Mom With Watchman

This is shaym 25 yrs old living in chennai ,i hv read almost all stories of this site and i am pleased to say my experience to all my readers ,i am the only son to my parents and my father expired when i was 12 yrs old and this happend when i was in 14 yrs iwe were staying in apartments and the name of the apartment was vasagi appartment we were staying in ground floor and there was 10 houses in the building we had gurka to watch the appartment called karpusamy we were calling him as kapruanna, he was very bold had good body young 45 yrs old he was very friendly with all in appartment and all liked him he was given a room in the same building it was next to my house.his room had 1 kitchen ,1bathroom,1hall.

i use to be with him for the whole day whenever ther was holiday and sundays, he use to do all my house works , all most every one in our apartments usually go to work and only very few women’s stay in flat ,we had a super market of our own so i was going to my school at 9.oclock and my mom was going to shop at 10.oclock and i was returning from school at 5.oclock amd my mom was coming to home at 10 or 11.oclock as sales was very bussy only at night so she was coming alte in night this happened one day as usual i went to school at 9 ,o’clock and i was feeling like i was not able to sit in class bcos i was feverish and my temperature rised to 103 degree my teacher said me to move home so i left the school and returned to my home at 11.oclock , my house key will be given to our flats watchman as my mother was leaving late so she use to give the key to karpusamy ,i saw nima he was not in gate,

so i went to his room to take the key,i was surprisedto see my moms slipper outside karpusamy room i was shocked to see it then i went next to window for my luck the window was just closed but not locked, i opened the window slowly and i cold see my mom sitting next to karpusamy on his cot and watching some book, and she was laughing seeing at the book karpusamy was putting hand on her shoulder ,i was very much shocked to see this sceen ,i was very curious to see what will happen next after some time karpusamy cought my mom and made her to sit on his lap she refused first but later she sat on his lap,she was wearing pink saree, i cold listen some of there talks i was sure it was some thing about sex then karpuswammy removed all his dress he was full naked now my mom was helping him to remove his dress as soon as he removed his dress my mom kissed his body now karpusamy slowly started removing my moms saree and now he removed her blouse she was now only with her bra and panty i wa svery tensed to see this sceen i continued my view later they were kissing each other i could hear some sound made by my mother ahhhhhhhhhhhh ,ohoooooooooooooo…

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my pennis was becomming large the karpusamy removed her bra now i could see a white flush jumping out of her bra karpusamy freed the flush freom her bra now he started sucking the the brest my mother was moaning heavily karpusamy was pumping her brest like a devil she started moaning in pain then to karpusamy did not leaver her after some 10 min i could see her breast becomming stiff and hard now she was closing her eyes and enjoying karpusamy went to her down and removed her petticoat she was not allowing to do this but karpusamy was forcing her with his one hand pressing her boobs and removing pettycoat in other hand after forcing her he removed her pettycoat she was not wearing panty i could see her pussy already being wet and a white fluid comming out karpusamy started licking her pussy he almost licked all her white juice and now she was flying in air and she was moaning in pain heavily karpusamy was using my mothers body as he licked he was using it wery badly after liking her pussy he took his penis and inserted in my moms mouth without any hesityation my mother swallowed it to my surprise it was around 9 inch long black thick strong my mom started sucking it now karpusamy was moaning in pain telling her leave it ,

it is paining but my mom was sucking it very hardly after doing it he was pulling her head back but my mom was not leaving she was sucking it heavily he was slapping her after some time she left it and now karpusamys penis was pumping out some fluid into my mother mouth she took all and swallowed it then i saw them booth relaxing sleeping on each other and hugging i could see karpusamy pressing my moms boobs my mother was moving karpusamy penis frontand back with i 10 min the show begined again i saw again karpusamy penis becomin long now it was different i see karpusamy droping his in my moms pussy that was my first view of sex i was wondering why he was doing it so , i saw my mom forcing him to wear condem but he was not willing my mom herself put condem to his penis and now he bought oil from his kitchen and poured a little inside her pussy and droped his penis inside it he was pushing it inside my mom was shouting in pain heavily karpusamy said slowly madam or we will be cought but due to pain she was shouting again and again he was putiing his inside and pulling it outside she was shouting heavily when he was pushing it inside and she was saying hahaaaaahaaahaaaahaaaa, after soome time i was not able to hear any sound instead i heard karpu do it as u like ,

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fuck ur pussy trhis is urs taste it as u like dont hesitate to fuck as u like i could see himm fucking her in different angles back, bent,taking her …. he was using her as a doll but for ever of his shot and angle she was cooperating him he ws telling her madam i never enjoyed like this with any lady i am very lucky to fuck you and she was telling i am very lucky to get you my husbnd never fucked me this way and his was very small they were talking in such a way that they had had sex with each other since very longtime ,karpusamy was telling my mom i am very lucky to fuck a white skined lady which i never tasted he was telling her i fucked 12 womens in my village but ewveryone were black and all ther pussy were lose but this was very tight so to handle easily he always put oil inside her pussy first ,after sometime karpusamy took out his penis fromm her pussy he requested my mom a lot to fuck without condem my mom refused a lot she was saying nonononon i will become pregnant no nonnonon…

but karpu was forsing nothing will happen madam and forsible he susceeded he inserted inside my mom telling him evertime you will only win i will not allow you to touch my pussy next time he replied ok i wil not toouch but i will lick and i will fuck it saying it he started fucking her she was now enjoying more than befor she was telling to fuck her hard, more hard, and she said tare my pussy and he was fucking her like a mad dog she was in pain crying i could see her tears comming from her eyes but karpusamy was not leaving her but even she was enjoying all his shots even in pain after 15 min he started doing it mor fast now my mother requested to leave her it is paining a lot this movement he was not listening to her he was doing it very badly ,what can she do it is just like food given to begger ,

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he was fucking her cock like dog and with in few min he filled her pussy it was like water overflowing out of the tank immediately she went inside bathroom she clened and booth of the dressed and came out meanwhile while they were dressing i left the place and went to shop seeing all these trhings my fever was gone , i could see her doing with karpusamy in nights in her room but what to do it is her life and ashamed to be her son now.

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