Childless Aunt Gets Load-Full Of Nephew’s Sperm

Childless Aunt Gets Load-Full Of Nephew’s Sperm

Hello everyone, I am Farhaan from Anantnag Kashmir. I am 23 and recently completed my graduation. I am the only child of my parents. My father is a school teacher and my mother a housewife.

My uncle and his wife (my aunt) also live with us because they don’t have a child and they feel lonely living alone. My uncle works in a bank. Being childless, the two have always treated me as their own child.

This incident happened last year when my uncle had to go outside the state for some days because of his work. Aunt stayed behind with us. That day when uncle left, we had our dinner in the evening and went to our respective rooms to sleep.

The next morning when we woke up aunt told my mom that she was awake all night because she was scared. She is not used to sleeping alone in the room.

Mom scolded her and told her that she should have told her this last evening itself and she would have told me to sleep in her room till her husband (my uncle) is back.

The next evening, we as usual had our dinner and were watching T.V in the hall. Mom told me to take my mattress and blanket to my aunt’s room and sleep there.

I asked her the reason and she told me that Sakeena (my aunt) is afraid of sleeping alone in the room. I said, “Alright,” and took my mattress to my aunt’s room and laid it down on the floor. In the meantime, aunty also came and adjusted her blanket on her bed. So I was going to sleep down on the floor and she would be on the bed.

I asked her about the last night. She told me that she had a nightmare last night and couldn’t sleep the whole night. I said, “No problems, I am here now.”

Aunty asked me about my day and my future plans. We talked for almost half an hour when she told me that I have grown so fast in these years. I smiled and told her that it’s normal to grow fast while crossing the teenage. She also lay down on the bed and we continued to talk.

Aunty: In your childhood days before your 12th class, you often used to sleep with us here. But now you are a grown-up, she said smilingly.

Me: I am still a child. How does it matter that I have grown some beard? I replied jokingly with a cunning smile.

Aunty: Aren’t you, my child now?

Me: Of course, why not. But why are you asking this?

Aunty: Are you ashamed of sleeping with your aunt now?

Me: No not at all. I just thought you won’t be comfortable.

Aunty: I am always comfortable with my child.

Saying this, she smiled and invited me to sleep with her on the bed. Initially, I hesitated a bit and then I said, “OK.” I never had any bad intentions for her because she was my own aunt.

But when I lay down next to her my heart started to beat hard. I began to feel something weird. My aunt is a chubby woman in her late 40’s but she had maintained herself well. She only looks like she is 35.

Lots of bad thoughts began to cross my mind and I tried to somehow divert my mind but couldn’t any longer. She moved close to me and we again began to talk till midnight.

She asked me about my girlfriend to which I said I don’t have any. I was now feeling uncomfortable with the questions she was asking.

She put her arm around my back and I was now close enough to feel her breath. After a few minutes she put her left leg on my legs. As I told you I never had any bad intentions for her, but I couldn’t resist here.

I began to have a boner. My penis began to grow and she could feel it down there with her thigh. She gave me a naughty smile telling me that I am a grown-up now. I didn’t say anything and closed my eyes.

She came closer and put her lips on mine and my whole body shivered. A current passed through my body and I couldn’t utter a word. She began to kiss me and I was in shock and couldn’t respond for a few minutes.

Aunty: You didn’t like it?

I kept quiet and looked into her eyes in disbelief.

Aunty: Come on, you are a man now. Why are you shocked? I am your aunt, not your mother.

I was still silent but my penis was rock hard down there. She pulled my trousers down and took my penis in her left hand. She slowly began to move her hand.

I couldn’t control my feelings and I grabbed her boobs and began to press them. She smiled and said, “Slowly beta.” I took her upper garment (frock) off and took her boobs into my mouth and she continued to rub my penis.

Her heartbeat was growing faster and louder, as she started to talk wildly. I then threw the blanket aside and took her lower garment (shalwar) off.

I put my hand on her pussy and started to rub it. It was covered with a lot of hair. I slowly inserted my middle finger into her pussy and a cry escaped her mouth.

I rubbed her pussy for 10 minutes and could feel the wetness of her pussy. We then lip locked for five more minutes and removed the remaining clothes of each other.

We were now totally naked on the bed. I mounted over her and hugged her tight. My penis was rock hard and touching her pussy.

Aunty: Are you ready for the Action?

Me: Yes Aunty. But do you have a condom here?

Aunty: Why do you need a condom?

Me: What if you got pregnant?

She smiled and said that she didn’t get pregnant even in her youth. How would she conceive in her forties now?

Me: OK then, should I enter you?

Aunty: Yes son. Forget that I am your aunt and treat me as your wife.

Hearing this, I parted her legs and rubbed my penis on her hairy pussy. She closed her eyes. I grabbed both her legs and inserted my rock-hard penis into her pussy at once and a cry of, “Aahhhhh,”…… escaped her lips.

I was inside her and felt the warmth of my aunty’s pussy. I hugged her tightly and took her lips into mine. Her pussy was not much tight but she was moaning when I was taking my penis in and out.

We both were enjoying this. I was doing this for the first time and I felt like I was in heaven. Aunty told me to increase the speed and I rammed my cock hard inside her.

I fucked her hard and non-stop for the next fifteen minutes. In the meantime, she was moaning like hell with words like, “Fuck, Fuckkkkk, Aahhhhh….” escaping her mouth.

After fifteen minutes, I told her that I am going to cum. She put her legs around my back and hugged me tightly. I gave her a few final strokes and unloaded my sperm into her pussy. I put every drop of my semen into her and she could feel the warmth of it inside.

We remained in that position for ten more minutes until we went to sleep. Before going to sleep she whispered in my ears, “It was a heavy load of cum. If you were my husband in my young days, I would have definitely conceived. “I smiled and gave her the final kiss before going to sleep.

Tell me if you liked and enjoyed this story. Also, girls or women from Kashmir of any age group who want to have fun or want a meeting can mail me at [email protected]

Childless Aunt Gets Load-Full Of Nephew’s Sperm

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