A young and very pregnant woman is in the wrong place

A young and very pregnant woman is in the wrong place

Cheryl’s back ached. She did not know why she continued
to work now that she was almost eight months pregnant.
Cheryl and were excited about her first pregnancy.
Although encouraged Cheryl to stop working, she just
could leave the law firm where she worked. Cheryl felt
she was doing okay until this past month.

Now with her stomach so large, Cheryl’s back constantly
ached and her feet were always swollen. Now Cheryl just
wanted the pregnancy to be over. In the beginning it was
fun with all the attention, then about the fifth month,
Cheryl’s large 38C breast grew to a huge 42D size and
remained that large.

Cheryl was sure that the weight of her tits contributed
to the back pain. She loved the “new” Cheryl, even with
her increased weight. She especially liked her extra
large breasts and the way they leaked milk when she
experienced an orgasm during sex. They’d continued to
make love even last night, even though she was as big as
a house now.

Sometimes Cheryl’s orgasm would cause milk to squirt out
her breast like a water pistol. She also noticed that her
nipples grew longer and thicker while her areolas were
much darker and more defined. She enjoyed having sex even
in her pregnant state. It seemed to Cheryl that she was
always horny and her breasts were super-sensitive to even
the slightest touch and her cunt would be soaked with
unusual amounts of juices.

Prior to the pregnancy, Cheryl wore modern clothes on her
5 foot six inch frame. Her 38, 22, 34 figure was the envy
of the other women in the office. She and enjoyed a lot
of sexual experimentation and she always kept her pubic
hair shaved off. As she became more pregnant, Cheryl
opted for conservative maternity clothes and her pubic
hair was long and thick. She kept her long black hair
tied up in a bun. Today she was dressed in a jumper and
pullover with low heels.

Cheryl glanced at the clock and suddenly realized she was
the only one left in the office. She placed her hands on
her aching breasts and massaged the nipples through her
clothing. Cheryl could feel the milk leak out into her
padded bra. She learned about a month ago to wear
specially padded bras to absorb the leaking milk. Cheryl
continued to stroke her nipples and could feel the
moisture between her legs. She was horny again and hoped
would not be too tired to satisfy her.

Cheryl gathered her papers into the briefcase and left
the office walking out into the parking garage. It was
dark and Cheryl paid little attention to surroundings as
she walked toward her car in the back of the lot. Just as
she arrived at her car, Cheryl heard the breaking of a
window and looked on the other side of the parking garage
and saw five men standing around a car. One of the men
was opening the door through the broken glass. Cheryl
could see a bat in another man’s hand.

Cheryl stood in shock watching the robbery when she
realized the men saw her. Two of the men began running
toward Cheryl. Cheryl fumbled with her keys in her purse
and dropped them to the ground. She quickly bent down to
retrieve them, but the keys were underneath the car.

Cheryl tried desperately to reach under the car, her
fingers finally making contact with the keys. Just as she
pulled the keys out, the men were upon her. Cheryl could
see not two sets, but three sets of men’s legs standing
behind her. She heard the sound of a hand being smacked
into a hand.

“Get up slowly bitch,” one of the men ordered.

Cheryl stayed crouched on the ground, not knowing what to
do, but not wanting to move. She felt hands squeeze
around her arms as two of the men raised her to her feet
and turned her around. Cheryl was standing with her back
against her car surrounded by five men. Cheryl tried to
remember to take in every detail of the men for later.
She was sure she would be robbed as she noticed three of
the men were black and the other two Hispanic.

“Please, here is my purse and car keys, please don’t hurt
me,” Cheryl pleaded.

“Ramone, looks like we got a Momma here,” a man called
Raphael observed. “Ever fuck a pregnant whore?”

Cheryl could not believe her ears. Surely these animals
would not rape a pregnant woman. After all, she was
nearly eight months along and hardly attractive. Cheryl
became frightened and backed against the car.

“Okay, bitch, let’s see what’s under that dress,” Ramone
stated as he approached Cheryl.

“Just leave me alone, you can have my money, there is
over $500.00 in my purse, just don’t hurt me,” Cheryl

“Willie, Jesse, take hold of her arms.” Ramone instructed
two of the black men.

Cheryl tried to twist away as Willie and Jesse each
grabbed an arm and twisted it behind her back. Cheryl
anxiously looked around the parking garage for someone to
help her, but the only cars were hers and the one these
thugs had tried to steal.

She kicked out at Ramone as he lifted the hem of her
skirt. This only angered the men and they pulled Cheryl
to the back of the car and turned her around pushing her
down over the truck. In this position, due to the size of
her belly Cheryl found it difficult to breath. This
position also made it in possible for Cheryl to fight
back. Willie and Jesse continued to hold her arms down on
the truck of the car. Ramone, Raphael and the other black
man Willie had called “Tiny” stood behind Cheryl.

Cheryl struggled as she felt her jumper being lifted over
her ass. The five men laughed at Cheryl’s “grandma”
panties. They were oversized, standard white cotton
panties. Cheryl pleaded again to be released and then
felt her panties being pulled down over her hips and down
her legs. Ramone left Cheryl’s panties bunched around her
ankles as he spread her ass cheeks and stuck his nose
between them and inhaled Cheryl’s aroma.

She was mortified at Ramone’s touch and she could feel
his breath on her cunt with his face between her ass
cheeks. Cheryl suddenly realized she was not screaming
and began to scream “Help” as loud as she could. The men
all laughed and Tiny casually removed Cheryl’s panties
and shoved them into her mouth effectively silencing her.
Willie and Jesse complained that they would not be able
to get their blowjobs with the gag in Cheryl’s mouth, but
Ramone assured them when he was through fucking her, she
would suck them all.

Cheryl struggled to breath with the gagged combined with
her pregnant stomach. Ramone directed that she be stood
up and Willie and Jesse pulled Cheryl to her feet. Cheryl
was thankful that her dress fell back down as she stood
covering her naked cunt and ass. Her thankfulness was
short-lived when Cheryl heard the click of a switchblade
knife. Ramone brought the knife up to Cheryl’s face and
she began crying and begging for her life. Ramone smiled
and promptly sliced through the straps holding Cheryl’s
jumper in place. The jumper fell to the ground leaving
Cheryl naked from the waist down. Next Ramone sliced the
sides of her pullover and quickly Cheryl stood in only
her bra.

“Wow look at the size of those tits,” Jesse whistle,
“quick, get rid of that bra, I got to taste them jugs.”

“Here you go,” and Ramone sliced through Cheryl’s bra
straps and front of the bra and her huge tits sprang free
sagging almost too her waist from the weight of the milk
inside. Willie took both of Cheryl’s arms while Jesse’s
mouth clamped down on Cheryl’s right nipple. Cheryl
protested through the gag as the tears streamed down her
face. She watched in horror as Jesse slowly sucked and
pulled at her nipple, then took as much of her breasts in
his mouth, as it would hold. Jesse then began to suck
harder and harder on Cheryl’s right tit.

Releasing her breasts, Jesse shouted, “Damn, she’s full
of milk, and its goooood,” and opened his mouth to show
the others. Cheryl began trying to avoid Jesse’s mouth
when Raphael clamped down on Cheryl’s left breast. As
Raphael took more of Cheryl’s breast in his mouth, Jesse
resumed sucking Cheryl’s right breast. Cheryl was beside
herself with a combination of fear and loathing for the
two men trying to empty her breasts of milk. She cursed
the sensitivity of her breasts and she felt her pussy
juices flowing from the stimulation. Ramone pushed
between the two men hungrily devouring Cheryl’s breasts
and stuck his hand between her legs.

“This bitch want it bad, she is so wet,” Ramone told the
men as he worked two fingers into Cheryl’s cunt, “I bet
she can take my fist.”

Cheryl shook her head “No” as she felt Ramone stick a
third finger inside her cunt and start stretching it from
side to side. Her attention was distracted momentarily
when Jesse stopped sucking her breast and took his hand
and started milking her like a cow laughing as the milk
squirted from her nipple. Cheryl gritted her teeth in
pain as she felt Ramone stick a fourth finger inside her
now soaked cunt.

Raphael finished with her left breast and Willie reached
around placing Cheryl in a bear hug and grabbed both her
tits with each hand and pulled the nipples and milked
them some more. Cheryl’s fear level increased when she
saw Jesse and Raphael removing their pants. Cheryl’s eyes
grew large as she saw their hard cocks. They were about
the same size, but three times larger than Jack’s.

Cheryl grunted as she felt Ramone’s fist pushed into her
pussy. Cheryl tried to spread her legs wide to reduce the
pain she felt in her vagina. She glanced down to see
herself impaled on Ramone’s fist up to his wrist. As
Willie continued to abuse her tits, Ramone slowly started
fist-fucking Cheryl.

Cheryl tried to struggle but realized how futile it was
against the five men. Willie’s attention to her breasts
was causing Cheryl’s cunt to betray her and Ramone’s
wrist rubbed her now engorged clit with each thrust.
Cheryl could not believe she was feeling the tinges of an
orgasm building.

She did not want these animals to see her cum. She tried
to block out the pleasure she was beginning to feel from
Willie’s constant pulling and pinching of her nipples.
Cheryl tried to keep her eyes shut tight against the view
of Jesse and Raphael pumping their cocks watching her
being fist fucked. The hardest distraction was Ramone’s
wrist dragging back and forth across her clit sending
shock waves of pleasure through her body.

Cheryl’s hung her head down and unconsciously began to
moan with pleasure. Willie and Ramone intensified their
efforts and Cheryl could fight it no more.

“The bitch is cumming, look at her,” Ramone yelled.
Willie released Cheryl’s tits as she bucked her hips back
and forth on Ramone’s fist buried deep in her cunt.
Cheryl’s whole body shiver and as the orgasm hit full
force, both breasts sprayed milk ten feet across the
pavement of the parking garage. Cheryl was so humiliated,
but she couldn’t help herself, the orgasm kept on and
Willie removed the gag so the other could hear her.

“Fuck me harder, Gawd, fuck my cunt with your fist, I’m
cumming again,” Cheryl screamed as Ramone took his free
hand and pitched Cheryl’s clit between his thumb and

Finally, the second orgasm subsided and Ramone removed
his fist from Cheryl’s cunt.

“You’re just a whore,” Ramone chastised her, “Now you’re
going to fuck us all.”

Cheryl offered no resistance as Ramone unzipped his pants
and lay on his back with his erection standing straight
up. Willie guided Cheryl over Ramone’s rod and Cheryl
straddled him. Knowing exactly what to do, Cheryl guided
Ramone’s cock into her well-stretched cunt and sat down
on Ramone and began to rock her hips back and forth
fucking him. Ramone reached up and milked Cheryl’s tits
while Willie placed his hard cock in Cheryl’s mouth.

Cheryl knew she was now a whore and eagerly sucked
Willie’s dick like a pro. Willie thrust into her mouth
several times, then pulled out and sprayed her face with
his seed. When Ramone shot his seed deep into her cunt,
Cheryl started her third orgasm. As the orgasm started,
Ramone pulled her down and took one of her breasts into
his mouth as the milk began to stream out. Ramone
continued to suck Cheryl’s tit and swallow her milk while
her orgasm lasted.

After the third orgasm, she was spent, but the men were
not finished. Jesse now lay on back and Cheryl mounted
him. Raphael wasted no time shoving his dick into
Cheryl’s waiting mouth. Cheryl humped Jesse like a wild
woman and quickly brought herself to another orgasm. She
moaned and sucked harder on Raphael’s cock when she felt
her ass cheeks being parted again.

“Pull her over,” Cheryl heard Tiny say. She was forced to
released Raphael’s cock as she was pulled down to Jesse’s
chest. It did not matter as Raphael came down Cheryl’s
neck. Jesse wrapped his arms around Cheryl and held her
tightly. Cheryl jerked a little as she felt Tiny’s finger
probe her asshole. Although dazed from four orgasms, when
Cheryl felt the head of Tiny’s dick at the entrance to
her rectum, she started protesting and struggling.
Cheryl’s ass was virginal and Tiny’s cock felt like a
mellow being shoved into her ass.

“Hold her tight,” Tiny ordered Jesse, as he worked the
head of his dick into the pregnant woman’s ass. Cheryl
could not believe the pain; lightning bolts shot through
her brain as inch-by-inch Tiny shoved his cock up
Cheryl’s ass. Cheryl thought Tiny’s cock must be fourteen
inches long as it continued to slide up inside her.

Finally Cheryl felt Tiny’s balls slap against her cunt
lips and knew his dick must be all the way in her ass.
The pain she felt had subsided, but Cheryl was still

“I can’t believe the bitch took all of Tiny’s cock up her
ass,” Ramone said, “it’s at least fifteen inches long, no
one has ever taken it up the ass without being hurt.”

Cheryl just lay still held in place by Jesse. She did not
move, afraid of the pain. Tiny started to pull his cock
out and Cheryl screamed. Jesse put his hand over her
mouth and Tiny started pumping in and out of her ass
widening it with each stroke. Cheryl tried to shake free
and escape the pain, but suddenly the pain stopped and
she started to feel pleasure.

Cheryl’s screams turned to moans and then as the thrusts
into her ass became a steady rhythm. Jesse took his hand
away and began to shove his prick upward into Cheryl’s
cunt. Jesse could feel Tiny’s massive tool sliding in and
out of the woman’s ass with each of his strokes. The
sensation was too much, and Jesse started shooting his
seed deep into Cheryl’s womb.

Cheryl did not notice Jesse cumming. She focused on each
stroke of Tiny’s cock in her ass as she rock her hips
back and forth on Jesse cock pushing herself back to take
every inch of Tiny’s in her ass. Cheryl felt Tiny growing
larger and her own orgasm building. Cheryl had never had
more than two orgasms in one night in her entire life.
Now she had lost count as Tiny filled her ass with warmth
from his semen that sent her over the edge.

“Fuck me you black bastards, fuck me hard, fuck my ass
harder,” Cheryl was screaming at Tiny as her orgasm
continued with such intensity the milk flowed from her
tits like a facet turned on. Tiny finished and pulled his
cock from Cheryl’s ass and then lifted her off Jesse.

The men looked on amazed as the pregnant woman’s orgasm
continued and the milk still flowed from her breasts.
Cheryl laid on her back on the concrete, her cunt
twitching open and shut, cum leaking from her ass and
milk running down the sides of her tits. Ramone and
Raphael each took a tit in their mouth and drinking their
fill while Cheryl’s orgasm continued. When they finished,
Willie, Jesse and even Tiny took a turn.

It was almost ten minutes before it Cheryl’s orgasm
completely stopped. Cheryl fell asleep on the cold
pavement of the parking garage. She awoke after about an
hour and was shocked at her appearance. Cheryl found
herself in a pool of breast milk, her face, chest, and
back covered in cum. Her ass was sore and bleeding
slightly and her cunt was gaping open with her clit still
swollen. Cheryl noticed her breasts were full again, but
her nipples were raw from the abuse.

Cheryl sat up and sobbed. Her attackers were gone and
Cheryl found her panties and clothing. Her bra was
destroyed, but she was able to piece together enough
clothing to go back into her office. Cheryl always kept a
spare change of clothes in case she soiled herself at
work. Being pregnant, that was always a possibility. As
Cheryl walked to the garage, she felt the soreness in her
cunt and ass. At first tears formed in Cheryl’s eyes, but
then she remembered the final orgasm and a smile ran
across her lips. Cheryl cleaned up in the office, threw
her clothes in the dumpster and headed home.

Jack was asleep when Cheryl arrived home, but woke when
she crawled into bed. Cheryl was naked and wanted Jack.
She could not believe that her gang rape had not left her
traumatized, but instead incredibly horny. Jack rolled
over and began stroking Cheryl’s sore clit.

“Suck my breasts,” Cheryl cooed, “milk them dry.”

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A young and very pregnant woman is in the wrong place