Aishwarya Rai having Sex – Sex Stories

Aishwarya Rai having Sex – Sex Stories

So Aishwarya Rai was inevitabily ready to have sex wit Amar singh and even he knew about it and he took his first step and went near her to full fil his wishes.

As said before Ash was wearing and skirt which was oly till her knee height so Amar singh ji made his first approach by keeping his hand on her hairless milky thigh and started to rotate his hand all over it and started to raise her skirt till her panties. Aishwarya was getting aroused already because of the actions of the pervert amitabh and also she being pregnent even an small sexual movement of an male can make her carve for sex.

Now amar singh was in control of the situation and slowing lowered Ash’s beautiful pink lingerie and massaged her pussy and den fingered her pussy. Aishwarya was now out of control and started to scream out of pleasure and amar singh was enjoying it and now he took his next step and started to remove her dress and while doing he kissed Ash in her forehead neck and nape in order to increase her sex mood.

Once she was in full mood the old guy started to kiss her on her lips really hard because he was getting an chance wit an such beautiful body really after an long time. It was hurting her but she controlling it for the cheap pleasure tat she was gonna get. Amar ji did not stop wit lip kiss he wanted to more and she tried to bore his dirty tongue into the mouth of ash. AISH tried to control it but couldn’t and Amar singh played his way through and french kissed her for more then ten mins before getting his tongue out. Amar ji was acting like stray dog in the face of Ash destroying all her costly make up and straying lips stick mark of all over her face.

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Now he took his attention all to her beautiful breasts and navel. ASH Being pregnent her milk tankers had become bigger and got activated instantly. AMAR ji put his whole into the breasts of Aish and started to chew them and which was an new experience for her because in her past experience no one had did it to her and she enjoyed it a lot. Amar then kissed all over her breasts and massaged them and played wit her nipples trying to get milk out of it but wasn’t successfull enough and even did the same wit her navel and licking them.


Both of them knew tat in his age Amar can’t even ash. So Ash took the step forward and knelt down in front of Amar ji to remove his pyjamas and took his dead thing out which was messy and full of hairs. But Aishwarya Rai was full on lust so she didn’t care about it and started to roll her beautiful tongue on his penis and tat punctured balls and even took those penis into mouth in order to give Amar ji some pleasure and also satisfaction to her.

Even after doing all these Ash was not getting satisfaction so she took her vibrator out of her bag and inserted into her pussy and even signaled Amar singh to ravish wit her breasts and lips. Tat was enough for tat pervert and he jumped on her and kissed her lips and played wit breasts as though it was an tennis balls by pressing and pinching them and rolled her aerolas wit his thumbs all these activities and the vibrator in her pussy were making her flood wit love juices and soon she broke into orgasm seeing it Amar straightly went to her pussy and licked all her juices letting Aishwarya to minimal satisfaction. Now ash went To bathroom to clean herself from the smell of Amar singh and put some make up. As soon she came out she got and call from Amitabh saying tat he is unable to come so sent the car instead. So Ash got up to leave giving an got smooch to Amar ji and even satisfied the bodyguard standing out by giving him an kiss as he didn’t allow anybody to come inside and keeping wat ever happened and reached to car and to her lusty old driver wit whom she was have an night out at home as no one is gonna be der to disturb them.

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Aishwarya Rai having Sex – Sex Stories

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