An adult swing party at a friend’s house

An adult swing party at a friend’s house

About five weeks had passed since we arrived back from
our holiday and the whole balcony episode , when Jean said we had being
invited to a party in Joan and Ryan’s (that’s her
husband) house. They are old friends and live not far
away in a nice quiet area or so I thought.

The Saturday of the party came along and Jean said we
were to stay over so as not to worry about staying on
the dry. Jean went up early to get ready and I gave
her a drink to start the party off early. I had a
shower in the other shower room and Jean was in our
bedroom which has a shower unit in it. I brought up
another drink and Jean was just finishing getting
ready. She had on a new skirt which showed plenty of
her great legs and she had not yet put her top on she
stood in her bra putting on make-up.

When I offered the drink she turned around and when I
saw her bra, her nipples were clearly visible through
the silky material. I smiled and she asked if I
approved I said very much and her make-up looked
fantastic, her look was very sexy and her lipstick was
a beautiful dark red. She then put on her blouse which
was a cream silk low cut figure hugging knock out one,
which left little to the imagination I said she looked
fabulous and what was so special about this party, she
just replied be a good boy and Go With The Flow ok. I
approached for a quick feel and a kiss but was told
later, be a good boy.

We were about 20 minutes away from their house when
Jean repeated the same instructions be a good boy and
Go With The Flow tonight. She said it was an adult
costume party and that there would only be six other
couples at the party .I asked what she meant by an
adult party, she just smiled. I felt her hand slide
across my lap onto my cock which was nice and stiff,
she gently rubbed it until it nearly burst out of my

She asked if I liked it and was I going to be a good
boy, I nodded yes after which she took my hand and
placed it onto her leg. She guided it up her stocking
covered leg until I could feel cool flesh, she had on
stockings she moved my hand onto her panties and when
she opened her legs I nearly came, she had on crotch
less panties and her pussy was so juicy my fingers
just slid in. She gave me a sexy grin and asked what I
thought, I replied she was really horny and that I
would go with the flow.

When we arrived at the house which stands on its own
we were greeted by Joan and Ryan who told us we were
the first here. We all went into the kitchen and had a
drink, I needed one this was turning out to be some
night. We sat down in the lounge before going up to
our room and enjoyed our drink Jean and Joan sat
opposite Ryan and me. When Ryan refreshed our drinks I
looked across at Jean who was sitting with her legs
apart just showing some stocking top when I winked at
her she moved herself in the chair her skirt rose up
her legs and Joan looked over at me and grinned as if
she knew what was under Jean skirt.

When Ryan returned he handed out the drinks and sat
down, by now Jean had her legs apart enough so as to
enable me to see up her skirt and see her sexy
underwear with a pink lip just showing.

We went up to our room and when we got there I asked
Jean what the story was, she replied that tonight
would be special and that we were invited to join this
special group of Joan’s and Ryan. I asked why the
pussy show downstairs, she replied that she wanted to
get us warmed up.

I stripped off Jean’s blouse and skirt and she stood
before as sexy as I ever imagined, she looked
stunning, hot and horny.

I took her in my arms slipped my tongue into her mouth
and ran my fingers onto her breasts pinching her
nipples through the slits in her bra. I dropped my
hand to her pussy and it was so juice I had to kneel
down and lick it. To my surprise when I opened her
legs and slipped off the panties her pussy which
normally is covered in bushy black hair was now only
covered by a thin slip of well-groomed hair in a small
triangle. I looked up at Jean and asked what the
story, she replied that she had it done for tonight
and that it felt so sexy, I agreed.

Jean said our costumes were on the bed, go try my one
on I was surprised to see what was on the bed. It was
a toga costume and so was Jean’s. It was a toga adult
party with masks as well, the full face ones you see
on a roman picture. She also announced it was no
underwear under the toga rule and that they would
check, I was so caught up in it all so what next.

We changed and Jean reapplied her make-up with extra
care on lipstick, her costume fitted perfect, her tits
swinging under the cloth as was my cock. We had more
drinks and then went down to join the others, as we
were the new ones Joan and Ryan approached us as we
came down the stairs. Ryan went over to Jean and said
he was to carry out the underwear check on her and
Joan was to check me.

Ryan moved behind Jean and moved his hands under the
back of her costume, I could see him slowly move
around the front and cover her breasts with his
fingers, her nipples were next giving them a quick
squeeze and out they shot. Next I could see his hand
move down her body as her eyes shut and bit her lip,
he moved his hand onto her pussy and I knew he slipped
a finger or two into her by the way she reacted.

Joan moved in front of me and said it was my turn now
she slipped her hand into my robe and moved onto my
now raging erection, she smiled and asked if I liked
the show, I replied very much. I nearly shot my load,
but bit my lip and smiled.

We joined the other couples in the main room, they all
had their masks on and it was becoming hard to
identify Jean, Joan and Ryan. This all lead to the
heightened excitement of the party, the drink was
flowing, food was all around and the music great. The
lighting was low, people started to dance and move
around. I had being with Jean when we entered the
room, but lost her as people started to move around.

A person took my hand and we started to dance, it was
a slow song so we moved close together. I could feel
my loose cock starting to rise and tried to move it to
one side. The woman I was dancing with felt my
movement and moved closer grinding her pussy into my
cock. She then moved her hand under the robe and gave
me a quick rub, I was fully erect now and some pre
come was on the tip of my cock. She played with me and
asked if I wanted to move upstairs with her.

I nodded yes and we moved out of the room, nobody
could tell who was with whom so I was game for it, we
went into a bedroom, but someone was already there.

I went to move out but she just pulled me closer and
said it was ok, plenty of room on the other bed in the
room. I slipped off her robe and the best pair of
small tits were awaiting my attention, she had really
big brown nipples which stuck out to be sucked. Her
pussy was clean shaven and her pussy lips were
sticking out ready to be fucked.

That was it I pushed her onto the bed and sucked her
nipples until she moaned, I slid a few fingers into
her and wanked her for a few minutes just to get her
ready. She was by now begging to be fucked and I
lowered myself onto her and slid my cock into her
slowly. I moved in and out to get her ready and then I
pushed her legs over my shoulder and rammed my cock
into her hard. I hit the top of her pussy and she came
the first time I did it.

She was really wet and was screaming for more, the
other couple in the room looked at us and I noticed
them staring as I fucked her hard. I came in her hard
and filled her with my come until I pulled out, raised
her mask and told her to clean me off with her mouth.
She was only too willing to oblige and when I looked
at her she was beautiful with my come running out of
her pussy and mouth..

I left them in the room and went to get a drink in the
kitchen and try to find Jean if possible to see how
she was getting on. I was sure I recognised Joan by
the way she wore her costume, she has big tits and a
really sexy arse which I was going to fuck by the end
of this night. I was right it was Joan talking to
another woman, the two of them were laughing and

I needed to use the bathroom, the ones downstairs were
in use so I went upstairs to the main bedroom. I made
sure no one was using the bedroom first, hate to
interrupt people enjoying themselves. I had just
finished and was washing my hands when I heard voices
in the bedroom, I open the door slightly to check out
the bedroom and saw Joan and the other woman enter the

They moved towards the bed, I could not see their
faces as they still had the masks on and I could not
see the very top of the bed where their heads were. I
could see Joan’s hand move up under the woman’s robe
onto her breasts and then down the side of her body
onto her pussy. The woman was moaning with pleasure as
Joan pushed a few fingers into her.

Then Joan stripped off her own robe and I got a good
look at her big breasts, her pussy had being shaved
clean and her pink pussy lips were just showing. She
moved to the bed side locker and took out some kind of
straps, she them placed them around her waist and
asked the woman what colour and size she wanted.

It was then that I figured out what she had on, it was
a strap-on. She reached into the drawer and took out a
big black dildo and put it into the harness. The woman
on the bed opened her pussy and played with herself to
get the juices running so as to allow the dildo into

Joan got onto the bed and positioned the tip of the
dildo at the entrance of the now puffy pussy, she then
pushed a few inches into the woman. She pulled out as
the woman begged for more, Joan then rammed the whole
shaft into the woman and fucked her like any man

I was now playing with my cock and wanted to burst in
and fuck the two of them. They fucked for about ten
minutes until the woman came and Joan got tired.

Joan asked if she enjoyed the fuck, the woman just
nodded and pulled Joan towards her. Joan said she had
another surprise for her and she would be back in
minute with it. Joan left the room and the woman just
played with herself in anticipation of what was to
come. Joan came back into the room with another

What happened next was the most existing thing I have
ever seen, even the porn movies did not match it. The
man stood before the woman on the bed and removed his
robe, he was a big black man with a cock that must
have been 10 inches long and a thick as my fist. Joan
said he was her present to the woman and that he would
do anything she desired. I could not take my eyes off
his cock it looked shining and stood erect from his
body, Joan took hold of it and played with it for a
little while. The woman on the bed did the same and
removed her mask to lick the top of it. It was then I
could see clearly who it was and to my surprise and
excitement it was Jean.

She licked the tip of his cock while Joan kissed his
ball sack, they were getting ready for the fuck of her
life and I could not wait to see him enter her.

He pushed Jean back onto the bed and started to lick
her pussy, he then positioned the head of his cock at
the tip of her pussy and pushed in a little way she
screamed. He then moved in further and kept moving in
and out to get her open until he had it all the way
in. He then pumped in and out as she screamed for him
to fill her pussy with his huge black cock.

She wanted to fuck of her life and to be filled with
his black come. He obliged by shooting his load into
her as she came for the second or third time, I had
lost count as I came also all over the door.

I pushed my way into the bedroom and stood before them
as he still pumped her, she seen me and smiled closing
her eyes as she came still again. I pushed Joan onto
the bed and started to fuck her hard, but not in her
pussy but up her arse. I rode her hard and she told me
what to do because she loved it up there.

Looking at Jean getting fucked by a black guy was a
real turn on and it made my cock so hard that Joan was
getting a really good fuck When the black man finished
with Jean he dressed and left, Jean rolled over and
watched me riding Joan. I asked her was he her first
black, she replied no that when she was younger she
love having blacks suck and fuck her and even when we
were married she still had sex with black men as well.

I was surprised at this as I never knew she likes
blacks, I had asked her before if she fancied a black
fucking her but she said no, she asked me if I enjoyed
looking at them. I said it was great and she said that
she might let me watch again if I do as I am told. I
also had to lick her pussy clean after they finished,
I agreed. It turns out that she liked to have sex with
other men and woman..

This was the biggest turn on and she knew it, my cock
was now erect and ready to fuck someone. Joan said
that she would get us some drinks and be back in a few
minutes, it gave us time to talk about what Jean had
just said. I asked why and she just said that she
liked sex with others and that now I knew she would
fuck me more often, if I still let her fuck others I
agreed as long as she told me all the details.

Joan came back in with Ryan and the drinks, we all sat
on the bed then Ryan reached over to Jean and played
with her nipple and asked if she was enjoying herself
she replied very much. He then took out his cock and
she bent down and took it in her mouth. He said that
he loved the way she sucked cock and that he would
enjoy coming in her mouth which he did.

It turns out that the three of them had been fucking
each other for years and that they were doing so long
before I come along. Joan asked if I wanted a real
fuck and I jumped on her and shoved my cock into her
hot pussy. When we finished I licked Jean’s pussy as
well as she was so full of come I needed to taste how
it felt. It was great.

We left the next day about lunch time and on the way
home Jean asked if I was ok with all that happened and
said. I replied I was and that we would have to be
more open about what happens.

She said that she would tell me everything in future
as long as I did not have a problem with her having
sex with other when she wanted. I said that I had no
problems and that I would do the same if I have sex
with others.

She placed her hand on my cock and smiled because it
was erect as she stroked it. She lifted her skirt and
showed me her naked pussy. She said she often go out
without panties or crotch less ones just to flash her
pussy and see the effect on others. She said she often
got a quick fuck in work that way and asked if I would
like to finger fuck her which I did. I could not wait
to get home and fuck her properly in that hot pussy.

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An adult swing party at a friend’s house