An unexpected shag.. With my sister PART 2

An unexpected shag.. With my sister PART 2

I didn’t have to wait long before hearing Helen running up the stairs, but before she came into my room she first went to see mum. Before I could start panicking about what they were talking about Helen was in my room and putting the stopper in my door.

“Mum just said she’s going to be at least an hour working and dads not due back for a while,” Helen said with a big smile.

I decided not to put the dvd back on as it had sex scenes in it, even though it would of made us hornier I’m sure mum would hear moaning and come barging in, so I put on some music instead, loud enough to cover our noises but quiet enough to hear other peoples.

Helen came straight towards me and passionately started kissing me, sliding her tongue in my mouth. Damn she tasted good. I pushed her onto the bed and started taking off her damp leggings. Her breathing became very hard and fast with excitement which got me even hornier.
Once the leggings were off I went back to kissing her yummy lips. In all the times I’ve kissed girls I’ve never been this passionate and wanting more. Helen drove me crazy.

We kept kissing passionately as i slid my hand between Helens legs. Her knickers were still on so I moved them over with my fingers and felt the most warmest, wettest and inviting pussy ever. I slid 1 finger into her hole at first to get her started. Last thing I needed was for mum to hear Helen scream.
I slid another finger in and started finger fucking my sisters pussy pretty damn hard and she loved it!! Helen was moaning in my ear and saying my name over and over.

I took my fingers out of her pussy and started rubbing her clit, this really did get her. I had to shove my tongue in her mouth to shut her up. She retaliated by scratching my back really hard, so hard in fact she drew blood.

As i rubbed her clit faster Helens hips started rocking back and forth. She was close.

“OMG Ryan, your amazing. I love it, I love you, I want you”

I was really going for it now. I needed her to come. I frantically rubbed her clit encouraging her to cum. Her breathing got fast and shallow then she let out a squeal. I kissed her quickly and slid my fingers in her pussy as I felt her orgasm crush my fingers.

I stopped playing with my sisters pussy to give her chance to to settle down. She was playing with my hair and smiling at me, her eyes fixed to mine.

“That was incredible, thank you Ryan”

She was talking to me like she was in love with me, her lover, well I was about to stop this moment.

“Im glad, but I’m not done with you yet. You got a taste of me earlier, now i get to taste you.”

Boy did her eyes widen. She definitely wasn’t expecting this, but there I was going down on her.

I took off her knickers and spread Helens legs and took a good look at her pussy. It was fully shaven and Helen being a bigger girl her lips were a bit bigger and they looked tasty. I put my head between her legs and took a big inhale to smell her juices, it was amazing. I used my fingers to spread her lips and slid my tongue in her hole licking up the juices that were already there and making a new lot for me to lick up.
Helen wrapped her legs around my head so there was no escape, it looked like id have to eat her out to get out. As her legs were wrapped around my head I couldnt hear anything so mum could come in any time from Helens moans, I’m hoping she’s covering her moans up.

Time was oblivious to me being trapped eating my sisters pussy. I only knew she was getting wetter and wetter, but once again our moment was ruined.

Helen’s legs unwrapped and I heard him.

“I’M HOME!!!!” dad called up.

“shit…shit” Helen was moving around frantically hiding her clothes and then she threw herself in my bed so that her pussy was covered.

I jumped up and grabbed a magazine from my side and Helen got her phone.

My dad threw open my bedroom door, so it turns out my door stopper is crap.

“Hey guys I’m back… Aww you having a romantic night in together?” dad said.

“Haha funny dad, you ok? how was work? I asked.

“I’m ok, work was tiring, I’m going straight to bed though, where’s your mother?’

“she’s in the study,” I answered.

“Ok well don’t you two stay up too late will you. Helen you not talking? why don’t you give your dad a kiss goodnight?”

“Huh what?” Helen pretended not to hear because of her phone, but I saw the look of fear in her eyes. How could she get up without showing thats she’s got a soaking wet pussy in my bed?

“I’m joking kiddo, I know your too old for that, I remember when you used to say you loved me too before going to sleep but time flys”

“Night dad, love you” said Helen.

“Yeah night dad”

Dad left the room chuckling to himself and talking about the good old times.

“That was too close. Can you imagine what he’d do if he saw me naked waist down?”

“Yeah it wouldn’t be pretty”

We heard quiet talking from mum and dad, I guess mum gave up with work as we heard them both brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed.

“Night” mum shouted out.

“Night mum” me and Helen said in unison. “I’m going to bed too now,” Helen added.

Helen got out of my bed grabbed her stuff and darted into her room and shut the door behind her. I went to my door closing it and throwing my door stopper in the bin. Stupid thing.
It wasn’t long before I heard dad’s soft snoring and assumed they were both asleep. By this time the CD had finished and I was getting in bed. I sleep in just boxers as it’s far too hot, as I laid down i felt the wet patch on my side. Wow Helen left a great reminder of what just happened in my bed.

About 10 minutes later, as I laid there looking at my ceiling with the images of today in my head I heard my door close gently. I looked down and saw my sister standing there naked. Wow what a site, the 1st thing I noticed were her breasts. They were big and her nipples looked very suckable. Then her tummy, being a larger girl she had a bit of it there but it was perfect. It wasn’t huge, slightly more than average.

She walked slowly over to my bed and pulled the covers and got in, covering herself with the covers again. My sister was naked in my bed and I became so aroused.

“Do you like what you see?”

“Yes Helen, I’ve thought about you naked for a long time now and your much sexier than I expected.”

“I want you to be my first”

“Are you sure. That is really going over the limit. I mean what we’ve done already is not normal. We can get in so much trouble.”

“Yes I’m sure, I’ve wanted this for a long time now”


Me and Helen started kissing again, more softly this time but still passionately enough to know we wanted each other badly. My hands we’re already caressing her amazing boobs and rubbing her tummy. I started playing with my sisters nipples and her hand went down to my boxers and starting rubbing my dick. I took off my boxers so that my sister could get a good hold of my cock.

“Suck me baby”

“I dont know how”

“Just treat my cock like a lolly pop”

Helen hesitated but then went down and started licking my dick. Wow it was amazing, she may not know how to suck but she definitely can tease. Then she pulled my foreskin back showing my head and she slowly but it in her mouth.
My sister had the head of my cock in my mouth and was swirling her tongue all around it and sucking me hard.

“Ah that’s it baby” i gently moaned.

I grabbed my sisters hair and took control of the situation, i kept her head still as i pushed my dick further in and then out. As i kept doing this she took over herself. Now she was really going for it proving her sister was good at blowing and to finish it off she slid my whole dick in her mouth and down her throat, making her gag a little.

“How was that?” she asked.

“That was amazing, you can deep throat my cock anytime”
Helen giggled.

“You ready?” I asked.


I laid Helen, my sister, onto my bed. She was breathing deeply. I slowly got on top of her and started kissing her, she responded by kissing me back and spreading her legs. I grabbed my dick and guided to Helens pussy. I slowly pushed it in, not too far but enough for Helen to get a feel of it and without her crying out. But even the little bit I put in caused a heavy in breath and a moan. I kissed her frantically to stop the noises again.

“It hurts, but it’s nice too” she said.

I agreed it was nice, my dick in her tight virgin pussy. I carried on pushing to get more in until it was all in.
Helen scratched my back out in pain and pleasure and it felt good. Now my dick was all the way in her pussy was open enough for me to start, so I began slowly fucking my sister.
I enjoyed watching my sisters facial expressions and her boobs bouncing up and down in time with my dick.

“I love you Ryan”
“I love you too Helen”

I started thrusting harder and faster now and Helen was moaning with enjoyment. She loved my dick in her. I wanted to change positions but as it’s her first time I decided to carry on the way we were. Besides I was close to cumming.

As I felt myself about to explode I warned her.

“I’m cumming Helen”

“mm in my pussy”

I carried on fucking her until I felt my my shot of cum fly into her. I was shaking where it felt so good, as more cum was sent into my sisters pussy.
As it ended I laid down next to her, both of us panting hard.

“Thank you Ryan, you were amazing and you treated me great”
“Its ok sis”

We shared a kiss and snuggled up together to go to sleep, not thinking if mum or dad would wake up in the morning and come in to find us together.

“Hey, can we do it again tomorrow when mum and dad go to work?” Helen asked.
“Sure why not, were already going to hell!”

With that we fell asleep both looking forward to tomorrow.

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An unexpected shag.. With my sister PART 2