Chikni Choot Kaa Chakkar

I am Vinod and always I was told that I am handsome. I am 5’9” tall, medium built, slip figure which was result of regular swimming from very childhood. As I wished I got married with a very beautiful girl . But I got disappointed on our suhaag raat. It is not that she was not virgin, she was virgin, tiny choot and she did not open while I could penetrate her with difficulty. There was wet on my lund and on her thighs. Against her wish I fucked her twice that night. But I was very unhappy because her pubic area and armpits were full of hairs. Aroma of choot and armpits were very strong and pungent. I requested her to clean shave both but she flatly refused. “I will do anything else you say but never say anything about my hairs either of head or of anywhere else.” She warned me sternly. Next morning she along with her mother went to local temple and they returned after about three hours. I stayed there for 11 days thereafter and every night I fucked her but I was not enjoying much because of hairs.

I always desired for a chikni choot. Every morning she & her mother visited temple and they were returning after three hours. On 16th night I took her to my place. She remained passive on bed like our first night and took strong objection whenever I raised issue of clean shaving of pubic area and armpit. 7-8 days passed peacefully. Then my saas /her mother arrived and next day onward again both mother & daughter started visiting local temple and returning after 2-3 hours. I also visited temple but hardly for 10 minutes. We kept a middle aged lady as maid. Besides cleaning of house she was cooking food also. Over a year passed but neither had she ever even trimmed pubic hair nor they stopped visiting temple. As my saas was visiting almost quarterly and staying for about two weeks on every visit I did not invite my parents. . Mother and daughter continued to visit temple.

They were leaving for temple at about 9 whereas I was leaving for office at ten. Then my parents visited. They stayed for about two weeks. I was getting desperate to see chikna choot. One night I fought with wife Manjula on same issue. She again refused flatly and in anger I told her that now unless she is clean shaved in both pubic area and armpits I will not fuck her. And she replied, “even if you die, I will not get my hairs even trimmed. “She replied curtly. I came out in anger wearing only underwear. I banged door and came out in balcony. It was past midnight. I started smoking. “What happened, why you fought with bahu..?” it was my mother beside me. I looked at her face which was still pretty like before. I kept smoking and when she insisted again and again I told her the reason of fight. “When I do not like why she wants to keep hairs..?”

I don’t know what happened to me. While talking I untied her petticoat and it fell down. I looked between her thick thighs. It was also not clean shaven but nicely trimmed. I expected to see clean shaven choot but here also I got disappointed. “You also don’t shave like Manju…” I caressed pubic hair. She took support of railing and parted her legs. “I used to shave it earlier but now for last few years I keep it trimmed only as per desire of my husband”. She patted my cheeks. “But I keep armpits clean, I shave it almost daily.” It was dark, we both mother and son were out in balcony..No sound at all. Very dim light all along and my mother was looking very beautiful She was 5”4”, weighing about 64 kgs , I was 75 kgs at age of 25, she was 43-44 , long black hair, big eyes, round face, roundish shoulder, thick arm, not so thick waist, long and nicely thickened but tapered thighs, fair complexion, chuchi of 36 “ , waist about 26” and hips 38” . I caressed bur for few minutes and then removed hand. I had full erection but did not want to fuck mother. “maa, bahut raat ho gaee hai…jaao so jaao…” I told her to go to sleep as it is too late. “You are still very beautiful and sexy…”
I said, kissed her cheeks and started to come inside house. But she held my hand. “You can’t insult me, a lady like this…” she pulled me , took me in arms and said , “whether I am good or ugly .you can’t leave me like this after undressing me and caressing cunt ..” I was speechless but with lot of difficulty I stammered … “you are my mother…” “But first a woman…and like other woman this cunt needs a lund and nice chudai….” Telling this she slid down my body and rubbed her mouth on my lund over underwear. Simultaneously she moved her hands all over my body, chest and back. I came out without fucking wife and now after caressing bur of mother I was fully aroused. I wanted to caress mother but I tried to control.

I made fingers of both hand into fist so that I should not touch her. But by one hand she began pushing my undy down and I felt wetness of her tongue on tip of my lund. She was pushing undy very slowly but I was afraid, either of my wife or father would have come and caught us like this. My mother was fearless and on real heat. Finally I was made nude. She pushed lund up to touch my stomach and she moved tip of tongue to my arse, thigh joints and lick each and every portion of balls. By keeping lund upward by one hand she licked lower side of lund from top to bottom and bottom to top. I shivered. My wife had just sucked tip of lund that hardly for a minute. But mother was licking it as if nothing is tastier than this. She then released lund and licked other sides of lund and then took about one inch of lund in mouth and sucked it. There was sucking sound. At night that also in balcony it was very loud. I had lost count of time and finally my both hand began caressing her nice hairs. Slowly slowly more of lund gone into her mouth and finally entire lund was in mouth and she sucked and sucked. It was not possible for me to control.

I looked around; saw few bedsheets kept aside for washing. I spread them on floor and pinned mother down. I lay over her, positioned lund at right place, gave few hard strokes and began pumping in bur from where I had come. I fucked mother with all my strength. After some time she began to moan and her voice started getting louder. I did not tell her to keep quite but I enjoyed her moan and heat and juice of bur. After fucking another cunt I concluded that cunt of my wife is not very tight. But I did not ponder over that and concentrated fully on extracting maximum pleasure. “ohhhh..Vinod….you are very nice…i am very happy..” She crushed me in her arms and soon she became almost inert. I increased speed and soon I also discharged in bur. I also rested over mother and then I saw that my hand is on her chuchi but she still has blouse on. “How am I?” she asked… “Much better than Manju, my wife..” I replied and asked …” how was I?” “Much better than your father…Your lund is almost 2 inch longer than this. I wish you could have fucked me before “. “You are still young & beautiful…we will enjoy now for long…” I said. I unbuttoned blouse and threw it off and it flown out of balcony .We were on 7th floor. Smilingly she threw her petticoat off balcony. “So you still want me to clean shave?” She asked… “No…If Manju fuck me like you, I will never tell her to shave but she is like wooden log.” “Now let me go…” mother said and wanted to get up… But I kept her pinned down, I began licking and sucking her body.

Starting from normal kiss on lips, I sucked and licked chuchi and nipples and for about 20 minutes I licked and sucked cunt. I explored in and out of cunt by tongue and fingers. I finger fucked her and she shouted.. “That’s all, now fuck me…” She turned in doggy pose and I fucked mother second time that night, first from behind for some time and then again in straight missionary pose. We again like first round discharged almost together .After I ejaculated she again sucked lund and went back to her room all nude .I was very happy and forgot wife. I slept on sofa. Wife only woke me up in morning and scolded me for sleeping nude.i did not talk with her. That day I took leave from office and after wife went to temple and father went out I again fucked mother. She expressed full satisfaction and invited me to visit her soon. At evening I saw them off to station. I did not talk with wife; neither had I slept with her. Next morning again at nine, wife took thali and went to temple. Maid, Vimla came to me and said that my mother had told her to show me something. I could not guess what mother wanted her to show me. I asked but she told me to keep eyes closed. After her insistence I closed eyes and after about two minutes she told me to open eyes. I opened eyes and it remained wide opened. She was standing nude and I saw what I wished to see for last 18 months. There was no trace of hairs either on pubic area or in her arm pits. I kept looking at Vimla quietly. She was of around 40 yrs of age, healthy, having bigger chuchi and hips than my mother but quite fair.

We were quite for about 5 minutes. “saab should I wear clothes now ..” she wanted to wear clothes. My mother has told her to arrange a ‘chikni choot’ for me and directed her to let me fuck that choot if I desire. She was already paid. Maid told me about this arrangement and I undressed like her. “saab..You have a nice lund.” I felt happy when I saw her looking at lund. I pulled her to my bed and first I licked and sucked cunt to my satisfaction and then fucked her like I fucked mother last night. While fucking I told her about my plight with my wife. She heard and consoled me.. “saab, don’t feel sad now, now you can have pleasure of chikni choot as much you desire.” I told her that I want her daily and she readily agreed. Though mother has paid her, I paid her extra. We fucked almost daily for about a month. I called mother and thanked her for arrangement. Then one morning she came with a ver young girl.

Aur Ek Prem Kahani Part 10

Ananya bus mein baithi hanss rahi thi Abhay ki harkaton ko sochkar aur khud sharmaa rahi thi apni khud ki harkat ko sochkar. Woh khud sochne lagi ke kyun aur keise ussne Abhay ke gaal ko chum liya jab ke aaj tak ussne kabhi bhi kissi ladke ko chuwa tak nahin! Jab Ananya ne unn lamhon ko yaad kiya keise keise Abhay usske piche piche, phir sath sath bus stop tak aya, aur keise bachon ki tarah uss se apne boyfriend ke bare mein pooch raha tha to Ananya ki hanssi zor se nikli aur khud chaaron taraf bus mein dekhne lagi ke kahin kissi ne ussko suna to nahin… woh akeli hanssi jaa rahi thi bus mein sab sochte huwe… bahot khush bhi lag rahi thi balke bahot khush thi hi woh….. Phir Ananya ke enkhon ke saamne tamaam woh lamhe aaye ek drisht bankar jo ussne class mein Abhay ke saath guzare….. kiss tarah se Abhay ne usska haath thaama tha, keise woh usski taarif kar raha tha, kab aur keise ussne ussko ek angel kaha…… yeh sab sochte Ananya kabhi hanss rahi thi aur kabhi Sharma rahi thi. Usske enkhon mein Abhay bassa huwa tha, sirf Abhay ka chehra ussko dikh rahe the, aur Abhay ka girgirana aur usski awaaz Ananya ke kaanon mein gunj rahe the aur woh muskurati jarahi thi ussko soch soch kar…… Ananya ne pehle hi din ko Dance School ka number aur Abhay ka aur dusre donon doston ke number apne mobile mein save kar liya tha, kyun ke School ke sign board par raaste par se hi woh numbers dikhayi dete hein. Ananya ne apni mobile nikali handbag mein se aur Abhay ke number so dial karna chahi….phir kuch soch kar muskaayi aur mobile ki phir se handbag mein rakh diya, phir ussne socha ke Abhay ne to uss se usska number manga hi nahin!! Aur khud se kehne lagi, “Paagal hai woh, mujhse poochta hai ke mera koyi boyfriend hai ke nahin, magar mujhse mera number nahin manga!! Kitne ladkon ne mujhse mera number lena chaha magar aaj tak main ne kissi ko bhi nahin diya, aur jissko number lena chahiye tha uss ne to liya hi nahin dhat !!» Aur tab tak usski bus stop agayi utarne ko…..

Bus stop se ghar tak chalte huwe Ananya jeise sapnon ki dunya mein khoyi huwi thi, apne aap se baatein kar rahi thi aur muskura rahi thi….. Ghar gayi to usski mummy ne poocha, “Keisa raha tera dance class?” to Ananya bahot khushi se chilaatey huwe boli “bahot bahot bahot hi ziada achchi thi mummy, bahot mazaa aya!” yeh kehkar woh apne kamre mein chali gayi aur handbag ko mez par rakh kar apni bed par let gayi aur phir sapnon ki dunya mein kho gayi Abhay ke khayaalon mein….

Udhar Jab Abhay ne jhoomte huwe sabko apne dil ka haal sunaya to Vinay aur Iqbaal kyun gambhirta se ussko dekh rahe the? Kia woh donon khush nahin the? Kyun donon Abhay ke khushi mein nahin shaamil ho rahe the?….. Abhay diwanon ki tarah kayi dance step karte huwe apne khushi ka izhaar karte huwe ek class se dusre class mein chala gaya phir uss class mein jahan woh Ananya ke saath akela tha, uss jagah par baitha, jahan Ananya usske saath baithi thi, aur ek lambe sannss lekar woh Ananya ki khusbhoo ko sunghne ki koshish kar raha tha….. Kissi scent ki halki si cool mehek arahi to thi magar Abhay ko kuch aur mehek ki talassh thi, jo ussko Ananya ke haath se aayi thi….. Usski haathon mein ek mehek si thi jo Abhay ke dil o dimaagh mein bus gaya tha…..

Sab students jab chale gaye, sham ho chuki thi, to Vinay aur Iqbal ek room mein batein kar rahe the.
Vinay: “Ab kia hoga?”
Iqbal: “Meri to samajh mein nahin ata yaar”
Vinay: “Kia hum abhi uss baat ko cherein Abhay se?”
Iqbal: “Mere khayaal se to abhi kuch nahin kehna behtar hai, rehne do dekhte hein aguey kia hota hai”
Vinay: “Par main sochta hoon ke Abhay ki maa ko Ananya ke bare mein bata dena chahiye”
Iqbal: “Nahin abhi nahin woh pareshan ho jayegi, rehne do nah, dekhte hein kuch dinon aur donon kia karte hein, kia sach mein Ananya uss se pyar karti hai ya yeh usska vehem hai, yeh sab humko jaan lena chahiye, aur agar zaroorat pade to hum pehle Ananya se baat kareinguey aur ussko sab kuch sach sach batadena bahot zaroori hai.
Vinay: “Han woh kaam to hum donon ko hi karna padega, Abhay to kuch kahega nahin aur ussko karna bhi nahin chahiye woh baat…khair chalo Abhay se milte hein…..”
Donon Abhay se mile aur Abhay bahot hi khush tha aur sirf Ananya ke bare mein baat kar raha tha donon se….. To Vinay ne ussko chalne ko kaha usski baat ko taalte huwe.

Apne donon dosto ko ghar chorrte waqt Abhay pyar bhare naghmein ga raha tha magar Vinay aur Iqbal khamosh the. Abhay ne poocha, “Tum donon kyun kuch nahin keh rahe ho yaaro? Kia tum logon ko Ananya achchi nahin lagi? Kia main ghalat kar raha hoon? Ya main ne kuch ghalat kiya kia?” To unn donon ne jawaab diya , “Nahin to; sab thik hai yaar tum gadi chalawo!!” Phir iss bare mein baat nahin huwi…….

Unn donon ko ghar chorrne ke baad Abhay apna ghar ponhcha to raat ho chuki thi aur nahane ke baad woh apne kamre mein gaya to apne mobile lekar yaad kiya ke ussne Ananya ka number nahin liya hai…… Ab to woh bechain hogaya…uss ne socha tha raat ko der tak woh uss se batein karega, sirf Ananya ke khayaalon mein khoya huwa tha aur usske nazron ke saamne sirf Ananya nazar araha tha charon taraf……. Ghamgeen hogaya Ananya ka number nahin paakar, ab saari raat eise hi keise kaatega? Socha ke chalo ek khat likhte hein Ananya ko aur kal de deinguey ussko…. Magar usski bechaini badhti jaa rahi thi to socha shayad reception par usski formalities wale forms par usska number hoga, to school jane ko decide kiya aur gaadi ki chaabhi lekar nikalne laga. Abhay ki maa heyraan huwi ke raat ko 11 baje kahan jaa raha hai car lekar…. Abhay ne kaha, “Maa abhi ata hoon ek zaroori paper bhool aya hoon school mein bus 10 minutes mein wapas aya!”

Udhar Ananya dinner ke baad apne parents ke saath lounge mein baith kar TV dekh rahi thi khayaalon mein Abhay ko basaye….. Usski mobile hath mein thi aur Abhay ke number ko screen par kiya huwa tha ghanton se magar dial nahin kar rahi thi….. Usska bahot mann kar raha tha uss se baat karne ko…. Aur khud soch rahi thi ke Abhay pachta raha hoga ke usska number nahin lekar….. Phir Ananya ne socha, “Chalo tarpate hein ussko zara, rehne do agar ussne mera number nahin liya to main kyun phone karun ussko, ghanton bhar intezaar karwaungi….” Ab yeh to awraton ke, ladkiyon ke fitrat hai. Ladkiyan ke dil mein kuch aur, aur, zuban pe kuch aur hote hein. Innke dil mein to pyar hote hein magar chehre par nafrat dikhate hein…. Yeh satane mein maahir hein aur laakh bholi bhaali dikhne par bhi bahot ziada chaalak aur honshiyaar hote hein… ladkiyan eise hi hote hein, innke dil ki baton ko jaan lena asaan baat nahin hote…..

Phir Ananya ne yeh bhi socha ke kia pata ke Abhay ussko yaad nahin kar raha ho! Kia pata Abhay so gaya ho! To socha ke nahin kal to mileinguey hi to kal dekhte hein kia hota hai, aur screen par se usska number nikaal kar wapas contacts mein bhej diya. Phir kuch der TV deklhne ke baad apne room mein chali gayi Ananya. Apni nighty lekar change karne jaa rahi thi ke ussko woh ballet wala costume yaad aya…… phir sochne lagi ke keise Abhay ke saamne uss suit ko pehnegi woh……

Ananya bachpan se hamesha decently dressed rahi hai. Sirf churidaar pehenti thi, ya jeans aur tops magar usski jism hamesha dhaki rehti thi. Sari tak nahin pehenti thi kyun ke ussko apni kamar dikhana passand nahi tha….. mini skirt kabhi bhi pehenkar baahar nahin gayi, magar mini skirt hai woh sirf ghar ke andar pehenti hai, ya ziada se ziada apne ghar ke aangan tak. Kabhi bhi baahar nahin nikli mini skirt mein woh. Ziada gori hone ke kaaran usski safed jaanghein mini skirt mein kuch ziada akarshit karte hein, aur woh khud apne jism se sharma jaati hai, khud apne pita ke saamne mini skirt mein nahin jaati, pita ke ghar ane par jaldi se mini skirt utaar kar churidaar pehen leti thi….. sharm o haya se bhari huwi thi woh….. ab weisa ballet ka costume pehenna usske liye bahot hi katheen tha…..

To kia ab Abhay usski zindagi ko badal degi? Kia Ananya ki dress pehenne ka nazariya badal jaegi ab? Kia woh ab mini skirt pehen kar baahar bhi jaegi ? kia ab woh sari pehenna passand karegi ? Kia yeh sab Karegi agar Abhay ko weise dress passand hai to?? Yeh sab Ananya soch rahi thi Abhay ko sochte huwe. Apni nighty pehnte waqt khud ko aine mein dekhte huwe muskaayi Abhay ko yaad karte huwe, uss ne socha ke agar Abhay iss waqt uss ke saamne hota aur ussko iss nighty mein dekhta to kia karta woh….. nighty ki patli straps usski nange kaandhon par nighty ko support kar rahe the aur nighty usski thik ghutnon ke upar the, zara si hilne dolne se usski jaanghein nazar ate the, bistar par baithne se to puri jaanghein dikh jate the, bra nahin pehenti thi raat ko sote waqt, aur khud apni jism ki uss goal hisse ko nihaar rahi thi aine mein aur angoor ke daane jeise nipple ko dekh kar Abhay ke honton ko yaad kiya aur ek siskaari li, phir lajje se apne chehre ko apne haathon mein chupa liya…..

Udhar Abhay school poncha raat ke gyarah baje, office ke drawers ko kholkar Ananya ki forms dhunde, magar uss mein Ananya ne koyi phone number nahin diya tha…. Abhay niraash ho gaya, aur udaas wahan se ghar wapas aya….. Apne bed par lete sirf Ananya ko soche ja raha tha…… chand hi lamhon mein dekha ke raat ke barah baj kar paintalis minutes ho gaye….. to socha ke ab chalo sojate hein aur Ananya khwabon mein zaroor darshan degi……..

Ananya, sone jaa rahi aur raat ke 1 baj gaye the….. Ussne apni mobile par phir se Abhay ki number ko screen par laakar soch rahi thi kia Abhay jaag raha hoga? Kia woh bhi ussko yad kar raha hoga?…phir socha ek message send karte hein usske mobile par….. phir socha ke chalo direct phone kar ke uss se mazaa lete woh meri awaaz pehchaan lega? Kia kahega woh? Kia khush hoga? Ya main ussko disturb kar dungi phone karke? Ananya yeh soch rahi aur waqt beeta ja raha tha aur achanak dekha ke sare ek baj gaye hein……

Abhay sone ki koshish kar raha tha magar neendh nahin arahi thi aur sirf Ananya usske nazron ke saamne nazar arahi thi…uski yaad mein Abhay khoya hi tha ke achanak usska phone baja…… Abhay ne kuch ghusse mein phone ko yeh kehte huwe liya, “kia yaar raat ke sare ek baje bhi inn logon ko phone karta hota hai, main apni mehbooba ki yaad mein khoya hoon aur yeh phone dial kar rahe hein, “Hello who is it?” Aur bahot heyraan huwa jab ek female voice ne ussko kaha, “Have a very good night and sweetest dreams” aur kaat diya phone ko.

Aur Ek Prem Kahani Part 9

Donon ek saath chalkar phir kursi par baithne gaye aur Ananya ne uss se kaha, “Jiss tarike se tum mujhse baatein kar rahe ho, isse flirt kehte hein…ab chorro, aur batawo kia dance sikhawoge mujhe?” Abhay ne reply kiya, ‘kia jaanti ho tum?”
Ananya: “Classical jaanti hoon”
Abhay: “To ab kia seekhna chahti ho?”
Ananya: “Pata nahin, tum kia suggest karoge? I wanted to learn some modern dance and I would love to dance ballet!”
Abhay: “Ballet seekhna chahti ho to ussi se shuru karte hein, phir break dance ya hip hop sikhaunga tumko okay?”
Ananya: “Okay, Hip hop mein interested nahin hoon, but some steps would be good…. To phir shuru karein?
Abhay: Wahan changing room hai, Ballet ka costume locker mein milega aur yeh raha keys, ek suit pehenkar awo……

Ananya chali gayi change karne aur Abhay wait kar raha tha ke achanak Ananya wapas aayi haath mein ballet ka costume lekar aur kaha, “Mujhko yeh pehenna hoga? Mujhse yeh nahin pehna jaega!!”

Phir usske baad Ananya udaas si ho gayi, to Abhay ne kaha, “thik hai agar aaj nahin pehena chahti ho to it’s okay magar tumhare movements clear nahin hogi iss churidaar mein, elasticity honi chahiye aur ….khair samajh jawogi baad mein aur khud pehnogi…. Aur bhi ladkiyan shuru mein jhijhakte hein phir baad mein pehente hein…it’s your first day to jane do aaj ke liye….. Aur Ananya serious tarike se niche zameen par nazrein gade dekh rahi thi, bahot naakhush lag rahi thi….. Magar keise bhi karke Abhay ne usski mood ko thik kiya aur phir donon batein karne lage aur Ananya uss costume ko apne hathon mein lekar usski moayena kar rahi thi har waqt batein karte waqt, agye dekh rahi thi, piche dekh rahi thi, apne chaati se lagakar usski size naap rahi thi phir khade hokar usski length dekh rahi aur kaha, ‘kitni choti hai, thighs ke ekdum upar hai…..!!” to Abhay bola, uss ke nichey tumhare tangon ko dhankne ke liye yeh nahin hai?” To Ananya ne nakhrein wali andaaz mein kaha, “han hai magar yeh to bilkool stick rahega mere tangon par aur body ki aur tangon ka full form dikhega iss mein…..” Tab Abhay ne kaha, “yeh to kum hai woh wala dekho uss mein to tang ko dhakne ke liye bhi kuch nahin hai, uss mein to thighs full dikheinguey…tumko ek video mein ballets dikhawunga aur dekhna sab ladkiyon ne keise dress pehne hein……”

Khair jo do ghante usski tuition ke liye thi woh baatein karte khatam hogaye aur achanak Ananya ne kaha, “are mujhko ab jana chahiye nahin to andhere mein ghar gaya to papa mujhe jaan se maar dalega!” Aur Abhay ne poocha, “Tumhara papa tumko wait karega car mein aaj bhi?” woh boli, “Oh no, uss din pehla din tha aur main iss jagah ko nahin jaanti thi to mujhe yahan laya tha, main to bus se aayi hoon aur bus se wapas jana hai” “kitne door rehti ho yahan se?” Abhay ne poocha usska haath thaamte huwe kyun ke woh apni handbag ko kaandhon par liye nikalne jaa rahi thi, tab Ananya rukte huwe kaha, “Hmmm Yahan se koyi 8/10 kilometres hogi…ek bus direct hamare yahan se guzarta hai yahan ane ko ussi se jawungi, 20 minutes mein ghar pohonch jawungi….” Abhay ka mann nahin kar raha tha ke woh wapas jaye… usska mann kar raha tha ke ussko roke, ussko apne saath rehne ko kahe, woh udaas sa ho gaya aur ek udaas muskaan se Ananya ko bola, “okay bye, kal milte hein ho sake to jaldi ajana, aaj kuch nahin kiya kal replace kardunga tumhara tuition….” Ananya ne Abhay ke chehre par woh udaasi dekhi, aur khud udaas ho gayi aur mudh kar 5 baar Abhay ko dekh reception tak pohonchne mein aur Abhay wave karta raha aur woh bhi ussko wave karti gayi….. Aur jab Ananya ne register mein departure sign kar diya aur baahar nikalne lagi to Abhay ne ussko zor se phukara, “Anny wait!” Ananya, Abhay ki awaaz sunkar piche mudhte huwe ruk gayi aur dekha ke Abhay dawte huwe usske taraf araha hai, aur udhar se Vinay, Iqbal aur receptionist bhi dekhne lage kyun ke jab Abhay ne Ananya ko zor se phukara to sab ne suna…… Abhay Ananya ke kareeb akar darwaze ke paas usski enkhon mein dekhte huwe bahot sanjidgi ke saath tez dil ki dhadkanon se poocha, “Tumhara koyi boyfriend hai?” Ananya hanss padi usske iss sawaal se magar Abhay ki dil ki dhadkan aur bhi tez hota ja raha tha aur woh hampte huwe phir se kaha jab Ananya hanss rahi thi apne chehre ko haathon mein liye, “Bolo nah Anny it’s important for me….please bolo nah!!” Magar Ananya hanste huwe jaane lagi Abhay ko bina jawaab diye….. Abhay wahin khada raha aur haathon ke ishare se poochta raha, “bolo please…..” Magar Ananya hansste huwe chalti gayi raaste mein…… Abhay baahar nikla aur usske piche piche jane laga….. Udhar Vinay aur Iqbal sab dekhte rahe, aur donon darwaze par aakar donon ko jate huwe dekh rahe the aur Vinay aur Iqbal bahot serious dikh rahe the aur ek dusre ko dekhte huwe kaha, “Ab kia hoga??!!”

Abhay Ananya ke saath bus stop tak gaya, wahin jahan Vinay Sandhya ko cheda karta tha…. Aur Ananya se girgirata raha ke woh ussko batayein ke kia usska koyi boyfriend hai…… Ananya sar ko jhukaye hansste huwe dabbe awaaz mein Abhay ko kaha, “Sshhh…dekho kitne log hai bus stop par chup bhi karo nah!” Abhay ek chote bachey ki tarah natkhat awaaz mein bola, “nahin nahin tum mujhe batawo ke kia tumhara koyi boyfriend hai ke nahin!! Ananya phir zor se hanssi aur kaha, “Achah tum batawo kia mera koyi boyfriend hai?” Tab Abhay ne sochte huwe kaha, “hmmmm nahin ho hi nahin sakta!” to Ananya boli, “kyun ho hi nahin sakta, tum ne khud kaha ke main bahot ziada khub surat hoon, angel hoon aur na jane kia kia hoon to kyun mera boyfriend nahin ho sakta?” yeh sunkar Abhay ka chehra murjhagaya aur Ananya usske chehre ko dekh kar aur hanss padi….. tab tak usski bus aagayi…. Aur Abhay ke dil ki dhadkan ziada tez hogaya, kuch passengers bus se utre aur jo log bus se jane wale the bus mein charrne lage, aur Ananya aguey bahr rahi thi bus mein daakhil hone ke liye aur sar jhukaaye hansse jaa rahi thi Abhay ko dekh kar aur usska chehra dekh kar..Abhay apne naakhun kaatne laga aur chatpataane laga, phir thik jab Ananya ka bus mein ghussne ka turn aya to Abhay ne usski baazu thaam liya aur ek bahot hi ghamgeen chehre se Ananya se binati ki, “jane se pehle boldo nah varna main raat ko so nahin pawunga, yeh raat meri zindagi ki sab se lambi raat ban jayegi yaar bolo nah…” bus conductor ne Ananya ko dekhte huwe kaha, “Hello memsaab jana hai ke nai?” Aur Ananya ne jhuk kar Abhay ke gaal par ek kiss kiya aur usske kaan mein kaha, “koyi boyfriend nahin hai mera!” aur bus mein char gayi….. Abhay zor se chilaya “woohoooooooooo” Aur Ananya bus ke seat par ussi taraf baithi jahan se Abhay aur woh ek dusre ko dekh sakte the…woh Abhay ko khushi se jhoomte huwe dekh rahi thi aur hansste huwe ussko bye bye wave kiya aur bus chal padi…..

Abhay bus stop se bhaagte huwe School mein gaya aur bahot zor se chillaaya “Vinay!! Iqbal!!!! Woohoooooo I am in love and she loves me too!!!!” Phir class mein dusre Vinay aur Iqbal ke students ke saamne ussne apne donon doston ko gale se lagate huwe donon ke gaalon par kisss kiya aur jhoom raha than khushi ke mare…… magar Vinay aur Iqbal bahot gambhirta se ussko to kabhi ek dusre ko dekh rahe the……


Aur Ek Prem Kahani Part 8

Abhay ne usska haath apne haath mein liya milane ko aur usska haath usske haath mein pakarne ke baad usko chorne ka mann nahin kar raaha tha. Kitna mulaayam tha usska haath aur kitna achah lag raha ussko apne haath mein Ananya ke haath ko mehsoos karne ko yeh Abhay hi jaanta tha. To usska haath apne haath mein liye huwe usski enkhon mein dekhte, Abhay bola, “Mujhe Sir mat kaho please I am Abhay aur tum mujhe Abhi bula sakti ho” To muskurate huwe Ananya ke kaha, “okay Abhi….” Aur kyun ke usska haath Abhi ne nahin chorra tha Ananya boli, “Hmmm, mera hath…..” To Abhay usski ungliyon ko dekhte huwe aur apne ungliyon se halke se Ananya ki ungliyon par phertey huwe kaha, “Aap ki ungliyan kitne khubsurat hai, they are just lovely aur bahot hi naazook lagte hein, darr lagta hai ke kahin mere ungliyon se innko choth na lag jaye….” Aur Ananya tab tak weise hi khadi thi apne hath ko Abhay ke haath mein diye aur halke se khinchne ki koshish bhi karr rahi thi magar jab Abhay ussski ungliyon ki taarif karne laga to khinchna chorr diya aur apne haath ko Abhay ke hathh mein rehne diya…. Aur Abhay ki nazrein usski kalaiyon ko dekh rahe the to kabhi usski gulabi rang ke matching chudiyon ko, phir wapas usski ungliyon ko aur apne ungliyon ko usspar phere jaa raha tha jeise ussko koyi khoya huwa chiz wapas milgaya ho….. Ananya, Abhay ke enkhon mein kuch dhundne ki, kuch samajhne ki koshish kar rahi thi, haalaat kuch eise ho gaye ke donon mein se koyi bhi nahin bol raha tha aur Abhay, Ananya ke haathon mein jeise doob gaya tha, lagta tha ke woh khayaalon ki dunya mein chala gaya ho aur kuch talaash kar raha ho……. Ananya ne ghaur se Abhay ke chehre mein dekhna chaha, ab kyun ke Abhay mez par baitha huwa tha aur Ananya khadi thi, Abhay ka sar jhuka huwa tha Ananya ke haath par, to Ananya Abhay ke enkhon ko nahin dekh paa rahi thi, lagta tha ke Abhay ko koyi khoya huwa chiz wapas mil gaya tha, jeise ek bachchey ko apna khoya huwa khilona milgaya ho….Ananya, Abhay ko disturb nahin karna chahti thi, aur chand lamhon ke baad Ananya ne gale saaf karke ussko hosh mein laya to Abhay ne sar upar kiya usske haath ko chorrte huwe to Ananya ko laga ke Abhay ke enkh bhar aye the…… Magar Ananya ne uss waqt kuch nahin kaha aur mudh kar ek chair par apne handbag ko rakhne gayi.

Kehte hein ke jab do dilon ko milna hota hai to nazron ke zarye dil ki gehraayi tak sandesh pohonch jaati hai. Pehle din jab Abhay ne Ananya ko dekha tabhi woh ussko dil de baitha tha nazron ke zarye, magar kia Ananya ne wohi jazabaat mehsoos ki thi pehle hi din? Ya iss waqt Ananya ko kuch huwa jab itne der tak usska haath Abhay ke haath mein tha?

Abhay mez par se niche utrra aur chand kadam chal kar class mein idhar udhar chakar kaate aur Ananya ussko dekh rahi thi thoda soch mein doobe…. Phir Abhay usske paas aya, ab kyun ke Ananya kursi par baith gayi thi to Abhay ne bhi ek kursi khincha aur thik Ananya ke opposite baitha yeh kehte huwe, “To hum donon ko kuch batein jaan lena chahiye class ko start karne se pehle, okay ready to have a small interview miss?” Ananya ne jawaab diya, “Yes Sir” phir apne jeeb ko danton mein dabate huwe correct kiya, “Oooops sorry, yes Abhi” Aur muskurate huwe Abhay ne kaha, “That sounds much better!” aur Ananya muskuraayi. Usski muskuraahat bhi kamaal ki thi, behad khubsurat lagti thi woh muskurate huwe, to Abhay se raha nahin gaya aur kaha, “Ab yeh mat kehna ke mujhko nahin kehna chahiye, mujhko kehna padega hi ke aap ki muskuraahat bahot hi khub surat hai aur aap se guzarish karta hoon ke aap hamesha eise muskurati rahein” turant Ananya ne toka, “Yeh AAP AAP kyun keh rahe hai aap mujhe? I am Ananya!” iss baar Abhay bola, “Ooops sorry, Ananya tum bahot hi achchi lagti ho muskurate huwe, too too good superb!” To Annay ne phir muskurate hue kaha, “Han jaanti hoon kyun ke sab log yehi kehte hein!” To Abhay ne poocha, “Aur yeh ‘sab log’ kaun hein?” Phir Ananya boli, “Sab log, mummy, papa, friends, relatives, jo koyi bhi mujhe jaante hein….” To Abhay ne shaitaani karte huwe poocha, “aur kitne log tumko jaantey hein?” Tab Ananya ne ussko teerchi nazar se dekhte, aur jhooti ghussa dikhate huwe kaha’ “pata nahin gin kar batawungi ke kitne log mujhko jaante hein” Abhay ne hanste huwe kaha, “Zara mujhko phir weise dekho teerchi nzaron se…” To Ananya ne kaha, “Ab yeh mat kehna ke teerchi nazron se jab dekhti hoon to behad khubsurat dikhti hoon!” Abhay ne jawaab diya ek taali maaarte huwe, “Bravo! Tumko keise pata ke main yehi kehne wala tha?!!” Aur donon hanssne lage….. Ab jab Ananya hanss rahi thi to Abhay usski hanssi ko nihaar raha tha, usski gulabi honton ko dekh raha tha, aur usski khubsurat danton ko bhi….usski gaalon par ek halka sa dimple parta tha usske hanssne se, Abhay ne yeh bhi notice kar liya ke usski gardan ka ek nafs hara rang ka nazar araha tha……

Phir Abhay ne kaha, “Ananya main tumko Anny bulawunga is that okay with you?” Aur Ananya ne apni khubsurat muskurahat mein jawab diya, “Mummy papa bhi mujhe eise hi bulate hein aur sabhi friends bhi” To Abhay bola, ‘Are wah! Yeh to kamaal hogaya main bhi list mein shaamil hogaya phir to!” phir se Ananya hanss padi, aur Abhay usski enkhon ki gehraayi mein jhankne ki koshish karte huwe sanjidgi ke saath usska haath apne haaton mein lekar kaha, “Anny you are like an angel, itni haseen, sushil, nazook, had se ziada pyari….just like an angel…..” Ananya ne apne donon haaton ko Abhay ke haath mein rehne diya magar Abhay ko chedte huwe kaha, “Really? To kia tumne angel ko dekha hai?” To Abhay apne enkhon ko upar karte huwe bola, “Ofo Anny!!” Tab Anny ne dohraya, “nahin nahin tumne kaha ke main angel jeisi dikhti hoon isska matlab ke tum ne angel ko dekha hai tab na tumko maloom hai ke main angel jeisi dikhti hoon, bolo bolo” phir Abhay ne kaha, “Han dekha hai, aaj aur abhi dekhha, aur woh thik mere samne hai aur uss angel ke bahot hi nazook pyare pyare haath mere haathon mein hai iss waqt…” Aur Ananya sharma si gayi aur usske chehre par ek laali aagaayi aur Abhay ab usski chehre ki laali ko dekh kar aur khush huwa phir kaha, “Aur kitne rang dekhne ko milega tumhare aaj mujhko?” Aur apne sar ko niche zameen par kiye huwe Ananya ne dhire se sharmili awaaz mein kaha, “Dance seekhate ho ya flirt karte ho tum? Kia sabhi ladkiyon se eise hi kehte ho?” to Abhay chohonk utha aur khada hogaya Ananya ke haath ko chorkar aur uss se peeth karke bola, “Nanhin Anny main bahot professional hoon, Vinay aur Iqbal se pooch lena, reception par uss ladki se pooch lena, main kabhi kissi bhi ladki ke saath itna close nahin jata jeise tumhare saath pehle hi din itna kuch keh gaya…pata nahin kyun tumse ek apnapan sa mehsoos huwa, lagta hai tum mujhse pehle bhi mil chuke ho, lagta hai hum ek dusre ko bahot pehle se jaante hein…mujhko bilkool nahin laga ke hum aaj pehli baar mil rahe hein…….” Tab tak Ananya bhi uthkar usske karib achuki thi aur ussne jawaab diya Vijay ke chehre mein dekhte huwe, “mujhe kissi se poochne ki zaroorat nahin, tum sache lagte ho, aur mujhe na jane kyun tumhare baton mein sachaayi dikhti hai magar tum ho bade flirt!” yeh kehkar Ananya muskuraayi aur Abhay ki reaction ka intezaar kar rahi thi, to Abhay ne phir usske haathon ko apne haaton mein lekar kaha, “magar main to kissi ladki se flirt nahin karta, to keise flirt ho gaya?”


Aur Ek Prem Kahani Part 7

Saleem bhai ko usske ghar tak chorne ke baad jab Abhay donon ko apne apne ghar chorne ko jaa raha tha to donon ne Abhay se poocha ke woh keise Saleem bhai ko jaanta hai. Abhay ko samjhane ke liye gadi ko rokna pada. Aur Abhay ne donon se kaha……..

“Saleem bhai mere papa ka dost huwa karta tha. Kissi zamane mein papa ko kuch log sataya karte the kaam mein, ussko usski deserve ki gayi post par kissi aur ko rakhna chahte the jo kissi bade aadmi ka rishtedaar tha. Aur papa bahot pareshaan raha karta tha unn dinon… Papa ne sabhi sahi tarike se apne post par promote hone ki koshish ki, magar sab unn ke superiors ke haath bandhe huwe the aur ek superior ne hi papa ko Saleem bhai ki address diya aur kaha ke ek hi tarika hai uss bade rishtedaar wale ko post haasil karne se rokne ke liye. Papa ek sarkaari mulaazim tha aur bahot imaandaar aur mehnati aadmi tha. Sab logon ko pata tha ke uss ka promotion ka hakdaar woh akela tha jahan kaam karta tha woh. Aur uss politician ka rishtedaar jo uss post ko politics ke dum par haasil karne wala tha woh to ek kaamchor aur do saal ka mulazim tha magar papa ne 12 saal kaam kar liya tha uss jagah par. Papa Saleem bhai se nahin milna chahta tha, uss ne kaha ke woh weise terha merha kaam nahin karega, magar usske sabhi saathiyon ne kaha ke ghee nikalne ke liye ungli ko terha to karna hi parta hai…. Sab ke kehne par aur sab ke zor lagane par papa maan gaye. Koyi bhi nahin chahta tha ke uss kaamchor ko woh promotion mile. To papa ke dost log uss superior ke saath Saleem bhai se milne gaye the uss kaamchor ko uss promotion ko refuse karwane ke liye…… Ab mujhe yaad nahin ke keise, kia huwa tha, magar papa ko promotion mila aur uss kaamchor ne khud promote hone se refuse kiya.”

Iqbaal ne poocha, “Phir uss ke baad kia Saleem bhai tumhare papa se milte rahe kia? To Abhay ne jawaab diya,
“Bilkool nahin. Papa ko weise logon se milna aur rishta rakhna bilkool passand nahin tha. Magar…..”

Abhay ‘magar’ kehkar ruk gaya, aur Vinay aur Iqbal bade attention se ussko sun rahe the to donon ne ek awaaz mein kaha, “Magar kia??” Phir Abhay bola, “Jante ho papa ke dehant ke baad kuch log mama ko pareshaan karte the tab main sirf 16 sal ka tha aur jab main school chala jata tha to kuch log mama ko akeli samajhkar ussko tang kiya karte the aur woh Saleem bhai hi tha jissne unn kutton ko bhagaya tha. Mama ne Saleem bhai ko jaakar kaha tha ke kia jhel rahi hai woh to Saleem bhai aakar unn budmaashon ko sabak sikhaya…..”

Tab Vinay bola, “To tumhari mummy bhi Saleem bhai ko jaanti hai, matlab ek rishtedaar ke jeise hai woh tere liye…. magar tum ne to kaha ke tumhare papa weise logon ko passand nahin karta tha to keise tumhari mama bhi ussko jaanti hai?” to Abhay muskurakar bola, “Weise to Saleem bhai ko mujhe Saleem chacha kehna chahiye, magar papa aur mama ke munh se saleem bhai saleem bhai sun sun kar main bhi ussko saleem bhai hi bulane laga… tum logon ko aur ek baat bata doon ke ghunssa aur laat maarna aur bahot sare ladhaayi ke tricks main ne Saleem bhai se hi seekha hai, ussne mujhko train kiya hai kehna chahiye….” Yeh sunkar to Iqbal aur Vinay ne bade heyraani se ek dusre ke chehre ko dekha phir Abhay se poocha, “Yaar yeh raaz kia hai tu saaf saaf kyun nahin batata? Kuch samajh mein nahin araha hai mujhe saaf saaf bolo nah yeh Saleem bhai kia cheez hai? Kaun hai woh?” To Abhay thodi der chup raha phir donon ke chehre mein gehraayi se dekhte huwe kaha, “Tum logon ko ek secret batawun to tum log isse sirf apne tak rakh sakte ho? Yeh ek bahot badi raaz ki baat hai aur kissi ko kissi bhi haal mein pata nahin hona chahiye, aur agar tum logon ne iss raaz ko kabhi khola to tum logon ki mawt saamne hogi!!”

Yeh sunkar Iqbal to machal gaya jaanne ke liye aur donon ne promise ki ke kissi ko kabhi nahin batayeinguey. Tab Abhay ne donon ke kaam mein raaz ki baat bataayi. Aur donon Vinay aur Iqbal khush huwe aur kaha, “Achah tabhi to…han ab samajh mein aya are han, issi liye weisa huwa… are han yaar wah kia baat hai!! Saleem bhai zinda baad! Saleem bhai Zindabaad!! (Ab aap readers log mujhse matt poocna ke kia raaz tha, kyun ke issko raaz hi rehna hai uss waqt tak, jab kahani mein isska khulaasaa karna zaroori hoga, agar abhi khulassa huwa to jiss waqt karna hoga mazaa nahin ayega! Sahi waqt ane par sab pata chal jaega)

Uss din ke baad mamool ke taur par guzarne laga. Abhay aur donon dost har roz Dancing school mein milte aur dance seekhate. Students ke taadaat kabhi badhte to kabhi ghatte the magar koyi fark nahin padta tha, kaam badabar chalta rehta tha.

Vinay ki behen ki shaadi dhoom dhaam se huwi aur Abhay ne pura kharcha uthaya kyunke woh Savitri ko apni behen manta tha kyunke usska koyi behen nahin tha, sirf wohi nahin Abhay, Iqbal ke behnon ko bhi apni behen manta tha aur usske donon behnon ke shaadi ka kharcha khud uthaya, donon doston mein se kissi ke maa baap ko ek paisa nahin kharch karne diya sab kuch ussi ne kiya aur apna haq bata kar kiya to kissi ke maa baap ne kuch nahin kaha aur bahot duwaein di Abhay ko. Abhay ziada amir to nahin tha magar khub kamata tha, usski maa bhi kamaati thi aur usske papa ke marne ke baad har mahine sarkaar ke taraf se achah pension bhi milta tha usski mummy ko to do janon ke liye ziada hi tha, iss liye Abhay ke paas paison ki kami kabhi nahin rehta tha…. Ab Savitri ki shaadi mein ek trend shuru kiya Abhay aur unn ke doston ne sabhi class ke students milkar. Uss shaadi mein kayi dance ke number diye khud Abhay ne, aur Vinay aur Iqbal ne aur baaki students milkar….. sabhi logon ne bahot passand kiya aur ussi din bahot dusre log jinn ke yahan shaadi the unn logon ko unn ke yahan bhi dance ke program karne ko kaha, order par order milta gaya uss din se…. paisa bhi achah mil rahe the shadi ke program ke liye…… Abhay bahot achah ballet dance karta tha aur Savitri ke shaadi mein ussne Sandhya ke saath kayi ballet number kiye the jo logon ne bahot passand kiya aur uss dance ko har shadi mein log farmaayish karte the, baaki break dance, hip hop disco sab chalta tha…..

To abhay ka Dancing troop bana Savitri ke shaadi ke din se. Door door se shaadiyan ke invitation ate the dance program dene ke liye aur teenon dost apne behtareen students ko lekar jaate the shaadiyon mein bhi perform karne, aur Abhay sabhi students aur doston mein barabar ka paisa baantta tha.

To ab hum wahan pohonchte hein jahan se kahani ki shuruwaat huwi thi…. Ananya ke entry ke saath. Dusre din ke sham ko badi besabri se Abhay Ananya ka intezaar kar raha tha class mein. Ananya ka chehra usske nazron ke saamne ghum raha tha, raat bhar woh thik se so nahin paaya tha Ananya ko sochte huwe, intezaar mein tha ke kab woh waqt ayega ke woh uss se milega…..

To agle sham ko Abhay ka sabr rang laya jab Ananya ko ussne darwaze pe enter karte dekha…… Class mein ane se pehle Reception pe ek register tha jiss mein Ananya ko apni haaziri likhni thi to reception wali ladki ne ussko apna naam aur daakhil hone ka waqt likhne ko kaha…… Jahan se Abhay ussko dekh raha tha, Ananya Abhay ko nahin dekh paati….. To Anbhay chhup kar class mein se ussko nihaar raha tha, ek khubsurat churidaar mein thi woh, gulaabi rang ka, usska dupatta ek taraf kaandhe se sarka huwa tha usske baal khule huwe the aur jiss waqt woh apne naam likhne ko jhuki table par to usski zulf dayen taraf usske chehre pe girr pade aur woh ek haath se apne baalon ko sawaar rahi thi piche ke tarf aur ek haath se apna naam likh rahi thi register pe, usske kaandhe pe ek hand bag latka huwa tha, usski kaan ki gulabi matching baaliyan nazar arahe the aur Abhay sab appreciate karte jaa raha tha dum bharte huwe…. Tab Abhay ki nazar usski patli patli ungliyon par pada, ungliyon ke beech ek qalam jiss se woh likh rahi thi, Abhay sab ek ek karke dekhe ja raha tha nihaarte huwe, usske dil ke dhadkan tez hota jaa raha tha aur khud se kaha kia eisa ho sakta hai pehli hi mulakaat mein…. Phir Abhay ki nazar usski jism par padi….. kyun ke woh jhuki huwi thi to usski boobs halaan ke churidaar mein thi saaf figure dikh rahe the, aur Abhay ne apne nazar ko usski chaati se dhire dhire niche ke taraf legaya aur usski kamar ka size bhi naap liya apne nazron se phir nazar usski kamar ke zara sa niche wale hisse par gaya phir sidhe usski chutron par phir jaanghon ke form par aur phir usski peyron par aur Ananya ke khubsurat peyron ke dekh kar ussko Raaj Kumar ki dialog yaad aya film Pakeeza ki, aur ussne Raaj kumar ki awaaz mein dhire se kaha, “Aap ke peyr dekhe bahot haseen hai, zameen pe mat utaaryega, mailey ho jaeinguey” Itna kaha ke dekha Reception wali girl ne Ananya ko Abhay wala class dikhate huwe kaha, “You go in that class please” Aur Ananya uss ke taraf ane lagi ek morni ki chaal mein apne baalon ko piche ke taraf apne chehre se push karte huwe…….

Ananya class mein daakhil huwi to Abhay kursi par nahin balke mez par baitah huwa tha ek peyr ko zameen par rakhe aur ek peyr latke huwe aur ussne apne hath ko peshani se lagate huwe Ananya ko dekhte huwe kaha , “Hi, welcome” Aur Ananya ek haseen muskaan ke saath uss ke taraf badhtey huwe apne haath diya ussko shake karne ke liye aur kaha , “Hello Sir main late nahin hoon nah?” Usski surili awaaz pe to Abhay apni jaan dede!!…..


Aur Ek Prem Kahani Part 6

Koyi 10 ya 15 kilometeres ke drive ke baad aguey police check kar rahe the aur Abhay ko rukne ko signal kiya gaya. Abhay ne gadi park ki aur Saleem bhai ne jaldi se apne hathyaar ko unn donon se wapas apne paas liya. Police walon mein se ek police torch liye Abhay ke chehre par kiya aur licence ki darkhwast ki….. aur apne torch ko piche ki seat par kiya phir Saleem bhai par torch mara aur bola, «Are Saleem chacha, aap kidhar ko chale iss waqt, thik thik hai driver agar Saleem chacha ke saath ho to licence dikhane ki zaroorat nahin hai ! » Aur woh police inspector chal kar Saleem bhai ke taraf gaya aur sar juhka kar car ke darwaze par hath rakh kar Saleem chacha se baat karne laga. Uss ne kaha, «Kyun Saleem chacha kissi ka katl karna hai kia jo apne bade samourai se leys nikal pade ? » To Saleem bhai apne buland kadak awaaz mein ussko jawaab diya, «Are Raaghav tum ho! Nahin yaar bus kissi ko darana dhamkana hai…… » To Raaghav bola, «Aur yeh 3 lawndey kia aap ke naye trainee sipahi hein hehehehe !» To Saleem bhai ne kaha, «Nahin re burbak, inn logon ka sayetha karne ko jaa raha hoon.” Aur Inspector ne kaha, “Thik hai jawo chacha khayaal rahe ke phir se jail na jana pade aap ko kissi ka khoon mat kardena mujhko gawahi dena par jaega varna!! Hehehehe!”

Aur phir car Abhay ne aguey drive karna chaalu kiya. Ab to Iqbaal aur Vinay ko aur bhi mawka milgaya Saleem bhai se sawalaat karne ko. Iqbaal ne shuru ki, “Aap to bahot mashoor ho SALEEM BHAI, HUM ABHI KOYI 15 KMS DOOR HEIN AAP KE GHAR SE AUR YAHAN KE POLICE BHI AAP KO JAANTE HEIN AUR AAP JAIL BHI GAYE HO WAH!” To saleem bhai ne kaha, “Main tamaam desh ke kone kone mein mashoor hoon beta, aur jail ka to khaas mehmaan bhi hoon, are police kia wakil aur magistrate bhi mere saathi hein desh ke! Aur MLA aur misninsters log bhi!!” Tab Vinay bola, “Janaab bura mat maanna aap bilkool el filmi character lagte ho jo bhai wale roles karte hein ekdum unn logon ki tarah ho aap to!” Saleem bhai ne uss ke jawaab mein kaha, “Hmm main ne apne characters ko bahot sare filmon mein dekha hai… magar sab phikey par jate hein mere saamne!” To Iqbaal bola, aap to Amitab Bachchan se bhi ziada mashoor lagte ho!” Tab Saleem bhai hansse!! Usska hanssi bhi kadak tha! Woh bola, “Amitabh bachchan se mila hoon main photu bhi hai mera usske saath, main sirf yeh jaanna chahta tha ke woh mujhse ziada lamba hai ke main….. sala mere aguey woh bhi pheeka par gaya, main uss se 5 inches ziada lamba hoon! Jiss din Amit ji se mila to ussne khushi se kaha, “Chalo bhai aaj to mujhe koyi eisa insaan mila jisske saath main sar utha kar baat kar sakta hoon varna meri gardan dukh jati hai sab se sar jhuka kar baat karte huwe!! Aur hum donon khub hansse the bahot sare photographer ne uss din hum donon ki tasveer liye the kyunke unn logon ko ek mawka milgaya the do lambe aadmiyon ke tasveer ek saath lene ko!! Hahahahahaha!!”

Teenon dost hakbakaye huwe Saleem bhai ke baton ko sun rahe…. Saleem bhai bolte hai ya hanste ho sab se darr sa lagta tha.. usske hanssi mein bhi khauff tha…. Kyun ke usski awaaz hi kuch eisi thi ke darr sa lag jata tha…..Aur aakhir yunhi batein karte karte woh log apne manzil tak pohonch gaye…..

Rakesh ke yahan sab daakhil huwe jab darwaza kholagaya khatkhatane par. Usske ghar ke andar koyi Mr. Varma Rakesh ke baap se baat cheet kar raha tha lounge mein baithe haath mein ek ek gilaas liye huwe. (Dosto iss Mr.Varma ko aap sab yaad rakhein kyun ke iss character ka ek bahot ehem role hai aguey chal kar kahani mein) Ghar mein ghuss kar Rakesh ko nikala gaya, aur yeh kaam Abhay ne kiya Mr. Varma ke saamne aur Rakesh ko peeta bhi teenoon doston ne milkar Saleem bhai haath mein samourai liye khada dekh rahe the aur apne buland awaaz mein kaha, “Agar kissi ne police ko phone kiya ya kissi ko kissi tarah se bhi yahan bulaya to ek ek ko tukron mein kaat ke darya mein machliyon ko khane ko de dunga! Sab khamosh yahin baithein!” Ghar ke sab log thar thar kamp rahe the aur Rakhesh ki to bilkool hi phat gayi thi! Mr. Varma ghar se nikalna chahta tha yeh sab dekh aur sunkar, magar Saleem bai ne kaha, “Tum kaun ho?” Rakesh ka baap ne jawaab diya, “Yeh mera ek dost hai hum kissi kaam ke sissile mein discussion kar rahe the, isse kuch mat kehye yeh kuch nahin jaanta!” To Saleem bhai ne Mr. Varma se kaha, “Aap idhar hi baitho, hamare lautne ke baad hi baahar jaa sakte ho!” Aur Mr. Varma apne chasme ko naak ke upar karte huwe aur apne bag aur file ko bazu ke niche dabate huwe kaampte peyron se sofe par baith jata hai……

Rakesh niche zameen par pada tha, aur teenon doston ne Saleem bhai ko bolne ko kaha, tab Saleem bhai Rakesh ke kameez ke collar se ussko upar uthate huwe poochta hai, “Tu isski behen se shaadi karega ke nahin?” Rakesh ki maa aur baap donon Saleem bhai ke peyron par girr pade yeh kehte huwe, “Shaadi karega huzoor zaroor kadega kuch ghalat faimiyan thiin ab sab thik ho jaega!” To saleem bhai ne Rakesh se poocha, “Main tum se pooch raha hoon!” Rakesh haath jodte huwe kehta hai, “Karunga zaroor karunga woh mera pyar hai!” Tab Vinay chillatey huwe bola, “Sala kutta haram zaada kal to mujhe aur mere pita ko gaaliyan dekar yahanse nikaal diya tha aur kaha tha ke Savitri bud chalan hai ab bolke dekh! Aur aap usske maa baap ho phir bhi aap logon ne bhi kaha tha ke weisi ladki ko kabhi bhi apna bahu swikaar nahin kareingue ab kia huwa?!” Yeh sab kehte waqt Vinay ro pada aur baith gaya to Iqbaal aur Abhay ne ussko gale se lagakar chup karaya. Aur Saleem bhai ne kaha, “Aap log yeh mat sochye ke shaadi ke baad isski behen ko kissi kissam ki takliff deinguey iss ghar mein ya uss par koyi atyachaar kareingeuy, ussko bilkool ghar ki lakshmi samajh kar apni sagi beti kia tarah dekhna hoga!” Tab Rakesh ke mata pita bole, “HUM USSKO BAHOT PYAR SE RAKHEINGUEY JANAAB AAP NAARAAZ KYUN HOTE HO, HUM SE GHALATI HUWI HUM MAAFI CHAHTE HEIN HAMEIN KSHAMA KAREIN!” Aur Saleem bhai ne yeh bhi kaha ghar se nikalne se pehle, “Aur aap sab yeh mat sochein ke baad mein police ko kehkar mujhko kuch karne ki koshish kareinguey, main aap logon ko yeh batadena uchit samajhta hoon ke main 4 khoon ke ilzaam mein jail jaa chukka hoon phir bhi azaad hoon woh iss liye ke sab police, judge, MLA, ministers mere saathiyon mein se hein… agar aap logon ki vajah se mujh par case huwa bhi to mahine bhar mein baahar nikal jawunga tab sochna ke kia hashar hoga tum logon ka! Mere talaab ki machliyan gosht khana bahot passand karte hein han!!”

Vinay ne poocha to kab aarahe hein aap log hamare ghar meri behen ko apnane aur uss se maafi maangne ko? Rakesh ne kaampte huwe kaha, “Agle Sunday hum zaroor ayeinguey bhai!” Tab charon RAKESH KE GHAR SE NIKLE!!

Gaadi mein bathte hi Iqbaal khi khi khi hanssne laga, phir dhire dhire Vinay bhi hansne laga aur car start karne ke baad khud Abhay unn donon ke dekh kar hanss padaa…aur teenon zor zor se gale milkar hansne lage aur Saleem bhai unn logon ko dekh kar poocha apne kadak style mein, “Oye kia huwa nawjawanon kyun itne hanss rahe ho?!” To iqbaal bola, “SAB KI PHAT GAYI THI GHAR MEIN hahahahaha!! Hamein maaf kar dijiye hum ussko apni sagi beti ki tarah rakheinguey hehehehehe,” Aur hanste hi huwe Vinay bola, “Main uss se shaadi zaroor karunga woh mera pyar hai hihihihihihihi” tab inn donon ko sunkar Saleem bhai bhi hanssa “hu hu huh hohoho hah hah hah chalo ab dirive karo putarrr!!”

Phir wahan se lautne lage tez raftaar se aur sab ne Saleem bhai se poocha, “Kia aap sach mein 4 khoon kar chuke hein bhai?” To Saleem bhai bola, “ARE NAHIN YEH SIRF UNN KO DHAMKAANE KE LIYE BOLA THA, MAIN KOYI KAATIL VAATIL NAHIN HOON BACHCHO! BUS GUNEHGAARON KO PEETTA HOON KABHI KABAAR GHAAYAL BHI KARDETA HOON….. inn jeise logon ko pyar se samjhane ka koyi assar nahin padta eise hi samajhte hein yeh log……


Aur Ek Prem Kahani Part 5

Teenon dost car mein rawana huwe wahan se. Abhay kuch nahin bol raha tha, ghusse mein drive kar raha tha, jab woh ghussa karta tha to ekdum khamosh rehta tha aur usska jabre ka muscle hillta huwa dikhaayi deta tha….. Iqbaal aur Vinay apas mein baat kar rahe the ke to kia ab ussko peeteingue kia? donon ne kaha ke maamla bigar jaega aur police case bhi ho sakta hai phir court ka maamla huwa to Savitri budnaam hogi. Unn donon ko sunne ke baad driving karte waqt Abhay ne poocha “Saale ka naam kia hai?” “Rakesh” Vinay ne reply kiya….. To Abhay bola, “Tum log fikar mat karo kuch nahin hoga na police case na court, bus tum donon dekho main abhi kia karta hoon…”

Kuch door tak drive karne ke baad woh ek jagah par car ko park kiya aur donon ko apne saath chalne ko kaha. Wahan bahot dense traffic thi, bahot sare log the aur hulchul si machi thi uss jagah par aur jeise sanss lena mushkil tha wahan bahot bhir bhar the…… Ek patli gali se hokar Iqbal aur Vinay Abhay ke piche piche dawd rahe the kyun ke Abhay ziada hi tez raftaar se chal raha tha seena taane….. Ek jagah par ruke jahan gali ke donon taraf dukaan the aur kuch sabzi bechne wale bhi the raaste ke kone mein the…. kuch aguey chal kar Abhay ek dukaan mein daakhil huwa piche mudhkar apne donon sathiyon ka andar ane ka ishara karte huwe. Ek badbhu si arahi thi andar daakhil hote hi aur teenon ne apne naak par apne apne rumaal lagaaye aur andar ghussne ke baad unko pata chala ke woh ek kasaayi (butcher) ka shop tha. Ek meat shop tha. Counter ke piche ek lamba sa aadmi jisska seena bahot chawda tha aur bade bade haath the usske aur hey bade bade muscles….. lamba daarhi bhi tha kuch safed kuch kale aur usske sar par ek pagri baandha huwa tha…uss waqt woh ek badi si chaakku se murgi ka gosht kaat raha tha…… aur Abhay ne uss se kaha, “Asalaam alaikum Saleem bhai”

Saleem bhai sar uthakar Abhay ko dekhtey huwe khushi se muskurakar kaha, “Arey Abhay beta tu yahan keise? Kahan rehta hai nazar hi nahin ata, kitne dinon ke baad mile ho yaar aa mere gale lagja” Usski awaaz buland thi aur bhaadi bhi… ek monster ke jeise dikhta tha woh Saleem bhai….. Iqbaal aur Vinay ek dusre ko dekhte rahe aur phuss phus apas mein kuch keh rahe the. Udhar Abhay ne Saleem bhai ko ek taraf bulaya baat karne ke liye to Saleem bhai ne awaaz di, “Aare o Parwez! Dukaan sambhaalna main zara Abhay se kuch baat kar raha hoon”

Jab Abhay ne saari baat samjha diya Saleem bhai ko to ussko bhi ghussa aya aur khade hokar poocha, “Main apne kuch aadmiyon ko saath lekar awun?” To Abhay ne kaha, “Nahin Saleem bhai aap akele kaafi ho, dekho ussko maarna nahin bus darana aur dhamkana hai ke woh shaadi ke liye raazi ho jaye, han ekaat thapad laga sakte ho aap balke main ek do ghunssa zaroor marunga ussko, magar aap apne hathyaar se leys hokar jana taake woh sach mein darr hi jaye…” Saleem bai ghar ke andar gaya jo dukaan ke piche tha aur ek lamba sa samourai lekar baahar nikle… uss hathyaar ko dekhte hi rawndde khade ho jate hein, aur jiss mazbuti se Saleem bhai ne apne haath mein ussko pakra tha, eisa lagta tha jeise war filmon ke villain kissi ka khoon karne ke liye nikal raha ho….. Iqbal aur Vinay ke bolti bandh hogaye the woh donon kabhi Abhay ko to kabhi Saleem bhai ko dekh rahe the…. Iqbaal ne dhire se Vinay ko kaha, “Yeh aadmi to bahot danger lagta hai re, Yeh Abhay issko keise jaanta hai? Yeh kia cheeez hai yeh Saleem bhai?” Vinay Iqbaal ko sirf “ssshhhh” kehta hai.

Saleem bhai Abhay ke saath chalne ko tayyaar tha. Aur ussne apne kadak awaaz mein phir phukaar kar kaha, “Ari oh Sakina! Parvez se kehde ke main baahar jaa raha hoon dukaan ko adhe ghante ke baad bandh karle!” Andar se ek khubsurat patli si awaaz sunaayi di “Thik hai abba jaan kehdungi” Uss awaaz ke maalkin ko dekhne ke liye Iqbaal apne peyr ke toes par khade hokar ghar ke andar dekhne ki koshish kar raha tha, itne mein Saleem bhai unn logon ke traf mudhta hai saath chalne ko aur jhat se Iqbal ek taraf dekhne lagta hai aur Vinay ussko dhakka dekar dhire se kehta hai, “marna hai kia tujhko, kia dekh raha hai andar, tere gale ko kaat kar meat shop mein rakhdega bechne ko!” Aur Vinay dhire se hanss pada aur Iqbal apne hanssi ko sambhaalte huwe rumaal mein muhn chupa raha tha…. Saleem bhai 55 saal ke the magar bahot mazboot aur taaqatwar the aur zaalim dikhte the, koyi bhi ussko dekh kar darr jate the. Ussne Abhay se poocha, “Kaun hai Vinay in mein?” To isharey se Abhay Vinay ko batata hai aur Saleem bhai Vinay se poochta hai, “Usske ghar mein aur kitne mard hein?” Vinay jawaab deta hai, “Usska baap aur ek chota ** saal ka bhai hein” Phir Saleem bhai ne poocha, “Aur usske pados mein koyi mard relative vaghaira hai? Main iss liye pooch raha hoon ke agar lafda huwa aur ussne kissi ko bulaya to main apne aadmiyon ko saath lekar apne car mein tum logon ke piche ata hoon” Tab Vinay ne kaha, “Nahin hai usske ghar se door tak koyi ghar hi nahin hai” Saleem bhai tab bola, “To phir thik hai, chalo bacho uss haraam ke pilley ko main dekhta hoon ke keise shaadi nahin karega, kaatke darya mein baha dunga kutte ko!” Iqbal aur Vinay niche zameen par dekhte chupke chupke hanss rahe the aur jab Abhay ne unn donon ko weise hanste huwe dekha to woh bhi chup kar hanssne laga car ke taraf chalte huwe…..

Sab car mein baithe, Saleem chacha aapne lambe samourai ke saath aguey wala seat par baitha aur Iqbal aur Vinay pichey baithe. Gadi start huwi aur 30 kilometeres ka safar karna tha; raat hone wali thi. Piche ke seat par Vinay aur Iqbaal phussur phussur kar rahe the aur aguey Abhay aur Slaeem bhai khamosh baithe the aur car raftaar se aguey badh raha tha. Iqbaal ne dhire se Vinay ke kaan mein kaha, “Usska seena hai ya world map, hum donon ke sine ko milakar usska ek seena banega! Itna chawda seena to main ne kissi ka bhi nahi dekha!” Vinay ne ussko phir se kaha, “ssshhh chup!” Saleem bhai itne oonche the he ussko apne gardan ko jhukana padhta tha baithtey waqt car mein, usska sar car ke chhatt se takra rahe the….. Iqbal ne phir Vinay ke kaan mein kaha, “Uss hathyaar ko apne haath se chuhne ko mann kar raha hai, dekh keise chamak raha hai andhere mein bhi!” Vinay bola, “Abe chup karna, woh sun lega usska ek laafa pada to behosh ho jawoge, battissi tumhare seene ke andar honguey!! Hihihihi” Aur donon khi khi khi hans pade…… To Saleem bhai pichey mudhkar unn donon ke dekhte huwe poocha, “Kia huwa bacho? Kiss baat par hanss rahe ho?” To aguey se Abhay bola, “maskare hein donon bhai aap unn logon ke taraf tawaju na dein….” Tab Iqbal bola, “Saleem ji, hum aap ke uss hathyaar ko haath mein lena chahte hein bahot badhya lagta hai…..” Aur abhay aur Vinay bilkool heyraan hokar Saleem bhai ke chehre ko aur ek dusre ko dekhne lage… woh soch rahe the ke Saleem bhai khafa hoga magar unn donon ke heyraangi par Saleem bhai ne samourai ko uthakar piche kiya Iqbaal ke taraf…… Jab Iqbaal ne uss hathyaar ko ek hath se thaama ussko apne taraf karne ko to nahin kar paaya aur donon haathon se uss ko uthana pada uss samourai ko aur Iqbaal ne kaha, “Are baap re baap, itna vazan wala hathyaar hai, ek haath se uthaya nahin jata aap keise ek hath se issko chalaate ho bhai?” To Saleem bhai apne dhadi ko haath se sehlate huwe bola, “Main issko ek talwaar ki tarah chala sakta hoon daayein baayein…..” Aur Iqbaal aur Vinay uss hathyaar ka muayena karne lage apne ungliyon se chuh kar usski tez dhaar dekhte to kabhi usski lambaayi aur vazan………


Aur Ek Prem Kahani Part 4

Hospital se lautney ke dusre din baad mamool taur par Abhay apne dance classes attend kar raha tha. Shaam ka waqt tha aur schools ke lautne ke baad kayi ladke aur ladkiyan dance steps seekh rahe the. Din mein 10 baje se 2 baje tak adults ka session hota tha aur 4 baje se sham ke 7 baje tak school ke students ke classes hote the aur Saturday ko jinn bachon ko week mein time nahin milta tha weh ate the. Aur Sunday ko barah baje tak Abhay free Aerobics seekhata tha aged persons ko apne school mein.

To uss din ko thik jab dance class end karne wala tha to Vinay aur Iqbaal usske school mein aye donon. Vinay ke chehre par patti tha stitches ki wajah se, aur Abhay heyraan huwa unn donon ko dekh kar apne school mein. Weh donon 5 minutes pehle se Abhay ko dance seekhate dekh rahe the aur Vinay Abhay ka mimicry kar raha tha jiss jiss step ko Abhay chaatron ko seekha raha tha unhi steps ko piche piche woh bhi kar raha tha aur Iqbal hanss raha tha. Unn donon ko dance aata tha, seekhe the donon ne kuch classical aur thoda bahot modern dance bhi.

To jab sabhi students chale gaye jinn mein Sandhya bhi thi aur jissko Vinay ne apne aadhe jism ko jhuka kar salaam kiya jab woh class se nikal rahi thi. Abhay sab dekh raha tha, aur jab uss ne dekha ke Sandhya muskuraakar jaldi se class se nikal gayi to unn donon ko class ke andar ane ko kaha. Teenon mein baat cheet huwi aur Vinay aur Iqbaal usske class mein dance seekhana chahte the. Abhay ne donon ko samjhaya ke abhi usske paas utne students to nahin hai jissko woh classes mein bant sake, phir socha ke Sunday aur Saturday wala classes inn donon se karwa sakta hai….. Aur sham ko bhi kuch help le sakta hai…… magar donon ko ziada salary to nahin de sakta thoda bahot kaam ke liye…… Abhay soch raha tha keise kiya jaye…..

Jab donon ne apne bekaar hone ke kisse sunaaye to Abhay ko bahot afsos huwa aur decide kiya ke permanent job de sakta hai donon ko magar uss ke liye classes ka extention karna hoga aur usske liye kuch additional kaam karne honguey. Woh donon raazi huwe, aur ussi waqt Abhay ne donon ke interview liye… donon se dance ke kuch steps karne ko kaha aur bahot sare sawaalaat kiye dance ke bare mein donon se….. Donon ne kaha ke jo woh nahin jaante the donon Abhay se seekhne ke liye tayyaar hein……. Assal mein Abhay unn donon se 100 guna ziada jaanta tha….. Aur uss ne thaan liya ke donon ko seekhayega bhi aur classes bhi lene ko dega donon ko.

Abhay apne school ko lekar bahot ambitious tha, bahot kuch soch rakha tha school ke future ke liye iss liye ussko assal main unn donon ki zaroorat bhi thi apne lakshya tak pohonchne ke liye.

Donon ne ek hafte baad school mein ana aur classes lene shuru kiye Abhay ke supervision mein, phir ahiste ahiste Abhay ne unn donon ke akele classes ko monitor karne diya. Ab Sandhya Vinay ka student ban gayi aur Vinay aur Sandhya mein love story bhi shuru huwa….. Baad mein inn donon ka zikr karunga filhaal Abhay ka planning dekhte hein…

Abhay ne ek din apne computer par kuch flyers design kiye apne school aur dancing ke kuch pics ko lekar aur 1000 se ziada copies nikalwaya. 1000 pamphlets lekar ek classes ke baad Vinay aur Iqbal se ek chota sa meeting kiya aur decide kiya ke woh donon usske saath pamphlets bantne sheher ke bade malls mein chaleinguey. Donon raazi huwe aur ek Saturday ko teenon mall mein gaye flyers distribute karne ko…… adhe ghate mein 1000 pamphlets khataam ho gaye….. To decide kiya gaya ke 5000 flyers print kiya jaye….. wohi kiya phir agle Saturday aur Sunday ko sab ke sab 5000 flyers bant diye gaye aur agle din se bahot naye students ane lage classes join karne ko aur bahot parents apne bachon ko lane lage school mein register karne ke liye…..

Vinay aur Iqbal ke join karne se pehle school ke sirf 40 students the, aur flyers distribute karne ke baad 235 students ho gaye!! Din ke classes ke shifts ko badalna pada aur weekends ka bhi. Weeks mein raat ko 8 baje se 10 baje tak ke classes bhi shuru kiye gaye…… bahot tarakki ho gaya, aamdani bhi aur Vinay aur Iqbal ko permanent dance teacher mukarar kiya Abhay ne…… usske baad to din dugni raat chawgni tarakki karta gaya Abhay ka school, aakhir mein ek saal ke andar 350 students ho gaye unn mein adult aged between 25-40 ka ek special shift bhi banaya gaya…… ek daur mein ladkiyon ka sankhyia ziada tha ladkon se school mein… phir din ba din change hota gaya kabhi students 200 se 150 hojate phir kabhi 200 hojate, phir upar phir nichey eise hi chalta raha aur kayi mahinon tak 700 students huwe the…woh ek ajeeb occasion par huwa tha baad mein isska bhi zikr hoga.

Scholo bahot badhya chal raha tha aur teenon bahot khush the. Khush kyun na ho teenon bahot mehnat kar rahe the. Abhay ne donon ko fixed monthly salary dena shuru kiya aur donon bahot ziada khush the kyun ke Abhay donon ko zaroorat se ziada payment kar raha tha.
Abhay, Vinay aur Iqbal ko apne ghar legaya kayi daffa aur apni maa se milwaya donon ko. Donon jeise ghar ke ek family member ban gaye aur Abhay bhi unn donon ke yahan aksar ane jane laga aur donon ke family members se ghul mil gaya jeise woh bhi donon family ka ek sadasya tha. Vinay ke do behen the, donon bahot ache bache the. Donon Abhay ko bada bhai maante the. Iqbal ke bhi do behen the, uss mein ek badi thi aur ek choti thi. Badi yane ke Iqbaal aur Abhay se umar mein badi aur choti wali bachi nahin balke ek saal inn donon se choti…..

Ek din Vinay class mein dhyaan nahin de paa raha tha, ghalatiyan kar raha tha steps mein….. Iqbal ne khayaal kiya aur Abhay ne bhi note kiya….. classes ke baad Abhay ne Vinay ko toka….. aur thoda sa ghussa kiya…… Vinay sar jhukaye chup chaap baitha tha aur kuch bhi nahin kaha. Sar niche zameen ke taraf kiye huwe tha….. Iqbal ne note kiya ke usska haath thar thar kaamp raha hai…… Abhay wahan se wapas dusre class mein chala gaya ussko dantne ke baad, phir Iqbal dawdtey usske piche aya aur kaha ke Vinay ke haanth kaamp rahe hein….. Jaldi se Abhay wapas usske paas gaya to dekha, Vinay sar zameen mein gadey apne jism ko jeise koyi gehre bukhaar mein apne aap ko jakarta hai weise Vinay kar raha tha, usske shakal nazar nahin aarahe the kyun ke woh bilkool nichey dekh raha tha aur apne nazron ko bacha raha tha… Abhay ko zameen par baithna pada usske chehre ko upar ke taraf uthaane ke liye, aur jab donon Iqbaal aur Abhay niche baith kar usske sar ko upar kiya to VINAY PHOOT PHOOT KAR RONE LAGA…. Usske enkhon se jhar jhar ensso beh rahe the aur Abhay aur Iqbal ne ek dusre ko dekhte huwe ekdum heyraani mein ek saath poocha, «Kia huwa Vinay ? » Aur Vinay ne ek bache ki tarah Abhay ke gale se lipat kar zoron se rone laga. Woh baat nahin kar pa raha tha…. Usske awaaz nahin nikal rahe the… woh apne enkh aur naak ponchte huwe Iqbaal ko dekhta to kabhi Abhay ko….. Abhay usske peeth thapthapate huwe pooche jaa raha tha ke kia baat huwi…….

Kaafi der ke baad jab Vinay thoda shaant huwa to Abhay ke zid par ussne kaha, “Savitri ka balatkar kar diya uss haramzade ne aur shaadi se inkaar kar raha hai!!” Phir zor se rone laga. Savitri usski choti behen thi. Abhay ko bahot gussa aya aur Iqbaal ko bhi phir Abhay ne poocha, “Tum kia uss se milne gaye the?” rote huwe Vinay bola, “Han yaar papa bhi saath gaya tha ussne hum donon ko dhitkaar kar apne ghar se baahar nikaal diya aur ilzaam lagaya ke Savitri bud chalan hai.” Abhay ne phir poocha “Aur Savitri kia kehti hai?” Vinay bola, “Woh to uss se pyar karti thi yaar! Woh samajhti thi ke woh kutta uss se shaadi karega! Iss liye ussne ye sab hone diya….”

Abhay ne Vinay ko keise bhi karke shaant karwaya khud apne ensoowon ko ponchtey huwe khada huwa, usska khoon khawl raha tha, ghusse se laal ho gaya tha, aur kaha, “Tu fikar mat kar Vinay woh Savitri se hi shaadi karega aur zaroor karega, main dekhta hoon keise shaadi se inkaar karta hai sala, jaan se maar dalunga agar ussne inkaar kiya to…… chal wahan chalte hein sab…….”


Aur Ek Prem Kahani Part 3

Abhay ghar der se pohonchta tha to usski maa bahot pareshaan hoti thi, usska wait karti thi dinner ke liye. Aur Vinay aur Iqbaal ko hospital se ghar chorne ke baad to bahot hi der ho chuki thi aur Abhay ki maa bahot ziada pareshaan thi halaan ke mobile par contact kiya gaya aur Abhay ne kaha bhi ke late wapas ayega, phir bhi maa to maa hoti hai aur pareshaan hi rehti hai apne bachche ke liye.

Ghar aney par jab jab Abhay ne hospital ka zikr kiya apni maa se tab to woh aur bhi pareshaan hogayi aur jab usska sujha huwa chehra dekha jahan Vinay ka ghunssa pada tha tab to maa ki tabiyat kharaab hi ho gayi…. Keise bhi karke Abhay ne samjhaya apni maa ko ke kuch serious nahin bus ek dost ko hospital legaya tha kyun ke ussko choth lagi thi, aur jhoot kaha apni maa se ke uss ke chehre par kissi cheez se choth laga….
Abhay ki maa thi Mrs. Sarla, 45 years ki, vidwa, magar self dependant thi kyun ke usska ek chota sa beauty parlour tha. Profession se thi to woh ek hair dresser, baad mein esthetics ki bhi course kiya tha aur do ladkiyan usske saath saloon mein kaam karte hein. Usski palour usske ghar ke saamne hi hai. Mrs Sarla ek bahot hi acchi aur narm dil awrat hai aur apne bête ki tarah woh bhi dusron ke madad kiya karti thi aur kaafi mashoor bhi hai. Usski pati ki dehant ke baad ussko shaadi ke proposals aye the bahot, magar unhon ne apne bête ki dekh bhaal karke bada karna ziada monasib samjha dusri shaadi karne se. Hai to woh ek khubsurat lady aur aaj bhi mard unnke ird gird ghumte hein! Magar Mrs. Sarla ko apne aap ko mehfooz rakhna ata hai aur bade behtareen tarike se unn mardon ko dost bana leti hai jo kabhi unnke nazdik ana chahte hein.

Jab Abhay ke papa ka dehant huwa tha tab Abhay 18 saal ka tha aur Mrs. Sarla sirf 33 ki thi. Ab ziada sochne ki baat nahin ke ek 33 saal ki khubsurat awrat ko kiss tarah se apne aap ko sambhaalna parta hai jab usska pati usske sath na ho to! Khaas kar jab woh awrat kaam karti ho aur public se taalukaat rakhti ho… kitne sare bhooke bhedhye ghoomte rehte hai intezaar mein eise mawke ke liye yeh sochkar ke ‘isski to pati mar gaya hai issko mard ki zaroorat hogi to apna luck try karte hein…..’ Eise irade se bahot sare mardon ne Sarla ji ki chakkar katte unn dinon….. Abhay tab 16 saal ka college student tha to ghar par to nahin rehta tha, maa khud jaanti hai ke kiss tarah se apne aap ko sambhaala hai tab se lekar ab tak….

Ek baar eisa bhi huwa tha ke Sarla ji ki maa ne khud ek shaadi ki proposal bheja tha Abhay ki maa ke liye. Aur Abay ne khud apni maa ko dusri shaadi karne ke liye green light de diya tha, phir bhi Sarla ji ne inkaar kiya, proposal ko thukraya. Aur apne bete ki zindagi ko apni zindagi ke baaki ke saal de diye. Sarla ji ne tab hi thaan liya ke ussne pyar sirf apne pati se kiya tha aur koyi usska pyar nahin chinn sakta, jab woh mar kar apne pati ke paas jayegi to kia muhn dikhayegi apne pati ko. Woh tann mann se sirf apne pati ke liye thi, aur baaki ke jiwan apne bete ke liye samarpan kar diye. Kaha ke Abhay ko maa ki zaroorat hai, 16 sal ka ladka bacha hota hai aur ussko apni maa ki aadat hai, kyunke ek lawta beta tha to Sarla ji ne attal faisla kar liya tha ke jiyegi to apne bete ke liye bus……. Phir tab se lekar aaj tak Sarla ji apne ek lawte Abhay ke liye jeeti hai. Ab Abhay to usski dunya thi, agar Abhay ko ek kanta bhi chubhta to Sarla ji ko dard hoti, koyi bhi mushkil Abhay par ata to takleef Sarla ji ko hoti thi sab se ziada. Behad pyar tha donon maa bete ke beech. Abhay ko pata tha ke uski maa ne apni zindagi ko usske liye sacrifice kiya…. Aur woh bhi apni maa ko utna hi pyar karta tha jitna Sarla ji ussko karti thi. Koyi nahin tha donon ka ek dusre ke ilawa. Sarla ji kabhi bimaar hoti thi to Abhay din bhar ghar par rehkar usski sewa karta tha. Kaam par nahin jata tha, Vinay aur Iqbal ko phone karke kehdeta tha sab sambhaalne ko kyunke ussko apni maa ki dekh bhaal karni hai. Abhay kitchen ke sab kaam jaanta tha. Behen nah hone ki yeh ek faeda hoti hai. Bahot sare ladke, jisske behen nahin hote, maa ke saath kitchen mein rehkar kitchen ke sab kaam seekh jate hein aur pakana bhi jaan jate hein.

To iss tarah se Abhay ko pakana bhi ata tha kyun ke jab usski maa bimaar hoti thi to wohi pakata tha ghar mein. Aur jab maa thik hoti thi tab kitchen mein usski help karta tha, aur ghar ke har kaam mein haath batata tha… Abhay ne stone par kapde bhi dhoye hein…. Unn dinon jab washing machine nahin hote the, aur usski maa stone par kapde dhote the to Abhay ne yeh bhi kiya tha, magar washing machine ane ke baad washing machine mein apne kapdon ko khud dholeta hai aksar, kapde sukhne ko string par khud hi daal deta hai aur khud sukhne par utha bhi leta hai….apni maa ko ziada takliff nahin hone deta hai…. Ghar ke baaki kaam kaaj bhi kar leta hai Abhay. Sarla ji ko bahot khushi aur garv thi ke usska beta bahot responsible aur nek tha.

Abhay bahot emotional tha garam mizaaj hone ke bawajud. Woh bachpan se hi choti choti baton par ro deta tha. Apne papa ke dehant ke baad mahinon tak rota raha. Apni maa se har raat ko papa ke bare mein baatein kar kar ke rota rehta tha…. Maa to khud behaal thi magar Abhay ko rota dekh kar khud ko sambhaalti thi Abhay ko rone se rokne ke liye…… bahot mushkil daur se guzre the unn dinon jab usske papa guzre the….. Sarla devi ne chattaan ki tarah mazboot hokar Abhay ko aur khud ko sambhala tha……. Han to Abhay bada hone par bhi chote chote baton par rota tha apni maa se baat ka zikr karke….. jab ussko rona hota tha to sidhe maa ke paas jata tha ek chote bachche ki tarah, jeise ussko maa ki goad mein araam milta ho rone se……. Ek din jab woh college ka student tha usska ek dost ki maa guzar gayi…. Abhay gaya tha funerals mein jab wapas aya to bahot ro raha tha, maa ne poocha kia huwa to ro rokar kehne laga ke, “Rakesh ki maa maa chal bassi ab Rakesh ka kia hoga maa?” Sarla ji ne Abhay ko apni seene se lagaate huwe ussko tassali di ke, “Kia hoga, jo hona hai hoga tum kyun fikar karte ho, jane do yeh to hota rehta hai…..” Abhay ne phir aur rote huwe kaha, “Maa mujhe bahot darr lagta hai yeh sochkar agar tumko eisa kuch huwa to mera kia hoga main kia karunga akele?” Abhay ki maa Abhay ko seene se ziada zor se lagaate huwe ek buland awaaz mein nam enkhon se kaha, “Eisa kuch nahin hoga, tum fikar mat karo, main tumko akela chorkar nahin jane wali…..Bhagwaan itna nirday nahin ho sakte…tumhare papa ko chinn liya tumse to mujhko nahhin bula sakte….. eisa nahin hoga Abhay, rona bandh karo bête!” Magar Abhay rota jaa raha tha aur kaha, “Magar maa, Rakesh to akela ho gaya nah woh ab keise jiyega maa ke bina….” Tab sarla ji ne Abhay ke baalon mein apne ungliyon ko phertey huwe aur usske ensoo ponchte huwe kaha, “Beta Raakesh ke do behnein hein ek uss se bada, ek chota, ek bada bhai hai aur usska papa hai….. Woh log ussko sambhaal leinguey….. woh bhala tumhare tarah akela to nahin…..”

Ek baar jab Abhay 20 saal ka ho gaya tha to raaste par ek chota sa kutta jissko ek motar car de hit kar diya tha, ussko uthakar ghar le aya aur ussko pani pila raha tha aur usske enkhon se ensoo beh rahe the….. usski maa ne dekha aur poocha kia huwa to rote huwe Abhay bola, “Maa isski accident huwi hai, issko bahot choth laga hoga nah! Yeh to bol nahin sakta keise batayega ke kahan issko dard ho raha hai…..” yeh kehkar woh aur bhi zor se rone laga apni maa ke seene se lag kar…… Sarla ji ko pata tha ke Abhay se dusron ka takliff nahin dekha jata, chahe who insaan ho ya jaanwar…. Ussne Abhay ko rone se chup karaya aur kaha ke uss kutte ko veterinary ke yahan lejaye aur woh thik ho jayega….. Phir bhi Abhay rota raha kehte huwe ke uss kutte ko bahot dard hota hoga aur who keh bhi nahin sakta…..

Aur ek baar to Jab who BA kar raha tha to ek student ne atmahatiya kiya tha fail hone par… uss din ko Abhay ghar aakar bahot roya tha. Usski maa ussko sambhaal hi rahi thi, yeh kehkar, “Tu ab itna bada hogaya hai, mard ho gaya phir bhi bache ki tarah kyun rota hai?” Abhay ne rote huwe jawaab diya, “Maa woh kitni achi ladki thi, ussne chath se kud kar khudkhushi karli kyun ke fail ho gayi, kehti thi ke usske ghar wale bahot naraaz honge iss liye ghar nahin jana chahti thi to upar se kud gayi…. Maa bahot khoon baha tha jahan woh giri thi, usko bahot dard huwa hoga nah? Pata nahin kahan kahan choth aayi hogi ussko girne par…..”

Eisa hi tha Abhay, bahot emotional tha, choti choti baton par ro padta tha, bahot nazuk dil ka maalik tha woh, choti choti baatein uss ke dil ko chuh jaati thi, aur jab hurt hota tha aur rona ata tha to maa ke paas chala jata tha rone ko…. Kayi baar to Vinay aur Iqbal ke saath bhi ro pada hai woh aur unn donon ko bhi rula dala hai ussne….. Vinay aur Iqbaal ko pata tha kitna emotional hai Abhay…… Ab itna emotional insaan agar ek bahot bada sadme se guzre to kia hoga???


Aur Ek Prem Kahani Part 2

Har sham ko Abhay Iqbal aur Vinay ko ghar chorne ke baad apne ghar ko jata tha. Vinay aur Iqbal Abhay ke ghar se koyi 1 kilometres ke doorie par rehte the, ek Purab ke taraf to dusra paschim. Abhay apne late papa ke car drive karta tha. Driving to ussne 10 saal ki umr se hi seekh liya tha, ghar mein car hone ka yehi ek faeda hota hai ke bache bachpan mein hi drive karna seekh jate hein. To usske papa ke dehant ke baad car usska huwa aur baad mein ussne car ko badal kar ek dusra le liya jo kam umr ki thi. Lawttey waqt aksar Vinay aur Iqbal mein jhagra hota tha front seat par baithne ke liye….. Kabhi kabhi bilkool bachon ki tarah jhagarte the donon aur Abhay donon ko kabhi dantta tha to kabhi hansta tha. To Abhay ne rule banaya ke ek din Vinay aguey baithega to dusre din Iqbal….. Magar iss din ko huwa yeh ke Iqbal ko aguey baithna tha magar Vinay aguey chala gaya baithne ko, to Iqbal uss ke saath jhagarne laga….. Ab Abhay ne Vinay se kaha ke Iqbal ke aguey baithne ki turn hai, to Vinay ne jawab diya, “Tum mujhko pehle ghar choroguey nah? To jab main utar jawunga tab to yeh yahan baith sakega to kia problem hai?” Usspar Iqbal ne protest kiya ke rule bana hai ke ek din woh aguey to dusre din Iqbal……. Ab Abhay Ananya ke bare mein soch raha tha, donon ko discuss karne diya aur car se khud hi utar gaya yeh kehkar, “Tum donon aapas mein faisla karlo, tab mujhko bula lena main ek cigarette pi raha hoon baahar.”

Jab Abhay baahar nikal gaya to Iqbal ne kaha, “Are lagta hai hamara plan fail ho gaya, woh to baahar chala gaya!” Ab huwa yeh tha ke inn donon ne jaan bujhkar seat badle the jhoot mooth ke jhagra karne ke liye taakey Abhay ko uss ladki ke bare mein sochne se rokein….. Iqbal aur Vinay Abhay ke bade achchey dost the, Abhay kuch eise daur se guzra hai jiss ki vajah se Abhay ki maa ne donon doston ko usska khaas khayaal rakhne ko kaha hai, aur weise agar Abhay ki maa nahin bhi kehti to donon bilkool Abhay ka khayaal karte hi hein. Ek bahot gehri bond hein teenon ke beech, teen saguey bhaiyon mein bhi kabhi utna apnapan nahin dekhne ko milta jitna inn teenon mein tha. Koyi bhi ek dusre ke takliff nahin bardasht kar sakte the kabhi. Jab se Vinay aur Iqbal ne Abhay se dosti ki tab se abhay ne unn donon ke ghar ke haalaat bilkool badal dale, family tensions ko bilkool mita diya aur Iqbal aur Vinay ke behnon ke shaadi dhoom dham se karwadi. Donon ek to Abhay ke ehsanon ke niche dabbe huwe the upar se dil ka raja tha Abhay, bahot bada dil tha usske paas aur dusron ke taklifon ko nahin dekh sakta tha. Jhat se madad ke liye chala jata tha jab koyi bhi mushkil mein hota tha. Donon Iqbal aur Vinay ke maawon ne Abhay ko itni duwaein diye aur dete rehte hein ke upar wale ko unn duwaon ko refuse karna shaayad mushkil parta ho! Suna hai maa ki duwa turant qubool hoti hai, yeh woh recommendation hai jiss ko turant pass kiya jata hai aasmaanon mein…….

Magar maze ki baat yeh hai ke Abhay ka inn donon se dosti kab aur keise huwa?! Yeh teenon ek dusre ko jaante bhi nahin the. Inn ki dosti dushmani se shuru huwi, jhadga, ladaayi se shuru huwa. 5 saal pehle inn teenon ki dushmani aur dosti huwi. Ek saal se Abhay school chala raha tha unn dinon. Naya tha uss location mein jahan aaj isska school hai. School ke building ke kareeb ek football playground hai. Yahan par ladke football khelne ko atey hein aaj bhi. Aur kayi sport ke activities hote hein thik gali ke uss taraf jahan Abhay ka school hai. Sheher ke sirf 10 minute ke walk ke baad iss location ko reach hote hein.

To unn dinon sham ke waqt jab Abhay dance classes khatam karta tha thik ussi waqt football khel kar players wapas jate the. To raaste mein aksar mila karte the eise hi bina baat cheet ke. Aur school ke samne ek chota sa dukaan tha aur bus stop bhi. To unn dinon Abhay ke students mein se ek ladki thi Sandhya naam ki jo uss bus stop par bus ka wait karti thi dance class ke baad. Woh ek student thi aur school ke baad dance class mein ati thi Abhay ke paas. Usske saath aur do teen ladkiyan bus stop par huwa karte the sham ko. Ek din Sandhya ne Abhay se kaha ke har sham ko ek ladka ussko bus stop par cherta hai aur tang karta hai, aur unn teen ladkiyon ne gawahi bhi diye. To Abhay ne kaha ke sham ko jaakar uss bus stop par hamesha ki tarah khada ho jaye aur jeise hi woh ladka usske paas aye woh Abhay ko ishara karein….. Abhay kuch doorie se, apne car ko door park karke wait kar raha tha. Weise to har sham ko unn ladkiyon ko chor kar chala jata tha, magar iss din ko wait kiya.
Woh ladka jo football playground se koyi 20/25 ladkon ke beech se ata tha koyi aur nahin balke Vinay tha! Aur Iqbal usske saath huwa karta tha, woh donon pehle se dost the. Vinay kuch gunda, mawali type ka tha unn dinon aur cher chaani ladkiyon ke saath, aur flirt karna usske dayein haath ka khel tha, bahot sare ladkiyon ko pata bhi leta tha…magar woh kabhi serious nahin tha, sirf time pass karta tha…. Ek buri aadat yeh thi ke woh ladkiyon ko bina janey touch karta tha, haath chuhta tha, gale ko chuhta tha, baalon ko chuhta tha….. aur yeh sab Sandhya ke saath bhi kiya…… Sandhya sidhi saadhi ladki thi aur ussko yeh sab passand nahin tha aur ussne kayi baar Vinay se kaha bhi magar Vinay nahin maana aur lagataar har shaam ko Sandhya ko tang karne chala ata tha… aur Iqbal saath mein Vinay ko encourage kiya karta tha.

To Abay car mein baith kar dekh raha tha aur jab Vinay Sandhya ke paas aakar khada huwa aur kuch kaha usske kaanon mein jo Abhay ne suna to nahin magar actions dekha, aur phir Vinay ne Sandya ke baalon ko upar uthaya aur usske gardan par apna haath phera aur Sandya annoyed feel karte huwe Abhay ke taraf dekha aur nazron se ishara kiya…… Abhay ko actions dekhkar bahot ghussa aya aur ussi ghusse mein car se utar kar tezi se busstop ke taraf aya aur aakar Vinay ko dhakka dete huwe kaha , “kyun be kia ho raha hai yeh? Kyun haath lagaya iss ladki ko?” Uss dhakke se Vinay teen chaar kadam piche ladhkhada gaya aur filmi gundon ki tarah apne colar ko piche ke taraf push karte huwe ek shaitaani muskurahat ke saath mudhkar Iqbal se kehta hai, “Hey Iqbal dekh hero ka entry huwa, heroine ko bachane aya hai sala! Hahaha!” phir Vinay ke taraf dekhte huwe ussne kaha, “Kyun be teri behen lagti hai kia?” Tab tak Iqbal Abhay ke peeth par aakar khada hota hai aur aguey se Vinay Abhay ke taraf kadam badhate ata hai. Abhay Vinay ko jawab deta hai, “Meri kuch bhi lagti ho tujhe issko chuhne ka koyi haq nahin!” Tab Vinay kehta hai, “Achah?! Kia karlega yeh le phir chuhta hoon” Aur ussne Sandhya ke baal khinche. Aur turant Abhay ne Vinay ko direct ek right punch mara jo sidha Vinay ke chehre par laga aur Vinay ladhkhada kar kayi kadam piche deewar se takra gaya, magar turant Abhay ke taraf tezi se badha apne mukkey ko Abhay par barsaane ke liye aur Iqbal jo piche tha ussne Abhay ke haathon ko jakar liye piche se hi, aur Vinay ka ghunsa Abhay ke chehre par pada thik enkhon ke niche aur woh sujh gaya…. Abhay ko pata nahin tha ke achanak piche se koyi ussko thaam lega nahin to Vinay ka ghunssa ussko bilkool nahin padta…… To ab Abhay Iqbal ko jhuk kar Pichey se aguey patakta hai aur ek jump maar kar Vinay ke chaati par ek double kick maarta hai aur ek laat Iqbal ko bhi padta hai tab tak sabhi bus stop ke passengers ek kone mein chale jate hein Sandhya bhi, aur baaki ke log jamma ho jate hein fight dekhne ke liye, dukaan mein se kayi log bhaagte huwe ate hein aur playground ke sabhi players bhi….ek bhir jamma ho jata hai aur actions chaalu rehta hai….. Abhay jeise bekhudi mein laat ghussa maarne lagta hai donon taraf aur Vinay ke honth, naak, kaan se khoon behne lagte hein aur Iqbal ek kone mein bhaag khada hota hai…… Vinay zameen par paya jata hai tab Abhay usske paas ata hai apne laat se ussko massalne ko tab Vinay chillata hai apne donon haaton ko upar uthaye surrender karte huwe, “Are bus bus biddu bus, jaan se maroge kia baap! Tu jeeta main hara, kia mukka paya hai baap!! Mera jabda tor dala re!! haye re Iqbal kahan hai tu, chal nikal le!!” Abhay kehta hai, «Eise nahin ; chal, uss ladki se maafi mang sab ke saamne !» Abhay usske collar pakad ke ussko Sandhya ke paas lejata hai, aur dhire se Vinay kehna hai, “Kia hero, kyun izat ka faluda karta hai, jane do nah yaar, khali pili sharam mein daal rahe ho, chalo apni ghalti manta hoon baap!” Magar Abhay nahin maana aur ussko Sandhya tak leke gaya aur chilla kar kaha, «maafi mang ! yeh kia lagti hai tu ne poocha nah ? yeh meri student hai !» Tab Vinay sar uthakar Abhay ko dekhta hai aur kehta hai, «Arey tu kia teacher hai? Tu to mere umar ka dikhta hai biddu, to main ne socha ke tu bhi flirt karta hoga isske saath…yeh to maamla ulta ho gaya re, maaf kardo baap, hey ladki i am sorry hein, maaf karna, pata nahin tha tera teacher idhar hi hai….. ab jane do na yaar !»

Abhay ussko collar se hi khinchte huwe dusre taraf legaya aur poocha «tera woh dusra saathi kidhar hai, ussne mujhko piche se pakra tha nah, chal ussko bhi abhi batata hoon…… » Yeh sunkar Iqbal bhir mein chup raha tha aur dekhe ja raha tha…. To Vinay bola, «are mere baap, jane do na main uss ke taraf se bhi maafi mangta hoon, uss ne to nahin cherra ladki ko, jane do nah, dekh biddu ab police volice ko matt bulana, hum eisa nahin kareinguey ab chor do na yaar !»
Iqbal nazar nahin aya to Abhay ne Vinay ka collar ko chora aur ussko apne ungli dikhate huwe warn kiya, «Agar main ne phir kabhi tumko bus stop par kissi bhi ladki ke pas dekha to tera khair nahin samjha?» Abhay apne jabde ko hath se seedha karte huwe bola, «Nahin dekhoge biddu, bilkool nahin dekhoge, are baap re baap kia ghussa mara hai tu ne, weise mera bhi pehla wala laga tha tujhko nah ? kidhar laga dekhun to, lo, hahahaha ! Tera bhi enkh ke nichey sujh gaya hai jaa marham patti tu bhi karwa lena, magar tum ne to mere khoon baha diya yaar ! » Abhay tab tak kuch cool hogaya tha aur apne car tak pohonch gaya tha aur mirror mein apne enkh ke niche ka ghaw dekhne laga aur Vinay dusre mirror mein apne ghaw dekh raha tha aur chilla utha, «Are biddu mere chehre mein to stitches lagana padega, tum ne to mera chehra bigaar dala re ! Ab hospital jana padega, haye re haye teen jagah par phat gaya hai mera chehra, gaalon par, enkh ke nichey, honth bhi….