Beautiful Girlfriend Asha Deflowered At Farmhouse

Beautiful Girlfriend Asha Deflowered At Farmhouse

Hello everyone, my name is Vinod, 26 years old, and a big fan of ISS. I am going to describe how I met and fucked my beautiful girlfriend. Her name is Asha. This was before Covid 19.

I proposed to Asha and she accepted. I told her about my plan for sex and she was ok with it. But she did not talk about that for a while, actually for almost 2 weeks.

Then one day my girlfriend told me that she was ready to have sex. I was a bit shocked as I thought she will take more time to think about it. I started to plan and told her to stay at home as she would be late if she had to attend extra classes.

My farmhouse was 40 km from Bangalore. I took my car and picked her up. While driving, I told my gf Asha to talk freely and be frank with me. She agreed with this.

Around 10 km from my farmhouse, I started getting frisky. First, I kept my car at a constant speed and then slowly kept my hand on her leg. Slowly I went higher up and she spread her legs. This was a green signal for me.

I tried to put my hand inside but it was difficult as I had one hand on the car steering wheel. I removed my hand from there. I then stopped at a local medical and bought some condoms. She knew why I had stopped and had a shy smile on her face.

It was a 5-minute drive to my farmhouse and finally, we reached. I opened the gate, took the car in, and then closed the gate. I told her to go into the house, but she said, “Let’s take a walk.” I agreed and we set off enjoying the fresh air and nature.

Then we came back and entered the house. As soon as we entered, I held her from the back. She seemed shocked by my move. I whispered in her ears, “Let’s go to the bedroom,” and I directed her there. Once in the room, I removed her top and she was shy. I told her not to worry as I too will be naked in a few minutes.

My girlfriend laughed and gave me a look no man can resist. I removed my clothes and was now only in my inners. I came near her and pushed her on the bed. I started kissing her and removing her pants at the same time.

Now, she was only in her inners. I asked her if I can remove those too? She said, “Ok,” in a weird way which said, “I don’t care.” I removed Asha’s bra and slowly went down kissing her boobs and her stomach till I reached the panty she was wearing. I removed that too and she was completely naked. She had trimmed her bush for this occasion and it was clean.

I kissed my girlfriend’s pussy but as soon as I kissed she held my head and asked me not to kiss there.

I told her that I will not tickle her and she will be surprised by the result. I started working with my tongue as I licked her pussy and she became wet below. I didn’t want to lick the wetness so I stopped.

I pulled her on top of me and asked her to remove my inners. She readily did that. She saw my penis and was shocked. She asked me, “When did you trim your hair?” I told her that I did it 2 days ago.

I asked her to kiss it and she did. Then I told her to take it inside the mouth and she tried, but she didn’t know how to give me a blowjob. I had to guide and teach her. Finally, she managed to take one-third of my rod inside her mouth and my tool had become fully erect now.

I told her to move as I need to reach my pants. She said she will get it for me, stood up, and gave it to me. I found the packet of condoms in the pocket. I opened up the condom packet and she was looking at me silently.

To break the silence, I told her that I am ready and told her to lie down on her back near the corner of the bed. She did, then I told her to spread her legs, but she was afraid. I started kissing her and while kissing I started to spread her legs.

I tried to insert my tool but Asha’s pussy was tight and she was in pain. I told her to calm down, in the second attempt, I was able to insert 1/4th of my penis. I asked her if I can continue and she said ok.

I inserted half of my dick but she was still in pain. I didn’t want to make her cry and again I asked her if I should continue? She nodded.

Then I thrust fully in one go and my girlfriend was in great pain. I didn’t move for 30 seconds, but she said it was still paining, so I removed my penis to see if it had blood. There was no blood. I told her to relax and again I thrust my penis in one go.

This time there was less pain and she could bear it. I started moving and every time I inserted deep, she was in heaven. After like 12-15 strokes, I came. As I was wearing a condom so I didn’t have to worry.

I lay down beside her and took rest.

I asked her, “How was it?” She said, “Ok..ok” in a good way.

I said to her, “Let’s take a shower” and I took her to the bathroom. When she saw the bathtub she said, “Let’s get in the bathtub,” as she was close by and naked, my penis began to rise again.

Seeing that, she told me to get another condom. I took it and wore it and came. I told her to spread which she did. Now I knew she was in control. I inserted my cock and started pumping my virgin girlfriend she was making loud noises. I told her, “Let’s go to the bedroom as it was difficult to do it in the bath-tub.”

She came with me. I took a towel and wiped myself then wiped her. Again I inserted and started having fun. She also started enjoying it and I continued for some time till she came.

I was surprised by that. I told her that I need a BJ, and I removed the condom. She got up and got on her knees. As soon as she started, I held her head and mouth fucked her. It was great. I didn’t tell her that I was going to cum.

I inserted deep in her mouth and she held my legs for support as I came in her mouth. My girlfriend drank some and spit some on the floor. Then she got up and wore her panty. I told her that we will do another round in a while, but she was not ready.

I was okay with that. We put on our clothes, and I went to the kitchen and prepared Maggi for both of us. She hugged me from behind and whispered, “Ed, it was the best time.” After eating, we locked the door and came back to the city.

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Beautiful Girlfriend Asha Deflowered At Farmhouse