A young teacher returns to the town

A young teacher returns to the town

“Hey Jenny, you made it!” Cara exclaimed as I walked
through the patio gate towards the gathering of other
women near the pool. Even though I had known Cara for
years, I was still pretty nervous showing up as the
only straight girl attending a hot summer day pool
party with a group of her lesbian friends.

Cara started introductions and everyone was very nice
and their greetings took some of the edge off my being
uncomfortable. I had gone to school with Cara and knew
she was gay, but we had always been friends and I
welcomed her invite to the party. Some socialization
with people my own age was a nice change since I had
spent the past couple of months getting my things moved
into the small house on my grandparents property.

After just graduating from a state university in Idaho
in May, I had chosen to come back to the small town
where I was raised to help them out. They were
wonderful to me growing up and paid a great deal of my
college education, which I’m very thankful of.

Now, it seemed they were both growing old fast, so I
figured I could help them out around the farm and
hopefully be of assistance to them in the daily tasks
they were finding more difficult to achieve on their
own. Luckily, the local school had an opening for a
part-time, high school English teacher and girl’s
volleyball coach.

Since my degree was in teaching, and I was All-State
two years in a row in high school at volleyball, it all
worked out. I must admit, it was a strange feeling
returning to my old school as a teacher. There were
still teachers there who taught when I attended,
several of whom made what I would consider pretty
suggestive or inappropriate comments, and a few gropes.
I wondered how they would treat me now, but I was ready
to deal with it.

The pool looked inviting as the heat from the late
afternoon Idaho summer was blasting down on us. Someone
handed me a hearty, frozen margarita which tasted
great, and the music kicked in ‘ Melissa Etheridge of
course! Cara led me around and showed me the home she
was house sitting at for the summer. It was a very nice
house, sitting up on a hill over looking the town in
the valley below.

“You can change in here,” she said, pointing to a
bedroom off the hallway. “Don’t worry,” she added,
“you’re a hotty and some of the girls will be checking
you out, but nobody is aggressive here, it will all be
cool for you.”

I smiled and thanked her for continuing to make me feel
at ease then shut the door to the room and stripped off
my jean shorts, thong, t-shirt and bra, and changed
into my pink two piece swimsuit.

I checked myself out in the mirror, and if I might say,
I looked pretty damn hot! Cara’s words about the other
girls checking me was strangely a bit of a turn on,
although I’m not sure why. But, I always liked to be
somewhat of a tease so I thought to myself, “What the
heck, if there are no guys around to look at me I might
as well see if I can turn some girls heads.” Just
something sexual I guess, probably because I was pretty
horny anyway.

Since leaving college I had broken up with my
boyfriend, Todd, who thought we should “meet other
people and be friends.” Whatever, the jerk. He was good
in bed though, and I did miss the intimacy, as well as
some hot sex now and then. It had been almost 2 ‘
months since I’d been laid and my fingers had become my
new best friend. [I’d even lost my vibrator during the
move from college, and there definitely wasn’t any
place out here to buy a new one!]

I primped my hair a bit standing in front of the full
length mirror in the bedroom. The summer had brushed me
with a great tan and bleached out my already blonde
hair. Since my grandparents tended to stay inside
during the hot afternoons, it gave me a chance to get
both some running in to keep my 23 year old body hard,
and lay out to sunbathe. Despite the change from the
hectic college social life to the quiet rural
surroundings, things were pretty good in life.

The exercise and sun worshipping had conditioned me
well to sport my new swimsuit in public for the first
time. It was pretty skimpy; the top just big enough to
cover my nipples and not much more of my breasts, and
the bottom was about as low cut as I could go with
revealing my natural blonde status, while showing
almost as much butt as if I had a thong on. I loved the
way it had to be tied together on each hip to stay on,
just a simple pull of the string made it come right
back off.

At 5’5,” 118 pounds, and all legs, I was pretty popular
at the university. “Time to make the lesbians drool,” I
teasingly said to myself as I opened the bedroom door
and headed back to the pool.

The moment I walked onto the patio I caught double
takes from the other girls, along with some playful cat
calls and whistles. It was all in fun and I just
shrugged my shoulders and ordered up another margarita.
People were swimming now and I did my best girl-dive
into the pool to cool off. The water was cool compared
with the hot, dry air, and as I climbed back out of the
pool I heard Cara say out loud, “Hey Jenny, your
nipples are going to tear through that skimpy top,”
which drew some laughs from the others.

I looked down and she was right, the cold water had
seriously nipped me out! “Are those even real?” she
asked, which garnered even more laughs.

“100% pure farm girl,” I proudly disclaimed. It wasn’t
the first time I’d been asked that before. I was lucky
to have been blessed with great tits, what more can I
say! I grabbed a towel and climbed into the lounge
chair next to her and a woman named Rita, who I guessed
to be in her early thirties. The three of us laughed
and drank, drank and laughed, and drank some more. I
was totally relaxed now and very much at ease. All in
all, a pretty darn good way to spend a summer day.

The late afternoon turned into early evening and
although the sun was disappearing over the steep
rolling hills, the still, dry air made for the
conditions of a perfect hot summer night. The music was
still blaring chick tunes, and some of the party had
moved inside while a few of the others had left
altogether. This gave me some good one on one time to
speak with Cara about how she was doing and about life
in general.

We were pretty buzzed from all the margarita’s we’d
consumed so we were able to be pretty open. I wasn’t
shy asking curiosity questions about the underground
lesbian community in the area. It seemed like a strange
place, given the redneck nature of where we were at,
the rural, farming/ranching country of central Idaho.

“You know,” Cara said openly, “it’s actually pretty
cool out here. The rednecks don’t seem to mind, most of
them are probably turned on the idea of women doing
women, and the church goers are usually pretty polite
to you as long as you’re just polite to them. We don’t
flaunt it, you know, no big lesbian parades and we’re
not in your face about it, so people let us be.”

I could tell she was comfortable speaking about it with
me and I found it refreshing she would be so honest.
But then suddenly her tone changed and she had a
seriousness about her.

“At least everything was pretty cool until those three
women working over at the mill came into town. And now
they’re hanging out with Weasel to make it a pretty
special foursome.” I hadn’t heard that name in awhile.
“Weasel from high school,” I asked?

Cara nodded. Weasel’s real name was Billy. He was just
this total loser who had dropped out in the tenth grade
after getting routinely kicked out of school for being
a trouble maker and selling drugs. He was my brothers’
age, around 28 or 29, and I remember him showing up
uninvited at parties when I was in the high school here
in town. The guy was creepy, and it seemed like he was
always hitting on me when I lived here, asking me out,
saying crude things about what he’d like to do to me in
bed, things like that.

“Does he still drive that crappy 280Z?” I asked.

“No, he’s moved up to crappier Trans-am,” replied Cara.
“Hey, I hear he’s still single if you’re interested,”
she joked.

“Oh, I’m sure,” I shot back. “It’ll be a cold day in
hell before that guy ever gets his hands on me.”

“Weasel is just Weasel,” Cara said. “But the three
broads, they’re hardcore, and they’re trouble.”

“What kind of trouble,” I asked.

Cara lowered her voice, “They’re just aggressive. You
know, hitting on the pretty ones and bullying around
the girls who are butch. We have some tough ones here,
but none of them will challenge these three, especially
the big one.”

I could see a different look in Cara’s eyes as she
talked about it.

“Rumor has it they’ve all done some time in jail. We
just avoid them whenever we can and try to stay out of
their way. And whenever they are around, we stay
together. No one wants to end up alone with these
three, especially if you’re on the pretty side. You
definitely need to avoid them, Jenny,” Cara warned.

“What do you mean by hardcore?” I asked naively. This
was all new, and intriguing to me.

Cara looked at me, recognizing I didn’t, and couldn’t,
know the “language” of the culture. “Shit Jenny, you’re
so innocent. What I mean is… how do I say this? I
mean that they have… well, I mean the big one has,
well she’s different.” She looked at me intently,
expecting me to have some clue, which I didn’t.

“I still don’t get it,” I said perplexingly.

Cara scanned the group to see if anyone was within ear
shot. “I mean,” she said almost in a whisper, “the big
one has a huge…”

Just then Rita walked up with a couple more mixed
drinks and interrupted us. “Spill your secrets, girls,”
she laughed.

“Just reminiscing on our school days together,” replied

Rita motioned for us to come inside. “The good girls
have gone home for the evening, time for us bad girls
to get started,” instructed Rita.

We went through the house onto the big, sweeping front
porch that overlooked the valley below. The pungent
smell of marijuana smoke instantly hit my nostrils.
There were probably 6 to 8 of us left, and several of
the girls were passing two pipes around the group. I
hadn’t smoked any pot in probably 6 months when I had a
little at a frat party on campus.

“What the hell,” I thought to myself, “I’m having a
great time, why not live it up tonight.” When the pipe
came to me I took a large hit and passed it on, but the
group insisted I smoke all of it. At first I refused,
but I became so mellow after that first hit that I
continued on until it was all ash. Rita was there at my
aid with another frozen margarita to quench my already
parched mouth.

I was so stoned! That hit me really fast. I lost track
of time, but it seemed that within a few minutes we
were all just standing on the porch laughing about the
stupidest things, when an old Ford Bronco came roaring
up the long gravel drive and came to sliding stop
outside the house. I didn’t realize how loud the music
was blaring until all the women on the porch came to
complete silence and looked at the Bronco.

The doors opened, and out spilled the three roughest
looking women I had ever seen, plus… Weasel! It was
the group Cara had talked about with so much concern.
Obviously, they were crashing our party. As they
approached the steps to the porch I caught my first
good look, although admittedly impaired, of the big
one, whose name was Eve.

Still wearing only my tiny bikini, I realized that Eve
was looking me over pretty good, in a way I recognized
as being sexual of nature. It was a bizarre feeling for
me, being so directly checked out by this big lesbian
bull. Strangely enough, I guess it kind of turned me

As she and her gang made it up onto the porch, asking
if there were any beers left, I just stood silent
checking out what an interesting look they had about
them, especially Eve. I was shocked that this was a
woman, definitely the most bull-dyke looking female I
had ever seen, obviously the alpha-girl of the gang.

And damn! She was a big woman, at least six feet tall
and I would guess at least 250 plus pounds. Not that
she was fat, I mean, she definitely had some flab on
her, with kind of a beer gut and a good deal of junk in
her trunk. But solid at the same time if any of that
makes sense.

You could tell she was strong by her broad shoulders
and thick thighs. And huge boobs that were barely
contained inside the white stretch tank top she wore
under her denim coveralls, which were cut off and
frayed at the knees. She wore construction boots to top
it all off. I could see why no one would want to mess
with her.

The other two were introduced as Mika and Darlene
weren’t as big as Eve, but were still bruisers. Mika
dressed in camouflage, Darlene in jeans and a black t-
shirt. Weasel had gained some weight since I’d last
seen him which he needed, maybe he was off the hard
drugs finally and keeping some meals down. He hadn’t
gotten rid of the mullet cut though, and it looked as
tacky as ever.

The mood on the porch was definitely awkward. I was
pretty wasted and I guess was lost in the deep thought
process that comes with too much pot smoking. But I did
realize I was not only the hottest looking girl in the
group, but I was also the only one still wearing just a
bikini, and mine was so small I was about 5 ounces of
fabric away from being totally naked! That fact alone
is probably why Eve and her gang were constantly
staring at me.

I’ve been gawked at enough by men and boys to know when
I’m the subject of sexual desire, and these three
definitely had that look about them as they raped me
with their eyes. I don’t know if it was all the
intoxicating substances I had consumed, or the fact I
hadn’t been laid in awhile, but somehow, I was becoming
turned on just knowing I was teasing these three with
my scantily clad body on display right before them. I
wondered what they would do with me if they had the

“Well, if it isn’t little Jennifer. My, my, you
certainly did grow up with all the right stuff, girl,”
Weasel called across the porch to me.

“Shit, why do I have to be standing here in this skimpy
bikini with that creep around,” I said to myself. I
didn’t even respond to Weasel, just turned and walked
back into the house, catching some whistles from the
newcomers on my way. I headed for the kitchen and found
Rita putting away some dishes.

“Hey kid, did the fearsome foursome run you off,” she
jokingly asked.

“Yeah, it was creeping me out the way they were staring
at me,” I replied.

“Well look at you,” said Rita was a very seductive look
in her eye. “I’ve been checking you out all night as

I wasn’t even prepared for what happened next. She
walked right up to me, put her arms around my waist,
pulled me to her, and planted a long deep kiss on my

She was a great kisser and I let her slip her tongue
into my mouth onto mine. It was incredible the way I
was feeling, this older woman just mashing on me. As we
mashed, her hands moved from my hips down onto my
nearly nude buttocks, caressing and squeezing me. I put
my arms up around her shoulders and just let her feel
whatever she wanted. I was so lost in the moment.

“Let’s go downstairs,” she whispered in my ear, “there
is a bedroom right off the rec room where we can be

My heart raced and I couldn’t believe I heard myself
say, “Okay.”

Rita took my hand and led me out of the kitchen, down
the long hallway to the stairs leading into the
basement. Once inside the room, she again assertively
held me and continued to kiss me with long, deep,
passionate kisses.

“Close your eyes, I have a surprise for you,” Rita
said. I heard the bedroom door shut and then the sound
of Rita fumbling through her back-pack. I stood in
anticipation of what she might come up with when I felt
her step up behind me, her t-shirt covered breasts
pressing against my back and her left hand covering my

“Put your hands on my hips,” she instructed.

I reached back around me and followed her orders, my
hands resting on the denim of her jean shorts. Then I
heard the unmistakable sound of a low, humming
vibration. She had a vibrating dildo! Already turned on
by Rita’s bold move of bringing me into the bedroom, I
instantly felt myself get wet at the thought of a dildo
in her hand and knew perfectly well what her plans were
to do with it.

It had been so long since anything had filled me, my
body trembled with anticipation. “Is this something you
might be interested in?” asked the older woman softly.

“Oh yes, very interested,” I uttered, my voice

“I think it wants you, too,” she replied.

Just then I felt Rita’s warm lips on the back of my
shoulder and then onto my neck. She took her left hand
off my eyes, and I realized she had turned the lights
off in the room. I kept my hands on her hips inviting
her to explore my scantily clad body, when she took the
liberty I had given her. Her kisses on my neck were
mixed with long licks from her hot tongue on my skin.

Then I felt her left hand caress my shoulder, then
slide its way toward my breast, gently squeezing my
boob. “Very nice, Jenny,” she whispered, “you’re one
very beautiful girl.”

With her other hand Rita pressed the pulsing dildo
against my lower abs, slowing making a trail down
across the outside of my tiny bikini bottom until
stopping with the tip of the tool pressing just between
my legs. Instinctively I spread my legs until my feet
were shoulder length apart giving her access, and
permission, to rub the vibrator directly against my
vagina, now so wet that I’m sure the bikini must be
sopping in my juices.

“This looks uncomfortable,” Rita sighed as I felt the
strings of my bikini top being pulled until finally
coming undone, the fabric falling off my young, firm
breasts, only to be quickly replaced by her warm hand.

“Mmmm…” I heard myself moan as Rita gently squeezed
my bare breasts, her fingers rubbing my erect nipples.
My body was now leaning back into hers, probably the
only thing keeping me upright as I was lost in the
erotic teasing at the hands of the 30 something
lesbian. She was an expert at what she was doing,
slowly working me into a frenzy with her tongue on my
neck, her hand on my breast, and guiding the vibrating
dildo between my legs. I wanted it inside me so bad.

“Please… please… don’t stop,” I softly begged her.

Rita moved the synthetic pleasure rod from my crotch
and I felt her slide it down the top of my bikini
bottom, the soft Cyber-skin material now against my
flesh and my groomed blonde muff.

“I think these are in the way, also,” Rita breathed
into my ear and her left hand moved from my breast to
my waist. With skill and ease, she quickly undid the
ties that the held the bottoms on me and it too dropped
to the floor, leaving me completely naked in the dark
bedroom, all alone with my new friend. The excitement
knowing I was about to seduced by another woman had me
tingling like never before.

“Well, what do we have here,” a third voice suddenly
called out in the room. Rita and I both turned in shock
to find Eve, Mika, Darlene, and Weasel had invited
themselves into our hideout. “Looks like this is where
the action is,” snickered Weasel.

Stunned to find myself naked in front the foursome, I
instinctively tried to cover myself with my hands.
“Don’t be so shy, Jenny,” Eve said to me, leering at my
nude, tan, 22 year old body. She then turned to Rita.
“Find something else to do,” pointing at the door. “And
I better not hear from anyone that you’re ratting us
out for getting acquainted with our new friend. If I
do, I’ll personally kick your ass. Just go back
upstairs and join your carpet munching friends and keep
your mouth shut.”

I looked at Rita, begging her in my mind not to leave
me here alone with these four, but to no avail. She
looked scared, obviously taking Eve’s threat seriously,
and walked very docile past the group and out the door.

“I’ll take that,” Weasel barked at her as she past him
on the way out, grabbing the now silent dildo from her
hand. “Jenny and I can use this later,” he cackled,
staring at me with a perverted grin.

“Fuck you, you’re not touching me Weasel,” I weakly
said back, the tone of my voice obviously showing my
fear of the moment.

The four of them laughed, recognizing both my
frightened state and the fact I was naked, alone, and
out numbered. Weasel then shut, and locked the bedroom
door as Eve slowly walked directly up to me, Mika
moving in my right, Darlene on my left.

“It’s time for your initiation, country girl,” Eve

My knees almost buckled as the reality set in on how
big she was this close up, I felt tiny compared to her,
my face barely eye level above Eve’s massive boobs. I
recalled Cara’s words about not ending up alone with
these three, “especially if you’re on the pretty side.”

Well, I was not only pretty, I was hot, and I was a
lesbian-virgin so to speak, which I’m sure was inviting
for these three. And then there was Weasel. For years
this creep had been trying to get in my pants and now
here I was naked in front of him in a very compromising
position. My mind altered from all the margaritas and
pot I’d consumed during the afternoon and evening,
combined with the adrenaline racing throughout my
frightened body, I felt my legs shaking and the dim
light of the room growing dimmer, until finally I
blacked out altogether.

A warm mouth was sucking hard on my right nipple when I
started to come out of my fainting spell. I opened my
eyes only to find the room spinning and I could hear
voices but not detect what they were saying. The mouth
on my breast was grinding harder, as if it were trying
to suck my nipple completely off my boob. Then it all
came back to me; I was alone in the basement bedroom
with the three bull lesbians and Weasel.

My instinct was to push the mouth off of my breast, but
I couldn’t… Mika was sitting at the top of the bed
holding down my wrists, my arms stretched out above my
head. I tried to move my legs, but they were immobile,
and I looked down to see my right ankle being held by
Darlene, my left by Weasel. And between my spread legs
was Eve, her big, bulky frame positioned to do whatever
she pleased with my young, naked body.

Subdued by the intoxicating substances in my system,
and the three people holding me down, I nevertheless
tried with all my remaining strength to break free. My
effort only seemed excite the four.

“She’s gotta little fight in her,” joked Mika, “you
have to love that.”

My efforts were useless in trying to break free and I,
and they, all knew it. I concluded the obvious; I was
going to be their sex toy for the rest of the night,
like it or not.

“Mmmm… I bet you taste real good, Jenny,” Eve said,
as her mouth left my ravaged breasts and began the
journey down across my trembling abs. I whimpered and
tossed my head side to side, pleading with her, them,
to let me go. But my mind and my body seemed to be in

After having to pleasure myself for the past 2 ‘
months, along with Rita’s teasing of me with the
vibrator, I was desperately horny. I tried to fight off
the memory of earlier in the night of being kind of
turned on when I first caught the three bulls checking
me out upstairs as they came in, and my distant fantasy
of being their submissive sexual slave. Now it was
really happening.

Somehow I was sexually aroused by the idea of being
used by them, but it was having Weasel in the room that
scared me. This guy was a wild card, and he was a guy.
At least the chicks couldn’t fuck me. At least that’s
what I thought anyway.

Eve’s large head sank between my spread thighs, and I
could feel her kissing and licking the insides of both
my legs. I squirmed, but was unable to move with the
other three holding me down by the wrists and ankles.
Another whimper escaped me as Eve put her lips to my
pussy, kissing all around my hot, juicy slit. I felt my
leg muscles tensing as her tongue began frantically
working my hot pussy. She put her lips on my hard
little clit and sucked on it causing me to squirm and
quivering uncontrollably. I felt my juices flowing
while I was shaking and trembling from the incredible

Eve drew down on my spread hips, pulling me tight
against her wide face. She was sucking on my pussy and
using her tongue to swab between the lips, causing my
butt to grind into the couch cushions below me. I
couldn’t help but to spread my legs wider as Eve
ravaged my sopping cunt with her probing tongue. I knew
she was going to cause me to explode with an orgasm,
and I was angry at myself for being so turned on,
knowing that the other three, especially Weasel, were
about to see me cum.

I tried to fight it off but it was no use. Just as I
was about to go off, Eve must have realized the point
she had driven me to, as she abruptly stopped the
madness and pulled her face out of my crotch.

“I guess our sexy girl friend likes a good pussy
licking,” Eve said, to the amusement of the others.
“You’ve got a nice, wet, tight little pussy, Jenny.
Time for me to find out just how tight you are,” Eve
said as she rose to her knees on the couch.

I laid there for a moment as my body eased back from
the brink of an orgasm. Then, I took in Eve’s words,
wondering what she intended to do. As the others
laughed, I lifted my head and looked at Eve, who had
undone the top of her overalls, and was pulling them
down over her waist.

“Oh my god,” I called out in a frightened tone. “What
are you..?” I was stunned to see that between Eve’s
legs was a big, thick cock! It must have been at least
8 inches, and was the thickest I had ever seen in my
brief sexual life.

“I’m you’re mommy and your daddy,” Eve said back to me.

I pulled hard against the others who were holding me
down. She was going to fuck me with that thing! Mika,
Darlene, and Weasel all tightened their grip on me,
holding me in position as Eve leaned down on top of me,
her mouth crashing down on top of mine. Her weight
added to my immobility, burying me into the couch. She
was firmly entrenched between my wide spread legs, my
wet beaver now defenseless against her.

“Let go of her legs,” Eve barked at Weasel and Darlene,
“I want to feel a little fight in her while I fuck her
brains out.” They did as they were told, while Mika
tightened her grip on my wrists, keeping my
outstretched arms well above my head.

Although my legs were now free they were virtually
useless in preventing Eve from doing whatever she
wanted with me. She was wide around the middle, and I
couldn’t even wrap my legs all the way around her to
squeeze her. I knew she was going to fuck me at this
point, so I gave it everything I had ‘ kicking my heels
against her, trying to writhe under her to avoid her
hungry protrusion from entering me. But my efforts and
my struggling were only turning Eve on even more, which
is exactly what she wanted.

Again Eve’s mouth came crashing down on mine, one of
her big hands grabbing the back of my head and a
handful of hair to hold my face in place while she
mashed on my lips. I could taste my own juices on her
lips and tongue as she French kissed me deep and hard.
Between my spread legs I began to feel Eve’s thick
member pressing against my slippery opening, until
finally the fat tip parted my wet lips and entered me.

Aggressive in her determination to conquer me, Eve
began to push inch by thick inch into my tight canal. I
knew immediately this was the biggest cock I’d ever
encountered by the way it spread me to new limits. Her
body temperature began to rise in her excitement and I
could feel her body perspire as it ground down onto
mine. She pulled off the choking kiss she had forced
onto me and with a hard thrust pushed her entire shaft
deep inside of me.

I cried out as the big cock filled me like none had
ever done before. I was completely at her mercy now,
just a fuck toy for her to use while her friends
watched. It had been months since a penis had filled my
womanhood and I tried to block out my inner feelings
that stirred within me, feeling that I knew were
certain to bring me to an orgasm.

Eve was now rocking back and forth on top of me, her
big cock fucking me in a steady, dominating rhythm. My
legs spread wider still to accommodate the big cock and
Eve’s thick mass, my feet pointing straight above me.
As she pumped harder and harder she moved her body mass
directly above me for better leverage and her massive
boobs covered my face, almost smothering me.

Mika tighten her grip on my wrists as I pulled against
her restraint with each relentless thrust from the big
cock raping me. Eve was getting louder and louder and
her shaft seemed to grow bigger inside me. I knew she
was about to cum.

As the others cheered her on, Eve slammed me with a
series of hard, powerful thrusts, and then called out
her excitement above the noise of the party still going
on upstairs. Deep inside my spread, abused womanhood, I
began to feel the flood of hot cum gushing into me as
my tight canal milked Eve’s throbbing, pulsing cock of
its entire reservoir.

With everything I had left I tried to fight off the
building orgasm that stormed inside of me, but it was
no use. Months without sex, Rita’s teasing me earlier,
the pussy licking that Eve gave me, and finally this, a
big, huge cock taking me at will, was too much.

In front of all of them, I cried out and my body
convulsed uncontrollably as a long, searing orgasm
erupted from within me, my quivering pussy still being
pummeled by the spent cock of Eve. My energy drained
the last thing I remember is looking up at Eve, her
face covered in sweat, as she stared back into my eyes.
Then I blacked out.

I awoke some hours later, the daylight of the sunrise
beaming thought the basement window in my eyes. “What
happened to me,” I wondered in my aching head.

Then it began to all come back to me. Eve had raped me,
while her gang, including Weasel, had held me down and
watched the whole thing! Somehow though, the others
didn’t get their chance at me, especially Weasel. I
wondered if they were spooked or if someone ran the

At any rate, a bad night could have been much worse. I
put my hands to my face and started to cry, but after a
few minutes of self pity I knew I just needed to get
out there and get back to my own house on my
grandparents farm.

As I got off the bed and started quietly upstairs to
find my bag of clothes, I realized how incredibly sore
I was between my legs. Eve had fucked me harder than I
had ever been before. Everyone else in the house was
fast asleep as it was only around 6AM, so I quietly put
on my jean shorts and tank top and made my way out to
my car.

Once home, I soaked in a steaming bath for at least an
hour before crawling onto my couch and falling fast
asleep. I slept most of the day until the phone rang.
It was my grandmother asking me over to their house for

“Sure,” I politely said. I went to get dressed and just
stared at myself in the mirror for the longest time,
telling myself I had to move on from last night. But as
I left to have dinner, I wondered what would happen the
next time I confronted Eve, or for that matter Weasel.

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A young teacher returns to the town