Aunt Jane came to fuck

Aunt Jane came to fuck

I had been married to my wife for six years. From day
one, everyone went to her aunt Wilma’s house to hang
out, grab a drink, play cards and in general just chill
out. It was where I could go for a good game of poker,
as she was 67 years old and retired. I never thought
anything freaky about her because she was so cool.

One night, a Friday, I was at Wilma’s and we had played
cards a couple hours and we had downed a few drinks.

It was about 10 p.m., the news was coming on and I
decided to leave. Wilma walked me to the car as we
chatted, business as usual.

When I got into the car, I rolled down the window
because she was still chatting. Wilma reached into the
car and rubbed my dick through my pants. I was floored!

I didn’t know what to say and Wilma continued to rub it
and asked me to come back in and let her suck it.

“I want to put that thing in my mouth Joseph,” she

Imagine how much in shock I was. Here’s my wife’s aunt,
gray headed Wilma, who was a nice looking woman, but
nonetheless, she’s kin to me by marriage.

The alcohol helped me decide to go back in.

I walk in the house and Wilma starts kissing me and I’m
groping her ass, which was nice.

Wilma is 5’6, about 140 pounds, really nice with a
round ass, perfect skin and tits that sit up high in
her bra, but sag when she takes it off.

As we’re standing there groping and kissing, I lean
Wilma back onto the couch and pull her pants down
enough to start fingering her pussy.

After I got a finger on the clit, she stood up,
undressed and then pulled my pants down and took my
dick into her mouth. She had me sit back in the
recliner and she was deep-throating my dick as I played
with her sagging tits.

Wilma had my dick feeling so good going down her throat
until I started to cum after about five minutes. I
grabbed the back of her head and started to fuck her
mouth. She never let up and when I cummed she continued
to throat my dick, swallowing all the cum and then
continued to suck it until it got hard again.

Then Wilma stood up and man, what a body! She had a
flat stomach and her full bush was salt and pepper

I grabbed her hand and we went to her bedroom. I cut on
the lights to take in the full view. And I got on my
knees and started to eat her pussy.

She was going crazy moaning like, “Awww! Oooh, eeeh! Oh
yeah! Umm hmm baby. Umm hmm, damn!”

After bringing Aunt Wilma to an orgasm, I mounted her
right there on her bed. I slid my dick into her slowly
and she was breathing hard, grunting and moaning all
along. She was licking the side of my face and my neck,
and giving me her tongue.

I was missionary style with Aunt Wilma and I was
getting all kinds of reactions from her every time I
sunk my dick into her. She was ultra sensitive.

She started cooing and breathing hard after a few
minutes. She was cumming again and had her arms wrapped
around my neck, pushing me hard into her pussy. I
really started to bang that pussy.

She got up and cut the lights off. I flipped her over
and fucked her doggy style a few minutes when she
arose, asking me to let her get on top, which I did.

The next half hour we fucked really slowly with her
kissing me a lot, placing pressure on her clit as she
rode me.

She cummed twice more. As I tensed up to cum, grabbing
her ass cheeks and pulling her hard down onto me, she
straightened up, riding me like I was a horse.

As I cummed, I grabbed her shoulders slamming dick into
her and she started her moaning and screaming.

“Ooh, eeeh. Shit! Oooh this big dick is good nephew.
Dick so good. Dick so damn good. Shit!” Wilma was

I had cummed three times in a span of less than two
hours. She stopped bucking and just laid on me
grinding. My dick was softening up.

After 10 minutes or so of grinding, she had cummed
again. I felt all kinds of juices beneath me in the
bed. Her cum and mine had both our pubic mounds wet.
Cum had found its way to the sheets by falling down my

I got up and told Wilma I needed to leave or my wife,
her sister’s child, would get worried.

We both went to the restroom, Wilma running bathwater
and me trying to wipe up with a soapy towel in the

She convinced me to take a quick bath. I did so as she
sat there staring at me, the dick who had just brought
her back around.

I wiped off in the bedroom as she started to change the
sheets. They were a mess, full of cum. The room smelled
of sex.

I left and went home.

The next day on my lunch break, I went by Wilma’s for a
quickie. I dropped my pants and sat on the edge of the
bed. She fell to her knees started to suck me off.
After I was good and hard, I pulled her up, her pussy
in my face, I licked her crack and she was already wet.

At the dinner table, the same place she had prepared
for me a baked potato and a broiled rib-eye steak, I
lifted her up and placed her on the table. I fucked her
facing me, with her licking my face, kissing me. I came
and pulled away.

Later that evening, I left the house saying I was going
to play cards with her again.

I walked through the door, the hot kiss awaited me.
After so much foreplay, I turned her around to approach
her doggy style and was absolutely floored to see her
asshole standing wide open. She had been fucked a lot
in it, I could easily tell. I asked her could I fuck
her there.

“Not right now baby. Wait until tomorrow. I have to get
cleaned up,” she said.

I started fucking her doggy style in the pussy and
after she had cummed, I rose up and went to the
restroom, telling her I had to pee, but for her to
remain as she was.

I had to stick my dick in her ass. I had never fucked
one before, but had seen it plenty in the porno movies
and had heard other guys talking about it.

I searched the bathroom counter and the cabinet for
some lubricant. I could find nothing but some hand
lotion. I rubbed my dick up with it and got behind
Wilma squeezing a huge clump of it right onto her ass

She had expected me to get back into the pussy.
Surprise, I aimed straight at her ass and eased in as
she tried to get up.

“No Wilma. Hold on baby. I need to do this,” I said as
I started back and forth into her asshole.

It was hot and tight and I was humping like hell, the
smell of rotted turnip greens ‘ last night’s dinner,
rising as I slammed nine inches of long, hard black
dick into her bottom, all the while rubbing her pussy
with my right hand.

She was cumming again and this time I was cumming too.
I speeded up the tempo and she started to squeal loud.

“Ahhh, shit! Oooh, shit baby you’re all the way in me.
Oh baby I love you baby. I love you,” she said as she
grabbed the bed covers and laid straight out, moaning.

“Oooh Wilma, this ass is so good,” I moaned as I shot
my cum into her bowels after five minutes of hard
fucking. I kept rolling until my softened dick fell

As I withdrew, cum seeped out of her ass. My dick had
speckles of shit all over it. I grabbed a towel and
wiped up, then put it at her ass crack as she arose.

Needless to say that over the next few years, Wilma and
I have fucked at least three times a week. And when I’m
out around the city on my job, I often stop by to get a
blowjob. She was the first woman to do it like she did.
She was the first woman to swallow my cum, or to suck
my cock down her throat, using the muscles to get me

We’ve had a couple of close calls, like the time my
wife came home unexpectedly as Wilma was sucking my
dick on the couch and I had her panties off, playing in
her pussy. Wilma hurriedly dressed and we sat at the
table as if we were playing cards.

Then there was the time my mother in law Brenda came by
Wilma’s house and we were in the middle of a good fuck.
When she rang the doorbell that night, I was close to
cumming. I was stark naked in Wilma’s bed. My mother in
law had been at the door for more than a minute, which
would make you suspicious.

Wilma jumped up, dressed and I did the same in record

I sat in the front room, a glass of bourbon in front of
me and shuffling cards. Wilma went to the door and
opened it.

The last person I had expected to see was my mother in
law Brenda. But I played it cool.

“What’s going on in here?” mom in law asked. “Why did
it take so long to open the door?”

Wilma said she had been in the restroom and she turned
to me asking, “Why didn’t you open the door boy?”

“Aunt Wilma,” I responded. “This isn’t my house. I
didn’t know who was at the door. That’s why I told you
someone was ringing the bell.”

“Well next time you know to go ahead and open it,” Aunt
Wilma said.

My mother in law looked strangely, as if she wasn’t
buying the story. She walked down the hall and went
straight to Wilma’s bedroom. She figured some shit was
up because the bed was messed up with the sheets pulled
back. She might have even smelled the scent of fresh
fucked pussy. But I played it cool.

“Aunt Wilma, can you come on and finish your hand? You
know I’m still waiting to bet on this hand and it’s not
fair for you to wait until I get a winning hand to want
to quit,” I said.

Brenda sat there as she and Wilma and I chatted. Then
after about 15 minutes Brenda said she was leaving. I
told her I was leaving too in just a little bit. To
make things look a little more realistic, I raised the
ante, telling Wilma I was betting half my stack on the
hand I had. I purposely focused on the cards to throw
off Brenda.

“You folks can have your card games this late at night.
I’m going home and getting in the bed,” Brenda said.

As she left, we waited to hear the car pull away. When
it did, we went right back at it, but this time on the
living room floor.

We fucked another 15 to 20 minutes. We both cummed and
got our nuts popped.

Then I went home.

It’s been several years since we’ve been doing it now.
I’ve never had anyone to suck me off like Wilma. I’ve
never had the luck of fucking anyone else in the ass,
except Wilma. She’s 72 and is still sexy as hell. I
shaved her pussy and now she has only a small landing
strip there.

She knows when to give me what I want. And when I fuck
her asshole now, she’s always had it cleaned out and
lets me do the lubing with KY Jelly.

Talk about the perfect fuck to get you off away from
home. This is it. I wished I had met Aunt Wilma 20
years before I did.

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Aunt Jane came to fuck