A young married teacher succumbs to a young black students aggressive sexual advances

A young married teacher succumbs to a young black students aggressive sexual advances

As Janet Ross needed help with her yard work since her
husband was always gone on business trips. She was an
attractive woman at thirty with short brown hair and a
firm trim body.

She was pushing the lawn mower to the front yard, when
Leroy Hanks came down the sidewalk. Janet knew Leroy from
the basketball games she attended at the high school
where she taught. He was a big tall kid of 6′ 2″, with
broad shoulders. He looked almost like a grown man at the
age of fourteen.

As he approached the Ross house, he watched Janet, and
admired her firm ass and his thoughts turned to sticking
his cock in her ass. He couldn’t really help that
thought, after all we was fourteen and his hormones where
raging through his rains 24-hours a day.

As he came even with the pretty high school teacher he
said, “Can I help?”

Janet looked at him, “Oh yes Leroy I have to go to the
store I will pay you if you could mow the yard. Just name
your price.”

Janet hurriedly got in her car drove away. Leroy thought
to himself, “Oh yes. She’ll pay,” he smiled to himself as
he mowed the yard and did the trimming too.

Thirty minutes later Janet came home, “Oh my,” she said,
“The yard looks great.”

Leroy had his shirt off and sweat was running down his
well-muscled chest. Janet was going to ask him in for a
glass of lemonade when her neighbor Sarah Barnes showed
up to talk.

Janet gave Leroy the money she smiled at him. “You are so
nice,” she said.

He put the mower away and went home to shower. As he
stood under the water stroking his large cock and balls
he came with racking spasms, daydreaming that he’d just
unloaded bucket loads of come into the pretty high school
teacher. He could just make out in his mind’s eye an
image of her on her back, as his big black sweat-coated
body was on top of her thrusting between her widespread

During the days to follow he never had the chance to talk
to Janet again until the championship game. Leroy needed
a ride home because his dad couldn’t pick him up because
of a business meeting he had to attend.

Janet had offered to drive him home after the game. She
wore a pair of slacks and a white blouse and looked good
enough to eat. The match went into over time and it was
late by the time they left the school grounds.

As they drove to Leroy’s house he sat next to Janet. His
hand would touch her leg Janet every once in a while.
Once when they were at a stoplight she glanced over at
the boy and said, “If you don’t stop that we might get
into a wreck,” she smiled.

Encouraged, Leroy continued touching her leg, and even
worked his way to the inside of her leg. When Janet
pulled her car into his drive way and turned the motor
off, Leroy leaned over and tried to kiss her.

Janet pushed the boy away, “Leroy, stop that,” she said
looking a little peeved.

He rose up out of the seat and pushed her against the
driver side window and grabbed her face. His thick tongue
pried her lips open and he pushed it against her clinched
teeth. His hands were all over her body.

Janet pushed him away and yell, “STOP IT LEROY, OR I’LL

“Oh,” he said, “You get all friendly around your white
friends. But I know you want my dark meat in your white
pussy.” He jumped at her again and kissed her
passionately, pulling on her nipples through the material
of her white blouse until they were hard.

“C’mon teach, lets see them,” he said.

Just then a car pulled into the driveway, it was Leroy’s
father getting home from his meeting. Leroy disengaged
himself and Janet straightened her clothing. She didn’t
say anything about what had happened to his father, no
harm done, and besides she didn’t want to make any


Janet arrived home; she was shaking so she poured her
self a drink. Why hadn’t she fought off the kid harder?
For some reason the thought of his young hard body
aroused her.

He wanted her and that made her wet for some reason.
Maybe it was the forbidden cheating situation that really
turned her on. Did she really want to fuck him? Her pussy
was all wet. Her nipples where still hard.

Janet went up stairs and took a shower, then went to bed.
She laid in bed naked, rubbing her swollen pussy lips and
clit saying Leroy’s name over and over again, until she
reached a delicious orgasm and fell asleep. Still
wondering what Leroy’s black cock looked like naked and

The days to follow were torturous for Janet. She saw
Leroy at school and every time he saw her their eyes
would lock, and his expression would change to a smirk.

Then one day after school Leroy showed up at her door. He
stood at the door and said in a confident voice, “Hey
baby, lets fuck.”

Janet opened the door and he walked in. She shut the door
behind him.

“You want my black cock don’t you? Tell me now or I’ll
leave and won’t be back again.”

Janet licked her lips and said in a small voice, “Yes.”

Leroy smiled and said, “What do you want to do with it?”

Janet knew what he wanted to hear, “I want to suck it and
have you fuck my pussy with it.”

Leroy said, “I don’t wear no rubbers, so you’ll have to
do what ever, cause I won’t.”

Janet said, “Okay.”

“You might get pregnant if we do it this afternoon
without something.”

“Yes I know. I’ll go on the pill right away, but I’m
willing to take the chance right now,” her pussy was so
wet and ready.

“Come suck me,” was all he said.

Janet moved up to him and then knelt. She took his pants
down and his hard cock came poinking out into view.
Janet’s hot tongue touched his swollen cock head. Then
she started to hungrily lick all around it. Finally after
giving the moaning boy a tongue bath she took his cock in
her mouth and began sucking him harder.

“Mmmm, you like it don’t you?” He pulled out of her
mouth. He held himself and then slapped her face with it.

“Yes, yes I love your big black cock,” she moved down and
began sucking on his balls too.

“Okay, strip,” he told her.

Janet eagerly took off her clothes. She soon stood there
naked, her nipples hard and her pussy wet.

“Show me your pink hole.”

Janet lay on the couch and opened her pussy for him.

“You want me to fuck you now?” the boy who looked like a
man said.

Janet looked up at him, “Yes fuck me.”

Leroy fell on the prostrate woman and was soon fucking
her in own living room. “OH YES! Give me all your black
cock, fill my pussy!”

He blew his huge load in her pussy grunting and groaning
as he emptied himself in his object of fantasy.

Afterward he made her suck him off so she could taste her
pussy on his cock. He ended up fucking her mouth then her
pussy again. He came in her mouth and on her face. His
cum was running down her neck and out of her stretched
cunt. Then Leroy pushed his big black cock into her
waiting ass.

For two days they did nothing but fuck. She took him to
basketball practice, sucked him off in the parking lot
before he went in and afterwards too. Her husband came
home he fucked her too.

But Janet knew that there was only one man for her after
that, and it wasn’t her husband.
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life in
anyway shape or form

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A young married teacher succumbs to a young black students aggressive sexual advances