Bhai Ke Office Mein Behan Chud Gayi- Hindi Sex Story

Bhai Ke Office Mein Behan Chud Gayi- HIndi Sex Story

– I am Seema..and my figure is 36-25-38. Ganesh my brother is still a bachelor. I was also looking for a good cock for many months, which I found somewhere today. If my husband brother-in-law starts fucking me with a 4-inch cock, then I can not be satisfied. I have had relationships with many men, but
My pussy is always hungry.

My husband’s boss once fucked me with two cocks along with his partner, but after some time the husband’s boss also got transferred and now I feel the lack of cocks. Seema, my dear sister, you are also as sweet as our mother. Even the mother could not survive with a man.

This morning when she was cooking in the kitchen, her nipple was peeping out of the blouse. When the phone rang at the same time, my mother picked it up. From the other side, Manohar Uncle said “Rani, shave your pussy today, you and Dilbagh both are going to fuck… Dilbagh is begging you not to know when to fuck… My queen.., will celebrate your Diwali today…” I was listening to both of them at that time. My heart was trying to put my mother there, but I was happy that this evening I will have fun with my Seema didi. True limit, till date I have not kissed a woman like you…”

Chudai story bhabhi extinguished the fire of lust

My brother came to know about me a few days back. My brother came to meet me. My husband had gone to his shop and my mother-in-law had gone to the market. I had this opportunity and I started getting kissed by my young servant. My servant Ramu also knew that I was thirsty for cock as he knew about my husband’s manhood.

Ramu was cleaning the table when my mother-in-law went to the market. I grabbed Ramu from behind and started playing with his mastane cock, “What’s the matter.., mistress, you are in a lot of fun today.., do I have any intention of eating bananas?” I put his cock in his mouth by sliding his pajamas down. Ramu knew my habit that I have a habit of eating bananas.

Ramu said, “Seema mistress, why not fuck you on your mother-in-law’s bed today. She also likes my banana very much. Like..”

Bhai Ke Office Mein Behan Chud Gayi- HIndi Sex Story

Ramu picked me up and took me to mother-in-law’s bed and started making me naked. Putting his hand on my bum, he said, “I don’t know why Seema wants to make you a bitch today. Your mother-in-law is fond of riding my cock… your bum attracts me a lot.

I quickly became a horse. Although I have enjoyed sex in every posture, but bowing before the man by becoming a mare, I find it equal to surrendering before the man. When I bowed before the servant, he had a winning smile on his face. He put his cock in my pussy in one push. His hands held me tightly to the bum. Lund was fucking my pussy and my pussy was singing songs of Sawan. Ramu pulled me by the hair and started kissing. He was pulling my hair as if pulling the reins of a mare.

We both did not know that since when my brother Ganesh was watching both of us. We forgot to close the door in a hurry. I closed my eyes out of excitement and was panting like a dog. Ramu’s cock was choking me like a piston, “Ahhhhhhh…..chod louder…. I am… Sisterchod loudly put it,” I was screaming and Ramu was continuously hitting hard.

His cock was also about to fall and he was saying, ” Seema … sister-in-law … what a good thing you are …. good, your husband is nameless or else a pussy like AC butter would have been in my luck … or mistress … …..chudva from Ramu’s cool cock,”

We both fell in a while and Ramu started working. Perhaps Ganesh, seeing our shamelessness, left the door and went out as he entered the house after a while. I had changed my clothes and when I saw my younger brother, I came to welcome him with a scarf on my head. I touched my brother’s feet as it is our custom. There was no one in the room. Ganesh was looking at me strangely. He hugged me and hugged me.

My chuchijo’s is too big, my brother got stuck in his chest. Taking my face in his hands, he asked, “Sister, is the servant now more important to you than the husband? I felt very ashamed when I saw you naked in front of him as a mare. Is Ramu’s status now that of my brother in law? Is the respect of my house now that of the servant’s cock? Is there a shortage of men in this house now? If brother-in-law didn’t have guts, then at least his brother would have adopted him… I’m done… leave Ramu from now on and make me your husband… Look at my cock, it’s 9 inches,” he said as he opened the zip of his paint.

His fat cock was very cute. But one thing was bothering me, “Ganesh, sister-in-law will you fuck your own sister? If I had to do the same, then why did I marry that impotent, whose deficiency I am filling with a servant… Brother, sister does not chhoda brother… for brother there is a sister-in-law….”

Ganesh laughed at me and said, “Seema, if Ramu can fuck you, then what is wrong with Ganesha? Why do you have to bear the pain of brother-in-law’s weakness? It is the duty of a brother to take out his sister from every difficulty, give her all the happiness that she deserves… and Sister, to serve a beautiful and sexy woman like you, only a lucky brother gets… Never let your marriage happen…Keep you as your own…But don’t worry…Now you are mine…From today you do not need to go to anyone to get the pussy cool…I will tell your mother-in-law that I have my own There is work for Didi in her office, by doing which she will earn money and time will also pass… Budiya is greedy, will not doubt and will agree… You come to my office everyday and we will have a lot of fun in my room… I have already made a bed there.” Ganesh told me his entire scheme.

“But Ganesh, what will people say? Wouldn’t anyone suspect?” I told my fears.” Sister, how are you suspicious? You are my sister… Can’t sister work in her brother’s office? Now is not the time for thinking, you do yes… I will see for myself.” My pussy didn’t even give me a chance to think. The sister-in-law smelled the scent of her brother’s cock and was filled with fun and I accepted her brother’s offer. Mother-in-law readily accepted Ganesh’s words. Perhaps now was an open opportunity for him to kiss Ramu. Well the next day I reached Ganesh’s office.

Bhai Ke Office Mein Behan Chud Gayi- HIndi Sex Story

Bhai Ke Office Mein Behan Chud Gayi- HIndi Sex Story

Bhai Ke Office Mein Behan Chud Gayi- HIndi Sex Story