Being shared and used, while cheating a story for Leah my reader

For Leah, I decided to give you a sexual update to the things I’ve done in the past, which gave me a sense of control and allowed my main lover Kevin to understand my sexuality at a deeper level than the other lovers in my life. Leah, I enjoy being raped or should I say, role playing rape and fantasizing about it. As some of you already know, Julio Gomez and I were lovers for two years, and he reluctantly agreed to my fantasy role play. Julio is the enormously huge dicked black male on, and before he became famous, I was his main bitch taking that meat daily…I loved it! We don’t see each other anymore, he now gets all the pussy he needs from other women, plus he’s all the way in California so I let the horse get all the pussy he needs, but guess what folks, before Julio left, he introduced me to a young boy from Brooklyn NY, whose dick rivals his own, and he’s been fucking me like he hates women, especially me. Let me back up a bit, Kevin and I convinced Julio into doing my rape fantasy, and he never really got into it fully, but he played along lightly. We fucked for hours almost every other week for two years until he brought Tyrell along, the last two times he came over to stay and boy-oh-boy was it great! I didn’t know that Tyrell was sixteen going on seventeen, but he fucked me for a year and ten months until his eighteenth birthday when he told Kevin that he wanted me to be his eighteenth birthday present, we were both shocked, we thought he was our age, because he looked so manly and was six foot four inches tall and looked like a black Adonis, I mean really, we were fucking shocked! Julio was no longer around and Kevin would give us our privacy, and he would rape me as often as he could, sometimes up to seven hours straight. Rapid fire and brutal slapping and punching, with biting and fast anal punishment…I loved his real passion and our role playing at jealousy, it never stopped even when Kevin was around, we never stopped role playing. Tyrell would fuck me out of jealousy for being with and loving Kevin more than him. He made rape, fun and exciting, something I looked forward to and would miss when he was gone; he made it so real and intoxicating. I quickly fell in love with his sexual prowess and he could fuck me non-stop, he could cum, and cum and cum again without a break, he was and is a fuck machine.
His cock is my favorite because of it’s width and length, and I decided to let him in on my cheating and told him about what it is that Kevin and I have, and he loved it, and agreed to my wishes of being introduced to my real husband Richard, while keeping the knowledge of my relationship with Kevin a secret. My husband took to him immediately as an interested person for me to fuck, we invited him over mostly, whenever Wendell was away, but a few times Wendell was there. Tyrell and I never fucked with my husband around, only at Kevin’s house, in privacy. Back and forth I would go, from being raped in anger and jealousy to being lovingly fucked by my husband as he and I would fantasize about Tyrell taking me as his lover. Richard loved it, but I lied and told him that Tyrell turned me down, but I still tried every time he came to our house, but Tyrell kept up appearances and ignored my skimpy outfits, ignored my flirting attempts and pretended to not be interested, and then every night Richard would fuck me with multiple scenarios of Tyrell fucking me, as I just explode in orgasm after orgasm secretly knowing that Tyrell and I are an item and has been in my pussy and ass for since he was sixteen. This continued until Wendell left for College, and my husband asked Tyrell if he wanted to move in, rent free for a year. Well Tyrell and I fucked constantly, even more than Kevin and I, and basically I was only being fucked by only three men, Richard, Tyrell and Kevin, but Tyrell was my main lover and it was intense, extremely intense. I really learned to enjoy the contrast of white skin against black skin, it’s so beautiful. I became a queen of spades hotwife because of Tyrell, I really only wanted to have young black boys fucking me senseless, especially if they were hung like mares. Nevertheless, I had to have sex with my husband, Kevin and Wendell, but I truly only wanted Tyrell like a real live Addiction. I admitted this to Kevin and he understood and allowed me to be Tyrell’s woman for the entire time. Furthermore, I asked my husband if he could masturbate to me masturbating to fantasies of Tyrell, he agreed, and as for Wendell, he wasn’t around much, but when he came to visit, I gave him as much pussy as he could handle and more.
Richard never found out that Tyrell and I were lovers, because I wanted Tyrell to have the anonymity that Kevin has with me, it worked, Richard was none the wiser, and we continued to fantasize about his desire to see me with Tyrell, he even told me that he was willing to equally share me in a Polyamorous relationship with Tyrell. I told him, “no,” but that we could fantasize about it, while he watched me masturbate to pictures, and videos of Tyrell. It was wonderful, the only cock that was fucking me was Tyrell, until he made friends in town with the same black guys that I was already fucking for Kevin, so for 6 months only black young men were fucking me, and they were beautiful to look at, they weren’t ghetto looking, they were stunningly handsome, truly a sight to behold, just sexy as hell. I was gang banged, shared, used, and borrowed from time to time, just black cock, every day, all day.
Tyrell has since moved out and is living in Brooklyn again, and is engaged to a young white girl from the south. I tried to find a young black man with a horse cock like Tyrell’s and Julio’s but I couldn’t or should I say, I haven’t yet, anyway I went back to letting our neighbors horse fuck me while Richard looked on with absolute amazement, and for three months after Tyrell’s departure, I only fucked Kevin’s horse and my neighbors horse for Richard, and I couldn’t get enough, it filled the void of missing a large dark cock inside me, it also filled my need to feel a man take me in anger and jealousy, like I belonged to him. I admitted the truth to both Kevin and Richard, that I had a preference for large cocks, and as for Richard I lied and told him that I fucked a young guy once and he made me feel full with his black cock and that I became addicted to that feeling, I just never told him it was Tyrell. Richard was sad, and felt lesser-than. We continued to talk and express ourselves truthfully, and I told him that with all the hotwifing, cheating, and being fucked by so many men and women, why would he be hurt by my desire for large cocks? He told me why and I understood. He didn’t want to be replaced, he didn’t want to think that he was inadequate in any way, I apologized but admitted that I needed time to get over my addiction to large cocks and hugged me and agreed to be patient. Since that time, Richard and I have resumed our sex life but it’s very tame, he said that I must stop hotwifing and I told him that I would stop, I promised, but I lied, I started to fuck everyone that I was attrActed to, Kevin, all of his buddies, guys in bars and clubs, I was fucking everyone, just because Richard wanted me to stop….I was out of control and loved it, but I stopped when my best friend from high school came to visit with her baby. They visited for the month of April in 2016 and I had absolutely no sex what-so-ever, and when her husband came to pick her up, I noticed that he was a very light skinned black man with a massive bulge in his pants and all I could think about was letting him fuck me. When they left I masturbated to the thought of him, and when Richard saw me masturbating I told him that I was fantasizing about him fucking one of his old girlfriends, so we fucked like rabbits for over 7 hours while I privately thought about , my bff’s husband. So Leah, I wrote this story as a dedication to you, that you can read my progression from situation to situation. Your the wife, be the whore, the slut, and the porn star your husband deserves and he’ll give you the keys to the kingdom of fucking whoever you want, whenever you want. I love you Kevin, and I love that I can tell you the truth without judgement or criticism, I truly have fallen in love with you over these years and don’t know if I could ever be without you, I will always be your bisexual bad girl and thanks for hanging in their with me.

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Being shared and used, while cheating a story for Leah my reader

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