A young man tries on his mother’s panties

A young man tries on his mother’s panties

I awoke midmorning on that summer day. I was instantly
shaken from my morning daze when I remembered what I
was intending to do. The opportunity had finally
presented itself. My hard, dripping cock formed a tent
in my pajama pants as I hurried out of bed.

I had come home from college over the summer. I was
taking summer classes at a local school, but there were
no classes scheduled for today. My parents would be at
work for the whole day. All the same, I checked each
room in the house to make sure I was truly alone. I
looked in the garage, making sure my parents’ cars were
both gone.

When I was sure I was alone, I snuck into my mom’s
room, dug through her dirty laundry, and found a pair
of her pink panties. Pulling off my own pants, I
slipped into her women’s underwear. The crotch of the
panties was thin, not meant to contain a man’s junk, so
my erect cock poked out one of the leg holes. My heart
pounding, I returned to my room.

I stood before my full-length mirror in my undershirt
and panties. I turned and looked at my panty-covered
ass. I felt my dick jerk when I saw how much my ass
looked like a sexy girl’s in my mom’s underwear. I ran
my hand back and forth over my butt before giving it a
hard smack. I felt more pre-cum drip from my dick.

“Oh, you sexy bitch,” I hissed at myself. “You dirty,
filthy little slut!”

I bent over, sticking my ass in the air as far as I
could. My reflection gave me my own private peep show.
As I bent lower I could see the reflection of my hard
cock sticking down between my legs.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I climbed back into bed, my
dick standing eagerly. I grabbed it and started
pumping. Almost immediately, my hand and shaft became
slick with semen. It dripped onto the crotch of my
mother’s panties. More pre-cum dripped down past my
balls, over my anus. It pooled on the inside of the
seat of my mother’s underwear. I knew my mom could
notice but I was too horny to care. My only thought was
on how sexy my ass looked in those panties. In my mind
I saw my reflection bending over in the mirror again. I
seized his slender hips and, through a hole in the ass
of the panties, I shoved my cock inside.

“Oh YES!!!” My reflection screamed in a beautiful,
girly voice. I reached around and grabbed his hard,
exposed cock. With only a few pumps, my double came
violently, spurting his seed everywhere like a hose. As
he came, his ass clamped down on my own hair-trigger
dick. That was all I needed.

“OOOOHHHH!!!” I screamed out loud. I could feel the
seed rushing up from my balls, through the inside of my
shaft, and out into the air. It splattered all over my
bed sheets. I imagined I was emptying myself
uncontrollably into my double’s sexy butt, filling his
rectum until it felt like it would burst from the

Finally, I returned to the real world, still lying on
my bed in my mom’s panties with my limp cock hanging
out. I sat on the wet cum stain in my bed sheets and
smeared it around, no longer caring if my mother saw
it. After I stretched and enjoyed the afterglow of my
incredible jackoff, I stood and returned the seed-
soaked panties to my mother’s hamper.

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A young man tries on his mother’s panties