Amy Starts The New Year Without Panties

Amy Starts The New Year Without Panties

I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. I
called my wife as soon as I received the invitation.

“Honey guess what, we got the invite to Carl’s party.
You know what this means, we will be starting the New
Year at the biggest party of the year.”

My wife was not as enthusiastic as I was, she didn’t
think we fit in with the crowd that hung out with Carl.
She was right Carl was rich and single; he always had
beautiful women hanging on him hoping for a break in
the industry. I had met him at a Tax Shelter seminar,
of course, he was looking for tax breaks, and I was
teaching about how to get tax breaks. When we broke for
lunch, I just happened to go to the same bar as he. He
recognized me and invited me to join him for lunch and
I was happy to join him.

Carl had three girls at his table, “George you got here
just in time, I was wondering what I was going to do
with all these women.”

They all laughed, and as I was wondering if he was
kidding me this redhead asked me to sit next to her. As
with all of Carl’s girls, she was stunning, long
flowing red hair, huge fake breasts and a tiny little
waist. Her name was Sue, I think; anyway, we had a
great lunch. We all drank way too much champagne and
instead of going back to the seminar, we went to Carl’s
hotel room. I was lucky that I was done with my part of
the presentation, as I was far too drunk to do any
public speaking.

Carl was staying in a suite on the top floor; it was
luxurious with marble floors and tapestries on the
walls. I never once thought of my wife as (was her name
Sue?) pulled off the few clothes she was wearing and
jumped in my lap. What an afternoon, this girl did
things with me that I had only dreamed of or maybe saw
in a porno.


The next day when we finished the seminar Carl came up
to me, “I want to thank for taking that red head off my
hands yesterday, I don’t think I could have handled all
three with all the champagne we drank.”

He took my number and I thought ‘I’ll never hear from
him again’ but I was wrong. We became fairly good
friends, Amy and I went to his house for dinner a few
times, and he came to our house for dinner a couple of
times. We played golf a couple of times a month when he
was in town. I don’t know how many times he called me
to help him out when he had too many girls on his
hands. This was the best part of our friendship; I just
had to be careful that Amy didn’t find out. We even
used his private box at the Staple Arena if wasn’t

I say we are friends but we both know that Amy and I
are not in his league. We are married working people
and Carl is single and quite rich. I knew of his annual
New Year’s party, I mean who hasn’t. Only ‘A’ group
people went to this party. I called Carl to thank him
and originally to say we wouldn’t be there but as soon
as he heard me, he started saying how much he wanted us
to be there.

“George you can’t miss this party I am depending on
your being there. You probably won’t believe this but I
don’t have many close friends, it seems like everyone
wants a piece of me but you.”

I felt touched, I again said thank you and that we
would be there.

The night of the party, my wife was nervous, she didn’t
like her dress, and she didn’t think her hair was
right. Amy said, “Why should I care how I look, with
all the big-boobed beauties Carl will have on hand no
will ever notice me.”

I could understand what my wife was talking about,
however she looked beautiful and I told her so. She was
wearing a bright red dress that was short enough to
show off her athletic legs. Although small-busted Amy’s
breasts were pushed up and shown off with some kind of
miracle bra she had discovered. I was turned on by how
she looked but she told me to look but don’t touch, she
had makeup to put on.

On the way to the big bash, I warned Amy there might be
some things going on that she would not approve of but
to keep an open mind. She sighed and started to say
something then stopped and then she said, “You’re
right, tonight is a special night, and how many times
in our lives will we be able to mingle with the likes
of people who will be here tonight. OK, I say anything
goes, I going to have a good time and we will worry
about tomorrow, tomorrow.”

On the way there, my phone rang it was Carl, “Hey Bro,
where are you? Good, well there has been a change of
plans. Drive to the airport and look for hanger nine.
You got that?”

I asked him what was going on, he said the paprazzi had
found the secret location and it was already a mob
scene. We drove right to hanger nine and found a
corporate jet waiting for us. Carl was already there he
hugged Amy then told us wait for the next flight and he
would fly with us.

We all sat around drinking champagne and my wife was
getting buzzed. Carl came by and told us we were going
to a private island to party. When the plane returned
we were all excited and ready to go. As we prepared to
board the plane, this blonde came up to my wife,
“Excuse me miss, you haven’t had your panty check yet.”

My wife already half drunk just pulled up her dress to
show off her sexy red thong. The blonde said, “Here let
me help you with those.”

She reached up my wife’s dress and pulled down her
panties, she knelt down to help Amy step out of her
panties. Te blonde looked up at me, “Sorry no panties
allowed on the island.”

She then pressed them to her nose and inhaled, then she
smiled at my wife and I think she winked.

Amy was still holding onto the blonde not to steady on
her feet.

“How about you are you wearing any panties?”

The blonde whose name turned out to be Lisa picked up
her dress as Amy had done.

“No panties and no fur see, do you want to feel how
smooth I am?”

I couldn’t believe it, I watched in shock as my wife
reached over and rubbed her hand over Lisa’s shaved
snatch. As she pulled her hand away, she slipped her
finger between Lisa’s labia. Also just as Lisa did, she
pressed her finger to her nose and inhaled.

“If you want to come with me I can get you all smooth
like me?”

I saw Amy shiver in delight then meekly put her hand in
Lisa’s and walked off with her. I had a feeling this
was going to be a good party.

When Amy came back, she had that satisfied smile on her
face that I knew all too well. She pulled up her dress
again to show off her furless snatch. I told Amy we
were going to have fun, she laughed and said she
already had some fun.

The plane took off and somewhere over the ocean, Amy
and I joined the mile high club, along with a lot of
other passengers. I had my pants around my ankles and
Amy sitting astride my cock; it was so erotic watching
so many other peoples doing the same as us. Lisa came
over to us and began to play with Amy’s tits, she undid
the top my wife’s dress and after unhooking her bra
starting kissing her nipples.

“I just love your wife’s tittys they are probably the
only real ones on the plane.”

This was so unreal to me, here I was fucking my wife in
front of a beautiful blonde who sucking my wife’s tits
and talking to me. My wife was holding Lisa’s head to
her breast and moving up and down faster and faster.
She leaned over Lisa’s head to make out with me,
“Georgie, can you taste Lisa’s pussy on my lips? Oooh,
I am so hot, I wish you could have seen me licking her
pussy, you know I have never tasted another girl’s
pussy before. Wait for me, yes, just like that I-I…”

My wife came and so did I. I licked Amy’s lips to see
if I could taste pussy but couldn’t. I hadn’t noticed
that Carl had come up behind Lisa and was busy fucking
her while she sucked my wife’s tits.

“Amy aren’t you glad you joined us now? And we haven’t
even got to the party yet.”

After Carl came in Lisa, she turned around and put his
cock in her mouth to clean him. Amy leaned over and
whispered in my ear,

“Look at the size of Carl’s dick, even soft it is huge.
Honey I am going to have some of that big cock tonight.
I getting wet just watching Lisa, I wish that was me.”

I also was impressed by the size of Carl, how could
this guy be rich, good looking, a great guy, and have a
horse cock. I won’t say I wasn’t jealous of Amy’s
desire, but I knew what I wanted to do so there was no
way I could not let my wife have some fun too. I said’

“Lisa why don’t you let Amy help with Carl?”

Lisa held Carl’s monster in her hand and offered a suck
to my wife. It was unreal watching the two of them
sucking off my friend as if they were sharing an ice
cream cone.


I spent of the flight watching what reminded me of a
live porn show; however, these people were not
performing they were just enjoying themselves. We
landed and the plane taxied to a hanger similar to the
one back home. We all deplaned to a large multi colored

Upon closer inspection, I saw the sign was made of all
the ladies panties that were at the party. My wife and
Lisa her new best friend went to see if they could find
their own panties. We walked to the beach just outside
the hanger. I could see we were overdressed, I also
could see just because they were called ‘the beautiful
people’ did not mean they were all beautiful.

It was a crazy night, and my wife and I really went
crazy, we both did a ton of coke, we both were fucked a
lot. My wife did manage to fuck Carl and have her first
threesome, first with two guys and then with two girls.
She told me she like the two girls the best, as she was
sitting on Lisa’s face watching me fuck her she said,
“George why have I never tried a girl before, this is
so sexy; she is eating me just like she knows what I
need to make me cum. I love eating pussy, do you think
I turning gay?”

“Amy I just watched two guys make you cum so hard you
screamed. You’re not gay your just finding out you like
sex in different ways.”

It was definitely the wildest night of our lives and it
changed our sex lives forever. We were both now free to
discuss any sexual fantasy and we have included many
sexual partners both male and female into our
relationship. Through all of this, our love for each
other has grown and has strengthened our marriage.

On the flight back home, I asked Amy about New Year,
resolutions and she told me she had one already,
“George, I will never wear panties again.”

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Amy Starts The New Year Without Panties