An opportunity to experience a bi-sexual encounter

An opportunity to experience a bi-sexual encounter

Bob and Paula had been living together for the last
three years and were my best friends. We played golf
together about every week end and I was at their house
about as much as I was my own apartment. Paula was a
petite little red head with green eyes and a nice trim
little figure. Despite that small frame, she was a
dominate type person and could hit a golf ball as far as
any woman on the LPGA, except she didn’t always know
which direction it was going.

Bob was about my size, 5’11’ and 175 lbs or so, and his
golf game was better than mine, but we played pretty
much even most of the time. There was no doubt that
Paula called the shots in that household and Bob seemed
to be happy with those arrangements. Being good friends,
we had very few secrets and the conversation was as
varied as anything and any topic was fair game. We were
all pretty uninhibited and had talked freely about our
past sexual encounters, partners and even our favorite

We had never done anything remotely sexual ourselves,
that just had never occurred to us but we often would
get aroused recounting hot stories or an incidence from
out of the past. It would always end with me heading
home and Bob and Paula, I imagined, screwing their
brains out after I left. Last Saturday night, when I was
over to their house for dinner, we had several beers
then watched a basketball game. Paula came into the
living room drinking a glass of wine.

She had had wine during dinner too and seemed a little
tipsy, I thought. She sat down next to Bob and placed
her head on his shoulder and kind of snuggled up while
we continued to watch the game. More than once, I saw
her slide her open palm along the inside of Bob’s thigh
and sink lower cuddling up against him like she was
anxious for me to leave so they could get to bed. Just
when I thought about saying goodnight, but you can
imagine my surprise when she said out loud, “Why don’t
we show Jerry the videos you bought last week, they’re a
hell of lot more interesting than this old ball game
you’re watching now.”

“Nah, he doesn’t want to see them, he’s seen x rated
videos before, be still and go to sleep if you want,” I
heard Bob tell her. “He’d like these, I know I did, it
could turn into something interesting, more interesting
than this old basketball game.

“What are they about,” I asked, “that makes them so
interesting to you Paula?”

“Well this one tape, shows a black man and a white guy
making love to this cute little blonde girl in a hotel
room, It is Wild! to say the least.”

“Come on, Honey, get the tape and let’s look at it again
with Fred.”

“Yea, Bob,” I kidded, “get the tape and let’s see what
is so special about it.”

“Paula just likes the idea of thinking about getting
fucked by two cocks at the same time, that’s what her
problem is. She also knows “NOW,” that all men are NOT
created equal. This black guy is really hung, I’ll tell

I said to Bob, “Get the hot tape and let’s see, this
game is over anyhow, Duke has a 26 point lead, let’s
watch something really interesting for a change, like
Paula said.”

Bob got up and went to the bedroom and came out carrying
three video tapes. “You know exactly which one I want to
watch first.” she said.

“Hold your pants on,” Bob yelled and smiled at her, “you
get so damn impatient sometimes when you see a big dick,
especially a big black one.”

Paula smiled at me and winked, telling me that she had
again won the argument and that she was pleased with
herself. Bob slipped the tape into the VCR and returned
to the couch where Paula was sitting and she resumed her
position, cuddled up close to him with her legs crossed
under her as he started the remote control. I wasn’t
sure if she had panties on or not as it was dark under
her skirt, but I could see well up her dress.

I could hear the video cartridge move into place and
then the TV screen showed the leader telling people to
write in their First Amendment letters to the
Congressman about Free Speech and their right to watch
whatever they wanted to watch. That message out of the
way, the screen targeted in on a Resort Hotel and a
window on the third floor. It then showed a couple in
the hotel room and on the bed, fucking like crazy.

The title of the film was “Room Service Salt and Pepper
Style” and just as the camera came in tight for a close-
up of the man’s cock sliding in and out of this blonde
girl’s pink wet pussy, there was a loud knock at the
door. “Room Service,” came a sound from the corridor as
a tall black waiter pushing a serving table, knocked at
the door. The man jumped out of bed and the woman pulled
the sheets up around her neck.

The man told the Waiter to “Wait a second,” and found
his robe and opened the door. The tall, good looking
black man pushed the food cart past the bed toward the
window and as he passed the bed took a long look at the
woman and smiled as he began to set the table.

As in most x rated videos, there is no rhyme or reason
why things happen the way they do, but the next scene
showed the woman sitting on the side of the bed, her
bare breasts clearly showing and the sheet pulled
loosely now around her. She reached out and was stroking
the thigh of the black man and trying to unbuckle his
trousers as he continued to try and set the tray of food
for their dinner.

I looked over at Bob and Paula and she was stroking
Bob’s thigh as she watched the TV screen intently. She
was breathing a little hard and I could see her chest
swell as she breathed. When I returned my gaze to the
TV, the woman had reached into the black man’s pants and
retrieved at least nine inches of large, soft black
meat. I heard Paula gasp at the sight of that black
cock, and at the same time, she unzipped Bob’s pants and
was reaching for his hard cock.

The black waiter stood looking at the blonde woman on
the bed and then he looked at her husband as she leaned
forward and started to suck his massive member into her
mouth trying to make it hard. Her hubby was smiling at
the waiter and shrugged his shoulders. One could clearly
see his saliva coated ebony cock literally grow in her
mouth till all she could get between her lips, was the
large purple helmeted cockhead. Paula was squirming all
over the place by now and had her hand wrapped around
Bob’s cock, jacking him up and down and finally taking
his cock fully into her open mouth.

I looked at her sucking his cock and watching the white
girl on the video tape trying to get of that enormous
black prick into her mouth and to tell the truth, I was
about to burst myself. I raised up, saying
“Do you mind?” then releasing my shorts and freeing my
throbbing cock so that I too, could masturbate while
watching the action on the TV as well as Bob and Paula
on the couch across from me.

Bob was massaging Paula’s breasts and soon had her top
off showing her ample, beautifully shaped titties,
topped by pinkish brown aureoles surrounding her rock
hard nipples. On the TV, the man had removed his robe
and was standing next to the Black waiter, his cock just
inches from his wife�s smiling face. The woman took
turns licking and sucking first the large uncut black
cock, then the smaller, but adequate white circumcised
cock. She even tried to get both cocks into her mouth at
the same time, but because of the combined size, it was
almost impossible.

The two men pushed her back onto the bed, spread her
legs and the white mad inserted his prick between the
lips of her gaping cunt. The black man moved toward the
head of the bed and again, let her expertly gobble his
glistening black cock. After a short while, the men
changed positions and Paula, pulling Bob’s cock from her
mouth exclaimed, “Watch this Fred, he’s going to fuck
her with that monster dong.”

The black man placed the head of his glistening wet cock
at the entrance of the blond’s pussy and pushed ever so
slightly till the large purple head disappeared between
her pussy lips and into her love tunnel. He moved slowly
as, inch by inch, his cock slipped further into her
sopping slit. Bob had removed his pants and they were
down around his ankles. He moved Paula onto his lap,
both of them facing the TV and slipped his hard cock
into his wife�s pussy.

Paula was bouncing up and down on his cock and I could
see the beginning of a circle of cream around the base
of his cock. It showed just how far his cock went into
Paula�s wet pussy. Her clit was fully exposed and I
could stand it no longer. I dropped to my knees and
moved in front of them both my head between their legs.

I licked Paula�s clit but as they moved, it was
impossible for me to just lick her clit without also
licking Robert�s cock shaft too. At one point, Robert�s
cock slipped out of Paula�s wet pussy and was right in
front of my face. I looked at his wet throbbing cock and
slipped it into my mouth and suck him clean as a

Then my tongue lapped at her outer lips and eventually
it parted the petals of her sexual flower, revealing her
excited bright red clit. I hovered like a small, tiny
hummingbird wanting to suck the sweet nectar from her
cunt. Paula was watching hot interracial sex on the TV,
she had sucked her hubby’s hard cock in her warm mouth,
had seen me sucking her hubby�s cock and had an
attentive tongue snaking in and out of her wet pussy.
What more could a sensuous woman ask for?

The black man was pumping his dark meat in that pretty
pink pussy and the blond was sucking her hubby’s cock
just as fast as the black man was fucking her. When her
hubby pulled his spurting cock from her mouth, rivulets
of white cum splashed against her cheeks. The black man
withdrew, spewing thick streamers of white, warm semen
across her stomach and heaving breasts. She was wet from
her face to her pussy. That was the final blow for
Paula, when saw the copious amount of sticky cream
squirting from both of the actors cocks, she climaxed!

My mouth was glued to her crack and my tongue continued
to flick across her hooded clit, decreasing in the
swiftness of my tongue as her climax subsided. Bob,
feeling her tense for her own release, exploded his warm
salty seed into her sucking mouth and down her throat.
She swallowed as fast, and as much as she could, but
some of his love cream oozed from the corners of her
smiling mouth and trickled down her cheeks.

The video started to another short “loop” but we were no
longer interested in the video. Paula, taking the lead,
ordered us to all get undressed and that she wanted to
have both of our cocks in her at the same time. She told
me to lie down on the bed and she straddled me, sinking
my throbbing cock deep into her dripping pussy. As she
impaled herself on my cock, she leaned over on top of me
and kissed me passionately. She was riding my love
muscle in a piston like fashion when she “ordered” Bob
to get behind her and put his cock up her ass. “Do it
Now!” she demanded.

Bob moved quickly in behind us on the bed and moisten
his prick with saliva, as he guided his stiff member to
the tight little rosebud entrance of her ass. He pushed,
slightly, persistently, again, until just the tip
entered her. As she relaxed, the tight anal opening
allowed Bob to enter her further and I could actually
feel his cock rub up against mine as it moved on the
other side of the thin membrane between her cunt and
ass. “Oh, Yes, Yes, Yes, Oh, God that feels soooooo
good, I’m stuffed with cock,” Paula sighed.

It was difficult to gauge the tempo of our strokes so
that the ultimate pleasure was afforded to Paula. But
when we synchronized our movements, she whimpered like a
little girl, her pleasure flooding her entire being. Bob
was the first to cum. I suppose because of the tightness
of her ass around his cock, but he dumped his hot load
deep into her asshole and I could feel his cum dripping
down from the crack of her ass, along my cock and onto
my thighs. When he spilled his cream into her like that,
Paula shuddered, and screamed, as her own climax
consumed her.

She rocked up and down on my rigid pole until I could
hold back no longer. “I’m cuumming,” I said and
proceeded to fill her slit with my warm, sticky semen.

She raised up, and gathering my wet dick in her hand,
lowered her warm open mouth around my cock. She cleaned
my cock and removed the remaining droplets of cum from
the tip of my cock, smiling at Bob and I as she finished
her task. “Now, isn’t that better than watching an old
basketball game?” We agreed that it was and we also
looked forward to having additional fun after we had
recuperated from this recent sex bout.

We all rested for awhile and indifferently watching the
end of the video tape of other people fucking and
sucking. I felt Paula starting to stroke my cock again
coaxing it to rise once again. Bob said that the
“voyeur” in him wanted to get closer look at Paula as
she started to suck my cock again as I lay on the bed.
The sensations of her warm, wet mouth wrapped around my
now hard prick were marvelous and I closed my eyes
relishing the excitement and feeling of her warm sucking
mouth. She would pull my throbbing cock fully in her
mouth and then take it completely out again. I could
feel the exquisite pleasure of her lips pushing back the
foreskin of my member as she sank deeper and deeper.

Oh, what a wonderful cocksucker she was I thought as I
lay there with my eyes closed. I felt a leg move up
around my face and when I opened my eyes, Paula was
lowering her pussy toward my mouth and it was gaping
open with the puffy lips parted like a delicious taco.
Instinctively, my tongue darted out and plowed into the
folds of her sweet, moist crack. It was then that I
realized that my cock was still lodged in a warm sucking
mouth and I looked down to see my cock being fully
consumed in Bob’s mouth.

He was sucking my cock as his wife was feeding me her
dripping pussy. Paula was facing toward him and they
both could watch each other giving and receiving
pleasure. I heard Paula whisper, “That’s it Baby, suck
him, just like you fantasized. Take him deep in your
mouth, make him cum!” With his mouth and tongue working
the upper part of my shaft, Bob could watch my tongue
snaking in and out of Paula’s extended pussy lips.

She, on the other hand, had a full, and unobstructed
view of her husband sucking his best friends cock. Paula
loved it! The sensations for me were excruciating. I
felt my boiling semen start to rise to the ultimate, an
eruption. I increased my tempo with my tongue on Paula
and pulled her hooded little clit between my lips and
sucked it hard. Bob, sensing my impending climax,
increased his speed too.

We were on a path of no return and I felt my legs
stiffen as I shot a copious amount of white sticky goo
against the back of Bob’s throat. He gaged for just an
instant as he pulled his mouth from my cock and another
streamer of warm frothy semen splashed across his face,
lips and chin. He was smiling from the excitement and
seeing all of this, Paula, flooded my face and my
probing tongue with her warm love juice.

“Suck him Honey!”

I heard Paula shout as she continued to grind her wet
muff into my face. “Take all of his sweet cream and hold
some in your mouth. I want to share it with you.” Paula
then leaned forward placing her mouth close to Bob’s and
they kissed, passing my warm sticky nectar back and
forth. Paula fell off of me and I looked down to see
them finishing kissing and tasting my cum. With my own
face covered with her wet, slippery cum,

I kissed them both and we rested and soon fell asleep,
exhausted from a beautiful and sensuous sexual
relationship. It was my first time to be sucked off by
another guy, and I realized too, that I had sucked his
cock in the heat of passion and wondered if I would
consider doing the same thing again? We slept for
several hours and when I awakened, Paula and Bob were
not in the bed.

I could smell bacon and eggs cooking and when I walked
into the kitchen, they were sitting at the table having
a cup of coffee. There was a brief moment of uneasiness,
maybe embarrassment, maybe even a little tension at the
table, but I also know that they had been talking about
what had happened earlier. Paula was the first to speak.
“I hope you are not upset with what happened.

We have fantasized about just that very situation for
many months, you know…., what it would be like to feel
two cocks at the same time for me and then for Bob to
suck your cock. Bob has asked me about how it feels to
have a cock in my mouth and what does cum taste like.. I
think he has been bi curious for some time now.”

I looked at Bob a little nervously and at first, he was
very stern, but a smile crossed his face and he said,
“Fred, it was terrific, it really was and I really
enjoyed sucking your cock… and I know I did a good
job, because I watched the expression on your face when
you came. Just having your hard prick in my mouth and
watching your tongue slip in and out of Paula’s pussy at
the same time, well, it was the most exciting moment of
my life. Tell me you liked what I did and that you are
not mad.”

I thought for a moment and said, “No, I’m not mad and
you did a great job, it just caught me by surprise is
all. Did you really enjoy doing that to me?”

“Sure did man, it was terrific and it was Paula who set
this whole thing up, she told me what I would be
expected to do. She likes telling me to do kinky things
and has several kinky ideas she wants me to do for her.
It is special having her tell me what she wants next.
Her being there and directing was so sensual.

“We have talked about having another woman join us too
sometime, or three guys to fill all of her openings, you
know, but we haven’t been able to do that yet. Paula is
as anxious to lick a pussy as I was to taste a hard
cock. You have been such a close friend, well it was
just natural for the three of us to get together.”

We all ate breakfast and talked about the events that
had taken place and we talked about what we would like
to have done in addition to what actually happened
earlier last night. The conversation was arousing to say
the least and before too long, I was hard as a rock and
knew that Bob and Paula were equally horny again. I was
just in my undershorts as were Bob and Paula. My cock
had peeked out from my shorts and when Paula took my
plate away, she touched my prick and gave it a little
squeeze. “Had you ever sucked a guy’s cock Fred?” she
asked inquiringly. “No, I never have, until last night”
I said a little nervously.

“I’d really like to see you suck Bob’s cock, again just
like he sucked yours last night, maybe even see you two
guys go sixty nine and be sucking each other at the same
time. Wow! That would be one hot scene.”

Bob stood up and I could see the large bulge in his
shorts and he reached in and removed his cock, stroking
it as he walked between Paula and I were sitting. Paula
had her arm around his waist and Bob walked up so close
holding his throbbing prick that was now just inches
from our faces. Paula opened her mouth and sucked her
hubby’s cock all the while looking at me. I could see
her smile as she expertly ran her lips and tongue along
his hard cock.

“I love watching a woman suck a cock, especially this
close and you have such a wonderful talent.” I said.
Paula slipped his cock in and out of her mouth making
his shaft glisten with her saliva.

“I would love to watch you suck his cock too, you know,
turnabout is Fair Play, as they say!” Paula said smiling
and then proceeded to gently push my head toward the wet
shaft of her husband’s throbbing prick. I could see the
engorged blood veins surrounding his shaft and the drop
of pre cum that was forming at the eye.

This was the moment of truth and I knew that it was what
I really wanted to try as I had thought about it myself.
I guess I wanted it just as much as Bob had wanted it
the night before and voluntarily, my mouth opened and I
took the drop of pre cum onto the tip of my tongue. I
savored the texture and quickly pulled Bob’s cock into
my warm open mouth, careful not to grate my teeth across
his sensitive crown of his member. Paula softly said,
“Oh yes, that’s it, suck that sweet cock, it’s so nice!”
as she continued to push lightly against my head as she
offered her encouragement.

“Her encouragement hell, she was directing this whole
thing to her own desires and satisfaction.” I thought to
myself. “How does it feel Baby?” she asked her husband,
then turning to me said, “Would you like Bob to cum in
your mouth, just like you did for him last night?”

Paula orchestrated this whole affair and she was
enjoying her dominate roll as task master. I could feel
Bob moving his hips toward me as his cock would slide in
and out of my sucking mouth. “Shoot that sweet sticky
cum into his mouth, Honey, I want to see your semen all
over his face.” Paula was really hot and she dropped to
her knees and took my swollen cock into her mouth as I
continued to suck her husband’s pecker.

She quickly pulled her mouth from my cock and pulled
Bob’s cock from my mouth to her mouth and licked the
entire shaft before placing it back into my open mouth.
She then returned to my cock and concentrated on getting
me off, hoping for me to cum at the precise moment Bob
would flood my face with his warm ejaculate. I felt Bob
tense up and I increased both the pressure of my lips
around his cockhead and the sucking action of my mouth.

I felt him jerk and splash after splash of musky jism
coated the back of my throat. I swallowed as fast and as
much as I could but could not keep up with the volume of
cream spewing from his wonderful man flesh.

Bob pulled his meat from my mouth and aimed the
remaining vollies of hot juice all over my face as he
had been directed by Paula. It felt wonderful to have
the warm fluid drip down my face and chin and as I was
relishing those exquisite sensations, I dumped my own
load deep into Paula’s mouth.

The heavy breathing and moans of passion were still
ringing in our ears as we all kissed each other and
mixed the juices of our sexual encounter on our wet
lips. I couldn’t recall when I had been so passionate or
consumed with pure lust. It was a very special moment,
one which I enjoyed immensely and vowed to do it again,
as often as I could find suitable partners. I knew at
that moment I was truly a bi sexual person and that my
sexual opportunities would now be endless with my good
and special friends, Robert and Paula.

We still get together when we have the opportunity and
rekindle old times.

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An opportunity to experience a bi-sexual encounter