Boredom To Pub – And A Great Time

Boredom To Pub – And A Great Time

Hi, it was in December that I was all alone in Hyderabad and pretty bored. I decided to go to a pub to while away time and also hoping to get lucky. I noticed a woman dressed in blue tight hugging jeans and a light blue top. Of all the women in the pub, she stood apart from the rest.

For one she was taller than most women and as sexy as she could be. As I inched closer to her I realized that I had seen her in our gated community. She was Shaila, who works with an MNC. I knew that she was married, but I couldn’t spot her husband.

Luckily her husband wasn’t there and she was with her friends. I went closer to her and introduced myself. She acknowledged me and introduced me to her friend Aisha and Nancy. As the night progressed, we danced several times, We really began to get friendly with each other.

After a particularly fast song, I asked her if she wanted to take a walk outside to get some fresh air and cool off for a few minutes. She agreed, and we went out. While catching some fresh air we talked about this and that. She told me that her husband was away on a business trip. So she decided to have a good time with her friends.

I could sense that things were not right between her and her husband by the way she spoke. Soon we were at the far end, where it was pitch dark and secluded. Since we were holding hands and walking I pulled her close to me and kissed her. Expecting a slap I was delighted when she reciprocated.

We were soon kissing and sucking each other’s tongue. I asked her if she wanted to go back home instead of the pub. Shaila agreed and texted her friends that she was going home. I took her to my place. The moment I opened the door, Shaila began ripping my clothes off.

I led her to the bedroom and stripped off all of her clothing. Her skin was so soft and silky, and her pussy was so wet and juicy. We lay down on the bed and I began to devour her juicy melons. They tasted so good and sweet. She moaned with excitement the whole time.

Every time she moaned, my dick grew longer and thicker and more and more pre-cum leaked out. Without any hesitation, she wrapped her lips around my hard dick. She sucked my dick over with her soft lips and expert tongue. I began to fuck her mouth. I just love getting my dick sucked.

I enjoy it immensely but didn’t want to cum soon. I soon stretched her out on the bed. I buried my face in between her soft thighs inching up to her pussy, which was devoid of any hair. I found her clit with my mouth and sucked, sucked, sucked. She was all over me. She reached down and cleaved her lips open.

Ravenous to see more, I pulled back. Her clit dangled like a dark pink ornament. I licked it once, lapped it again. Wanting more, needing more, I grabbed them between my fingers and split them wide, exposing her swollen pussy. Her wetness shimmered.

I dipped my finger, put my finger into the soft indentation. Shaila was squirming. She was grinding her hips. I burrowed into her smooth velvety pussy. Her clit strained forward. Her lips wrapped around the base of my finger and her pussy clamped hard.

As I finger fucked her, I flicked my finger across my crotch. I was super hard. “Rahul, please lick me. Eat my pussy,” she said in a whisper. I licked her pussy, all the while was moaning. Pretty soon she had her first orgasm. I kissed her deeply and started fingering her pussy.

I rubbed around the clit then stuck my middle finger in the pussy. After a bit, I positioned myself in between her stretched legs. I began to gently caress her pussy lips with the head of my dick. She began to squirm and moan. This was the moment I had been waiting for.

I slid the full length of my cock inside her and she let out a loud scream of pleasure. Shaila was so soft and tender that I wanted to be really gentle with her. But she obviously had other things in mind. I slowly worked over every crevice of her steamy wet pussy. She began to buck and grind against me.

I soon felt two warm hands clamp down on my buttocks and shove me in even deeper. I knew then what she wanted. I lifted both of her long legs, put them over my shoulders and began to fuck her with long, slow strokes. She loved every bit of it and started humping me furiously.

As we bumped and ground, I noticed that the frenzy of our fucking was shaking the bed. By this point, we were fucking like there was no tomorrow. She soon was fast approaching a climax, loudly crying out, “Oh, yes! Yes, baby, I’m coming! Oh, yes, yes!”

I continued to pound away, and her body began to spasm as she had one orgasm after another. When I began to climax, there were no words to describe the intensity. I felt drained, but she begged me not to stop, and her wish was granted. Her moans were so deep and sensual that my love-pole just stayed at attention.

As we fucked on, sweat began to drip from my chin onto her chest. After about an hour of hot, steamy fucking, I came for the second time and collapsed on her chest. I was exhausted. She got up, went into the bathroom and came out with a wet napkin. She tenderly began to wipe me off.

She started kissing and licking me all over, telling me how good I tasted. In no time at all, she had me as hard as steel, and I wanted more. I lay flat on my back. She straddled me and slowly impaled herself on me. It felt so good as she rotated around and around on my stiff dick.

Shaila was so horny that she was flooding hot come all over my dick and balls. I asked her if she wanted to do it doggy style and she said sure. As she positioned herself on all fours, I inserted my hard dick inside her sloppy pussy. It was full of our juices.

With my left hand, I reached around and began to caress her clitoris and swollen pussy lips. She was clearly very aroused by this sensation. She began to wiggle and twitch as I shoved every inch of my prime tube steak into her hot, steamy snatch. Soon we both exploded in an orgasm.

We both had outdone ourselves that night and soon fell into a deep sleep. When I woke up, she was gone. She left a note that she had an awesome time and is looking forward to more. I have since moved to Chennai. Any women or couples interested can connect with me at [email protected]

Boredom To Pub – And A Great Time