Affair With Hot Neighbor

Affair With Hot Neighbor

Hi all readers. This is Jack again with a new story, and I am from Bangalore. Thank you for sharing the responses/feedback for my earlier stories. Today I am going to share another interesting story with you all about my hot neighbor.

The story revolves around my neighbor – Fatima (name changed). She is a housewife who was married a few years ago. She has a son who is around 4 years old. Her family had moved into our apartment building several months ago.

Talking about her looks, she had a decent body build with the right amounts of curves. It would be hard to believe that she is in her late 30’s. Though not by looks, but by her figure makes her hot. Her husband does not come back from work until 9 pm or so.

Though I was lusting for Fatima, I never made anything evident to her, and we were just like regular neighbors. All this changed a few weeks ago. I reached home early from the office, and I did not have the keys. She was wearing a salwar dress without the dupatta, which gave me a good view of her melons.

Fatima saw me and inquired why I was standing outside, then offered to wait in her place. I was hesitant to do so, but I gave up as she kept insisting. I was sitting on the sofa and watching some videos on my mobile. Fatima’s son was sleeping after lunch.

She told me that she will take a nap as she had some pain in her back. After a few minutes, she came back to the hall. Upon enquiring, she told me that she was having bad back pain. I asked her if she applied any ointment. She said that it does not help to reduce the pain as she could not apply it properly.

She also mentioned a massage oil at home, but her husband won’t be coming home until late at night. Though I was hesitant, I managed to offer her help to apply the massage oil. She was reluctant initially but agreed as the pain was not letting her sleep as well.

We went to another room, and Fatima lied down on the bed after changing into the sari. I applied massage oil on her back and started massaging slowly. She was feeling relaxed and asked me to continue for some more time. I purposefully slid my hands under her blouse and told it is obstructing.

To my surprise, Fatima told me to unhook the blouse. I was happy to do and started massaging even more areas on her back. Then I told her that her bra was light in color and could get stains of the oil. She instructed me to remove it as well to surprise me even more.

I did touch her boobs on the side intentionally to arouse her and pretended it was accidental. Then I did a nice massage all over her back, and she asked me to massage her legs too if I did not mind. I told her the pleasure is mine. I started massaging her feet.

As she was already aroused, I proceeded to pull her skirt further up and started massaging until the back of her thighs. She was having good relaxation and also losing control of me. After realizing that she was in my control, I pulled out the skirt completely. I threw her skirt away in the heat of the moment.

She then turned in my direction. I could see her lovely melons, and she did not try to cover up. Fatima told me she knows where this was going, and she hugged me tightly. She said that she also liked me and hoped to get a chance to make love with me.

We were then kissing each other deeply for a few minutes. Then she made me topless. I kissed and sucked her boobs like a baby. She requested not to make noise. Otherwise, her son in the next room would wake up. We both made each other completely naked. I kissed all over her body from ears to her navel.

I started playing with her pussy by inserting my fingers. She then had an orgasm, and I drank her juice. Fatima then returned the favor by taking my tool in her mouth. She was so good at it and gave me a good blowjob. She also drank all my juice without wasting a drop.

She was then pleading with me to fuck her, and luckily there was a condom in the room. I put it on my tool and entered this hot lady smoothly. I could not believe that I was in bed with the woman I had lusted for a long time. She had scratched my back with her nails, and I bit her boobs as revenge.

I fucked her in a missionary position for a few minutes, and then I had climaxed. Fatima was not done yet and asked me to enter her from behind. I then banged her in doggy style while pulling her silky hair. It was so much pleasure in this position that she had climaxed within a few minutes.

We both got a little tired and collapsed on the bed. Fatima then woke me up soon by pulling my dick and told me that we don’t have all day as her son would wake up soon. This time, she wanted to be in control, and she was riding me from above.

I was lying down on the bed, and she sat on me while adjusting to make my tool enter her easily. She was screwing me in this position while the sight of bouncing boobs was a pleasure to watch.

Then I started holding her boobs while she was fucking me and throwing abuses at me all the time. This went on for a longer time than the previous sessions, and this time we both climaxed at the same time.

I had to leave her apartment before anyone else could notice my presence in her place. Fatima thanked me later for helping her to reduce the back pain and for the bonus pleasure.

We got a chance again to make love after a few weeks. This is going on now and then whenever the situation and time permits. The affair is kept a super-secret, and no one around us will get to know.

That’s it from my story for now, and I hope you all enjoyed reading the story. Please share your feedback/comments at [email protected] either via email or Google hangouts.

I look forward to hearing from the readers, especially girls/women. I will keep the confidentiality and trust intact. I will share my next story based on the responses I receive.

Affair With Hot Neighbor