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Anushka Shetty banged in Pink Saree by Native Africans

Anushka Shetty banged in Pink Saree by Native Africans

Now they both were in a back down situation, now Anushka wit out any hesitation signalled Mark askin him, whether he was over or he wants more of her. Mark was in no position to finish so soon, wit achieving wat he wanted. So, he signalled the Bar owner, who too after getting his signal pressed some button, making an secret door to open. Due, the mouth fuck & frequent pinching of her boobs Saree all got misplaced. So, she wasn’t in no position to get up, but Mark didn’t want to waste any time out. So, he quickly lifted Anushka into his hand & started to walk up.

The room was really spacious, filled wit Aroma & a king size bed in the middle, but wat shocked the most was presence of Cameras all over the room. First, Anushka was hesitant doing these stuff in front of the camera. But, now Mark was ready as Bull & he was ready to taste Anushka right there, right now. Even, Anushka wanted to get her way into gang & he was only ticket to way in. So, she didn’t feel bad & shy the way in which the guys outside were gonna enjoy their sex show. While, the guys outside switched on the tv as soon as both entered into room.

Mark wasn’t there to be stopped, as quickly he fell in the bed, removed all his dresses to become naked. Anushka became shy on seeing his nakedness, bcoz never in her life has seen an man naked in a closer range, due to it she was also getting turned on but she didn’t want to immediately give her way in as she wanted to tease Mark more. So, wen Mark extended his hands Anushka rejected his hands & started to run giving an real show of her boobs & navel to Mark & the guys outside. On, seeing this Mark couldn’t control himself, he too started to run behind her. Anushka was giving a real show as her boobs & her big ass were bouncing rhythmically to her jumps, which was giving an hard on to all. Soon, Mark got hold of her by her boobs & lifting her all over the room, so he can take her close to camera to expose her sexy boobs. Anushka was getting red in shy but at the same time was getting real turned thinking how the guys were enjoying her erotic show.

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Mark was now like a beast who was beyond his control. So, he quickly threw Anushka in the bed & fell over her immediately. So, while his hands yes trying to remove his pallu, he was kissing all over Anushka’s face. She was looking really gr8, it won’t happen in any guys life to get chance of fucking a beauty of this class. So he continued to lick her face, give soft kisses on her chin, cheeks, neck & nape. Seeing the reactions of Anushka, it seemed tat Mark’s experiment was paying off. As, she started to give soft moans, bit her lips, close her thighs tightly as she was feeling the kisses. While, the guys couldn’t control their tension, seeing the erotic expressions given by Anushka to the kisses given by Mark. They were totally enjoying the show. Soon, Mark got hold of her pallu, which she carefully & removed of her body, so tat she can stayin her blouse & petticoat.


Mark, got down to body, starting to give kisses to her waist, while his hand went further down her petticoat to feel the hot pussy of Anushka. Anushka was sensing the danger of her for the first time some one was going to feel her pussy, even break her virginity lock. While, Mark kept his hands over panty, and started to feel pussy which were by an thick bush of hair, telling u tat Anushka didn’t have sex often. Mark was totally enjoying the pleasure, while even Anushka was crumblling to the soft actions of Mark over her body.

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Anushka, never in her life thought tat her beautiful body would be provided wit love by an ugly African, but in those situations, Anushka had no other way but to enjoy those situations, as he was getting hotter minute by minute, while it seemed as though her pussy were leaking juices out of control. Anushka,moaned, begged Mark to remove his hands. But, Mark wit out any reactions continued his actions, as he totally enjoying the view of how her pussy were leaking her. Anushka was now totally sexually frustrated & so she totally forgot about herself & she too even pressed her hands over him, to make him feel her pussy closer.

Now, being Anushka in his control, the Mark decided to take Anushka for his own & removed her petticoat to make this Southern beauty mostly naked wit only two small clothes covering her valuable assets. Mark was totally enjoying his views, bcoz though the girls were having good assets they weren’t half as beautiful as American ladies. It is better to say tat they were feasting on her body. Now Mark wanted to tease Anushka in return. So, now put his hands & quickly removed her panties to make fully naked from below wit only her thick bush hair cover her secrets.

As, Anushka gets ready for her action wit the next guy

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Anushka Shetty banged in Pink Saree by Native Africans

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