin. I’ve
fantasized many times about being fucked there, but
I’ve just never been able to go through with it. I was
certainly hot now. I was very well lubricated
Brad had just reamed my ass with two of his fingers. I
trembled at what I was thinking!

Brad and I shook off the trance that we had fallen into
while watching Kay and Greg. I looked over and saw that
Brad’s cock was rigid again. When my eyes met his we
both knew. “It’ll be my first time,” I said, my voice
trembling with excitement and fear. “Don’t worry,” he

Brad pulled my head gently down to his now throbbing
cock. I could taste the vestiges of our passion. I
always wondered what I tasted like. The taste was not
at all what I expected. It turned me on! I wondered how
much of what I was tasting was me and what was him. It
didn’t take much for us to both get ready. I felt like
a high school girl in the back seat of a Chevy waiting
for my first fuck! Very excited, but very nervous! Greg
and Kay were somewhat recovered by now and they moved
in closer to help.

As I sucked on Brad’s cock, Greg slid under me and
began tonguing my squishy pussy! That sent a major
shudder through my now tingling body! I had never been
with two men at the same time! His tongue felt so good!

Kay moved in close and after dipping her hand in her
soaking pussy, she began to massage my right tit. My
mind was spinning! I had a cock in my mouth, a tongue
in my pussy and a beautiful woman was playing with my
tits and teasing my nipples! It was like a sensory

Greg knew what to do. While I was nibbling at Brad’s
rod, he was using his tongue to scoop gobs of the hot
broth that had been brewing in my pussy, up to my
asshole. As he did, he would point his tongue and run
it around the rim of my puckering hole. I could feel it
clenching as if it had a mind of its own! “I think
she’s ready for you Brad,” he said.

Kay brought a cushion from the couch and placed it
under me, raising my ass high in the air. Brad moved
behind me. I was panting for breath! “Are you ready for
this?” he asked. “Yeeessssss!” I hissed. I was hot and
wanted it now!

I raised up on my elbows, and Greg crawled around and
positioned his stiffening prick by my face in a
position that let me know it was there if I wanted it.
I looked for Kay, but she was behind me, so I gobbled
it down. As I began sucking his hard prick, Brad was
working in a second finger into my quivering butt!

Kay had moved down to my feet and I felt her soft hands
massaging lotion into my feet. God it felt good! Her
hands were so soft, but strong. She used her thumbs on
the soles of my feet, which slightly tickled, but I was
too pre-occupied to notice. Her fingers ran through
between my toes. This helped relax me for what was

Brad had pulled his fingers out of my ass and was
smearing some kind of lubricant on his iron-hard cock.
His fingers felt good in my ass, but when he introduced
his cock to my back opening it felt like a hot poker. I
felt my asshole clenching and puckering involuntarily
as a defense. Greg was running his hands through my
short matted hair, and Kay was really working my feet
and toes. Occasionally she would bend down and suck one
of my toes into her warm soft mouth!

I relaxed and felt the head of Brad’s cock slip past my
defenses! “Uuummmmpphhh!” My groan was muffled by
Greg’s prick stuffing my mouth! Brad waited for me to
adjust. The slight pain quickly changed to a feeling of
hot excitement spreading through my body!

Brad placed both hands on my tiny waist and began to
slowly pull me toward him, impaling me! The next couple
of inches of his cock were the thickest, and as they
slowly entered my ass, my focus shifted from the cock
in my mouth and the hand on my feet! My ass was my
center now! My mouth fell open, releasing Greg’s
twitching dripping cock!

Each inch or so, Brad would pull out a little before
pushing in a little farther. We began rocking forward
and back in time with each other. The movements were
loosening me. Finally, I felt Brad’s torso snuggled up
to my rounded ass. I grinned. I was no longer a virgin.
I felt that I had conquered the beast! I felt goooood.
Reeeeeeall goooood!

I began to move my ass and Brad tested some light
thrusting! “Uuummmmmm!” I smiled back at him and let
him know I was ready for a little more action! He began
to pick up his pace! I looked back at Greg and he moved
closer so I could finish what I started with him!

Kay slid her head underneath me and began sucking my
tits, while her fingers began to strum my clit and rub
my cunt! No woman had ever touched me there before, but
at this moment I didn’t have reservations! I
pushed my butt up to meet Brad’s cock, and then pushed
it down to the soft touch of Kay’s fingers!

I was coming! With no warning, my body tensed and I was
coming like never before! Brad groaned as my ass
grabbed his cock and wouldn’t let it go. I had to be
careful that I didn’t bite down! Kay had simultaneously
bit down on my nipple and pinched my clit.

That was enough to send me over the edge!

My body was still tensing in spasms when I felt Greg’s
cock throbbing in my mouth. I readied myself, and
pushed my head forward, taking his cock deep in my
throat, just as I felt his hot sticky seed begin to
flood my mouth! His hands were locked around the back
of my head, and he was swaying back and forth!

I was still in constant orgasm as Kay kept fueling the
fire with her nibbling and biting on my nipples and
clit! She had worked two fingers into my sopping cunt
and I could feel her playing with Brad’s cock inside
me! My body was shaking now! I had never felt like
this! I was tensed like a steel spring, and then I felt
Brad sink his cock all the way to the root! His balls
slapped Kay’s hand, and he pulled my hips tight against
his groin!

“He’s going to come! I can feel it!” Kay said

“Huhhh! Huhhh! Hhhhhhhnnngggggg!” Brad’s cock exploded
in my ass!

Pop! Pop! Pop! A series of orgasms rattled my cunt like
machine gun fire!

“Oh my God!” Kay yelled. “I can feel his come shooting
into her!”

I had never felt anything like this in my life! My body
was totally racked with orgasm! Even as I was starting
to come down and relax, I felt Kay’s fingers milking
the last bit of come from Brad’s cock through the
membrane that separated my cunt and asshole!



“Did you see that?”

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. She was
so HOT!”

Those were the last things I heard as I passed out! I
don’t even know who said them! I was so used, so
completely satisfied, that I slumped to the floor and
slipped into a warm, happy, damp sleep.


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A woman reaches the last day of her vacation without hooking up and decides to throw caution to the wind