An indian housewife is seduced and brought into the lesbian world by her mature neighbour

An indian housewife is seduced and brought into the lesbian world by her mature neighbour

We had just moved into a new neighborhood in florida. My husband was into marketing so wed often have to change bases depending on where he was posted. My name is Rima and I’m 27. I’m pretty much your average indian housewife living in the US with my husband. Sadly my husband is away most of the times due go work. I am personally a very sexual person and i need to have sex at least once a day. But because of my husband, Ramesh’s job i’ve been forced to compromise.

Our new house was pretty much the average suburban house you’d expect. A nice interior and a beautiful backyard. I was sick and tired of being alone at home all the time oh how i craved for my husbands cock!! Sadly it would be another fortnight till I would be meeting him again. Thoughts of passionate sex began entering my head and my hand reached down to my pussy and my beautiful round and firm breasts just as i began to pleasure myself, i heard the door bell ring.

I rushed to the door wondering who’d visit me as i had just moved in. As i opened the door, a ray of bright light lit the passageway and a beautiful goddess stood there before me!! A tall blonde goddess is what she was. Her eyes were a beautiful blue and her breasts were definitely a 36C or more and her legs were slender and long. Staring at her made me completely wet!! I was dumbstruck!!

“Hi, i just noticed you moved in. My name is Miranda, i guess i’m your new neighbor” she said as she smiled and gently shook my hand. She turned her gaize towards my pussy and saw the big bloch of wetness which could be clearly seen on my shorts and said sheepishly “somebody’s been busy.. I’m sorry to disturb you.”

On hearing this i felt very shy and quickly changed the subject “Well Miranda it was really nice of you to come by and welcome me”
“Actually i was hoping you would join me for dinner over at my place. I live alone and i see even you could use some company.”

“ohh..that would be very nice” i replied trying not to show how stupid i was feeling. I was told to come over by 8. The entire afternoon i could not think of anything except her. Every time i thought of her, my pussy would turn wet thoughts of hot sex with her was all that would fill my mind. As the time approached, i dressed up looking my best. I wore a sexy black dress with spaghetti straps. As i looked in the mirror i caressed my breasts and admired my own body my golden brown skin was glowing. I needed to be fucked. I quickly cleared my mind and went next door.

Miranda was waiting and she welcomed me into her humble but adorable home. We enjoyed some wine and few rounds of whiskey ensued. Afterwards we began talking casually and ate dinner. While talking the topic of our respective lives came up. I told her about my husband and his job.

When I enquired about her she said ” What I’m about to trill you might shock you a bit but i hope it wont affect our newly formed friendship. Rima i am a lesbian and that’s why i never got married. I realized that i was a lesbian right from when i turned 18. And now at 46 I’m still a single lesbian woman living in florida…i hope you’re alright with that”.

I was shocked and at the same time horny like a wild bitch. This was a green signal. I could not believe i was actually aroused by this mature woman!! I summed up the courage and said “Of course not dear, its perfectly natural and kinda hot in a way”. And winked. After i finished my sentence a naughty smile came across Miranda’s face and she said, let me get dessert. Few

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An indian housewife is seduced and brought into the lesbian world by her mature neighbour