Cheater Mom Balck Boyfriend – Sex Stories

Cheater Mom Balck Boyfriend – Sex Stories

I’ve been reading sex stories for sometime now and have always been interested in stories concerning a cheating wife or mother. I think I’m interested in the subject because when I was 14 I saw my own mother having sex wit my best friends father. I have always wanted to tell my brothers about this or anyone for that matter but never have. Since witnessing my cheating mother our relationship has been in the dumps. She can’t figuer out why we aren’t close anymore and they seem to think I have something against here for divorcing my father. To tell you the truth my father is an asshole and their divorce was the best thing for her.I never thought of my mother as sexy or even thought other men might look at her in that way until I witnessed what I’m about to tell you. Anyways let me tell you what happened in the spring of 1980.

My best friend Shawn and I were caught smoking weed in juinor high school. The vice principal caught us on our way back to class and could tell we were very stoned. Well she called are parents and suspended us from school. When my mother came to pick me up from school she also picked up Shawn because Shawns father wasn’t home (Shawn and his father live alone). On the way home my mother started screaming at me and asked me where I got the dope. I started to cry and just blurted out “Shawns father smokes it”, which is true. We would always go into Shawns fathers room and pinch a bud or two from his stash. When I squealed on Shawn father my mother just went beezerk. She told Shawn never to come around again and that she was going to have a long talk with his father. Shawn got mad at me after that and didn’t speak to me for sometime. Infact we pretty much went are seperate ways. When we got to Shawns house I could tell my mom was very angry and was just looking for someone to scream at. As we pulled up to the curb at Shawns house a red truck pulled into the drive way and a big black guy got out. I reconized him immedietly as being Shawn’s father. My mother asked Shawn if that was his dad and when Shawn replied yes, she jumped out of the car and started screaming at Mr.Randall , she said she would call the cops on him if he didnt keep his son away from me. Mr. Randall put his arm around my mother and asked her to calm down. After a few seconds of my mother screaming and Shawns father trying to calm her down and telling her stuff like “I didnt realize they where doing that”, my mother was asked into the house by Mr.Randall so that they could talk in private. As Shawns father and my mother closed the door behind them, Shawn got out of the car and told me he was going to stay somewhere else that night. He was telling me that his father was going to whip his ass as soon as my mother left. So Shawn ran off. About 10 minutes later my mother came out of the house and to my surprise had a smile on her face. When she got into the car she reminded me to stay away from Shawn and never to to come around his house. I was pleased because the anger was suddenly gone in my mother and was replaced with a lightheartedness. When I got home my mother never even mentioned it to my step father about the smoking of pot or the suspention from school. So I just left well enough alone and went about my business.

The next day was a thursday and since I was suspended I figured I would just hang out around the house. But it got boring there real quick and I was in the need for some pot. I figuerd I would go to Shawn’s house and see if I could sneak into his house and pinch some buds from his fathers stash. When I arrived at Shawns house nobody was home so I sneaked around the back and let myself in, something I had done many times. Well Mr.Randall was out of buds so I started to leave when I heard a familiar voice. It was my mother saying hello to Mr.Randall as he was opening the front door. Mr Randall sounded a little surprised to see my mother but asked her inside anyways . From my location in the house (downstairs in the tv room) I could here everything they where saying and was a little shocked to here them complimenting each other on how they looked. After a few seconds I started to get angry because it was obvious to me that Shawns father was flerting with my mother and all the while my mother was flirting back. I heard my mother say “I just came over to talk about the boys” and Mr.Randall replied “oh, I was hoping you came to see me”. they both got a big laugh from that exchange . There flirting seem to go on for awhile with each other asking stupid questions and laughing at stupid answers. After awhile it got quiet. I had to know what was going on up there but didnt know if I should sneak upstairs to have a look. If my mother caught me there I would be grounded for life. After what seemed like a life time of silence I heard the couch squeel as if someone was just sitting down on it. After awhile I heard more squeaks and decide to take that chance and crept up the stairs slowly. When I got to the top and slowly peeked around the corner I got the shock of my life.

There on the sofa was Mr.Randall and my mother groping each other and french kissing on the coach. I was about to jump up and scream at them when I noticed Mr.Randall big black hand slip under my mothers dress and start pulling at her panties. I had never seen my mother naked and that’s what must have kept me from interupting their thing. I was numbed by what I was seeing and couldn’t move. It was then I noticed I had a hardon and was getting excited by the whole thing. My mother then went for Mr.Randalls belt and started unbuckly it rather quickly, she seemed to be in a hurry I remember, almost fustrated, at that moment Mr.Randall stood up and removed his shirt and hurriedly pulled off his pants, all the while my mother was removing her remaining close while stairing at the crouth area of Mr.Randall with hungry eyes. I’ll never forget how her eyes drew very wide when Mr.Randall released his cock from his boxer shorts. My prick is almost eight inches and rather normal in thickness, so I could see why my mother eyes drew wide, when Mr.Randall shifted to get into a better positon to fuck my mother, I seen that his dick must have been easly over ten inches and twice the thickness as mine. My mother removed her panties and kicked them away and laid there in all her glory. I could see her pussy was moist even from my hiding place ten feet or so away. She positioned her legs wide open and laid back with here arms raised above her head.

My mother has small titties and Mr.Randall first squeezed them both before taking his position over my mom. He placed his cock at the entrance of my mother’s cunt then thrust with all his might as my mother let out a load yelp. She seemed to be a little surprised at his powerful thrust because she looked to be trying to hold him off at first. She held him at his elbows and tried to steady herself. The look in my mothers eyes were one of pain at first then that changed to one of hunger. After the first thrust Mr.Randall pulled almost completely out of her and then thrusted in again. Over and over he went with my mother impaled on his big black dick. The coach started to lift off the floor as he seemed detirmined to split my mother in two. I could smell the scent of sex in the air (something I had never smelled before) and here the sound of Mr.Randall slapping his fat cock up and inside of my mother. From my position I could see my mom’s white ass and here brown asshole, while this big black man humped his ass over and over driving my mother into the corner of the cotch. During this my mother told him it was alright to cum inside of here, that it would be ok (grunting while speaking) . Mr.Randall said something like “thats great or thats good” I cant remember the exact words.

After about 10 minuets of pile driving my mother in that position he lifted her up and carried her to his room, all the while never removing his cock from her cunt. My mother seemed like a fragile little girl with her legs wrapped around his big black back as he carried and fucked her to his room. The door was pushed shut behind them and I hurriedly crept down the back and out the back door. Shawns sits at the foot of a hill so I knew if I could climb up the hill I might get to see them finish what they both had obviosly wanted since meeting each other yesterday. To my horror the back shades to Mr.Randalls room where pulled closed and I couldn’t see anything more. I rushed into the house again hoping they would comeback out. But they never did. I was forced to listen to my mother moan very loadly and Mr.Randall grunt on occasion. At that moment I decided to whip out my little eight incher and stroke it while listening to Mr.Randalls headboard slap up against the wall. Once me and Shawn listened while his father screwed some black chick. All we heard was his head board bang the wall. I never thought I would hear my own mother moaning to the rythm of the very same headbaord. I remember shooting my load and leaving it there and then going home. I didn’t care if I made a mess on Mr.Randalls floor, hell he was fucking my mother anyways.

After I arrived home I waited for what seemed like hours for mom to come threw the door. After about 2 hours I got fustrated and went back to the Shawn’s house. There were no cars to be seen and so I went home. That night my mother comes walking through the front door as clean as a whistle and as if nothing ever happened. I figuered she would be sweaty or something but you couldnt even tell she that she had been unfaithfull to my step-father just hours before. She came up to me and gave me a kiss and jokingly asked if I was a good boy today? I said of course and then left the room. At dinner that night my step father commented on here cheerfullness and asked why? She said “I just had a nice day, no reason” If she only knew what I knew that night here pasty white face would have turned red. After dinner my mother said she needed to run to the store and she would be back in an hour or so. I quickly followed her car on my bike and found that she was not going to the store but was making a bee line to Shawn’s house. As I pulled up a few houses from Shawn’s I could see my mother getting into the red truck Shawn’s father owns and then they took off. I was pissed now, because I wanted to see more and they where getting away. I followed them anyways and eventually lost them . I just kept riding just in case and my luck payed off. There at the park was the red truck and I could see two people sitting in the front seat. They were just talking then after about five minutes they got out and started walking. I noticed Mr.Randall was carry a blanket and knew then what there intentions where. The park was dark that night and it was difficult to see where I was going but I managed to keep them in my view anyways. They choose to continue what they had started earlier next to this big rock me and Shawn often climbed while growing up together.

They wasted no time, the hurridly removed all there clothes while standing and I dont think they ever even looked at each other while doing so. It didnt take them long before they where both naked and making out like school kids. They must have just french kissed for about ten minutes with my mother stroking his cock with here little white hand. It was strange seeing such a little white hand stroke such a giant black dick. I was getting fustrated with them just kissing, I at this point wanted to see much more and had already been stroking my own dick. What my mother did next just blew my mind. She positioned her head over his cock and swallowed the large head of his dick as far down here throat as she could. I blew my wad almost immediatly soon after. Mr.Randall must have been close to because he stiffed up and shot his seed down my mothers throat. My mom started to choke and I’m sure she must of had semen dripping down here chin but it was to dark to tell. I noticed she wiped her mouth more then once as she positioned herself in the doggie position and waited for Mr.Randall to mount her. He didn’t waste time as he positioned himself behind her and grabbed a hold of her waist. A quick thrust and my mother started moaning to the rythem of Mr.Randall, he was on his feet now squating over my mothers back and driving his piston home. She looked like a rag doll the way he would pull her body onto his prick. Her head boobed up and down with he continued pounding and her little titties knocked in the breeze with every stoke. After about a full three minutes of this I thought I heard her say “I’m coming” and that when he really let her have it. I watched as my mother reached back and grabbed his ass and tried to stuff his body inside here now streatched cunt. I could hear the rather loud slapping of Mr.Randall and my mother coming together. My mother got very loud and started making cooing sounds.

The loader she cooed the harder he seemed to buck into her. Here where two peole that had never met up until yesterday and now they where screwing the hell out of each other like dogs in a park. Then it was over, Mr.Randall collapsed onto my mothers back and they both layd there in a heap. They both where giggling now and I watched them both dress each other and then stroll back to the truck. I headed for home and got there just as my mother arrived. She was carrying a bag of groceries and looked none the worse. She headed into the kitchen and placed the bag on the table then went into the restroom . I heard the shower start up and figuerd she was washing off and cleaning out what Mr.Randall had left in her . The whole time my step-father layed on the couth drinking his Coors and asking for another beer. I gave him the beer and went to bed.

I’m not sure how long there affair lasted, but I know it did go on for atleast a few months more. I never would see them screwing again but did catch my mother getting into his truck a few months later. They got awy from me and were nowhere to be seen in the area. About one year later Shawn and his father moved to Utah and I havent seen them since. Im 33 years old now, and think the experiance that I just related to you has caused me to be interested in stories about cheating wives/mothers. My mother is 53 and has no clue that I know about what she did. Her and my step-father are still married and seem to be happy. About a mouth ago I decide to bring up the subject of my boyhood friend Shawn, I wanted to see my mothers responce. I asked my mom if she remebered Shawn and the time she yelled at his father. Her face became blushed and she turned away saying “yeah I remember that guy, his father was a jerk for letting his son smoke dope” And she said nothing else, and left the room.

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Cheater Mom Balck Boyfriend – Sex Stories