Bride turns Groom into Cuckold

A true slut is willing to try anything once. I’ve heard more than one guy say that they’d drag their balls through a mile of broken glass just to see up my skirt. Oh sure I’ve got breasts that, like my ass, are more than a hand full. And my waist is tucked in so that most men’s fingers touch when they use both hands. But seriously, so what? I’m sure I don’t understand this battle of the sexes bullshit, or the Mars, Venus crapola. I’m a person, just like everyone else, and being human, once my older brother by two years raped me, as a teenager, and broke my cherry, I knew that I too loved sex. Okay, so I’m still uncertain as to whether I seduced him, or that he Actually did rape me that first time, but it was fun nevertheless, even if it did hurt at first. In any event, I was on the pill already, and never got pregnant by him, however it did bend my mind just enough to make me feel sluttish from that point on.

So when the time came I helped pay for my college tuition by becoming a part time stripper, and part time female escort before meeting my second true love: Black cock. Before Joseph, my hair was a mousy brown, but since he had a thing for blonds I dyed the hair on my head platinum blond, and shaved the rest completely bare before waxing it all away later. He started pimping me out to his black friends soon after our one-month anniversary, and that ended that relationship. I had no real problem attracting every black cock within a 50-mile radius all on my own, but none of the men connected to those black cocks had more than a weekend in my bed on their minds at the most. And then I met my third true love, Arthur Hillcrest, III.

“I’d eat a bucket of her turds just to see where they came from,” Arthur said one day just as I passed by outside of Chemistry 101.

I stopped dead in my tracks then with Trina my best friend giggling beside me, and with a half turn towards him, and his group of friends said; “That CAN be arranged, you know.”

Having the richest boy on campus crawling around behind me at every turn isn’t the worst way to finish the freshman year. And becoming engaged to him in my sophomore year at the age of 18 pretty much made me the hottest babe, popularity wise, from then on. Seducing his father on our first weekend at his family’s estate pretty much insured our wedding plans, and finding out afterwards that Arthur had watched the whole thing from a hidden two way mirror while jacking off set the life style for our future as a married couple. I knew then that this was true love as my future husband was a natural born cuckold. Hell, he hadn’t even fucked me yet. Nor was he going to until we officially tied the knot. But I changed my hair color to a Strawberry blond just to show my commitment to the family, and by his father’s request. After all, the man had a juicy big cock that any black man would have applauded, and an inherited kinky nature with a frog tongue that any woman could cherish.

Okay, so I like to fuck! And maybe I am a little submissive with the right guys. So sue me. I’m no different from you, and if you’re reading this then you think about sex as much as I do. Like I always say, if fucking didn’t feel good then why are there over 4 billion people on this planet? If I don’t conform to your idea of the typical girl next door, with all that romantic horse shit cluttering up my mind, well then tough shit. Move to another neighborhood. I spread my legs for anyone I want to. Just because I’m a female doesn’t make me a tramp for doing that. If I was a guy they’d give me an award, or at the very least a great nickname, right? Maybe something like Cunt, or Cock hound? Personally, I like them both. My first black lover, Joseph, use to call me his little white Nigger Pussy, but I think that suggests ownership, and I’m nobody’s person, but myself. I am woman, hear my vibrator roar, and sniff my crotch, Period!

I continued fucking Arthur’s father George Hillcrest for the next two years, and right through my graduation from college, and Arthur’s passing of the bar, and right up to and including just before Arthur, and I were legally wed. In fact by the time Arthur put his 7-inch dingy up my slit for the very first time on our wedding night he was getting sloppy fourths as his father, his father’s father Arthur II, the chauffer, and the black bartender who was part of the catering crew at our wedding reception had already fucked me.

I’ll give Arthur this he was great at eating out all of that toxic slime dripping out of my love canal. Though he did get shorted on the dick side as his father, and grandfather had much bigger cocks, he had inherited their talented tongues, and the Hillcrest’s kinky nature. Believe me, no woman could have had it better off than I did marrying a rich natural born cuckold like Arthur Hillcrest the third. There’s nothing he likes more than to watch me fuck some other man’s cock, especially as I was about to find out, a black man with a big cock with plenty of cum in his balls. And there’s nothing I like more than pleasing that twisted side of the Hillcrest nature.

Chapter One:

Sunrise in the tropics was everything the tourist pamphlets suggested that it would be. But it wasn’t the sun leaking into our bedroom suite at one in the afternoon that woke me. It was the wet spot on my side of the bed that chilled me awake. Most of which was from my new husband, and not the other four men who had screwed me on our wedding day, the previous day, in fact just yesterday. Arthur had already licked all of their scum out of me before dumping his own in my slippery well-stretched haven most of last night.

So far, being married to Arthur didn’t feel much different than being single. I’d hardly even felt his seven inches after taking on those other four cocks, none of which was smaller than ten inches in length, and bigger than one of my hands can wrap around. But Arthur’s enthusiastic tongue had already made up for his deficiencies as far as I was concerned. So I had no real complaints, other than the wet spot my ass was soaking in.

The darling man looked angelic, and somewhat stupidly innocent in his sleep making little snorting sounds as he breathed. And a quick look under the sheets gave me an idea for a little mischievous fun at his expense. I quietly slipped out of bed, and went over to our suitcases, and opened mine up. It didn’t take me long to find the cock and ball harness with the attached butt plug that George had given me as a wedding present, and I soon had Arthur’s engorged genitals saddled up, and ready for the first day of our honeymoon’s sexual activities. I held off putting the butt plug in until I had his wrists, and ankles handcuffed to the four posts of our bed. He woke up just as I shoved it all the way in.

“Hey?!!” He cried out. “What the hell?”

“Easy dear,” I replied, snaking my fingers through his chest hair, “I’m just getting you ready for your first training session is all.”

“T… training session?”

“Yes, your father insisted on it,” I said. “He wants you to become the perfect cuckold,” then imitating George’s voice, “or I’ll know the reason why.”

“So why all the leather, and chain mail, babe?”

“Now you see, hon, that’s one of your problems right there. I may be a babe to most men, but to you I’m a wife now,” and I flicked a finger at his upright tower of helplessness. “You need to learn to respect me, as well as adore, and love me sweetheart, and that’s what we’re going to work on through our entire honeymoon. Now you just lay there and think about that while I shower up, and get ready for my first adulterous lover.”

I took my time, making sure to clean away all of the previous days carnage, and caked on slime before leaving the shower. Then I did my ritual waxing naked on the bed with Arthur raptly attentive to my every move. I could tell right off that he loved watching me wax my bald crotch the most. And I’m sure he would have cum just from watching my raunchy display of my naked crotch if he hadn’t had that harness strangling his cock and balls to stop him. In fact the head of his cock was almost purple it was so crimson with all of the blood draining from his brain into it. The waxing took most of an hour to complete, then I showed him how I painted my nails so that he could do it for me in the future. Then I carefully applied my makeup, and perfume before calling room service, and ordering us a continental breakfast. That gave me plenty of time to put on a pair of sheer black seamed nylons, a black satin garter belt, a quarter cup bra, black leather pumps, and a sheer black full-length nylon gown in which to greet room service in.

“How do I look?” I asked Arthur doing a complete turn around as room service knocked at our door.

“You look better than a porno star, sweet heart,” he grumbled, and struggled in his bonds.

“Yes, I know, your father thinks I’ll be able to make a great deal of money on the internet once he sets up a site for me. Which reminds me, you’ll need to purchase a video, and a digital camera after I’m done with this guy. So don’t get any ideas about dipping that silly little wick into me until we go to bed tonight, darling. I’ll need you to record all of the Action after this. Now let’s see how you act when a stranger is doing your wife, shall we.”

I opened the door, and let what looked like the ugliest, withered old black man I’d ever seen push the cart with our food on it into the suite right up next to the foot of the bed. Old being the operative word in his case. His cornrow like kinky hair gave him a bent over look that made both Arthur, and I openly gawk.

“Here’s your damn breakfast, lady,” he grouched, then mumbled loud enough under his breath so that we’d hear; “damn tourists can’t even get up to eat breakfast at a decent time o…”

His mouth kept moving but he no longer said anything as he took all of me in his sight, and began openly drooling; “Holy shit!” He spat out after looking me up and down several times. “Girl, do you know you’re nekid under that thing?” And when I nodded, and smiled seductively, reaching out to grab that sausage growing in his pants leg he added; “I think I jus’ done died, and gone to whitey heaven!”

“It sure feels like some rigga-mortous has set in here,” I said squeezing his stiff dick through his pant’s leg as his left hand went behind me, and cupped my white ass.

“What about the stiff on the bed?” He whispered, dipping a finger into my slit through my robe from behind.

“He likes to watch,” I replied as I unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his trousers.

“Isn’t he your husband?” And his black hand went from my ass up to my throat to untie my sheer black robe, then slipped it off of me as I pulled his trousers down.

It was like a spring uncoiling the way his long thick black cock jumped out at me when it was released from the confines of his hotel uniform. A quick look Arthur’s way gave me all the permission I needed to take that ebony pole into my hands, and bend down to kiss the head of it. My tongue slipped out to slurp up the drop of pre-cum that was leaking out of the tip. It had a slightly nutmeg-ish taste to it, which I suspected was mostly due to the lipstick I’d smeared on it. But the smell of Zest soap that permeated his crotch area was a welcome fragrance to be sure.

“Oh yeah,” it came out of the old black man like a coyote howling at the moon. “Never had no married white slut suck my dick before, hell, I ain’t never had any white slut before.”

“Then you deserve the whole package, Mr….?”

“Call me Dell,” he introduced himself, then took a slight bow, “my son owns this hotel, and he was a little short handed today. My wife has been dead for a couple of years now, and I had nothing else to do, so I came in to help him. Talk about a piece of good luck, eh?”

“I’d say you hit the jackpot, old man,” Arthur put in his two cents worth.

I pulled away from Dell then, and went to my suitcase again to pull out the ball gag for Arthur’s mouth. A minute later Dell and I were rolling around on the floor in a classical 69 with him on top of me. His little goatee tickled my clitty as his tongue did the two-step way up inside of my moist hot center turning me all liquidy from that point on.

There’s nothing like looking up at a cute black ass when you’ve got the cock attached to it half way down your throat all of the time. Watching it clench, and unclench that little dark puckered ring between those bubble tight cheeks as he fucked my mouth just made my heart throb, my titties tingle, and my pussy go into total meltdown. It took all of my willpower to spit out his cock long enough to wiggle my tongue up that puckered winking little hole for a little taste, but I did, and more than once at that. In fact I think I had my head up his black ass with my whole tongue in his anal canal when my first orgasm slammed into me. My thighs squeezing Dell’s head tight to keep him from pulling that snake tongue of his out of my own crotch while I came in his oral cavity.

The bedroom had taken on the decidedly raunchy smell of hot pussy by this time, and with Arthur moaning close at hand with his ass in the wet spot on the bed, Dell pulled me up off of the floor. We took a moment to uncuff Arthur’s right side, and rolled him to the left to recuff him so that we had most of the bed for ourselves then. In less time than it takes to tell it, I was on my back on the mattress, and Dell was crawling up between my widely spread ivory thighs dragging his stiff onyx bat on the soiled bed linen. The look of a hungry, even if somewhat ancient wolf sculpted on his face as he stopped at my breasts to suckle at each nipple before moving upward.

Three sets of eyes were glued to his big black prick as it nudged up against my open petaled flower. And everybody held their breath as his ass sank down, and his big black cock split into my little, wet, bald, white snatch. My own breath whooshing out of my lungs as his penis was buried to the hilt in my vagina, right up against my cervix. And damned if it didn’t feel like an elephant had jammed his trunk up there. I started to cum then, and as Dell started a nice steady in and out, back and forth fucking motion, I just kept on cuming for what seemed like hours, but was really only minutes. I figured out later that it was my first of many multiple orgasms to come.

A quick look over at Arthur as Dell snuggled up to lick at my right earlobe told me all I needed to know about what my husband thought of me fucking this strange old black man. And I smiled knowingly at his helplessness to jerk off while watching us fornicate right next to him in our wedding bed. His cock now a distinctively vivid deep purple inside of that cock and ball harness, and I swear his balls actually looked a little blue-ish, too.

I had another multiple orgasm machine gun through my flesh when Dell came deep inside of my pussy, up against my cervix. And two more when he fucked me in the ass as I was squatting over Arthur’s face draining Dell’s last load out of my cunt while he dumped his second wad up my butt. I don’t think there’s anything quite as raunchy as having a big black cock fucking my white ass, and Arthur agreed with this later the next morning before he took sloppy sixths from me.

We uncuffed Arthur after we made him lick both of us clean with his tongue, and I sent him out to go purchase the cameras, tapes, and whatever he needed to video the rest of our stay at Hotel Lagoona Dell Shores. I allowed Arthur to take off the cock and ball harness long enough to wank away his hardon, then kicked him out of the room as Dell took me down on the carpet on all fours doggy fashion next.

By the time Arthur returned with his camera equipment Dell had left to procure the second wave for me. I had plenty of time then to soak in a hot bubble bath, and freshen up as Arthur set up everything in the bedroom, and the maid came in to change the bed linen, and leave extra towels, and sheets as I’d requested. I was just finishing up powdering my body when the knock at the door came.

“Don’t just stand there with your dick hanging out,” I yelled out, “answer the door, and let them in.”

I entered the bedroom from the bathroom naked save for my high-heeled pumps this time. And Dell introduced his son, Jerry, and his twin grandsons Seth, and Able before leaving to go back to work. Dell said he’d return later after his shift, and once his energy reserve kicked in. But just to go ahead, and make the movies with his progeny in the mean time.

Jerry’s salt and pepper hair gave him the mature appearance of being around 45 years old, and his sons, who both shaved their heads, had to be at least 25 years old. Making me wonder just how old Dell really was. But one thing was for certain, and that was that Dell’s heirs had inherited his massive sexual appendage, as there wasn’t a black cock in the room under ten inches in length, and thick as my wrists once they’d shed their clothes.

Making a film for my web site turned out to be harder than I thought. We only had the one video camera, and Arthur kept yelling out; “Cut!” whenever he had to change the angle, or zoom in or out, or move the camera for a better view before yelling out; “Action!” Still, even as troublesome as it was, I was able to cum several times while having a black cock in my mouth, pussy, and ass at the same time. And the grand finale where all three men came jerking off onto my face, neck, and chest at the same time turned out wonderful after the editing process, once we returned home. In all it took three hours to make an hour long porno, but it turned out great as I had cum dripping out of every stretched out hole I owned, and a lot more all over the front of me at the end. I looked like a freshly glazed, and dripping donut when they were finished. The powder I had applied after my bath made me look ghostly white next to all of that black flesh adding just that much more to the film’s title: “Dirty Married White Slut.”

Dell came by after the shoot as promised, and invited us out to dine with him over at the casino. Of course Arthur insisted on paying for everything, including the gambling we did after dinner. I pretty much stayed with Dell holding onto his elbow as he won over five thousand dollars playing craps, and Arthur videoed us together having fun.

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Bride turns Groom into Cuckold

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